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I suck dicks.

lol, mods = fags

My image folder is screwing up so I'm just gonna post random images I find

ohh but I don't really like sweet taste..
I like ehh bitter

at home




Then why drink something made of fruit? You could find bitterer liquors barring them.

squashie I feel better after sleeping


That's good. My RAM is out on delivery, but I need to shower.

me too
wanna hunt after you're done?


loli is.....[bad taste]


time to prepare some shots

ehh I have others but wine is nice to like drink all the time instead of some shots every now and then

I have to work soon.
We can tonight if you would like.

Yeah that sounds good

u wot m8?

Yeah, you're right.



ill brb tequila

what is confusing about that statement

I suck dicks


-pets softly-

All plural all at once?

oh boy i can try

When did I post loli?

Hopefully you're more elastic than us all.

what's your fav drinks?


-nuzzles lovingly-

im confident


Is this loli? Or a 2hu?

why not a loli 2hu

Wine is my favourite, but I don't have it often because I'm too picky. I like most green skinned grape varieties, like the aforementioned muscat, and chardonnay, however I also like the reds too like C. sauvignon. IDK.
What about you? What kindsa drinks ya' like 'sides wine?

is that not loli

My Ram came.
One more week and I can slap this thing together.

you got 16gb or what

I got them in grey.

You guys are silly

No, you.

wow that's quite detailed.
I drink lots of beer mainly from Belgium and red wines of course, for strong drinks I only have drunk white rum and white young gin. one exception is Javanese arac but that was only once.


im tired of techmologie-o


they look sexy
are there yellow highlights



Yeah. I've got some family from Bruxelles here and they only drink Stella Artois or some other Belgian import.

No. Just grey.

I mean I could start shitposting like this but I don't think you guys deserve that...

good kitty ^^




I wanna see but then you might orgasm from opening the package like you did when you peeled the plastic wrap off your chassis

is that charcoal or pencil


I do, that's why I don't post loli

They are already on the motherboard.

stellas nice, my favourite is Jupiler though.
especially those small bottles, it's just so perfect.
One other remarkably perfect beer was Italian though, and I can't import it :c

^ ^
-naps on your chest-

i think it's charcoal but it acts a lot like graphite

it's weird


The carbon pencil is the perfect combination of charcoal and graphite. It has a fine grain, and goes on smoothly and precisely in rich, velvety, matte black lines. Carbon pencils have a consistent softness, for superior blending and texture.

I love my apartheid cider

square nipples are chic

but srsly good work

ill buy 2

I think our definitions of what exactly lol is, differ


not even

What the fuck is that dress?


I take it that you like things because they're cute too.

This is loli you motherfucker

I don't know anymore
I am a lost soul
guide me

Post loli


welcome to japan


I was really sad when they executed the twi'lek commander


post the music video

They all needed to die.


You killed the younglings, jared!

hehee yeah, especially when its a cute elegant shape witih pretty colours

Which is the most elegant shape? A triangle?


I post a loli and the thread fucking derails massively

good jorb 10/10 shitposter would shitpost again

ehh iunno how to say, like a very slim top that smoothly goes down into a fatter but stil slim enough bottom

the most elegant shape is the tapering S

whatsit called?

thats the one

Sounds a bit phallic.

i have a couple.


Someone spent throusands of dollars to have a suit made. Keep that in mind these furries have so much money they can afford to do this shit, and here I am about to quit my job and wondering what I'm gonna do with my life.

Fake and gay.



"Don't be a dick, buy a kit"
"Don't be a nigger, pull the trigger"
- Random brit in CS:GO
10/10 would play again with even though lost

Fuck off, nerd.

ohh.. it does
this bottle is suddenly kinda weird

Own it like it ain't a thing.
Whatcha up to at this hour besides the obvious?

Fellate it.


why are you quitting

Smoothies solve all of life's problems^^

Can confirm.

Am autism and use Android.

The depth of some kinds of autism is scary dude
can you imagine being sane but just not being able to communicate at all
everyone calling you a retard but your core mind is intact
just peripherals are busted
fucking hell

Can't handle the workload to the position I was changed to, so instead of being fired, I am "resigning" to see other opportunities.

Is that your fault or your supervisors fault

Lol workload

ill give you a workload


sure thing
well I've been in bed all day so I'm trying to make my back hurt less and drink in the meantime.

what now?


I have no empathy.

Just not in my hair~

no promises

Neither. I'm moving on. No one's fault.

lol what?

What industry was it?

Empathy is hard ;~;



The short one is an MMA fighter too, believe it or not


Hmn...sounds like you're in need of some deep decompression. Gotta find yourself a friend to help!


it's not about if the gun is real or not..

Third party administration/outsourced hr

Third party administration/outsourced hr

the gun would never have fired anyway
did you see the fucking chamber bebo


What's up today guys

i never cared enough to look into the actual video grim
it's about the god damn message behind it

im looking at jobs rn and im gonna go make a sandwich in a few then kms

but none of my friends would wanna help with that..

Fucken 8chon

Thank god, bard, get high as fuck with me, because I'm high and these motherfuckas be requesting loli and all sorts of weird shit

I've always wondered what HR is like exactly

the message is a fuccboi trying to look cool with a fake gun
I think it fits you, but you have real guns instead :^)
sleep tight

You need better friends. The ones you have right now suck.

reported triggered called the cops

Already there

if thats all you see then whatever. dont look that hard into it and its something else though.
now why would i go and do something stupid like end my own life for no damn reason? i'd at least want to go out like that russian officer who ordered an artillery strike on himself


you're not who you say are you, are you?

how do I do that

you are, are you?*

that doesn't sound like a fun job at all..

it's just a game
unless something else is bothering you?

What do you mean? I haven't said who I am today, except for my wine-likes.

Buy one on the internet. There's plenty to go around.

I was referring to your saving a baby peeing as shitpost material, but no my job was not fun. I wouldn't call the cops on them though.

Freemon Ilu 2
You the bees knees 'n the trees breeze ya feeze me

Trump/Palin 2016

oh! then who are you?

You can buy friends??!

*cringe 2016*

Dude I fabreeze ya mr. steeze ya

Most people on the internet call me Kitty or something like that I guess.

With money or sometimes even less tangible things like love.

lol I know
get this though, you can copy the source of images, paste them into the file upload address box, and hit upload
it'll upload the image from your temp files without having to save it

Tell me about a good time and a bad time you had at the job

hmm, so it's like i thought then. are you part russian or something?

well I dont have money but I do have love.
where do i get them?

Good time: My coworkers support my weeaboo hobbies and always wanted me to show off my in progess cosplay pics

Bad times: I've changed positions 3 times in the past 10 years and never got a promotion. Just pay increases.

I meant specific situation-wise, like in your last position

I try not to show off my power level at the job, but they are aware I enjoy anime
I downplay it whenever one of them talks to me about it though.. kinda embarrassing

Hey, tokai. Me, you, poppers, its a party.

you should know by now that i take things too seriously
there's always something wrong

Hmn? I have like 1/8th in me from a great grandparent, but other than that, no. Why are you asking?

Anywhere. The supply is quite high; you merely have to demand them.

curious about a name you had temporarily used

Oh I'm not giving my job title out on a web forum, rofl

freeman, type bu‏mp

Which one? Princess Ekaterina?

yes ma'am


eh okay

I suck dicks

Oh. She's a character in Anna Karenina whose nickname is "Kitty." Hmn...


i see. coincidence then. still miss you sometimes though.

one of blood chan's names is Ekaterina

it's a nice name

ohh my wheres the party??

ehhh I demand them now!
where are they?

What? Why? That's a bad idea.


Demand harder and you'll see for sure.

so it's decided. i'm going to work another job so i can make donations to my friend in LA and he'll return the favor


because youre interesting to me. why?
oh and grim said why i asked and your response only has me more intrigued

excuse me



Ui when should I go get my tattoo I've been wanting to 5years?


If I shout will that make more demand?

get it when you come visit?

I know a good guy to do it

it's going to be small but has real meaning to it
maybe i should join them before i get it

My response only has me more confused.

If it's loud enough to get a response, then maybe. IDK. I'm not that deep into economics actually so take my words as those of an amateur in exchange.

people in the forces hate it when people get tats of their branch b4 joining.

Are you from lewd


Im from alice newfag


not join that lol i'm not fucking scum
i'd only get one for them if i got really emotional in it and something happened. though a spartan tat would be cool anyway.

switching to user and back is a pain
how though?

do you know what i mean? :^)

Because I don't know what I'm saying.

somebody banned me from aneki and removed my account....

time to talk to alice

I signed this contract with this cat when do I become a mahou shoujo

well maybe I should invest first before making profit.. but Iunno how

big fuckin surprise there


well I wish I suck dicks



that post made it sound like i was calling our military scum but i'd never do that

hm. maybe think about what youre going to say and use your words better?

lol rip
i haven't been there since the day after valentines. i should visit sometime soon.

you already are one :3



and then just

Im hungover D:

Don't invest. Steal profits from everyone else.

My words are only words.


Drink more.

what else would they be?

^ ^'

Some random assortment of letters.

Clannad is shit

Guinness is better

why are you outside of your containment chat


I don't know if my fragile heart can take Clannad.

Also those fucking eyes

steal internet friends?

I couldnt get past ep 9

oh. thats not as fun though.

1. i get another job
2. i donate money to my LA friend
3. ???
4. profit
I'm serious


heart or eyes.


heart or eyes.

Yeah. Bundle 'em up in a box.

You'll only regret watching it because then you can never watch it for the first time again

i'm in the middle of showing clannad to two people who haven't seen it.

we are right at the part where nagisa gets preggers

it's gonna be a tear fest

I got banned and removed for no reason.
It happens.

but it doesnt get real sad till like episode 40

So it's better to not watch?

Do or do not, there is no fun.

Also don't read ui's spoiler above!

fuck you Holla Forums
here have this random screenshot of my LA friend getting mad about my dosh in snaps

oh and this is why i mean about you ignoring me and what makes me wonder why i do what i do

im a nofun captain tbh


lol what the fuck
poor bard got booted to because of some bullshit he said about sci outside of the chat

what do I call you


If you want a good slice of life just watch Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru instead of Clannad

you're gonna get robbed and possibly die one day because you flaunt your money..

okai senpai



I am bard 3, and we have talked several times, even if you don't remember.


My Yukino figurine hasn't arrived yet ;~;



Holla Forums pls let me post and i'll stop spamming copypaste spam

if someone breaks into my house they better be strapped because i'll come at them so fast. i'll protect my castle with all i got.


how do i get them to come with me in the box?



sorry i don't listen to bad music

I got a brand new razor
and a brand new 44 gun
gonna cut you if you stay here
Gonna shoot you if you run
oh my babe
Why don't ya come home?


You get it from AmiAmi?

I want one of 8man's imouto

I didn't like Clannad

debate me


nobody is going to break in
theyll rob you when you're trying to make a big "donation"

ohhhh shit
sup man
how is the trap house

link me something you like then
hell i dont even remember what i sent but it was probably only linked for the song title

so cruel
Please be gentle

Ohh, I can't remember, there were so many sites to choose from and it was a while ago

what are you looking for in a Rom com?
When you watchedd Clannad, did you watch clannad then after story or only clannad?
Did you experience spoilers?
did you watch in Dub or sub?
What did you find lacking in clannad?

ah well then they better be strapped either way.


Back in my days kids wanted GAMEBOYS!

Bait it.

Yamete D:

Apparently I got banned for claiming I raped somebody.


Got my dick sucked yesterday, but I couldn't cum cause it wasn't that good of a blowie.


not bad.

This is probably gonna be my next buy Yakumo.html


your lust has no bounds

thats fucking horrible dude
did you slap a ho

you know when you gettin yo dick SUCKED
I call that aDavid Blowie


back in my day i wanted an oxygen tank so i could go scuba diving REALLY deep

i didnt notice this and thought you ignored me


bruh it wasn't even about us though. they were p fun to talk to and we met up since we live in the same town

I STILL want a game boy

This man won life
look at his smug fucking face

I have TWO :D

oh shit, nice
were they awkward or chill

what do I bait with?

nowadays they want coca

I told her to just give up and i kicked her outta my room and fell asleep.

At least she didn't do that mayne.
I had someone give me one of those last year and I ended up plowing them because I was angry.

Looks like he just kept trying for some boys.

It says 7400 yen there, why does it cost so much to you? Because it's a few years since release?

What please yes hello just stop

idk these hatefuck feels

oh one time in a comp match in csgo this guy on the other team recognized me because /vg/
i asked how he knew who i was and well

it was weird af imo. i was in the middle of a ranked match and had basically told my friends "fuck you" just so we could hang out n shit and they brought their bf over
they were over for like 5mins

Well the figure is nice
How many figures do you have?
I feel like you're another Boston

I only saw the first 3 eps and dropped it

He got them

Yeah. Not available anywhere new unless I pay big.
I never buy used figures, because what if someone hot-glued theirs? bleugh..

The life


Stop what ?

i love /vg/


but nezi?


Holla Forums wouldnt allow posting, what gibes? wew lad tequila

I try not to ignore replies so long as I don't have urgent matters needing attendance, like sleep; if I'm drowsy any I'll just pass out on you.

A bowl of cream.






Zero ^^

Do you mean actual glue or.. -that- kind of "glue".. because I think people do both ._.

Being tsun!


Clannad by itself was weak af
Like a 6.5/10 Pretty clumsy but had all the good comedy in it to get a good bond with the general characters established.
Later on in the season it picks up with more comedy and better arcs
Clannad After story goes exactly where it needed to as a romance anime
It pulls all the right strings at the right times
smoothes up the filler
and the soundtrack ties is all together perfectly
the soundtrack is the biggest part



might as well just suck dick.

The baby batter kind.

they were saying how they didnt have much cash and wanted to go to the next town over to go shopping
i mean he said it in a completely serious way but i was just like haha yeah...
like nigga GET OUT OF MY HOUSE

whoa now, we barely know each other!

lovely as hell, head so light now lad
we were gonna tc at some point right?

egh but that costs money, might as well just invest

I would use this site to buy cheap figures and such figure

Why do anime animators put so much detail in split second shots.

There's a proper VGA port, USB port and WLAN switch there.



Let's play soon if you're done watching csgo

Damnit. Why does that mean exactly what I was afraid it meant?

Hey Thread.

legit tho /vg/ = good times

Real funny.


enjoy your shitty knockoffs.

...some people are really fucked

/hot glues fortune

bro I havent been to mhg since I revealed my trip by accident
holy shit

hi 40
how you feeling



You know that pretty much all the figures that aren't knockoffs are made in china also.

who cares?

I would Hot Glue you


Knockoff have shitty paint jobs, use shitty material and are usually defunct.
Fuck outta here.

i remember when i was in hawaii. i illegally stacked stones and hung out with everyone i used to go to school witheveryone smokes weed now

why the sad face tho?i wasnt against it

you dont have to tell me twice

from what I have seen all of these are pretty accurate.

9/10 quality


It's more of a catfaic than a sadfaic for me.

Fort be good. Just bloody full.




not really though

o-oh. how cute!

why the fuck you lyin.mp4

Thats alot of episodes tho


if you actually gave a shit you wouldn't be buying figurines

time for some silver surfing


Nah. It just goes to show that I don't communicate well again.

I don't buy cheap 4" bullshit. I tend to go for 9" or 1/4ths or 1/6ths. When you try to bootleg one of those kinds of pieces, you always fuck up.

See above

hahahah same
just had lunch
gonna vacuum a bit now

how does one produce own cream??

hehe its oke, im not ready for like ~20 minutes but after im all ok

You really are a huge weeb, huh?

Do you only play the squishy loli midget ?


As in chores?
Alright man.

Did I meet up with you last year?

i think this is what grim thinks i would ask someone irl while holding the money in front of them

or maybe it's me who doesn't!

You are a mammal right?



I'm not! Seriously I don't own any!


i miss this person tbh

Poppy, Rumble, (Amumu?) and Gnar exists.

I do not know any league heroes so I just call them by what they look like

Nah. You ain't gotta patronize me.

not me
that person was a lame

Have you seen new poppy
just change it to female yordle

sounds like ghostie

yeah lol

Even I'm more of a weeb than you are lmao
I beat you in every aspect

Just milk yourself.

I don't buy figures, but If I did I would buy from ali.

my roomates order from there and everything seems decent.

take for example the ratings and the quality

Also there is a secret chinese moon rune website I use that sells the same exact products you buy but half price and not knockoff

New Poppy is tanky as fuck. More so than old Poppy.

Omg hi Soto!
I'd still beat you up

nah im kinda serious though


i dont think they were even around during this time
oh also thats from 2014 so they hated me back then lol

but only girls produce milk


...So there's nothing stopping you.

What're you up to anyway?

Anyone can be a girl, it's easy, though you needn't be when you wanna produce milk. That's even easier. Just do the regular stroking technique.



ohhh that kinda milk..

You seem pretty happy to see me
Maybe you actually are tsundere

Also lol good one

I am saving all your pictures

I stepped away, what did I miss?


What do you mean, that kind? There's only one milk.


doing my best to stay awake. slowly losing my grip though

why're you being such a fuckass
fuck the guessing games

your faggotry runs wide and it runs deep

idk how to play anything else