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I feel like that car should have an Acura badge.

I have not, I don't plan on giving them my money

I've seen enough reviews and heard enough about it to know to stay far away

nini sabby

sabs liked it! ♥
why not colby? did you watch it?

(kitty kat)
i'd watch zooptopia.... if it was still in theatres
but sadly it isn't so i had to torrent a bad cam rip of it.

It was sold in America an as Acura. Acura doesn't exist in Japan.


i shall dashboard pic you later, but when i do, i will lose my femininity


well i am happy its looking up some! i hope it keeps up the forward moving

i was going to say you are at least in comparison to me but at the same time that isnt hard

sweet dreams honey!

Just spend the money on leeg skins and subway sandwiches instead

Oi Oi

I'm going to sell you as an Acura. Wait, Acuras are pretty gaudy, i'm going to sell you as a Lexus.

your bakas

Just got to habeeb in it.

You're bakas.

Yeah, probably getting some antibiotics again though.

Lexus are just driven by literal niggers these days.
No thanks.


I'd better write this down. Get a feel for what interests you.

It is the JDM version of the Acura RSX Type S.


oh piss off


Lupin the III is pretty good imo

Okay, you beat me to it.

I love you

the number one baka

it's a motorcycle

Shush, love. You are smarter than you give yourself credit! Stop insulting my dear one!

im scared now :(

it's not monday.
and no pretty skins have been invented recently.

Acuras these days do look super shitty ever since the redesign that gave them all that ugly ass chrome v plastic front ends.

is this picture supposed to be an example of not being gaudy
because that's gaudy as fucking shit i think my great grandma would drive that

That makes you a baka too


its not your fault though

im becoming more unstable and i really have no help around me


the head pats and ear scratching was meant for ghostie

i am dumb
links are hard ,_,

Manaka you drive a scooter, calm down

Use it to buy more groceries since your fatass is always crying about being hungry

Do you really want me to say here ?

I've said it multiple times, I'm not a clever man.

The Acuras and upper end Hondas of the early 90s all had that really tacky, retro futurism of the 80s look.

I sort of have a gripe with Japanese cars. The only sex appeal Japanese car imo is the 1994 Acura NSX and Subarus of the 90's and early 2000s.

no way i'm not the number one!?

that's manlier than car because wind and asphalt
something about no protection against them

i'm only kidding

im hungry

Because you ask that now, no, I don't..


do it

I disagree but I do think they look worse then they did like 04-08

stop having bad taste

opinion discarded

me 2

Is it wrong I want to take a bat and bash each and every one of their brains in as slowly and painfully as possible??!

That was a joke aimed at Cirno and the number 9

I already know you don't like that that's why I asked baka

*hugs gently and pats your tummy reassuringly*
im sure you'll make it~

I'm also really glad we moved away from whatever the fuck kind of vinyl/pleather seats there were in the 80s/90s.
God, that interior is painful to look at.


wast meant for

Why don't you use that money you just found for, y'know, food? Instead of movies, league skins, etc.

I drive a 1990 Toyota Celica

Pls no bully

How fast does it go?

eat desu's cock lmao


Go have fun with recession era vehicles while i eye at the new Audi R8.


ur mean

and bad

dude those things are badass, i had a 2001 celica back when i was 16 until i drove it with no oil it in it, holy shit i was stupid


you're the only person I know who drives a shittier junker than I do, soto.
I drive a fucking crown vic in 2016
poor folks think i'm the police

Good memories inside this shit though

all dat drinking

Why the fuck you lyin'?

Thanks :3

later when i'm going out!

WELL i'm the number one now!

the spec sheet says 130 but i'm far too scared

The new NSX literally looks like a asian knock off of the i8.

Would he literally be dead if it weren't for random internet strangers giving him money out of sympathy at this point because he has no idea how to function as an adult or even the basic concept of finances eludes him?


Also, I can't walk. I feel like someone stuck a pole up my ass. Going from not riding a bike all year to riding for 30 miles was not my best idea

I stole gustavos car battery to drive it to my sisters to go drink the other day

Shit killed his battery but I made it home lmao

At least Gustavos shitty honda civic works now so I've been using that



Honestly the best memories of my life are all from this past weekend.

i dont know if you are are serious or not x.x

Links are super hard
I got to fall asleep in gems lap and she played with my hair and pet me.
It was probably one of the best thigns ever.


i want a tesla model s

laugh at me

i just want a car that doesn't remind people of police brutality

not serious about hating you.

i do really need help though

You should still use it to run down niggers anyways.



i need help too in some ways


Does Indonesia even have a reliable enough power grid for one of those?



I don't like the big eye impreza, i like the outbacks. plus i drive a 2000 VW jetta which i love.

who is gem and where was this, at a con? :o

that sounds super nice

I wanna be on either end of that ~♥

I'm terribly sorry to hear that.
That was when they all looked like toasters. but i can charge it at home

i hope

300mileish in a single charge should last me one month
add charge nightly deterioration
probably 3 weeks each charge


Gem is a /mtfg/ poster named Allison.
Probably the cutest person there and the nicest.
This was at a hotel room in Seattle since I couldn't go to the con :/
And it was probably one of my favorite two memories from there.
Actually 5+ of my favorites involve her

a toaster with good gas mileage and super comfy.

Where do you even drive to?
The village down the road to pray at the mosque or to go shopping for more hand mannequins to jerk off on?

well im always around if you want to vent i guess


but the only subarus from early 2000 that anyone cares about is the wrx and the baja

They looked decent during the bug eyed faze of late 2000s but Jettas always have looked like one of the most boring cars of their release year.

do you realize it's one battery? That your cooler, your computer dashboard, your windows, your breaks, it has no transmission so it's very zippy and takes up battery for that zippy-ness. You're not going to last a month with a fully charged model S.


I want to pet you too :c

thank you !!

Those were just new age el caminos.

Well go to AX and you probably could^^


they are stupid as hell but i fucking love themé_utility
There's a whole class of them but none are in the US markets anymore.




i hope they work despite you already having some

i cant stop cause it is the truuuth! :^)

i am going to off myself

I regret opening this.
I regret reading the comments.
I regret letting curiosity get the best of me and looking to see if they were all this bad and the hordes of comments of people whiteknighting "her".

i would consider joining if i werent already in a suicide pact

i respect that

this one is better





Speaking of toaster, where is wish?

its like youre not even white

oh wow that was dangerously furry

europe seems to be an amazing place to travel in and from. Let me suck Tokai's dick in the Netherlands, go to france to butt fuck Wish and go to the UK to kick Loco in the nads and then finally make a stop in Spain to rest these bones.

i look pretty white

dont go to europe the brown invaders will kill you

if a crippled person loses a lot of money would they say they lost their crutches rather than an arm and a leg? since they arent that useful in some cases lol


He's just as brown as them.

are you high?

yes and it was a joke on south park i just found funny

Hey, guess what?


are you offering to lick some? :^)

maybe...i'm shy

dangerously funny cheesy

collegetown is 80km trip!

WELL the point is, i can charge it at home, and as long as i'm using it as a city car, i wouldnt need supercharger network

Me too.
I wanted to talk to gem for like 30 minutes but couldnt work up the courage v.v


Just balls? That's a little boring

Also no, I was not

youre the one that only said one part


I was trying to get you with the simple humor

Also it sounds weird to say more

I made a warlock 2 days ago fag.

You drive 80km one way just to go to college?

4got to say gg wp

what level is it fag

How is a girl that weighs like 80 pounds able to lift a minigun over twice her weight?


Or the gun is made of some super light fantasy shit like mythril


My friend started fighting with people in the town with the first wheel and had to get on his main.

I just got off when that happen

i do have a boarding house there, but i cancelled it recently since i got a job on my hometown. so now yea it's 80km drive. But i only go there if i need to meey the professors!

it's made of Papier-mâché

Korean character design is shit.

you did, i just dragged it on cause im a little bored

Oh, so it's online courses?

naw i'm done all the classes, i only need to finish my thesis.

The game has magic in it so probably that.

what server

What's your degree?

shitty generic loli character/10


Unrealistic =/= shit

Oh. Well a little acknowledgment would have been nice

Kill me


"so is the admiral a boy or a girl?"

currently it's just bachelor

both the academically and relationhip

shitty generic loli/shota character/10
It's like TERA tier shittiness.



I don't care.

*gives monsterkitten this work*

What kind of Bachelor degree requires a thesis?

Just do it fam
I'm sick as fuck

I just
wanted to give you a replacement
if you thought that was one better

Home tastes like generic brand cookies and creme pop tarts and black coffee


post shower comfy mode engaged

/me rams my fist into your stomach and breaks your god damn spine

You did

I did

Looks like that Ebola tier Cold/Flu has been going around

oh nono, the current university i'm attending right now is for master degree. it's not complete yet, so.. if you ask my current degree, it's bachelor!

that's how it works, right?

Did you really steal a mug from IHOP?

I'm still here nigga

And fuck me does it suck. I can't fucking fall asleep since I'm coughing and my nose running constantly. FUCK

My internet powers don't reach Denmark, apparently. My condolences

The vague wording could mean either what you're working towards or what you've obtained.
If you almost have your masters and already have your bachelor's, what was it in and why aren't you employed with it?

it sounds really fake if i just tell you that is funny every time you make me laugh.... also it ruins follow on jokes entirely

I demand that you tell me that I am hilarious every time I make you laugh.

post current feets?

the master degree is somewhat for futureproofing myself, if that makes sense. ahahah

yea tsuchi
post feet

does it sound like hes saying "eyes full of down syndrome" to anyone else?


cannot unhear

Talk about a long day.

i was beginning to worry about you.

I still put it on loop though.

You alright?




Hoi Grim
what's bothered you?

nigga i'm listening to that sampha. i'm in a whole different mode. i don't need this moe ish.


i cant imagine it would take much to fix this posting error stuff, is the owner of Holla Forums just ignoring it?

posting is a lot less entertaining when it takes 30 tries and 10 minutes to get one post through.....

Burnt out.
Came home to shit.

Can't wait to get out of here.
One more year.

See above.

I tried submitting that like twelve times and it all failed.


The extension submitted it 13 times for me in one click, and it worked.

get ready to get RAPED NERD

It's a software issue.
A good rewrite + DB admin will cost a pretty penny that he doesn't have.

Naww we bought like a 4 mug set or something

Well I wish you good luck yo.

does coming here ever help you feel better?

you got a boo boo @[email protected] are you okay? what happened?

Shut the fuck up Soto, you jipped that shit you fucking spic

When certain people are here, yeah.


You got a five finger discount on it.


shhh grim.


k cool
I'll becoming a living stress relief ball

I thought this place was shit
why stay


If only Holla Forums wasn't so garbage

why do you?


tfw banned from 4chan

you're pastier than fuck tsuchi

Because of people like Soto, Luke, Ian, Archives, and dare I say Chii

you linked me with a picture of "fuck off user"

Guys. I just read this informative article explaining the link between vaccines and autism.

You're just mad you aren't this fucking white.


Sounds legit, I for one believe in this.

it would be less garbage if its creator would care, moot didnt even really care and i dont think i remember any board there having problems like this lol

wait dont you insult chii like every other day?

Moot cared plenty

As I understand it, Hotwheels got dicked by the guy that was helping him fix shit

Thanks for the cyber last night.

Did you ever actually read the news article he linked talking about the development and scroll to the comments?

nigga i had a vitamin d deficiency from lack of sun when i was a kid and i was never THAT white

I don't even have you added ANYWHERE!

excuses! if thats the problem he just needs to find someone new

I skimmed

btw I don't need a human stressball
got this

Yes. Fuck off.

You weren't posting.

Yeah, I think our beef has blown over.

Yeah, Hotwheels was kind of a retard in trying to explain what happened and made it look like a lot of petty bullshit.

But, that's cripples I guess.

exactly my reason

If only you cybered me better.
I might have kept you.

They were always here.
Why come from lewds



If only I was lying.

ayy lmao?

Morning is pure.

I go outside plenty and spent all of my youth outside.
I just burn. I've had spots removed from my upper back and shoulders already because of my glorious whiteness.

I just remember this part.

it seemed like it was mostly your beef and that it had blown over quite a few times, then somehow you end up acting hostile again? its a really curious routine

I have done nothing...

If only you saw the logs.

Except the entire Denver Broncos.

I'm sure they would have been very vanilla.

nobody ever cybers me

The containment board

Yeah, pretty vicious cycle, I'd say. Hopefully it ends here.

Get Sci to.


I don't even like the Broncos. Peyton is too old.

quiet you.

Mordin: I lie there and let you do the work. I am effectively doing nothing.

does he even?


Iunno man, I don't think he has the resources. Holla Forums doesn't have the funding 4chan did


2:20 AM - Alexander: *I unbutton your shirt. Your nipple rings shimmer in the light*

I am done feeding this BLASPHEMOUS slandering of my image as a pure maiden.

I can't seem to find an actual clip of them saying it on the show but:


your e-anus is the size of a semi's rims

Fuck if I know.
Just pretend to be a potato for his affection.



*pretends to be a mastiff*
*ninja pose*




but I started posting with "this group" years ago
I spend a lot of time there, so now that's my home now?

you made it so weird

I'm not TRYING to do that with people! It is not that I don't get offers, believe it or not. I just do not look into doing those kinds of things right now.

I think I saw you the other day.
For your dad's AC business, do you use a white van that looks like it was marked with one company's name/branding that was taken off the side of it?

Yeah, you stopped posting here altogether, so I see it like moving from one place to another.

I dunno how often you posted there.

The price of capcha less posting for free.

Posting here isn't helping it.

Was for this...




why should Takk stop posting here


I thought you were busy making fun of ME!

Where do I post then?

No that's not my van.

Mine has a shit load of ladders and this long white pipe in the middle that stores some smaller pipes (forgot what my father calls them), it's farily new.

I post here like once a month


Because it turned too bully4him.
I think it was tsuchi going ham about his heroin habits.

what about over there?

Fair enough. They were working on the AC of some business I drove by and it looked like you.


Mhmm, and freedom from bans


5 times a week

if its anything like the other 2 people ive seen act that way, i dont imagine it getting a lot better lol but theres hope somewhere

how did moot get 4chan going to begin with?

can confirm
You don't even have to pay Mordin for a handy.

sort of wanna cyber Elma while this is playing in the background on repeat.

hows it goin elma?

Stole 2ch's idea.



But I did post there, kroni is doing drugs now because he just got out of surgery.

There are only two posts on that board.


Hi welma.
How was work?

So basically you visit here once a month and your main home is there


squash i'm going to the fates collide pre release.

Why would anyone flaunt that?

I saw something at work today and was weirdly reminded of you

Borrowing lots of money, I think


Technically that is true seeing as I have never asked for monetary compensation to perform any kind of sexual favors for someone, that does not mean that I do those things with just anyone though!


Ahh la la laahh~

Time to start procreating.

nice smoothskin you got there
what happened to your knee?

A good way. In this letter I was reading one of the guys said "By the grace of god, or otherwise" and I thought of you saying HAIL SATAN

Go to bed

so why is hotwheels having such trouble with his stealing of 4chans idea?

thats not what gilgamesh just said, i dont know who to believe

thinigs are going good though having to hit new reply roughly 10 times each post is ruining that a little lol up to anything fun?

The silver kayle tho.


Stressful. I'm all burnt out. Could use a head massage. get used to it


If it was me, you'd see an avenged sevenfold hat on backwords

I think he meant

I don't know that much about it lol, believe others tbh

There are certain spots, where, no matter how toughened you are, you are pierced straight through.

For some, it is family. Others, it is personal failures. It all depends on the person.

Blow me.


i have not i just ignore that there are people with bad enough lives that they need to do that here, it works better than getting used to it :^)

so hotwheels is just an idiot lol

This guy's a real nigga.

I thought it was JUST made clear that I am NOT a slut!

With whom?

I will later.

I don't have the rope.



Ha! That's good shit. Sounds like it was another wacky one lol

Hail Satan!

Okay, I'm glad it's not just me lol Yeah that's annoying.

Nah just a little post-work, pre-bed threading :p

You ever use one of those like claw lookin' scalp massagers? omg they're great.


Grim, Squash and Chii hit my personal spots by accident. Overall this shows how ineffectual i am and need to have thicker skin. This is just a medium where people are just here to speak.

Perhaps. He posted on our board once when I was drunk, I bullied the shit out of him lol

Oh nah, this wasn't anything special. Just some Soil Conservation Service guys on a deadline


Well.. I DO live in a nigga neighborhood, monkey see monkey do

Boy that word has lost it's meaning.

It was worth a shot.

Never. They look scary.
I want a kawaii grill to rub my temples. :c.
Oh, yeah. I met this Rajhastani girl today. She actually approached me after I smiled at her. Man. So pretty.

Hehe i haven't personally talked to you in awhile. How are you?

The shrine and it's cult followers inhabitants.

Avenge Sevenfold was that shitty metalcore band people listened to in middle school to show they were "xD so different" and would have autistic rants about the edgy lyrics "speaking to them" and other cringeworthy shit.

What, your inability to socialize like a normal human being or something deeper?


i'm not going to say. There's a reason i said "by accident".

I thought it was widely known I have the mentality of a teenager?


Stop being so autistic.

Just had to google for that image again.

Eh, just a /jp/ meme.
Also get some sleep.
2 out of 3 Nordic posters agree.

Good job finding motivation yo

/srs bsns

How do you suppose I do that?

because you made me think of a decent realization.

thats true.

strangely enough im okay with that for now since apparently he lies to shift blame about problems to his staff from what was said

its us all, hotwheels hates us :(

Funny dog eat a pepsi

Act normal.
Move out of Little Mexico.

wat no dude, they're legit. 2legit2quit.

is that all you have to do? i should try that lol

doing well^^. hows you?

im sad


On second thought, stay in Little Mexico.


I'm fine. sort of numb at the same time.

you dick

where did you get that information from?



mein niger.

tell me on skype maybe

so what's new with you

Yeah. I started doing it today. Whenever I see someone I like, I just flash a smile after making eye contact.
I smiled at her as she was walking by and she turned around and sat right next to me and we talked for an hour


mein niger.

tell me on skype maybe

so what's new with you

Yeah. I started doing it today. Whenever I see someone I like, I just flash a smile after making eye contact.
I smiled at her as she was walking by and she turned around and sat right next to me and we talked for an hour

Whaddya mean?

That's weird x_x

Oh okay :(

I'm sure we can find somewhere else should Holla Forums become uninhabitable



bart bart 1

if I made a board would people go to it?

I did plan on moving to seattle but then again I never step outside unless I have a service call.. not like Im hurting anybody with my autism



If I can be a mod.


That webm.


is it tsuchi's fault that tak doesn't post on Holla Forums anymore?


It's actually pretty normal social behavior.
Look it up. :D

idk ask him


Is that your type of "girl" too?

:stopbully: tak

shut the fuck up, you're shit mod



Where'd I bully tak at?

My nigga do you live there?


lol there is only one answer to sadness its green and smells funky

im just going to go back to a or something if that happens

you're shit person :^)

Only if it's you.

Facebook :^)


I was 5ther elast weekend
not anymore

I thought Mordin was your dream girl.


idk, it was the first thing I saw in thread when I got here

you're a*
get it right nigger


Oh yeah I posted with my capcode while doing even more work than moogs, totally shit mod :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I'm permabanned from 4chan so I mean

Already ahead of you.

link me when we make the move ;3

In truth.. I actually want to move somewhere more isolated.. or at least the hell away from these nignogs

Say like buy a large property and build a customed house, that's the idea at least


Grim, be nice to Lenko.



you gotta help me carry everyone's FAT ass over there first

lol no i live in Iowa

time to go fuk off

tsuchi is my dream guy.

Not sure where you got that idea from.

Queer ass state tbh fam

okay guero that's nice

go be gay some place else

is mordin your dream girl?

I will have this card on him his entire fucking life lol

I counted

MY DICKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Lenko is my dream guy

if that's what you think




For real though, where is this idea coming from?

what was the number

In the Freddy Kruger sense

To be fair you were on a temp account and would keep asking to be a perma mod after a day of stuff.

I'll kill everyone that is Jewish.


Never have I been more glad to not be Jewish

Scandinavian pride.

for the time I was modded, I got 7 and you got 6

I knew it wouldn't last
that's why

i wasnt talking about taking you all with me.... tbh i think most people here wouldnt last there cause of the differences

good thinkin on you!



dat ashe though