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nick is so cute


i wanna fuck that rabbit edition

Fuck the bunny general

what the fuck





are you sabrina???
some user claims you a lot
i dont mind because the user is pretty based
wish he'd get a name tho

if honey is the rabbit then i agree

you can't call her cute

His name is MFF.

He's from the pony threads.

I am going to try and not fap for a week!

I just wanted to post the cute bunny! ;_;

"Claims" me? Hm. Weird.

If Holla Forums was a dark alley, I think I'd be in more danger of rape if I actually was the rabbit.

better not talk to any traps like you do 24/7


its called surprise snuggling, bae :^) kidding though! how have you been?

I don't talk to anyone though!

Can you hold my penis for me while I don't use it?

Yeah are you sabrina or what?

Dont do that
that'll be bad for our relationship if you do

know if he's cute?
i can go to my sources and tell us if you dont

Yes, I can add it to my collection.


No, I wouldn't call him cute.

you disappeared for too long david so i can't do it tonight, sorry

post what you're listening to, no matter how weird or cringey it is



My dick is in bad condition currently

That is hot. Who is your prized possession?

I-I am not supposed to talk to people like you


Jokes on you, I'm not listening to anything.

lol I went to a concert and this artist guy was streaming his art on a TV and he had a uTorrent icon on his desktop :^)

I've been ok. Just keeping busy. Did you have a nice Easter?

I am. So, do you mean he claims to be?

I'm listening to What is Love by Hadoway. The reason shall be revealed shortly.


It's 7.6 inches, after all.




nice blog

10/10 taste in music

Courtesy of Advena :c



i did, did you? a happy belated easter to you as well


i forgot how many furfags were still here till zootopia came out and everyone started talking about wanting toi bang Nick

Why the hell is it so small?


That qt gril in the music video though.

What am I watching?

I don't know but it's catchy..

i forgot how many furfags were still here till zootopia came out and everyone started talking about wanting toi bang Nick

I give up, Holla Forums

You fucking win.

Goodnight, all

too tired for a good pic soz thread


the admin and sole mod are furries

Maybe I can pretend you are not one for a bit. What are you up to Elms?

i forget often

night peanut

Not the first time I've heard Mongolian music.

I don't want to get you in trouble x_x

Not too much. Watched a little Grey's Anatomy again. Back to work tomorrow. What an unproductive day off.

How have you been?

natalia is a best waifu would move to that crappy country for

no I don't


That feel when no qt 3.14 natalia poklonskaya



fuck off kanra

hi elma ^^
how are you?


I was too lazy to synch her head bob. Sorry if you have OCD.

I did! I smoked a giant brisket and drank with some friends. You know, just like Jesus!

Hi! I was just a little confused. I figured maybe you were using one of your Sabrina trips to frame me. :P

Been alright. Hurt my dick. New bike came in though!

*fuck on kanra

he never notices me anymore


Doing well. Eating some cookies, but shh!

What's up?

Why'd you do that?

Oh, nice. What kind?


we need to clone her..... for the sake of peace

chillin like jesus is always a good time that and chillin like a villain, also i love that webm! you are the best

no, i wouldn't do that.

so shut up and marry me, or post cock..................... one or the other.

you would think he would take any attention he could get. you must have really goofed

kanra is cute only because he uses a housepets avatar
it's not fucking fair how cute those characters are

kanra is cute until you're trapped in his rape dungeon

I couldn't resist!

Can I just shut up?

ooh, what kind? :3

I just got a new car ^-^

it's super fun to drive, no more shitbox
my old car was cancer


dont resist a feeling like that at all ever, you have good intuition for what works!

you're exactly right user
i was high and posted a nude video he sent me one night
now he's angry at me and it hurts my heart ;_;

its 7 pm you foul temptress
i intend to flirt with you instead

The books I currently have in my possession:

Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy by Descartes
Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks (RIP)
This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levitin
Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung
The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James
The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton
The Satanic Verse by Salman Rushdie
ARGUABLY by Christiopher Hitchens
The Martian by Andy Weir
The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin
Language, Cognition, and the Human Mind by Stephen Pinker

others read are missing... hope to get them all in one place eventually.
I've read a few of these, but not all. Arguably is my favourite.

pop non fiction is the lowest form of writing

Chewy chips ahoy that I got from christmas lol

I had this weird chocolate craving.

What did you get? I'm getting one soon if I can get a decent finance deal :p

oh bby.



I have. It was adorable and funny.

i want to rape you

being cute is for fags.

which I am not

We need to acquire the technology.


non fags are tens times cuter than fags

Hitchens should get a (RIP) too :c

hi soto

quit thinking im just joking around welma
everything ive said to you has been extremely serious
i like you and want to put my dick in you
i want to also talk cute things with you for like an hour outta the day

2 door coupe sports car in black ^^

I'm just happy to be driving stick again!

oh gosh now I want cookies ;_;
pls share


But I'm supposed to do the raping
You're supposed to lay there and just take it all in

You didn't even drink yesterday after your date
You can never trust a white girl, I swear

Sup Chii
How ya been man?
Got any good jojo memes?

Whassa madder?

so its worth checking out for sure?

we will find it near those floaty mountains on pluto, sdeezy! we have to hijack a ship with ftl abilities

Let's talk cute things then!

My coworkers cute doggy got diagnosed with lyme disease today and it was sad.

She's so cute.

oh right on. although a black car in florida is brutal I'd imagine, but then again I'd be willing to deal with that kind of shit for a stick too tbh

They're all gone now x_x

Thankies! Congrats on yours.

I'm glad you said that cause that sounds much better.

Yeah sorry, we didn't end up finishing the movie until 3am and I ended up going to bed pretty much instantly.

I don't have the skills to read a textbook, and I can't see myself recreationally tackling a textbook.
Saks and Levitin translate neuroscience and how music is measured, recorded, and interpreted by the brain in a digestible manner. I've actually met Levitin, despite having not finished his book.
The Autistic Brain is sorta pop. but there's a good mix of technical language and of course, stuff on brain anatomy, neurons, neurotransmitters, and genetics, specifically relating to autism.

the Steven Pinker book is a collection of papers. not pop at all.

The Martian is fiction.



I've come to terms with that. Without the people that upload him to YouTube, which are usually his atheist debates, I never would have learned about him. He's actually quite a profound, analytical person. With a passion for politics, popular culture, literature, and American history. His take on American history is what most of Arguably (essays from The Atlantic, Washington Post that he wrote) is about.

but he talks about other stuff too. Like George Orwell, or Mark Twain. he reviews autobiographies, and has probably read hundreds.
truly a giant among men.

Definitely. The animation is gorgeous too. Don't let the creepy furry art it's inspired deter you.


mountains of water ice floating on top of a sea of frozen nitrogen, constantly moving i dont know the exact science of how that works but it was found out when we took images of pluto last year i think

ill check it out then! the commercials did look pretty cute and ive watched lesser animations for far less lmao

too much porn...

Its a Giant! Fast carbon road bike.


Anybody want to hear a song?

Well then, when are we going to inhabit pluto and have crazy laser gun wars there?

Fapping is bad, mmkay?

I want that.

I have to go for now. If you see it, let me know what you think. Good night!

Is it ferret related?

I don't even get horny its literally just a way to pass an hour

the woman, booze, tits, or cup?

Depends on what song you want me to sing. I don't know any ferret related, but I might be able to write up something real quick.


I would say the guinness, but that green head makes me think they fucked it up.

I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse lol

I'll listen if its ferret related.

could be just food coloring.

Take 4 shots of vodka and 4 shots of Jack then it won't matter what that tastes like, you'll be drunk and merry enough already.

Me either. I was getting into some weird shit too...

mmhm, gonna get a snack now, super hungry .-.

yeah black might not be a good idea but it sure looks good :3

Alright, let me think of something.

I still disapprove. It is like making a shamrock on top of it. Just give me a damn guinness with a good head!

Also, vodka and jack are shit.

Then you are closer to my opinion. I like stiffer lager and not the "american't make good beer" shit.

as soon as we hijack that ship

sweet dreams!

That's going to be hard.





Hi Moogy

you get it?

NO. I was so mad that my work husbando got me an icecream though so that was nice .///.

Apparently they strictly only do regular ones there but I think she was inexperienced. I was so ready and then she marked it in the middle and I was like whoawhoawhoa, lady waitaminute.

go to a different place. call ahead to see if they do those specific ones


wuz wrong

same as always
I did that group presentation I put a lot of work into it but it turns out it was too late anyway and also no one really cared that much about it
I could have used that time much better
i could be using this time much better
I will start on the hour
10 mins

Yeah. I know that now. I didn't think it was that unusual nowadays tbh.

best of luck

its pretty rare

I never even said nigger or any racial slurs once!

keep me company


I'll finally be able to be a special snowflake! ;3c


im here

you already are~

could be harder we could be trying to do it on expert mode :^)


You could always just try not opening your mouth.

i'm not

Show me the sub

oh pls. moogy, come sleepover :3

why knot


i havent plugged my phone into my computer yet

bcause i am a spooky ghost

Right now.

Or for that tongue-clanging action, after I get that ;3

im pretty spooked meow

you dont want me over

Why not?

So you are gonna show me it?

then youd have to socialize

What do you mean~?

that's good
have you seen the movie Ghost

you just dont want me there


but cuddles

Did i reply last or did you sweetie

I don't know.

the loneliness gets to me too

hey, rock and roll

It's starting to get more and more intense and I'm scared.

I hope it was me or i'd be worried you dont like me



i saw batman v superman


it'll pass though im sure




it's just a sub... :\

Hunt with me sometime

You get tomatoes on it?

for sure.

im sorry if you're feeling down. im open if you want to vent or whatever

batffleck needs a solo movie

I really should. HM4U is a good game
BnS has just been so fun and shit lately

i need to go do stuff but my security blanket is off fucking and cuddling his boyfriend

even though it already uses tomato sauce? yes.

to me the tomato acts as a sort of neutralizer of sorts.
it balances out, on my tastebuds.


Pecobabe is calling for you

whose that


dom of course
not that he shouldn't have rough gay sex or anything
I hope he is honestly

i shouldn't have asked




I would try it but I fear it would taste bad.


More a porter or stout man myself.

Though belhaven makes a pretty good ale.

Shit happened. Sorry.

yeah it's not hard to figure out



some things id like to stay oblivious towards

why would a tomato taste bad... on tomato sauce?

why so afraid?

Throw it on the fucking ground ban

sup foo


Don't worry about it man.

It doesn't look normal so I don't trust it.


gib ferret folder

Home from work. Might shower.
Had to wash the foaming shit out of my eyes. So those burn like a bitch.

what's so heinous about that anyway

how did foaming shit get in them in the first place
what is eye protection

nothing but my envy

My glasses don't cover the under part of my eyes so it gets in sometimes.

you don't trust tomato?
it's already in there.

It's nothing too serious, but thanks.

I think it's more to do with how it was a poopy, rainy day off and that didn't go as planned and stuff.

fuck glasses get goggles

pic is your average bernie supporter

we could all be best friends if you want

i was furious when i was told i couldnt get mine done either.

I don't see how that is relevant, or accurate.
Stop painting stereotypes about inane bullshit, love.


I thought you did get yours??

Rainy days are the best.


Yes but not in its solid form.

i did. but i was initially told that i had a vein in the way

But it is my ferret folder....

I might shower and play solo hunts for the night if you want to chill in call or something.

yeah sure

i have the best folders in the thread fam
what u want
could give some nude folders as well


No, rain makes me melt x_x

ooooooh. Yeah, that's a good way to ruin a day.

I was kinda looking forward to some endorphins lol

Have you seen my nude stuff?

Hey bud.


i also prefer certain foods to be in different forms like that too, such as some solids in a paste type form.

Wicked Witch of the West?

The reminded me of the hobbit for some reason.

Thanks i like it




I'm made out of sugar^^

or not i guess
c-ya friend-o



More like Sulfur

I can't into moonrunes.

But that's how you're supposed to do it.

I said it was gonna be until tomorrow night but breaks and all


If ice cream melts I won't eat it.

Piss and vinegar

sorry i missed you post.


Hi, what is?

Vinegar and piss


that was mean

japanese commercials are soo cute~

funny -_-

You're made out of Peeps then.

Elma is made of things I could put a penis in...

It was entirely facetious

brb microwaving self ;~;

Let's have a sleepover.


source says you have a big dick though
not implying any flirting or anything

It just turns into sweet milk water!

Elma, please. I have a boyfriend.

Me too

lol peco, i used to use that armor so much in MH3


Well then.

me posting

abloooo :C

I was all about that rath and azure rath

I lied though.
I don't actually have a boyfriend and now I'm sad.

Sorry man, I'm tired.

Sorry, it was off the top of my head.

Glad you liked it though.

RIP in pieces in pepperonis.

my MonHun character was kawaii af in HM3

It's ok.
I'm not in a really playful mood.

you eat it before it does.


Too bad Chii doesn't hunt with Grim and I.


Never sorry. Not to me.

Eiffel Tower Grim with Chii.

Well its pretty rare to have someone sing for you.

Yeah but sometimes when I'm playing games it melts.

I'm actually a banana.

I was anti-reee

fuck kawaii armor when you can slice their nutsacks off


She will

I just need the "I will motherbooping boop you" image for this.

you are the kindest gentleman

Is it? I sing for people all the time...

Ohh yeah, that thing.
Wasn't that because of studying though?

I'm sorry. I'm not even a banana.
I'm not even a vegetable like my name.
I'm just a guy.

'guy' is even questionable


Yea. Studying needs breaks tho x:

Not even close. You are far kinder.

Hope your day has been good.

I like where this is going.


Mortal Peep Fight!!!

That's a thing?

Post beard.

i want you
insidse me

Yeah well no one ever sings for me.

Well one girl at work sang for me the other week but thats like the only other time pretty much.


I think that's a given, nobody has the will power to read 1000 pages with no pauses.

rip bubble boy

It was an Eva x Rin shoop Haikus made.
Eva once said "You want to cuddle you? I'll motherbooping cuddle you." or something similar.

Oh, come on.
I'm manlier than you.

It's been ok. I got a lot of shit in my eyes, but I got a grand.

I'd rather not.

Please mands you are too humble
Was your day a good one mate

oh you are quite the flatterer


If I say you're cute
you're cute


aww, okay

Michael wants me to shave and become smooth.
Do I do it?

you wont be manlier than moogs if you do that





That's too bad.

I shaved my junk at least.

I'm just jaded right now

Which one is eva?

Yes. The answer is yes.


W-wanna talk about it?

Go away, Michael.

how come 🎺 🎺 is mr skeltal
but 🎺 🎺 🎺 🎺 ijohn cena

what if i want do doubl l skeltal????

The fuck? That sounds great....

I got beer in my eye, and oil. And I didn't get shit.

Not really. Really busy. I should be asleep right now, but I can't. Tomorrow will suck though.


id worry more about your boy pussy

It isn't connected.
The grand was tax returns.

u aint gunna git it

The only easy day was yesterday!

you gotta work hard to play later i thats the american way

Not like you are going to be penetrating....

I owe....

Stop the beardicide.

Mon due!

i want to snuggle on couch


Beards look like shit on 99% of people who have one.

wasnt asking for it.


You know why they call it the American dream, right?






.///. *is needy*

Nothing, love.

Lies. Beards look good 99% of the time. I love mine, what little my job allows.

What's wrong, babe?

Why is that?

Only snuggle people you really love.
Or they will stalk you.

lol that pic is rad


You have to be asleep to believe it.

Damn thats bad.

wow this one was really long

To be fair Ghostie is kind of a needy slut.

how fat's the ass?


Want shower?

and hes like 17


Look at these weed wizards

I don't know about you, but that lumberjack beard most people are rocking is manly as fuck.
But if you mean something like a 2-week hangover beard, yeah, nah.


Andy is a pro tho
is he coming to AX?
I miss that chill mofo


Most people with beards just look like hobos.

that sounds a lil cynical :[
b-but i feel you
america is just
it's a joke nowadays
but here in the heartland the farm life is hardy
And the small town life brings close bonds
and a sense of community is stong and its comforting

we have a small town grocery store

Who did you snuggle?

meh as fuck
want a pic?

Why do all the guys who try to act cute look like discount new station criminals?

The majority of people I see with beards are just lazy fat dudes too lazy to shave and their entire appearance just radiates that aura of laziness or it's super scrawny white dudes that think a beard will reclaim their lacking masculinity.

This Vietnamese girl. Last fall.

rip ghostie ;~;

Yeah. My apologies.


I think I will pass.

I disagree.

I wish I lived in a small town. Where as long as you can outrun the local cops on a bike, you are good.

let's see

checks out


Ghostie is daijobu
I talked to them last night

Tell Andy to come get his weed card and ID tomorrow lol

Or I can drop it off at your place after work

I need to sleep...

can't believe youre going after him after the whole BLEEEEGH thing honestly

not gonna judge grim but some other poster literally destroyed his ass and mouth a few days ago so


I got all of my roles back in the other Discord btw.

You don't need to apologise

I really tried to forget how autistic he was in his Haiku obsessed days.
Jesus, it's just painful to read.


Go to bed, love.

he gets mad and throws a tantrum at whoever doesnt care for him. pay him no mind


How'd that happen?

twas a treat

i hope it is die joe boo

Not interested thanks

did you live in a smaller town for a while?

Ui gave me admin again.

What happened to the fuccboi


but when does ghostie turn 18?


Haven't seen that many fat people with beards, nor that many fat people to be honest.
If we don't count the usual drunkards in parks.
I usually see beards on hipsters out of all people, some have it working out for them, some just lack it.

August 11

I dunno

You wanna go? I'll stomp you



happy birthday to me ^~^

I bet you're the kinda guy who'd fuck someone in the ass and not even have the god damned common courtesy to give em a reach around

do u even know what I look like?

Oh, you mean that hipster self righteous vegan type? That preaches about vaccines causing autism and retarded "appeal to nature" quackeries?

desu no tbh

I was shown a picture ages ago.
Toddle back to /lewds/.

im smarter than you grim
i know all of your tricks
they do not work on me

I don't post on lewd it's cancer, don't tell me what to do. I am very cute, thank you. :- )

boy I'm gonna DESROY your ass and mouth

We have a new thread

You look like a cheep Jesse Eisenberg stunt dubble.


I don't know what that means, I'm not a nerd. Sorry kid ;- )

Wait, no. Michael Cera.
I always mix them up.

Either way it's pretty shallow if you have to prove you're cute.

But I guess whatever, dude.

Yeah I am shallow :- )

As is your complexion.

Are you calling me pale? Thank you , that's what I aim for

Not pale. Just malnourished.
Drink more water.

I like my complexion, I worked hard to achieve my skin aesthetic.

I would recommend at least a foundation of some sort.
It is not a flattering color.
You looked washed out. That or I guess wear some darker earth tones to contrast.

I lile looking like this, well actually those images have filters on them. Here's a non filter image, it's not flattering but idgaf.

Stop filtering images.
If I am to get an idea as to what you actually look like I would rather this kind of image.
You look healthy. Compared to the others I guess.

I like the brightness increase cus it makes me look like super pale which I personally have a fetish for, like Stoya the pornstar level of pale.

Does my skin still looked bad? Here's another unflattering image

Isn't Scarlet that one trap that like raged on /lewd/?