ITT: we ask Jesus's forgiveness of Bard's homosexuality

ITT: we ask Jesus's forgiveness of Bard's homosexuality

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mighty tempting. but I'm not swimming in disposable income.
become a furry and draw furry porn. those actually pay rather well.

Please, our lord and saviour, grant Bard a pardon and clean passage to your father's glory.
Please renounce his homosexuality.
Wipe the slate clean, for we pray hard.

Jesus' death was God's way of saying He forgives us all as long as we hang out with His retarded son.


life is suffering.

Now go read Leviticus, Bard.

carry me to bed

no one ever got gud from drawing furries

you sleep on the floor.

what. plenty of people did, and do.

even the guy that did these comics developed a refined style

I wonder how many "furry artists" just do it because furries will pay way too much for porn of their autism.

those comics are garbage. compared to what I want.

I have not met a single artist 'just in it for the money'.

you also need those intra-community connections

but your art style should speak for itself

or what depths you're willing to go to make a dollar.

there's a range.
I could show you a range.
starting with this.

ay ay ay

tfw no qt pi skinny girl who weighs

Alright there, Buffalo Bill.

and this


and she didn't learn that by drawing cats


6s for eternal damnation

Actually, that is ironically incorrect.

Buffalo Bill liked his women a little more 'roomy'.

He needed more skin to make suits from their hides.

I fit all but one of those specifications

Just find a fat ass. Meth will skinny 'em up.

How fantastic
One of those specifications is only a preferance

there is better. but whatever.
I've been into this stuff for years.
and I've seen artists get better.
the solid, cartoonish style always got me.

Yeah, I'm aware. He was based off a few serial killers and I think Ed Gein was where the bodysuit thing came from.
Though, he dug up corpses.

not into uppers or heroin whores

Get me a bad bitch who likes to trip

this one made them put lotion on their skin and starved them just enough to make their skin loose. he had them down to a science. very goal oriented.

There was some dude in the 70s that had kept like six or seven women captive in similar conditions, though that was just for sex slaves and other weirdness.
I forget his name. The funny part about Buffalo Bill being some amalgamation of various serial killers is the people he's inspired by are more amusing than the character.

He wasn't an interesting character. True.

colorado maybe. I don't think it's worth it anywhere else. Jail bitches aren't fun.

me me me

It's kind of a turn on for me to do other people's chores

japan why is there no in between

woah woah woah
those are two completeley different things
One is a completely innocent sacred act
that symbolizes the love that is shared between humans

the other is holding hands > ///


Bard so innocent.


yaoi has way more build up

sometimes its all build up and no sex

those are hawt

probably to do with the fact more women read yaoi.

did anyone else see that documentary about being gay in Japan with Ellen Page?

you've piqued my interest
what is it?





This is so cringeworthy to watch.
"those poor gay people :(" rhetoric is just obnoxious.

Why even live?


She's not.
She's "bi" but is only ever with dudes and just flaunts the fact she's totally bi for status.


But Bard is as straight as they come!

oh joy tsuchi still hasn't killed himself

joy of joys of joys

It's a bit more nuanced than that.

They meet many gay people.

Ellen Page, a pretty unassuming lesbian, and her homo friend just show two more gay faces, and its a look at a different culture.
The entire documentary is unassuming.

They do Brazil next.
can't wait :3




Bard please.


I skipped through it since I wasn't going to watch all 45 minutes of that and every spot I ended up at, it was someone talking about how much harder gay people have it than straight people so I just stopped watching at some lady saying she was lobbying for "anti-discrimination for LGBT" laws and saying that "gay people suffer enough".

fuckin' prove it .

Bard is p gay.



Prove what?
They're just one of the celebrities that flaunt their gayness just because it makes them relevant.


A p gay?

Thats pretty much the same reason I pretend to be gay.

"pretty gay".
He's dated dudes and everything.

now i want subway

fuck u

it sounds like being gay in Japan is like being black in America.

it'd be worse if America wasn't leading the way in the culture stuff.





All lies.

so, privileged?

My massive sub has this effect on everyone.


How are ya today manders

take it out of the wrapper ;;;;;;))))


It's just that type of "no real way to statistically back such 'quiet racism' but we'll use statistics that really don't prove anything and claim oppression constantly" that annoys me.

It's time to accept Bard as the dick sucking faggot he really is.

"Like being black in a mostly white community."

as in, try to be as not black as possible.

what is being black


It's not really oppression on any scale.
just socially mostly.

It's just disapproved of to some extent by existing biases.
like being Jewish. it's best if you hide that part of yourself.


Not bad. Just a bit tired. Was thinking either get drunk or just go to sleep. Not sure which.

How goes you?


Sorry but I got this for someone else.

Oh no, not the meatballs.

Living on affirmative action welfare and yet somehow still drive the latest BMWs and Mercedes.


best sub

Ran out of alc so I cant get drunjk :p
jjust waiting on some friends
been tired all day long

my best friend is experiencing anxiety recently and I ffeel bad for him


Kiss the loli

Yes. Because you can really save a lot with $200 of food stamps a month.

Who said you could post a picture of me?

kill the loli



kanra how dare you question tsuchi

for shame

he bought the sub for someone else
and put it between his legs

nnn i bet they wonte even know when they bite into it


Most welfare programs are based on how many kids they have.
So they just keep shitting out kids, claiming they don't know the father, and getting increasing amounts of "aid" to pay for the kids and themselves.

food stamps arent meant for saving money

they are meant to keep you alive until you get off your ass

Kill the Loco


oc dont steal

You are going to get hugged tenderly.


i did

*hugs nice instead*

Everything turned out better than expected



post more

I'll go get some noodles now :c

because watching the U.S. elections has shown me new levels of human stupidity and faulty, irrational, unquestioned thinking move people to action

I assume everyone isn't faking and everyone really is that dumb these days.

10/10 would pet that dog.

Thanks this is a more current pic of me though.


rip fnatic

I think you're more likely to find correlation with income. Dumb white parents can pump out kids and capitalize on that too.

But take a look at the birth rates of higher educated, higher income families of both blacks or whites.

They're lower.

There needs to be a way to penalize the mother from having kids, without harming the child. But I'm not sure if the benefits really add up when you do the math. I'm really sure that doesn't make sense, since human beings are expensive.

you ever just get turned on all day

I don't think it's the government's responsibility to ensure anyone can just exist because they're too lazy to work or under miles of victim complex and flat out unable to ever consider their situations are their own fault.
Being a minority specifically qualifies you for more federal and state aid because "muh disadvantages", something they know to exploit.

this happened to me the other day

jerk off like twice and go to sleep

worst fucking nightmare xD


I had to for the cringe.

only twice
Kitten you're so delicate

an i'll just finish up frying my eggs and hash :c


Don't you think in an ideal world, the least number of people would get to work under the least harsh of conditions, and all can live a pretty decent life?

I think there needs to be a net for people to avoid hitting rock bottom.

For disasters, sudden unemployment, medical emergencies. Insurance companies are corrupt on all of this, and will screw people over. What the government does is remove all this ambiguity of whether you'll have to be homeless and says, "Don't worry. You will be able to pay your bills. You will not lose your home."

Is it a system that can be abused? Yes.
But the system needs to exist, and the laws being passed that fight this 'socialist' system are done not for moral reasons, but for companies to save money.


I'm sorry to hear that. I know how that goes. I hope everything works out good.

i live in a dorm >_>

I have desecrated my own face.

hi honey I'm home


what are you drinking tonight my friend?

cute hair

ghosto got it going on



Well paying for college is such a struggle.

i could go for a subway


Let's go together.

drop out

I'm not ghostie you fool.

I'm further left than the average democrat.
I believe in a completely government controlled healthcare industry. Otherwise you end up with the system that hemorrhages money and is only for profit that just doesn't work in anyone's best interest.
I also am for time limited programs to prevent you from losing everything via job loss or health incident. But they shouldn't just be able to live off indefinitely.
I also believe that everyone is required to contribute to whatever systems they're draining. People have to do something to draw from them. I don't believe in freeloading which is something most socialist proposals here never address. They're all hippie bullshit from bleeding hearts instead of anything sustainable.
I don't like the entitlement people have towards the programs: where it's all to be given to them for nothing and at someone else's expense.
You can only draw from systems you pay into.

whore yourself out

tthat's your hair
is that you
is that a
shroom sandwhich

The green muffin actually looks like shit.

I'm not like you. I have ambitions.

Plus this was my contribution to the Cruz campaign at the hardware store.


Pistachios look like little turds.

Indians don't really bake, so.

So you want Sanders to win, right?


This is me but is not me.

I don't particularly like any of them, though I align with him probably the most.
His views on affirmative action shit is what makes me loathe him. That mentality that we "owe" minorities anything.


quick Bard
Imagine him in his underwear



Steven Jobs didn't need ambition.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I concur with your views.

You must be being hyperbolic when you talk about people on welfare being secretly rich by having lots of babies though. That's insane.

anybody wanna flirt?

I made Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Sirachi sauce while naked today!

Probably nothing. I don't think anything anyway.

helllooo there Tak what is up : ]


Sriracha isn't as good as it used to be anymore
idk if the recipe changed or I just got sick of it.

You ever feel that way?

Underwear is just a tool used by the patriarchy to try and gender lock my clothing options.

Why not mr mandy
just going to lounge bout tonight?
watching the tv?
listening to music hmmm?

what is siracha?

at first I was like
but then I was like

they didn't need college, they have everything planned out the moment they attended or during their attendance. What is your business plan that is going to make billions again??


Texas is weird.
There was a huge mortgage company that was just giving mortgages out to anyone in the 90s that went under and the state end up buying all of them out them to any minority as long as they had a $1 to put down. HUDD. It's still a thing that goes on. Basically they end up paying nothing for housing, living in older neighborhoods that were nice a decade ago, and keep having more and more kids to live off more welfare programs. No, this isn't some contrived from racism. Most of them claim they don't know the father so it gets more and it ends up being all of their living expenses paid, free healthcare, free pretty much anything, and the state still giving them over $2000 a month in just discretionary income. They know it and exploit the systems.

HAL stop lurking.

It was a great match you should've watched


It makes me feel like a volcano is coming out of my ass later in the night so I use it very rarely

What's the solution?

Let em die? Lock them up?

I said STEVEN Jobs.

You wouldn't know him.

He didn't accomplish anything.

I'm driving back home, I don't need this. I got Tsuchi feet pics to look forward to. At least he delivers.


Binging some GoT at the moment. Then probably sleep.

Don't do anything stupid when I get back home.

you talkin to yourself?

While I'm away***

-sigh- work and sleep workk and sleep mandy
you need some time to play

interesting read


Cut them off aid.
They'll be forced to actually work to exist.

Sensitive much?
It's not even spicy to me, in or out
I need habanero levels for any kind of kick

What if they don't?

I'm rewatching the VOD now on HLTV I can't believe this fucking happened


are you two dating again

pls don't

I am white and have the world's fastest metabolism. Give me a cup of coffee and 5 mins later I will be shitting


Gem is gorgeous.

Then whatever happens is their own damn fault for refusing to work.

you should give them aid to prevent crime


I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine myself, but my digestive tract is super solid

Idle minds are the devil's. They just lead to bad shit.

Shut up, welfare rat.

i'm gorgeous too :^)

I'm so happy for simple ^^


Exactly. There needs to be a punishment, that keeps them barely stable.
I was thinking like, massive policed dormitories, where people have to stay unless they can get work.

Any kids they have, are taken away until they can prove they can take care of them.

It needs to be swift, and relentless. Anyone who falls through ALL the cracks end up in the dormitories, living a communal lifestyle until they can get their lives on track. But they can live there indefinitely, on peanuts and rice.


aid prevent criminals from existing!

This sounds like stalin levels of life

So are you saying you'd be a criminal if you weren't on welfare?
Or is it that you're just lazy?

You still get to live, make money, exist in a capitalist society. But if you lose all your money, being homeless and destitute has a standard. A low standard, but enough of one with the resources to get back on your feet.

you're not, right?

ye he deserves it

apparently adreN stepped up huge

Nazi-ism :(

wait i glossed over the hitler

are you being serious right now


Somehow bleeding hearts will complain that that's "dehumanizing those sad, poor people :(".

god adren

turning those poor free willed people into cattle :(


Well, tough shit.

are you fucking ignoring me

I would be for a program like that but people will bitch endlessly because "m-muh entitlement".

Luka should be turned into cattle.


Once you lose all your money and stuff, either by failing to enroll yourself in one of several welfare or employment or government assistance programs, or by not managing to do any of those...

and of course not trying to fit into everyday society, you get to be homeless. Essentially.

No rent, no money, no anything. But you get a pair of khakis, three meals a day, and a communal grounds to walk around in. Sort of like prison, but with an emphasis on helping you build skills or get employed ASAP.

That's the stupidest fucking thing

My mind is forever blank
May I'm of the devil too eh?

mando i wanna kick back for a nice few hours munching and shooting the shit with you

you're such a cool dude and i wish ya were more content

There are stupider things in society.

This is actually rational and sane.

woahh there stalin

Well you are Indian. You can basically eat shit and be fine


Like, okay,

if you're going to build a fucking society that's based around helping those in need of help why are you even punishing them for not contributing instead of just giving them 15k a year and telling them to have fun

and if you're building one that emphasises individual freedom why are you putting money into lazy person supermaxes

more convoluted than einsteins fucking brain kanra

it's beyond stupid. you haven't thought it through at all

Nigga. Respect.
Learn some.

He's right, though.
Indian food is just like eating raw spices because the food is just that shitty.

There's always something wrong with this car.

this is the future

Blame your people, not me. You guys literally bathe in shit water because you shit in your water. A good chunk of your population even brushes their teeth in said shit water. That is only including the shit, not the random dead bodies. On land its not much better with the designated shitting streets and lack of toilets/toilet paper

I have not.

But you'd have a fucking massive, organized workforce.

Everyone would live in bunk-beds, in buildings made of concrete.

They'd be cheap, but safe.
With plenty of job recruiters.
Like mini-communism.

you're so used to bland tasting food
you can't handle it
you've never had homemade indian food

What if we made a bunch of bug people kanra

kanra listen

Bug people. a whole army of them. we control them by pheromones. and they do all the work for us. kanra. bug people. a whole organised work force of bug people.

-stupid ludicrous dumb ideas-

ok but
I'm not in india
nor do I act like those southern shitters
hell, my people are from the northern area
true aryans etc

Or I just have decent enough cuts of meat and decent vegetables that don't rely on mountains of spices to even make it edible.

I was singing earlier today in a store. There is a guy there that loves when I sing irish songs. It shows that I am happy. Not just ok, but happy.

that's not how it works

I just see communal living being the next great step in human civilization.

Increasing populations. More urbanized areas.

Those that can afford it, get the most space.
Those that can't, have to fight over increasingly little.
Unless we organize the space.

Thai food is probably number 1 though.

Hug me, Mandy.

you're blabbering

vw a shit


It's not super-cohesive.

An unpolished idea.

The more I entertain it, the crazier it gets.

Hey Loco.


it's not an idea. it's nothing. you read sci fi and think there are huge trends that are ignored by the ignorant and you look for the cracks. there aren't any. urban planning is something so completely beyond your and my understanding in depth and complexity and diversity of reach and application. as are solutions to what boils down to wealth divide. lazy supermax is so beyond anything it's not even a thing.




Yes, Aryan.

omg neru's so lewd!?



SO today was a good one then :P work tomorrow again? when is next day off?

Don't worry, in 12 minutes i'll get a BMW 7 series. Happy?

Ijust did normal thingss

but you gave it a name
you fully understand my plan
so many you have some authority when calling it inane.

I think it's bound to happen. We'll still retain freedom, but the poorer you are, the less options you have. But you don't want the worst case scenario to be too awful, and most of us just want to live comfortably.

We'll end up automating most jobs.
And eventually only skilled labour will be needed to maintain.
It's already happening, and has been for ages.

I'd rather lazy supermax than homelessness, or people falling through the cracks and staying stuck.
This would be a way for people to get unstuck.

i did too....
but mine is only $11.00


how does the post-industrial revolution economic paradigm lead directly into lazy supermax?

the way for people to get unstuck is to not make them poor. dur.

I sing a lot, actually. Just not usually irish songs anymore.

Why does that surprise you?

And I'm off tomorrow, and the next. Should be good.

but the list was so long

i read both pics
and only got $11.00

neru loved someone?

bmw a shit

their new cars are nice but unless you have tons of money to keep buying the latest model BMW you're gonna run into tons of expensive repairs down the road

Singing in public is a bit embarassing

Just because your family fucked in the south and later moved to the north does not make you an aryan

I do not knoww

Not for me. I live the song that is my life, and I sing it with pride.

I'm joking tf. My VW jetta is okay but if i had the budget to buy a BMW 7 series, well fuck i can buy two honda fits and have enough to pay for 2 years at university.

cute~ ♥


That is how its going to be for a while.

But this too shall pass.

The numbers won't be easy to manage, and the numbers are only getting bigger. This means less space. Think about any urban city. Aren't apartments already technically this?

Except this will be paid for by the government.
A sort of emergency life-support, for those who want to give up.
It'll be better for the human race in the long run.


and then the moonmen will come and we'll go skipping on saturn's rings right

Has Luka? :c

smart man~

Actually it was 63

Luka and I were in love once. The dame couldn't keep her meat of me. But the job came first. It always does in this city.

like seriously what the fuck. i bet getting my dick sucked whenever i drive this thing.

Then people won't have to live on the streets.

For that
I envy you

...not really.
i prolly should be like $9 on that thing or less.

i don't actually know what love is like...

loco x kanra "debates" are fucking agonizing to even scroll past

I enjoy them

Why? It certainly isn't that strange a thing for a man to be fond of singing?

ah certainly not
I just wish I could be as free as you with it

They're not debates.

He's calling me an idiot.

I'm casually but reasonably refuting.

My theory is we'll dig huge networks of undergrounds tunnels underneath the city

I mean, low cost living, expansive, rihgt? These people are homeless so they'll probably think hey, what do I need sunlight for?

so we round them up and force them underground. we tag them with these pins so if they ever espace we know right away and can inform the high powered lasers in the air ships patrolling the city.

take their kids off them obviously. if they can rise above their muck they can maybe get lower-eschelon condoes in some of the dirtier parts of town. work as food dispensary repairmen or shitcleaners. most of the kids probably won't win the genetic lottery so back underground they go.

i mean it's inevitable really look at cities and how they grow. and homeless people.

Sing for me, Bard.


Like don't get me wrong, BMWs are sexy and hot oh my gawd. but the problem with brands such as BWM and chrysler/dodge/jeep is that they have beautiful styling, but expect them to be highway and lawn ornaments unless you have the juice to constantly repair them.

real german engineering, BMW.

You will though, one day
Look forward to it :3

We could give those underground people a reasonable standard of living.

1. normal society
2. government assistance
3. lazy supermax

You can leave the lazy supermax whenever you want, so long as you're generating income offered to you by one of the thousands of daily opportunities to work offered at these lazy supermaxs. In fact, recruiters will go there looking for specific types of people, so the goal is always to keep the supermax places EMPTY.

Make sure people are returned to normal, money spending, tax paying society ASAP.
But for those that cannot do normal, money spending, tax paying society...
they don't end up homeless or in prison.

ah yes i see now

it really is an inevitable result of our cultural trends

u moron.

*hugs the worthwhile subtle gently*
i'll try~

It's an inevitable result of our biological trends.

biology > culture

it's the hunger games all over again!?

i see it now



Which was the "girl" in the relationship? You or Kanra?

lol gattaca


what a stupid fucking bitch

I'm saying places like Hong Kong, which are densely populated as fuck, build themselves into these concrete towers, fitting hundreds to a building, and have awful qualities of life.

Space will become more of a luxury than it already is.
Either people will have to inhabit more open space, or find a way to cram closer.

Hence, uber-communal living.

So Kanra?




and he's ignoring me again so you know what that means.


space is not limited on the ocean or underground

Try more at 11, but 100 years from now.

It means I'm hesitant to interact with you.
You can think of a dozen or more reasons.
And so can I.

Yeah cause our planet stretches in every direction indefinitely

do you want to talk it out or you're going to suggest to me that i should do more harm than just dropping out of college?

The mole people.


Even then you would dig into the crust and soon enough reach the mantle. The increase in temperature would be so dramatic that not even the mole people would bother living there.


so many details

I want the source

I think you're trying to look for logic where there's none.

what is the black guy from?


tfw 8bit anime

Bingo! It seems I'm slightly masochistic because I constantly do this. I should stop point out things like this when people like that say things like that. Fuck me right?

oook id bedtimtum I toothbruhed and showered nana

wat does 8-bit mean?


i got a $40 drop from watching pro counterstrike stream



seriously Holla Forums? eating images again

anime that looks like that must be weird to watch ._.

and why would something that 8-bit be 30GB ?

cobblestone souvenir package drop

so lucky

i dont knoww i just came in and saw you ask about 8bit, if someone said 8bit anime they might be using it a reference of quality? like i think to say a 2 bit something is to say its bad, so i dont know maybe 8 bit means good

Just pray they down a gallon of bleach.

it's a special encoding that reduces size but preserves quality.

eet is 8bit as opposed to 10bit though idk what the details of it are it is 8bit vs 10bit x264 or some stuffs like that

oook bedtim for reals

you could prolly buy a pile of games with that.

what is 8-bit anime?

Its not that bad from what I remember.

what's the difference with 8-bit anime and 10-bit anime?

you dont know the difference either? :(


.... i just told you i dont know, do you not read what i type?

10-bit can turn a 20GB BD rip into 10GB. bit encoding


Lazy nigger.

what did you type?

its all about bandwidth savings.

Does anyone even call you a she?


Anime and pictures of anime took up half of my hard drive.

i wonder how they do it... make the exact same thing... using different code.... but it's the same somehow?



Erio, but 4m calls everyone by the gender preference.

Shocking. I think even the "nice" people here call you a dude.

Yeah, he just does that because being contrarian and blah blah he isn't a part of your system, maaan.

nobody likes superman vs batman

People in denial about it being utter shit think it's good.


imagine... how tiny the filesize would be for 12-bit anime

this monitor can play 8-bit apparently... and my flatscreen can do 12-bit

so hmm.... interesting.

we dont talk about THAT MOVIE


how are you theseius?

anyone who liked man of steel and its horrible portrayal of superman just cause the action scenes were good, those are the people that legit likely like batman vs superman

i like kewl action scene!


jackie chan!

do you like super heroes that purposefully let civilians be killed and not bat an eye, then have their first emotional reaction that wasnt anger toward killing the bad guy that helped cause the death of many people?

Don't lie.
You rubbed one out to her in JCA as a kid.

if its a kewl movie where tonsa stuff happens... maybe?

To the snake lady, yeah.

what snake lady?

tons of ridiculous stuff like supermans adoptive father saying he shouldve let a school bus full of kids drown


voodoo shitpostninny

What are you, gay?


his secret identity!

Nah, I like women, not children.

no you do not let people die when you have those powers just to hide yourself, that is not a super hero that is a villain

i don't remember her...
what did she do.

oh my god that show

he didn't tho.

I regret my decisions that even ended up with me googling that.

youre not getting the point and i am actually not surprised by that, so im just going to do something else


oh dang I remember seeing that scene of that show as a kid and being freaked out thinking how that kid'd be so dead if he did that

don't worry so much.

Western Animation was so bad back in the day, but we little kids didn't care

power rangers was also fucking great


Power Rangers was Sentai and another show from Japan mashed together.
It's why Yellow Ranger is actually a dude.


The more you know

The dinosaur rangers were my favorite
the ones with the teeth on the visors




Ruining your childhood.
Just think: every time you popped a stiffy watching power rangers, it was a dude.

All I remember was the awesome red ranger and the dino-mechs

Scooby-Doo was great though, mostly because Shaggy was high as hell all the time.


People popped boners watching power rangers?

horny people did


He popped them to Pokemon. Not much of a stretch to assume the spandex Power Rangers did as well.

i heard riven in your mic


-squeaks and tries to make tea for everyone-

gilgamesh apparently did :^)

What a fuccboi
suh dude



I never watched Power Rangers anyway lmao

Now the question is was he popping the boners to the girls or the Pokemon in that show?


I can see this happening tbh

-brings you a cup with jelly toast-

We huntin tonite?

ya missed out

muh BnS


Pretty much that.

Make some time on Friday maybe?

It seemed super corny and shit


He's a closet furry so probably the actual Pokemon.


It really did

your mic was on
and i heard the arcade riven w sound!

maybe, what rank are you


Weird, there were no Rivens


who was it?
that made a similar sound?

-would never put anything else in a tea cup- :

I liked when scrappy came and pissed on everything.

I actually didn't like that

oh Lexi's Passive is what i heard? or lexi's W


I'm not holding a teacup

Beats me, TV maybe


That'd make sense, she was playing Arcade MF


sounded similar to a arcade riv W aoe stun thingy



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