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great timing spoilers

maybe sometime, and now you seem so eager lol


i chose a bad day to quit smoking


Appreciated, Spoilers.
Best not.

oh april fools

thank god

you can run it.
it's a not powerful computer game thingy

they're probably from the same like vague past or whatever

pfuh I'm not eager

woahh lewd

it's messy

But why should I have to clean it?
I'm not the one who made the mess.



ugh you're so mean

Yes, getting a bit drunk was a good choice

Sleep well

literally a neckbeard pony fucker

The room's warm. My clothes are thick. The music is great and I'm making progress in the important project I have to do.
So why am I so cold?

i think they'll make him bigger than the peter jackson one for sure

you can run the game
it simple




Just as lazy as you seem to be.
You drinking tonight?

It feels like I've been doing that for a while.

best totally!

ghidorah should be aliums cause how else do you explain a three headed dragon that breaths telekinetic lightning and is bigger than godzilla by a lot..... which makes me wonder how theyll pull that off...

you totally are! such a lewd tokai


we all are

literally a bassement dweller

Please, do not.

There's truth in that, but it's unrelated.

they dont have to explain shit

i love how far manaka has come with learning language.

gonna go nap, have a good day everyone♥

hopefully you start to feel a bit better though. im gonna go lay in bed and take a nap

tfw no black heart on Holla Forums

Bye, user.

ill try to try to not do it

itd be risky with reviewers and audiences that are willing to toss a movie down the shitter on rotten tomatoes before it even comes out lol

I might've had a little wine for breakfast

hehe sounds cute

of course I am!

im super productive

lalalalalaa liar liar pants on fiar

post dunk toki faec

Did you water it down?

... *naps lonely*

it really depends what kind of tone they're setting. if it is more goofy than the godzilla 2014 movie then critics are less likely to care if everything else is solid enough

Thank you.
I cannot handle compliments in any way.
They make me... whatever state I'm in now.
Everything inside of me denies all good things about me, and tears it down. It does not do me well.

I might be joining. It's a really bad idea to drink if I'll be like this in the evening though.

could sleep with me tbh

yeah with energy drink

ahh ehh make it better before hand

Good, like the Greeks of old.

Needs time.

You drinking tonight?


are you trying to turn me on? o///o

Yeah probably, but if they're throwing other monsters in too then I guess King Kong and Godzilla don't need to be the same size cause it's not a one-on-one thing anymore

The things in the last movie were a lot smaller than Godzilla IIRC

It's not really a matter of not being able to process graphics and stuff; my laptop just overheads really easily

But maybe I will


I kind of like the idea of living underground


That reminds me of a shoop I was working on and kind of haven't finished yet

Making cute horny guys cum can be fun

On Huang's world on Viceland, there is a place in Mexican Chinatown that has parallel runnung underground streets, because the chinese immigrants to the mexican city find the summers unbearable.


even as user you recognize my edge
night erio

Are you gonna wew lad? Or is this project a long term thing.


but am no greek

ohh oke, you gotta ehh have luck and stuff
I wish you that

what no

ohmyy, that alcohol really does well

Thanks, Tokai.

what does that make you if you are lying an would end up in a skirt? theres no pants for the fire then.....

sweet dreams

i doubt theyll be goofy with it after all the death in the first one

that is a good reason for me to not to then

i sort of wanna see godzilla against other fictional giant monsters, like the titans that would be neat

Are you going to drenk??

Persians drank wine undiluted, which the greeks thought savage and 2dank

I might.
It's probably a bad idea though.

Thanks for understanding.
Still, thanks for the compliments. Though I can't handle it., I appreciate it.



Its for your good


le drunk typos xD

Weird; a lot of places in China get pretty hot

They should just wear those big stereotypical Chinese people hats

Bestial instinct


And your lewd subby influence

Well I'm not aware of any sources in Greek mythology where the titans were actually portrayed as giants

But it does have some pretty badass big monsters, like Typhon

The Father of All Monsters


its good for you

play the nice musics

ehhh that would make me really cool

woah is it that powerful?

Not much is good for me right now.

no problem!

I did. I played my favorites. It does nothing. It always does something.
And now it doesn't.
It worries me.

Well I'm already warm on the inside

hmmm thats no good..
eat something/drink nice
let your tummy speak

im off now, have a good day fort!

what a coincidence, warming you on the inside was the plan! wahaha im gonna lurk a little then hit the sack, laters tokai

Ate a bapao.
It's the same.

I hate April Fools.

I also don't know why I bother posting in a place containing people who don't like me at all.

Later, Spoilers.

Most places would have people not liking someone.
You don't post for them.
You post for you, and the ones that do like you.
Fuck april fools.

i dont dislike you

Idk why you would bother either

ni nii

hm maybe nap?

A dick in the ass would be good about now


I don't take naps.

Como te amo

Hai Bard.

wai not

taco taco

Allo there luv how are you today

Burrito burrito

I end up more tired afterwards than beforehand.

Not too good.
How's you?

fuck the royal mail


What's that?

bonjoer croisuant

maybe sleepy makes goodie

Privatize that shit tbh fam


a retarded delivery company that takes ages.

Feeling way better than last night!
Why not so great today forty tude


just calm down there a second

Sleepie does not.

Fuck that.

....Issues. Self-destructive thoughts. Not self-harm, mind you.

I'm not british,so its not treason!

What did you order?


w-what do you mean I can't annex austria..

coffee theen?

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

aw heck fortune that's never very Good
has it been going on for a while or are you just feeling it today?

Got some plans later to take your mind off things?

Of course not
I'd reccomend starting with Poland


Some benzos.
They usually dont take that long to be delivered but im waiting here for nearly a week


reported for cyber bullying

hey there Marzy is your day going alright?

Oh, well that sounds problematic considering what they're for.

Time wins.

I'm starting to feel better. Less lethargic.
Fort's drinking tonight.
Fort hates coffee.

It can happen very sudden, it can end at any time after that, but it takes some hours.
I can't stand compliments. They... crash me.
Starting to feel better now though.

Back in 30. Maybe forty

Have a great day out there Don't get rained on, now

playing some dota while drinking some vodka,is better than the past week really.
what about your day?

its really weird.
they usually only take like 2-3 days to be delivered.
probably has to do with the easter holidays ;__;


okai goodie, third person is weird though

but i dont wannaa..

best of germany

You need to prevent Easter from happening.

aw man I just woke up
Being lazy and not out of bed yet
Today no work so I guess once I get up it's straight to guitar

running out of bud got like one bowl left and I'm waiting for my friend to get up and about so we can kick it

but the weather looks so blegh

I coould go for some good vodka and sodie ahaha

Fine don't listen to me
Don't listen to Barad
just go straight to France
see how that goees


I wanna stay home and play with aryan boys

thats me

Does that mean I have to prevent jesus from being killed?

I dont like weed at all,granted that I havent smoked since I was like 14?

That or prevent Jesus from existing in the first place.

Good morning threaders

rito pls go

Well that's alright
I couldn''t ever fault someone for not liking a plant
that's just silly

Any plans for later on today?

no anschluss please

hello there how is your day coming
Did you get your tongue pierced?

i'm so full, of good things

What the fuck am I watching


I just woke up a few minutes ago so that's usually a good start to a day^^

Yiss, it's sore and swollen right now. fun, fun lol

How's Bardo today?


Doing just about the same here
enjoying music and some nice blankets
I made it out of bed not long ago and got on a shirt but it got me again
Next time I'm out i supppose i get some pants and pick up my guitar but
aaaahhh man I just feel so lazy today

waiting for a few hours to go by so I can kick it with my friend
get out burn and learn on

Damn though man That sounds
it didn't hurt much did it? I've never gotten a piercing so I cant imagine what it's like


Ugh, I just love staying under the covers^~^ I like your system of grabbing one article of clothing at a time!

Waiting, waiting. Yeah, I'm waiting on work @ 5. Not gonna chill with friends cause going into work stoned yesterday was pretty intense this time around haha.

Hmm, well the first one hurt a bit and is a little bruised cause he had to like twist it a little to get the other ball on, and then the 2nd one hurt more initially but is better now. :3

Glad to hear that.
That picture is a bit creepy..


the last slice had the flag, and you just.. denied my offer!

yea i love how rumia is human eating devil, but looks like harmless little lady

Once it heals up I bet it'll be super fun to play with
It's just like a ball right?
with a bar attached to it?

Don't say things like that about Rumia
She's a loveley lady

I think I already did that :^

It stinks!
And it hurts when the smoke gets in your eyes!

I'll go


if she's not hungry..

I would have died if I would have eaten anything more today.
I don't really know if that's a good thing.

You did?


I think it's maybe a little extra sore already cause I was playing with them all night at work ;3

Yep, the barbells.

you you

get off my land

I apologize you feel that way
Some people aren't a fan of the smell but
Maybe I am weird
it's really comforting to me and I enjoy it more than incenses

Manaka I thought you were cool but
you might just be a really big bully

Welcome back furtive forty

Its all ogre now

I learned a new word.
It's also apt.

it's not ogre til it's ogre


Hey Hey you you
I dont like your girlfriend

Maybe im just the weirdo :c

It's all ogre now, but the crying.

no way no way think you need a fleshlight

ah Not at all everybody likes their own stuff :p

It's probably something like 5 o clock in the p.m over there right?

Any plans for the rest of the night or are ya just gonna keep being lazy? :p

Do you have any idea how much you just changed the future?

but SD it wasnt that big, it's personal pizza!

FINE you can choose to forget that she's a blood drinking, flesh eating demon!

Heyo, Manana.

You said you bought a table sized one.
And I would literally die if I ate anything more today.

She's a loveley young beautiful girl and if you don't accept that then


neptunia worst vocaloid



Yes its 4pm here!
just gonna play videogames and drink myself to death :3
Oh and im going to watch wrestling today!

Will that make us best friends?




That sounds likea fun combintion
I lament not being able to join you
what kind of wrestling?
Like wrassling or like mixed martial arts?

Name, stick.

I hate April fools day.


sorry for late reply, posting errors always messing with me ;_;

it's personal sized one, SD
it's no bigger than a normal plate!

n-no.. i just caught a glimpse of her at her worst time..

I am not sure if I should trust the present you or the past you.

No probs, no probs.
How you doin'?

He's just trying to get your hands.
Don't do it, SD.

Thats horrible! :^

The fake kind of wrestling!


Me too
why do you?

That sounds like a fun time
who are your favorites?

That does make sense.

It is?

Ta ta mi amor
Off to see my nigga


Because everything is draven in league and 4chan looks retarded.

b4 i go

Have fun!^^

i took photos, i'll send it to you when you wake up

my tummy feels funny!

like all time or right now?


play dota instead

I cant say because I dont know you :3


Challenge accepted x_x

Alright, I'll need to remember that.
First creepy pictures and now lewd, what are you trying to tell me?

Yeah, we've talked total of 3 times in past.
Quite shortly though.

Puffy vulva.

How come?



Was I drunk?
I dont remember a single time ;__;

Well the first few times you asked me straight forwardly to be your bf.

only ifyou play normals

Time to drink



That sounds like drunk Marsy
did you agree?

this cup of noodles is the bane of my existence right now lol

I agree on the part you were very drunk.
I kind of didn't answer that one and just went to bed.

gonna work from wine/beer to gin/rum
good right


Just stick with the rum out of all of that.



The other stuff is nasty :p

no its noot, I love red wine and belgian beers and ehh gin tonic, normal gin is kinda ew

wow,leaving me alone when im drunk.
thats mean

Well, you were kind of asking that same question from 3 other people at the same time.
I figured you'd be alright.

I think you're an alcohol ;~;

I am such a huge slut when im drunk lmafo

oh lawd

only in weekends

why are you drinking at 5pm

No need to be that harsh on yourself, I think the situation got fixed after you got a bf, if I recall right.
Anyways I'm off to sleep, haven't slept during the night.

I start drinking at like 1pm

thats a normal time to drink

Life sucks :^

Who says I have a bf?~

I wanna be a magnet.

the wine went to my head an my tummy

it feels great

Red or white?

I drink only red Mediterranean


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


ik had net warsteiner

alsof een amerikaan struikelde in een duitsche bierbrouwerij tbh

making a post 4 april 1st




were you really naked together with that boy?! >////



Bah Gawd!

How's life~?


Bier hier




I've never cheated on anybody, babe.

Scoots verdict?

You Should Buy


This has been noted for future reference.

lol cool.

how much footage did it take to make that the length it is?

also, you need a naked cam for player reactions^^

;~; G-gomen. -fondles-


the first 2/3 are gripping as hell, the first 1/3 is pretty full on.
If you liked amnesia, have a thing for victorian gothica. Its for you.

amy you should record a portal 2 let's play with me

I think we had 25 minutes altogether?

f-fine :/

Oh, that's not too bad.

This has been noted again, just in case the first note gets lost.

But I'm really bad at puzzle games.

that's good



Make sure you staple it to some dry wall or something too.



also nice piercing

balls on tongue is a good loook for you


the indents will go with the swelling

this wine gives like that you're in love butterfly feeling in your tummy

that's the roofie

nice quads
i didnt do roofies in my own drink


Those curtains and that painting are rad.

That's good. I have a bruise on the left side too. Feels like I bit it but I didn't.

And I think I was pushing up on the one on my left for that pic too so it looks uneven.

Mac and cheese is easiest to eat, right? I'm really struggling with this cup of soup right now haha

Hello Darkness my old friend


achievement unlocked

i ate mostly mac and cheese. try your best not to use your tongue.

your tongue might also get yellow

you just don't remember because you roofied it last time you were roofied

ad infinitum


I've abstained from horror games for a hella long time now, last one i played with was amnesia. But for some reason I needed a horror fix.
So got Layers of Fear on seeing it being bandied around online.
Not disappointed.
You should get.
Visially is sumptuous.
The music is eerie.
The sounds are nerve wracking.
As I said, the atmosphere is top notch.
As the protagonist is a painter, there is like billions of classical-style painting all over the locale.
I think I might get grown up and replace my psoter wall with art...

or nawt lol

i dont even know how to get those

elma :3
it's april fools day!


overuse of mouthwash which you have to be doing twice a day to prevent infection. the issue mostly resolves within a few days.

I don't think this could run it...

The only scary game I've played was the first chapter or 2 of RE4 which was cool. Not really victorian, but it was fun.

OMG Nerd Snoop is so endearing

The victorians had the swag. Just look at PennyDreadful.

just nothing to be alarmed about when it happens


I just made $2 profit because of an april fools video someone made on youtube


lol okay. Tongue jaundice, got it^~^

All in all, totally worth the money imo

how much did it cost you


huge trusted name in skin information/videos made an april fools day video about a "new update" that lets you trade up $2 skins for knife skins that can be worth hundreds/thousands

so many idiots got rekt

$130 for piercings, jewelry, and 2 things of mouthwash.

Oh shit lol.

good morning




Fucking second accident. Fuck my life.


Did you died?


happy for you tho

gonna get more?

If only I could be that lucky, brightness.



who was at fault


I wanna kiss nerus tummy

Another stupid fucking woman.

i wanna piss on neru's tummy

are the webms at least dank

so how did you settle the cost of bills
through insurance or did you just take her to an atm

Last time some bitch from new jersey clipped me, I just told her to take out a grand from the atm, because having our premiums go up wasn't worth it

she did

They are okay.

*shrugs* Not that much.

I don't know yet. Not really sure what else I'd do.

Aww, don't be like that~

Could I lick it out from their bellybutton ?


don't be gross


s-somebody lick my belly button .///.



Insurance. And cops. It will take me more than a grand to fix it.

Why not? This is my life. Small joys followed by massive fucking hurt and pain.

Fucking hell. At least you were okay.

No way, Jose. They're far too sensitive for those kind of shenanigans.

If anything I'd get that other ear one on the left side ;3

Protip: That's life for everyone *thumbs up*

thought you had your lobes done already

Kind of. My knee is fucked up and my legs have road rash.

By small joys I literally mean something like being able to go home after work.

I do. I mean the industrial one or w/e. I don't know what it's called. But I'm probably all set for a while at least^^

I'd rather just stay at work :/

industrial bar

or scaffold


My business law professor rides her bike without her muffler so drivers are constantly aware she's there.

Hope you get better soon.


tokai show me your butt

that pic is highly restricted though

cartilage takes a while to heal



So does this mean it's positive, or...

it's half a baby

I shall name him Solomon.

Just need the CPU, power supply, fan, OS, and GPU.

Congratulations, Sabs. You're pregnant.

I don't get it.

good taste

Grim, please.
This is all stuff my cousin told me to get.
I have no idea what this stuff does.

I want to watch you build it on a skype call.

happy april fools sabrina :(

How much longer? I feel like it would hurt a lot more to go through too.


One condition.
We both have to be naked.

sup luka

Not me. My work i nothing but physical pain in itself.

My bike had straight pipes. No mufflers, no baffles. I am as loud as I can be.

i actually thought she was pregnant there

this is like the third time today god damn


I can give you something in return

Says the East Coast Version of Soto.


than a tongue piercing? oh yeah

Get a new job?

I'm moving in with my boyfriend tomorrow

I wonder he'd be better off if I sent him to live with wolves.

You went to Catholic school, so I know better.

If you can'd do the time, don't do the horizontal monster mash. You'll hear from my attorney.

You wouldn't want me if I was preggers with someone else's kid? Typical chauvinist.

Shhh. Now they'll all want to come to the housewarming party. We talked about this..

Nezi, please.

Wish-poster, I summon thee.

tbh the fact it is only a half day event here makes it confusing when Murrica keeps on pranking.

Well. I would still accept, so long as the child support lined my pockets for Friday nights at the local college game.

Oh man. Yeah, I think if that's the case I'll wait til my birthday for a tattoo or something^^

LOL Sabs, pls. Let me just push you down the stairs real quick then we can go shopping~

You got me for a good ten seconds there.


Fucking burned. The only reason its called "Beast coast" is because of you being a sexual predator.

like what?

Doing what? I have no skills.


Actually, I like Elma's idea better!

Yeah but I don't remember any of it.

also if this is the cut the baby in half story from wikipedia I don't think they would have taught that anyways

But you are spewing baseless shit out of your anus.

Something fun that pays the bills!

Guess I got lucky iunno. Gomen.

whatever you want!

april fooooools!

you're invited to the wedding!

hahaha I know, I'm just kidding I'm forever alone :D



i'm going to kill myself

haha aprils fools


NOT naked ones

Loco pls.

hahahaha but president trump gonna punish you... send you to the colony of Detroit.

Erin would have a couple babies by now I bet.


seriously, I don't have any friends irl

what did you expect

Imagine how awesome it would be if Sabs actually had a bun in the oven?

And still prettier than me. Traps and Korean girls, man. Traps and Korean girls.

Duh! I'm your Maid of Honor, silly.


If you get an abortion under Dear Leader Trump's regime, you're forced to be on The Apprentice.

But you're a girl.

Cuddle me in briefs then.
I promise I won't grind my junk against yours.

my ex aborted a kid of mine at the last chance when I was 16.


Yeah, I'm not lucky.

She wouldn't be here anymore. She'd be up all night with the kid and working during the day for like the first year or so.

dinner brb

but I'm content

wen da tess b postive

please? :(

it's all makeup. literally just pile it on and all the boys will like ur pics.

Babies are disgusting. I'm going to adopt a rad 16-year-old who won't listen to me.

But you're a girl.

Cuddle me in briefs then.
I promise I won't grind my junk against yours.

You've been through some pretty fucked up shit, huh.

I mean while she's pregnant. Of course she wouldn't have time to be here, having to deal with a newborn.


in all honesty i think if i were to adopt anything over 13 there would eventually develop oedipal issues

same for everyone


mhm, and people wonder why I'm all messed up.

At least you have survived through it all.

The nuns taught you about Oedipus but not Solomon chopping babies in half? Someone call the Pope!



Now I miss Clint.

guess so. how are you?

What about desu and guero

Wasn't he a sociopath?

school taught me nothing

i learned in the streets

Not that awesome?


So I can't cuddle you? ;~;


And then you would be fired and deported to Old England ;~;

are you just throwing that word out there or do you really think there is such a thing here

I developed a post-nasal drip last night. It's so fucking annoying. Slightly better this morning.
I have projects and studying to do, and jobs to apply for, and workout/meal plans to create, and I'm sitting here, like...


I would rather kill myself than have children

Not that awesome?


So I can't cuddle you? ;~;

go home, 8ch. You're drunk.

ew :/ hope it's all gone soon. power through grim, you can do it c:

No. He was just an internet tough guy.
Really mellowed the last 2 years.

Don't give me that look or I'll drive you your house and fuck you senseless.

Yes, there is.
See - Bern and Kuus

how about you
watcha been upto lately



Bern's harmless. j/s

kuus wasnt a sociopath

just going by what I've seen and heard.


and she was cute

fake girl on the internet =/= sociopath

made about eight phone calls and a trip to the job centre today to try and get my benefits in, which are now five days late. no luck so far.

Kuus was 12/10 pretty.


My only regret is that I did not save your belly picture.



Like you