1st 4 ghostie


1st 4 ghostie

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i feel sick

what took you so long to arrive
you had me worried sick~

i'd /r/ boo nudes but i don't want to get v&

am 18

i guess im near sighted too


shoutout to soto's grandpa and his biggest disappointment, soto


soto's grandpa looks guatemalan

quads dont lie

speaking of disappointment, hey accept my apology isla. You're not the disappointment.

don't lie to him dude

who even are you

I'm BIA.

lie to isla about what?



the jokes already over your head
i cant go back to retrieve it

praise kek

Boo is just buttmad that I don't like his dick I think.
Kinda wanna post the confession because its silly and so desperate.
Changes his mind more than shillary

wallace sounds cute.


over my head like a halo?

do you have it

Steam Mobile saves messages up to months in the past.

The only thing going on your head of mine would be my dick
does that work?


Hillary Clinton

-sits in the hallways drawing kitties with wings in the clouds on the wall in crayon-


i want to read it again

Same here. I feel like they're trying to pull away from the Batman that's expected to be a boy scout. I don't think the character should tote around a shotgun and blow people away like The Punisher, but I'm okay with him being a little more savage.

hillary clinton
our enemy, brother

-Gives sonata a bagful of apples-



ur butt savage

y-yes it does...

Well, I derp'd that up!

Stop stealing my Facebook photos!

oh. Heh, derp. Easter was fun. I smoked a giant brisket and had a lot of friends and neighbors stop by to have some. Plus the movie. You just reminded me: I need to see if Justice League vs Teen Titans is streaming on Amazon.

If they ever legalize medical marijuana in Texas, I'm applying for a permit. It's the only thing that's ever helped me relax. Well, the good stuff anyway. The cheap dirt weed my friend gets makes me kind of twitchy. :P

Uh oh. You just reminded me that I haven't signed on to LoL in months after promising some people I'd try playing with them. I'm more into solo gaming though, tbh. I like enjoying an adventure on my own.

We did? Hm. Well, at least I didn't rock your world for nothing.

Literal or metaphorical?

Same here. I feel like they're trying to pull away from the Batman that's expected to be a boy scout. I don't think the character should tote around a shotgun and blow people away like The Punisher, but I'm okay with him being a little more savage.

i think this like plays out after 'the killing joke' and now batman is kinda snapped and doesnt give a fuck anymore

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you. ♥

Is that a toon?

I need to so many movies.

I finally saw Force aawakens.

That's great, dear
Can I see more of you, do you think?
I have almost no idea what you look like and nudes would be nice

Draw harder, slut

Youre a texas cuteboy, then?
I dont think Ive ever met a sweetheart like you before
You must be pretty special, huh~?

She's trying to prevent us from making America great again, I know.

only if you top

you play warhammer any that much


i have the killing joke hardcover comic in my bedroom.

oh boy um. does Isla approves?

didn't wallace quit forever again?

that relationships been done and over for like a year wallace
the guy hates me now ;_;
your answer is yes, though
but post them anyway~

Just Warhammer 40K.





Oh no, not at all.
It's a precious memory, at the very least~

Hey wallace, wanna play "Democrat and Republican" in the bedroom, winkyface

taytay is baebae

Fuck you Holla Forums

No. Like I said yesterday. Shut up and marry me or post cock. Pistol whipping is legal in Texas.

let me just lean over here with my big juicy ass high up in the air for everyone to see. i just hope someone with big sexy muscles doesnt kiss it or spank me like ive been a bad boy



Who's democrat and who's the power bottom, i mean Republican?

it just feels weird you post logs of me. sort of have a distrust in that department tbh.

Mah nigga


-hugs Scoot tight and goes back to sleep-


What'd you think of Flash out of fucking nowhere? I had just about everything except that spoiled for me before I went in and it made me smile like a moron.

Mhm. DC still owns when it comes to animated features. What did you think of Da Force?

Well, the Texas part is correct. So is whacky tobaccy legal in your neck of the woods?

Well, it'll be at least two more cybers before we do the really kinky, twisted stuff. Gotta build up that trust!

Not if there's signage. Ha!

I can't even post

I guess that does really hurt our relationship doesnt it?

You're silly, let's not talk about that
Lets talk about us~
Tell me you life dreams

You'll be right there, but before you know it, he's left.

Already thinking so far ahead~
Slow and steady, it is.

apparently he can time travel because he can travel faster than the speed of light? but i dont really understand why that would be a dream thing. its clearly hinting towards Injustice imo

Taoss the coin, or salad.

Made me feel like I was 8 again. So amazing. the little things. The x-wing laser "pews", the little "in" jokes... I will tighten your restraints xD.

Well, DC still owns in some mediums. Just sucks theyre trying to play the Avengers game.

We'd love em if they just do their thing.

Like Kennedy.Two shots and he's done.

hello friends

Yeah. That was a sci move. That's why i sort of hinted that i was hurt you doing that in TC.

There are 4 ghosties now?

I mean
you know
it happens~

It's heads, so you're going to give me head.

theres like 20 imo


Where did that link come from

Oh dear god

She's lying. She's got a fat juicy cock. I wanna take it all the way down my esophagus and gag on her penis woman juices.


Heya, Nezi.


Whelp into the trash Overwatch goes

Don't get all progressive on me now.


hey animus hows it hangin?

It sucks.

whats up

The only thing progressive here is the lube.

That's the popular theory, which leads to my concerns that things might get a tad predictable. Still, it'll be cool to see the payoff of that scene.

It was such a relief to see a fun Star Wars movie again. My hopes for the series are that they DON'T make Rey a Skywalker (because they dynastic stuff bugs me) and that they'll branch off into plots that go beyond just blowing up the problem.
Exactly. Just make a quality movie and set yourself apart.

Mhm, so start making a list of all the weird, disgusting, humiliating, dirty, dangerous stuff you want to do.

My dream is to one day be financially secure and stable enough to buy a few acres of secluded land and build a house in the middle of it so I can have peace and quiet. You?

Of all the celebrities in the world, Arnold may be the one I most want to hug.

Are you saying its bad or what?

Can't even anything 95% of the time except text.

You don't carry one with you and you can't stay home 24/7. My extended rooster will be happy.

heey hoooooney!

Can't even anything 95% of the time except text.


more people are not amused with my posting than amused and I can't post what I want because of Holla Forums. I'm gonna read the news and watch the hawks game. Later.

You and me both, sister.

I don't think you will find me attractive anyways. I'm not a trap or have feminine features,boo.

and how progressive is the lube?

so do i~

iunno i dont think avengers gets any lamer for being predictable.

injustice is a fun comic. and i think he makes a good evil superman

more so than a good one lol

he has a nice angry face


Yo Spoilers, how ya doing?

Sure. I'll give you the list of all the crazy, weird but desired things right now.

I attempt to post 6 times on average.

Use that dark grit to your betterment. Like... Seriously... SS looks so good, Do that! heh

WW looks great too.

And I hope that too, like, no skywalker link.

I think the sith lord dude was the ex student of skywalker

too easy to have KR as that. Or maybe it was both... who knows.

Just so pleased it wasnt as "botched" as the prequels felt.

But, i cant wait till the new trilogoy and the stand alone are done aso I can see em all in one go,.



Genesis Progressive.

great! how about you bae?

Blizzard just decided to remove a pose from a female character because SJWs said it was too sexual. Pic related.

If you listen to SJWs, your game is trash and you can go fuck yourself.

Apparently i have a nude saved on my iPhone that tells me the location is from Manning, SC. What the fuck.

Just wear your Trump hat and he'll say yes.


her outfit is already sexual

what a bunch of jokes

patrice pls

Do you suck well?

Rather bad: Medical issue edition.
Other than that, fine.

Pfffft the games still fun so i'm still gonna play it.


I don't own one.

oh bb

well enough

can get the job done in a few minutes if i try

It wasn't an adrogenous trans dog fucker so its not progressive enough. Plus its white. I mean, come on, its 2016

Yep! Into the trash it goes!

You disgust me

how are you fortune?

just had a great dinner with my dad and had fun driving home ^^

nothing like stick shift~


well now youre just projecting or something

Just how you like it bb grill~

They just needed to add a shirtless male character with abs pointing his crotch at the camera to balance it out

Bam, equal objectification = no objectification

Aw, I'm amused! But I hope you have fun watching the sportball game. I hope your team wins.

'Sup, dude?!

I really wish they'd given him a cameo in BvS. Maybe Bruce accidentally I suck dickss into him during the charity dinner scene and Arnie says, "Ey, chill owt."

I have to hand it to Marvel, though. Even when you know exactly where everything's headed, they still find a way to keep the writing tight. With the exception of Age of Ultron, I've never felt like one of their films was going off the rails.

And I'm really liking this Superman. Mr. Henry's pouty face is pretty menacing.

You ol' smoothie. :3

What'd you think of TR-8R?

I actually got into a heated argument about this with a girl at work. She esentially said a female character with no "agency" is a victim and a poor role model when subjected to the sexual whims of the character designers. I argued that she doesn't have agency over whether or not she gets shot in the fucking face either because she's a digital animation in a god damned video game. I guess I'm a bad feminist.


The beta was fun so i'm gonna buy it.

bite me

im sorry to hear that, i hope it gets better somehow i am not a doctor though so helping with that is impossible i apologize

well i still get more art of her so i am fine

I doubt that.

manaka lied to me.

Holla Forums PLS


also, how are you doing? did you have a good day?


In pain, but fine apart from that.
How's Nezi?

Best star wars meme ever.
Lol, I literally squeed when that part was coming up... I could tell it was coming and when it did I yelled it.

What...the heck? New filer?

So you're oiling me up like a grill? so you're lubing me with Canola oil? u frek bb.

Whoa, man.
That just makes you a sexist, misogynistic guy that rapes women.

I suck dicks turns into I suck dicks

yeah. i hear they're pushing the justice league back some to give more room for set up movies. which i think is a good idea.

let superman stay in the grave for a year or 3

ask michael

b. u. m. p.
To mess with Luka.



lets get into a fight then stop fighting when it turns out both of our moms are named barbara.

I don't think so.

and an 'ed' at the end.

I never said it would be ethical.
And a canola oiled butt slaps the best. Just sayin


You're great inspiration. Can't resist.
Amuse the muse.

I did not!

nice c:
idk about cars i dont like em much

not a whole lot darling! how about you?

tbh they can call me whatever they clearly never will have a clear image of what reality is, so that stuff is like pebbles being tossed lol

forces you to accept the truth and understand that there is nothing wrong with that. Prude.


listen to your father

who is also me.

no other way to prove it

Stop giving me lewd thoughts, brightness.

dad, give me my monthly allowance

I tried to cyber sabrina once. She blocked me on steam. We'll still have Paris, atleast.

not being ethical is not being progressive though. You led me on in a sexy way though. :3 i can't wait to get some of that oil though.

and boo, do people really dress like this in California? In DC, we would fry their ass up calling them fruity pebbles and Easter baskets.

None that I can think of. So you will go on being doubted.

why pain :(


that's okay, everyone has different interests~
how was your day today? ^^

Enjoy the memes or something


Fucking lol

Please. My boner is confused.

but ethics is completely subjective

Also post canola results.



Don't worry. Doctors can't help either.
...STILL don't worry.

Permanent and uncurable medical condition of fun.
How's you?


I love how he is just slamming on the front brake but isn't even touching the clutch.


revenge for all the blushing you have caused me, sugar!

now im super worried about my cookie

Whoa, you haven't cybered Sabrina yet?
Damn son. Git gud.
I was wrong. This is way more than 8 bragging points.

I love my mama so much and that scene made me feel things. Thiiiiings! Feeel!

I think I'm most excited to see Wonder Woman and Flash. WW because it takes place during WWI, a fascinating era oft overlooked, and Flash because the guy playing him is cute in a scruffy way.



I think I'll have to be corrupting influence here. Better make some notes...

Just bugging you thread people. I don't even have any music going. I got so wrapped up in this.




i dont think ww can act well

so we'll see

just finished getting the confession together.
Other than that I have been

basically that whole situation

Scoot's fetish is being blocked. Sorry for trying to be accommodating.

i still have to apologize for spurring this

Cookie and I cybered on accident, and that somehow led to me owing him three good, non-accidental cybers.

you should listen to the titanic song and then you and i can go stand at the front of the thread, feeling like we are flying and all that shiz :^)

Its a silly, no problem

If the world was not a giant PC shithole I would take it as a joke. I used to think black lives matter and white genocide were a joke too until it was too late

boo should have honestly linked this to Isla. Like dead ass.

You know fine well my fetish is being excluded from everything othe rpeople are doing, including you. Fuck. Why am I getting these raging boners now.

This would have been much better

...... Holla Forums why did you eat my image?

It's nothing lethal~

Come again?

Sabs' said it all, really.

Fortune or Cooki?

hindsight is a bitch

Again. What.

Sabs calls me Cookie.

Don't forget he is human, don't forget he is real, Isla.

i still get to look back on it.


its silly

Also cooki came from forty's trip.

Do you mind. I was just finished cringing,.

Also, do people masturbate while cybering? I don't get why people cyber in the first place

I think her body language and face are very expressive. She could use some coaching on her delivery.

You realize you'll die a wet, freezing death in the end though, right?

Not here! Pervert.

Sabs calls him Cookie.

I don't pretend to understand it.

"FortuneCookie" and "Fortune's Cooki"

Sorry, son.


cyber me.

and cyber me i mean tell me i am the biggest of the dogs and then set me on fire and point me in the general direction of your enemies.

it is fun

its fun to just chat with people or something.

wh-wha? are you joking or being serious? x.x

i'm okey

hugs AND kisses? ./////.

boo is weird

we sent each other lewds a couple of times and now he tells everyone I'm his ex and that we were dating

I had to block him on steam and filter him, he wouldn't leave me alone

Oh good.

But you are not chatting you are pretending to suck a dick

should have saved the other time where he tried to tell you how our thing was like damaging you

the accent makes it difficult to understand her. she yells well enough


rub my knees.

i am the biggest of the dad.


if you're good enough

but dad, where's mom? i want to see mom!

SRFU. you arent sorry. BAKA

To think, even forty went there... and not me. Urgh.

its. something.

Ok, but you gotta wear this special shirt.

Sadly, quite serious.
But if it won't change, best not to linger on it.

Pfft. Prude.
I guess that's for the third one, then?

this explains a lot about why UK posters are the way they are

sorry boo, but that's highkey taste of your own medicine.

I might do that some time idk.
But this past weekend was super weird. I think I like girls now ???? Like I am juust so confused with my life right now.

yeah fair enough
Thats why I dont know :/

It only goes back to 16/3/2016

its super silly though.

Dude so fucking high

This is exactly it.

You're right, though.

best not be cause i will come over there and reverse haunt you

a few nights with honey on a giant cruise ship has to be worth a chilly bath

these memes .
I just.
I sad now.

Fucking hate Samoa.

That is just cruel though....


mom's sleeping in the next room.


stop trying to force terrible texas fashion on me.

but its a meme dude

Cybering is over rated anyway.

i figured. just since i was on the subject of hindsight.

but. Its a sad meme.
you should post exerps over pepe images

why are you in pain ,_,

whoever or whatever you like is fine, just let yourself be attracted to whatever you like
I just want you to be happy

but next to your room is my room..



Shit son. I think the ocean just got somewhat saltier at your altitude. How about you try to get on my level?

Intestines that aren't working.

I guess
im not upset or anything lol
but damn shits rough ahahahaha


i was going to actually make the joke that you were the mom. but then i was too lazy and went for the low hanging fruit.

Sounds like some cyber loser is trying to call me out.
Enjoy your text based fapping.


dude overlay some of those over frogs

I will give it time its just
like its so weird

oh no :(

are you getting treatment of some kind?

maybe you are bi? .-.

you're crying inside. I think Isla is a cutie too, but i separated myself from her in the worst way imaginable.

Funny, I will do exactly that~

They refuse to try.


that's fine
i want to be lazy too.

I'm just here for the drama

no keep you locked up in my place unable to leave unless you want to play with the giant sand worm!

What drama? your family separating apart because their visas has expired?

Good. I will enjoy my real pussy with my real penis. Nerd. I bet you rub your salami to D&D you deviant.
I was only ever trolling sabrina anyway. Fag.

btw I am back at 160lbs and I feel better about my body now
not great but better c:


is it something like IBD? I am sorry friend, life can be unfair :(

Turn about is NOT fair play, love!

That and the occasional thread drama

Fell good dood.

im just here waiting for soto to finally die.

fuck you steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it isnt but i cant beat you at your own game bae! also nice look there

steam down? or am I being haxxed by grim.

read the boo confession fam

Steam won't let me use the market nor let me remove a phone I dont have access to from my computer.


i can't

it's just a bag of frozen hash browns.

Meet too

Yo Sotes~

Exorcize me now.

Something like it, but it's unique. It has no name.

Shit son. I'm not sure if this much denial is healthy.
Then again, if it's like other toxicity, I'm sure you can go far without being in danger of there being a dose big enough for you.


Tuesday night maintenance.
Tends to last 20-60 minutes.

That is a nice typed set of gobbildy gook

this happens every fucking tuesday, you guys.

Urgh, Gaben

That was such a late reply.

im not usually around at this time anymore.

jk soto i love you.



Here's hoping she does well. I want good things for DC.

I've cybered everyone here but you. Sorry to break it to you so publicly.

The third one's going to be absolutely disgraceful.

Let's just go on one of those cruises hosted by a washed up rock band and steal everything from the mini-bar.

Of course! ♥

ghostie we'll have to pick up where we left off here

-slides my frigid hand up your skirt-

I just want Stardew Valley T_T


clearly gaben is trying to send you a message.

Did you really just say you've eFriendzoned me... Really??? REALLY?

But it's Wednesday.

at least it was a reply.
i actually also went an got a 99 cent can of arazona too
and a brand new type of chickn burger at mcD

luckilly i had enuf left over for the 20 pack of eggs and 2.5kg of hash

I don't speak britbong, sorry.

...She can't accept when Steam is down, anyway.

...Looking forward to it.

...Well... yeah...
Dotes when Steam is up?

i torrented it
it's peaceful


i personally take sadistic pleasure when dc fails, even if i like some of their characters and comics.

marvel four life bruh.


sleep in a dog pile with me in a spot where the sun lands through the window.

cyber me you loli whore

gobbledy gook = nonesense.

and Well obviously hence my annoyance. Really?

ye c:

o-oh :(

-pets your head and scratches behind your ear-

But I don't got no game, sunshine. ;)

And thanks. I need to get some pics of me on my bike. I get a lot of pics of people waving at me or stuff. Had this girl staring at me, so I blew her a kiss. She smiled and waved frantically.


These aren't the pictures I asked for.

i really wanna do that actually


why do hate me blood-chan



see the only answer is to stay alive for all time :^)

that sounds much better, lets do that!

people really dig those, total chick magnet it does help that you are really smooth

the real question is,

why do you care?

im sorry ;-;

and because you dont care either!

you fucking monster

no i do but
I mean according to a lot of people I am a complete sociopath but like those are just people on /lgbt/
So I do care I have feelings!!

yeah sorry ok


I should amend my statement. I've ACCIDENTALLY cybered everyone here except you.

You say that now, but things are going to get weird!

*thumps floor with foot*

Booze cruise! We can hurl our empties at Quite Riot.

I need to get my passanger seat back on it so I can start offering rides.

And I am not at all smooth....I am a very shy person. At least I was.

You have definitely never cybered me.

im just joking. no reason to make it awkward. i'll have to do that next time

ive never cybered you

wait you will have to do what when?

Good night everyone.
especially canola wallace

I, what.

please sabreena neener. just call me "that" name

Anywho I better go sleep. Its really late and my mood is deteriorating.

enjoy your....er tuesday heh.

do you dance, love?

you totally are you just need to fight the shyness! what happened to the other seat?

sweet dreams scoot

make things awkward.




I'm weird. Wouldn't want to change that.
You're weird, and I love it.
I'll have all the weird.

League games that run 50+ minutes make me want to shoot myself in the face

It wouldn't fit with the sissy bar. Had to take it off, reform it. Now just need to get the sewing machine and recover it.

Maybe, my sweet.

I hope you know I was just goofing around. ilu!
Have a good night, hon.

I Cosby'd the two of you.

Yep! Not well, but yes.

Glad you're on board! My octopus costume should be back from the cleaners soon.

Sleep well Scoots.

Do the d.a.n.c.e.

We had a dota 2 match with fortune months ago that went on for almost 90 minutes.

i cant stop laughing wtf

ahhhhhh i am really bad with awkward stufffs



you are love.

thats why you'll never understand how all the space fish could follow the big fish boss.

well at least you had the decency to sedate me

How did you not off yourself?

you are so smart i wouldve just left it off unless i had the money to get it fixed up lol not maybe, i know for sure!

i doubt i can dance too well either but its still fun af :^)

lol nice one sdeezy! feeling any better today?

you legitimately depress me sometimes. you remind me when i used to do stuff with my friends and i hate it. and im starting to hate you more and more because of it

i uhh

Because alcohol and we won.

A bit, but I need to call them back in a few hours when the sun is.

we're all goofing

just have a good time love

posting because pls no worries bob marley style

literally gone

Leeg games in general make me want to kill myself lately

You flatter me. I just do things to try and get the things I want. I'm not that bright.

When the sun is up.*
Damn brainfarts.


you are johnny

that's why you'll never understand how all the johnny could johnny the johnny

I want Mandy to flatter me.

STOP REMINDING HIM OF SHIT HE DOESN'T LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, that makes a lot of sense. I did well score-wise but we lost, so that kinda deflates things a bit a lot

Amen to that, friendo. We'll both make it out okay tho I'm sure

revel in that awkwardness

oops... i just found out i left $75 in my bank account >_<

i guess i'll watch superman vs batman!

it was easy actually... and worked flawlessly ♥

Yeah, got to win if you've put that much time into it.

Your skin is like the Ganges

Dirty and brown and should go back to Mexico

Superman dies lmao

Mandy is all flattered out tonight.

>oops... i just found out i left $75 in my bank account >_<

Or you could just save it for when you need food instead of begging someone to give you money.


i just
idk how to
like what


comic book heros not allowed to die!



Mexican people actually called me pale. Like i am too pale to be considered their people. like this skin colour

Do not watch that shitshow of a movie

Some games ya just can't win


whoops. that arrow was meant to point at soto, not choromatsu-niisan.

luka if youre going to waste your money on movies instead of food at least watch something good

like zootopia

Good attitude!

I'm off to bed. Have a great night!


sabs liked it! ♥

why not colby? did you watch it?

That's the joke


Is it wrong I want to take a bat and bash each and every one of their brains in as slowly and painfully as possible?

Why would you take a bat to them over people who don't take steps to lose weight?

Murder. New thread.