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Ew get your TP universe off of me



yeaah leg?

what do you mean?
they just sprayed some flavoured tingly stuff in my mouth and then i guess poke a needle in there?
then it all went numb?

i felt something
not pain.
and just under a minute... my tooth was out already! ._.

oh wow you posted something other than a new thread

insult retracted


(Based TP)
Shots fired.
None drunk..

That's not the proper part.

luka you forgot to answer my q


Wasn't sure if I was going to

Look at the post times on my threads

I just post edgy things on a whim and then I have to link them to keep unused threads from piling up


i don't get your dutch slang

but yeah i get like kicked out of things and almost beat up on hard shit

someone has to, right?

(Tyler Perry)
i dunno... most canadian get some kinda of care.

ya, i always just feel the vibrations
a secret is the better you take care of your tooths the less dentist visits hurt

Aww, that's too bad.
I haven't noticed different kinds of behaviour when having drank for me, depending on what it was. It's always the same.

switch bebtween awake and almost sleep is so weird

what s the proper part?

it seems like they would get free care since everyone else does

like if it weren't for winter i would just camp in canada all year round

and use free wifi to pretend to be a girl on the internet to get care packages occasionally

Take a guess.

oh i totally can with me

like tequila is a fucking crazy drunk

take nyquil and then fight sleep more

then fap

it's the best

guro pls

this was due it shattering because the wisdom tooth grew in wrong. and it broke and deteriorated.

my teeth are pretty alright otherwise.

yeah but then they probably gave you meds to deal with the pain after right?

it kinda sucks that i have to bypass to type I suck dicks uglies


woow what does that drug do?

it's like cold medicine that makes you sleepy

it's pretty fun to take just cause and just fight it

the surreal fap is glourious


I heard that's a filter to mess with Luka.

Never had much variety, to be honest.
I'm sticking to rum, now.
Still tastes like shit, but it hits hard and fast, so alright.

that sounds realy do able and fun, ill see for tomorrow causee stores arent open

:c just say it then

not really.
they only suggested to get ibuprofen. if it is bad. ya know basic tylenol stuff.

but i don't feel any pain right now. :)
its just sore i guess.? (partially to me biting down on this gauze to plug up the bleeding with pressure thats making my jaw on that side a lil bit sore.)

yeah of course it is

but i've been wanting to say I suck dicks uglies lately and bypassing on a laptop keyboard is a pain

and i don't want to get up to get my other one

rum is usually a pretty happy drunk for me. and soco

whiskey is kinda an angry drunk for me

tequila is hella hyper

i can barely even smell vodka anymore without gagging

too much fun was has with vodka

so like wine and beer it is for the most part

yeah like buy generic night time cold pills

and take like 6



But that's lewd.

Then why not do Rum & Vodka?

i donno if i can pull the allnighter..

woah six tho sounds a lot

youa re lewd!

it would be pretty cool to be homeless in canada in the summertime though

bc big bud, free tooth pulls, pan handle with a dog to make people feel sorry

that's the life

i donno i mean i'll have a cocktail at dinner or something but i haven't bought a bottle of hard in ages

the thread lineup is finally good enough for me to post


Do hobos even need to panhandle in Canada?
Seems they're given free food, housing, internet, healthcare, etc.
What motivation do they even have to panhandle?


it's over the counter shit

you have to take a shitload for it to be dangerous

once i took 18 benedryl while drunk and stoned

it was a big mistake but i was not close to dying

it's just me and fots though

i kinda always feel sorry for homeless dogs tbh

only the good posters

lol i imagine dudes in vancouver panhandling for phone upgrades

let's just say i've ended up in a hospital more than once from chugging straight

poor dogs :(


whalecum back



rip nittori


fots seems sleepy though

just teeeell :C

ohh ok like eh painkiler

whyd you take 18??

Really? Damn son.

Sleepy? Not at all.
I'm just always in bed. Haven't used my desk in over half a year.

currynigger is here too
he's swell
same with tokai

Just hold up a coffee tin and a sign that says "don't have latest gaming laptop :(". That seems Canadian enough.

Boo this video reminded me of you

You're the girl


i dont negiote with terrorists!

Step forward

grim sounds

im the black guy actually

i wannnnnna eat things and foods...
but im not allowed to >~

yeah homeless people shouldn't really have dogs

it's sad

turn off your mind while your motor skills are on point

it's a real skill

benedryl is an antihistamine

i heard it was really gnarly when you took a ton

i could not lay down lol

i kept popping up the whole night

yeah and one time i got thrown down a flight of stairs by bouncers at a strip club

i try to keep it mellow

they are pretty swell!

go team

haha so true. man i have no patience for beggers outside of super markets anymore

my niggas are the dudes who walk up and down the lines of cars at stoplights

there's this one dude that like just holds his hands out like a dying jew from biblical days

he's great and still alive somehow

But you've veen saying it all night.

some people are nicer though.

resuming my exile

bye guys

Damn son.
I've only drank on TC's. Only got drunk once, while depressed.
I've seen footage. It was pitiful.

Later Boo.

You wish you were

but seriously stop being so thirsty you post on lewds too
what is wrong with you
0 fucking standards
if you did this irl you'd have chlamydia in a week

one day I will learn this.

see ya


Boo just wants someone... a lot.

if you're homeless you can't adequately support another living being

it doesn't matter how nice you are


lol i was lurking that. that was your only time?

you just have to get used it

the first time i got drunk was like age 13

it was probably like your first time on tc

when you take the same hour long route every day you just start seeing things before they happen

He's going down a very steep incline right now

i knoww like 0,2% of drugs stff
still addicted?



aaaaah trap!

i checked out lewd the other night just to see how much more inactive it was from here

boo is like the alpha male over there now

it's pretty hilarious and very sad

well I guess thats good then!



You're a trap when you're drunk

oh well
not for me to decide

super sad about it

Yeah man.
My first time on tc was my first time drinking properly.



luka post pics of gauze in mouth tho

p sure she'll be back...one day


now the only annoying thing is this gauze in my mouth drying my mouth out >_<
and the fact that i can't eat anything solid or use straws for a few days ;~;

It just makes you wonder why those people have no incentive to change.

this doesn't compute

the only thing i am addicted to is nicotine

yeah it's like him and that other fat mexican dude from here

and like 3 sissy boys

you can still comment on it no?

haha yo we should get haggard on tinychat next friday

i will make you climb the highest chair

So many deaths

kinda wish i had the before picture of luka's dead tooth


You'll get better with time.

there was a pic?


i couldn't think of his name atm

no i'm just saying i wish i had the pic of his dead tooth


fabricated lies!!!!!!!!

huh but..
you want a handy??!

ohhh, gonna stop that then?
thas bad too

solidified truths

how many people have your ass pics
be honest


they let me keep the tooth they pulled!

it's soo messed up looking, lol

you cant see the gauze, it's in my mouth, clenched deep in there.

like dead teeth in the front though

i gotta get mine fixed before i pull a luka

I know that feel, it sucks alot


don't talk to tsuch about saving teeth

nigga got that tip on lock

I'm near the end of the game and I died 100+ times to the last boss I killed.

Sure. Got no plans.

Just pulling your leg_

wtf how many hours is it

eh maybe eventually

i don't want to have a heart attack or anything

i just plain don't know.

but at least the future looks fun.
the sun's even shining super bright and warm today with perfectly clear skies. as a sign.


i carried around a screw that got taken out of my leg for several months

it's weird how much you can't let go of things that were inside you


one people


isnt that oonly wiht fat food?

insert joke about you having like 20 dicks that you chopped off of people

one minute... i have to take a pic of it first.

is it someone from here?

Beat me to it.


what game

it's a date

you have to stay up super late though

like it is 8pm for me here right now keep in mind

why do you have to know about things before having an opinion about them

you really are a canadian

yeah the inside you part was grim and tsuchi bait

good job

could have just said dildoes that peopel gifted him
I think soto still has the purple jelly one nimf sent him

ohh man.. who could possbly know..


sounds good


picture dark souls metroid and zelda haveing a 3some
the baby is the result

Just like that 30 POUNDS OF ASS AND PUSSY thing he was "gifted" and "uses"?




I have like 6 hours played

that beat tho

...so little

Yeah man. All nighters are fine.
Just means I'll make no plans the day after.
Sounds like a good time. Who else should we get in?

You or me? or us?

Why would anyone buy this?

to get a realistic experience
you could buy a whore for 50 bucks just as easy, no cleanup needed

Hyper Light Drifter

i don't know man whoever's trill

get that nigga SD

ni ni

just investigate~


later doll

I only have 2 keys though and some doors take like 50.....

I am investigating
with you

well then

fucking nigger

Except antibiotics, bleach, and the shame that never can be cleaned.

I have no idea whats on the other side of those doors.

when did girlboys start saying ni ni instead of nini

real q

no idea



Hell yeah.
I'd tell Soto, but he's probably working, and he's been fucking inactive in all TC's I've seen him in lately.

Look at how the top broke off.

no clu

when the sale ends

have you fucked a whore before?
I haven't

Beats me.
I use nini...

oh that shit is nasty


yeah like most of the cool posters have weird schedules

we'll play it by ear i guess

"Bill NyeNye the Science Guy" is the cool form of nini now

are you doing good?



shuddup 4m

I still have my pride and a sense of shame, so no.

im alright


good to hear lol

hounestly tho what the flying hell happened to that damn tooth

you GET FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it got fucked up
someone punched luka in the face after he told them they were a girl on the internet

And I thought my posts were bad....

that's supposed to be a top left wisdom tooth too!

*hugs* no worrys~ its gone now!

*pat pat*
Good luck to you anyways...

Hot dog and instant stuffing diet.

STOP RANDOMLY BEING A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 YOU'RE BEING LIKE ELMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (


That shit isn't even bitchy
u kno im jus playing 4m

watchu been upto

my top right one has just started to grow in

Yeah, probably for the best.




no plans are best plans

i'll bring my fedora

i texted the fat crazy bitch and got a "i'll keep you posted"


You actually own one?

Back in like 5-10 mins. Gon' get burgers before it closes. 3:30, only one place still open.

oh... right you're still young

not looking foreward to what that new ones going to bring to you?

umm ok

fucking denied

I just hope they grow in without issue

have you seen this?
watch it when you're back

stocking how do you feel like this edgy ho

i feel like she keeps the spirit of grunge alive

she said she's hanging with her mom but might be free in a half hour lol

Getting really drunk on Absinthe and messing around on the internet


i hoped mine would too.
but then this one shattered.


spank me~


hi there


Still sicky
my parents are the old style, brunt it out kind of parents, no fucking support from them lol

I'm a spoiled shit

why don't you try to have any discussions anymour

is florida really that shitty?


sexualize touhou and you get a fine of 100 memes

i just hope she doesn't safety check me this time

fucking a crazy fat girl is like getting to the end of the first mazerunner

yay memes!

do the jojo thingy!

chii do are you an ironic lesbian pedo or a real one

god he's encouraging her

let's go back to aneki


not these kinds of memes

luka is still admin of aneki foo

safety check?


Not really into it

Also is that second line a joke

Whisper sweet memes

Just hibernate

eh like chii has become luka

i don't see any difference

Omg lets go


oh shi-

I have responsibilities

Luka is more abusive of power

hounestly this is her fire track

give a listen


time for new season of jojo!

no thx


i was thinking about how similar erin and shitfox were about their horrible mod decisions

like luka and amy?

what the living hell

Not unless she signs an agreement not to delete any dog pictures

It's the weekend


Too late, you already did it





TP listens to GIRL MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



this one is cool too

The new Jojo episode was okay.


but yeah like not really into male vocalists lately

Ok I get it i'm not a real man


Incoming transition

It's ok, I still think you are ok.

meg myers is a guilty pleasure

you should listen to her interviews

she's like white trash from tennessee or something

but she's gorgeous

amy wasnt bad at all, he just melted after being ebullied
you need to survive the trial by fire
shifox was the worst but ive talked to him recently and hes seemed MUCH more chill

I do not know

EGI 450 Project. 3 hours
EGI 310 Lab. 2 hours
MAT 435 studying and Practice. 16 hours


Fort be back.

Yeah, I had. It's old-ish.

*pets butt*

Chii is just lazy
I reported the CP hours ago and she still hasn't cleared it

i donno i go through musical phases

like i can go a year just listening to jazz

what kinda burgs you got

Luka is good.


McDonalds was the only thing that was open past 3 AM.
Two default burgers & two chili chickens.

i actually don't think shitfox was that bad

besides giving luka power

like 3 people even knew who that ewhore smiles even was


erin is cool but legit crazy and amy wishes he were crazy

amy was maybe even worse than you

Please no moddrama.
Never again.
I'd rather migrate to /Soto/


no you have to spank it~

chilli chickens?

You're shit under power
You're lazy
You erase or modify any kind of speech against the dictatorship
You are literally one of the worst admins/mods I have seen

well i won't pretend to hug you so like tell me about your day or

I cleared more CP than any of the mods
I cleared spam even if my friends were the ones spamming
Literally the only thing that even sounded bad was me posting with a capcode
people were just butthurt I was mod

What if it hurts?
What if it leaves a mark?

That's what they're called.
It's like grilled chicken filet with a crunchy crust, add salad and chili sauce.

luka was probably the worst though as in not being passive

he would like edit posts and shit cause they were rood



Wtf 16 hours of studying and practice for one class over one weekend? Are you sure you're not just trying too hard

That's hilarious

lexi and fox did the same

sounds fucking A+

you were similar to amy in that you wanted everyone and their mother's to know that you were mod

to somehow rub it in their faces

even you knew you wouldn't last more than a day


-pets your hair- :3

Yeah, it's one of if not the toughest classes I have taken, nearly as bad as OCHem I/II
I took first exam with maybe only 0.5:1 study:inclass time and I probably got a 60 or 70
I want an A in this shit

i guess it was good that we moved

I want a Triumvirate.
Soto, Sabs and one other for mods.

It's fucking great.


Shit was great. I'd love to be mod again because our current ones are vampires and are never on during certain parts of the day


So you're saying you don't want mods most of the time.


I had a $10.75 double delight today.
Chicken and Shrimp in spicy black bean sauce. Ate half for lunch.

Kinda wish Luka would have just given admin to someone trustworthy and we didn't have to move

Is that a "yeah", or a "Look at this shit"?

I guess that might be what it takes to get an A then

Yeah the logic of that doesn't really hold up after thinking about it for a few seconds

eh they are pretty alright

i'm just giving chii shit cause memes are lame

it's kinda funny when that dog fucker tries to tell people to stop spamming

when he posts like literally the same 5 images every single day

You know who was a real nigga mod?


that guy was transparent yet anonymous at the same time and he did his job well

who even demodded him

If I crank it up to 4:1 study time it's guaranteed A
I will prove the theorems before even attempting the problems

Sounds fucking awesome.
Going to an all-you-can-eat stirfry place tomorrow with my closes friends.


He started talking shit about deleting the board and leaving people twisting in the wind and I lost my shit on him.

Sucks at OPING
spoilers too

blander than yo momma's potato salad last night

Weren't you mod here too?

but shit quality

On animus? Never. People would rather vote for Amy.

That's the problem, and the main reason I wanted a 3rd one.

It's a fucking great place. It's awesome.

he's a stubborn a-hole lol

i meant to write something and posted too early

like sabs would never because she coddles pathetic types like luka and amy

soto would just ban for lulz

i mean it might work actually

i agree with this

when larson isn't shopping at the dick store he really cares about the threads and is p real

hashtag obama


That's the MSG talking

Fo sho.

That's what I'm saying, balance.
Soto would be fine, but do random shit, which Sabs would probably fix. I've also never seen someone say anything negative about Sabs, for that matter.
But they're not on enough. Nor am I, lately.


i like my mom's potato salad

but point taken

I know you want Soto to be mod because you imagine he would be some kind of foil to Sabrina in this hypothetical system, but that's not really how neutrality works. You're just introducing unnecessary chaos into the system.

I totally thought Blood-chan would be voted admin for the memes way back when.

Anybody want a song?

Monsodium Glutamate. A flavor enhancer often used in Chinese buffets, it enhances "umami" or rich, savory flavor.



rip the board

sing kumbaya

Unnecessary chaos is fun.
I honestly don't care who the mods are. As long as I can shitpost, and there's no CP or spam.

hey you would have been a good one cause you're super autistic

you were close and i voted for you

i just imagine sabs and soto having drunken private mod meetings

nothing would get resolved ever

i voted for you too larson

i don't really believe that cockshit got that many votes

he just says

hello thread

what even

Sorry, that is one I won't do.


Yeah. I was like 5th or something. Surprised me.
Imagining that is fun.

vocaroo riri's part pls

cockshit is manipulative as fuck

he was admin for a week but he couldnt handle the pressure and gave it to chii
still a snake

The only religious song I would ever sing is Halelujah or whatever the fuck it is.

kumbaya is religious?

should I get drunk I'm bored

The kind of chaos where you turn every word into "meat" and give random people who suck your dick enough mod powers?

I despise that kind of chaos.


Wait, who's cockshit?

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya.

Who is riri?


I have never gone camping before
forgive me

chug some everclear

No, not that kind.

and like sabrina has an actual life

which is why, with all bitching aside

it does make sense having neets like chii and mugen in charge

yes pls

clockwork giggles


i might have made that up

No worries. But I can't do that one.

Fly me to the moon by Sinatra.

I feel like Soto/Elma.
I bought 6 4lokos and really questioning where I went wrong in life.

It would evolve into drama fast enough. You'd be amazed.

That's sad in a way, but I don't usually have much fun camping so I guess you're not terribly missing out. Have you at least gone fishing or hunting before?

Yeah, I guess...

I don't have everclear but I've drank shots of 151 before

I only have vodka and no mix I've just done a couple shots so far

I want to date a girl and then parachute with her into the wilderness with nothing but a basic survival kit and a sat phone for emergencies. Preferably canadian yukon or something of the sort. If she makes it without breaking, I'll marry her.

entire bottle fam

sabrina like has a job and supports her fucking mom


what does she give a shit if someone is spamming

i don't see the issue


If Luka was a girl I would

You wouldn't, holy moly.

Oh yeah, for sure.
Nothing wrong with a little drama.
Too much drama is bad.

I know. I know. I talk with Sabs too.

Tough standards.

...Maybe you're right
maybe I should do a basic wooded area

I assume that is the woman.


Coming up.

wtf was that cartoon

Just kinda pictured Soto temp-banning someone for shits and giggles, but immediately undoing it to avoid incurring Sabrina's wrath.


and that's the biggest mistake of every mod post-4chan

regulating the internals

erin's biggest mistake was regulating externals too who called her a man

like i think everyone likes making fun of those assholes who come from other boards

like delete cp and shut the fuck up lmbo

you are the champion bro


kawaii as fuck

have you ever drank everclear or anything like that before???

just wish I had beers or mix or something... What are you drinking?

*If Wish was a girl
*If Blood-chan was a girl

Man, you're building a collection of "if ---- was a girl".

omg .///////.

one whiff of the stuff and my entire body sent me a warning

Wish is confirmed grill
BC is confirmed guy

beer after wine

typical friday on animus


tbh i don't wish or bc are confirmed anything



There we go

I let this happen

If I still know you at that point in your life I'm bringing this up you camping virgin. Good luck with your ziplock bag of granola bars, don't eat your girlfriend.



i know larson is a confirmed nice dude

TP for mod.

I want that.

my campaign spam is on my other computer

Obvious innuendo.

Like confirmed kill

got the tags and everythin

one of the 2 best posters


it's pure poison and shouldn't be drank as shots

music or tv/YouTube in back ground when drinking tho

Is this even postable?

Oh nonsense.



Mmmm, tacos.

i'm doing both

ride dirty

They're just the kind of dog tags you buy in the Wal-Mart jewelry section.

...fucking walmart

hey animus hows it going?

Show me sometime.



i wish i could not sing like you


you are though. i mean who cares about the dick store

i had a pasta that i would just spamming everytime mention of election

i think it got me less votes tbh

looolllll turn down for what

heyu ^^

there cant be more than 3 of best posters!

i feel like i always have a tv on low in the background and then movie, tv, music on computer

Hanging slightly to the....wait....um, it's going alright I suppose. Yourself, love?

Sing me a song.

last one is....

last one is....

Sabs best.
Soto up there.

Who is best poster, then?
Hey Manana.

I voted for like 5 people. Can't remember who.
Just glad that's over.

Drinking. Simple as that.

How about you, how's your Friday going?

I was also disappointed that he didn't open with "How's it hanging".

I enjoy this

I guess he wanted to switch it up a bit.

I am glad. Any others?


refer to my list :3

big pimpin' with the actual factual television

Be careful with how much you drink dear

Post list.

I'm the very soul of caution.

Also I'm a bit better at it these days.



kinda bummed i was too hungover to vote for bernie tbh



nice butt how are you doing this evening?

going great thanks for asking! you caught on to the random switcharoo lol

fairly good so far! tfs released a hilarious april fools so hat made my day, i should drink tonight too


if you didnt say it was incorrect then i assume my guess was correct.

shame. He seems cool.
Not a Trumpie, then?

Heya, Spoils.

Now sing me firework by katy perry.

Nice font.
Lemme read.

The "Broly" thing? I watched it, had a laugh and a half.

You should.


If I tried to do a high pitched voice it would sound awful....


I think you have a high standard for me singing a language I don't know...

Tricking us isn't nice...

But that is great to hear. Going to have a great night?

i like how spoilers still retains his old spoiler qualities by spoilering the wrong things

it was better when he just spoilered everything

on a completely unrelated note

does anyone else kinda miss making fun of eva?


Try it :3


fucking new

This, to be honest.
It was like his thing. He lasted rather long.