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furries get out


yiff me mami

Well blasphemy refers to insulting holy things

Chaos is ultimately beyond the holy and the unholy

If you consider it holy, then that's assigning a static attribute to it and it's no longer really chaos

Though, from the perspective of the "holy," it's rather unholy because it's blasphemous by its very nature in its rejection of the order of the holy

Hard to explain the feeling of being high

Waves of euphoria, spaceyness, things are a lot more enjoyable in general

And I think people tend to be a lot less conscious when drunk

Also, Chrome is working now. See? It learned its lesson

Hey cute kitten


Cool story bro

Did you get what I sent you

hehe yeah I'm nowhere near conscious when drunk. but yeah I think I get the difference

w-what'd you do to it?


how are you

; )

I always seemed to be for some reason

Like, most people don't remember things that happen when they were drunk, but I still remember the time I took like 20 shots and thought I was going to die

I'm kind of kidding; I'm just referring to how I said IE is better than it :3

When? Today? Been at work so far so nope
Is it from that bitch again

I remember not being able to walk five feet to the garbage can and just kind of falling off the bed onto the floor when I tried

Fine, being sober for like a whole day and a half is a bit weird though


not a whole lot, you?

i feel like i broke my finger, this sucks

Fucking kill me

I actually sent it to you on Steam days ago, but you may not have gotten it because your friends use that account or whatever

I sent it on Skype today though

Yeah it's from her

It's not sacred or non-sacred

Again, that's assigning an attribute to it

that's.. good?

tired but managing

in class


Work times

No big deal to miss stuff once in a while

I feel like people don't actually need to show up for class in general to get good grades anyway

Just study and stuff

I guess it's for the best or something

Drink coffee :3

oh no what would I ever do

awh that's no fun, do you fast drink?

ohh heh ok

feel well! ni ni

kill the clock


It was kind of fast that time

I was in a drinking contest on cam with a crazy person

i might actually get some after this class

guess i will finally have to figure out how to put my bike on the front of the bus :^)


I threw it on the ground

The prof starts as soon as the class starts
But most of the work is from the textbook anyway


Well you just might need to show up because some teachers start taking points off for missed classes because they need the validation of thinking you need them to learn and not just the textbook


old as fuk



ohh wew
like when alcohol doesn't really feel yet I just walk around a bit or lay down and then it makes you go soooo numb


change your name


it took me half an hour to find this youtube.com/watch?v=pSvn0rp0kz0

when it should have been 3 minutes

Why and is that even a thing

Maybe I'll use later today as my drunk time; I still have lots of Absinthe

great song

top tier rogue but probably on the bottom of his top tier

yeah there's just a bike rack that folds up and down so people who have bikes can ride

i would just bike to coffee but it's almost all uphill so fuck that



There are lots of hills here

Not great for biking in general

Texas was so much better for that

i would be more productive today


yeah this campus is awful for hills

i love biking but its just so inefficient for most trips i make

you know that's what the name is from right


sounds lovely
Im gonna do that tomorrow, even bought tonic for the gin so I can finally drink more of it

now change it
monsterluke or something


Ever had Absinthe? I'd think maybe you'd like it since you've had so much anise stuff your whole life :3

Fuck alice

Gonna read when I get home altho I decided to deal with the cunt when and where I see fit. That moron got no saying for shit in anything

Thanks anyway


gib folder :3


He's the head of the dept
He doesn't give a fuck

My feet hurt because I laced my sneakers too tight
Life is pain

Sup with u

i will do anything

remove shoe

Am in city
City is dirty
Need shoe

nah I haven't.
want to though, maybe I'll get it when I got spare money.
but yeah anise is too lovely

way too tired, don't really know what to do today

find someone with go pro and a very long extendable self portrait stick, run 5 laps around college while yelling my name.

record it with fully extend self portrait stick and camera facing you

I wonder what a touhou butt smells like

I actually read it now
Just don't say anythin' bitch is a fuckin waste of time

Go hang out with the last girl you talked to

Damn manaka

it smells just like the other part of their body

he said anything :3

If I just wait for everyone to reply and then post walls I'll probably miss posts less

Well it's a good workout if you're willing to be a trooper

She's basically saying she checked and the marriage isn't even recognized there and stuff lol

Interesting that him having more going on in his job is what causes him to not give a fuck

I'm actually not even sure what part of the Absinthe taste is anise; I don't remember having other anise things so I can't compare it


Don't you want to end the marriage?

wait why

drink anise milk~

I want youmu to sit on my face


no shoe
only foot

can do

nah fuck that shit i will just walk

You really enjoy that kinda shit, eh?

If you don't have an affinity for the subject or have trouble being a self starter, idk how you would pass
There's this preggo woman who somehow has made it through the classes with me over the semesters, idk how she does it
0 interest in the topics

Its already over, altho I don't trust that fucking retarded trogdolyte with any kind of information. Lets believe shit doesn't count as she said and leave it at that. Kinda neck deep in all kinds of crap and have neither time nor resources to run around offices now

So just tell her to eat shit and die, I think its an appropriate response

And if that creep is reading this thread, you are damn lucky you left this country alive

Itll wake you up and you'll have something to do

Remove feet

I'm gonna get this reading done



Bye 4m

you have a promise, jack

you really gonna do it?

it's not everyday someone willing to do anything for me!


For some reason every time we talk I'm hammered beyond recognition so I can't remember that at all, hence it doesn't count.

so i'll use this chance to get what i've been secretly want :3

do i need to say it?

also that explains a lot of your behavior




Tbh i would have demanded something similar

Nice reply quality

thanks family

Tfw ticket prices were 414 last week but I didn't buy
Now they're like 450

fuckin rekt kiddo

im going to have to keep watch but mine has sat around 550

Yeah I'm sometimes bored enough to hit up random people and you seem like somebody who won't gossip about it probably thats why

Remind me elsewhere if you will. If I didn't promise some outrageous bullshit then I'll try to keep it

You live over to cali than me


I want to suck on a touhous feet holy shit

yes but think

almost certainly more flights from ny to ca than nc to ca

why am i 9/0

i'm just a random

i'll skype you later
or never

it's fun asking for something weird

You are one of the three random I dare to talk with clouded mind. I don't trust the rest for shit

be back later

That involves people I have known for decades, I don't trust them at all

It doesn't matter how long you have known somebody 95% of the people are simple spineless scum

i wont rest until i know the other two have stopped breathing


And having that thing being for you is pretty cool


today is a cold day in hell

That farm tho.

who can farm if there's always 3 / 4 bot

I awaken










[X] Wash the NEET
[X] Feed the NEET
[ ] Love the NEET
[X] Cover the NEET in butter
[ ] Pet the NEET
[X] Cut the NEET in small bite size portions
[ ] Care for the NEET
[X] Cook the NEET
[X] Have dinner party with the NEET as the main course


who is that you're posting


I want to poke her eyepatch

She probably wouldn't like that though.

But she's just asking for it wearing a thing like that. What a slut

You would die.

That's my fetish

Seems like a pretty shitty fetish the you only get to experience once.

I'm the one
to do what's never been done
to win what's never been won
and all the while
life goes on around me

eyepatch huh

Yes she has one.

when it comes too eyepatches
there's only one thing I want to do

Eyeball licking? That sounds painful

Don't knock it till you try it


I hope it never happens

Can I eat lunch on mic for you

no can do

oh ok


So what plans do you fine folks have for the day

Do a solid nothing or maybe play some videogames before work.


leaving to get my tongue stabbed


Get those weridos out of here.

Busy day in store then hhhmmm?

I can't say I have much better planned sadly

I don't think you'd have to travel very far to get your tongue stabbed
there's quite a few after that already

I always think it's gonna be a screamer since boo posted that

Screamer link?

you could hover over the link and if the l's are i's don't click

it's a 43 minute walk

Actually i'm not really that busy today.

getting a bar or some of that jazz?
hyat got you to thinking about tongue piercings

Then make your day busy
An Idle Mind is the devil's plathing

I did that last time.

Lulz were had.

yeah, double. pretty hyped.

I forget what exactly rekindled the thoughts, but I've wanted it for a while.

I'm just gonna sit here and think about all the bad things I've done in my life instead.

That'll show you.

Err.. yeah

Thanks I'll keep that in mind ^^

I hope it goes good for you
doesn't sound so pleasant from someone whos never got one but uh then again
I've heard from some folks it's only a tiny prick

now I feel bard

It shouldn't be that bad^^

Is that a pun for bad or hard?

To be honest I don't really know right now
maybe both

Why do you post traps

You smoked to much weed and now you're gay.

It's not a trap I say

Why don't you?

Cause I don't have pics of you on my phone :^)

Wanna join in my morning bowl?It's all packed and ready to go



Just calling it trap.jpg doesn't make it a trap ._.


But doesn't weed turn people gay?

I need to stay as straight as I can for my wife.

That's a girl

Can we just call a truce already? ;~;

Pls leave my feelers alone
I could only get to episode 9

You can be gay and still love your wife

it's a trap


A truce? Am I bullying too hard?

What about this one

Sorry ok I'll stop >

Omg my eyes

Can I though? The drugs will warp my mind.

I'm not falling for this trap

Just pretend like I'm never here and I won't call you big or refer to the ketchup incident.


-like I'm never here
+like I don't exist


Some of these are females


That ones a girl
You can tell from the Breastbones
but the face looks like a boy

Damn Bard you're good at this :c

It's too late for that. I can try to be nicer to you tho


Fine :/

Why so upset all of a sudden tho?


The beautiful russian trap Charlie Kyrn/Charlie Somik-chan/Som May/Isaac Israel
maybe, but when you take the guess
are you sure to be right?

80 percent certainty

None of those are female.


get dicked lmao



i'm mr meseeks look at me


Mr Meseeks I need to help me with something.

i'm mr meseeks!

How do I become a male magical girl

i want to know 2

Can you explain THIS!?!


use my magica henshin wand

it'll make you a girl for sure

he is willing to go against what he believes, i'm sure it's not just an empty word

i'm mr meseeks!

the magica henshin wand is my penis

Can you help me take one stroke off of my game?

It's just 5 pictures in a general Hyouka folder


Why are anime girls so squeaky.

square your shoulder and look at the ball!

i'm mr meseeks look at me!


subtle seems distracted! :o

How can I look at you and the ball?

This just isn't making any sense to me.

Can you people post something non faggy


When I started posting here I was straight

just concentrate at the ball and square off your shoulder! this isnt hard, nezumi!

i'm mr meseeks!

Subtle ~

i want a woman to tie me down and shove her pinky toe into my urethra

#grim time

Well maybe not for you but its getting harder and harder for me with every extra step you keep adding.

*summons 100 other meseeks*

Please don't murder me.



that gif is cute~

im actually very sleepy

its good

My cute subtle~

post moar new ones!

Are you gonna go to bed soon then?


thats hard though

steam me before you go



brb mcgriddle


have fun

*also gasps and nods*

Feels good man



i said be careful
his bow tie is realy a camera

toss me a cigarette
I think there's one in my raincoat


Let us be lovers
we'll marry our fortunes together
I've got some real estate here in my bag

But how awesome is that real estate? And is it real real?

I smoked the last cigarette an hour ago...

I'm smoking my last cigar now.

Let's be off to search for America!

How are you today my firend

You have to be insane and eccentric.

Why are there not more insane eccentric people?

I am not sure what you mean in the slightest

You are very confusing today.

I just woke up. Nothing too bad yet. Yourself?

Everyone seems normal.

Even weird people are relatively normal.

Nobody is a book character.

Phone postan~

So you're postan on the toilet. Nice.

Bit of a headache
in a minor melancholy today

heading to work in a few hours but just kinda bored til then ahaha

You are awfullly
what falls into 'normal' for you is rather well encompassed

Nah over a bros place for fallout and lunch.

What has brought this cloud over your head, my friend? Is there anything I can do to help? A song, a poem?

Ah not at all It's just how the day falls

Very kind of ya Mandy

so what is onyour schedule today since you are free from work hmm?

I've met many people. Most are at best, self-deluded.
Maybe one insane person. But not even that insane.

But yea. I'm pretty accepting.
I just like people for their peopleness.

Oh. That's chill.
What was lunch?

i failed at making a pizza and now im suicidal

I always thought you were a Narc

i'm not insane

Hes making a sandwich and im just having mashed potatoes before work.

It happens to the best of us, pls no die x_x



Someone that tells on others, or a narcissist?

I've asked myself the latter.

And I am. But less so than others. The benefits to me directly do matter, but not entirely.

tbh not sure what you are

I hope the sun rises quickly and banishes any shadows that linger from the night, love.

And the offer is always there.

Nothing really. More binge watching. Probably going to work out, or try. Then rest.

How can you fail at making pizza?


Cheers and i suppose
Well versed
you're always a good time to have a back and forth with

i want it

the pizza or...?

i am too inept at life


Are we talking pizza from scratch, or just a frozen pizza, or what?

a downbeat dy sure
but at least it is a bit busy

And So I hope it goes wel for you too


oh god no

the latter

That's a little terrifying.

Yes. Back and forths are fun in all contexts.

The pizza, and thus your life.

Shh, dont be mean. He prolly just forgot it in the oven. That can happen to anyone.

M-my mashed potatos~?

Being busy is a blessing, to be sure. It makes it impossible for one's mind to wander into problems.

And how did you fail?

that is so sad

I feel awful.
I might call in.


if it's okay I wanna sing something pretty for you sometime when i can get my yeti mic plugged in

Whatcha sick with?

Am I a bad person for laughing? Because I did laugh a little.

Good murrning.


[disturbing a capella]


never had a chance

ingredients were ruined

the oven nearly caught fire and the fire alarm mocked me as i cried and sat outside and stared at the windy trees and contemplated slitting my wrists. would have been a nice place to die. the temperature was cool and the breeze felt nice on my skin

That isn't at all what I meant. I don't think he failed. I think it is merely him overreacting.

An irishman does his duty.

I would much enjoy that.

Apologies mr squash i hope you can get to feeling better swiftly


Hello squashie
What is ailing you

To be fair I'm mostly Slavic.

It comes and goes.

Head hurts.

I wouldn't worry so much about it, love. These things happen. We all stumble upon the road of life. Or cooking. Whichever you happen to be walking.




its not like a bad thought

like i dont feel sad thinking of it.

reminds me of that South Park episode.

RIP. don't kill yourself though. that's absurd.
I ate a small batch of quarter-burnt cookies.
It was worth it for the three-quarter-unburnt cookie.

I see....

What's wrong, bright one?

Yet it caused some great concern?

How's Bard?

that's a parody of it

it being Heavy Metal


enough for me to vent like an attention whore

lazy day keep trying to get outta bed
not working
gotta work at 4 so I got like 3 more hours to play guitar or get my burn on but
damn thats so far away
lazy lazylazy
Spend a day in sin

Its for your own good.

Squash's avatars have never been this cuddly.

I knew this trivia at one point.

But most of my 80s knowledge comes from pop-culture, and is mainly kid stuff that existed in the 80s, because their writers are grown up and shaping modern day culture.

Are you generally into metal?

Go to work, babe.

Sadly it's the only one I still have.

Nothing. Dont be mean to moogs


I know, love. But things aren't so bad.

later late most sureley

I'm not.

calm down there you big ole bully

Best one from this set has to be the blowjob.

the film has nothing to do with metal. its name comes from the magazine it's based on.

it's a good film tho.

bad enough for me. or i am just more fucked in the head than others

Did you prefer the older one or the 2000 one

-Tenderly kisses-
Take me.

Oh my.

How lewd.

hello faggots~

hows your morning/afternoon going?

i never saw 2000. i don't get why anyone would want to.

I will bully anybody I damn well please! And if you want to start something, I'll bully you too!

I find that most of the time, we simply are a river. When the waters flow higher for a long time, it flows over our sides.

I have burnt my food, under cooked my food, completely made my food look like shit.

I cannot.

Ey, cuteboy
Slow one

how about you?

I enjoyed it but I watched it before the older one

its not really about the food

its a lot of things

I had no idea. I assumed.

-puts on Goodbye Blue Sky-

seems fitting.

Very lewd. Also fitting in many contexts.

I know. That is where the river thing comes in. Want to talk?

i just woke up!

id been lurking here for a bit and i just decided this morning to start posting

pink floyd isn't metal either

which reminds me i should download that film

Sounds like our mornings are going the same eh

Any big plans for the day fella?



I blow?