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erio do you listen to black metal

I'm quiting




Sleep well

Yes, most of these threads are lyrics

sorry that beat though

did i?

i just get whatever mexican is available to short on sides and back longer on top

they don't really do thin hair well but it's like 17 bucks


link your black metal

yo animus
i come for a small visit since lewd is super slow tonight
whats the good word?

I pretty much just meant "mind" by that in that instance anyway, lol

Hard to sum it up in one link but here's something





yeah like lewd was 4 posts an hour the other night

one would say it is dead

I got molly I got white
I got Molly I got white
I got Molly I got white
I got molly I got white
I got molly I got white

You got your wish, Kyle


i know ill get flak for it but best to be honest from the get go

for sure it gets a bit slow here and there


pop a molly I'm sweatin'

I believe the word of the day is sleep.

Are you cute?

It's seemed pretty slow the last few times I looked at it and considered posting

How're you?

hi you autistic shit, how is akari doing?

Just threw a 50 min game
desu I feel your pain

are you feeling any better tonight ytse?

it's just funny because the old admin here tried to bring people there and ended up bringing all those sissies here

hmm sleep is a comfy word yes

hmmm well im tolerable!

im doing good
lost my sleepiness so here i am

fine and well
whew sharpshooters mind friend
i am a bit of a spas but what can i do ?

I don't think any of us give two shits if you're from lewd nowadays. Of course I'm not speaking for everyone.

Stop being shit.

omg post pic ./////.

Are you a girl?



usually most of them complain lol

A bit, yeah

People still unironically dislike people from other boards?

yo real talk spoilers

i love you dog

but i need to know

are you eva?

murder better appreciate that post that fuck

Still holding a grudge from those that moved to lewd?

true true thats understandable, some people do hence why i said it in my first post, i come here with no ill will
but anyways how are you?

sorry friend, i rarely post pics of myself
besides that how are you ?

it depends who it is

like the people who just heart people they just met


Might as well stay up; it's Friday



I sometimes do that with kawaii people I just met


if anyone hates people from lewd its me
because 90% of them are beyond autistic or beyond droll

Bitch I dont have to to mess around with someone who won't even post a pic.

This conversation is over.


Just woke up though, kind of feel like going back to sleep though.


I've been better, kinda trying to make it so I post here more often.


was something getting at you?

usually the people that think thy are big fish here

no ive already gave pictures to prove otherwise, i thought you were there during that too

no i think they just feel it makes them like the voice of here by being loud and obnoxious while attacking people, the board thing is probably just an excuse to act like a child lol


eh they're not all bad

80 percent of lewd posters are from here


sorry spoilers

i hope this inquisition wont reflect poorly on our budding friendship

Alcohol and tiredness


are you in discord

eyy thats the idea

laters friend

hmm well depends if you have slept well, and if you are sleepy i would go for it, never enough sleep

yeah it can get a bit gloomy sometimes
and yeah talking with others is always a good way to relax the mood sometimes

I don't like some of them, but that's for other reasons.
Seems silly to just up and freak out over a board.

I don't think there is anyone here who is important to the board really.


Well yeah generally everyone acts obnoxious throughout the internet in general just cause we can.

Something troubling you?

I always am.

is that not a best name?

i like other boards

i don't like when attentionwhores like erin and desu make it public

actually i guess i do

new posters

but i guess what i'm saying it would be cool if we got some new posters from some non sissy or furry boards

Slept 12 hours to fix my sleep schedule, had to force myself to stay in bed.
Then I get up at 6 am and I just feel like sleeping another eternity.


Yeah it's good

nope it just gets repetitive

that sounds like shit, got yourself some good rest though bae?

no but it doesnt stop them from thinking that way

yeah it just happens to be a normal trait on the internet, not surprising given theres little repercussion

SD is my favourite poster

But I'm not even from lewds
hell if anyone, YOU could be from that shit hole
you're the most boring person here

nah im doing fair off atm so doing A-ok
so whats up for the night?

ah yeah i got the curse of sleeping at any hour and waking up at 6am
mainly cause my cats force to feed them at that time and i always feel so groggy

Can't wait for my CPU and GPU so I can play end game TERA shit.

At this point I don't care who we get. As long as they are chill.
Though I plan to be gone for as long as I can be come May.

Though I am trying to not be so much of an immature dick to people. At least if I meet new posters I can chat at some level.

i can' help it though

if you met eva

you would understand

he was veracious


Turn down for what

I think you mean least dramatic.

I thought that was my job :^)
Ok bye for real now.

You saw my post in the old thread

remember when you said you were going to be gone for january and then were not?

i love your standoffishness

Hit me with some good ones

Mhmm, slept well and tomorrow's Saturday so I'm ready to go again

feeling the total sleepies now

this nigga is literally the worst fucking guy in terms of fun
he half asses his OPs
he uses the same 2 greetings every time
and when he has nothing to say he pulls out his dick and flirts with everything


January I didn't expect to have a solid home to be at. I ditched for February and didn't plan to come back at all. George wanted me to post though so I told him I would until I move.

He's literally the only thing holding me here right now.

Eating, watching old vlogs from my favorite youtuber, you?


*unzips dick and flirts with you*


OPs are kind of just dumb in general.
It's either vague jokes about the last thread, music lyrics, or ".".
I think he's alright.

nice does sound pretty comfy
just listening to music and talking with someone

that wasnt even the subject, good job lol it was who attacks people thinking they are such a big fish in this pond that they can just do so and it makes them cool

thee thing says that means speaking the truth or representing it.... from what erio told me that doesnt fit the person you are talking about, at all

for how?!

name it vagina good to hear! the weekend is nice for catching up on that

all i am saying is you seem to be day to day

why month to month

also i think george is like banging his wife or something


"I'm a fucking huge fish"


Wish I was eating a chicken sandwitch or popcorn chicken, rather than this hamberger helper "lasagna" but screw it, it fills me up

*unzips clit*

did stocking tell you about how he has rage quit more than three times?


Well in part I need a social outlet. I have not gone out to be with people aside for work in almost 3 years. Maybe 4 times of my own accord. Otherwise I stay home. You guys kind of fill the void. Once i move I'll have more of a social life.

And the last half a year has been unstable for me so I got moved around near the end.

It's an opinion. You shouldn't get so hot headed about this stuff.

Also go to bed.


FUCKING Holla Forums


It wasn't rage and like all but like one time I didn't say I'd be gone forever

Your memory is twisted to suit your biases

Even better

Go to bed or I am going to send gay furry porn to you.

see you just keep going too like you have some sway or ability to do anything, its like if you walk by a school yard and the 10 year olds start trying to insult you thinking it makes them cool shit lol

stocking? erio did tell me that and sebs cause i asked sebs why people were fascinated with me being other people when i joined


yeah, i didnt eat much as well today
but tomorrow i might make a huge meal to just stuff my face with delicious food

I know you read all my posts stalker chan

Ahhh the songs of 1-2 years ago~

I don't know how to respond to this other than thanks.

I've been just waking up at 8pm and going to sleep at 12 am last few weeks, kind of trying to fix that.

Bye Cherub.

wait he meant you quitting? i didnt follow well

I'm just an everyday poster like everyone else, except I have the gall to voice my opinion

I can already tell I'll be grilling tomorrow, it's the final episode of the walking dead and my folks love it when I watch it with them

it's cool man. i don't really go out that much either

you have literally said you were leaving for ever more than three times


Do you still have creeper screen shots of me in TCs

yeah that does sound like a bad sleep schedule
im usually asleep like 2 hours ago but i kinda passed up my sleepiness

ah nice even a small occasion like that is always a good excuse to grill up some meat


idk lol. Is this Karinanon. He still remembers how he can influence it that might be into any doors right now. Speaking of lusty Argonian maids Elder Scrolls most necromancers are cool but what it might be better now that I just thought she was still me. I use at my ugly mug along with her elbow. Such a topic of Neko OR Kyouko. Hello. I hope it feels like it'll be a guide I guess someone wasn't using her as a whole ton better without that person and deserves to be in people's free time finally comes we can mix. Good. Hawt. Since if he's still alive after playing guns and their is any problems ya'll niggas ain't even sent her punch stronger as she put her on the radio and relaxing. I mean about that but to be right. Nice Though what surprise was very warming despite having been there done that. psh w. I don't think he looks over at the kitten rubbed up along with furries too. Okay. Wh where's my trip It probably happened where they went and got a wanky long line of work especially well on Saturday. Once they finally reach their hand out sending an energy wave through the vm this site and fanbase has always only been our teachers guardians and betters since the former is possible to have a use for them then. Their responses were so many horror movies pizza pasta Dislikes Long car rides. Jesus is basically supporting the artist Hussie intends it to me. Oh man I'd be totally cute dwaggon girl I'm actually a big guy. Aww shit. Kiiiinda getting lazy on everybody else's thoughts In ancient times using a tool designed by high ranking investment banker there is nothing. Poast moar. A sock monkey if you actually learn how to do it.

its that old already?

voicing an opinion is different than saying it every day thinking it will somehow make people feel the same way, in fact you just discussed it with squash and seemed to think your opinion on me was fact cause you said it

The fuck?

Yeah, he can't really be trusted with history though

Especially when it comes to people who make at least part of him butthurt

TP's particular stupidity was always rather examplary of the aspects of "the community" I found dislikable and he knows that; I guess this causes him to take me leaving for a while personally because he has a fragile ego and all

But I just think it's cute now

Again, no I haven't

Stop spewing bullshit every week, retard

kinda want to tiny with sqish and 10x

I can't say I do honestly.
I only realized you were posting when you said that last post to me.

Eh, it's alright. I can only handle 2 hours of it before I get nervous and have to leave. I'm introverted and if I can't just cling to someone all night I can't handle it.


When did I say it was fact
stop pulling shit out of your ass

again you have

too lazy to find caps

yes why

People kind of know you just say shit and only have a loose grasp on what you're talking about anyway

Nah they have me grill each time they bring meat, I don't mind it too much but kinda wish my dad would stop flaunting around that I cook for him while he gets to kick back with a beer

yeah but people who have been around also know that you have quit several times



Fuck outta here bitch, nigga

hehe yeah when i volunteer to cook or help they literally all just leave me on my own
but it does feel nice and fulfilling to cook for everyone and see that they enjoy it


Hoy there


Hey, Squashems. How's your night?


i thought he just tried to be funny in an edgy way thats probably why i didnt think posting his picture so much was reasonable

that was actually really easy to find, this is why you come off as a child throwing little tantrums then acting moments later like you didnt or that it was for a good reason....

elmers we were talking about you earlier

You didn't sleep at all?


The only time I get annoyed is when I cook for a party/fight night/dad's hangout events and someone (mostly my uncle) brings more shit to cook, like right when I get done with the crap ton of meat my dad brings

Eating, you?

oh boy. what was it this time? :/

How have I never heard this one? damn, iggy's awesome lol

Pretty good.
Ordered the last few parts for my computer save the CPU and GPU.

How about you?

Thanks snoop

I have returned

for a short while


Tantrums where tho?

I just said "no" to squash
does that mean what I say is law now?

gtfo you bum ass nigga

Man, fuck Riot.
I was stupid excited for URF and all we get is stupid as clip art quality Draven heads.
3 days of hell.

Welcome back.

i havent yet its barely 00:04
but i might hit the bed in a bit since i got nothing to do

ah parties are hell to cook in
that is tiring


You're kind of weasling around the terminology now. I have left for a while several times. I'm saying only one of those times was a time I said I wouldn't be back

Just because you're easily amused enough by the asinine bullshit lenses you view these threads through to stick around without ever taking a break doesn't mean everyone else has to be here constantly

Nah he's just a pathetic 30-year-old working a shit job and spewing worthless opinions every weekend here is his way of pretending he has any authority in life

hi AD, what's goin on?


Damn, it's almost done~!

Is this what that black raspberry thingy was for?


the dance dropped a few days ago but this dropped yesterday

the beat is nasty

iggy grew on me

i used to hate her with a passion

it's too good tho

no lard here son

aha just play customs or draft

I was on edge of losing my shit on my autism cousin's party, all these people I didnt know bugged me when the stuff will be ready. Like nigga just let me cook!

How do I sleep and post?

stopped reading

no son you were the one who could not handle

Does it matter enough to argue though?

No. The Rasp Pi was to make a small emulator that I'll put into a handmade arcade box. The computer I'm building is a good grand worth of parts.
I'm really hoping to play the end game shit in TERA finally because my old set up can't handle it.

Sounds like a good plan.

tp don't call anyone son

you're literally old enough to be anyone's dad



Man, custom games are hard to set up because I have like, 12 people added and only 3 are ever online at once.
And draft is kind of a pain if people just dodge all the time.

usb port.

That sounds fun. That's the loli rp game right? Kinda wanted to play that lol

hi hi
not much just taking in the night and thats about it
and you, how are you?

ah those people are annoying
and i hate the one guy that sneaks behind you and starts to berate you on how to cook the stuff
like dude pls be quiet and be glad you are getting free food

yeah its a pretty decent one Finn
what are the plans for the day in your end?

grim literally tried to dox lenko 2 months ago

welcome back to the land of the not so free lenks

will you ever become mature or is this like a never ending thing?

that sounds like a few people and so far ive not seen that exact attitude from tp yet, i wont argue it though cause youve been here longer

he gave me his dox by himself

I gave him mine in return tho

It's worth

Post em

how fickle these friendships are

why even start them

It's a lot of fun. I play a healer Popori.
Though most of my time is spent crafting potions for people. I'm max level, but if you play and join my server I'll supply you to end game.

stop changing the topic.
The subject matter is YOU.
Why are you so dull?

how can he try to dox when he already knows?

just waiting on people to finish things before we go places to drink and chill

heya spoils, read above, how are you?

How can I dox grim when I know where he lives?
How can grim dox me when he knows where I live?


So, the butthole right?

Thankfully nobody berated me, I would smach their ass with tongs

Errbody getting mad and I'm just sitting here playing Pogeymans


It is exactly what you did. You were relying on the vagueness of "quit"

But it's fine; I know you can't really handle when your garbage is challenged and you have to back down like a beaten puppy, in this case parting only with a "n-no, I won"

How about you go hang out with other loser 30-somethings instead of coming here to bullshit about people who still have a future every week

Yeah, people with strong opinions they're ignorant enough to view as absolute facts can be pretty annoying

TP is kind of the archetypal form of such a dumbass

you already said that lenko

To be honest who hasn't been doxed already?

why roleplay hate each other

Grim you're still filtered for another two days.

ah sounds like a pretty entertaining time
also having a few drinks with pals is always a ball
have fun!

that would be well deserved if they did


i don't have steam i apologize

I dox'd Lenko so hard, I'm a super sleuth


I'll never really get around to getting a new computer. Thanks for the offer though.

Is the Popori the cat-girl?

Nah man, up your nose.

[Link to Ian's FB page]

ian on the bandwagon

Tempted to play platinum on an emulator but then I couldnt keep the pokemans and transfer it to a legit game

Everyone praises my cooking so if they want MY cooking, Im taking my time.




sleep well~

There are none.


Not the only poster I like here leaving!

ey you wait for the good stuff


This adorable abomination.


Sleep well

i guess grim ian and lenko are in a 2hu circle

who knu

there seems to be a bigger number of people that dont agree with that but you dont at all assume your opinion is fact right? :^)

doing great though apparently i am the target of childish rage again tonight

id say grim takes that place hands down, hell a few weeks back he was bragging about having control over his quotefriendsquote cause they feared him its far worse and way more creepy than tp

ahhh well im hitting the sack
it was nice to chit chat with some of you all
and i also apologize to anyone who didnt lik emy vist for any reason
anyways animus you guys are the cats pyjamas and if you play vidya on steam add me, always love to have people to mess in game with so yeah good night/morning to all

how u kno

prove it

I am sweaty


I've liked 2hu longer than you've been posting

ya shit

Why! and Who! What? When? Where? I'll dox them.



lenkos been posting since he was fucking 8

you keep claiming you are like old school pony or whatever but no one knows you

It's kind of weird how much Grim likes me considering how different we are

hey guys it counts if i keep changing names

or started as user

if that counts i was around way before that asshat

lets check over this aside from you and fort no one else has agreed to it and alone counting just squash disagreeing earlier and sebs disagreeing i am already at 3 votes cause if you get a vote then i do too as a fair trade

grim and cause i am apparently dull by his words and also when i was pointing out that a few posters think they have imaginary authority over animus and he sort of pointed the finger at himself at the exact same moment apparently that counts as my fault depite trying not to point fingers myself lol

there are people who recognize the name in my trip
anyways stay mad and ugly

10x just fell over

im gonna make a poll and blow your fish ass out the pond boy

Hello there

probably thinks youre girly enough for him to creep on whenever the others get tired of it



Have you even seen 4m tho
besides the one pic he posted with his nose being all weird

well that sucks, just ignore it. I doubt anyone seriously fights over imaginary "power" here. Although I should have all the power and make animus great again. :^)

now youre just acting like sci whenever he thought his opinion was fact im gonna make a strawpoll thatll prove my opinion right!

Emma s'il vous plaît allez thread et dire salut s'il vous plaît.

lenko you are a troll

and you used to be fat and overcompensate with steroids and claiming that you lift

i hounestly feel sorry for you

cause guess what

you will always be fat

Sleep well.

ay gurl how u

Well it's actually because I defended him in the beginning when they're was a bandwagon against him and some other reasons I think

I don't think my personality is very feminine in general, but he does like Tenshi a lot

Are you being gay

im pretty certain grim is serious about this lol

get your shit together


lmao stay mad and ugly nigger lover

he doesn't mean a lot of things he says
he's just double baka all the time

Part of me kind of liked that about Sci because it was so dumb and blatant that it unintentionally (?) satirized that attitude

you know it though lenko

you are a fat person

and fat shame because you remember who you were

and are

i vote sabby/menma !

i spent 20,000 dollars on Rick Owens clothing at Barneys New York.

pretty tired
gonna sleep soon
hell drink
getting my munch on
how are you my friend

this is about you wanting to prove your opinion right, i didnt say no to do it just pointed out that you are in fact more like sci now

hes gonna creep on you, just like chii

the anger he is seething with, trying to start things every day? he means it and whats sad is he is probably a lot older than me, guy is gonna be 40 and acting like a 14 year old lol

no cyber bullies allowed

look at me I'm tp and I like getting my insecurities out on other people

ayyy lmao

you're ugly af tp
everyone hates you

turn the music down or imma callmounties


I mean, when all you eat is 14 year olds then you're going to become one. :^)
idk just filter him if you don't like it that much?

and you're ashamed of all the ridicule

and took to the gym to try to change it

me rn

but you will always be a fatass lenko



I told Sci that it's up to each individual to decide what people are worth to said individual and I guess maybe he took it in an annoying direction

Oh well

Drunk and full of energy

I don't expect it to change from how it's always been


gguess we are opposites huh

he is clearly bipolar so its bound to change a lot

w-who me?

eh tired of calling out lenko's obv projecting

brb getting more fat

nah tp

10x u good?

bro he fucks all the fatties

classic tp

jk april fools i will never in my life spend 20,000 dollars just in clothing.

I still prefer tp over white privilege telling others they serve no purpose sushi

this is why you cant be taken seriously you tried to start a vote and then tried to blame me for it, now you have moved away from that again and to the sci thing

once again, you want to disprove that you are shit by popular vote, but when I suggest one, you cringe away. Re-read the thread.
baka ass nigger.

I can't see what you're saying but:

You take ur insecurities on ppl all the time tho

No, it's more just me picking on gays and furries and gay furries.

[muffled, broken rap music in the distance]


Hey, why are you being so toxic to them for being dull?

no you wanted to prove your opinion as fact and said youd take a vote then i said go ahead cause there are few people whose opinion here matter even some to me.... are you mental or does the rage make you not that smart?

Looks like Chii needs to go to Leesburg or NYC to Barney's to get her a Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. Maybe she won't feel so insecure about herself.

not even for being dull
just for not knowing logic

I didn't need to prove anything tho :^)

how many people you have filtered?

Why you bully my nigga Spoils

What logic?
You are kind of attacking him simply for being dull from what I see.
A vote with like, 6 people in thread speaking for a community is kind of stupid.

really cause this post says otherwise

also hi~

oh man my halfsie is picking up

more to come

i don't count sci so one other person.



didn't lenko go on a two month rant about how chii was a fat slag


probably cause awhile back he tried to defend boo for being a creepy pedo and i called him just as creepy for it, ever since hes been trying to push his whole boring opinion onto others about me

i was confused by the q tbh

Marc Jacobs is not your taste? How about Prada or Balenciaga?

why do you take these assholes back chii

you deserve like a nice lesbian who treats you with respect

water under the bridge

how much dick does he suck when he's not being a literal piece of paper


i donno like lenko said some fucking awful things about chii

and then he starts flirting with her and it's over

p bi polar

-user 2016
some accomplishment

he's a better person now :^)

tp does that about everyone

there are multiple people who won't even talk to him

wonder what he would do if everyone stopped responding to him lmao

kinda glad sqish and i put water under the bridge

i slightly remembered that we did from last time

he is a lush

umm like nin

i've been doing good lately

To be honest dude I still think you need to like, not drink so much. You do kind of have a problem and it breaks a lot of your relationships I think.

Those are all out of fashion, you know it's all about Michael Kors nowadays.

I'll be the first to filter him and see if we can get something going

god fucking bless

*unzips asshole*

*unzips tp's self-esteem*

to be honest dude i drink once a week and i don't consider people on the internet my friends

but i think it would not hurt to go to a meeting again

thanks for your input

*unzips bomb*

i'm hella scared of meetings

like i do everything solo

it sucks asking for help

*unzips rage*

Chii wipe her ass with Michael Kors. You can get that at Macy's with all the other wanna be socialite moms who drives a Chrysler Town and Country. Getting their child out wearing worn out uggs with ketchup stains on it and their crusty worn out North Face jackets. get tf out of here headass.


I don't blame you for not being so up to date with /fa/


do you have steam? ill share the cap with you there if you want lol

I'm just having fun.

I would recommend it, yes.

-is Sonata_Blue-

no thank you.

have fun somewhere else

add sent


sonata is kinda a pro chef btw


Fun thread

lol how's the vodka going


you're better than me at least

But there are no somewhere else awake currently.

Grim just sent me a Snapcaht while on what I assume is the shitter.


well i'm just going to leave now. I got broads in Atlanta anyways. Bye SD. Enjoy your hypebeast threads.

I'm so bored my shit posting in other threads is even getting boring.

Drunk now

Less than half 26 left listening to girl talk

-brings you chicken kiev and roasted brocollli drizzled in oil and almond slivers.



but there is*

Have fun, just never wear rainbow colored shoes which are full of basketball memes.

he is encapsulated in a 2hu circle

Shit post in the pony thread with me and grim

Well, time to take a nap.

girl talk is shit

listen to this




sweet dreams sd

ponychan.net/oat/res/2896181 50.html#41072774

So if I could ask for the sake of understanding, why perpetuate the issues with others?
I can't imagine you are as indifferent as you would put on to it.





you used to like girl talk *listens*

2am here u still drinky?



no i like those people

i don't see why they gang up on me

they are like "should be in college" age

ban that thread sucks lol

You forced my hand!

Do they like you back, or does it matter either way?

Though I can't say I am any better. I'd like to think I am aware of how I act to some degree, but I am bad at acting on introspection. You should consider it at some point though.

i know


yes yes okai I will insert bed nana I managed to glop 1 today

how is that board still alive

How would I know?

Me, grim and ghostie shit posting took up half the thread.

sweet dreams!

glad you are contained then

anyone who even talks to ghostie is a FUCKING FAGGOT

Just realized I totally missed your post up there; sorry

Anyway doesn't really matter but I just like yelling on the internet

Just realized I totally missed your post up there; sorry

Anyway it doesn't really matter but I just like yelling on the internet

Post in it.

Squashie im gonna use this book when I teach you c:

Hot Wheels please

Is this in conjecture with the post you linked or the one where I asked why it was being argued?

I would really prefer to have something a bit more simplistic.

eh it seems like a 2hu circle



the "tide" of this board can fuck itself


you can tide deez nuts

It would be nice to have a modest grasp on it before we delve into obscure things.

recursion will blow the hair off of your ass

The one where you asked

Also he kind of brings stuff like that on himself with how he is in general

I actually shaved my ass the other day.
I'm hairless from the neck down.

I suppose. Though I don't think it's good on either end to perpetuate it.

why don't you suck lenko and chiis dick more grim

do you even have any Independence

you move like a shitty wave of suck


I have tons of Independence with a capital I

what does that have to do with anything?
just cuz im cool with them?

Yeah. I kind of want to get Nair so it doesn't come back for a while.

just cause chii forgave you

she didn't actually forgive you

are you retarded

dude I know that
are you dense

you think she will ever fully forgive me?


you did some fucking fucked up shit to chii that is impossible to come back from

not really

do you think she likes or respects you at all?

why fake it?

the motions


like, neutral
respect, yes

there are neutral motions teeps
open your eyes famliy

Here we go Hot Wheels




i mean you both talk shit about each other

at which point do you realize that it will never be

like grim

you will never fuck chii

no matter how many times you fly your ass you LA

now you just sound dumb as hell.

tp giving it to grim raw


sometimes he needs an internet slap in the face

grim no

she will not bone


you are creepy

It's nice that I'm not a part of this tonight.

are you projecting your fantasies onto me now

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Well, it lied about that one going through then

no it's just fucking stupid that you let her lead you on

and you got lenko involved in your weird bi triangle

she will never fuck you

lenko does not have anyones best interests in mind besides his own

you are officially gay




lmao shiggy


i said my piece

I have both filtered so idk what's going on



-drops mic- I said my piece.

what the fuck was his name ban


add me on miitomo squash

TP thinks you, Chii, and Grim are fucking.
Grim says it's not true.


I have no idea what you just said.




immaturity likely

i don't think that. i think that they are both fickle because of how much chii hate they gave her last month and now are trying to bone


yeah pretty much fam

Lenko, if you have me filtered at least tell me so I don't bother to talk to you with no replies.

That is a very narrow way to look at it.

so hows your friday night treatin you?

i think i pretty much clearly layed it out

very unnarrowly

uneventful, plans cancelled and I'm eating strawberries lmao

How expected.

Not really. Chii and Grim made some kind of amends a while back. Just because they fought that doesn't mean she still hates him, but I doubt they have some kind of intimate relationship.



the theme for the defense squad fighting off trolls and bullshitters,



bye wallace

well at least there is strawberries :^)

shut up wallace you're retarded

one of them is completely frozen! AHHHHHH

Good night, Jacob.

if you believe that grim isn't still trying to fuck her

no comment




the only people who are not filtered currently are:

im not here


april fools

nobody cares about your bitch-ass filter, bitch-ass nigga

got me

Indifferent. Though I do apologize for my childish behavior towards you.

Seems an odd reason to have a bias on someone.
Grim seems to have a clear idea of their relationship and it's boundaries.

why would lenko's overweight ass feel the need to announce fake filters


because he's a little wahwah bitchboi


me and my buddies made a fanfic video of grim x chii

dude I love this

that made me smile despite mistaking it for something recorded from a vhs when the static went at the start lol nice tune though

that sucks lmao did you only find out after you bit in? that has got to be the worst way to find frozen ones with most fruits

ive been here far less than any of you but i have seen a large amount of things that tell me he doesnt know what the word boundary means

if i were you i would filter him


grim/lenko/tp are literally almost the same people anyway

I think he just does it for attention.
Who knows, but I've decided to just let it happen.
I'm just curious about it some days. Though I am trying to stay out of the actual drama.

I'm not a wahwahbitchboi like him tho
nor am I a sad alcohol like you

I'm not a wahwahbitchboi like him tho
nor am I a sad alcohol like you

I think he just does it for attention.
Who knows, but I've decided to just let it happen.
I'm just curious about it some days. Though I am trying to stay out of the actual drama.

pretty much, kinda bored might play some bns

Company of Heroes Complete Edition, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Master Collection, Medieval II: Total War Collection, Rome: Total War - Collection, SEGA Genesis/Megadrive Strategy Pack (Shining Force, Shining Force 2, Gain Ground, Columns)

does anyone want any of these
got them in humble bundle and dont need em

grim doesn't have a clear idea of his boundaries with his friendships with anyone

i know we're new friends but are you drunk?

I would not mind the 40k games.
I was going to try them sometime.


warhammer 40k, and dawn of war master collection



Grim is very black and white about people.
I'm not arguing for his overall understandings of boundaries. Simply the one he has with Chii.

And no. I don't drink very often. Nor do I do it while posting.

stealing a number from a phone for some girl that didnt want you to have it is the only example i feel needs to be mentioned and he was defending that action when i had joined, if that isnt enough then i dont know what makes you a creepy stalker anymore

that thing lagged like shit for me for some reason, it sucked cause it was a fun game aside from that

probably because of your ping
I have three patches to download

Oh. We're talking about Grim.
I don't think he should have done that either.


i didn't think you were

just was implying that i was arguing better while being so


company of heroes please


You are both kind of being tards about it.
There was no real argument. Just a lot of talking.


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lenko is easy to kill cause like he was fat and now overcompensates