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which one is real????

nice thread loser LOLOLOLOLOLOL

fight me.




you're several days old

You fucking dumplings

I don't even count my age in days anymore.

Wish's love goes here
>>>>>[ ]

Are you a vampire loli?

Mmm.. dumplings

Such a tiny space.

It will expand when needed.

Chicken and dumplings, good shit

Chicken and dumplings from scratch. Mmmm.


Where is SD

I need him to share metal music with

I don't suck blood.

You just need a little bit of lovin'.

Do you suck dicks?

He sucks other things instead.

Are they gay things?


Of course they are.


whoa, you must be like a few years old or something, amazing!

Damn queers



Days turn to years too quickly.

but days feel so long! though i guess not remembering my first few helps out a lot with that..



i got raped

Can someone please explain the xzinga meme

Or lmgtfy



at least it's over

shitty tv show that dumb people watch to get a laugh

Do you have a state income tax? Just curious. We don't have one in Texas, so it's one less thing to worry about.

ironic shitposting

Xzinga is from Bazinga
Bazinga is an interjectory catchphrase associated with the American television sitcom The Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper(played by Jim Parsons), who uses it as a taunt after pulling a practical joke on his friends, similar to the use of “zing” or snap." . Online, the phrase is used in a similar manner by fans of the show. However, the anti-fandom has co-opted the phrase via parody in poorly drawn MS Paint comics.

Lmgtfy is a website used to pronounce the fact that someone was too ignorant to just Google the topic before wasting the linkers time

Every day is a Brand new day. I feel like days go past pretty quickly nowadays. I don't even remember every day this week.


Which tv show?

It has been used months ago for board title, it cant be that dumb!

Sign me the fuck up, own a ranch and gonna get me some cowboy boots and hats

yeah. normally i break even with the state. this year i owed $3 for some reason. none of it makes any sense to me

*canned laughter*

It is fucking retarded
That's why chii uses it
Because it pisses people off enough
But not enough that we'll go to a different board

Sorry Colbs, was playing vidya.

It's her little "fuck you" to everyone she doesn't like here

I think

my parents love that show. it's not remotely funny

What does it mean?

Ahh so it is some character's catchphrase. I guess ill have to watch the show to appreciate it

I mean i know lmgtfy, if someone is too lazy to explain they could link me to lmgtfy of bazinga!

...a country?

really? i still remember things i had done all last month

big bang theory
it's a forced meme

does it actually trigger you that much that it made you think of switching?

who knows. i don't watch that shitty show

you could have also just said that lmgtfy means let me google that for you
it's much simpler

Open a winery or brewery. Those are booming here and making tons of cash.

Same. I just plug the numbers into TurboTax and hope I don't end up getting a visit from the IRS.

i know my mousepad is already fuck huge but i kinda want to get this amazon.com/Perixx-DX-1000XXL-Gaming-Mouse-Pad/dp/B00EG7WB8C

Shut up bebop

Watching one of those things where they take out the laugh track of big bang theory is really awkward.

Ikea table mousepad master race.

i want one

even tho i don't know wat it is.

never had one before..

I see, admin's work because they think it is funny

I heard about that series a lot..
I might have sinned of considering watching that show.

Ill just do what i usually do. Give it one go and drop it if necessary.

yeah that's my feeling too. clicking buttons is still easier than sitting down with a pen and paper and crunching numbers so i always take the fees just so it will be over

I have a mousepad from when that one site gave away free custom mousepads if the first one was paid for and they made threads on 4chan to create huge chains of people getting free mousepads.

I have a madoka one.

What about a distillery

Same but with this red geometric matrix

Let's be honest: all Texas wines are god awful and a decent bit of the beers.

IKEA makes my desk.
Shitty Swedish garbage.

I think the last time I had one was 6 years ago?
Can't seem to understand the idea behind them.

Paqciauo fight is soon.. dunno if I should just go to hooters/sports city to watch or see if my pops is going to order the fight and invite some people, meaning free beer


Looks like this.

I don't see the problem people have with Ikea, it's cheap and sturdy.
If the instructions aren't clear, then you might just be stupid.

you didn't answer the question. are you triggered now?
where did Chii touch you?

nah i'd be lying if i said i hadn't watched it myself. used to watch it on tv with my fam before they realized it wasn't that great

i always forget the site that does that and kinda want one. though i'd prob never use it because size


you mean this right?

It's all MDF garbage.

In my sensitive area

submitted this image.

that was in 2012 so it's been a while, I don't even know if they do it anymore.

Yeah, only that back then, only the one that initiated the chain had to pay and everyone else that used his code got theirs for free.

I don't even know if I got bilked, either. I just know I've been getting a little more back since I began claiming my mom as a dependent.

Oh yeah! Ride the bourbon boom.

I forgot to mention distilleries. I'm not much a wine or beer drinker (though I've tried some good micro-brews around here, and a place in Fredericksburg makes good ale), but I have tried some fine Texas liquor. I like Tito's vodka for mixing, for instance.

final fantasy had a baby with the naruto?


I would say he's disappointed by the May/Pac fight but seeing as tho he shilled to watch the last mayweather fight.. its likely he will order it



someone link me good music

was she awake when this happened?

they probably do. i've been hearing a lot about them through the years

I haven't managed to break it yet, so it's all good.
It's not like it being made out of cherry tree would make me appreciate it any more than I do now, just a simple desk.

bacon wrapped >>>

had to look that up. yeah maybe one day we should learn why our money goes where it goes, huh?

Spooky triplets.
I'll try that one some time. I've noticed it on the shelf, but haven't ever picked it up. I usually drink dark liquor.

You dont usually drink, sabrina

I paid absolutely nothing. I didn't even have the means to buy things on the internet back then.

It's just the best of the Texas vodkas.
I think the only hard liquor I really drink these days is Dripping Springs.


That would be the responsible thing to do.

I like a little Scotch on a Saturday night. It's the only night I know I don't have to go to work the next morning.

I think I stuck with Tito's because they used to bring us free bottles at work. :P

Nothing like making those poor chinamen children make big dick futa furry mousepads for free.

hey honey!

whoa their profile isn't private anymore
wait why was i checking again

jesus christ, can you not ever say that again. the image in my mind was horrifying

hahahahaha im just gonna go

Is your scotch scotch and water?

I'm sure they have seen things, horrible things.


I love subtle

The best alcohol is truly free.

Hi there. What's good?

I normally drink it straight, but sometimes I'll mix it with some mineral water.

..nevermind that.


So did Colbs just go full rifkdrink and pass out?

There was someone who got like 30 mousepads made, all for free. He just piled them up in his room.

Was that you?

Reminds me of this thread I saw a few weeks(?) ago.

It wasn't. But it could've been!

We get free Guinness beer sometimes too. The company flies some our DJs to Ireland every year for a festival and send care packages back to the office. It's one of the perks that keeps me here despite the terrible hours and pay.


I want to play video games...

if you love subtle why dont you subtly marry subtle?

im doing great though i had horrible pain last night in my finger found out i dislocated it and without knowing it i got back into place lol, how about you bae?

chii boards.4chan.org/b/thread/677007530

Do you prop them all up and call them your friends/waifus?

I don't think free beer once a year would make up for that.

we did

SUBTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no! Have you gotten it fixed? Poor thing. :(

There are a few other perks. Lots of free food, for instance. Makes it hard to maintain a healthy weight though.

Are you like the token police secretary then?

I'm sorry. I don't understand the question.

good! why wasnt i invited though?

they said it was fine at the hospital, my trying to fix it last night worked despite me not knowing what was wrong essentially i just tried to make it straighten without pain and i guess it worked?

Nnnnn, I'm cringing. I can't handle the thought of popping a bone back into place. It gives me chills. I'm glad you're ok though. How did you dislocate it? You didn't punch a wall like a master plaster blaster, did you?

Free donuts.

We get free breakfast tacos. Fuck donuts.


twitter fingers



nope i dont even know what happened, i did hit my knuckles off the desk trying to catch a glass that fell but if thats when it happened i didnt notice the dislocation until an hour laterish.... aside from the pain its really not as bad as i thought such a thing was, i bet id be saying different if it was my leg or shoulder though lol








It was a secret

oh my fuq

Chicken 'n' dumplings? Well, you boil a whole chicken, then take the chicken out for carving and drop pieces of dough made from oil, flour, salt, and shortening into the broth to boil them. Then you dump the carved chicken back into the pot and you've got comfort food!

I don't even want to think about that. I've never broken a bone or dislocated anything, knock on wood.

cc is the best around



fair enough but i am sad now for it!

if you ever do dont be an idiot like me and just do it yourself, go to a doctor to get it fixed lol

best game

good afternoon everyone


-likes the snowy catsnake-

Some fucking nigress is eating chicken and stinking up the whole train car


oh, tea removed me. funny

Helloo there guys

how do you get deleted by T

Send brisket
Send Swedish meatballs
Send poutine


There there

You from the UK?

By being an annoying FUCK

Good early morning to you.

i think he got mad because i said i didn't want to move in with him. oh and also said i was going to block him again if he kept spamming me

-thinks you must be talking about "herbal tea"...real tea would never do such a thing and brings you a cup-

sorry im as paranoid as a cold war spy
so i wont reply to your question but hello
i am from an english speaking country atleast that

hello how are you today?

i dont blame you they look just amazing, we should get a ton of them and take care of them

hey baaard

i request an e hug to help me get over this


Jesus fuck
You've already given out your timezone so it's pretty much over
Drop the act
Unless you deal cp / over 10k in drugs a month



lol i love you sonata

;_; im sorry, im a really awkward person
and im not doing much just reading so decided to come here for some minutes
and yourself?

Hello there how are you today

That's a pretty heavy grind
idk if I could deal that much drugs

It's nearly 11pm here in NYC
I'm on my way home from classes. Been on campus for 14h

Hungry and shit

Good night, everyone. ♥

I'm a huge baby when it comes to stuff like that. I'd puke if I even thought about trying to fix it myself. Anyway, I gotta go now. Have a great night!

hmm that does sound like a long and stressful day
but you will be home soon and can relax yes?

What the heck Beebop!? How dare you air our dirty laundry!?! Hmph ._.


why act new?

not T

*sits on your lap and hugs*

build them a miniature city and see if they can create a tiny society, with cute little hats

great so far, how about you?

sweet dreams darling!

Well I'm not doing bad, so I guess good?
I don't really know.


-changes your sheets-


@[email protected]

aw man
I'm feeling so sick tonight

put some 'tussin on it

none round
I'd try to smoke it away but I've got a pounding headache too
sleep will do me well tonight

how are you feeling there mate

Spoonful of whiskey.

groovy thanks chap

tsuchi pls u no i cant drink

-brings you hot tea with extra honey and lemon-

pizza for her~

how does it become dumpling tho ._.

she left dude

thank ya darling you're always so prompt with your service

nini sabby ;~;

im no dude


why is this being used

i dont know what irony is either

I feel a nasal drip myself

Well I'm home now
and relaxed
so yeah

because wasting threads is disgusting


any steam nearby?
I hear that helps alot

perfect! how are you doing, sugar cakes?

you would like that?

all of the pizza ever


ur disgusting


fuck off Holla Forums

are you sure it would help
idk man

okay ;~;

Do not drive this vehicle

I'll stream the rest for you Friday if you want Luka.

-wants to live in the little catsnake town too-

i think i'll go out and buy one now :)

lol funny eyes

Wheres the damn sjws to make you guilty until proven innocent

-wraps a blanket around Holla Forums, just thinks it needs a little love-

hopefully if my tooth removal isn't agonized pain

yeah that

im sorry come back

hey manaka

my god you are just a ball of edge aren't you


Also Hyper Light Drifter is a really fun game if anyones looking.

what are you streaming to luka

You would say ball, would you homo

Im mr meseeks

Is it multiplayer capable

Is that in the morning?

A game called Hyper Light Drifter.

No its a single player game.

Which is why I was streaming it.

of courrse you get to be mayor!

keep safe on your way theseius

penetrate me daddy




-holds open elections so snowy catsnakes are free!-


God, you're fucking gay

Now I kind of want to go out and buy a pizza.




right in my butt


perfect time to do so.

Go get dat pizza

Your ass better be tight

Hey i'm mr meeseeks look at me!


Oh snap
I was blasting this in my car last summer.



i want pizza now too i fucking hate you guys

cant even get it though cause i am about to blow all my money at prerelease

; )

hey mr meeseeks

im mr meeseeks



lexi post feminine penis pls

Go get a pizza Mordin's ass.

Im mr meseeks look at me

I just ate mac 'n' cheese and some cup noodles, and now going at pringles.
What is wrong with me?

I doubt any place is open at 6 am.

Forgot about this one they used to play in the radio.

Theres no getting through you

Hasn't it already been posted plenty of times here?


No, only me.



you are right

im mr meeseeks look at me


yeah but i would be supplying the food to you to give to them, so chances are theyd elect you in seconds :^)

share it with spoilers, this is absolutely your conscious not spoilers lol

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What are you up to now fuccboi?

I guess it's just one of those nights where I go through the whole fridge.

Might share with Spoilers, wait what?


-helps you pass out all the...the...doesn't know what snowy cat snakes eats...and fears it's probably bunnies- ;_;



i mean if that's an invitation

physics and japanese homework supposedly but really im watching hearthstone

im still angry about >>888889


im going to
add you

succ me

succ deez

Speaking of Blade & Soul my guy is still super hot.

Japanese homework? You move to japan or something?

yooo i love his songs. completely forgot he was a thing till yesterday.

I'll destroy you.

I like never play anymore though.

:^) how are you doing, sdeezy?

if it is we could just give them meat, i doubt it matters whether we just bought it or if they caught it in the wild

hey bae

What are best fruits, and why are they apples?

no he's a fucking weeb who wants to watch anime without subtitles

yeah im a reall ni hon jin now



i dont even watch anime

At least he wont be those in japan like "wer da subbtitles"

That's chinese you liar

step it up senpai

No its a bad thing.

ni hao


pears > apples

destroy my ass

peaches > pears



grims > peaches

i fucking knew you were gonna post this somehow
i dont know how

Well, my plan to fix my sleeping schedule went horribly wrong as I just fell asleep right after the alarm clock, so now I'm just going to power through the day.
Probably going to buy a pizza, some more apples and a shit ton of energy drinks.
How about you?

Do you even Nord?


No can do.

Apples are hard and gross.


what is a winter apple
in America our apples have brand names lol


I'm gonna vomit.

im doing good though a moment ago the wind was strong enough that i thought it was going to blow out the window lol

Stop making it gay, TP.

It's so fucking awful.

it's just awful enough for me to love
i'm susceptible to white people rock

Pretty much apples that are harvested near winter, that was literally the only translation I could find of it.

You've been eating apples wrong the whole time.

Was it real spoopy?

Tsuchi posting them old horrible tunes

Man nigga

Is your name Luke?

With the top down wearing aviators
Felt too cool lol

Its probably true because I really hate biting into them.


Post face



yes hello

Of course SD responds when I'm in League

Post some beck too

Might as well keep it going



Eggnivia Bot: more like
Eggnivia Bot: FAGUERO
Eggnivia Bot: xdddddddddddddddd

Now I don't even feel a little bad.


You've been eating them wrong the whole time then.


Oh, I thought you went on and passed out from rifkdrinking.



lol 10/10

This early? I don't do that sort of thing

fookin rekt xdddddddddddddddddd

give me a hug



The taste still sucks though.




I feel pretty rekt

Story of my life tbh fam

Look at these QUEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I usually don't think about the times, but then I thought that it's only Thursday/Friday there, so wouldn't make any sense.
Also that's a great album.

You suck.

Swear to god I'll gut you if you tell anyone

You wanna bleed boy?

man you can really see how much i hate myself in that picture lmao


this is a sign telling me i should go play arma but im gonna keep trying

Pretty sure this is your story tbh.


imagine what a tornado sounds like in movies but for like 5 seconds intervals it seems to be done now though, have you ever dislocated anything before?

Is that you?

I gotta deal with times because job and stuff

It's a real gem, too bad most people my age have no idea who they were

No, this is Guero.

i thought i posted a picture for you a while ago
one where i didn't look like complete shit

Good try, but I know that isn't him.

Who is it though?

Eh, I think you are smashable.


I know your thing is to say stupid shit about people but Guero is like the last person to pretend he's a girl online

tfw no

I am bad at this game. How do I climb this big guy?

Who you callin' bae, punk?

I've no idea.
It's a poster but I haven't the faintest idea who it even is.

I know.
I just give him shit regardless.

That's depressing, stop being depressing.

Not really sure what that's like, but alright.
Did dislocate my arm when I was younger, trampolines are dangerous as hell, but fun.

I heard about that, are you enjoying the work at least?
True that, most people don't even venture out their favourite genre.


I just had orientation for my paying job, I've been working volunteer elsewhere


Ico/Shadow of the Colossus isn't fun if you have everyone tell you how to beat it.

i appreciate that

Was it the veteran place thing?
Very disgusting.

Like this

yes hi bae

okay yeah that sounds far worse than dislocating my finger and resetting it without knowing i was doing it lol

Wait. What?

spoilers post butt

Let's not do that.

Veteran place? It's the National Archives


old spoilers was better tbh

saying that i'm a cute anime girl
how nice of you

Shut up TP

y not


you forgot a comma

i really don't know how to respond to that but thank you??

I think I did it with my thumb back when I used to play floorball, but it was more of a thing where I got tackled at a wall and it got dislocated and then it just popped back in.
Hurt like a bitch.

Oh, getting a good pay though?
Also that's pretty damn funky.

Did you save that webm I made you?

Whats your summoner name? I think I played league with you.

But then immediately turn it down at the lights.
Not so cool lol


I felt so bad about that poison steal.
Sorry again


it's weird that gayro isnt actually gay

it says something about this place that i just assumed from the start

eggnivia bot

im sure you did if you are xLexi

It's volunteer, so I'm not getting paid anything. This is why I got this other job that does pay, but I haven't done anything other than orientation yet

Herbie Hancock is gr8

I thought the implication was you were the dude pretending to be an anime girl.

I was running around trying to get him to do the thing so I could get up on the sword again and accidentally had him hit the stone part of the area and break himself.

Oh yeah. I didn't do that.


nah cmon
obviously you think i'm cute, faggot



Guero is actually a qt 3.14 animu gril irl.

Ah, well then.
Hope that job works out for you.
Van Halen always brings Alice Cooper to my mind, not sure why though.

Sometimes I let middle aged women hold me

Yeah, definitely.

Thanks yo, I think it'll be cool

I never really listened to much Alice Cooper tbh. Other than his really popular song(s)

i would never pass up the opportunity to post butt

yeah mine was my ring finger and i still dont know for sure how it happened

you typod the word is just men :^)

Alice Cooper's voice is really annoying.

I need lots more steam hearts

I'm not you nigga

this is the album roundabout is on, yo
good song

completely ignored it. oh well i guess i shouldnt care as much still

For the love of God, stop doing this.
Stop just having unlinked, passive aggressive messages to people that may not even see them.

Yeah, kinda

I fucking hate the internet sometimes

please nigga i knew yes from owner of a lonely heart when i was like 11

The era of hair metal where dudes were some bastard child of circus freakshow and drag queen was just really awful.

wait you arent middle aged or not a man? one would worry me a lot more than the other cause ive seen your pictures.... get it? im making it a joke cause you forgot to add a comma, im such comedian much funny many jokes


Please stop.

But he is le future fbi meme

You are one of the rare ones

It was clearly the best era for metal.

I listened to a whole lot of his stuff back when I used to listen to metal/rock only.
Also pretty weird that Alice is the godfather of Dave Mustaine.
Haven't listened to Yes that much, just songs like Owner of a lonely heart and Roundabout.

Vice City, right?


You probably unabashedly listened to Motley Crue, didn't you?

When did you do that even, during your sleep?


making jokes? but i cant its like a gift and a curse


It's so bad
it's burning my nostrils

I just kinda skipped over the whole hair metal era when I went back in metal history, lol

You should really look into Yes' catalog, they've got some amazing stuff

Totes :^)

nah just helping my grandpa
he only listens to classic rock lol




The long link for a little heart was intentional.
Just kidding check steam

I got distracted... sorry

Oh, no.

i told you before that they know it's about them. hell they already pm'd me like a minute after i posted it.
you don't have to know everything m8

Lexi, I thought your request was for a game.
Sorry, didn't mean to click yes. Not being a dick. I just don't add people.

stop lighting your lighter in your nose then, nerd!

since when

Since.... the incident

I removed most people because when I leave I'm out. I don't want people added much.

What? I don't particularly care who your beef is with but it's just constant passive aggression mixed with moping. Just stop doing specifically that.

I think I did that because of games like Vice City.
And because 2000s and rock 'n' roll like this being everywhere.
Probably will at some point.

Pretty cool grandpa then.

wow aren't you just the coolest guy

Kinda wanna put my dick in Lexi's tight asshole.

who even are you

Mom thinks I'm "radical".

It's like you want random "nini" messages.

10 bucks on either tsuchi, tp, or bebop


So much love



and when are you leaving? is there like...a date or is it just soon(tm)?

he is moving away
but he will never move out of my kokoro


Yeah, I removed most everyone.
Like, months ago.

And May 1st.
I'll probably readd a few people after half a year of being away from everyone.

MFF, I think.

how is moving away impairing him from posting? is it just a choice he made?

ah okay, you moving in with someone?

But you've been here.
The entire time.


Why wouldn't I?

I'm not taking that fucking bet. Might as well just give you my damn money.

It's fine.
How was my Twitch?

He wants to leave the community

but he keeps coming back :3

but why would he of all people go full user for that statement?
He's not one to hide his tastes.


its alright

then why do you care so much? also that post was literally about them not paying attention to my other so linking them prob wouldn't help the case at all.

righto then

Just stock up on Amazon gift cards.

Fuck if I know.
MFF and 10x are the only people that post as flagless anons.


what the fuck is wrong with people

you are a wise man


I never had a PS2 ;~;

Come on, I don't do it that much.

I mean like, its his choice, no one should get in his way right? just wish him off n just and hope he has a good life ect ect

I miss it but I don't at the same time
isn't that weird?


Just some friends.

After I move.
May 1st is the last day I'm here. Probably.

It's nice tbh

You pretty much just go down the list saying "nini" to everyone.

hey mugen do you like Post Malone because i wanna post all over your Malone.


See you in June.
And July.
And August.

if you keep talking about them in voice i'm not gonna be able to talk for much longer

Let me rephrase.
I won't be able to.

I mean its always hard, but you gotta let them go, if you love em right? not in the homolust way but in the friend way

Ah, well I hope it goes well

mugen do you like Rick Ross because i wanna Rick all over your Ross.

But newer generation posters have been mostly shit
look at the majority of the ops
some shitty "newt" crap or something


I played it on PC, although I've still got my PS1 which works.

man up nigga its not like im saying im in love with them

everyone on this board is shit tbh

Fair enough.
Have fun with that.

dont kill yourself
at least not before I meet you


it's not about that lmao

we'll see

also, ban look

I'll miss you.

i'll miss you Kyle.

Every time you get fucked by a dog, think of me.

You have me on Steam though.

I haven't fucked or gotten fucked by a dog in years.


Some furry you are.


I don't really care for bestiality much anymore.
I mean, I would still, but not really looking for it.


mugen do you like kanye west because i'm going to be pablo on the streets for your love.



I mean, it's fucking a dog.
Do you really "look" for it or fill out a furry Tinder ad for it?



And you.

Back when I was younger I would try to find chances for it, but as time went on I stopped caring.


okay you got me

I fucking love that song because of that video lol

I truly am at a loss of words.

this guy has like 3 good videos
it's weird the quality of them

post the lesbian fish one



He puts all of his time into making those few videos, one would assume he has his a job/school or something that takes most of his time and isn't trying to be a "Youtuber" that lives off that shit

Yeah, it's not something to understand.


yep, he's in college
he learned how to edit videos for a project for college

That's it, then. He's hilarious but too busy doing other shit to make good vids consistently

This one is pretty good

Well, I hope you don't end up at that rock bottom again.
I think.
Fuck. Is that a high point or a low?

Well, I enjoy having sex with dogs so it's an ok thing for me.
But eh.


i came back at the wrong time back out i go



thank you