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Give Welma the D Edition

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I'm nervous to call this place.

When Bae asks you for the D
but you only play in E standard tuning

I'll drop your D


I probably couldn't even take the full D tbh.


no u

No u!

don't make me rub you!



*purrs* ./////.

My index finger is my D.

Good girl

I sent a FB message to them instead. I hope I get the answer I want, nigs.


FBing a cootie?

No. Piercing places to see if they can do what I want. The first 2 were too scared.

where you getting a prick? ;333

like this



tomorrow's the day!!!


The US rock bands in the 80's look like a bunch of fail-traps making music.


Glam rock was dumb, yeah.

Woah. I afk'd for an hour.

Guess I'll watch it.


pretty friggin adorable

adorable, great for blowjobs, apparently kinda rare for that special snowflake feel.

Just noticed that I hope it's more symmetrical than that example pic tho lol



Lol ahhh

I'm so pumped.

I gotta get ready for work though. Toodly-doos~

I could go for one of those.


See uou later cootie



what's the point in having internet friends if they can't give you blowjobs?

maybe we're all more likely to love each other for our personalities.


I'm going to go get my mind out of the gutter.

I don't have sexual thoughts about anyone here.

Sexualize me.

*does so*

you've solicited me several times

Grilled Swordfish






*wakes up*


be nice

stfu finger boi





lol wat

grim did you study like i encouraged you to? :)

I wish I'd learned to yo-yo as a kid...

It's so pretty ;~;

but I didn't do as well as I would have if I studied 1 week prior

I honestly don't know

japs are really enthusiastic about yo yos

at least it's over and done with now, and you can only move on.

i'm scared of getting my tooth pulled in a couple days.


Are they gonna give you drugs for it?

I really liked mine but i ate them all

They make them look SO COOL



I've had this stuck in my head all day and I don't know why. ;____;

cruelty against animal

32 minutes


Pony simulator theme music.

this reminds me of pulling off grass and throw it to some masked enemy.

everything was fun those days

i actually have nothing to do right now..
but check animus discord

Jojo anime is good!
it fills you with good feelings and determination!

they are going to stick a numbing needle in there



dogs can actually look sad


I still wanna keep mine though.

I think the other one pretty much died though.

What do you think?

Why are they taking it out?

That's the reason why people get so upset. Because it looks like they can convey human emotion.

that american one is kind of sad

like it's a grown man

Jesus christ what is that fucking data and boost post

is that even facebook

the other one died because the active ones moved to yours

the dog that killed that cat didnt show any remorse at all and this is bothering me

Yeah, when you manage a group, you have all this data available to you. It's pretty interesting and scary at the same time.

Do I even want to know?

*throws radish at you*

*picks you up and carries you*

my top left wisdom tooth chipped a piece off, all by itself over a month ago, and now has deteriorated into a bad tooth.

these were the shit


Fucking faggot.

Can't I just have both? Will that really not work?


I had mine taken out and it was pretty fun other than the blood and pain.

*is hit by radish*
*shrink to half of my original size*

where are you taking me!

neighbours were talking about it for days
now the owner seems to quarantine the dog.


Was the cat feral?

pony thread simulators were kinda funny cringe videos of pony threads a long time ago. and that music played while a funny text to speach voice read out the silly stuff said in those threads.

he's this fat middle aged balding guy looking really intense wearing special yo yo gloves and that's probably the height of his life

that's depressing

It is. But let him enjoy it.

What's that smell?


These are great! How did I miss the boat?
Reminds me of this.

*hands blinky star*


i think you can keep it, many have their own servers. i get lower ping on yours.

but there must be a primary and secondary rule

cat was domesticated and had a neckbell :(

to keep u safe~

i dont wan pain ;~;

It's yo stanky ass.
Go take a shower.



feral queers, all of you

And I'm willing to bet he's still much happier and more fulfilled than you are or will ever be.

Candy flavored horse semen.

yeah its funny similar vein of those

Damn. If this was USA, that dog would have been euthanized or the owner sued.

But prey drive is prey drive. The animals will not feel remorse for natural behavior.


also, i unconsciously grabbed and took a mint when you called earlier

i totally forgot you wont smell my breath either way

*sprach zarathustra plays in the background*

but i want to be comfy!


post what you're listening to

I already did

i'd forgotten about this. thank you.

nope looks like he probably jerked off and cried himself to sleep when he got back to his stinky room in his parent's house

my room smells of art and only partly cum and i don't cry because i'm not 30 and fat and a yo yo enthusiast.

A primary and secondary rule?

I pretty much just use it for talking to people while playing video games.

The pain sucked but the painkillers are fun.



i think it can happen too if the cat owner was pressing charges.

i'm not following the story, the owner was pretty "okay" with it, or have solved the problem within themselves without police.


yea where to chat and when to move to other server

i appreciate the jester though.


i keep you comfy!

i dont have any :(

I mean shaco




Here comes another Chinese earthquake! Brbbrbrbrbrb! Ay'oo.

At the part where someone typed "big amerikan tts", I thought I heard it say "bacaon ma'rakin' GPS", which is somehow way funnier to me...

That's more like it!

punch first, ask question while punching

the bed was comfy :(

I also like how mine has less people.


He's 21 and getting paid to do what he loves doing and he's having a shit ton of fun doing it.

You're like 18 and depressed and pining over autists over the internet because you have nothing going for you.

But yeah sure, the yoyo enthusiast is depressing. Sure.


Size doesn't mean everything - Ahri


Yam is right.



Time to finish arc2


And you have a mole covering like 25% of your face.

How have you not killed yourself yet?

you gotta come down to my club it has everything



yea i recognize everyone and can confirm they're Holla Forums

except ziggy
but he's cool

english "o" is difficult

Of course I am. I'm always right.


Mmm bacon~

*makes comfeyer*

im scared


What club are we talkin' about?

I also don't know who nippleboy is though.

You'll be fine



you sure it's not your waifu?

I want some now. I may make French toast when I get home.

Yes because I know exactly who that is.

night manaka


i dunno...
you mentioned blood... :(


i only have hash browns... so i guess i'll make that instead.

You will probably bleed but it wont hurt.

That's you when you see a vagina.

Luka, if y'all call triangular ham bacon, what do you call bacon bacon?


How's life, bby?

sounds scarey... blood gushing and stuff...



Anyone here able to help me with a quick photoshop?


The needle thing makes you feel nothing though.

There's something quite annoying about someone like you shit-talking a guy like him.

a yoyoer

but while siting in the chair
the blood will suffocate my throat?


Pretty good right now! I'm kicking myself for not holding on to my yo-yos though.


...was adorable.


They have a little thing that can suck up any stuff if needed.



I mean the only way you could be inspirational to anyone is if you jumped off a tall building and somebody followed you.


Yo-yos are the shit, yo-yo.




yo yos






I never managed to yoyo ;_;

ha, what a fag!

so does he if he plays with yo yos

probably a pedophile too

*snuggles with comfy sabby*

sounds gross!

Well shit, looks like someone's a little pooper perturbed.



I'm not making anything up. Look at him. He's a balding overweight middle aged looking 21 year old who plays with yo yos instead of getting a job or going to school. That's an infantile fixation. He's very clearly into that shit.

I mean if the only thing you've got over this guy is, "At least I don't like yo-yos" you should probably just buy one and hang yourself.

If the choice was between watching him do his thing and watching you do yours, I'd pick the yo-yo every time. There's just nothing fun about a mole crying into its wank sock.

I'm going to fly over there and hit you with a yo-yo. Gonna go straight-up Star Tropics on your ass...

The worst taste I've ever had in my mouth is from have a mouth full of blood.

starship troopers?

you guys get in the stupidest fucking arguments on the internet, and i've looked really damn hard


though now i want to see someone attempt to hang themselves with a yo-yo

case closed



ive tasted mine some times and it's not that bad.





I'm not talking about a small amount like my mouth was FULL of blood and it was the worst thing I've ever tasted.



i've had my mouth full of worse things than blood before, but it does go from "vaguely metal tasting" to "oh my god this runs through my veins??" very quickly in large amounts

funny gif? i guess...

i dont want that :(

I hate fun. Look at me. Look at how mature I am. Watch me as I hate things and mock people for enjoying themselves. Look! I'm so adult and cynical!

What?! ;_;


I had my mouth full of ink twice

You misunderstand the post. I was saying you touch yourself to the belief you're in any way mature.

rip bort

It was rather disgusting.

I doubt yours will be like that.

omg dont tel lanyone about that

what part of me accusing a man of being a pedophile for liking yo yos makes you think i think i'm mature

You know what!

you know what's really mature? spending a bunch of time on an image board telling how people how mature they are not



-one of those how's. you know the one

yeah amy you're so immature

You fucking child

You know you love it.

Why haven't Loco and Amy met up to hatefuck yet?


You know what's even mature? Pointing out how immature it is to spend a bunch of time on an imageboard telling people how immature they are.

more mature*

#^$#[email protected]%#$^#%!!!!!!

It already happened :^)

Don't go down that rabbit hole.

You know what's even mature? Pointing out how immature it is to spend a bunch of time on an imageboard telling people how immature they are for spending a bunch of time on an imageboard telling people how immature they are

"This man is having fun and that's depressing. I'm totally not pretending to be above that though."

Real mature, grim


i'm not

I'm just saying don't let your kids near him he looks like he stinks irl

I won't do it again. Cross my heart.

If there's anything we can agree on, it's not letting our kids near Soto.

Grim these jojo videos are really good but you can't watch them yet.

feels bad

Let's measure it on the capability maturity model.

hi, bard

i literally just got here and made two or three posts about it, i came here to link music, but good try otherwise, we even have matching typo's :D


It's alright to be jealous of him, Ciaran. I mean, it actually isn't, it's fucking pathetic, but you should still stop pretending.

are you doing okay friend


i win.

Make it go awaaaayyy.




im doing alright, just trying to get some emails sorted, feels like i always have a mountain of this shit to go through constantly and like 80% of it is junk, i need my music fix for days like this

I swear to fucking god luka

Iam like one of the most mature posters though

Maturity is for people who've given up and given in. people.

I'm an adult



Are you done with act 2 yet?


But it's so cute!



What are you listening to today?


I hate how hey talks about honor and shit when he uses tricks and traps during the fight


Well whammu wasn't that bad of a guy

I know. I was talking about Joseph

switched to vids, eyes are getting tired from the text

lazy boy
do you have any big plans for the upcoming month

lots of going to the gym and saving money

scarey gaems



what is up?





Dorito - "He's not judge judy and executioner!"





That game had a weird fascination with Coca-Cola.

going solely by that image of the shirtless overweight south american man I would say it's commmentary on cultural appropriation by the west

as in America takes Colombian coca leaves, a staple of tradition, and turns them into fizzy pop that's bottled and advertised for the masses

that's probably it

I want to make videos but I just don't feel funny tonight.

brb, becoming an hero

Anyone else played layers of fear?
Good stuff.

where is chii and why is she not posting gachis


that's what I called BERN

wait I don't do that..

My ears say thanks

wait wat

Did you feel the BERN


WHo the fuck is dorito

bern said that way before i heard bernie say it


nigga i just posted tthat






You what?


You are being willfully retarded


always a good time for gachi

Thursgay is not for wednesday



this nigga

how do I secure bitches?

ehh I forgot


I kinda want you to stream the last of it


bad taste


straits is like a b-tier villian at best

And the first episode of arc 3 is pretty good.

I hate straights too





u rite

Sure does make things weird huh?

Dio is the only psychotic reoccurring vampire maniac for me

It's not like he could help it.

Everyone here hates cis


which jojo lady?

cis = cyst

I don't. I hate everyone.

The sexy one.

that does not


Well its still kinda weird though

gimme hint ;~;


Gonna stream the final 3 eps of arc 2 in like 15 mins

I know



just gotta get a fix

Lisa Lisa

oh yeah
with her big reveal

tokai addicted to fingering his butthole

more at 11
People do this

oh ok


lisa lisa is pretty chill



oops i didnt see the second half.




Hes just not entering the family zone.


there has to be someone more deviant than me.
I refuse to believe there isn't.

woah... that's a lot!



i have a lot of money
but a lot of shame


i have almost no money
and very little miniscule shame


Called up my boss and asked him
'hey boss, what's the difference between work and your daughter?'

told him 'I'm not coming into work today'

its better that way

are you fired?

Hey now
whats that supposed yo mean


Stay classy, KyoAni.

i like the pink haired one the most i think~

*hugs* ;~;

hugs !!

KyoAni finds a way


They're all shit tbh.

The bi-seasonal posters are always great ^^

I like you the most




70 dollars???!!

♥ subtle~


Guess what ghostie, your mother had sex to have you. dont be ashamed

Fuck Cardboard is cool but my phone too tiny

Thinking of upgrading my phone... Hmmmmm do I sell out to apple? Or do I go with Samsung?

Somebody give me their unused phone if it happens to be >= 1080p, >= 4.7" and has a gyroscope.

I didn't want to see this ever
I wish I could unsee

Vibrators cost a lot.


I know she did.
But like
I don't wanna know what sex toy she orders

It's true.

*smells like single life

OH. I didnt read properly and assumed it was yours. Lol.

korea all the way

that's way too much

It's fucking nothing. Stop being a bitch.
Think of what your mom had to go through seeing your change.

Stream starting in 5 mins or so

is ghostie the one who pretended to come from a really prestigious english school?

sometimes i get people mixed up

It is not mine.
It is my mothers.

They are.

Well yeah, but like
Her sex toys-
Either way, yeah she did have to go through a lot of shit.
I just really didn't wanna see that


I am like, 60-40 to samsung at the min lel.

Shit happens. lrn2deal

just making sure

That's nice of your mom to buy you a vibrator

At least you didn't walk in on her using it
And she doesn't know you know
All the embarrassment is only on your side ^^

someone should probably teach her enough to know that when you are USING SOMEONE ELSE'S ACCOUNT FOR PURCHASES, they can SEE WHAT YOU PURCHASE

i mean how hard would it have been to convince your mom to make her own amazon account


i am dealing but gross

she bought it.

yeah youre right

I let relatives use mine since I have Prime and when they use it, they always end up adding something to their order for me so it kind of works out.

Imagine ghosties mum shoving that up the pooper

They're probably gonna share it too tbh.

Up Ghostie's pooper?


why not use those toothbrushes

good joob, I use samsung too


that's fine, sharing is a-fucking-okay, but you should be made aware of your privacy conditions



Hwaouh! :3

Maybe it's just a difference in family structure.
My dad uses my Amazon Prime account to buy shit for him and his long term girlfriend and I have to deal with the suggestions that always adds to my account whenever I use it.
It's not that weird. Parents have sex.

master race

tbh I think it shows ghostie as being in that immature part of life... People have sex.... deal with it

i make my mam's amazon recommend her fetish gear idgaf

But not in the pooper though!

that's true, so long as she knows that he would be able to see what she bought, it would suck to be unaware of what other people see you doing, another story if they know and are okay with it

Corpses, too, if you don't get caught.

its my own mother like
it just
i never pictured her like this and my imag eof her is maturing now
to something not bad

this is getting creepy

isla x isla's mom OTP

no lie
its less like oh my mom is pure and innocent
and like
oh yeah my moms a person too


You'regonna be callin me grandaddy

..what's that on the tongue?

Fair enough.
Just seems like a weird thing to get squeamish over. Then again, I didn't grow up in a puritanical household and everyone flaunted their sexuality.




black butler is gay

I fail to see how this is gay

You're gay.

I enjoy homosexual animes.

It's literally a shitty yaoi bait show.

tongue tattoo's are gay

i might tattoo a dick on my tongue

tattoo a tongue on ur DICK


Why not both?

biting a young boys tongue off in a homoerotic manner to break a contractual seal is gay


also necrophilia is still illegal

how the fuck is this gay

No, parents aren't people.

This is not proper.

There must be boundaries.

Move on. Pretend you didn't see anything. Get your own Amazon account. A little repression never hurt anyone.

This is a terrible feeling.

kanra give me money

spoilers asdffhdfg

c-cum inside

Bard, it's too late.
You've became a complete faggot.

black butler is gay?

holy shit that explains so much

nowhere else.


i think you're fucking with me

what is my motivation?

You're a young star in hollywood looking for her big break and I'm the succesful movie producer

Go to church.
Pray away the gay.

this isn't GAY

if you give me

250 dollars for two painting books

i will give you a coupon for one portrait that you can use in like

5 years

it's a sweet deal

I just want a flat-chested qt to pump full of drugs and cum.

but it has been a while since I've slept. being a bottom is a little too gay for me.


Fuckin same