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New Tiger Mask anime when?

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Are you a ladyboy

\/\/ E \/\/


that panda is sad



Its true though, isn't it?

He shoves things up his butt while cybering Desu
I thought you did the same but with Isla

I know, I'm pretty hyped but dont know what to do till then
I'm pretty bored and just in bed
Ill shower in a bit


Fun fact - Figs are pollinated by wasps. When the eggs inside of the fruit hatches all of the wasps are female except for one. They all mate with their one brother and leave to go lay their eggs in more figs, leaving their brother to die inside the fruit it was born in.

Get a job

Do you have a new job yet?

i am a aneki

Naww been too busy drinking

My life has been spiraling out of control



God I wish that were me


Another fun fact - "An aerial armada of 334 B-29 bombers took off from newly established bases in the Mariana Islands, bound for Tokyo. In the space of a few hours, they dropped 1,667 tons of napalm-filled incendiary bombs on the Japanese capital, killing more than 100,000 people in a single strike, and injuring several times that number. It was the highest death toll of any air raid during the war, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By comparison, the bombing of Dresden a month earlier had resulted in around 25,000 deaths."

The south will rise again

do you believe your own lies?

can't see it

Thanks mom


Det kalder jeg en vasker.


Hell yeah I do

Snowball to the ass
Shit must be cold af



Quit posting lewd shit you fucking slut

She deserves it


You're welcome.

I could get you a job if you move here but you probably wouldn't want to work at a dq.




america be ruthless

what this got to do with toys?

deluded fam




I love this song


Aww yiss. Set up for Thursday ^~^

Well nothing

but doesn't it make you want to buy a dildo

boo thread

not really

it isn't.

i don't understand...
earth is fine.






wtf that led to nothing

whatever man



Not bad.

What does that entail though? The bunny gives the cummies....right?

Rlfk drink

n--no the bunny sees how many cumshots they can take in their mouth while saying cummy bunny


I don't like this game. I don't think I could ever be drunk enough for that....

you hyped me for adventure but I just got slightly annoyed

I'm drunk enough for it


well that combo made me horny again


tokai, control your loins. jeesh.

u eat rabbit asses

I was already aroused aand you managed to stop thatthanks


I haven't watched wrassling in a long time

I'm in

Wouldn't you?

I am eighteen and had some alcohol, it's hard okay


I don't understand...

Tokai take those loins off instead


Tokai is only 18??!


yeah yeah pun

Trying to flirt
let's date already


Tokai post loins


I thought you were 20

Well that explains a lot..

Cant unetsand atraction to animals
even hyperseuxalized ones like the bitch forom sapce jam or that new disney movie

work brb

The emperor can suck my dick.

but I like playing

..what would that explain

too old

tokai just a kid! o_o


Not possible

tokai i thought you were 16


Your lack of self control for one

Oh well
I'm just a kid to you though
You're like 26 now right?

Can you into poetry?

And why not?

I have a way with words but shit out turds
When times demand rhyming

.. Was that intentional


I am an adult!

that makes stuff even more messed up

ohh yeah ^ ^ okay then its fine


...wait how young are you? ._.

Such blooming youth

How young do you think? :3

Because by definition that wouldn't be the Emperor

there there
i'm sure you are~

No I'm tom bombadil

Yeah thats fine babe
We can keep flirting but I just need to know youre a little interested ♥

22? i dunno?

I'm too uncultured to know who that is


He's the faggot from LotR who speaks in rhyme

why do you want to know about my skills


Sorta miss when you made drawings for me

I don't even know what I'm doing

no mocking!


what a guess.

eh... it's not any diff from 25

i think prolly around 28-29 life will start to feel different.

Are you 26?

But what does that have to do with poetry

It'll only start to feel different if you decide to do something with yourself.

silly tokai
so young

not yet

Me neither 😢

Really? I'm going to make a huge life change next spring

Poetry is art
I like your art
Maybe you could write a poem for me
I feel weird asking you this


Dude, none of these places do what I want. fuck

Whatchu tryna find

Like being a kid
But with bills
And you have to make your own appointments



we both have trump hats
we're basically married already

It's so scary

a good head start. while you still got that young cutting edge energetic life style feeling :)

im thinking i'll just buy hasbrowns in bulk now... since they are the cheapest... and tasteyest to make
and eggs. mixed in with it.
in bulk now.

Yeah. Gonna buy my own place and shit.

That's a good plan. Save money.

you should. you're asking a boy to write poetry for you.


do you need poetry? or do you just want me to write you a love sonnet?


Write a nasty fanfic.

I like what you make
Make something for me


A piercing place that won't tell me venom bites are too dangerous.


Why not just use a nail gun also what does snek have to do with piercings?

Lmao ikt

nail guns are expensive and not sterile.

That's just what they're called I guess.

oh... you don't live in your own place yet? right...
yeah, grim. life is going to be totally rad and different on your own.

hash browns :3
yummy meal, filling
and tastyer when i spice it up.
the egg is liek the cherry on top

He's one of those really jew-y looking Italians

I am super adult

oh, hmm I guess maybe eventually we will

don't others have that as well?

I want a girlfriend to live with
But I want to be 150% self sufficient before that

Eggs are amazing protein

We never will. That's the cold hard truth.


Just heat the nail with a torch or something.

one thing at a time, easy baby steps in life :)

yeah i only got like $15 right now...
so imma prolly go out sometime today and just get an 18 pack and a couple 1kg bags of da hash

just to tide me over till the 5th

the 1st is going to be quiet the struggle day i think... i don't know what to expect to feel once my tooth is pulled.

*The Cherub is confused*

maybe one day :)

Why not just find a daddy and move in


Damn luka
Idk how you live like that

When I come up to meet you im gonna book a fucking 5 star hotel in the city for us and you're gonna have the time of your life


I'm not doing it myself, nig.

I'll do it for you.

No you won't.

that chicken shawarma is gonna go deep into luka

Yo ikt
Welma ain't about that rp life
Don't make her salty

It'll only hurt for a moment!

Nigga das gay

yes, pls no make me salty before work pls




i just accept it. pretty much.
and try to live on what i got.

well i think it's going to be a long ride to the nearest 'city' especially one with a '5-star' kind of rating...


My fucking sides

There are buses and trains right?

Ispent so much money on that ward

there's the seasonal railway for the country
and the occasional bus transporting people around the province, yeah.

its.... just a very very long ride to get anywhere.

Oh hue

Well yeah its kinda weird but i feel like we might have a special connection that i can't really explain


Jap letters in name field is copyrighted by Wish™


That fucking chase lol

she looks beautiful

Too lewd!

jk I'm just a wannabe

Less clothes and she's even prettier

Japanese is a wonderful language.

The best hentais are written in Japanese.

just a nice happy lady enjoying a day at the beach

she wouldn't like that :(

I have a few favorited that are in jap
But I usually prefer being able to understand some of it.

Needing to filter to language:english$ is suffering

too sleepi to play and make more dank webms today though

But that's lewd, bright One.

Can you kung fu



Grim I did you a drawing instead but it turned out all wrong

i'll do it again but right tomorrow


yay pretty anime drawings

i - irregular
k - Korean
t - trap


shut up you dumb cunt

suddenly feel so sick


You're Korean, right?


would be so paranoid in public w/ him because i'd have no idea if he was looking at me or not

like he's wearing sunglasses or something lmao

What's the difference?
K-pop sucks anyways.

I heard they smell weird and look like chink spic niggers

Hell, I might even be Vietnamese


SEE EVEN THE [Mid/South American] GUY KNOWS

They eat with rice paper

That shit is so sticky and such a pain in the ass to eat with
I wonder if they use rice paper like tortillas

Fuck you I'm Central American


someone decide pls

too many choices makes my head swimmy


I skimmed through this and it looks like covering food with wet toilet paper.

mgr: revenge

You would be experienced eating sticky white stuff you fag

Fallout 4 with ridiculous mods.

Yeah its all weird

The peanut sauce that usually come with the spring rolls usually make up for it

How do you say lewd in Vietnamese?


dâm dục


thats a funny thing to say to a duck

waar zijn de loempias

dâm sún

war at the oompa loompas?

Việt là ngôn ngữ của cộng sản và củi.

I didn't know there were different types, to talk to Viet girls on FB I just use google translate
Can you give me a non-robot translation of "Khi tôi thật sự đủ hiểu bạn tôi sẽ tỏ tình với bạn."?

dâm daniel

nooo it's food

It apparently translates "faggots" as "firewood".
Fitting at least.

When I really understand you I'll confess to you.

Holy shit I hate how pretentious the language sounds now.

That makes more sense
Thanks ^^

total war warhammer looks so good
might just buy it d1

oh my god I will hate this if the season ends on a cliffhanger I can't spend like another 6 hours watching shit

who's daneil
and what they do to make you surprised enough to say that?

oompa loompas are food?
they dont look it... since theyre small people :\

Quick! Someone suck my dick!

Back at it again with the white Vans

Shut up, Kamuu.

this is a loempia

lol gay


You know you want it!

That's a cheap imitation loempia die me moeder nie maakt.

DIT is de Hollandsche adaptie van de loempia - nuoc mam vervangen met chillisaus, een extra krokante buitenlaag met stuff uit de supermarkt en heerlijk gevuld met een 50-50 mix van groente en gehakt, wat verwerkt is met transparante mie.

I got banned from 4chan so I guess its back to posting here ._.

Speak American in this thread.

driving around in Vans?
why white?
huh? wat...

mmm a burrito~

now I'm hungry again

how'd you get banned

An image of a scar.

i bet this is kamuus

is there a dedicated thread there or what

He kidnaps kids with free candy.


btw thats my jetpack ip.
since my house one is permad

no, I post on /lgbt/

scarey :(

that's fucking disgusting

you own a jet pack? ._.

why fly in a plane when u got a jet pack...

don't you stutter at me
i dont do relationships with britposters

thats not a burrito

wait what the fuck

jet packs are kewl

y-you're g-gay

jet packs aren't real

The content is too gorey.

Dude a scar is too gorey dont yknow

they are so useful.

Its a wireless hotspot little box thingy, they call it a jetpack.

dâm daniel

i want a htc vive

yeah they are

its wrapped like a buritto
it's stuffed with stuff like a burrito
it's the color of a burrito

oh :(


i gotta go find this webm to prove you wrong loco you poofter

if someone sold you that and told you it was a jet pack they were lying

that's a computer

The computer type is Elipsis Jetpack.

yup ;;
so instead of posting with my favorite people, i get to post with my second favorite people

damn nazi mods

bami and spaghetti look like each other but they're not the same thing either

couldnt find it

fucking basically.
I can't clone my mac address on the jetpack nor my router ;~;

he actually made such an effort and did so well

it's such a shame

just gonna post webms until i find a game to play or something interesting hops on

~ dont mind me ~

favorite people? second favorite?

am i not favorite enough? ;~;
pls not second place



ah well at least there's a fuckton of other chans to post on, but those are just a bit deader

they dooooon't!

. .

/lgbt/ is my favorite board to post on.

i like lgbt a lot more though tbh

*pets silly tokai*
there there~
don't worry. it all works in the end!

rip us.
rip me.


i still like you guys but /lgbt/ are nicer and more enjoyable to talk to.
Plus gem is there so that makes it even better I think.


He's so fugly.

what makes them special?


tsuchi only attracted to traps when he's jerking off to them



I would post pics of it but its kinda nsfw.
There is your hint as to why.


0118 999 88199 9119 725 3

im not as nice?

Sup fam

back from the pub


Yeah, same.

Is it still nsfw when you never work?
these are some tough questions
but yeah oke

are those our nuclear launch codes


wew lad, good times?

Gem is the best poster ever.
Then there is [m] [a] [y] []yy[] [a] ka[] who posts there and is also an awesome person.

ayo sup



Well, sort of. England got beat because Dutch bumfucking the ref... But me and my friend are determined to organize a trip to europa. Atm we've decided on Munich via stockholm and maybe budapest.

Besides the reuslt, good ale, top bants. Wew lad

how goeseth? having a calm one fam?

Go to bed, Wallace.

hey scoot



super sad because I got banned from 4chan and I can't post on /lgbt/
So I guess I am posting here.

It's the afternoon and i got broads in Atlanta.

what up fellow jew, how goes the bootyquest?

what up fellow jew, how goes the bootyquest?

Well, last time I posted on lgbt was when it was just a cesspit of "muh rights", that was at its inception tho.
sucks man

booty quest fairs well but i dont have any actual chances to get laid for the next 5 days at least
the flirtings going superb as usual though

what about yourself my fellow child of israel?

oh i remember going on /lgbt/ that place was great to bait in
i should go back when i get bored like this

i post in tranny passing threads n stuff.
its fun

I don't even feel pride for winning, we fucked up the qualifications and until we do get it I'm not watching.
Sounds like a grand fun plan


i want that~


what changes on day 6?

Me? Hahahahaha I am having a sinai spell atm, but to be honest im not exactly trying at the minute. So I cant complain. Which I am not. Its lame. But eh. I have something on the periphery. So who knows.

Troll central. Hahahaha

Like boo said, last time I was there seemed bait central. And things got deerailed quick.

Same really, like we beat germany at the weekend, but I am like "its a friendly. Only looks good on paper".

When the main tournament revs up the germanys and the spains gonna bring their A game.

Shocker yo

URGH, RUM BEER FUGGGGGGG never again tokitoki


Wouldnt mind going to Brazil and sdmashing some trannies like. But... those evangelicals man...

damami pls

Oh on day 6 is just when some pretty lady said we're going to the movies
she said she wants to sit in the back so

A sinai spell lad?
i got no idea what that means

thats why you dont shitpost bait there, you circlejerk.

Sinai, like the desert. DRY as fuck. Welp xD

And the movies eh? Deadpool a good shout. Or has the lil lady got a "plan"

Circlejerk.... on /lgbt/?
I might try it sometime tbh.


gonna be so long before I have the same feeling as 2010 or 2014
fuck those were adventures
hehe good to know, rum cola is aight though

Doesn't work if you aren't gay or tranny.

i dont think her intentions are to actually watch the movie unfortunately :(

shame to here about that desert stuff though dude

waow /lgbt/s tranny general is just like here

8ch ate my image

Donald Trump hat arrives tomorrow WOOOO

By the way I had a political epiphany thanks to sara.
Voting Donald Trump since he is the closest person to match some of my political extremes.

EUGH these traps look like garbage though


Dude shes fucking cute
I got to kiss her, it was nice.

Aiiiiiiii rum and coke are like best mates. I would say bacardi and coke.... but morgans and coke are perfect. Sailor J's too. I fucking love Sailor.
And RIP oranje. Holland usually has a decent/technically gifted team.
Transitional period. RIP Johan.
Lol, just having flashbacks to 2014 when I was at a music festival and me and 4000 peple watched england crash out like the fucking trainwrecks we always are. xD

Sorry, I forgot Bisexuals arent included. How silly of me.

Well get a cheap "dive" movie that no one else will be in and just.... yisssss.
And pfffffffffffffffff As my man Axel said once.... "Nothing lasts forever......."

Bi sexual threads are super dead.
You can try if you want

Still would take on a brief tour of poundtown.

Ahahha youre crazy as fuck scoot i love your posting style
yeah im gonna definitely try to go ham
she clearly wants it so theres no point in me being subtle about it

they have a tinychat





yeah for real
dont get why chubby bubbies try to become girls

it doesnt cure their fat
they have to work out for that




I have my moments.
Do tell us all how it goes.
We do all eagerly await reports on Muff-effieciency statistics and accuracy reports.

1st class ticket to Poundtown is all a girl wants, all a girl needs.


Is that a white Kanye West?

I mean you totally can but
super duper fucking dead


Hello, brightness. How has your day been so far?

thats a good one tbh

Bernie Sanders won Alaska, Washington and Hawaii caucuses and primaries.

I guess you could say it was a... weekend at Bernie's


My day has been wonderful honestly.

Trump is gonna win the election and its gonna be great :^)

if you want me to report on the girls/'girls' i sleep with id be more than happy to scoot
i love gloating

you're 17

NewYoungPonyClub... man I remember seeing these fuckers live, off my face on coke and Es.
Being so drunk I needed Es to "sober up"
Fuck man a good festival weekend that was.

Vote Trump and stop being such a cuck.

We all need that information in our lives man. I expect pictures, pictures of spiderman.

You don't wear True Religion, don't talk me.

should also try gin tonic, flavour splosion as hell.
Jup, sad days fam
damn that must be sad bruv, we just sorta rage everytime, especially in fucking 2010


I will age enough in time to vote though :^)


okay sweetie.