Come on down to Furstation 13 and get your ass robusted!

Come on down to Furstation 13 and get your ass robusted!

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the username to my laptop is officer and the password is beepsky


i also have never done those lol closest would be changing lightbulbs on that one i am a failure i know

good to hear you managed to get them done! did they turn out how you wanted them?



You hate raisins.

So far, so good, yup!

Enjoy your dank, I'm gonna get some extra sleep. Toodles.

No idea about that, never heard them.

At least changed a fluorescent tube lamp and then had a sword fight with those?

At least currently I do, I'm having a year long vacation from those since I got PTSD from those fuckers.

Why not just not eat em.

It's a dumb british thing ^^

That is what I'm doing.

Oh, well then.
That does explain it all, also why is this image so great?

waking up drunk is the best thing since siege of vienna

sweet dreams elma!

once but one of my friends asked another to break it over his back and cut him up pretty good.... plus after we learned we might have been lucky we didnt breath shit in? i guess, it was just something the doctor said and he couldve been scaring us

ill siege something of yours, bae :^)


I want a baby polar bear.

That is until you try to do something like pour coffee and then it all goes to floor because them shakes.

That is true, we just used to break those all the time at school.
Also bending a HDD's disk is fun, until you try to clean your clothes from those bazillion pieces.

What's up everyone

it's a combination of two of the best things in the world

hii shiro

Just chilling, you?

When I woke up I decided to get some 2hus with guns, and I got some 2hus with guns.

I think the fort would just surrender


naah I waited for some time, it's fine now

Neat, last time I did that I had been on a 3-day drinking binge.
Then I spilled some coffee on the floor and almost dropped my mug.

hdd disks? never thought of doing that before, do they shatter from the bend alone?

getting ready to sleep

oh then ill just get to plunder the booty without war! wew

Needs more YURI

How's it going user? :3c

Fuck yeah 666
About the same. Already hit the gym and showered. Trying to think of what all I want to do today and tomorrow

Sleep is good

Let's do yuri stuff

Yeah, I used to think that they would be some kind of hard material but they're kind of like mirrors.

But Subtle, I don't do that whole lewd thing.
Oh yeah, you do that pretty early.
I was thinking about going to buy some more energy drinks, but I kind of didn't do that whole thing.
Maybe tomorrow.

I-I think I'm gonna be the new subway guy for firehouse

that it is! i could do with more of it probably

thats quite interesting actually!

just dont give footlongs to kids

I can't wait

You watched -that- with a guy for hours!!!

too late


I know, like my friend was "Watch this" and boom, bazillion mirror pieces everywhere.

Correction, it was 4 hours and for my defense he would have watched it even if I said no.

I've been awake for four hours, time to resume drinking

wew, no good a combo then
gotta sit down for that stuff

but can you win the plunder?

sup bud?

went out to get the newspaper wearing shorts and shirt. came back in wearing a sheet of ice

Yeah, 3 days of vodka and beer isn't really good for one's health.

well might want to hide from the fbi

sounds like a great friend lol did he mention the light tubes too by chance?

i am pretty confident with my skills so ill say yes winkyface

where'd your clothes go?

hi shiro

oh im still wearing them. you just couldn't tell at first.

do you ever want to become tokai

like peel off his skin and wear it and become the qt girl

sometimes i do

Ok stop I'm aroused

What an alpha..

I need to start drinking more water. I'm at 1.5 gallons right now. Think I'll get a hair cut after breakfast with roommates

I don't get as much as I should. Even after 9 hours I'm still all groggy.

No, though.


just popping some cans and browsing some memes
amstel wew, et toi?

ahehe, but I bet it was fun whilst doing it

wwhat skills would that be?

seek help


Don't be mean.

Doing alright. How was lifting things~?

Nah, we just saw a video of those and decided to try it out because we had broken ones lying around.

More of a guy that never listens.
One of those guys I had a call with and played ranked with.

I've had already 1 monster and 6 cups of coffee today, maybe I should do the same thing.
Neat, going to cut it all short or got a haircut style in mind?

It was until the hangover hit me.

if you were gonna rob a bank what kind of mask would you wear?

novelty condom

all the papers would report is novelty condom man so it would be easier to go unnoticed

Ballistic one, or one of those altyn helmets.

Just hanging with friend, might grab a bottle soon.
Just chilling

you should work on that then! like i should too lmao

obviously plundering skills and endurance :^)

that is a good reason to actually now that i think of it

I'd peel back tokai's foreskin and suck they're dick, no homo

Amazing of course. It's been a minute since I hit the gym so starting to get all my strength and gains back super quick.
Love going early morning and being the only person down there. ^^

Just the same hair cut I've had for awhile now
It's pretty nice. Use to do the duck tail, but too much up keep

Ahhh I wish I could, but not enough hours in the day and I'm a busy man.

fuck wrong picture

Monkey see, monkey do.

So just shortening it?


this is an answer straight out of /k/

mean is my second name
actually its william

didn't the pills help that?

noice times
wew, even more inch to enjoy brit tv

what if III have strength skills?

how would you do it? what would your getaway music be?(if thats truly needed)

tokai william buttslut

Beautiful name.

That's a fairly common one.

They're just sexy as hell, actually anything spetsnaz is sexy as hell.

Not really sure what pills you're talking about.

fair enough, that is a big problem clearly there needs to be more hours

especially with boys and such things lol

well then we can see if that holds up through out a few hours and check again at that time

Probably better than a whole gym's worth of judgy people :/

Can you still bench me? I'm 120.

Exactly, them cats be in ultra 4k now jej

thats not my name

painkillers and such

oh man eventually I'd be so exhausted..

Neighboring house and elevator shaft like those guys a while ago did.

Young and stupid.

That wasn't the problem, the problem was being sluggish as hell.

oh that's right it's Bitch.

sorry Bitch.

you got me lookin at russian stuff and wishing i could go there sooner
really want one of this kgb ak briefcases(with working ak inside of course)

rob a bank. love styx

lol what? i guess i didnt hear about this
good choice

Taking the sides down to a 1 and getting 3 inches off the top probably. For some reason the chick who does my hair calls it a pompadour. Has too much fun playing and styling with it

Sadly even if there was more hours I wouldn't use them for sleep

Pfffft idc about people judging me. I'm in my zone at the gym

God damn girl you are petite~
Could totes lift hold you up in the air and fuck you at the same time

oh i recently found out that one of the guys on the show deadliest catch a few years ago was that fucker who robbed a couple banks here
ya dude good idea to go on national tv when youre wanted i guess the intro for the show fit him

lovely telly
like the cats are almost in the room with ya

but thats fine when you got nothing to do right?

nooo it's Tokai

Ooh, that's one of the main reasons I stay away from there lol

x///x you're so strong tho.

I don't ever have to go get stock at work now cause I struggle so blatantly with it and it's hilarious.

Bitch Slut, right?


Pistol AK?
Gorka best suit still.
Also that song is about a heist gone wrong.

Last time I cut my hair I couldn't remember how short I used to get the sides and I got it 50% too short.
No idea about the names of haircuts though, just going with what I had in military.

Yeah, well, I was still at school during that time.
So Monday was kind of hell.

nyan nyan glorious nyan

Baptized in a firefight, hot blood running cold as ice.

essentially the following seconds of this

we all are at some point i still am

oh thats simple you just have to have enough start up money for two getaway cars and a barber shop to get hair clippings from... hit the place run off with the first car and then ditch it but throw the hair all over it so dna is nigh impossible to discern and then burn it to be double sure take second car and disappear

So am I.


ohhh shit that's not good, being hungover or drunk at school is so shitty

kinda wanna help doing that

want die

If you want to be called a bitch slut you should start acting like a bitch slut. like Tokai.

so just Slut.


the objective is to rob a bank not leave a pile of bodies everywhere lol
figured as much, i guess the outfit fits

i love this type of thing. you need money to get more money.

pic gave me feels

we're all in the process of it

we have a lot in common :^)

making yourself unable to walk home that night?

so you can play monopoly?

well tbh you could just steal the cars but that by itself has troubles to it if a cop just happens to run the plates

Well I was working on my last project, so I had about a month to work on it.
Spent the day watching streams.

I guess I've played too much of Payday 2
Saved it for unknown reasons.

makes me want to puke

Only after me.

want shortcut

too tedious


That's nice, I guess?


eheh maybe

lol, sounds as productive as I was.

not yet! first drinks

Thems the rules, love. And I plan to love for a long time.

well i mean if youre planning a heist and dont have a car you'll probably make sure that car wont be reported stolen
though guns are a problem to but again those can be stolen as well

lmfao. im a pro payday2 stealth guy.

oh well i'll have you know there are so many options to take your own life! dont get me started on making it look like an accident or getting someone else to do it for you

im fucked

watching death race 2000


Yes, Slut.

No, you'll be alright. I'm working. Watch death proof.

drinks cum first

It was pretty much everyday anyways, that is because I finished projects so early I had leftover time.

I think I'm still stuck at Infamy 5 or 6, stealth is pretty good for some missions but doing many missions in a row with the same tactic gets boring.

You should go
I can't imagine how sexy your ass would be just from doing squats alone
Just remember everyone has to start somewhere

Kinda tempted to dye my hair black. It's dirty blond right now

Never dyed mine, just always been dirty blond.

seen it already

i think i was at 4 or 5. cant remember, just uninstalled the other day because low memorygot like 40gbs back wtf
i say i hate grinding but im real good at getting lost with time doing it. spent a week straight doing stealth only with nin a couple months ago


but that has no alcohol

oh well thats better than me, I waited until the last moment and did everything at once

You don't get a choice. I've already changed your Steam nick to slut so I know to spam you with meaty male members whenever you're online.

but what about risk?

i think so? i dont know

i like the eagerness im sure youll hold up fine!

you dont exactly need real guns just things that look like guns, like replicas..... no one is going to risk you shooting them, unless you want to die by police if shit goes wrong which is still possible even unarmed

Not if you hardcore boi

delete loco from steam, he is bullying you

Yeah, the DLCs take a lot of space.
Haven't played in a while since my crew hasn't played at all.
I tried playing with Yan at one point but I had like 500 ping so I couldn't really do anything and I became the Artorias the lagwalker, cops couldn't kill me due to the lag.

I had that with my last project, but that was because I had a job at the same time and didn't spend that much time at school.

Well, if you think so then it must be so.

im not a huge fan of board games

If you delete me from steam you won't get those yummy cock pics.

Then suck my cock.

oh bb

if only, then i would would be teleporting into fort knox for all that sexy goooold which of course id share with you all cause im just chill like that :^) plus theres too much for one person in there

oh wow why not?



whuhh I'm not eager, am a victim

damn, im just medium

yeahh that makes for too much things to do
as long as you pass lmao

nah i believe there are people out there who would try to be a hero

i only own 2 tho ;_;
the last couple DLC weren't all that great tbh

A medium :O

That sounds a bit risky.

Did almost a year ago, or maybe it's been already year.
I'm bad with time.

I got all of them, even the latest ones and I haven't played them.

If you blocked me why can i still send you messages.

Oh God what have I done?

hopefully on sale. a lot of them really arent that great.

have you never been blocked/blocked anyone on steam before? lol

I've done blue, silver, red, black, pink, purple. Haven't done any in like 8 years tho


Welp, time to take care of some things.



well then it sounds far less sexy :c

well then crack them in the face with the butt of the gun, the moment you kill someone getting away is impossible.... you become the like main target of the police more than just a bank robber

if i could teleport myself and other things its easier, teleport all the weapons and armory away into the ocean then teleport the people to some far away city :^) empty fort knox

losing sux

I can't do this!

Smile, love.

do what

not if ur pr0

medium large with fries

same, time just flows
donno when it stops

you can, I just won't receive them


a victim of my own lust~



The stuff....

ill let you win

too many cameras now maybe back in the 80s or 90s

much better! also would it be too much if i wanted to add you on steam? ive got a good few posters already added and i like you so its even better

which brings me back to my original question about the whole thing
what mask would you wear

What's wrong, brightness?

what stuff

id know

hell come up with some bs about how you'll take camera systems down or you find a bank that has shit camera setup inside and out + places around it

Even with a mask I'd be pretty easy to pick out of a crowd.

no one would see you in a crowd


I could unblock if you're nice.
I believe in second chance

ofc, anyone can add

you like being teased. I was being nice. you're just mean.

um i would want to leave a mark so probably one fashioned off of jeff the killer, be the creepiest bank robber ever

but youd win head pets so whats bad about it?

i added the adorable tokai staying up a little while longer has paid forth with happy things!

hmm that doesn't sound like begging

can i have snuggles

Wait, you're still awake from yesterday?

eh you never know

jesus. now we have creepypastas robbing banks


hehe it usually does
tired yet?









what was that?

I'm sorry. Please add me back on Steam.



i doubt he will do it

Lewd stuffs.

Hail Satan



thats okay

he has to
someone was banned for this

subtle, the path i'm walking on is long and I suck dicksy one..

i forgot about the bum-p filter

I suck dicks


I suck dicks

filters are dumb
oh and i told you why it really happened before. though now that you say it something might come from itstill doubt it


yes those are free during or after games! im gonna head off now sebs, thanks for tonight and laters!

i stayed up too long i know.... headache then i wanted to talk to tokai i am dumb im going now though! lol

yeah and itd be nice if i could cut the lights before i bust in so its even more creepy, leave the people like trembling in fear..... possibly bring candy so as im about to leave i just lean in close to the bank teller and hand them candy laters bebop

very i think i am going to go to bed now actually

is this what you wanted
I suck dicks

eh rgvhlfrgerjgehr

A w-what one? Goodness Manaka..


cya homie


well well
what are you sorry for?

tfw jupiler
thanks belgium

ni niii

I suck dicks

bee yu em pee way

Sleep well.

Thnks fr th br br



I'm sorry for teasing you.

Are you done?


it wont happen. im telling you.

oh my god :stop:

what are ye gonna drink?

tfw no yandere waifu


I have savannah in the fridge. I am going to grab one in a hot min
Just eated so probably gibe that a min to settle before going hoo ha

hmm that doesn't sound so real

hell yeah, imma continue gin-tonic and wines stuffs for a bit





I'm sorry.



hmmm well fiine
let's try again



be that way




What gin?

I am a monster ;~;




One of the finest wrasslers ever.

My personal favorite actually
Always admired him as when I was a little grim

Fucking KyoAni frustarting shit plot




Is futa on guys gay ?

That bird's pupils, omfg that's adorable.



It's called pinning.
Birds do that when super excited or angry.



Yeah, I know, I actually have a blue-fronted amazon parrot.

Now you know why some Chu2koi fans -fucking hated- S2

got any pics?

Hardy Boys best tag team, Austin/taker/lesnar(for the most part) would say are my faves.

Neville is just a local hero

Is it that russian stuff lel

Male: dickgirl on male
Showing 1-50 of 130

ainsley harriot once babysat my oniichan

'Fraid not, I can go take a picture real quick though.

D-Did he give their meat a good old rub..?

That would be nice of you.

good shite


no he is nice

not all blacks are rapists

I'll give your meat a good old rub
and kiss



I renamed you to [Bad Friend] on steam

His recipe for BBQ marinated prawns are amazing

Get back into the lewdie pit from whence you came!

tfw Desu isn't a cute anime girl irl that you can fuck till the end of days
tbh the reason we aren't dating rn

Bebo pls


The League of Draven mode is currently disabled due to excess amounts of Draven.


I am a good friend

I'm bringing you with me !

true story. my parents worked in event organising

babby onii chan ran into based ainsley when he was finishing this demo thing and ainsley just picked him up and walked him around

I gave him a peanut.

Also my bird's an asshole, he'll bite the shit out of anyone other than my sister and I.

Like jontron's

hes cute

Eh. I'll come back later.

You say that till he takes some skin off of you.




Mine was too. Except she only really bonded to me. Would beak the shit out of anyone else who got close.
Meanwhile, she just sat on my keyboard/shoulder and chilled with me most of the day, had an open-cage setup until we got the cat

but even then, the cat knew not to fuck with her


Except your bird is a tiny asshole. Mine's the type of asshole that can actually hurt people.

Found a pic on google with a hand next to one.

LOL yeah, you're right.
Could lose a fniger

I can't type today

i-i want Vasu the Naga


Ah, yes, come in, come in... welcome to our lair of pleasures, my friend. You're no stranger to our worldly ways, I see, good, good... and what brings someone like you here on so beautiful an evening? Are you, perhaps, seeking something a little different than your run-of-the-mill nightly companion? Yes, yes... lonely hearts do call to one another, do they not? I believe we have just the kind of beau you long for... if you'll follow me.

Your host opens a door and guides you into chambers reminiscent of an ancient temple's ruins. The smell of myrrh and a touch of musk on the night air teases your nostrils as you take in the room before you. Coiled before the entrance to his bedchambers lies a coppery Naga, draped in silk with gold bracelets accenting his russet hide. He looks at you with bright eyes, hood rising with interest as the purveyor leaves and closes the door. The Naga welcomes you with a pleasant smile, inviting you to make yourself comfortable.

"I am Vasu, a... prince among my people. Come, stay awhile, and pass the evening with me. We shall perhaps speak of higher matters - the mysteries of this world we live in, if you wish." Vasu shifts himself, the coils of his tail sliding over each other to make space for you at his side. You seat yourself facing him, and he brings his thick body around behind you to hold you in a comfortable nest of scale and restrained power. Vasu's forked tongue briefly flicks, as if he trying to read the mood in the air. "I have company ssso rarely that I find myself nervouss in front of you," he blurts suddenly. "I ssspend time here hoping that someone unafraid of ssscalekin will visit more than once; I play out scenarios of what I will sssay to a suitor, and all to become tongue-tied like a hatchling at the first sssign of companionship!"

tfw someone stole my og nick
tfw still banned


Rate my summer home in DR
the backyard is the beach then ocean


holy shit dude no way

If I only had a brain I could tell you why the ocean's near the shore.


i used to live on an island and i thought the mainland was maybe like 3x the size of the big island when i was a kid lmao
not gonna tell me the damn beach aint touchin no damn ocean and fool me on day after fools day

sheer drops are a thing

it was a joke

youre a joke


Should I dye my hair black?





r u me rn

freeman i found my asuka. silly waifus

Nah you wish ^^

Why not? :3c

wew thanks

Hey mine too :c

m8 pls

Because hair dyes are for hicks, punks, and old people.


What do you mean by "found"?

nice b8 m8, but no

Hicks really?
Never seen a hick with dyed hair

when you were high as a fucking gorilla in new york, i said i had misplaced waifu. she was hiding. silly waifu


The trailer trash kind. They all do it.

I live in a somewhat rural part of Illinois, I see these people a lot.


Well fuck. Yeah I'm no where near hicks I guess

I remember now. But how did you misplace her?

Is anyone having THIS much fucking trouble posting or is it just me?

Have to attempt to post around 6 times. Give or take of course

Holla Forums a shit

fugg kno




Oh shit it's mah niggia neziwi



Test post



Okay that works:

Lifehack: if you get that "Your post took too long" error messagebox, don't click anything, just hit your "enter" key to repost. Makes posting so much faster.

I'mma bop Mio on the head with this crowbar

please don't!!!

No, mugi is.
What's new with ya'?


Okay then, can I just post cute catgirl pictures instead?


ehhh I bought new wine!
from portugal, everything else is the same

of course!

this makes me smile ^ ^


Shiro AND Freeman are posting?

What sort of wine? R/W? Dry?

that webm was me every fight btw

this one was our team


where were you when tokai became cat girl?

the dryest of red, I only drink those.
white's kinda sour and less tasty to me

Pfff. White's the sweetest of them all. I mean, I moscato's a favourite with almost everyone I know!