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fucking die

You are sweet.

I should.

Not once, sadly. I have lived in a big city all my life.


mark your calendar?



Oh, you mean that hipster self righteous vegan type? That preaches about vaccines causing autism and retarded "appeal to nature" quackeries?

He called me boring.
I almost cared, but I don't really.

la de da... whatever.
i'm bored.

Grim wont stop talking to me about a wolf boys bulge in jojo.



Why even live?

me too

Out of context is best context.




Boo is a strange little man. Don't pay him any attention.




Not sure what kind of hipsters you have there, here they're all like "Yeah man let's smoke some weeeeed" and the usual teenager stereotypes.
Although that look is same thing.


kyle grim got really mad cuz my skirt was too sloppy for his liking


:O post skirtu


-scratches behind your ear-


Did you toss it up in the back for him?

I'm gonna
your mouth and ass

Why when you say a trap fag isn't cute they feel compelled to "prove" they are?

And you didn't even show daddy any love for it


hi there elma how goes? ^^

can you not correct them. they can stay in the other thread

he kept pressuring me to bend over and take more

Nice repost IDIOT


He never asks me to pose for him.


That's where I hit you with the couch~

blue thread

would ravage scarlet's ass btw


oh, you got that weird egyptian looking thing?

It goes and goes :3 Just laying around til work like usual lol

How was your Easter weekend?

pretty lousy skirt~

a lot of people dont read your posts because they dont like furry/subdom shit

Don't they all just do it because it's the only way they get validation?

12:26 AM - LEGENDARY OSTRICH RIDER: fuck me dude

what a faggot

go out to bars for validation ;3c

wow if u ever post our conversations again im terminating this relationship

That image is still fucking revolting.

fucking finish your paper

its a fucking sarong its supposed to be messy

not cute enough

that being a response to ban for telling scarlet there is a new thread. once again dude you throw these tantrums and you really need to work on that

I'm pretty sure they just suck each other's dicks about this kind of thing for that.
I feel like if you actually hurt their feelings you can tell because they use terms like "kid" or emotes as you can see in the other thread.

eye for an eye


you said you weren't depressed anymore

tell me more about this

Why do you only ever say something when traps are involved, Boo?

I'm pretty cute.

are you a cute trap or girl?

what, he can't even thigfuck you?

regular conversation doesnt interest me here
can't hear anyones voice or look at them
prefer to flirt

why do you only antagonize people when you have a bad day at work or whatever

there are other things to do to vent besides hurt other peoples feelings :(

My life is suffering. It will be worse tomorrow. Let me enjoy my momentary bliss.

if you guys hurt my feelings I just fake-quit for a couple days.

not cute enough to be ogled by grim-sama

Skunt doesn't do anal btw

no mas bullying welma pls

It gets pretty disgusting when it's just multiple dudes in a perpetual circlejerk telling the others how much of a girl they all are.

Stop ruining my plans pls.

ur not petting me right >.>

ooohh nice that's how I like to do it too

yes it was nice I had to work but I got to have dinner with family too, how was urs hm?

Because I am a saucy bitch who is only happy when others are sad.

Remember this.
Saucy bitch.

How dare you.

i deserve the pity actually

How can anyone say that when you're the girliest and cutest?

nu me

Why is Master Archives unstable?

I actually love anal now and am a complete butt slut.

I got mind broken.

You didn't hurt my feelings, I'm just an obnoxious narcissistic and I'm better than you.

Also I'm not a girl, I am a boy.

I worked too. Didn't visit anyone though.

you know i dont mean it

i will ban you

bye felicia

Pls no bully

I am BEYOND butt befuddled.

Are you trying to say you think you've hurt my feelings? I'm confused by this misuse of "bye felicia"

I actually starting typing a response to this in that "style" with tildes, made up tumblr words, and emoticons but it filled me with immense disgust that I can't even be satirical about it.

worship my cock

im sorry

dunno if I should congratulate you or what

post new pics of mindbroken mayaka?


you're ruining my plans actually
we have conflicting plans

Somebody's in a dommy mood today. Didn't you just say yesterday you wanted me to rape you?

wait wait wait what are your plans?

what are my plans?

I don't even know


Are you trying to say I care about your feelings?
I'm confused with this misuse of odd replies.

You should have. It's hard to dislike you when you are just so neutral about our chats. I want to hate you again.

I cry openly.

One reason and or thing/person

What happened?

Look in the other thread.


i am happy now?


I have an unconquerable ennui.
It's a curse.

its all for show. im actually pretty somber


how's everything at work? Things well with the work husbando lol

you were petting me backwards! rufflin' my hair up and stuff

Yes but how so
did you find a better job
a girlfriend/boyfriend

I am curious

I think your exact phrasing was, "Oh yeah beat me daddy. Rape your little slut until I bruise"

God damn it, Gilligan.

I can be strong...

I need logs.

Just put up with the pain until it felt good, it was worth it.


Work's whatever. Nah, not really, but he bought me an ice cream today so that was nice.

your memory is as fuzzy as your face

we have no choice


He's good at cleaning up the evidence

Bitches love the beard

I hope you feel better here soon master archives

and how has this changed your life? are you a new person now?

its quite nice

rip anal nerves

Not with how you play.

Save them from now on.


Oh. You like his, but not mine?

Nothing, babe.

It's getting a little too scraggly. It's right between slightly unkempt and about to wage Jihad

What're you gonna do for me~?

bort send help

if he's buying you ice cream things have the be going at least a little well :3


The real question is what are you going to make me do?

elma im high as shit and i still know my plans
step up your damn game

that angle makes me look like a sith lord

Thanks. Here's another one if you want>
I'm a lot more submissive now, or at least I have the desire to be a lot more submissive. It's incredibly hard when I'm very narcissistic though, I need an alpha to put me in my place who's more alpha than me, if I can psychologically or physically overpower them I can't be a sub for them. It's difficult because of how confident and outgoing I am.

fits him

need to trim it

any places call you back?


I know it's meant to be patronizing but it doesn't really bother me, nor the opposite.

Stuff. Butt stuff~

I should, yeah. And noooope. Gonna call some more when my life is not falling apart.

Fuck you.
My beard is great.

What part do you find patronizing?
It was not the intent.

Yeah, I guess. He's busy chasing ass elsewhere though.

And it's not like it turned into a boku no pico scene. which would have been welcome He was just trying to cheer me up about my tongue thingy lol

Protip: An Elma has no plans

“Equality is a lie...a myth to appease the masses. Simply look around and you will see the lie for what it is! There are those with power, those with the strength and will to lead. And there are those meant to follow - those incapable of anything but servitude and a meager, worthless existence.”
-Donald Trump
Darth Hitler

You've really come a long way, proudda you

maybe you shouldnt put yourself in these positions. perhaps you like life to fuck you

its not

I'd drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie talkie.

I think he would prefer it licked off of a nipple

vote trump

don't be a cuck

Is too.

Just because it's my fault doesn't mean I like it rough. Although I do~

Sounds painful. I like it!


I thought you were just doing that thing were you add words like "babe", "kid", etc.

thats an insult to the sith, at least they were smart somewhat

you look like a killer

when do you think you'll be free to call those places

*pets correctly*

I, uhmm, certainly don't know what you are referencing.. >.>

what happened to your tongue?! aren't suppose to like it.

Oh, no. It was just a filler because I only call you Gilligan, and I had used that.
Consider it like saying "um", but at the end.

Eh I always had it in me. I'm doing great now though, very happy and stuff. Life has been perfect the past 5 months basically.

I am very high energy, so it's only natural I'd vote for the nimble navigator

hey say hello to my fiance

I'm far too pacifistic IRL to kill.

You have a job and everything?

If Trump doesn't win I'll kill myself.


im not accusing you...

Though...I would kill that ass...

how do I do that

oh, you're missing out.

it doesn't matter. I'll ttyl or something.

have a nice night, thread.

Friday after my mom's birthday maybe. Actually maybe Wednesday if not, I have half the day off.

Is that one of your innumerable sub-bitches?

UPS or something like that.

I worry for my privates.

tell her i wish her a happy birthday(almost said bitchday)

and no hes my padawan

Nah, I'm basically just a house wife and that is what I prefer to be and that's what my gf wants me to be, so I'm happy. I'm pretty good at it too and ontop of shit.

allahu ackbar

hi help move this tv

hi awesome person, hows it goin?

just time to get my head right

stop focusing on negative things and start being more positive

high five nigga
livin the dream

is this my tomo folder

fuggggg alright

ok ttyl night night

Don't worry, I only plan on wrecking your ass~

What's a padawan?

I am procrastinating a shitton and feeling a-okay! How about yourself?

But I ain't got a coin for no postman

Sounds good buddy.
I'm getting my own apartment next Spring.

Probs gonna room with someone. Shit's nerve-wracking. Never done it before.

Considering what I put up there I doubt you can.

This is tests folder

my eventual replacement when i leave

Give me some drugs

I've been told this also. It actually works really well

u new?

I'm sure it will be great ^^

good luck c:

You continually doubt the strength of my dick. It is not a mistake you will make twice~

Ahhhh I remember. Coolio


I used to obsess that I didn't have enough friends irl and ESPECIALLY that I had no bf/gf and it made me sad

now I am just happy with what I have and my lifestyle is good enough for me. if more good things come along then things will be even better, but I'm happy the way things are now ^-^

im doing great just relaxing now, thanks for asking

Yeah it basically is the dream. I get to shitpost all day and cook and clean a little bit just to make everything presentable.

We have new room mates so I'm not sure how that's going to work, I'm not really a fan of cleaning up for other people unless I'm getting something out of it.

I'm currently rearranging my room for maximum utilitarianism.

ye im new

I'm worried that I'm gonna get an insane roomate or something
I don't want to move my valuable figs and shit in because he might trash them or rob them
lol .-.


what's your gf do for a living?
Do you plan on getting the full snip treatment soon?

I handled pretty well before.

(anime reaction image)

You threw up~


Those were not the things I was focused on, but it did work. Good to hear you're happy

Because of the crippling stress and lack of health.
Keep in mind I was not exactly in good health then.

Doc said I was pretty fucking sick when I went.

I don't have the strength to go into any more layers of irony

I can't do deliveries but you can grab them if you want

Or maybe you just couldn't handle this massive dong~

gay furry stds

la la la

yes this is micheal scarn

keep them in a locked container or something? .-.

I'm sure they will be fine ^^

-hugs tight-

im sure you can dig through a few

all the fucking worries

Do it with me too.


You jizz tastes like death.

The doctor said with my stress levels and how little and poorly I ate I would not live past 25 if I kept it up.

When was this

what the fuck


I'm gonna go with my theory ;3

that;ll be extra

2ish years ago.

That isn't fair.

pathetic attempt

ive won this exchange

office meems are always nice


you've changed for the better since then tho
but you can still change more


Extra what though?

It's ok to be a size queen Kyle, we all support your addiction

Uh well that's just like, your opinion man

Well, considering I'm soon to be done with threads and my real life will be way better soon I am sure to live long.

im so upset

"You will be called back in 30 minutes."

Shame you can't fulfill it. ;3

Are you upsety spaghetti?

Dohoho we'll see~


are you being racist?

You pizza be kiddin' me!

Honestly tho nezi
I've been kinda pondering on rooming with someone from here
even tho it's probably a horrid idea
maybe Colbear if I go to Cali
Squash or Boo if I go midwest/south
Bebo if I go hard west

they would appreciate or tolerate the weeb

No I fucking thing SRS is disgusting. I am not transgender and I don't want to be a woman. I'm a trap and that's it.

My gf just works at a store, I'm just very good at handling money. We have about 600$ of disposable income a month, with a few more people splitting the rent that will legit be like 1000 a month.

She thought she was poor as fuck before but she just didn't know how to manage money at all. We live extremely comfortably.

Sorry, but I'm spoken for.

You forgot to type something.

fuck you!

show totally went to poop after Robert California was the boss tho imo tbh fam

Who's the lucky guy?

thrift level=god much
sorry for seeming ignorant mayaka

mfw hearing about your life

Just some friends.
Nobody you know.

Uhm, excuse me, but I'm a quadruple minority so I can't be racist and I don't appreciate the implication. pls chek ur priv kthx ;3


stop being racist you silly spic

you're back now?

that picture gets me errytime


'till the end of the month.
Then I'm getting rid of my thread shit and calling it good.

poor guy. only wanted to fuck nala from lion king

How dare you. Do you even know who the fuck you're talking to? I am the bisexual, biracial, disabled husband of a tranny and I will be spoken to as such!

What the fuck?

fucking and?

maybe for the best

you're not disabled.

ask david i dont have the video

Squash reposting since I think u left "I like the brightness increase cus it makes me look like super pale which I personally have a fetish for, like Stoya the pornstar level of pale.
Does my skin still looked bad? Here's another unflattering image"

No it's okay. Being around actually trannies these past mouths has made me realize I'm nothing like them. I'm just a fetishist and I prefer being a "girl". I don't pretend I'm a woman or have a girl brain or something though.

And yeah thanks, my life is pretty fun. I am pretty lonesome to find someone more alpha than me but I'm not sure that's possible, however that's def narcissism talking.

What do you mean thrift level?



It's awful here and I only use it as a social crutch.

mooching off the government like my dad

where's your handicapped sticker

Forgot to post image

Yeah but that wasn't real rage at all, I was just having fun and laughing my ass off. I'm a shitstirrer and I have no off button:- )

You simply look malnourished.

it is
that's why I typically stay away

I mean, it kind of just made you look like a petty tard.

It's for the best.

top what

are you like afraid to smile. or are you like incapable

fucking welcome back for however long you're fucking here
fucking missed ya man

Being smart with money and finding ways to cut costs.

We should meet up at ax one day

its too early for this shit
I'm still fucking scarred by you know who dying



you're just a little bitch at the doctor's office

Goodnight, humans.


(you hurt my feelers)

top pip


Oh shit. That reminds me.
I need a Gormagala feeler.

celebratory post


what is leaving really?
just call it a hiatus

Daz knot gud enuf

im used to disappointing

Sleep well Grim.

Grumpy this morning?


Yeah that was the point, it was hilarious. I don't care about my standing in online communities, I get bored and cause drama for fun. I thought it was obvious after awhile

I'm only good at faking emotion IRL, I can't do it well for pictures.

Yeah I'm going to AX this year. Planning it all rn too. Going to fanime as well. Just got back from sakuracon

Why the fuck did they think dst was a good idea fuck

Sorry to say, but a lot of people just think you're a nut trap fag.

Your ass ain't disappointing bb ;3

thank you for the reassurance. work on your thing

Oh that one qt trap is here

She just needs to be bent over a table and put in her place guys; it's fine

I am not sure at all, I don't know the answers to big questions in life.

I'm thinking of just sleeping for all eternity. I think that is the mature solution to my problems.

we'll laugh at her when she leaves. anything more would be rude

or learning from your mistakes maybe

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who had that thought.

Is she doing anything to laugh over? The only time I know of where she got silly is in that cap

Btw I've been posting on /lewd/ a bit the past couple of days and they're mostly okay

One person did sperg out a bit over Holla Forums at first but they seem to have been calmed down by their significant e-other

photos are a bit humorous

must be easier if you post anime.

I'm looking at the ones at the end of the last thread now

She kind of has a cray cray look in her eyes

And I think the main problem they had was the sudden influx; if you went there while no other new people were there they'd probably be fine with you

Yeah that's why it's funny. My entire internet personality is basically just a persona lmao. I try and come across that way.

Don't come near me you numale

What's this tumblr meme?

To be honest people like that are boring.
So many here are just egos. No genuine people and the ones that are get drowned out.

dead look really. talks like a cartoon character.
ive done so. i'll try again if i see grimmy


Holla Forums meme
not tumblr
educate yourself

this song is so good


I mean that's just chan culture to me. I act genuine one on one with people even if I "hate" them in the threads. And I'm being pretty genuine now, am I not? I don't think I'm capable of hating people, just being annoyed. The thing is though I never back down from a fight, so if someone attacks me I just go into shitposting overdrive.

Holla Forums term for beta

Well I guess it's also that I'm used to those kind of people and petting them and calling them kawaii comes naturally to me

Doesn't really make a difference to me

Well actually if it's from Holla Forums it might be more retarded

Oh, now they can throw "numale" around until it also loses its imaginary punch in their minds; cool

I feel like this whole conversation has been one sided. I can't say I've held much interest as it's only been about you.
Not that I've pushed to give my bit, but there is a difference between genuine and mundane.

but how do you really feel about it

irrational, bluepilled thinking from you erio

Mayaka is a joke


you are a joke my man

we're forever friends

Finally someone gets it

Hmm, I suppose.

oh shit earthbound is on the e-shop for 9.99. i'm finna get this game on.

Idk, it's fine for what it is? It's not super exciting or anything but whatever

It's just another subjective reality tunnel that calls anything that disagrees with it "bluepill"


The true red pill is in seeing the primordial chaos at the root of all worldviews

And if anyone really thinks heavily in terms like "alpha/beta" they're kind of an unevolved ape

Just be the source of worth; decide what things are worth to you on your own, independent of the opinions of the group

That's an important step to being the ultimate "alpha"

dude calm down it's a prank

the camera is over there

you're mixing up /r9k/ and Holla Forums, lol

ive found putting faith in people is often a mistake. though its my mistake for expecting anything more than what they are willing to give.


I have a lot of energy and need to shitpost hard

We were just talking about a meme Holla Forums invented that means "beta" because "beta" itself lost its punch

That's why I focused on that specifically; evidently it is also part of Holla Forums to an extent

I'm confused about what we're talking about now

Why do you need to put much faith in the people on /lewd/ to shitpost there?

i was talking more generally than /lewd/

im sorry

once again, not a Holla Forums meme, thats a /r9k/ one
/r9k/ is 50% satire but you made a good argument against its other 50%

sounds like youre just copypasting whatever you saw about Holla Forums that you heard/read in the threads since hte information is backwards as hell

try going there someitme

still my dream car.

Please. Not this shit.
I did my time in Freedom Unite.

youtube is fun

Okay, well yeah, you probably shouldn't put faith in people unless they've given a good reason

You said right here that it's a Holla Forums meme

Scarlet said the same

what does a numale have to do with a alpha/beta???
you dont even know what it is erio....

take a shower sober up wtf


i'll learn someday

There you are!




oh well scarlet's fucking retarded lol
thats not the definition at all

I was wondering when I'd see you come around.

Kuro :3

I was laymanning it as hard as possible, I don't care enough to properly explain it

you confused erio a great deal by it

That's funny tbh

gah this was an adorable moment.

I don't care LOL

Especially online

Btw have you spent a lot of time with the person you're engaged to IRL? I think you were the one who was engaged

Dont meme me irl

Why did you lose your shit on /lewd/ anyway?

sorry :(

i'm distracted. since i'm scared of the mean people

This falls back to being mundane.

fuck that goddamn crab holy shit

nearly 2 years

I killed it, but fuck.
Was like PTS or some shit.

I use the glaive now too.

Oh youre the cute trap that posted before right
I didnt mean quoting soto I was just looking for drama
You seem really smart and sweet~

"I was just pretending to be retarded"

Oh, all I knew was that you met them from furthreads

I'm not mean

I explained it like 20 posts above here:

I don't take myself seriously at all, it's just acting and satire. I was laughing my ass off at how serious everyone was taking me

that was about 3 years ago

u are nice

and you srsly banned people

i dreaded fighting the tigrex again after the PS2 version made me stop playing the game forever when i was a kiddo

and thats good
glaive is fun for solo. I use hammer now

If you ever want to team up I'm down.
I use shit armor though because looks over function.

darn even seeing it once, i cant even my sides

I am posting from my phone and am sleep deprived. That is the definition of mundane, and so I am

Yeah it was funny as fuck :- )

Yes exactly.

ayy you too
how ya been?

What in particular?

Come on.
Have some personality.

np I was watching youtube too

i had a good laugh when i banned you as well. welcome back

Come on.
Have some personality.

What if we banned you here.
Would that be funny?

i'm playing aram with luka and lloyd right now but maybe if you're up in a bit

did already a few months ago

This is even deeper in a constructed reality tunnel than just "beta" though

Looks like it's just another pseudo-weight meme word to brush off people who don't agree with Holla Forums's worldview

When are you getting married? :3

gonna bring him a ring pop at the airport

I am so sorry.

I'm just soloing the main shit.
Kind of bored with that. I want to get S Goremagala shit though.
That and the Mosgharl set.


i will not say my lips or fingers in this case are sealed