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I will age enough in time to vote though :^)


okay sweetie.


That is great to hear. Makes mine a bit better!

Are you going to be going around using my words and style?

that was unnecessary, but okay.

I agree tokai, inshallah

Thanks for the support.

No thank you

non monsieur
i will just add brightness to my list of cutesy pronouns i call people

such as?

bombing isis?

I am voting Sanders.


Glad it does!
Like its just been relaxing and chilling and its fun.

I'll be sure to send you a pic once I get the hat



not a cuck if there are girl posters btw


I don't want Tumblr to take over.

that's weird
hows that happen?

he's right though

oh okiesss

yay bernie

because he's at least not trumpet

and i don't wan't WW3

I'm gonna buy my hat right now.


undefined boners

trumpets are the worst


Buy an amazon one topay over $20 less


toot toot
spooky skeletons play them

literally any retard could spot this bait




I don't actually care about paying less.



even ghostie could call this bait tbh
ur argument is a governments subjective view on torture?

honestly though like

Affirmative action programs are retarded.

and we dont like dem fuccbois

Ahh alright.

Dude sorry.
Im a libertarian nationalist.
My b.

aren't you 15?

you're a fucking autist


but which one though?

(s)he is 17 i believe

wonder why would it would swap to undefined though
unless the name was already undefined and im just a retard

i don't appreciate those parentheses.

Sick nice.

W-Why am I getting linked


ayy lmao.

Nationalism is an ideal, Libertarian is a political party.

I don't care what anyone thinks is bait. It is by international law a crime

Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1984

Article 1. 1. For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any
act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted
on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or
is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person,
or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is
inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official
or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising
only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.




go home eveyone. Its all over.

You can't vote anyways faggot.

can we have sci come back if ghostie leaves forever?

you're getting them mixed up.

Pls this is libel

wat are those scoots?

name field prioritizes the plain name... and when there's nothing there and only the trip key
it doesn't have a name to load so it defaults to undefined.

ez to understand if you think about it.


how about they both leave. win win. we don't have to compromise.

They are one and same

yeah tbh people who are too proud/egotistical to define their sexuality are retarded

i fucked a person with a dick so im obviously not straight lol

user no bully pls
or at least put on a name instead of doing it dishonorably

tsuchi pls

nope i didnt understand that at all
i'd understand some nudes though babe if you wanted to send me over some

No, I am definitely not.

I will once election time comes.

It isnt libel if its TRUE YOU FUCKING HOMO.

Worse liar than OJ

Why even define sexuality... why not just like... fuck something because MUH ANIMALISM

oh wow following international law and the constitution of the united states, the basis of which our societies function. It's subjective to follow them anyways.

could we stop?


look at this autist

sexuality/pronouns are all bullshit to try and get people to see how special you are

there's literally no other explanation

there's no chemical in your brain that hurts you if other brains dont recognize you as a certain word?

only good post loco ever made

says the mole faced cock sucking spic


Sorry it just happens to have a wealth of information that are on different individual sites.
Want me to list more?

Hey, man.
Where else do you go when you don't know what you're talking about?

says the emo nazi that I MADE CUM TWO DOZEN TIMES

UGGGHHHHH where are all the cute fucking posters jesus christ

its a pigsty of anons and shitposters here

its all a feminist conspiracy to defame men

the jews is a lot more believable than a matriarchal hierarchy


I hope it stays that way! I might have a beer or two myself here soon.


You cannot confirm that.

I think I might have a shot of whiskey or two later tonight, that should make the night fun.

archive.imagesync.org/Holla Forums/search/?search_text=wikipedia.org&search_text_tripcode=%21GiLgameShI&submit_search=Search

I love TCs man.
anyways is a meme now to hate me just making sure like if its a meme or for real.

I like how the one guy angry about Trump is user.

Hes not really helping the "cuck" thing out.

maybe actually cite a libertarian or a nationalist and not give me basic domain cites, stating that it's wealth of information. Maybe (s)he has to go to storm front to find citations on what a nationalist is. Who knows.

I'm going to study politics


What. I dont induce hate memes.... much


will join but might not talk much

Keep talking like that and I could be~

he's annoying as heck tbh
i just want one of the girls i like to hop on already
nothing else to do here

I'll stay one hour max, gotta watch sleep but sure

mio ♥

Theodore Roosevelt is probably the best president the United States of American has ever seen.


Look at president Theodore Roosevelt.
His actions were some of the greatest of all presidents.
I specifically enjoy the speech he gave in Osawatomie on New Nationalism.
This was the big thing for me.
I can go get the speech for you if you want.

so tc when?
Also, you do a little bit, at least you arent ashamed of it.

I guess he also thinks Republicans are about republics and the Tea Party is just about tea, not the whole dichotomy of authoritative vs libertarian.



what are you saying?

oh hey tokai

oh and scoots you better link this time I swear

I definitely do not think this way, I can tell you that for sure lol.

ayyyy in to doot


I like how he also brought up general information as a retort too. Like this is why i'm just numb about politics right now. Hey guys, my wealth of information and understanding of critical thinking is getting a piece of information and pasting like i know what i am talking about.

shitw ell i will get ready


y'all don't wear True Religion anyways.

there's not enough makeup in the world

I like how you're insulting her indirectly and not at all addressing her or anything she's saying. You sure display a wealth of critical thinking. Like circlejerking with Tsuchi about how leet cool you are is the height of dialogue.

loco is a fucking liar

AND you guys don't got broads in Atlanta.

la la la i made u cum stfu

Most political discourse is just people trying to yell louder and deflect the most.

/r/ing loco x scoot logs

whatever, you look like sci now.

i look cute and you know it

Yeah yeah.

Remember to drink water, Onii-chan!


you look like a holocaust survivor. I should know. being jewish


tokai is naked



how does she even get that much ejaculate

and how does she get it into a bottle

do they fuck the bottle?

i dont want to take my stockings off for tc
this is a dilemma

This is kinda entertaining.
Like literally bringing the cuck meme even closer to reality.

wait no

I don't even have trousers on, come on in

I'm not actually surprised the user was the crazy gay mexican.

I hope Trump gets rid of all non-whites.

And/or just blaming white people for every problem. :^)

in what shape and form am i insulting her? And using terms like circlejerk, and cuck is not making me taking this seriously.

BLM blames WESTERN european whites now.

well yeah okay

That's an insult. Are you retarded?


Nice job pro argument you're the best i'm sorry for not making you take this seriously enough you're right ghostie is dumb you're not a cuck and that means trump is dumb because ghostie linked wikipedia to correct you for fucking up about nationalist libertarian


So me, a BLM lieutenant, blames Scoots for the economic and social woes of the black community.

fucking retards right here lmao

i'm not going to unfilter you just to read what you said. Sort of regretting going here now. see ya.

who who who

We never considered Slavs, Italians, and the Irish "white" in this country anyways.





Loco. why would i filter someone who looks like a young Adam Samberg. But you're not as funny and you take this medium too seriously.


Only anarchism bring freedom you republican CUCKS can't even true freedom lmao




that's just sad

Stalin was a fucking hero, the only reason you stupid LITERAL NAZIS think different is because of McCarthyist propaganda

using dirt is fine.

the fuck is even going on right now

critical thinking is getting a piece of information and pasting like i know what i am talking about.
That's an insult. Are you retarded?

Nice job pro argument you're the best i'm sorry for not making you take this seriously enough you're right ghostie is dumb you're not a cuck and that means trump is dumb because ghostie linked wikipedia to correct you for fucking up about nationalist libertarian


#anti filter

Modern china is thanks to the great leap forward

git fucked libtards

you typed too much.

*snuggles tenderly with lotsa love and care*

you stupid retards like saddam was a crazy mongoloid war monger, he would've invaded time and time again until he reached washington, would you still protest our glorious military then?? huhh??!




what? LOL

You finger yourself to get off tokai don't talk about literal fucking heroes

I like this thread now


The nimble navigator won't be stopped.

Go back to /lewds/.

would really rather jam my dick in a hacksaw right now


Aw thanks Luka, you're so sweet :3

I want the EU to deal with the burden of all the ISIS aligned Syrian refugees blowing up.

EU, you mean Germany right? Like the biggest brother economy has to go in head first. That's how it works.

Afro-Americans are systematically oppressed by overly white bankers, this is a damn fact and not acknowledging that makes you the same as a holocaust denier. We need to stop these republican confederates from keeping down the black man hallelujah

and nothing

you spelled it wrong
I don't have to do anything

Is that an Abyssinian?

The age of the white man is over, nations like China India and Brasil will rapidly take over and arise to greatness in a fair way. Unlike those white devils lmao, they raped and stole from the entire world they deserve this smh

At the same time and separately.

I love whisky.

Oh there is nothing more I want to do than to shut you up.

With my cock

Islam is the epitome of tolerance and progress, their Golden Age was only denied because of White Imperialism that continues to this day.
ISIS is only a just response to the century long oppression of a great religion

Whiskey is quite nice.

thought it was a somali
I'm no cat expert

the beginning
and the end

you are worth it! *pets smiling happy*

We just need to wipe out the sandniggers and their shithole countries.

Somalis are just long haired Abyssinians.

The alpha and the omega.

allahu ackbar





I hate to say it but, Christ, that is one ugly dog.


i might give mh4 a try.

I'm from Brussels and I say kill 'em all!

Seriously though I am a proud Classical-Liberal

make this more alive

It's a fun game, but who are you?

the light
and the dark

Not a big fan of those people.
Don't know who Bart is.


I just want to use the EU as a buffer zone.
Let the bleeding hearts take all those "poor islamic refugees :(" and let them get blown up first.


i'm not you, but stronger.


The loo
and the poo
Why did I laugh at that?

Let them fight to the death.

Bard is cool.

I don't understand this statement.

Bard is a trap?

Close the borders. Get rid of jus soli and anchor babies.

have you ever felt a warm feeling in your heart?
like at all

I misread that entirely.

Deus vult.


he is
am i cool?


Anyway I'm off to work again.

Not really.

haaaa haha yeha it is lamo

hello squash i likeu
but not roomantically
but i like you


u r boring

But Bard is cool.
That whole post was to the second question.

Out for real.

but i just got here

I'm on something for heartburn.

I really am tired of hearing about "those poor muslims/niggers :(".



yeah i know

Assuming no then

I actually dont care lmao





going out to buy the hash browns


Fill out some applications while you're out.

Some me your food again.

What's wrong with my being a cynic?


There's no love involved

being overly cynical is lazy lol
just assume everything and everyone is shit so you don't have to put in any effort

I feel like the culmination of everyone's faults and what burdens them willl all band together and make most people overly cynical

The ones who arent shoukd be special

that just makes you a shit person

Go to Syria and try to hold hands and sing Kumbayah with ISIS then.

that's my point tho
it takes considerable effort to not be cynical after a certain point

yep, agreed
trying to change that about myself actually.



No you see, every time there's a question you just redirect it to something cynical and irrelevant.


forcing a brighter outlook especially in regards to people may help

but i dont really take my own advice so...

Hi there!

Can you fault the cynics thoguh?

How are ya doing?

dunno. i think so.
i'm a huge cynic most of the time anyway, just thinking out loud

Nice argument

Fantastic. It's been a good day. How about yourself?

sorry bro i dont mea to sound liek a dick idk

What even was yours to counter? That I'm somehow a cynical and heartless person because I don't like jus soli or anchor babies?

Is this a young bard?

its sabrina

Rane (OpenRA and Chill?): imgur.com/a/ujDYX
the ultimate meme pics

lol joke sabrina!!! hey

See you're doing it again, again moving away to something irrelevant

Holla Forums as fuck in this tc


yeah, i've been trying that for the last few weeks in real life. trying to be nice to people that I normally wouldn't, or at least more sociable

nah man i didnt think you were being rude at all no worries

hey baby

I'm flat out asking what you're even trying to argue, considering the only topic I've talked about in this thread were those to even be labeled as "heartless" by you.
You are just making vague comments then faulting me for not connecting your tenuous grasp on logical progression.

how has that been going

Doing well.
Did some talking iwth allison but she is doing other shit so i went to the witcher.
Thanks for asking


Scooter, I saw Batman v Superman...

...and I liked it. It's a huge, clunky mess, but I still liked it.

The Witcher? What's that, hon?

I was just pointing out that every time you only comment something cynical and harsh, even when asking if you ever feel any love.
And by getting asked of this you just respond with the same stuff over and over until you just stop replying or say something like k


The Witcher 3 is a video game that is super fun c:

I havent seen it yet because work and now I have no one to go with and want to see it y

good i guess. not sure yet
i'm going camping with three people who i wrote off as complete douchebags week so we'll see if my cynicism was valid

How was anything I said "harsh"?

notice me sabrina

a few months from now and we're gonna be fucking so lets start this now


Aw, fun! I need to try to make time for gaming. I play some of my old games once in a while, but it's been years since I set aside enough time to be called a "gamer".

I'll fly out immediately and we'll go tonight! But really, I hope you get to go soon so we can talk about it. Like I said, it's a mess, but it's a loveable mess. It's so weird because I can understand why a lot of critics don't like it from a film making perspective, but it's not a bad experience at all.

Shame! Also, you wouldn't want me. I weight 500 lbs and warsh myself with a rag on a stick.

i tried to do the same but i think it was more due to desperation for friends than anything else. i think it made me a more bitter person

hopefully your camping trip goes well. ive never been camping

Well for example your brussels comments/race comments whatever
Like shit I like offensive jokes but if it's a daily pattern of not even funny comments and nothing else it becomes harsh.

I didn't know you were 70.

Go back to Holla Forums then.

is it a hot mess, and works because of it... because like its chaos

Hush! You did too!

Hey hey~

I dont believe any of this quite obviously
Im actually pretty cute
And I think youre a total sweetheart
so lets start flirting yeah?



It's my dildo to play with how I please. Don't look at me like that.

Dress like
Act like
Shit like
But it was so unfortunately nice with

Please tell me you don't actually say "warsh" for wash.
Dear god. My grandmother did that.

I would expect it.
like i love playing old games i havent played in forever sometimes.
Just so happy to relive the games and absorb the story again

What's good Fort?


i wish i were your dildo

Not me.

i'm hoping i can prove myself wrong about these guys because that would really give me a reason to keep trying
i'm sure i'll be just as bitter if they end up being the dicks I assumed they were

and thanks. i've been camping a ton of times, i'm basically gonna be the one doing the actual firemaking and shit, so at the very least i'll have something to fucking do

It's clunky mainly because the studio wanted to catch up with Marvel in a single bound. That alone really puts a crack in the pacing of the film. But when the movie is effective, it's highly effective. Also, Ben did a wonderful job as Batman/Bruce Wayne. He brought a sincerity to the role that I dare to say no one has before.

Cookie! What are you up to, sweetheart?

Ok. You go first though. I'm terrible at flirting when I'm sober.

Nope. It was just part of the joke, which I stole from The Simpsons, btw.

I love reliving old JRPGs in particular, especially if they're on SNES or PS1.

That sounds depressing.
Not really sure currently, trying to focus on anime but I can't seem to be able to focus on anything currently.

are they loud and obnoxious or...?

Want me to play with you a bit?

I wanna go through with some nep stuff again, even though thats recent
And kinda wanna relive Ty the Tasmanian Tiger but oh well

sincerity? tell me more. How was Jesse?
And wonder woman?

Waiting for somoene to come home driving their grandmother.
I'm at friends, who keep me from being distracted from my work.
How's you?

What anime?


Only if you beg.

a little.
they're just kinda hipster brodudes
our only common interests are camping and music


i said please!

thats not a lot to go off on. though i guess common interests arent really a requirement for friends.

Why can't I see ?


open your eyes

hopefully because you got bored of his furry shitfest

I have no one filtered.
I can't see anything except backlinks.

Erased, then I'm supposed to watch the newest episodes of Ajin afterwards.

I had to Google that. He reminds me of Crash Bandicoot.

It's a little difficult to explain, but there's just something about the way he carries himself. You really believe that he's tired and beaten down, that he's barely keeping up the playboy facade, and that having Supes as an enemy renews his sense of purpose.

Jesse...*sigh*. He's very good in a few scenes. I can see hints at what the character can be if written with clearer motivation. His motives are constantly changing in the film, and I suspect they cut a lot of his scenes that may have shed more light on what's going through his head.

Wonder Woman stole every scene she was in, but she didn't get a whole lot of screen time. She's getting a solo movie though, so we'll see how she does.

Oh no! I never did come back did I? I'm sorry, hon. People stopped by after I got back and I was busy trying to unload leftovers on people. what sort of work are you doing?

some people it is more beneficial to you to filter them

Just refresh the page.

Yeah, he was like the original xbox copy of crash bandicoot kinda

Not good enough.

Luckily Im not sober babe i got this one
I'm really glad youre back to posting, I missed you the time you were gone sweetie~

You never did. It's fine. No biggie. Fell asleep after 4 hours.
I'm working on the very important project.
I started today, did like 50% of the work.


Will try.

Tell me when you start ep 4 ^^

i think i can make it work. teach them some bushcraft shit, have a few beers so i'm not spaghetti as fuck
listen to some tunes
should be ok. it'll be nice to spend some time in the woods either way.


Refreshing fixed it. Sad. Just something client based.

I filtered some slut when we e-broke up because it hurt me too much to read her posts

Ah, alright.
There's no poster I want filtered.

Use your words. Or your eyes.

Oh god, why?

my dead shark eyes


shame i wouldof liked DC to do more build up

but marvel catch up.

shame i cant see with sabrina ;~; the commentary would be leet

hows youe week going?

for the banter and the nudes

Starting 3rd now, trying not to fall asleep.

Did you kill a shark?

Still is a bad idea. And a sad one.


maybe if i didnt do anything in real life and only did stuff on here
otherwise i think its pretty fine

No I don't think it is fine regardless. It is fine to have friendships and shit, and even a style of friends of benefits, in terms of nudes and what not.

But dating??? No.

i had them implanted too

to fix my astigmatism

Did you ever play Jak and Daxter? I used to play it with my baby cousin. He was better than me.

That was rude of me. I'm sorry. :(
So you're taking a break from the project? Have you remembered to eat and take care of yourself?

What a goober. :3
What're you drinkin'?

I really wish he'd played Lex the same exact way he played Mark Zuckerberg. Seriously. I wish they'd just told him to do exactly what he did in Social Network. It would have been perfect. Anyway, I'm hoping the director's cut will add scenes shining light on some of his erratic behavior. He sometimes seemed more like a Joker wannabe than Lex Luthor. *hug*

*yanks on your beard*

Ahh my kokoro hurts just thinking about it

its not like there is 'love'.

me and michael started as an e-date thing

been together for like ever now

Hey, I have astigmatism too!

Bad times ahead?

i dont really

i can see distances well. whatever thats called. far sighted?

I enjoyed it to a certain extent.
Played it at a hotel once and loved it.


I havent drank since this afternoon but ive been on girl scout cookie all day
so i cant really think straight
Especially since youre all thats on my mind

I'll have you make up for it later.
My friends take care of me instead of me not doing so. Don't worry. My one female friend is quite motherly, and a nurse.


THATS A SHAME, sans the robin suit, was there more joker teasers? I am too psyched for suicide squad.


All sorts of times :3


pretty sure joker is dead and suicide squad is a prequel

I'm near sighted.


ni ni


but wtf does that mean

tinychat dead

was nice talking to you sweetie~
sleep well

Smooth gif.

I forgot how much of a talker i am in TC.

is it?


Sleep well Tokes.


does test really sound that feminine though?

he claims to be a top

I just don't want to spoil anything for you

if he didnt sound effeminite how would i confuse them with wallalice

the autism

Well then, bad times ahead.

It is.

Shit, kid. Watch the toenails.

I wanna play Spryo the Dragon! It was the first PS1 game I ever played.

Let's see how compatible we are. What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

I still owe you three cybers. Or did we already do one?

Some people think SS Joker may be an impostor, maybe even a tweaked Jason Todd. Then again, it could be a prequel. Either way, it'd be cool if Ben made an appearance. I really did enjoy his performance as Batman.

fight me.

oh thanks

Spyro is sooper fun

hes one of the better batmans

im glad to hear hes getting a solo movie

then i am correct in my opinion then. always said hed be good yo
how was bun bun?

We did one, but that was not one of the three.
I guess that's a good start, yeah.

Well I was talking about the weed strain girl scout cookie which is REAL fucking good
but our favorite girl scout cookie, is of course, peppermint, undoubtedly
you dont even have to tell me i'm right my love, because i always am

but does Boo and scoots get BIA





Usted no me quiere en su casa! Esos son también hermosas trillizos.

I'm so out of touch. I don't even know which games are really popular unless people post something about them here. -_-

Didn't he just seem to bring so much reverence to the part? I hope he knows that fans loved it. I can't imagine how much the critical backlash must have hurt.

Zootopia? It was adorable and funny.

You pulled an Aladdin on me!

Ooooooh. What sets it apart from other strains? And I love Thin Mints. Probably a little too much.


i was referencing easter, youve reviewed that already, imma need to cram movies tomorrow


So I was right then, yeah? im a fucking psychic?
its just a lot more potent, makes me a lot happier/out of the world, you know?
I'm glad we have so many things in common, sweetie~ it'll make conversations easier

um league of legends is popular
dota 2
witcher skyrim i think idk

How old is Chii now?

you can stop right there. You could have stopped at University of Michigan student and we all know the news is trouble.


Ho now, we decided on the three cyber thing after the first one.
I'm pretty sure it was "three more cybers", too.

Sabs post piles of dirty laundry

i like a tired angry and somewhat crazy batman

soto post neet shitness

Onto the bus, children!
We're off to a new thread!

I can see the pussy I eat in great detail, but I can't see her face worth a shit.

LOL. About a year ago she was 20 i think. Most likely 21.

Then again, it could have been just over a year and her b-day was near 22. On the other hand, it could have been just under a year and her bday just passed and she is still 20.

Im 21.


300 horsepower is fun ^-^


My bike has a lot less, but I will show you more fun.