Rose-tinted glasses are the best

rose-tinted glasses are the best

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It kind of turns me on to do other people's chores

dirty little maid

hey baby

wanna do my homework ;)

Clean my floors you slut

back off i responded to her first

wasnt your thread the one that linked me here? or was it someone else?

isnt she crazy and likes killing?

homework isnt a chore

that girl is really pretty and cute ♥

That has nothing to do with this situation.
Just so happens to be the reason I know them though.
I hated this person before I got to speak to them on a person to person level.


I can look at the negatives all I want, and the positives as well.
Troll, self fulfilling attitude, does a lot of thigns for self gratification, will attack anyone who attacks them, and even more things. I'm aware of these traits, Ian.
Idunno, I could be doing this but its maybe because they are a genuinely nice and fun person to spend time with in person.
There is also a really nice emotional barrier I crossed and talked about with her. Learned more about her and why she does what she does, her issues n stuff like that.
Maybe thats why I view her differently than most people view her.


I don't know, do you recognize my avatar?

the leeg Jinx is a lil cray yus :3
she only want to cause panic
...she isn't tryna be a killer
she only wants mischief.

I'd fuck a martian

scary :(

oh okay

she has an excuse for being a vapid shit

thats cool

Maybe. Maybe you know more than I do. I still think you're mistaken.

Daily reminder that this community is born from narcissism

Well on the internet she is scary, but in person she can be stern but super nice.

I could most definitely be mistaken.
Its just I have had the opportunity to spend more in person with this person and observe her manners and behaviours face to face rather than over the internet.

People who think otherwise are dumb dumbs

But it can still aspire to mor- Oh fuck it

That's why I'm the best one here

You're trying to tell us he isn't just a mundane idiot based on shit we have no way to know.

I'm not really inclined to take your word on it. They do nothing to prove otherwise.

Consider why someone chooses to portray themselves differently over the internet, though.

Power tripping and banning people isn't scary.
Just asinine.

thats just an excuse for being a shit

same thing with the: 'this community runs off drama' bullshit that gets spewed

tell her to not do mean bad evil things... :(

It really is born of drama. Excuse for being shit or not, this whole thing is built on shit. And you chose to be a part of it.

Well of course they haven't.

because the internet is a toy.
a play thing.

She doesn't always do those, only sometimes.
Mostly when posting here.

She literally can't do that face to face.
A stern attitude and being good at accomplishing things is there though.

That is a weak excuse.

can you let her know to be nice to the nice people here like me? ;~;
i don't wanna be trolled....

Everyone who gets a swle head and bans over stuspd stuff it would be so funny to seeon the irl

Just because it's the internet doesn't mean it's ok to treat people badly.
That just reflects how shallow they are.

And again, we're going off what we know. And they don't give us any real reason to think well of them.

I can't even decipher this, Bard. And I know you. Pls top


its almost as though shes a childish cunt...wait that cant be

it is born of consistent communication. drama is just an unfortunate outcome of it.

top lane

Thats why I use the internet as a tool to help me feel less shitty.
Who knows.
My main point is she isn't as bad as people seem to think she is.


Well yeah, there is no reason to since the people here are very frequently condescending and patronizing.

Most people on the internet are.
I mean I am too.


Like, I get people dislike some people here, but when friends treat eachother like shit because there isn't anyone else to do it to I start to wonder.

yeah but ive been here a while now so thats not saying a lot lol

shes trying to kill someone with one of those weapons, dear

you're mature enough to grasp its wrong to be a bitch for no reason

ban assault booty

Maybe if she didn't want people to think she's a shallow cunt she should, oh I don't know...grow up a bit.

yay i get nice person instead! *snuggle*

they are not actually friends then, thats why people stop talking to people like sci cause they go from trying to be a friend to being shit toward you for no reason

I mean it can be wrong.
Thats subjective.
I can be a bitch to a lot of people just because I want to, in fact I do frequently in places other than this.
I do believe being a bitch for no reason is wrong, but I do it sometimes for fun.

She doesn't care what people think of her on the internet is the thing.

/tts yay anime

Countless chats have been born and disappeared on "consistent communication". The drama separated us. Hell, I wouldn't be here if drama hadn't been included. It's what drew me here, and drew a large majority of us here


You need to stop that. Don't base your self-worth on the internet. You can feel less shitty in plenty of other ways, trust me

But you've been home all along!

I use this avatar incredibly sparsely. What do you remember of it?

only the robots of piltover!
and those r jus robots anyways.


It depends.
I've had people who I honest to god wanted to fuck off. They treated me like shit out of nowhere and my god it was bad.
Grim, Dallas, Fool...
But after a while some of them became my best friends. You have falling outs, but real friends get back together. Patch shit up.

It shows that she does.
Otherwise she wouldn't have jumped when I said she wasn't cute and plastered a thread with images.

I don't totally base it, it just makes me feel better on internet terms, not in real life terms.

colby power bottom dominated

:\ why you keep doing that...


Making your life better at the expense of someone else is a fucking piss poor reason to do what you do.

Looks are different than person.

They were the one that when they first started posting here, they were describing how they were mooching off some girl they met online and he moved to Canada to live with. Once that soured, he kept bouncing around the couches of people he met on the internet.
The just seem like an all around detestable person.

No, it shows they are shallow and ego driven.
If they did not care they would not have tried to prove how cute they are.

booties dont kill people people with booties kill people statistically almost all the time

the blonde hair and ribbon, i dont know what its from at all so my memory of it is sparse

dont you kill other players characters in that game? so isnt she like constantly murdering?

in any other scenario id agree but the type of shit the people here pull? getting over it and befriending them is almost like turning yourself into a door mat, i want to give examples but id just be drawing out drama at that point

then yeah i guess you're not mature enough to grasp that being a bitch for no reason is wrong. subjectivity matters a lot less in this case than the feelings of the majority. and i can safely say the majority would agree being a bitch for no reason is wrong.

hell even if the reason is just that is is fun it shows a really childish and selfish streak.

Did they brag about being awful?

Sweetest dreans feels kinda patronizing to me personally kinda. but i don't let it bother me ^ ^;;;;;;

Yeah but thats mindless.

so basically like me.

I do it because it reminds me of you and I like the voice that says it.

You alright man?

You put too much value on it.

WOW Luka, that is unexpectedly lewd coming from you


I would tell anyone that asked

Pretty much.

Sometimes people need to vent.
This place is great for it sometimes. Yeah, what we do is pretty awful, but like, we all have our days. It only makes it worse if we keep it going on both ends. Forgiving someone isn't being a door mat. It shows maturity and understanding. I've shat on a lot of people before. I understand what it's like.
That just makes it simple to me. I can look at a friend who hurts me and know that maybe they got screwed too and just want some control. It's shit, but we are people.

in her lore only robots of piltover.
is seperate from the league battle feild where all champs revive anyways.

you really need to do some reflecting here.

Not really.

dont worry about it.

its just me >_<

i just say words... and you can make them lewd!

Because a large amount of people in person have put so many negative things onto me and I stupidly accepted them all.

No I mean being childish is like me.
Childish and cunty.

Differing opinions.
Differing experiences.

oh ok

We aren't talking about experience.
We are talking about last night and how it was egotistical of them to splatter their face all up in the thread and only talk about their looks.


im saying you need to grow up basically.

I don't see how you didn't make that lewd tbh

So just stupidly accept positive things people put on you online. Sounds smart.

Of course I do.

Oh, I thought we were talking about in general and all time, not specifically last night.
My fault.


by using it as leeg terminology!

and how do you go about doing that

Vanity isn't innately a bad thing.
It's only obnoxious when it's that particularly hollow type where they keep trying to get affirmation of whatever they hear in their personal echo chamber.

It's fine. But seriously, dude.
If you're going to be dismissive it's kind of pointless to talk to you about...well...much of anything. You went from being ok to a self depreciating drone.

All you seem to do is talk down on yourself or about yourself. Try to expand or something.

i dont ask a lot about pictures often lol how are you doing ytse?

ive been reading the thing between everyone and isla so i can say this for sure right now, your excuse for it is almost the same as islas for scarlet and its still not a good one its more like what teenagers use as excuses for doing things like in that unfriended movie long story short venting isnt a reason for treating friends like they are nothing but shit

do the robots have minds?

Looking good and trying to get others to acknowledge it are vastly different.

No, Im talking about stupidly accepting what people in person say.
Not on the internet.

be less retarded and immature.


Well I mean I do most of my venting on the internet.
I'm not quite like this on person, but I filter all of my negative emotions basically towards the internet or to a therapist.
Any other ways are too draining for me.

squash, ian, moogs: you were all gigantic cunts to me when i started posting, i wasn't even mean to any of ya'll a single time until the /lewd/ drama.

ya'll niggers is hypocritcal n sheeit get a fucking grip sheesh

That isn't even League terminology, unless you take some huge stretches

Luka pls, you meant to be lewd

Tons of people asked where my pictures were from when I posted, I think you did too

I'm great, kinda drinking lol. And you?~

And what is the difference?


In the end it hardly matters.
But I don't assert them being good people. Simply that I still enjoy them.

i offered to take you out with my friends what are you even talking about

i made a conscious effort to be your friend.

I need this gif in my life.

The difference are people on the internet don't mindlessly hate me for some bull shit rumours.


u bot lane :3
colbys lewdness overcome him!

Might find an alternative.

I never even talked to you for the majority of the time.
You never replied so I just did other shit.

The fuck are you on?
You were generally unpleasant to most everyone.

People on the internet are exactly the same as people in real life, holy shit. Maybe less inhibited, but exactly the same. Mindless hate runs rampant on social media





Shut up, faggot.

Shut up Dustin


They seem to be a lot different.

too difficult.


So it's ok to use us as a vent in a negative way?
That simply perpetuates it.

you understand the situation that was happening on lewd right? every mod on there was screaming at me to do something about all of ya'll and was forcing me to be the bad guy cus i could actually do it

i was just laughing my ass of and didn't take any of it seriously like u guys were laughing your asses off at that shit, how did ya'll even take it seriously?

and yeah i know you did, and i appreciated that. i was never directly mean to you or personally attacked you besides calling u a furry and banning you because i was told to by the other mods and they were too pussy to do anything cus they "didnt want to seem mean". i screamed at the rest of them after the fact that im not going to just be used as the bad guy and if they're too pussy to do anything they can deal with it, /lewd/ is fucking disgusting cancer anyways

i really, really wasn't i was quite nice to literally everyone here. i joined tinychats and had fun with people and made a lot of friends. it was basically just you ian and moogs who hated me and attacked me from the start for being annoying, and im sorry but i dont take shit and live by eye for an eye man

im sorry if i like offended u or w/e man but i'm not a pussy

Its my personality.

i asked about the white haired one i think, im doing good though hating the post errors

well at least by law killing robots sentient or not is not murder, yet

i wasnt really debating whether they are good people or not tbh they are probably fine people that just happen to have horrible lives and take it out on everyone else this was just about the doormat thing.... since hes in bed ill use grim as the example he tries to act nice and friendly with people and the moment its gave into he finds a reason to insult them, that is using people as doormats in the end they let him in under the same thinking you think then he gets mud everywhere rinse and repeat lol

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

pew pew
shoot faster

You're subtly manipulating me sexually and I WILL NOT ABIDE

They are not. Let me give you an example. Soto seems completely socially unacceptable, the way he posts here. But I know him irl, and he is not. I could not differentiate him here from him irl

Takane? I love her~

Stick around pls

I never talked to you, moron.
I actively avoided you.
You're pretty egotistical.

then you should have fucking said sorry or even acted with some fucking remorse instead of reveling in it like a goddamn child.

and i never treated you poorly until you did so.

Where's Fool?

What happens if you spray paint Obama's forehead?

Oh, I can differentiate it.
He is more open about different things on the internet than he is here.

no cleu.

If you bank on your personality for a drive it won't do you much.
I think a lot of it might be self indulgence.
It feels good to be sad sometimes, but shit dude, when that's all you do it isn't' exactly getting you anywhere.

Running a roach motel.


Was for

Yes, because you know him. How can you not see that it's different from other people?

You fucking tease

i can get behind that and behind jinx :^)

i will, bae

Yeah, Grim can be kind of black or white about people. I guess some people get that way.

You seem more hostile than normal. Or have I just not been around enough?

Well I don't plan on getting anywhere really on the internet itself.
I plan to make personal connections and potential person to person relationships.

idk im not very intelligent man.

He literally owns roaches.

How was that hostile?
I think he's literally playing with his pet roaches is what I meant by that.

Guess you're SOL then.


why? >_
I fucking love this song.

of course.

I'm just trying to help you here. I don't want you to be manipulated by idiots who can talk themselves up

actually you made fun of me and attacked me from day 1, it was only after a few months that you tried to be my friend.

sure, im sorry if i was mean to you. but you never apologised to me for being a massive cunt to me when i started posting here, and i didn't care cus i dont take people's internet persona's to be any sort of accurate representation of their legitimate selves and always try and get to know people off of boards

from day 1, and would shittalk me at every opportunity despite us literally never talking.

do i care? no because its fucking Holla Forums and you niggers myself included are from fucking Holla Forums and i can handle fucking bantz

i have literally never held legitimate malice or negative attitude to a single person here, you're all probably wonderful people in real life

Wait, what? Why?

you weren't here for months

Fuck if I know.
He got a tarantula then the roaches.

You're teasing some subtle sexualtiy

Dude, I didn't even acknowledge you until the move to /lewds/.
Again, are you high?

He likes them.
Why else?

Im manipulated by myself.
Others are manipulated by others.
This word runs on stuff like that.

A tarantula I can understand, but roaches is a bit off I think, even for him. Has he been posting pictures or did he just mention it at some point?

It's Fool, I'm sure he could think of other reasons.

many can i already have about 5 or 6 occurrences of this and ive only been here since october

why wouldnt i? :^)

yes you actually did but i really dont care about arguing this

i was here for 3 months actively, and again. point still stands.

Yeah okay, just give in to people that don't have your best interests in mind. See how that works out for you.

u are an idiot, go away

What can you do?

Then don't make shit up.
You only said it was us because we are conveniently in thread.
Stop being stupid.

i guess i just want company...


most people do not have those.

lol ok

if i was mean to you i do apologize. id like to think i've grown since then. i was too prideful to apologize at the time. however after which i'd like to say we were acquaintances at least. i mean despite what you might think of me i dont easily ask people to go out with my friends. so i did hold you in high regard. but obviously those feelings weren't returned. but no i am not a hypocrite. if i were a hypocrite i would have started shitting on you out of nowhere after being your friend

And if you don't "feel like arguing it" don't post huge ass walls about it.
Kind of counters your point.

i have a nice outfit
and stuff
but like
my nipples show
fucking hate my life


moogs, listen to yourself
you are apologizing to a MUH SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE

undershirt tho

He's posted plenty of pictures of them, even riding on his thumb.


I mean, they aren't doing much right now.
Like, yeah they are being an idiot, but not a cancerous one.

People that have your best interests in mind? Wow, you've never had any friends outside of your parents then

Game start.

is posting errors still in effect?


well ive begun ignoring them as much as possible so they either learn their lesson or dont, either way its less trouble on my shoulders



two shirts aren't fun though
too warm and stuff



Ugh. I just want to kill or get rid of bugs as a reaction, that sounds disgusting. Do you know if they are the hissing ones?

I think so.

to be fair you were a massive, massive cunt to me for a very long time until you actually attempted to be my friend. so much of a cunt infact that it was almost impossible for me to tell you were being serious. i honestly didn't think you were trying to be my friend and were just trying to fuck with me or something tbh which wasn't a very bad assumption considering how much fucking drama goes on here.

but yeah, im sorry if you actually were trying to be my friend. i had extreme paranoia back then n shit

im not a special snowflake, im no one in particular and im not special whatsoever. i do feel like actually apologising to moogs though because now i know he wasn't just trying to fuck with me.

ahh he was right.. i should just go to sleep

its alright.

sorry i was mean to you just now.

Hmm. That's not as strange as normal ones I suppose. Sorry about the hostility comment by the way, I thought you were failing on Fool with the Roach motel thing.

i'm sleepy now

its ok i dont care. ive always had extremely thick skin

you bust up in here expecting some justice for the 'mistreatment' that you received, im sorry but that sounds like a special snow flak to me. everyone here is mean to everyone, thats just how it is.

Also, Scarlet. I seriously don't know where you got I was mean to you.
I actively was not because Grim was and I avoid people grim hates so I don't treat them like shit out of bias.


It's bugging me because I'm trying to remember your name and I'm drawing a blank.
"Gay Eminem" is all that's coming to mind.


quite the gift

Although if I was I do apologize.
If I don't personally know people I can be a cunt and forget simply if your name does not register with me.

I needed thsi in my life


Sleep well Nezi.

life is better

dont listen to me, you may go ahead and sleep..

Nini Nezi

Dustyny aka Dustin aka Ghetto Eminem aka Em. Also Boo called me Ninoran 2.0 I think.

i dont know dude

if i wasnt trying to solve shit id still have to ban erin


what are you talking about? do you even have context to this entire situation?

I DONT CARE that people were mean to me and i dont care about any justice or anything like that, im literally just making the point that those 3 people were mean to me when i started posting here but are calling me a bad person for being mean to them months later afterthefact

i dont care that they were mean to me and i dont care about justice and i dont care if they apologise.

i distinctly remember you and moogs shitting on me while talking to eachother, you're right that you never talked to me directly though.

again though, i dont care and never took any of it personally.

eh id probably prefer to have thick skin cus it would mean id probably not be bitter n shit, but yeah i guess its nice sometimes. i wish i could be innocent again though.

yes go to sleep in my bed

the answer is simple go to sleep

Eh, I need to wait a bit before I can make a call considering the laboratory results.

you can force almost anything if you try hard enough

Oh, that's right. I used to call you Ghetto Slim Shady because you look like him.

I know the context.
and If you dont care if they apologized then why'd you make the post in the first place, you cared enough to do that.

so who strongly dislikes hentai?


I still maintain a misunderstanding.
Until /lewds/ I really had no idea who you were.
I only idle shit talk certain people for certain reasons.
If we didn't talk or interact it is hard to imagine you fell into that group.

what is this image supposed to portray

Can't sleep.

because i get name notifications and i have nothing better to do because im a loser? like... i care enough to set the record straight man. i dont care that they were mean to me again i just thought it was odd they were mad at me for being mean to them when they shit on me when i joined.

who cares?

ive been trying

maybe you weren't talking about me and i was just super paranoid. either way whatever, sorry dawg

hey me neither.
So whatsup other than that?


Good morning what are we talking about this wonderful morning?

Yeah, I forgot that one. Nymph did as well I believe. That was years ago though.

Shit's chill.



Do you only show up to ask for music suggestions these days?

you do, obviously.
thats why you came here.

w-why is that? do you think mine is not good?

i might end up leaving you again then..


Go to bed.

it seems to be problem for the lot of us.


tail end of dumb drama


my patience has room for 5 more posting errors, then i'm gone!

Oh.... What happened?

not for when we sleep if you catch my drift

Pretty much. Or if I have a specific question in mind. A lot of the people I talked to don't post much anymore and I'm much busier myself with schoolwork, so the motivation is largely gone. It also seems much less entertaining as a whole here as opposed to when it was on b, although that may be that which is mentioned in the OP.

dumb shit

misunderstandings. i was more of a cunt before i got all my piercings. they are magical that way.


nini thread :)

few more errors, then i'm leaving

hey if you're going to use it, i can sleep in mine!

eh idk i kinda cured my depression and forced myself to be confident and extroverted and out-going and stuff... im pretty happy nowadays but im still bitter cold and dead inside from a lot of trauma and shit not sure how i could ever fix that but its all a process. i dont really wanna talk about it here


Oh wow. If they can do wonders like that then i am sure of it.

You like the posting errors.

im on steam

dunno if you removed me or not

you and me will have a cold war of sorts

im currently in the lead with 12

Sleep well Luka

Oh, okay.

I'm just going to go to bed.

Fair enough. Though I admit things feel glacial these days as well.
Anyways, passing out. Later.

I finally finished all of my work, so that's good at least.

Insomnia sucks, but has it's wonders like everything else I suppose.

You've a lot of hours in E:D, why do you like it? I was interested at some point but decided it didn't look like it had lasting appeal, but it clearly does to you.


Oh wow. Anyway i'm gonna try and sleep since it is 10 am and i haven't slept.

Good morning. Hope you are able to sleep aswell.
Talk to you later.

i dont!
like, when i post, while waiting for the post to go through i switch tab, then when i go back, hoping that the post has gone through, Holla Forums welcomed me with error message

are you subtly trying to ask me to go with you :3

Nini Tsu~tsu

its ideal for posting. its repetitive tasks over and over with time between to talk to people here

sleep well

Mmm. I see. You might like Crusader Kings II as well then. Thank you.

sweet dreams

no i am going to use you, essentially


yeah, that is a good thing

we put a man on moon but cant solve a problem about basic human needs!

but yea if you look the other way, it gives you time to do things.

i have like 65 hours in that one

no prob


Some of us just seem to want to be awake at night. Oh well.

last night i got reverse insomnia

i want to be awake, but way too sleepy for no reason.

major homo

G'night Tsuchi

Your name is still the longest, good job

you're welcome.


i was hoping id summon you

That's called hypersomnia.
It's so hard to get anything done like that.


you were even edgier when you post with the lion king avatar

I come back in my time of insomnia, asking for help.




back then i had e-fame

honestly it was somewhat perfect time to sleep.
I'd rather be clueless as ever and call it normal


Join the club.

Well, that's good at least.



Okay, where do I sign?


Remember back when mugen was a girl?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

oh yeah

the egyptAir flight that got hijacked by a guy with a suicide belt?

this British hostage got a picture with the hijacker



The coffee jar, we'll both need it.




I might actually go make a cup or take these 200mg caffeine pills I have.


i bet this weather will put anyone to their sleep.

it's dark cloudy with gentle breeze.

Since when did Scarlet come back?

Did Grim let you out of his basement?



Have fun with the jitters.

going to play some games and hate it

Thanks, I'll try. Enjoy your dead thread.

That sounds nice. It's dark, clear, and the wind is icy here.

I will. Cheers.

Canada.. yea everything i heard about it, i heard it from internet and movies. Is it true it's freezing all year?

and there's a nice place called Vermont?

It's not cold all year here. Our summers here are actually pretty hot, >30c happens.
I think Vermont is in the states.

ahh, i see. so it's just normal weather like other part of the world.

We had a little highschool reunion tonight

Everyone got shitfaced

No one recognizes me since I look super Asian now

Fucking lol

Yup, we have four seasons, it's just that winter takes up half of the year.

Why would you subject yourself to such torture

then you have no right to make fun of other asians!

ahh, that is far better than all year summer we have in some certain city. it's always above 30 every day.

someday i'll get my hands on some of those snow.

Cause I wanted to see my old HS buddies



I used to kick it with these niggas

oh, well then its not too bad


I agree. I actually really like winter, and especially these times where spring is starting.
My cutoff for temperature is around 23. Over that and I'm not going out in the day.

Oh, I see.


other Asians cannot be trusted

ahaha imagine you're here and i'm there

we both get nothing done all year long!

it's raining

im sitting here while my stomach is burning with fire
what did i do to deserve my tummy hurting so much

have you ate?