Good morning

good morning

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part of it is not eating your meals regularly

I do eat mostly regularly i think

I ate bread stuffs

nothing else all day?

then i'll blame it to your ignorance to my invite

get well soon

i made a sandwich

i hate myself

breakfast :3

But I wasnt available for league ;-;

anything different then usual?

was it an evil sandwich?

it was peanut butter.


and how is that bad?

Not at all.


its entirely unrelated




no idea maybe you caught a bug?

im confused


you know im a sad boy



i would definitely not be surprised after seattle



:( im lonely

post tunes






hi there neighbor

thats cute

is it
he is screaming in terror

just like me

shhit nigga

it is wednesday my dudes

ill make you happy, bae :^)

hows it goin


my trump hat arrives today my dudes
its supposed to at least

why is Wednesday a cool day
I also need more frogs screaming in the webm format

A lot of physical contact.
A lot


i ordered mine last week but have yet to receive a shipping email





shut up nigger

tell me more


its fucking gachimuchi day, and its amazing.


nothing is impossible cause im too stupid to understand impossible, id be that idiot that somehow blows up a model of a nuclear bomb if left to guard it :^)


Oh yeah mos tdefinitely


Good morning lovelies.

Time to go watch steven universe and catch up so i have more stuff to talk with gem about

Anyone left I love?

no proto you are the dead


Okay I love the Steven Universe songs.

pretty good
how are you?

I'm having fried chicken for breakfast and have zero shame


Idk Steven Universe just makes me so happy
Anyways, total bedtime now.



with diet coke ofc



i got you matched there

Ay fam I just needa watch the calories

dr pepper best though

u single? and zero calories inshallah

dude I post here every day, of course I'm single
hell yeah

I am dying.
now to make the hard decision.

I have a pizza bas downstaires.... I could make a homemade


Make the homemade chef scoots, for the good of the nation

Only 10 minutes :O i will see what ingredients I got fam

go full meme and make a hawaii

Scoot become the new Gordon Ramsay

I dont like pineapple though. I am tempted to buy dominos tho inshallah


don't give them your money, get italian

i am making a seafood italian style pizza as we speak.

may allah bless your ingredients

I am sad I haven't a palestinian cutie to cuddle with

tuna and mussels. made a margarita pizza too because my friend is coming through and he is fucking boring when it comes to foods.


margarita is so pleb jesus fuck

Whenever we get the domnos he all about having just cheese and ham and garlic butter... I need me some spice and adventure in my pizza. Chipotle and jalapenos and curry or some exotica.
My tongue has desires.

Overcooked dough

whats dis bitch blushing at

probably having her skirt looked up or something


I like the fish stuff, specially tonno
sounds hellla chef

mama mia gegoza!

probs a dik or somthin like i dunno
the dude taking the photo can see her panties
fuck chii I thought you knew this shit better than me

how does that even work?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kinda sucks I cannot get papa john delivered here ;~;



fugg this shit is still good lmao
I'm old

Just watched season 10 recently, probs one of the better ones. Lots of bitch fights

A trained memer should learn to interpret ANYTHING, FUCK


20 x 2


just enjoy homemade!

best tv

It's almost 2 in the afternoon

Timezones a thing.

She wants it though.

uuuuuuuuuuuuh well
she saw
there did it

what up

home made pizza pie

I didn't know that the east has different timezones
is it still morning there?

Fort good! No more pain~

We have the same timezones. But this is an international board.
I always say morning.

imma rewatch GoT season 5


reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cosmopolitans!

i dont doubt this shes an anime character they always seem to :^)

Have funs.

Yo Spoils, still up?

no more pain, time to die

ciao bae

barely but im feeling illish so sleep might be difficult, hows it goin for you cookie?


Fort no more pain!
it can last for weeks, but ends in 5 minutes.

lol only kidding its chill time fam

Good morning

awesome to hear, i hope fort stays pain free for weeks


Only the bestest anime girls



Soudns about right

this is probably true


id say forever but you seemed to say itd at best be weeks.....



Aye, it goes on and off like that.

I'll slap you

that is horrible.... i am sorry cookie, i wish it was better

bring it on i have an older sister and if her slaps cant even touch my arms anymore, i doubt youll land one bae :^)

Get some sleep, brightness.


Can't stop me from trying !

every time you post kirino an anime girl gets FUCKING RAPED

soon i just want the anti nausea stuff to kick in

nice meme kid

>implying im not already saving pictures for another folder

Don't worry.

Why is adding banners still disabled

Is Hot Wheels even trying




i will continue worrying cause i like fort

probably partially i mean its only natural, if its any form of defense i went on a slaughter spree in gta 5 earlier and i am pretty sure most of the civilians i killed were in fact hookers or at least dressed the part

hi there

whats good


Oops that was for

Try not to exterminate Chiiii

was it GTA online

uhhh... ok

would be nice if we could get ride of fagwheels

I was just trying to be antisemitic at Sama but yeah that too


wouldnt one have to be a semite for that to be effective?

no it was the story, i got into online after and got stuck cause it wants me to run a tdm thing and it wouldnt find more players

Aren't you a jew?


Are you sure?


It's nothing worry-enabling. I don't worry about it either, and I hate it when people worry over me, although I appreciate it.

show me it

forever with the penis...

I guess you won't be wanting these 50 shekels I was going to give you to reward you for being descended from the people who crucified the Nazarene, then

He's gonna carry you!

you cant afford my bribe (payable thru bitcoin)


You should play with me and him later today

Israeli New Shekels™

Does that mean something? :3

that exchange rate...

You don't want $13.22?

Ancient shekels are probably actually worth more than modern ones because le historical artifacts



lol I will just drag you guys down..

doesnt seem worth it

As long as I'm on top of you it's fine with me
And I could play the tree guy you love so much

Cocks are on your mind?

It's free money

But I guess you sense that Trump is going to set things right and now isn't a good time to admit to being a jew

Who do you like to play in Dota?
Treant or NP?


im voting for Bernie tho

pff no..

Fuck you I'm not playing

I'm sorry :c


Well obviously you want to escape your fate

That doesn't mean you can make war against the Trump

Didn't know anything about that NC thing until Googling it just now

You seem to like being suggestive a lot :3

le ma oe


that iS my fave.... craving seafood now

my favourite activity

Both of those sentences seem like sarcasm from how you reacted to it before

If you check your camera im at your front door


How many people have you actually e-lewded with? I know you have an interesting past with certain internet things

could be... wouldve reacted with my version but my folder is clear the fuck upstairs

all clear here

...notice me samchan


Yeah I can't find it

I think maybe the implication of the pic is that she's like part of the meal in a lewd way

ehh very few, and only when drunk or like extreme cases of horny..

noticing noted...

ass on food isnt my thing but

Too shy normally or what? :3

I like the idea of tonguing a cute girl's asshole but I don't think I like the idea of eating food that it touched

nah just never feel like it otherwise.
always feel the tease though


Could I make us breakfast and have you cum on my plate

glad were on the same page with this


ill try not to then anyway im gonna try to sleep, laters cookie

Not doing anything and saying you don't do anything kind of takes away some of the effect of the tease though

You're the boy who cried hoannen

You'd have to earn that

Now that I look at that pic more closely, it kind of looks like she's actually floating over the food because stuff doesn't seem to be getting squished by her butt

well... 2d doesnt have any mass, so


Just played against one.
He had Agh and Octarine.
Leave the base once, and then there's no base to return to.


excellent point

Thanks I tried my best.


and exceeded all expectations


Well I might but lots are just unsatisfying..
others just fun to annoy

Remember that time you told me ziggs mid was bad?

I just wanna point out this years old debate and say he became the best mid laner right after that.

git rekt


I like going orchid on him really early to get the sick ganks

and im out... see you

best post

I tend to go Phase into either Orchid or Agh, depending on what my team needs.






cos ur mum dun ate it all

You must get off to this or you'd just spank yourself in public like a good boy

People here aren't really that appealing to me in general either so I've mostly outsourced my lewd

What turns you on?

wasnt even me fam

If 2D doesn't have mass, how the fuck does Mario work?


Confound your lousy toll, troll


iunno, I just try until it's no fun




I'm not a troll

Ok yes I'm here just stop saying my name it's embarrassing

Sama is just a SMARTASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mainly use groups specifically for it

You don't have specific things you like? I thought you might be the type who likes getting roughly dominated or something

You're right, you're my boyfriend

subtle subtly subtle the subtle subtly he subtle subtle subtle the subtle and subtly subtle subtle subtle



back in few minutes


grim made this face the other day


Why would you say that and put me in this situation idiot



well that is a thing..


I'm sorry

Whis is your best avatar imo


Heya, Elma~


How are you today?


is it worth it buying a flesh light?

Ok I guess, I have to leave soon though how are you

The problem is that it's less than 10% the size of Marian's folder.

Hihi Fortune.


I'm great. Very great!

Do you not cap them yourself or something?


I figured :3

I wonder if any of the people you've done things with have really been as dom as you like; maybe that's the problem

ay gurl

Who are you?

Marian was all me, but I'm not about that life right now. I don't have the time to make folders bigger for no reason.

Depends on you.

Up to anything fun/


Well if I ever come across a good Whis picture I'll make sure to post it at you.

maybe i should get a rift to. make cybering 100% more real

*Looks at you*
I'm Bee. Who are you?

Oh, and I'm not watching Super if that's what you meant.


I want to message you but I don't know what to say I just like the time with you

People call me Erio mainly

Are you from /lewd/ or something?

How are things?

I still don't know if I like super or not its kinda REALLY hit and miss with the animation.

How ya doing?

I didn't know what else to ask, because you don't tend to answer "how are you's".
I don't tend to make plans either, but it's still not unheard of.



I'm fine, what about you?

have you seen rick and morty?

you do know i'm Arisu, right?

Make cybering great again.


Fort be good.
Heya, Bee. Nice to meet you.
Heard your name drop yesterday, but hadn't seen you before. I'm Fortune, though some call me Cookie. Been here long?

Yea. I do.


It never was.

Don't say that.

I'm highly empathetic and that'll make me depressed.

My boobs are wicked sore this morning x_x

Are you still up from last night again?

And it's like, you know. DBZ anime.

It's kind of the same question so I didn't answer it. Gomen.

Just be happy

so you know it was me all along but still you thought i was spamming your server..

But I don't know how else to start conversation, if it's not about anything that's going on with you.

No, I realized it yesterday, when we talked.

naah it's more things

east coast is beast coast

Wanna know what makes me happy ?

Yesterday? I wonder who that was....
And no, not really.

What about me?


Hey grim should be my wingman when I organize my tour of the subcontinent

It's regret
I didn't study enough

Could have possibly done better

That didn't help much. Ty tho

you thought i was randumb

Don't reply to that other guy

My hindi is meh but I know the punjab area really well

Just someone saying something like "Bee's way too cute" or something, dunno who.



Then like don't I guess lol


Dishonor your famirly?

It's so adorable how jealous you get sometimes I just want to pet you and tell you you're the only one for me


Not exactly too fond of them atn

*GIggles* Thats nice.

Fuck off

You're cute~ -pets your hair-

So rub them

And yeah; my sleep habits cycle around gradually

Like what? :3

You said most people are unsatisfying and stuff so it seems like you find something lacking

punjab left and right

It was a meme.

Move out/ kill them/ or whatever I don't know

Already ahead of you~

Right? Didn't know it'd be a poster.

Sorry, sorry.
Still, why'd you want my attention every day?
Why not just private message? You have my Steam, too.

Punjabi is pretty beautiful language
Even when you swear, the words roll right off your tongue

Moving in a year.

That's not too bad I guess.

*Smiles* Thank you~!
But i think i'm gonna go now. You know where you can find me.

See you soon.

mmwell.. no reason, and when i have no reason to talk but still want to talk i'd do it somewhere public where there might other people to help the conversation alive!

Alright, later Bee.

night familia

lacks playfulness, like it's just the same over and over..
Especially when you're not dom it's just you can't do anything but react to something

wish i could rub elmas tits

you should teach thread


wish I could fist elma ;~;

Could happen faster but school

I wanna touch them too

Absolutely not.


what about mine

squirt ketchup on them

Ahh, like that.
Sorry for almost never answering. I don't get @Everyone or @Fortune notifications from that channel, because of the spam.
Didn't think you'd want to talk to me, of all people, for no reason. I'm not one to entertain.




there's nobody else i know in that server!

not too big... not shovel hands

my nipple rings say twist and pull

I can tell you enjoy that aspect of it

I've been around there a bit; I guess I'll see you at some point


Yeah sounds like the people you've done things with are kind of lifeless about it, then

It's probably because they judge themselves too much and thus just aren't very good doms

No, but you don't have to talk in that server.
Still honored though. I'll turn notifications on.

It legitimately helps with the soreness.

But it's also very fun :p

ohh oke, oh and it's way too fast like
it just skips from thing to thing in 2 seconds

How's the HRT treating ya?

Yes and I thought it was pretty good.

Are you gonna watch it or something?

New avatar day
How does your day find you

It's working.


Is there any poinnt to this suffering any longer


how do you do it I tried not shaving my face for a month and there's just like patches where a beard should be

Greets Chinese cartoon motochika

Hahahaha what kind of poor excuse for a man can't grow facial hair?

the song where rick has to part with unity made gave me watery eyes


Fuckin same

The weak should fear the strong

no, life is jsut a cruel joke

I will cut the stings off your guitar while you're asleep beardboy

Why not just go to Thailand, scoots?

Strong blood flow




They're probably still like new toys to you

Yeah things can seem unnaturally sudden if there's not some transition

Anyway I'm gonna go shower and stuff; bai cutie

How does the day find you sir grim

Ta ta Erio

have funn

I guess. It's not like I'm fondling myself 24/7 lol

I know I would be

Still in bed

Any plans for the upcoming day, or do you have a lazy one ahead of you?

aaaaaaaaaaaa I can't remember the song but I remember the episode

Maybe when they're bigger and more satisfying lol

I don't know
Doing some thinking about it

pls donut laff


Elm Street! ♥


How're things?

you're scottish

i did not mean to post that image bus as i have

look at that fucking neck

They're okay. I'm trying to decide if I should eat a lunch before work or not. Probably not.

How's you?

Wait, I am??!

Now that's a bird with a long neck

oiled butt

my neck is strong like tree

i liked your video.

it's a guy. nijinsky. he was a dancer.

I always use laundry as an excuse to not hang out with my friends.

It works every time.

Gender dysphoria is the most beautiful thing on this planet

Oh my God

This is great

I actually forgo work sometimes to hang out with friends

I am really quite well, thank-you.

r u 4srs?

Hanging out with friends costs money, working makes money.

It's that easy tbh.

I'm glad to hear that, Amy

Liked as in internet thumbs-up or liked as in, "This is a thing I enjoyed"?

I mean I'm flattered either way...

I'd watch more of it.

kind of considering moving to thailand to oil the butts

I did the latter first then realised you probably thought i meant the former so I went back and thumbs upped it.

where are these google + views coming from

I don't even use it

also...... sharknado 3



tfw you find out paul simon was gay

Grim haxxed ur google

Is he the exercise guru guy?

who is paul simon?

no, that's richard simmons

This is a very good day! *hugs for everyone*

Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel.



oh. iunno

The fella from Simon and Farffunjkel


LOL oh lawd

that was a much needed giggle, m9. thank yoou

when the meme isd tactical supreme


what animu is that, bardo?

How bad do you have to be to get kicked out of a fucking online community
that's just pitiful

This is Alois Trancy from
Black butler S2


sweet, thanks.

*kicks u out*
( ●_●)
Nothin personal...

( ●_●)>⌐■-■


I'm gonna use u cakeboi
You won't be able to walk straight for the rest of your life
cause imma turn u gay

somebody turn me gay pls

♥ hey ;3333333


you cant turn someone gay, that would imply choice. And fasggastory isnt a choice.

Don't worry
he doesn't have a choice

dom bard is best bard. damn.



asides from that

is black butler worth watching?

would pay for bard to go to poundtown on welma


he's too young for me

Hwaouh! :3

Fine, i'll go to poundtown. Jeez. POUNDTOWN POUND TOWN CHOO CHOO

nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my body is not ready yet

Black butler season 1 is a masterpiece
The only thing I have to complain about it is how ridiculously over the top the fan service is

It's a bishounen anime

but Ciel phantomhive is the most addorable MC, very likable, sebastian michaelis is perect for his roll and each episode drags you in

but it starts out very slow

S1 was fucking great though at the end

S2 starts out slower even, and from the get go, alois trancy is a fuckign despisable despicable spoiled brat of a character
but as we go on, ciel is brought back into focus

and alois trancy has so much character development

At the end of s2, is an amazing finale and culmination

but the issue is the fanservice

s2 has like twice the fanservice of ep 1

tbh Alois is just eye candy for fanboys that they shoehorned in because they didn't knwo where to go with s1 i feel

but still
good anime
worth the watch if you can stand the overly sexual gay as fuck shit


So I should study this Alois Trancy character...

Show me ur pee pee



Well I know he quite takes my fancy
Definateley a good one


I wanna be a spoiled brat when I grow up.