Wtb qt 3.14 bf pls pst ty

wtb qt 3.14 bf pls pst ty

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ooh me!

not at all, probably going to be just another lazy day

Shame shame
I can't blame ya though It seems like that for just about everyone from what I hear
maybe its the weather

who can say

wtb pics of mugen's failed pizza to laugh at :c

Just looked at some of the music in the Heavy Metal film.
Journey, Blue Oyster Cult, Stevie Nicks...

I'm not a junkie... but that's a film you have to watch high.

It's an experience.

do you?

weathers actually starting to get pretty nice

i looked outside and thought about actually doing something but then decided against it

Jealous there
still all goopy and overcast here
just stormed somethign fierce last night so it's all awash





Don Francks, a white Canadian voice actor that worked on Heavy Metal, is the father of Cree Summers.

A voice most of you have probably heard many times.

this breaks my heart

i really like spring rain though, its why its my favorite season

heat really bothers me

it's actually pretty reasonable. hermaphroditism in cats causes a plethora of health problems. they're doing test to determine if it is more genetically male of female, and operating to assign the dominant gender. it could save the cats life.

but the headline with no additional info is kinda lulzy.

What other kind of things do you enjoy?

my bad that actually slipped my mind there
since it's hermaphrodic it would be sexually both right

That's alot more understandable

not 4 sale git fkd fgt

yeah, both sets of genitals and gonads, and otherwise ambiguous sexually dimorphistic characteristics.

they'll check which is genetically the dominant sex, then remove the organs corresponding to the less dominant one.

and we sit and drink our coffee
casting our indifference like shells upon the shore

you can hear the ocean roar
in the dangling conversation
and the superficial sighs
the borders of our lives

other than just shitposting/etc uhhh

i dont have a ton of free time anymore but i guess reading and vidya are my other favorite things to do


What sort of music do you enjoy?

santa claus is cumming

rock and electronic stuff mostly
favorite genres off the top of my head are dnb/neurofunk, psytrance, grunge, and death metal(some)

Any favorites you'd want to share?


it's already 1 30 p.m


I've studied 100 java flashcards and practiced lambda expressions for the last few hours

What have you done?

That's most definitely a Z2.

music theory study

Working on my 6th and 7th chords today
majors anyways


I'd love to know what that means if you care to explain it.
might help with your studying.

Assuming all in the Key of C for learning purposes, apllication is debatable
We have a standard c major triad of C-E-G
This is callled something like a perfect fifth?

I have recently learned my 7ths, adding onto this triad the 7th interval the B well today I am working on the 6th, replacing that last 7th with the 6th interval, in this key the A

I like to learn the correct fingerings for these and that is what today has consisted of

Onii-chan, your penis is so small!~ Your little sister's cock is ten times bigger than yours...and it's not even hard yet!~ How embarassing!~ What would your girlfriend say if she saw that you were so bad at video games AND had such a small cock?!~

thats uh....nice

I have one song I'd like to share with you if that's alright

What makes a 7th the right 7th, or a 6th the right 6th? Other than the fact it sounds 'right'.

Depends on the key?

replacing the last 7th with the 6th interval... what does that mean?

sure no need to ask

The keys are what matter
and it's a pain because they give me alot of trouble and making applying this all difficult
where it's alot more straightforward with no accidentals or sharps or flats or however you call them

Looking at this key having the notes lined up t in the Iolian mode of C to C whole step up at a time C D E F G A B we can also look at these notes as numbers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 would be C

these are the intervals i think they are called
making anything you do in one Key able to be played in another key
Even if they land on the accidentals


Thank kindly had to find it

Isn't it not a whole-step up each time,
since E to F is just a half-step?
or B to C?

Every key would be different
I think the pattern for a major scale is
Whole Whole Half whole whole whole half step

If we started on G instead of C it would go
G, A, B, C, D, E, F♯.

oooh this is good
hadnt really heard much of madeon other than that one song that everyone knows

I honestly need a haircut now

post hair

fuckin hippie

Keep it growing ^^

Is it edgy to have on purpose holes in your shirt?

your bad grammar is cute so it evens it out

my musical knowledge is filled with half-decade old relics of how I used to imagine how music translated into pianos
but maybe they're less straightforward than I recall.

gonna have this knowledge nailed by the end of the week?

Yours is still longer slut

I'm not a trap
I'm getting it cut tomorrow lol

You're doing it right

Probably not
I've got all my 7ths down pat but I just started on 6ths last night
Shit I only opened my mind to theory like 6 or 7 months ago so I could teach my best friend how to play
I was pretty vehemently against it but that was super foolish and I ish for the past 5 years I had been able to see that cause I'm way behind where I should be

Pianos are the best for learning I would think
I have never had an oppurtunity to leearn with one


yeah get it cut

this is happy feel

as long as you have a good idea of what you need to understand, and how to convey it.

you play guitar or bass? I think it's bass if I recall correctly.

Yeah, I blew chunks in the bathroom and came home.
Fuck work for a day.

Both for a while but I ended up selling my bass for a great guitar
what about yourself?

Who is chunks
is he cute

I threw up.

I was forced into piano at a young age, and gave it up.

I can sing. and can drum slightly-better-than-average since I did that for a while.


Damn I hope you get to feeling better mr SquSH

aw man why'd you give that up
Piano is the most beautiful instrument

because I was too young to appreciate it
oh well
too bad
no regrets

I comb it to the side so no one knows its long as shit

get a keyboard dude

How delightfully haram.

I could. maybe later. I have other stuff I have to exert my attention and intelligence towards.
But I'd love knowing the basics to jam along to just about anything.
Just enough understanding to sound good, and contribute.

dont stahp dont stahp dont stahp

hair down is qt tho

rip the dream..







teach me how to be cute

Subtle why'd you cover your face when I asked to see a pic of you?


I've been singing my whole life. Choir from the start, and choir towards the end of high school.

Traveled across provinces for competitions, but that's not unique.

And so far nobody has told me to stop. so I can't be too bad.


What the fuck

sing me a song

Morning sleepyhead

good... morning?

I bet it's morning somewhere in the world right now. What time is it in new zealand?

Guten abend.

You lazy sack of shit

9 am


we goin to pound town

lmao fucking poundtown son

Then I am on a new zealand sleep schedule.

I'm not lazy!

God kväll.

The song of Ireland is potato

Wie geht's?


I lost my mic.
in an accident.
minutes ago.


That's like me saying im a saint that doesnt drink or do drugs

teach me

dat rig


All is well.

It is NOT!

It's already 3 13


Hello there

I've never tried analyzing it.
don't think I'm good enough to each anyways.
but I'm sure there's techniques, like breathing.

which comes to most living things naturally.

the passage of time means nothing

The passage of rectums mean nothing

Well maybe not to you but I've got places to see
people to do
things to go

*passages rectums*

then do them nerd!

I cant go do them until 30 minutes from now


No reason, just a convenient pic I've sent to other people before

World hip hop exclusive


ugh why do I do this


go through

not even that

You know who I don't miss


I never got how many double entendres there were around you
I found a good segment of some guy givig a guitar lesson he was like

This is Saturday night rubb
It's actually a duet that Big Bill record in 1932 with Frank Brazwell playin flatpick guitar behind him
It's one of my favorite pieces it's one of the most hard driving rag tunes ever recorded and uh
it's in the key of D

then shit, whats the point


freedom of speech!




You can catch him on lewd flirting with underaged boys and thirst after a skandinavian

but I love company

its overrated


Don't talk to me like that

I remember one kid used to end the pledge of allegiance with "and justice for some" instead of "for all" and the teacher eventually bitched

It's more accurate though

This is a good album title

Is he just an older Darwin now?

people are just using others anyways, silly to look into it too much

even more silly to get involved over the internet

-pets your hair- :3

How old? I thought dotter had someone already.

He use to date Badger from the fur threads.
IDK about now.

He's like 35

I thought the pledge was a meme at first.

isn't everyone using everyone?

fondle me

they are, thats the point

no ones special

Nah it's an actual fucked up ritual to make kids subs to a flag



I don't know too many people from gfur, only the ones I've played games with.

That's not that old.

Muh flag

meow meow meow

Good riddance. Fucking creep.

/fondles your cheeks

I never suspected he was that old.

there's nice times using each other though

I just had to pray everyday, but a pledge sounds more permanent

Considering the average age here is 22 or so, yeah it is.

the nice times are always followed by the worst

if you put faith in others, or even yourself, it will destroy you in the end

Dotter is a rectal abscess

My dad is older.

and the average age of /lewd/ is like 16

How u

It does but fuck it

I guess you went to a christian school?

Dotter is a rectal abscess.


So old to you is your dad's age or older? Nigga what

I'm a gfur though... ;_;


He just has a daddy thing

I don't get it.

Isn't grim furry?

Just think about this in "real life" age brackets.
It'd be weird as fuck for someone a decade older to just hang around a group of people.



My dad is only 48. He doesn't look any older than he did when he was 30, only different glasses. I'd totally date guys up to the age of 39 at least.

I've played games with you.

But if I don't put faith in others they won't put faith in me, and then I'll never have nice times.

Yeah, I went to the protestant school. Which was next to the public school which was next to the Catholic school. They were kinda strict, I couldn't play pokemon cards and stuff cause it contained evolution things.


uh... uncomfy i guess?
some kinda of thirst... and uncomfy internal body feelings.
i tried some milk and OJ this morning... but the... weird feeling was still in me.

I know this girl that dates people in their 50s. She's got issues though.

why pretend? you know they dont actually give a shit, why should you?

I thought this too

"old" can be a multiple range of ages, it is usually relative to the person who is commenting in general
To a 7 year old 20 is old
To someone in their early 20s,30 and 40is old

But mordin is like 20
Why would he think 50+ is old and not 30+

Echo defeated u ;~;

Lol mines 55 but he looks like he's in his mid 30s

Damn man. I'd date a woman up to 45 though so yeah :$

Most of my real life friends are 25 and up anyway, some nearing 30. I don't think someone being a little older is an issue.

I was born in 93.

That's just a gold digger.
It's weird as fuck to be acquaintances with someone a decade older than you.
Hell, I "dated" someone in their mid/late 30s a few years back and even I can objectively say that the situation was weird as fuck.

Aha! see! You are as weird as me!

They old guy would probably look like a bit of a loser at least.

Cause everyone pretends, and when everyone pretends a reality becomes irrelevant. Especially when the real has only negative effects.

Well there's the relativity

Older women don't have as much drama as women in their 20s lol

No she's not dating wealthy guys, she's just the tattooed damaged goods kind.

then its twice as fake and twice as shit

why bother at that point

Lmao, classic

I guess they do kind of portray a strawman form of evolution

My youth pastor actually said something like that once

Just passively let go of it

I'm used to weird feelings

Well his history supports it

So tp?

My brother is 4 years older than me and one of his acquaintances had their 30th recently and everyone just gives him complete shit for being that old.

This is was some woman who never had kids and I realize it was just filling a hole but didn't complain.

Am I damaged goods ?

To get sometimes nice things instead of never.

hehe that stuff, it was a bit fucked up.
when I was 12-13 I always worried if my friends would go to hell for swearing.

Experience is everything.

I don't really know tp at all. All I know is that he's mean to me.


Just use a deck of basic pokemon.

Annnd you revert to being 12.

A whole deck of birthday pikachus.

I think you try to be, more than you actually are. Especially now that you don't go to dangerous places to buy illegal things.

I was thinking how all the mid-20s people at my office go out together after work. Someone invited this late 30s guy once and he turned it down saying he would look like a weirdo being the only person that old there.

i want to feel better :(


I don't know the basics.
I know like that pikachu one with lightning.
and a dinosaur, that one's probably good

Yeah, it's pretty much the same.

Fucking nerd.

I replaced illegal drugs with legal drinking

There is no severity to damaged goods

You're damaged or you're not

And desu, my dear friend
You are damaged


This lil guy is cuter than Mordin tbh

I haven't had even a sip of alcohol for 3 months now. Drinking at home is sorta boring anyway.

whats his name

I have a mindnumbing headache and all I can smell is bleach.

Eat him.

It's been 2 days for me

I look up to Mordin now


That's only like 4 bites

He's so tiny


who eats from the bowl thats also in that picture?

Eat him like poor Nanners.

you gotta cumdown to my club

My little bearclaw

Cool bird.

It's a start!

I didn't have a drinking problem to begin with though.

Well now it's been 2 minutes

Just keep drinking until you pass out.
And lay on your back so you don't choke.


I do that every night

Specifically the part where you sleep on your back.

I-I dont have a drinking problem, B-Baka!!


I haven't thrown up from drinking in like 5 years

Everyone here is an apprentice alcohol

The only time you have a drinking problem is when you're sober?

at least i'm not an alcohol


Good job :c

I'm sober right now lmao

You're too poor to be an alcohol.

Is that you irl?

Yeah lol xD



Nah, it can't be

Your teeth can't be that straight irl lmao

Ecks dee

But for how long?

Why the fuck does she wear a glove to play Mahjong?
Is she Ash fucking Ketchum?


It's a bowling glove, because her family owns a bowling alley.

Probably until Saturday night
We're going to a party in Garden Grove
Its a friend of ours birthday
The neko loli chick

Go cyber desu


I don't know if you've told me about that one.


Who even bowls other than 50 year old geezers or people on shitty dates?

and 2% missing from our DNA spectrum

bowling is fun when you go with friends


Well it's to promote the family business, whether she bowls or not is irrelevant.

100% superior



what why zepelin?

tfw losing a 80 minute game

her shoes are beutiful

She's pretty cool
She is like 5'1 irl and talks about anime and takes shots of Whiskey with me

I'm funna take her a bottle of Jameson

I only see hipster faggots at some bowling alley I usually go to

I only go for their 3 dollar beers and billiards

I want to make you cry irl but I can't

posting errors pls go

I named way too many of these after Zeppelin songs.

Bowling is never fun.
It's like minigolf: sure it sounds good but then you get bored and you're better off just getting drunk.

Does that one bitch even wear anything under her track jacket?

You don't need alcohol to have a good time. Sure, it does make it better at times. Bowling is still a blast, with a big group of people. Make fun of the girls for throwing gutter balls and then go to a pub and get drunk with them.

Sounds really boring.

You can have fun sober but bowling is not one of those things.
Wearing smelly old bowling shoes while a bunch of old dudes just stare at your group isn't particularly fun.

Tearjerk anime? That always works for me
Or maybe excruciating pain, but I think that might only work on little kids

You don't need underwear to play mahjong!

Take it easy with the alcohol.

Bowling is either seen as an interaction for children or as an excuse to drink here

Pool is fucking fun bruh

im pretty good at pool, been playing since i was a little kid, from so young i had to relearn as i got taller

guess it just depends on where you go. my friend showed me a place that's like 15 minutes from my place and is usually packed with people from ages 16-30 ish. Only go on Tuesdays for 2 dollar shoes and 2 dollar games. So many cute high school girls there, all the time, holy shit.


Pedo as fuck.

I could just fight you irl

Take it easy with the anime

Is it kinda pricey over there?

I'd destroy you
We bet a pitcher of beer
Makes the game so much more intense
Also beer after a good game is always dabes

Nah I control myself. Mainly because I have a hard time distinguishing the 15 year olds from the 18 yos'.


wew lad

Expensive business being the bonglord

Yeah, kinda. I went recently with work. It was a lot of fun watching the girls get themselves drunk as fuck before we even had food.

You make Soto look like he's normal in comparison.

Soto vs Tsuchi

Fight of the century

Well I'd imagine he is pretty normal irl if he can win over Ian's parents.

Kind of feel bad for the retard with the flute.
Nobody is looking at her.


40% chance it is a 60 year old man who is good at makeup.

I'm pretty sure he left off the more degenerate traits when introducing him.

Yeah, it's Japan.

Yeah same here, just cause you have to rent shoes and all this bullshit

My friend works there and she can hook me up with discounts but when we go we only play pool and drink

Oi Oi

I know

Poor renge D:

Just how bad do you guys think I act irl?

Who would win between me and you?

I can't take it easy, the hype is escalating!

T-There are no winners in war

One step up from committing sex crimes tbh.

Here is something for comparison: My best friend's dad is a fire fighter, OLD SCHOOL Christian, and a father of five. I introduced myself to the man and he instantly thought I was the best friend his son could have at the time. Not sure of what he thinks now but my friend tells me that his dad asks about me every day, and tells him to not let this (me) friend go.

Like on a scale of 10 you'd probably be at 2/10 (not that bad) in general. I'd imagine you being like an 8/10 at cons.

There are winners in war. The winners are the ones who funded the winning side.


If there was some national news story about an underage girl/boy either brutally raped or otherwise missing after attending a con, yeah, I'd probably think Soto had something to do with it.

Is Anabolics Master Lenko?

my mom's probably a better shot than you

This is indefinitely over and I already found someone who isn't a psychotic asperger (no wonder you're so odd). Also Jack if anyone knew who you really are they wouldn't be afraid of you, Be glad I won't post any screencaps to get back at you the shit posts you've made about me but I'm not that low. So quit being so salty. :^) On the other hard, If you want to stay married for no reason or to delude your mind that we will get back together then whatever floats your boat. It's fucked either way.

smug loli's are low tier, this is the best loli

Yeah ^^

who is this?

pls kep ancint fag drama in iirc


I never loved anyone.

Wow do you really have no confidence in yourself?
Even when you practice tkd lmao

My Onee-chan asked me if "Your lie in April" is a good series and I was like yeah, and then she asked if it was sad and I was just like "Just watch it lol"
I had such a smug face when I said that
She's scared to watch it now

They play dat Chopin tho

Only around my close friends lmao

She's better at a lot of things than you

Take it from me

Jack doesn't post here all that often. Maybe once in a blue moon.

More quotes at Edgy Mcedgerson's homepage

there's not a damn thing about you i'd want to take, except maybe your work ethic for staying employed while habitually abusing yourself

God gave us the internet to spread the word of Jesus.
But filthy Jews and Muslims used it to lure children into sex dungeons using homepages.

I was joking about fucking your mom

Calm down there boy


I'm kidding, I'm sure I could give you a run for your money

obviously i know that, i however, statement still stands though



I don't know what iirc you're talking about.

Mion, but I don't go by that name anymore. I don't know why people still call me that. I left this type of community years ago when I was kid.

He will get my message. He probably lurks here because he has nothing else to do.


If you left then why come back to stir shit.
That's pretty stupid.


ouch, that's who i thought you were, sounds like things didn't go too well

how unfortunate

Don't doubt it at all.

You do the same shit with everyone, don't be a hypocrite.

I'll fucking destroy you m8
And cum inside you when I'm done kicking your ass

I won't even say no homo

it's like a greek tragedy

lmao soto

I'll fuck you until you love me faggot


I don't stir personal shit.
I just act like shit.

Not good, but not hypocritical.

False, you do both.


I keep thread shit as thread shit.
I don't threaten people with IRL shit.

You have so you would also be a hypocrite.

You're a sub tho
I'm the one taking you to poundtown
You just have to enjoy the ride

Is there anything to do to a dry cough pls ;; it's killing me

Race war

Nice tu quoque fallacy. I never said that I was innocent of that. You however just said "lol no u" and gave no real rebuttal. Search the archives for 8ch and you'll see just how completely wrong you are. But who cares, right?



smoke meth

Tsuchi pls

You are free to search the archives I guess.
I don't particularly care to slog through them to prove myself either way.

It's not that big a deal.

there is.

You can't proof that

Then ignore my posts. Who the fuck doesn't like drama? FAAAAAAG

No but it doesn't matter. I got a free trip to Europe and actually got to do a bunch of exploring by myself when I left. It was nice.


I've never posted more like 4 times here. We met on 4chan years ago.

Lemon honey and ginger tea

Put loads of honey on that bitch


I'll have you know I have a double major in antagonistic sarcastrobatics.

Drama is my middle name.

Actually it's Richard, but still.

Meth cigarettes


So what are you up to in this neighborhood Mion?
You know, other than stirring Jack's shit?

Prepare your meat locker

I have no idea what to make of this post.


Richard? Isn't the nickname for richard...

There's 20 of these? Jesus

If I wake up with this cough tomorrow I'm doing all of these in one go.

Kaspe pls dis is srs

Sounds good but I don't have either honey or any hippie hipster tea lying about right now

Take some cough suppressants.


Why do I have to submit my posts so many times?

Nothing, I was bored and felt like posting. He's the one that has been complaining. I couldn't care less, it's funny regardless.

No, it's DOGE. I accidentally pressed enter.

Mfw only play cm because I own the aranna

look for coccilana etyfin cough suryp and have a swig


Do you recognize anything in my name?

Yeah right, I mean just look at you

That's enough proof already

How dare you.
I expect text when you post at me. Of all the nerve. My many therapists will hear of this transgression.

Sounds like you need some solid dick.

Does anyone actually have the auto-expand-all-images option on?

Yeah I'll pick some up when I wake up
I've already invested in nose spray. This sickness thing sucks. Good thing I'm not regularly ill.

Cough syrup bottles always look hella shady

it make her prettyer!
and all her stuff start to glitter too...

and the puppy :3

I don't, just the hover thing. Good, get some rest loodz.

Auto expanding images is annoying.
Thumbnails are good enough.



No. I have no fucking clue who you are or who I'm talking to ITT.

I won't make the same mistake again pls don't report me for your therapist

My CM looks like this and has the white pup..Even though I prefer a cat because dogs smell like shit. What's your MMR?

I only have the extension to expand and save all images when I go on /h/ or /jp/
Sometimes on /cgl/ when I want to creep on other seagulls

I get the reference lol :3

Ah, okay. Just call me Lotte.

I am beond triggered.
I'm skipping the therapists and going to the head femisister.


i dress my CM like a sytlish empress~
and i even gave her that rare imported scepter of icewrack! (because it looked like the best staff ever)

Wait my pup is actually black.

Are you an ancient fag? I remember all of them. Never heard of a person named Lotte,, I like the name though.

as long as active ingridient is cocillana etyfin and no promethezan it's ok

One of the oldest. Thanks~

im an ancient person!


huh? ._.

Strike 2.

CM Arcana is too much
The dog is also stupid

Hover master race

Hue. I tried a thread downloader once but eh didn't really appeal

Okay I'll look around, thanks

best race

Does anyone know if I can use the free upgrade to Windows 10 from 8 and move the files over to a different SSD and use that on a new computer?

I'm not used to this board. I keep pressing new reply by accident. Help.

NO DON'T. I BEG.>>928415 fk u

I love that staff. How ancient are you? I'm like...7 years back ancient.

She's hideous without it. I almost had a breakdown if I wasn't going to be able to get it. The dog is definitely stupid. People thought it was a courier.

the dog is cute
and cm get pretty clothes with it!



Best part about the CM Arcana is the ult, probably.

Is it different on other boards?


Alice wars ancient. So probably longer than you.

yeah... it's my best staff... and i put the impatient maiden gem in so she twirls it upright, instead of the boring old fashioned pose of it being at her side.
i'm like 8+ years? it's been so long i barely remember now, since i live in the now.

Stick to being irrelevant

Did she get a new voice with it too? I don't recall
And I think she's fine without it. Got the slutty hair for her. Best item is snowdrop tassels

It's kinda stupid. I'd have it off if I used it.


As opposed to fluid?

cute little doggy howling during ult!


why tho?

This isn't MGS.

great moves

keep it up

Kiss me.

much sleepies wow



In this moment. I am euphoric.

Yes, the layout is quite odd.

I was there too. Who did you avatarfag as? I even made a drawing of it years ago.

You sure rekt me hard.

No, just new a ult animation sound.

So many people saying names like "Solid Snake" with a straight face. Solid Snake infiltrates your base through the back door.

flood desu

A lot of things. Lmao post it.

Same reason with the armadillo. It's just stupid.

Eh, I'll stick to my slutty CM.
What rating you flying at?

i don't get it?

how can such a little critter running around cause you such distress?

Sounds cute. I was so autistic and shy back then I would never talk or join chats outside the imageboard. It was fun anyway. I probably knew you but who knows.

Here you go, My 15 year old cringe drawing. I didn't draw alice though. Not sure if you recognize any of them besides Jack. Wew lad


I don't play them much so it's eh.

Luka get a job


don't worry bout it~
the past is past.

you are prolly so much better at stuff nowadays!


nnn too sleepy for na todai

Distress lol I just think it's stupid.

Just me trying to joke about MMR never standing still

Would anyone even hire a 30 year old with literally no job experience?

explain how...

You're right

Poor Luka

He probably puts down on his resume "im lonely :("


Factories are open to anyone.

Sure. You like Dota so must be cool, lets leave it all that. Still can't draw for shit.

Yes I know hurr durr.
Please tell me you recognize someone. There were tons of others I didn't get in.

I don't remember the avatars but I still talk to some of them on steam.

Guys, I have a problem. I am cute, but there is no one to be cute with me. Wut do?

dank librarian

Your voice is girly as fuck

Isn't that cute?

yay dota!
wind runner was my first~

hi cute! how cute is cute?

Bleach dinner cute in his case

But that's not a very yuri~ job.

eyyyy hows it going user?


Who are we talking about here? Murder or Lenko?

Man, at this point I just want Luka to have a job.
Yeah, they don't do much for themselves, but we kind of rip into them a lot.
I've kind of decided to lay off them from now on. If they need help getting one I'd do what I can, but it's on them in the end.

Ah, I see that's cool. I foresee a tsunami of salt water coming though if Jack sees my posts. Well bye this chair is killing my back.

You can at least get paid to be cute and hang out with old men.

Cm was my first.

always knew that murder would go trans

bye bye

What is Grim/Lenko

It's just a mentality I cannot comprehend.

Murder in this specific instance

how'd you find her?
what was your first things that made you pick her?

Could be a lack of reason to.
I mean, I didn't want to get a job a few years back and was content to just slip by.
Maybe there isn't anything major to them pushing them to get a job.

what about you, "soto"? are you s-straight??

He is not, no

has this been posted here yet?

nothing major.
but if i see one crop up that i like, i'll take it.




I recognize that famous seiyuu anywhere

He's never gonna get a job until his parents die and there isn't any money he can live off, even with NEETbux

He's just lazy dude
He makes it seem like he can't get a job when its not even that hard to get one

Then again when you think about it he's got all that he needs
Internet, a house, a decent computer, and some food.
No wonder he doesn't want to work

I mean, you might try for one that you can at least get. Build references. Go to places that need people now. Work that for a year or so and then apply around for something that you might like more.

I don't think you should be so picky at the moment, dude.

Literally just existing just is no reason to exist.

I've fucked a trap before

So yeah, I'm straight as fuck bro

I can't say that I'm not doing just that the last two years.

they don't 'need' anyone now though.

WTB magic incantation to stop thunderstorms

mamoru miyano?

Hana Kanazawa best seiyuu

Thunderstorms are great though.

I cringe when I watch something and I hear her voice. They put her in too much stuff. I am fed up with her.

Lol its not even raining

See this is why all Canadians should die tbh

send them my way

what a homo lol xd

by trap do you mean a girly boy, or do you mean a transgirl

Kida's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

If you're fucking Thor maybe.

Sorry for living in a subpar are that isn't suffering from a water crisis.

Yeah, let me just get out my giant wind machine.

He's fine in steins;gate.


Are you fucking insulting my God!??!

I'll fucking go over there and beat you up
I'll beat you until you have good tastes again, swear to god

Just cause your voice is all ugly and has a dumb accent doesn't mean you can make fu of hanakana's cute voice

Its chill af here fam
Yeah they might ticket you for watering your lawn or washing your car but its pretty nice

Arent they both the same thing? Lmao

I can't remember him as anything other than Kida and that kid is just a douchebag.


No no, just suggesting that he likes thunder is all.

I bet your car is dirty af though.

thnx babe


did they want to be called he or she


my dick is amazing

I am a little tsun...

That is kinda what I do for a living

Trannies are just traps that are in denial about being homos.

Guess I'm Thor.

Thunderstorms are relaxing until they settle right above your house.

The desu-destroyer.


when lightning hits your street 2 times you end up not caring about it much

A she
But I still called him a him just to piss him off
Dude was super chill, this was ages ago though

It is ):

At least I dont ride a moose everywhere like you do

I started watching that.
It's so pointless.

hana kana is pleb taste though. It's what people who don't know any VAs default to. My favourite voice actress is maaya sakamoto, male voice actor is daisuke ono or kamiyan. I really like kamiyan, but daisuke ono has such a sexy voice.

Light yagami?


Fair enough, I suppose.

At least Mandy worships you I guess.


I walk a lot tbh.

In snowshoes ofc.

Most stuff is..

post em




Other way around.

sauce pls


T-This is an exercise in your analytical skills





luka want more pics!




yay jojo!

I'm going to Hell for laughing at that. Thank you.


Enjoying Jojo memes are a one way ticket to hell

I-I'll try my best just don't hit me again >

amant de ta bite, oui.

That bassline is worth going to hell though

Don't kid yourself.
You already were.



subtle is da bes!~ ♥
*hugs tight*



I wish they'd go with Another one bites the dust as the ED for part 4 but I doubt they will.

Roundabout is nice

Bite de petit ami~

Another one bites the dust is plot relevant though!


Hold hands with Manny and eat it.

shut up nerd

I already read part 4 so I already know all that happens, it would be good though. It's the defining ability of kira yoshikages stand.

Oui. poster. Je dois prendre soin d'une certaine accumulation de pression bb.

oh wow, the first episode airs tomorrow, that's closer than I thought.

JoJo is shit.

i'll ban you

MDR [REDACTED] est ici

I bet you just watched part 1 and made your mind up. Part 1 is very weak in comparison. parts 1 and 2 are nothing like the rest of the manga either.


Of course you'd know you fucking nerd

He's at work D:

When are we gonna go for ramen you nerd?

if you keep this up you might turn him on

lol wish get out



JoJo is shit.

Part 4 is the best one, it has the best characters.

too lewd

How about you work on your social skills and actually go out and stuff rather than watch anime every night and cry yourself to sleep?

He can't find any old dudes in Sweden to call "daddy".

allez, bb Je vais vous donner cinq dollars

I don't really have issues with social situations nor do I cry myself to sleep.

And I was talking about the manga!