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yeah i know you say that and i still dont know why

dont have kids

Most more Kuro.

a little child abuse never hurt anyone

G'night Lenko.

You'll probably love it while high then

I guess /lewd/ appeals more to people who like kawaii people then

I've told you why

Do you even repress me telling you about the thing and not just the thing itself

It was like a year or two ago





not even one episode for me lol

have a good one and sweet dreams bro

lewd af

that sounds absolutely adorable

Any board without sci is good.



There was actually supposed to be an image with that

I see now; Hot Wheels discriminates against PNG's sometimes

Have it in a different format

btw check out what i made

im sleepy


GET A JOB THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh nice catch
what does that filename mean

Then get some rest.

i should organize my folders some day. everything is a mess.


it never made sense to me though

stuck behind a thousand errors
gonna go do things then sleep


okay enjoy [winky fais]

muh dick

I saw a strange user post here about "crimes against Zion" once

It's not complicated

Just a subby gay version of something you do to Blood-chan

i want comfort first :(

i dont even really get what zion is, let alone what crimes have been committed against it

i mean i know zion is related to jews or something right?

bebop is lewd


If youre fapping send some pics

I wanna try but I can never remember to..

Imm ehh just not very brave..

ugh jews



:3 duh

i have 3 vide and like 12 doujins open right now lmao

its okay you dont need to be at all

Not really relevant
Just saying hmu with those pics when yo dick is hard

are you asking for dick pics? wat


Maybe hot chocolate?
That always helps.

"ur just like all the other guys" meme

lol dude no but he's being gay and lewd IRONICALLY xD

irony is so funny xD


what does that mean
am i getting dick pics?

... i wanted something like a smile for me to smile at, or some cute pic thats funny
or a hug

but oh well... nini time.

I'm sure you'll remember eventually :3

Eradicate them

Do you remember why you were mad at Ruka for showing me what you looked like?

But I can be clingy tho


r a d


because they posted it in the fucking group chat with like 50 people in it
i was fine with you seeing it since you were invited to the call where i had my cam on

Sleep well anyways.


Do you have any more pics of lolis eating other lolis' pussies where the loli getting her pussy eaten is sitting on the toilet?

You got mad about it for a different reason when I brought it up later in response to a certain thing

that is mostly what i was hoping for to begin with

no clue. i had just downloaded that pic maybe 20mins ago

That better be a yes

i love /vg/
3 people there have a real good dox on me




I'm gonna go take a break from posting now

what music do you like when high?

huhh why?

oh my

oh and yeah Erio I do have a few of those. just saw a few randomly. i guess it's a thing






read it


cause i think its adorable

but my thingy aches and is tingling a lot

you are being very vague right now

oh i just disabled my left hand now because pre. ugh.

vague how?

very not specific about what you say


thank youu
well of course, both get the best deal

you can probably hear me moaning and what not. omfg

woa there.. cover your private parts

i NEED to finish this though. its good for my health or whatever

hurry up and finish you baka

dont make me come at you

mhm! itll just be great all around and warming which would be really nice right now, cause its freezing

please do

Mission accomplished

this is such a lewd thread holy hell

same its so cold..
just some heat would be lovely

Stuff like this


And drone metal and stuff

If you have sub problems, I feel bad for you tak, I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one.

we should lewd like the thread to make each other warm :^)

Anyway. Sup gang

you thought i'd believe your excuse for "muting" your mic?


Good choice in boat, wanna suck my dick?

i went to the other room and had to go outside!
there's a nice breeze right now

so, i take it you're done now?

get off me!

I remember not fapping yesterday so today must be extra swell

that guitar is so amazing, it pours greatness in my heart

m e m e d

hehee that's also a way~

not at all. there is still an issue at hand!

what is taking you so long!?

shit son, tempted to go get some stuff for a round 3?

wow, double treats all round xD

the best of ways when its with tokai

I think Luka has the word "Job" filtered

prolonging it makes it feel way better. though there's always more of a mess...

you do realize i also have my "needs"

and thanks to you i have missed the deadline


ehh I don't have much left so I can't really.
maybe some gin tonic but that's about it

^ ^
ahh I'm so cold..

Can you guys beleive its already 6 18 a.m

Its getting a little iffy on my end, I shall see heh.


breakfast time, waking up at mid-day is always lol

snow in april

*snuggle* you need some blankets, cher

white snow

It snowed here last night

So weird

That music has a tendency to make me space out even more


Rused by le asian sociopath again

I woke up at like 3AM


well good morning to ya
What are ya gonna do today

At least he replied to you longer than normal this time

Get really high all day and idk what else



got really high with my nigga gonna work later
better sleep soon

I slept for like 15 hours because I was up for a really long time


still going, but you can hear it

same tbh, watch the game fam

thats not the same as body warmth..

hehe I get that
so what are ya gonna do today?

hahaha duuude
thats like
so totally sloth man

i'm only hearing complete silence

Actually not 100% sure that's that person

But there's someone who like you always want to talk to more but they reply to you like three times and then stop

You bought them a game once

Get really high all day and idk what else


It evens it out

I had weird dreams too

oh.. my mic maakes it look like alot more
maybe you would rather see!..

you should just say the name since idk who you mean

why am i imagining a situation where i have no choice but to look at you

fair enough, just let me go ready my teleporting device and ill be over in a jiffy

Am I being too vague, Bebop? : ^ )

can i watch

.///. well i mean we can

i guess


shut up and be done with it already..

what did you dream of


oh my, wanting me to finish so you can hear me over mic eh? so lewd

that's great
ehh play this game for really long, drink a little and have an extended fap session

Yay ^^

stop playing tricks with me, bebop..

who is this user slut

they're a qt

youd have to ask tokai but if they say yes im fine with viewers, you might need a few days free though..

itll be messy but at least we will be very, very warm!



bacon cooked, gonna go get beers

i mean i can do 20 questions with you if you like, erio

did you hear..?

all i have is free time


.. I did not
it has been complete silence ever since you left the room.

that was 1hour+


is your thing broken?...
i just.. for you....


Spoilers why are you so LEWD

I dont know, whatever it is, it's still not working.


it happens a lot more when im tired, not sure the reasons for it.... but tokai is adorable so theres that reason, is it good enough?winkyface

try leaving and rejoining?


Instinct is telling me not to say

Extended ones are fun

I told you on Skype, nerd

i heard a sniffle and my name.


why'd you delete me ERIO!!!!

just saw. correct

i cant 1handed do alt3 :\

Because you were being a FAG and I was drunk


that's all I wish for

city football ay
a now im hungry

Indeed, I can go on for hours.
those are the greatest

i could round2 right now but i already dont have things to clean with

I should do another one like that soon

What do you usually look at while you do it? :3

just stop

are you jealous that im not lewd toward you....? i..... i could try

wew lad

aww so eager, tokai is sooo cute!

tfw no spoils

only because you said so, and well i said i would..

pet me

my back hurts a lot. like ow someone come pls take care of me

good.. i'll be over there

Oh btw if my guess was correct then there was another instance of you being gay in this thread

I mean it probably would have been that anyway but this confirms it

how is that gay though? like real talk i'll give you 10mins or so before i go lay down in bed to pass out


ma na ka





time to skip out

god will understand

Super Mario World is a pretty good game

Apparently God wants you to stay home and masturbate

Totally should!

ehh depends really, sometimes traps or just vanilla stuff, well like really passion stuff.
But other times I just let my imagination run free, that can be nicer even.

hehe ^ ^

I'd think you'd like some manly men

did you eat?I am eating, then gonna pop open a can


I exclusively look at smartphones.

Oooh beautiful Galaxy Nexus~

*spurt spurt*

Lol this going to be good. Lol


Well I do imagine those..
but don't watch too much cause it's kinda intimidating

preparing foods now
noice irish

everthing for a bit of heat huh~

Sure god won't say anything
but my parents will. lol

Oh right
Forgive me lawlessness master for not seeing that.

well enough just waking up really

how bad could it be

i wrote replies to everyone but manaka convinced me that my reply to the important one was creepy or just shit in general
dude i just wanna sleep but now i dont for a while



I forgive you

Well if you write enough replies you naturally end up saying creepy or shit in general things

: ^ )

it was purely because i was going to say hello and goodbye but say i was on steam
i was gonna be out of this thread by now but nooooooooooooo

Are you a creepy?

That's normal

Maybe a good move even

Manaka just thinks about cybering too much I guess


So no

Though it probably wouldn't work because I think that person wants to avoid looking like they memed you again

Totes creepy.

i read said it out loud as i typed it and now they got me kinda worried. i said i doubt they would mind and they said that is like the worst thing i can do, thinking someone wont mind.

either way it's not their fault for me feeling this way

You guys are such a bad influence. lol

It's starting to sound like a good idea honestly.
Our state is so dumb.

and for the sake of lewding you

gonna just relax today?

luck of the irish,



Opinion rejected

Feel free to apply again after seven days


And yeah it probably at least mostly isn't

How're you bby

tbh i still doubt it all the time and feel like i could just be wasting my time but i guess i dont care if im trying for what i want

might not sleep for a bit and wait for the sun to come up so i can go on a run through the canyon then maybe come home and sleep

which state

probably not i have to go grocery shopping later

Church is for nerds.
All you need is tokai reciting Corinthians while drinking the never ending rum.

Church is evil tho

Not the Satanic Church.
I hope senpai notices me.

well im sure theyre reading this anyway and know now. feel like i missed my chance because of it. i should never second guess myself and go with my gut

fucking american privilege

oh well be safe with the snow and all

got that rich cis white male privilege
im truly the worst

Gotta finish getting ready

I'll be on later

Like it's weird cause I want it bad but it's also scary, but sometimes the right turn on scary.

ehe nice goals, just don't procrastinate

wew that so much lad, irish gotta be contained

It happens



it's 2 blocks away lmao. tbh i wanna move back to the islands


That was actually the error message

The right turn? You like feeling helpless, don't you~?

Oh I guess I forgot to actually reply to this when that happened

Anyway, you're being AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a good day, love

Can't contain the Irish


le beta meme as fukk

not surprised. should i make a real meal for breakfast or just something simple?

First thing obvs

le luka face :(


try again!


break in :^)

i guess i should...

Allah will make it so.

i love the internet meme tests

what are your plans for today

That's hot

the bird is going to win


learning is good! oh for a 2nd job im thinking driver for * since theyre hiring and i fit the requirements easily
and if need be 3rd job to be an armed guard for the

i would never procrastinate if the goal was tokai, like those shonen mcs that always win for their nakama

hows it hangin?

sleep right soon! then probably chill out

i said brb but i didnt brb
okay brb

no i havent. i will when i get back.

touhou is OP lmao

Nice puns

I guess it's a gay porn?

you think i dont know that
fucking betting all my moni on that srawny ass bird

You'll feel really good after!


ohh sounds like a cool adventure

sleep well

The most natural thing

-kisses your cheek-

wait the dark triad meme shit. i posted that in the thread originally when it was on the BBC front page a little while ago.


though i could just go get a real easy job like a package handler at ups but eh

im saying this because tenshi won. look at the date of the pic lmao

full of japanese songs introing every day and awesome ninja versus pirate fight scenes with a romantic climax followed by other climaxes with you :^)

i hope to at least lol

well why wouldnt you




: ^ )

Kinda wanna slap dick on somebody.


**************Bebop loves cock************

i dont know ive been having nightmares lately and it makes a consistent rest hard i have no idea what causes them

weird man

i like how the last 4 are fine but it fucked up all the ones before
fucking Holla Forums lol

ya dude ofc its a shitty job though. and boring.

`no no dont touch nature

^ ^
nooo havent even drunk
kinda woozy tho, had very little sleep

I would totes watch that

That's a lewd image Chiiii posted

Slaap meer.

i guess

I guess you might pass out pretty quickly when you do drink, then

Remilia is holding her panties up and there's a look in her eye like her vagina is vampiricly hungry for semen

i wish i could post multiple images per post so i could post all these old vg screenshots

lmfao that much is clear but idk mang

chii pls enable


if you look at the time/date you can see that those 3 screenshots are all from the same thread too lmfao

idk what this is because firefox is shit

i know since ive not had any since i was like 9

well its fair enough to expect youd get to near the first to watch it since you will be starring in it too

would you fuck a touhou?

this will enforce posting of rabid memes

i disagree


kwil nie

yeaah and I dont wanna do that, I gotta do stuff first

VIP acces ^ ^

Like masturbate for hours?

why touch is natrue

it would make my posts look less like spam and wouldnt fill threads up as fast
but i guess it could be bad

lewd. who?

Would you do Kuro

Idk most of them?


tbh who wouldnt

oh my



cause the trees breathe

so do whores

It's the obvious answer

Maybe throw in butt stuff too to make it even better

i think im gonna try to sleep before i pass out sitting up, have a great day cher

Here's how to meme without multi image posting


gotta agree with you on it though



Two I probably wouldn't would be Remilia and Flan because they seem like they'd pull a black widow move after

But you'd probably be into that

everyone breathes

that's become like a standard now lol

ni nii

You should get a dildo

bruh i'd be all up in there no fuckswell there would be but you know


Why so suicidal

Gotta live life on the EDGE man
no but for real it doesn't sound suicidal, just fun/dangerous

iunno that's so lewd though..
and money

Oh and Rumia

The Rumia poster was fun, though

Why don't you think they'd rain your blood after?

There are probably people here who would buy you one


because i'd end up after theirs too fetishes are weird ;^)

cute christian boy in church

But they're superpowered 2hu girls

still gonna put up a fight and make them worship

How about you just start ERPing already or something so you're less sexually frustrated and stop posting about masturbating all the time


breathes my cute

brb shots


see 8ch.net/animus/src/1459688761167.jpg