ITT: no fishing for "nini"

ITT: no fishing for "nini"

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fuck you I got one anyway



'sup, Lexi?






Usually you just complain until I specifically say the words "Sweet dreams."

You caught me

I'm actually not Lexi

The superfluous testicles was the giveaway tbh.

I should have known to tuck

I thought they like shove it back inside themselves.


I'm gonna fucking hate today


Fake shit everywhere.

Cool, 4 chans.

Tsuchi is the show those images are from any good?

shit tbh

Just assume everything is a lie, it works for conspiracy theorists

You're a lie.

Just watch it for the loli vampire.

Actually or just shitposting? The animation style is unique so that alone got me interested.

I don't into lolis.


oh yeah i just tend to think most things might be fake all the time unless proven otherwise, makes april 1st less irritating lol


ya dude the upvote system is 10/10 ;) xDDD

Ich will meine Waifu mit Oppai.

This big guy was annoying as heck.

Now you're getting it!

ian this is absurdly fucking loud


There's oppai in the series too.

I confus by news before realizing it's the 1st.

le upboot

That is THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it worth it as a whole though?

Its ok

what did they try to say was going on?

league of d r a v e n


brb school


Lol Slavs

You spin me right round baby right round.



fuck off dusty

I mean


*Nervous fidgeting*


prepare for draven fam

Them niggas deaf.




What do you do nowadays Grim?


alternate between teaching kids how to code and working towards a masters


This is actually horrible



uh the webm is not the same as the gif but okay

Why would you even save this? "Lol kids being severely injured xDDD" I don't even

???? I saved it because I remember it from a WSG thread and spoils had a gif, and we all know WEBM are superior in every way

nite4real tho

are you bloodchan?

But what do you get out of saving it

Why waste space on your HD


I knew something was going to go horribly wrong when they said "Hola amigos"
That was a dead giveaway like "Hi I'm x, welcome to Jackass!"

G'night Grim.


because then i can post it here...?


people here still never had a job


its not really unlimited even if you keep buying more its still limited to a number

i guess i just hang out at a book store and do stuff around there for the fun of it :^)

like really Ian

To spread the misery?

HDD, HD, what the fuck ever

spoils pls


yeah sure, thats it.

give me head like that

I guess I didn't work at that electronics factory for 4 months straight before defense forces which took 9 months of my life.

What are you going to fill 3+TB with?

:3 Hi thred


chill bebop


Dog porn.

nigga that was you

I can't really come up with any other explanation

That is a LOT of dog pr0n.

Pretty sure that's two dudes.

ahah April fools i have a vagina so therefore i can't get head from you, only you lapping on my coochie like a dog lapping at his bowl drinking water.

Only one thing left to do now.

how much data is every movie ever? im going to guess more than 3+tb and no the implication is not that anyone would do that but that in time a limited number starts seeming less unlimited than it was before, people once thought gbs was unlimited essentially

hey there elms how are you?



i'll give tsuchi head though

No thanks, Bebop.

the entire internet is like 23petabytes+

what did you mean tho

you are just being an actual retard so i dont really feel like getting into it with you

im just going to assume everyone is all of a sudden acting retarded because le april fools xD


Doing awesome.

Had a great Thursday^~^

How's you?



Sure, but as that happens storage becomes cheaper. One should never have to worry about storage anymore, unless you demand the quickest possible write/read speeds.



I guess.


hows the swelling


How was your Thursd-


What made it great?

that is no help

I can guarantee no one is going through 7.6 billion files. Downloading large folders is pointless if you don't use them.

Help what?

i have a job, its part time but i do have one that ive had for a while like before i got here

im doing alright, its raining a bit

hey sebs

thats what they probably said when we had 20gb harddrives yet gta 5 would need at least 4 to even be fully downloaded lol

What is that on her back I don't even

6/10, drooly. Also sore.

Are you feeling better about the pizza situation?

Like, everything!

Go on...

I use it regularly.
I have hand picked all of these images and sorted by tag and artist.

Maybe more like 4/10? I've never ranked this attribute before lol

How have you even lived so long?

shes an ayyy lmao


Kerrigan, queen of the swarm.
Bone wings.

Holla Forums is really such shit now


post more anus


its not really about the pizza. its a lot of things and a pizza.

the droll will subside soon. you might want to stock up on sop or something. i found it difficult to eat solid food for a few days. you'll also see a white discharge. are you using mouthwash twice a day?

drool even

But again, it's dirt cheap to upgrade. 32MB floppy disks used to be the thing, but it's not like they were expensive. The number of bytes gets bigger, but the price for utility doesn't change much. Storage is cheap.

You use some. It's just plain not possible to go through 7.6 billion images often.

Best April Fool: you

I um... I plead the fifth?

Yes this makes perfect sense I see it now

Wouldn't those be... not aerodynamic?

I don't have any though.

idk why you said it tho

i dont get this image


Why are there bottle caps surrounding that?

16GB iphones are bricks up to this point. Moral of the story is: update via computer, not on your phone. format your phone and back up what needs to restore.

We got a relaxing warm drizzle with a breeze. Made the night really nice :p

Just chillin?


Ooh, I'm sorry. If you need a ventee hmu on steam, yo.

Yeah, just game logic from StarCraft 2.

Wasn't Brood War when she game that?

be sure to have ice water on hand. can reduce the swelling instantly

dont take them out obviously

questioning why theres a group of people that have became dickish in the past 24 hours you?

i wasnt talking about how cheap it was though, i was just pointing out the definition of unlimited lol

it does despite the obvious sarcasm :^)



Nice! That sounds pretty great tbh

Meanwhile I get paid $70 for sitting through a few hours of stupid orientation lol

Fucking Koreans

'There are no absolutes.'
Nice job.

im not saying everyone hasn't..
it was to the post right above, because some people can't afford extra harddrives



do i really sound like test?

Sit on it.

To make it uncomfortable.

-kisses your cheek-


Can't confirm nor deny.

G'night Nezi.

If only it was Korean.

I had a mini cup of ice at work tonight to help. Good shit.

Thanks for the tips, moogy.

Is it parttime to start?

bag mood i guess

i would

no problem

tfw no Inubashiri irl


It isn't?!???!

They said up to 39 hours, seasonal. I'll find out my schedule tomorrow




Blizzard, the craft in the name is kind of a dead giveaway.

koreans just love it, ian
americans made it

Koreans also love the freedom we gave them.


Funny, but that guy had a deathwish hitting that snake like that


Koreans always ruin good American games. Look at League in the early seasons before Koreans tainted it with their "strategies"

Good shit. Good shit man.

Because your my good little girl.




Sona 1v1 Tristana to 1v1 Yi to 1v1 Teemo to 1v1 Bard
can't stop



Now I just need to not suck shit at it lol


-brings tristana tea- o.o



holy shit i just slelpt wayyyyy too long

how long tho

I killed her 4 times 1v1 so far :|

I passed out in skype last night at about 4 am.
So like
a lot of hours
i cant do math right now my head hurts

I sleep 12+ hours when I get the opportunity

Step up



I slept either 17 or 19 hours
my head hurts too much to think abuot which one is corect

my body hurts when i sleep more than 13 hours how are you alive

ok so it is nineteen

tfw my old drum teacher toured with these guys

Miss that guy

How much did you drink? I once drank like 2 liters of vodka and slept maybe 15 hours?

Oh, your body hurts. You live, tho. Like, right on the cusp of alcohol poisoning

Man, fuck ranked.

How is everyone?

I'm telling you man, let yourself drop to like Bronze 4

I play ranked nearly blackout drunk and go 1/0/10 on Soraka

It was because I downed it all at once.
i dont remember how much i drank

You have the container it came in, no?

same as every day tbh

thinking about green card marrying luka so i can move to canada hbu

Man, I really want to hit D5 this season though.

Moved my giant ass computer case to my desk.
Eatting and shit now.
Might watch Bob's Burgers.


Lololol, yeah. I can't afford to do that tho, I just space it out

Are you good enough to get there solo, though?



Probably not. I duo with Tristan, but I'm getting closer to his level now.

ez age too

it leaves me feeling dead


sounds good
i'm so terribly bored of all my games man
i need to get a real job so i can upgrade my PC parts and be able to play new releases

i have .72 cents to my name
drank literally all of my money away the last couple weeks

i cant manage to get downstairs
i dont think

dude what

I am going to try that Gigantic game if you want to join me.


I just shoot for being as good as I am, I think I'm at least gold so. I mean, when I try

Most of the time I can't be bothered to actually concentrate on the game

Well I mean.. I don't really have anything to fall back on. It's basically pay your car bill or you're out

I wouldn't try. Go get some water from the sink, if you have a bathroom up there. Just stay in bed and conserve energy



I mostly try in LoL because it's one of the only connections I have to old school friends.
Tristan is the only one I talk to still.

Aww. I have no connection to it outside of it being the only game I can play on my shittop and playing casual norms/arams with thread friends or college friends


Yeah. I still get some enjoyment out of it at least though.
When are you upgrading?

Gigantic? never heard of it

I'm floating by on the assumption that my uncle will stop me from getting evicted

Upgrading my computer? Whenever I have a stable paying job. Soooo... at the current rate, maybe in a few years lol

He seems like he will. My parents barely tolerate me, all of my sisters moved out before they were 20


What a damned twat

lol cat fight

you just can't do that

let's us, the men try to stop this man from ultimately helping the victim

top pip.

At first I didn't know how he was playing so much at once

And then I realized he had 2 sticks in each hand

Then I had no idea how he could play with 2 sticks in each hand

Jack, watch your language.


Hi Jack, what brings you to these parts?


Throwing animals is not cool

Insufferable boredom as usual

I mean, we live in a rowhouse and he makes a union crew chief's salary which is something like 140k a year
he has literally nothing else to spend money on
i want a job anyway because it's starting to make me feel like complete shit that i never have my own money

another moba? i dunno man
let me know how it is and maybe ill install it



Why would you do this

Ah, of course. I heard you got married, is this true?

I mean, the place I'm working at now has a college assistance program for its employees. Find a place like that and work your way up and use the benefits

cats are like parachutes actually

Never took you for a animal kind of guy.

Even the most evil shitheads seem to like animals

A primal empathy

im at a point right now where i have to start from the ground up and i just dont know how to begin
half of me wants to just focus my entire effort on improving my health or on getting a degree
instead i've just been drinking and playing video games for like four fucking years and each day i hate myself more because of it


Do what I did, apply for seasonal shit at hardware stores. They get super busy in this season, and you can talk up your experience on home projects with your family

Yeah but if shit goes wrong it might get hurt
Throw human scum instead, nobody will miss those
Cool article tho

I always took in strays and animals from shelters got two kittens now

Married and divorced
Long and fucked up story involving criminal investigators and embassies and whatnot


Oh do go on :3c

post pussy

i dont know if i have it in me to work somewhere i dont give a shit about
im not really that dedicated of a person

Well good on you.

I'm imagining Hungary to be like Russia and his homosex marriage deemed illegal.

work on the streets you slut
stream it for extra profits too


not attractive
otherwise i'd have done that long ago

You do. I just went to this orientation where I sat for like 7 hours and listened to stupid corporate bullshit about teamwork and other such nonsense, and hated every minute of it. The other people there were morons, and I was able to get through it by being pleasant and going with the flow

If I can do it, you can do it. I know you're a nice person, just be yourself and it'll be fine

Bitch, I just said before you are cute.

There's clearly more than one guy

don't have to do though
haven't you seen half the sluts in porn?

;3c -brings you tea-

I believe he's calling the three girls and the white dude the "four bitches".

i mean it sincerely when i say you are grossly overestimating me, dude



I like big guys.

You're a bitch

I doubt that.

Too fucked up for this magnitude of publicity
I'll just get back to lurk instead

Fine, be boring. And here I thought you had a flair for the dramatic.

You're the biggest bitch.

bitches regardless. I'd called the cops up and laughed at her when she goes broke paying the probation and anger management fees. That would be my revenge. Them guys just let her punk him out and did nothing.

the fuck the girl is fucking giggling why the guy got a swollen lip and eye. she deserves to be knocked out

I know. I'm not gonna argue your tastes or anything i'm just sayin' that in the general publics idea of attractiveness i'm on the medium to low end

I couldn't hold down a job washing dishes because it was so fucking boring
i dunno

To be fair general public is busy licking washboard abs and 10 gallon tits.
You only have to impress that one girl.

and the way she cries too. i sort of want her to choke.

or get choked until she's blue

Washing dishes is manual and repetitive, at least sales floor/cashier shit makes you interact and think occasionally


He kept on asking for a ride home because he didn't want to stay there but they kept ignoring him. I'd be extraordinarily pissed. i wouldn't have hit her but I would have laughed at what was to come.

I guess. I'm not even really trying to impress anyone at this point
women pulled me into the pit of despair a long time ago

I wanted to get hired for the local government center because it's quiet busy work but they won't even look at me since I don't have a degree
and I can't run a cash register. I'm math retarded, I literally have trouble with basic math


What in oblivion did I just watch?

You have to work your way up, that's how it works. I have a fucking Bachelor's and still I'm barely hired at a hardware store with teenagers. One of my coworkers was in the Navy and then worked at HP for 15 years. Shit sucks, just start small and work up


which is why i've been considering either buckling down and focusing every moment of every day to losing weight or doing my schooling and getting a degree
i dunno what to do.

I made a sticky

science. different foods give different flavors to sperm.

I was referring to those couples, and their existence.

If you want my honest opinion, don't get a degree just to get one. Go to a technical school or get some kind of technical certification

Losing weight is also good


Even Science is baffled at such things.

wastelander says hi

I say nothing

There was a lack of caring that echoed through the thread.

april fools

either way i need to have some major fucking breakthrough to get the energy

omg squash please

My push was having my parents threaten to kick me out

Idk what yours is, but I'll support you regardless

dont shit up my stick Ian.

*Lets linen shawl slip off my left shoulder as I stand in the doorway*

I made one post

It's not like anyone on this board gives a shit about it enough to respond seriously anyways


you'd be surprised

OHM Chii, you can't just do that.

I would bet you actual money that there will be no substantial responses in the next week

to bad I just did

Im not going to bet with a child.

What did she do?

I deleted a post on a music thread I made, his wasnt anything of value so why would it matter?

Oh. Well I made a contribution.
Hope it's helpful.

buy me csgo skins :^)

for actual


I am literally older than you, and the fact that you imply that your sheltered self is more mature than me is laughable

It does not matter, nothing does here

Why is it that none of you people ever flirt back?
You guys are no fucking fun.

I dont get grounded at 20 though, sorry kiddo

That is not motivation

youve been grounded ever since you washed up on shore and couldnt get back from the high tide

ooo sure got me

Berate me next.

Yeah, you just have no consequences to your actions. That helps your development.


if you buy me a nice bayonet that's a huge motivational boost
only 400 actual US dollars


Well I hunger for hot and solid dick.

$400 bayonet

four hundred big ones
for a bayonet

History is priceless.



cant argue that one,
conflict does help you grow as a person.
but thinking that the only way you can grow is by the standard that people has set for you is silly

It must be nice to know exactly what you want

400 smackeroos


I agree with Ian though.
Removing posts like that is kind of wack bonkers.

One would assume, bayonets haven't been widely used since like 1945

Of course it's not the only way, but someone who is stagnant needs conflict to grow. I know this from personal experience, as hard as that is to believe



Guero, I have no idea what I want.
At all. I know I'm gay, but I use flirting to fill the ever expanding hole of lonely regret and hollow attempts at finding someone that I am unable to cope in relationships.

It is actually very depressing.

Get it the fuck together.

Shut up Darwin

not even sorry

*Growing hate for Darwin and fascist countries*

I made you.
I can undo you.


its honestly not hard to believe.
I know this whole thing through and through

*satisfaction for Benito Mussolini's execution*


Nice try

Spectrum Crash awoke to the stygian room of darkness.
Her ocular organs could not perceive a sign of any other pony which made the sanguine life-fluid in her veins beat with more rapidness.

And you just continue to never try?

You can also buy me an actual trench knife if you want that's even better

I dunno how I always manage to turn a conversation into pure depression
god damn

OH BOY DO I LOVE Holla Forums


you know its funny to think that i just do that same old shit every day, my life has changed alot and you just assume its been the same

also ian we use fucking bayonets to this very day you mongoloid
learn your shit

Suddenly a figure davered hence-ward from the summit of yonder eminence.
The equus faarus callabus going by the villainous moniker, Cinnamon Fart.

Well you don't exactly express it, I only have limited information to work on. Our perception is only changed when you present new facts

Not often


"I shall cease your agendas!" queried Spectrum Crash with horror.

"It is too late for your attempt to dismantle my agendas!" Cinnamon conjured adverb-ly.

the best thing to come out of overwatch and its drama

dont do this

why would I present new facts? I dont need acceptance here.

Not as good as "My Immortal."

Cinnamon was a cornic-al.
Cornic-als were the supreme race, far more powerful then even alicorns.
Cornic-als have two horns erecting from their backs, and a wing sticking out from their forehead. The most efficacious, such as Cinnamon herself are known to possess theriomorphical vampirical powers.

april fools! that actually is semen

Then why come here at all? If you're accepted elsewhere, spend your time there. If you choose to spend your time somewhere that doesn't accept you, then you have problems

His penis burled deep insde of me, myself losing all senses except desire.

Wii Fitness Trainer stared down with her dead, pupiless eyes at her tiny lover, unblinking.

Olimar looked back with his muppet face and did not say any words because he did not know how.

"OK!" screamed Ness, who had walked in to see this horrid discourse going on on top of his new carpet.

*grounds chii*

Now that there are shotas involved, continue.





its not though! its dough

wonder why I havent been around as much lately? Yeah.
just busy with other things. and you dont need to seek out acceptance to be in a place.

By the way, Chii.
I did not appreciate your "bait" the other night.

Until you show that you've actually done something, it's all hot air. And you seem to be seeking acceptance here, so that's what I judge based on

im no chef so i wouldnt know this but does dough usually get so.... liquidy? i really have only seen pizza dough being rolled and cookie dough being separated before cooking too so i am far from knowledgeable lol

Man, what happened to us?
I remember a lot of us being stupid tight with each other.
We use to be family.
Dysfunctional, but family.

Anyhow I'm off to bed.

someone put xenoglossy in there

TP is still my thread dad

Bern is my thread mom, even though she's a he


Yeah cause im going to go around showing off things, thats always worked out well for me

they used to many eggs


I've never seen you show off anything.

Yes, please show some things off. That would work well for me.

oh that might explain it

TP was my origin, Bern was my birth


my pictures?

yeah trust, im an expert

Your pictures have only gone downhill tbh

Your grad picture is much better than your most recent tinychats


in dough right? i dont judge if its the other thing :^)

Post pictures of your feet instead.

trust, its not the other thing.

Are you seriously suggesting you'd look as good now as you did then by prepping? I grew up around girls, I know how much of a difference makeup can make. You cannot make up that deficit, I'm sorry

Yeah, I would actually.

If you don't prove it, then I will assume you're pulling this out of your ass.

lmao no. I dont sink down to that level

i trust you no one posting cute 2d catgirls can be that impure, well most at least

How awfully convenient~



I just dont want to play your childish game, Ian. Its not like I can fall fuck such an easy ploy


Mhmm, you're always above anyone's challenge. Just shrug it off, don't actually engage it because it's beneath you


well plus some latex but thats nothing to do with the colors that make it look more real

Sssssshhhhh, people can just pile on makeup and be instantly attractive

not really, I just dont want to do it on an imageboard, because thats silly.
If this was happening in front on my in reality, sure I might go an extra mile just to prove a childish point

is this how Ian looks after he gets all fancy? Im impressed

You sure do care about plenty more on imageboards, but when it gets personal you back off

The internet isn't reality, sure :^)

but.... you technically can have you not seen those traps that are like below 5/10 male then like 7+/10 trap after doing themself up? are you even sure you grew up around girls cause i grew up with my older sister duh and i knew what makeup can do before seeing all that.....

lol i think thats more funny to me cause i think its a girl model for the makeup job, face off is such a fun show at times