I would never kill you spoilers, even if you're jewish, or to just take your sister for myself


i dont know, maybe from mordin is your dream girl!


for ones that stuck maybe. if you recall bans were overwritten because there were too many fucking mods

I am extremely adaptable


We overlapped on maybe 3.
The number I gave you were unique post numbers and ids.

Sleep well Elmers.

Finland isn't part of Scandinavia though.

You know
That didn't make any sense

You live in a fantasy, homie.

mordin is your dream girl makes perfect sense!

are you implying my sister is mine already? :^)

you seem like it but there are a good few that dont and i think theyd just follow if any amount went in any direction lol


I am the hype

Just take your dream Swedish "girl" to poundtown when you get out of the military.

One man army within yourself.

whats up demon lord

Oh that's true

We could just cause a shitstorm that might be amusing


dudes been pushing a weird incest thing for awhile with you man


I'm slowly reaching the point to where I could actually be a one man army.

not sure, but it is incredibly auspicious that you post the incest anime a lot

Chillin, eatin candy



Because most irl girls don't have autism.

That sentence you put up doesn't make any sense.

This conversation has reached autismal levels.


pettan pettan tsurupettan


Only trannies wear them to hide their adam's apple

Are gays even allowed in your military or are they shunned as much as they are here?


buzzin good my man
got a meeting at 9 tomorrow that fucking sucks

just got bacck from kicking with my nigga recently


I know a bunch that do.
But they are all slightly dysfunctional.



Yeah but lewd.

i can't believe i have that saved all this time.

Flat chest: the song


Well considering that some guy got boot for saying a few racial slurs, I don't think they care what you are as long as long as you can handle a rifle.

Meeting? You working or it's a interview?

I want to be there when reality comes crashing down onto your head.

the shitstorm would just be one dumb insult from those that cant adapt followed by the groups there ganging up on all those from animus and in the end either trying to bully them all out or get them banned lol its a lot harder to cause a commotion when their place already thrives on a different sort of commotion

was that what the hugging her thing was about? i thought he just saw the imouto threads on 4chan

tbh i had multiple other choices but i asked erio for help deciding cause everyone likes who he posts, even though kirino wasnt a part of the list he just kept saying it ive been thinking of changing it after what he said last night so it might be different by tomorrow not that i dont like kirino just ive posted her a little while ago too

Brainfarting again, Jesus fucking Christ.

another nugget

That seems fun.

SD, is it hard to afford owning a home and owning in car in Finland?

meeting for where i wokrk at already
it sucks

I like all sorts of commotion

I should post on Holla Forums again at some point

i will take that folder if you part with it

Have you met up with Squash for irl buttfucking yet?

You know I don't play that pleb game-mode, Guero.

You'll live, at least you dont gotta wake up 5am to drive 2 hours away to install an AC at a busted up house for a partnered business

You'd be playing with Luka and Lloyd too


it's the thought that counts



that's dark, and I kind of dislike you for that.

pick whatever you want man, anything is free game I guess. :^)


During operations the enemy is always called the "yellow nation" you can guess why it's not called the "red nation."

Considering the taxes are sky high, wouldn't recommend moving here at all.

Snap back into reality before it snaps you in half.

even the strongest man on the planet bows to 7.62, lenko


sorry I dont romantic attraction to squash

but no ;~:

HAHA yeah i feel sorry for whoever the bpoor sonofabitch who has to do that is

Nigga I gotta do that, fuck you lmao

what the hell are you on about


Buy tokai one. He would wear it.

nigga i mean even if you can squat 500 an old granny with a pistol can take you out

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'd wear it too

But it'd be ironically

yeah but he's not an anime grill

He actually is.

buy me stardew valley lenko.

no because someone was hogging on Bernie Sander's dick for the longest time and want the American economy to be like Finland. Someone who actually lived in Finland and has his Finnish family in there said you can't afford to own your own shit in Finland. Everything is so restricted that my family bleeds out of bills and shit. That's what i was trying to get at.

no i mean a real one with tiddies and stuff

Okay, so I'll just go hit myself with a brick everywhere until my skin turns into diamonds, ya dig?

You are being super vague. Either spit it out or shove it up your ass.

what why


b is probably easier the people there are more divided and likely to join in for the sake of commotion :^)

i will keep that in mind cause at the very longest id have it until i had another decent sized folder choice, if i dont before then so ill send you the link whenever that happens

a vagina owning girl you fag


You're a vagina owning girl.

I've posted solo on Holla Forums with a fair amount of success, actually

So idk what is actually like living in those countries. give me an objective insight SD

because i think you're a great guy and i can boast that you got me stardew valley.


If that was true I'd be wearing cringy stuff.

you randomly posting solo is how i found this community

okay so, I'm taking note that grim is being more retarded than usual and wants me to play a guessing game.

pick something, anything, MORE BUTTS

I was there for that thread.

are you wallace or guero
what the fuck

But you post cringy stuff.

Open your fucking eyes

Lol, really? Well then I'm glad I did it


Oh wait, I kinda do vaguely remember Guero at the start

Damn my shit memory tho

If you're still on about your loli friend then I'm going to stop responding to you.

You can afford to own a car and a house, if you've first saved for them a lot and then have a job that pays you enough.
But owning a house is usually a thing you do as a couple, since those fucks cost shit ton.
Also those taxes will kill you if both don't work or haven't been part of a union before getting unemployed, since neet bucks aren't really enough for a house, and barely enough for an apartment.




I don't wear hamster hoodies.

Brainfarts happen~



neet bucks. nice

Post content.



also running on 4 hours of sleep and plenty of caffeine
but hey, thanks.





and cuddly

which one is more important i wonder...


what did i do to you?

For how much you obsess over your physical self, you sure do a lot of unhealthy shit

I remember you from the threads, now that I think of it. Holy shit, it's been ages.

The latter.

I haven't even done anything what the fuck


you're gay and you are more dysfunctional than grim

sometimes stress keeps you up
sometimes you just can't sleep
sometimes powerlevels are bullshit

You're both muted in the discord server, why even use skype?

Also if you're studying and getting some support money from the government that's pretty much about enough for you to own a two-room apartment with around 100$ leftover every month.
That 100$ leftover going to your food expenses though.
So pretty much riperino if you want to own an apartment or a house before having a job.

So much deflection

i'm not an oldfaf but i've been around for a good bit man

i know i just said that would work there?

anytime bae

the butts are coming along, see



I knew that butts were your calling card. fucking 5/7 bro



QT looks like he likes metal.


I know, it just gets lost on me. My sense of time is super fucked up

I mean, that kinda confirms it. I want to start those threads up again, I had a bunch of fun with them

I miss him. He was a cool dood.

Absolutely disgusting.

Who are you again

Isn't it funny how people just drop off and aren't mentioned for months?

you're tellin' me
my day to day changes so little i lose the fucking month sometimes

I am literally going to give you one final chance to tell me what the hell you're going on about.

Failure to do so will result in one week length filter.

SD knows all.
SD remembers.

Hes one of the better posters and one of the only people here who know what I look like.


believe me, I try, but nothing happens overnight.

weird rating numbers lol

i was told you all get banned still for those so it would probably be worse, at least hitting the new reply button 80 times a night is less work than resetting your modem even half the times.

Lenko, filter me.


I was forced to say it.



I sent him a picture.

give me a reason to or no


dude what
8ch a shit

I feel bad tho because I get close to people and then forget them when we don't talk for a bit

We need pepperidge farm tbh

I would hope so. Your mind has a surprising effect on your body

I got perma'd for doing it. But I evade using my phone's IP, changing it is as simple as pressing a button on my phone sitting on my desk twice

Just a long time lurker from approx 2011 to today. I just rarely post. Hello.


I'll dump fur porn.

All qt ever did was blog about /g/ shit and say how tech from the 90s/open source is better.

Exception being the times when I've been drunk.

Thank you doctor, now prescribe me steroids.



suh dude

He has a gun to the back of my head.

I think he asked and i just didn't care at the time.

this was like right when i started posting here

I hope one day I can see your face

fuck whoever posted that 2hu song god damn it
shit is stuck in my head


Hurr durr They're already coursing through your eyeballs, juicer

one person cant make up an entire thread..... well they could but it wouldnt be too fun


Trust no one, not even yourself.

Which one?

back to gfur with eddy.

she's pretty...
i want her.

Oh of course you can't, that's why you give people something to respond to.

something pettan


I trust myself though

Now I'm confused af. Why would they be in my eyes?


Eddy doesn't post there much and I don't care to go back at all.

Woah Luka calm down, you're more thirsty than... I can't think of an appropriate reference. Pretty fucking thirsty tho

Injecting things into your eyeballs gets them STRAIGHT TO THE BRAIN. It's a joke, it doesn't need to make sense

inject this DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jokes aside, that's random or not so much really. I've seen some things recently that have some significance with your joke. Is there something I should know about? I'm actually curious.


lenko looks like a Cruz supporter.

but then they get banned with you and cant come back as easily if at all, you dont see the obvious problem?

there are actually furry butts somewhere in this one, i was running out of ideas and some thread on 4chan of butts had them too so i said fuck it and added them lol

also good night
codeine too stronk, conked out

lose some weight and maybe some fail trap will let you

Do not be a recalcitrant rascal. You need to go back. #Buildwall



nice dog

gimme a tasty energy drink then! ;~;

Yeah, no.
That place is pretty shit.
I don't really want to go back.

At all.

all the current candidates suck

There really is not any significance outside of the joke. Like... people will say they inject heroin into their eyeballs or whatever

Nah, they don't. I've only gotten banned in my experience, because of the avatarfaggotry

Sleep tight

bye bye gwyo

No i'm enjoying this.

send the furries back to africa

Guero could actually testify to that, he only posted user and never got banned

This always gets the same reaction out of Fortune.

Sleep well Guero.

I meant in accordance with me. I've seen suggestive posts recently.




good night

It's just a thing that people think of when they hear of injecting things, pure coincidence

I still have time.

something something rains down in africa

didn't avatar or namefag, not one ban to this day


if you see a disfigured white guy with a poorly shaven head, it's safe to assume what candidate he is voting for. These Trump compilation videos are scary/entertaining to watch.

No that is clearly geared towards me.

go to sleep



Go to bed!

It really is not, though

Yes, you're right. Much of what was has now become nothing. Nobody needs nothing.

not yet though

haha egg bboy

I'll just take your word for it.

im gonna in a sec fuccboi
im sucking on a coughdrop while i wait for my phone to catch a lil charge


More most all my friends left.

i'll stomp you kid

Peronism isn't bad.



hey you, furry

go back to africa


Dictatorship is the only true safe form of government.

Otherwise we'll just lay waste to ourselves.

I am drinking so my word is LAW

Okay okay fine, but don't get stuck here

An Argentinian populist movement?




the complete opposite of the stories i was told when i joined, where they just banned entire threads

Peronism, I have been doing a lot of looking up since that is another nationalist sara looks up to, since its one of my favourite ideals, and this is another movement I look up to.

True safe form of dictatorship, yes.
However it is safer for the country rather than the individual.
I believe more of determination of value amongst each individual

Life is suffering, friend.



My dick is like a BMW 750i, but my balls is like a Mercedes S550.

Oh, they did that. But that was only when the entire thread was mostly a avatarfag circlejerk. My threads was me avataring amidst user responders


Accept your fate.

she looks drawn good

But I will persevere.


-thrashes about and screams-

But what quality of life will you have?

-Tenderly brushes your hair back and paws at your pants-

Yume or [m] ...aya... [ka]


Nobody can predict the future. That's why we keep moving forward. It's always fun to see what's going to be next. That is my drive.

were you jinx?

-I move my paw more. Your sheath twitches as your knot grows above your balls. My tail curls around my leg.-

Oh, that guy that also goes by Scarlet? They seem like a self-absorbed prick, in all honesty

That's a positive outlook, I like it

Just don't forget to think before you leap

I was not.


thats too bad, i liked them but they disappeared from b

pew pew

-I slowly slide inside of you. Your ring clamps down.-


Oh god I sound like my dad. Oh well, I like to think I got the best parts of him and not the shitty parts

You are referring to the one that avatared with Jinx from League, yes?

jinx advice threads
starring jinx from leeg

that was the character i meant yes but i dont think they played the game

yeah the person would post her and offer like a shoulder so to speak for everyone

I tend to do that a lot these days but I have people around me that will save me.

jinx is cute~
the person musta been nice!

Hah, I remember that guy. They popped up a month or two at least after I started doing my thing. Well intentioned, but he probably didn't know how to evade and got perma'd by an overzealous mod

she is super awesome imo.

I wouldn't rely too much on others.

nice enough given it was b

i cri everitiem

Just because he killed 6 million jews doesn;t mean you have to treat him like hitler
he's a person too

meanie mods!
tryna destroy happyness threads... ;~;

*hugs tight and lets you lean on my shoulder*

To each their own, I suppose. I don't like them. They are purposefully antagonistic.

If I knew how to contact them, I'd help them evade. I liked what they did


shes a dumb cunt

Well she takes care of other people as well as give previously impossible opportunities for living that people would have otherwise not had. She also gives fair amounts of educations to others.

Sorry you view her this way.

I missed the "up" at first. Now I'm disappointed.

Oh thank god I'm not crazy

not sure how to react but thank you, theseius

i would like to thank them if anything at all


i am sorry you are so fucking wrong

It's not that I rely on them to bail me out every time, it's more that I can trust them and they are there for me. I do reciprocate.

I missed the "up" at first. Now I'm disappointed.

Oh thank god I'm not crazy

I'm getting vibes of you and Haikus with this.

on god no

id say we're like in the majority with that opinion

Oh, okay.

I am 100% not interested in her in any way shape and form.


WOW Holla Forums GOOD JOB

Kinda sad you never saw my threads tbh. We had a nice little thing going

I'm glad.

WHEW. Queue Erio with his anti-establishment opinion

That does not change anything.

i'm a nice friendly jinx

gonna ditch for a while

get on steam

Could you please elaborate for me?
I mean she isn't the same in person as she is on her, that is for sure.

Have a good one

It seems to me like you're putting them on a pedestal. Kinda like you did with Haikus. Ignoring the bad in favor of the good

Admittedly I don't know how Scarlet is in person, but it seems like excuses.

Scarlet seemed pretty fucking obsessed with talking about their look last night.
It was inane as shit. They are pretty self absorbed, dude.

Oh, well yeah she has an extremely high opinion of herself and she also is a huge troll, but there are some really good parts as well.
I know there are plenty of negative things about each individual, but the negatives, to me at least, do not seem to me as significant as the positives.

Yeah, she definitely is.

Steam wont work on my laptop :(

Troll! :O

They said they were a he.
I feel like you side with them as a good person simply because they are trans/trap.

It seems to me that you're inflating the positives because you like them and don't want to look at the negatives.

she exhibits the same traits haikus and bern did