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chii you could always send me your makeup

I saw Ethanol go from fat nerdy male to a skinny trans model sooo.... and yes, I'm sure I grew up around girls. My biological sister is 4 years older than me, and my stepsisters are 1 and 6 years older than me


Care about what exacly? you points are starting to fall apart there Ian

no you two are fine looking without it, send it to me so i can do a rockin rocky horror picture show cosplay :^)

so why are you being so indignant about it then?

you know nothing

How you're perceived.

Indignant about what?

My name is not John Snow

Please kill me for that Game of Thrones reference.

If i cared about that wouldnt I have gotten baited into your little challenge?

unlike me you cant just ride on the stupid thing cause you arent stupid like me, so pretending you dont know what we were talking about just seconds before comes off making you look more like you need a chill pill.... in fact there are a lot of signs pointing to that lately, depressing given you were so chill right before then

who is this character

Woah there, are you trying to frame this in your favor? Regardless, you can always answer honestly and not be baited into anything


CC from Code Geass

isnt that exactly what you are trying to do? pft please.
and I have answered all your inquiry honestly

oh right. I still havent seen that


I have mixed feelings about what happened tonight at the bbq

cc from code geass

i am not wrong this one time, most other times? extremely

I would never. And I sincerely doubt it.

You are clearly wrong.

Someone cheer me up

Why would I lie about anything? what motive do I have to lie.


lenko please

if you could just do this to my face right now
yeah that would be great

wouldnt that be kinda awkward

You don't abuse steroids and everyone loves you

okay lets ignore your self esteem problems and instead focus on the reversing your chill a lot like how sci did

no problem its a pretty good series if youre okay with slightly misproportioned bodies art style and mechs

n-not if it's y-you


Buy an AK-47 and shoot me in the fucking face

Sugoiiiiiiiiiiii kimochiiiiiiiiiii~

so you are just throwing stuff out there to try and trip me up now? because you have no idea?

maybe one day.
I feel like capping a symphogear character


I don't abuse any substance other than alcohol.


Im not gay lenko

It's okay, we're just lesbians, right?

you are thee one making yourself act like him, nice and chill one week then the next extremely antagonistic.... i get he went full crazy but we are ignoring that part for this

which one? is it shirabe?

only okay if we say no homo first


no homo
so this means we're dating now and you can't flirt with grim anymore

why would I in the first place?

I thought you had a thing for curry, nvm I guess. Girl you are now mine. I didn't even throw my masterball yet.

My ex was mexican, not the same flavor

I'm German and I will gas your world.

my third guess well cant win all the guessing games! you should though hibiki is adorable

I know this feel

Hibiki is best girl

do this

No way

pretty sure you'd get a yeast infection if you let chocolate sauce get in your fucking pussy

Hold my hand and pat my head.

but why

always gotta pick best girl, chii! it is like the unwritten law thats why im posting cc and not crippled imouto


cripples are gay ayy

yeah but she is adorable and in thee wonderland spinoff shes not a cripple i think lol hopefully cause i dont think wonderland is handicap accessible good god the tumblr users will be pissed when they realize that, chanting for wonderlands misogynistic cripple shaming ways to stop

lmao fucking tumblers



guys I gotta confess..
I am actually a girl

april fools

in a perfect world there would be an in case of tumblers button everywhere that just gags them and ties their fingers together, ceasing further comments from them

would still

does this mean i can have the incest avatar


..would still what






what are you even talking about now?

Are you saying you're a guy?

yes I have a massive dick

spoilers incest avatar

i dunno

let's compare :^)



yeah ill upload it before i go to bed

you lots :^)

I named a goat after you in my stardew valley



no kissing, only CHEEKI BREEKI


I'll cheeki breeki you all over.




When was the last time you kissed someone?

ur a lewdy but its kawaii as fug

aw i feel both happy and concerned, im not gonna get turned into meat or something am i?


Pizza time best time.


not lewd

no you cant butcher animals...yet

quite lovely!
having brunch and I bought waaaayy too much alcohol

I got kebab

yes and non intimately

butt you r

>cant butcher animals.. yetgonna beat that pussy tho

I mean I kiss my mom and pap on the cheek all the time.
been awhile for intimately


that's cute~
how long though? kisses you intimately

see! you already want to fuck me and i'm just trying to make small conversation

I said I would go buy some.

I had way too much kebab during the weekends at military, decided to go with pizza this time, also picked up 3 energy drinks to stay awake over the day in order to fix my sleep schedule.

I honestly dont remember, its not a big deal to me so I guess its just never been a thing

that much cheeeeeeeeese


how often do you watch porn?

Well if you have extra choices for ingredients might just go all out in cheese.

It's a big deal when both sides like doing it.
holds you

you cant butcher the goat you have to sacrifice to the goat, its old testament and shit

just means more left over for later if its too much!

Honestly? never really

I mean yeah, I just I dunno.


oh. weird.

I don't think I'll be able to eat another one after this one.

no sex drive tbh


Pizza and kebab are those godly street foods like hell what would we even do without them.
sounds like quite a day lol, I got energy drink as well.

Yup! buut I'm also gonna drink a looot today

just ruined Lenko's dreams

Hangover food at it's best.
Yeah, still a bit sick though, felt a bit light-headed at the store.

so pick out virgins from the village

why is that?

i bet a drunk tokai is just super adorable

*unzips dick*


Because I'm already full.

No sex drive? okay, fine. You'll get it back when I'm pounding your tuna.

what about me tho?

ahh that sucks, gotta just take it easy then

ehhh iuunoo, I just become kinda naughty..

oh i thought you meant forever

I dont have any tuna

what about you

post your dick

now i really want a drunk tokai

I kind of wanted to buy some alcohol, but that would just end horribly.

I don't know if eating a pizza makes you ascend into godhood.

dont you want to please others?

Okay I'll just stick it in pooper.

if you can wait ~10 hours lol

yeaah would not recommend when sick, not that that stopped me


nigga plz

I did quite a lot of sick drinking, but I don't think I'll drink for a good while.

chii I just want to hold your hand and kiss you, is that so bad?

what kinda guys are you into?(i feel like im in middle school asking this)

thats heresy

I dont even know man, someone who can make me laugh? thats a big one,

Hai hai~

'Sup Fort?

good thinking, get some fruit juice.
it's wonderful healthy and a good snoop lion song


Good, let it flow into you, like I flow into you.

huh, i guess i should stop being autistic then and play somethin with you so we can talk more

probably not but maybe someone drops a little toxic waste in one, that stuff always gives powers comics taught us this

ill probably be back on in a little more than that so maybe ill catch it i have bad timing though

Yo SD.
Just woke up. Have to finish working tomorrow, friends have gone out for a bit.

Hey Toki~



2nd time i see you post this pic and i still like it

Mostly just because the few last times I've been drinking have ended pretty badly.

Damn that radiation and it's miracle powers.

Neat, still got much left of that project?

What? why? im not exactly interesting

go home you are drunk

More than I wish there was.
It doesn't need to be 100% finished, just presentable.

ill join you if i can bring a spider to douse in it then have bite me :^)

foooort still feelin good?

nah the bit of actual talking we do i somewhat enjoy


Take a bath with me and lay on me.

heh that's fine, besides I go drunk until monday so plenty of time

ohayouu are you as comfy as me?

ah yes then you gotta wait, it's really not nice when it was bad last time

well im super fucking gay m8
Im also playing alot of BnS right now


Well then, going to still finish it?

Now this has gotten to weird heights.

Yeah, taking another 2 month long or even longer this time time-off from it.

Yush! I'll be fine for a while, of you're still worried 'bout that.
How's Spoilers?

I'm comfy, but not as comfy as you.

As much as needs to be done.

Chii I just want to put my tube into you.

Sup sluts


Well then, good luck with that project.



Yo Doots.

Whatcha up to, mister vacation man?

My tube.

ahh oke, just coffee spam then lol

but I'm cold


perfect! i am curious to see this supposedly naughty tokai

toxic waste pizza wasnt weird heights to begin with?

always probably will be! i am doing pretty chill, thanks for asking

That what you call it?

You seem comfy though.

Please don't worry, Spoilers. It makes me feel like a nuisance.
Good, up to anything?

Chii! Chii! CHII!!

We would make beautiful children together.

Still being sick, haven't slept and I'm trying to fix my sleep schedules by staying up till it's a normal time to go to bed.

A whole lot.

I don't even know anymore.

What up forty, how goes?


Chii stop touching yourself and talk to me!

A hard reset, then? Nice.
Good luck.

Fort be good. Just have to work on something.
How Scoot?

Sorry something funny is happening on 4chan

link it
also kiss me tenderly

not a nuisance at all just friendly worries, im just relaxing for a little before i go get sleep right soon

i dont know but id enjoy being spiderman

Yeah, tried it yesterday the other way around by taking a nap during the day and trying to wake up at 3 pm, nonetheless the bed was too comfy and I woke up again at 8 pm.


i am good though

Working on something? care to share?

Enlighten us.

chii accept my love

and dick


ye i know. i think i have it download but never play

now this. i like this one a lot.


I didn't say I was a nuisance, just that I feel like one.
Man, what time is it for you?

Fort be working on his exam-project. If I do this, I can graduate in 10 weeks, if I fail, it's GG, no re.

I don't know about you, but that web shooting thing would be odd.

just go to any board and look at the threads

You will pass man, I mean, legit if you pass I will buy you some reasonably priced champagne.


Pinkie promise.

Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye

its impossible to stop the booty with cc

5am! pretty darn late but still lol what are you up to?

i think its less odd for him cause of the heightened reflexes strength and perception

I meant like having a hole in your wrist to shoot web from.

Ah shit, I didn't even recognize it.
It's pretty good.

We already owe eachother a drink. And you owe some others, too.

DAMN the difference between us is 10 hours.
Just starting the slow before getting to work.


Still too much.

Don't remind them! I will upgrade your standing owed drink. do you know?
are you watching me??!!

hope it'll be nice~

what kind of energy drink you got? the meme ones?


that is horribly ugly

weeeeell technically they were little machines on his wrists that shot it out, only in certain renditions was it actually coming out of him lol

we are nearly across the entire world from each other

Good day and good night, everyone.

*pets in the dungeon*

Nah, just a 500ml can of redbull and 2x 500ml cans of monster.
But the idea of those meme drinks did cross my mind, since damn cheap.

I never got how those even worked.

Sleep well Mordin.

I forgot who they were, anyway.

Aye. It's weird.

Good night?

with cc? o.o



sweet dreams

the same way the black panthers suit and captain americas suit are made from metal that is flexible and light yet nigh indestructible dat bullet hitting black panthers chest in the trailer for civil war is great, just ricocheting off

once we master teleportation it wont matter i can come bug you to get a drink with me anytime after that! but chances are we will be like ai by that point so the drink will be oil or in the matrix

what else would i have said? :^)

tape doesnt work like that.

I'd get a drink with you.
Not looking forward to oil though.

I don't even know who is black panther.


what where am I???

ahh ok, I got the meme ones lol.

I really hope you're not in that window..

Photoshop still works without weed

Listen to Chiiii's advice next time you want to RP with a vagina, Bebop

You should look.
Come closer~

black panther is malcolm x

muslim black american who was shot like 40 times

civil war is about emancipation

Damn ES, man.

Me three

Just my sex dungeon

Thanks for the explanation, I've never really followed any of the comic things.

Oh well.

Malcom X was a nigger lover.

idk what you meant..

we can try

i chose a pic at random, i can't even see the thumbnail

shoot me

that sounds like a good thing

are you retarded

chii's white pussy tastes like mayonnaise ice cubes

yeah not a fan of that idea either though ive had a few drinks in the past that tasted like they might be gasoline just cause of how strong they were, not a huge fan of that

heres a picture, hes just one of many marvel heroes really

with handcuffs gags and blindfolds :^)

i dont either



I've not had many strong drinks.
Just rum.

gib more booty


I'm just gonna hide under this blanket

I remember buying 30 cans just cause it's so cheap

get me out!!!

*nervous laughter*

Nice get

How is Bebop drama?

goodnight bae

you ever see that fant4stic movie

that was reshot to make it more fun

you don't do reshoots 4 months before your movie comes out. and the reason they're reshooting is BvS getting bad reviews

which means they've literally had a week to think them through



i still overthink things too much but they know it and dont seem to care much

i mean my brain isn't functioning at half it's potential cuz dead tired so i'll just agree with you

rum is good not a bad drink choice at all

or just the stockings stuff we talked about before, cant quite remember the entire conversation

Whatever hits hard.
I like the taste of alcohol, until I got some. I like the first few shots, but it goes downhill from there.
So I only drink strong stuff.

oh and i still buy things for people randomly

ty bae

Coffee is making me want to fistfuck the earth more than normal

I think now is time for Absinthe

Are you e-dating someone or what

thats actually quite a good plan in general, especially in that case though



i'll go with the facebook status "it's complicated"

i'll just start watching from afar since idk

Only got drunk once, while I was depressed.
That... wasn't fun. Decided to noy get drunk again.
Haven't drank since. Been months. But I'd drink if I had a reason to.

it's at 2pm

(spoiled kid)
i did :)

I'm not cute, I'm cool

hehe all is fine I guess

wouldn't alcohol just want to make you ride the world?

wish loco would do a sci and fuck off with his potato head

mu grill

I think maybe you make things more complicated than they are

In a lewd way? Is that what it does to you? :3

Mostly cute.

suicide squad is going to be garbage and you know ti

yeah that's why it is that way currently, tbh.

it looks like it'll be okay but it won't be 9/10

oh okay

i dont want it to have like a depressing effect on you though.... like aside from the relaxing part of it

oh so all of those together? if you insist, bae

Lying. As usual, to try and impress your hipster friends.
Go suck steve jobs' corpse cock

unless you want me to keep replying/complimenting your pics/you and sounding dumb at the same time

As long as I don't get drunk while down, it's all fine.

i literally am dumb so it isnt really like i have room to judge :^)

good ill make sure you are happy beforehand with some horrible spoilers brand jokes!

pls i want to die

There's a difference between laughing and fine.
Thanks anyway.

ehh does to everyone
I think

*throw juice at window*

ehh Iunno if I can do that

they need to give ghostbusters a cinematic universe. ghostbusters vs. terminator


Also four small sugar cubes are better than one

Meditation would probably be good for you

It's good for clearing your head

It's been a few months since I've really last felt subby feels like that and alcohol wasn't the cause of it

You're just being suggestive again :3

Are you drunk? It's Friday


i guess

its fine i dont have any of the above anyway so it was always just a pipe dream :^(

Is this a 2D Minecraft?

ghostbusters vs terminator vs predator vs paul blart mall cop

king kong is small af compared to that though the american godzilla would eat him.....

I'll just stick to not-getting drunk, while still drinking.
Not-too-DrunkFort's a prety swell guy.




havest moon 2.0

my first ever parsnip grew!

they'll make him bigger


I'd definitely see it

The Godzilla movies have always been kind of campy though; they're getting back to their roots

You just pick something to focus on and passively let go of other thoughts

Like your breath or white noise or even music

Harvest Moon is kind of fun

It's like a fanmade one? Is it actually better than all the actual Harvest Moon games

sober fort is also a great guy

that would ruin the pivotal scene in king kong.... at that size how would he fall off or climb the empire state building..... or better yet, how would he hide on skull island?


I knew it!!

what was the cause?

naaahh not yet, gonna drink in couple hours

well get them then!

Hot Wheels please

that usually gets me really motivated to do something about a problem i have

it's like a whole new game!
$17 on steam.

if its the same tone as the godzilla movie there will be no camp

maybe they'll fuck up his back story


its called stardew valley Erio

he'll team up with the army and take gojira down Shadow of the Colossus style

then he goes rogue and they have to call in dracula

dracula and frankenstein team up

and then at the end of six movies building up to it frankenstein and dracula and king kong and godzilla all fight mothra

clean my room

Idk, just weed and the weather patterns of my mind I guess

I made sure to act on the feels until they were out of my system

I really should get a computer that can faithfully run things without crashing

Well apparently people are interpreting the direction it's going in as silly. Maybe "campy" isn't the word

I just hope they include other old Godzilla villains too

Maybe even go all out like this:

Yeah that's what Googling "Harvest Moon 2.0" seems to suggest; thanks though

...But why?

really wish loco would do us a favour and die.

its actually pretty nice
im outta here now i've stayed up way to late

we'll have to wait to see what impression the trailer gives off

Let's get this one out of the way:


maybe sometime, and now you seem so eager lol

you can run it.
it's a not powerful computer game thingy