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my life

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Someone come destroy my ass.

Annie bot and Jackson has the same gay voice.

I hope Moogs can be happy.

happy april fools

I try..

Do you expect anything less from someone that plays nothing but annie

People need to friggin live

maybe you should look for work too


You mean Jolly Ol' England. :3

Elma, remember this song? Can't believe how old it is now...

For some reason, I'm now picturing you as white rapper dude from Sister Act 2.

I guess not.

thanks doctor, you sure know best.

Where they sing in pubs

post it.

You can't live on benefits forever/until your fiancee moves in

your medical prowess astounds me.

can I collect my prescription from you too?



desu pretends I don't exist and won't tell me why, like Kon did for years

pretty sure guero is like miami or something

that's a few hours away :\

hes going off



I'm disappointed

You guys and your pubs! I'm still jelly.

This was Loco's graduating class.

jelly and eels?

Eeels and mash and tuppence.

can I eel your tuppence and mash it?

I can't say I've ever heard that one before! Sounds groovy and dark^^

Can I chim-chiminy your chim chim charoo?

Just forget it

Don't look at me with that face.

I think it might have to do with you as a person/poster

But dude
having even desu ignore you?
The fuck did you do?

who the fuck

that would be me

u sound butiful

as long as you put on some Chaz and dave and tizer me




Its this person


Why are you fucking screaming in the house.

Welcome back, Bardo.



Because fucking normies man

I was 19 or 20 when that came out. It was a big deal to me at the time. lol

I don't understand your francy-pans Brit talk, gov'nuh!

You asked for It!

It's MMF's fault.



If I was your mom I would legit smack you right now


happiness is fleeting. ill continue miserably until i got no reason to

whatthe fuck that is terrifying

i'm scared for my tooth today :(


she isn't home so its okay

Nice fuccboi bun

Whoa hot

Thank ya dahling

Hey there squiddy


its how we mate with colonials gals and guys. Like pollen for bees

I don't know really, he seemed to like me and wanted to meet but then he stopped replying when I tried to work out a day and ever since then I'm invisible



a 12/10 isn't much if they only have a 2/10 personality

thought as much

you will be okay. The will numb it so you don't feel much pain.

Maybe he bitched out. People from here tend to do that.

oh right I was supposed to be nicer to you
you hair looks healthy

I'm actually just a kid now.

you cant fuck a personality

i want grim/ghostie momplay please

I used to be c cooll as fuck with Kon but when I got weird i started going off on him now it's really awkward and i feel bad


Just don't though.


I'm okay if he doesn't wanna meet, we don't have to if he isn't comfortable with it

but I wish he would at least talk to me again

pretending I don't exist is kinda cold :(

I beg to differ

Nezi definitley doesnt count

maybe something happened

filter me then

they are going to stab my sensitive mouth with a needle!
aaaaaaaaaaaa >_

I'll just leave.

Toodles, thread.


It feels better than you'd expect ;3

Wasn't welma immune to e-bullying?

The fuck happened?
Are whoremones really that strong?

wow look

people worse than us

yes they are.
they make you extremely emotional and shit.

what is happening

I meant myself

are you going to be a ladyboy now

Ta ta for now

blame this one

dude what


kinda wanna fuck my hand

you april fooled me!

Why's everybody saying that


ate my image
imma go now

loco this shit is gonna give me a stroke



Because its not gay if you're a "girl"

nice target

is it gay if the balls are touching only a little

asking for a friend


alcohol is consentrated love, how else would I feel this?

fapping on my skype later?

getting rammed

Grim left?

cuddles is concentrated love

grim left forever


ok cool

Grim died in a motorcycle accident



whae what

by what

thats super lovee



Tell her to stop just standing there.

subtle here to save the day!

#1 kpop

Onward semen, onward!

That wasn't even an April fool tho btw

is this a thing

Luka stole my pictures senpie noticed me

i don't know what to believe anymore!


april fools
a tricky day!

If you're like 12 I guess lol


I want to be tied up and have lewd things done to me

Are you still drink?

Anything in particular?

i'm 12!

feels like I'm floating, need more shots


Whoa, what?
How drink are you?


I have begun drinkies

I want my tummy and lips kissed .///.

I can arrange that if you want~

Intimacy? Cute.
A pleasantly surprising answer~

im anus t


ssame here


GODDAMN i hate Holla Forums and its stupid shitty posting errors

Your pouting is adorable, but I don't know why you're doing it.

Hey there Bad dog


am fine

same tbh fam ^ ^

wuuuh how

hi, bard

lets get drinky and maybe stream some britiash TV xD

How much did you drink, then?

if we had a chilld
he would be Barddog

i want to tie tokai to some train tracks and twirl my moustache

oh fuck
t-tell me more

i sometimes think of him when i play with my prospector pete

I want to tie tokai face down to a bed and put suppositories in her butt.

like eehf tc?

about one bttle of wine and some beers and two gin tonics

this is rus not texas

neither of us our girls, bard. men cannot conceive

iunno that word

how erotic

This is the face you'll make when I stuff your butt with kindness.


oh guess you better start sucking them



as in toes

Should I get an iPhone SE

I dunno, maybe, i am off ALL weekend

what would thatt be>?

im not cahtolic

suck what

saame, we'll see, too early now ayway

I'm not even religious.

get the galaxy s7


my toesies

they are clean dw

but suck them

shit forgot to get my upgrade

did they skip a few

pressss doubt


feet ar egross

no, it's the s series, then the note 5 is the top notch if you want a stylus.

i didn't ask for your fucking opinion

which is also a cool phone. It plays bejeweled like a bauce with it's octo-processing.

There's no 'being religious' for me. I never was, and after a certain event I could never accept a deity.

yet i give it

doubty doubt mirster

I don't have toes.

I dont know what to do tokai. Samsung or Apple ;~; i want both

S7 Edge

so is this April fools or some shit

sammy or death

pretty obviously erin



lol all their names are displayed!


but it was neither funny, nor did it make for a moment of shock

it was like

brief irritated confusion, followed by regular irritation

jap moot has a poor sense of humour

he's japanese

they think nosebleeds are funny

he should have called Google and asked if moot could come out of the trophy case to brainstorm with him.

4chan's been turned into a Google+-like website with fake normie names.

They did make it look pretty though.

I give it a 7/10.

woah! it assigned me the name: "Maude Cameron"


google fucked up too

Sister died in my arms. Checkmate.


allahu ackbar

"I just sent off an email with my resume to the first person who wanted to interview me in months ... I clicked the wrong button and sent it with the mic drop. Well, I guess I'm not getting that job. Words cannot describe how pissed off I am right now. I'm actually shaking. One click, ONE CLICK and I lost the job. Goddamnit. Not funny, google. I'm going to go cry now."

I wonder if ISIS is doing April pranks like allowing a family to leave an occupied city but they actually planted a minefield around it

God dammit jap moot.

I don't understand
what happened herE?

Loco do you pusposefully look at old news, or are you just accidentally slow?

and here come the flood of Twitter notifications because jap moot embedded my tweet in a tweet from the 4chan account.


...Jap moot?


Hiroyuki Nisimura now owns 4chan, moot works for Google.

google added a button to gmail for april fools that made it so your email attached with a gif of a minion mic dropping and made it so you didn't receive the replies to the email

right next to the normal send button


also it bugged so it added to even normal emails

the irritation expands exponentially


I am the one who spams.


Erin's so kawaii sometimes

Ikt pls no bully

holy shit
thats way too funny

yeah like people lost their jobs and that one is an email sent to grieving parents so like

not really

woah cant get too tireed now, too much alcohol left,
pepsi break

am playan checkers



That's why it's funny


god alice was right you are an asshole


Apparently there was a bug or something like?
Or maybe that was just damage control..

bully me sexually

Thanks that's just what I wanted right now
your opinion


I knew he was a huge faggot

wiiuu wiuuu

off yourself

What a perfect day to come out as gay.

He's willing to suffer that for you? Man, if he were gay you'd be perfect for each other.

subtle isn't gay?

but he fucked kamuu

He says he's not gay.

And I'm a trusting sort of guy.

Sorry but I don't know who you are and as such your opinion means significantly less than someone who I keep company with

I'm not going to apologize for finding humour in a situation

Tokai is it true you wear kneesocks and skirts irl?

Kinda wanna fund a kickstarter so you can start wearing seifukus and everything

everyone should join bisexual master race


and stupid to boot

Subtle is the kind of nigga who sucks desus dick on steam all the time but doesn't consider it gay since he's not doing it irl

How convenient

happy april fools


no evidence


Oh no
the drunk brit cumslut doesn't like me
it's been a good run but
I really guess I can't go on any longer...
goodbye forever
I'm going to pack my things up and
head off on my motorcycle now

i don't drink

Truly and honestly
you're twice the man I am then

looks like it

Fucking lewd bruh

Post nudes

Kute, just showered in prep for drinking session-y

The trials of an apprentice alcohol

Hey test, you and wallace sound alike, who knew

beg bitch

goodie, imma walk dawg now and have more gin lmaom

Well, I didn't know. I'll take your word for it.

Onegai goshujinsama

lmfao eyyyyyy

Fucking guilty as sin.

ayyyyy doge

He was in a TC on mic and I thought it was you. Same effeminate voice.




An age of innocence lost
purity despoiled

the esscence of virginity....Gone forever

Post dick.


You know that his son is near, omnipotent
When she sees eye to eye with spear
You know that his son is near, omnipotent
When youth and innocence disappear
Forever lost


Hush now

Lmao too late

Eat my ass, retard


Place my enlarged Phalus on your tongue and procede to felate until orgasm


I'm not reading your trash

do you want to eat it instead?
I can sugar coat that too for ya

All I see is a kissless virgin trying too hard

Woah dude
I thought we were having a friendly back and forth

I'mma just back out of this if you're gonna put poison behind your words fuck dawg

tkaing you hiiigher

no hablo



That was just friendly meme-ing

Ayy who's being mean to bard? He totally deserves it. His fucking jokes are shitty.

Hey now
that's un called for
I've heard some things today but Inga you took a few steps over the fucking line right there

I'm drunk

Did we ever talk? I recognize your name but idr right now

I'm Erio

Big sigh

Your jokes are fucking dad tier and i bet your dad is dead.


Poopy face.


You probably are by now too

I don't pride myself on this folder or being a photo collector

Alive and well as well as a succesful and functioning member of society

Hey didnt inga claim they hted this place and werent going to be here for another year? Hiroshima was a blessing compared to the swedish cuck society.


hehe im only giggling sooo matbye

also I suck dicks

Did you actually see me do it?

Too bad you're not.

Time for drinks and musics mang

B ump t you too

Thanks I try

Who is Inga

All I remember is I've known of a person named that for a long time

Cute :3 -kisses your cheek-


pew pew pew




They were like that panda fellow
but a little different I think

Deal with it.

I remember Panda did something pathetic or something that everyone didn't like but I don't remember what it was

Only thing that was similar between me and Panda was that we used the same avatar for a while.

I remember him trying to e-bang me several times. It was weird.


Who hasn't here
Literally everybody


aahh dontt make me blush


Too late Frankenfran-abee. Sit down.

Well either I have some history with this person or he's just a worthless cunt

Probably both

But it became like his defining thing to a lot of people or something? Idk


is that fucking jubilee

are you cucking me out of that avatar before the film is even fucking out

Turn up the turnt bass

thinking back on it a bit I think I can remember soomething about that as well

That response just makes me want to do it more

Are you people dead or is this website just broken

Erm. Its Go Younha(Younha).
Sorry if you are getting cucked.
Go get your own Kgirl.

Inga was the dude that always flirted with Murder. :^)


dear dairy, mr wheelie cucked my pic again
i hope he falls over

boooom brooom booom

ehhhh eh

Idk, I just know he was kind of weird


this younha?

i guess I'm a fucking racist

Yeah he never replied because he thought i was too stupid for him.


Weirder than the rest then eh

Make the rom go brrrrrrrrrrrooom broom brooom


You clearly are

-cuddles you close and pets your hair-

I honestly just remember the back and forths where Murder revert to his "dude trying to act like a girl" typing style with you.
It was really really.

*It was really, really weird.

So what do you think of my new avatar
fitting isn't it?

It brings out an annoying part of your personality

You should eradicate it

Yes, because you're just that big of a fag.

my pictures ar e went to hell

like a motor

mmmhm ^^

I want tokai to shove his ovipositioner into my rectum and hatch his eggs with my heat.


I'm the lovable bad guy

Come on it totally works

Would posting different pictures really influence anything aside from how others view my posts?

I think that the words are almost meaningless in opposition to the pictures
it woould seem anyways

The avatars people post do seem to kind of subconsciously effect how those people act sometimes

Brown anime girkls?

I agree
but only to an extent

It's getting late there, right? I wonder how much longer you'll make it before passing out

It's a part of your personality that comes out sometimes when you use other avatars

That avatar just brings it out even more, it seems


looovwe paki gal

ehwm i wanna like stay up all night


they didt it again

No triggers please, bron cutie greillls gonna cutie

i want you to infect me with parasites

I need to continue/finish durararararararararararararararara

I love it
It's all just a big sociology experiment here

it's kind of shit

Isnt that barbara gordon who becomes crip

it's selina kyle

i'm not at the barbara eps yet

It's a clusterfuck of asspulled plot of edgelords.
Don't bother.


Why even live


I agree
DRR is pretty critically acclaimed but I just couldn't get too into it myself