I need sauce on this song pls

i need sauce on this song pls.

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Why the sad face?


I gave it away already ^^'

post whatever the osu thing is.

because i dont know.

How is that lewd?

Pay me

How much? o.O


Luka said its lewd so pay me in 20 lewd.


lol it's not much :c
Link one is my favourite

dick dollars


I dont have that kind of money

lol dick dollars

poor fag


I got a lot of dick dollars btw

I only accept USD.

can I send lewd anime pictures?

oh 8(


Cute stickers~


put link on something kewl!



I'll try and find something, mind just end up being my laptop though ^^
Sorry! I'll stop but it's quite hard

But all I have is Israeli Reichmarks!

yey stylish laptop~ ♥

*snuggles sleepily now*

Aren't you gonna rest your weary head soon?


Good night~

Never fear, scoot is here. To give you the memes that you need, dear.

1 hour and 20 minutes


hey hey I'm here to play, just like scoots I'm super gay.

Neat, XM29 OICW


gay is bad



they're outrageous, who needs a 20mm rifle that small?


How are you doing today ? There's a big new dota update that's pretty exciting
I love you

Might as well go full Russian and glue multiple of them together to create the ultimate gun, TKB-059-esque.

I'm fine, thanks
It's more than just hero updates?

Yea they added 7 new items and gameplay changes
it's a lot like league now and it's upsetting

u are





well, I didn't know that was a thing, it's also ugly as fuck, and now I want to weld 2 ak47's together and call them a double barrel rifle

What are you doing?


Petting you if that's ok

The prototype actually looks somewhat okay.

Are you ever going to improve?

oh, yeah, that's quite well. looks like a 3barrel upper on an ar18.

Do you not like tummy rubs and pets...
I am improved !

Oh hush, its fine
Dont act like redditors about it

You're the same and I'm not sure if anyone talks to you for reasons other than getting off.

Are they items I would buy on heroes that I play?



Some people do...!

Yes, and they're pretty meme

I don't like change


Can't be worse than leag, we have something called the "duskblade of drakthar" ._.

You know who's really cool?


you aren't lying

As an example, the idea of a button that makes all of your towers invulnerable for a few seconds may have seemed annoying and pointless when it first came out. Now that feature is a key part of Dota.
Besides the new orchid thats broken as fuck, I think its a great update

I agree

Tokai shit tier

there's an item that gives 60 damage, 30 attack speed and 175% mana regen and silences people, removes evasion and gives 175% crits for 5 seconds

The scan thing is stupid as shit and I'm not a fan of the armour aura of towers and int spell damage scaling
plus no dagon buffs

So you enjoy getting dived early game by undying/ES

That sounds awesome ^^
I think I have to go play csgo so be right back..

I enjoy being the diving undying

o-ok have fun I love you


of course not!
Lying is for dummies

Yay! ^ ^


Im not a fan of the int thing either but it makes it more interesting
Nuking carries besides lina can be legit now

I can imagine the tome shit being used on carries who don't need it when the support is who is 300 gold from lvl 6 could use it more though. Also it will make cancer silencer even more cancer


Its kind of a useless item to me, if at 10m youre level 6 theres a bigger problem than needing exp
I think its more of a niche item that wont get used 80% of the time unless youre roaming or something and are behind on it

Like roaming potm or bh or something

also holy shit I forgot but just saw on wagas stream bloodstone starts with 12 charges now it's like the ti5 meta all over again


I thought you noticed that already
Besides, it was already nerfed pretty bad last patch when the bloodstone carry meta was popular


I saw it just didn't pay it much attention, it's strong as fuck in game now though

I love heroin

It has potential but im not sure
depends on the new carries that will come in the next few weeks

May I have now?

hows you on this lovely tuesday?


Probably still the same fighting heroes and no farming deathball at 10 min

How goes?

wew ^^

Mid skywrath

Good! Just got back from work, good day so far

I haven't been given anything yet.

remember when aghs actually upgraded ultimates ?


Not since tinker

I'll tinker you fgt


terrific, kingsday tomorrow in amsterdam

Nice! relaxing times
I got up at the and now I'm just ehh listening music




and no bed rolling

19:07 PM - Kami: I would like the entirety of our Adams Family esque bunch of bufoons to know that I miss them, despite many things.
Just passing a message on.

I'm not doing it.


royal pride and a lot of booze

why noot?!

Blank posts won't help.


Saying my name also won't help.

Every moment of your life will now be suffering.

You're my favorite poster now.

Best of times

It really is a great folder though.

Don't want it. changed my mind.


You changed your mind after I told you no though.


I'm not giving you my tripcode.

Its a fair and reasonable trade.

If only you would come to your senses.






Bring me Darwin.

Don't copy my name.


Is this really upsetting you? come on goggles

It isn't bothering me.

Then why do I need to stop?


The badass of hentai...
Give him anime or give him death

Give me death.

/stabby stabby kill kill

Hello police?
I just saw a murder





I was a fake.

why would you do that?

I am the many faced god.

Kind of wish people stopped leveling at 150 like in DS1 instead of 100. Fickle Mistress


Greetings, city of townsville!





we made a fun habit of doing it

How do you just get one shot by it though?
Do you have any endurance?

the danish and norwegian ones are the best

i have not been leveling up anything other than dexterity until now

he's posting in the fur thread now. disgusts me and i dont even go there.

i've been dumping into vitality or whatever the health one is


You should repec or something and put your points in some defense.

And who?
I don't have NS so I can't see who's there.

I totally agree. I love Anders Matthesens voice.

will have to given the soft cap being 40 instead of 50. whoever was in charge of telling me that fucked up severely

s 'lets go check wikipedia' f


I guess just focus on Dex, End, Vit, and whatever the last one that improves defense is.

I opened the fur thread and the only passable person I recognized was Nef. Can't say I give a shit about the others.

I haven't heard the norwegian cast before.


itis mainly that guy I forgot the name of

axel hennie


well my dex is like maxed out basically so yeah i will blow my loads on the other 2.

i shouldn't feel so strongly about it. i had thought i had grown past it. or maybe it's frustration that he hasn't despite being around longer than me. iunno. i hate immaturity

aaaaaaa jeg skjønte aldri hvorfor han hadde stjerner i rumpa når jeg var liten

Probably smart. You could use the ring that raises Dex and put the spare points into something else.

Are we talking about Subby? I feel like we are.
He's just stuck in his "games". Something to be superior at even though nobody really gives a shit about them. I don't know. As time went on I honestly stopped caring about him as a person. Same with most anyone else here or there.

Hmm funny, it doesn't say he voiced terkel i knibe on imdb.

I don't remember if i actually thought about that or not.

What does it mean, Neru?

well i have the one that makes me invisible when i roll. then i have the pontiffs left and right ring and the sun princess ring(which is like a must have imo).

when are you working

He's a big guy.

4 u


I leave in half an hour.

he has that steroid gut



Yeah. I don't want to go. Wish I called in.
3 days at least.

what are they gonna do fire you?

I would like to leave on good terms in case I need a reference.

Human growth hormone is serious shit


Yeah. I really don't care to finish this week.
I think I can float on 1.7k.



Kinda wish wish would wish herself here more often and wish it up

the number gets lower every time you discuss it

I'm probably going to have more. Just depends on my trip south and the bonus.

Wish is cancer

i wish i had cancer

What is she up to now. She said she's gonna stop being wish and then disappeared. Her steam says goodbye.

I wish I could die in your ass.

Whennher anal is kill

She came back a couple days ago

I'm off to work the salt mines.

Oh no

Actually, I meant a couple days ago. she came back for a few days and then left again.

Smoke 10 packs a day while sunbathing, I think you might be able to do it in a short time

Grim is right about the quality OP posts that's been happening lately


-sighs- i have to admit even though I don't like Grim I think she should be the admin of this board. She'll save us


Wow. Nice segway.

Do we have to make an issue out of everything.

thanks man i just got it



Dead board


I'm dead serious too. I fucking hate Grim

is that u?

Alice arrived earlier! She works :3

i love grim hes my nigga

but that has nothing to do with why i think he should be the admin

he actually knows what he is doing and cares about the health of this place

chii is just absentee retard that spams webms like twice a day and then leaves

not that there are any real issues with her right now but still just as a quality of life thing for this place

Naw. I'm not that pretty. I also can't crush things with my tiny hands.

Alright! She smokes true?


hush little baby don't you cry


The truest!
How are the stresses doing today?

Not really. He's saying the same "community is dying" lines that he has for three or four years now.
Him wanting to be admin is nothing about "caring about the 'health' of this place" but just him wanting some form of worthless power.

the dangers of taking memes seriously

i mean, is he wrong

and thats just like your opinion man

I beg to differ
That blue dress pic tho

I'm not sure if it was blue tbh
Its been years since I last saw it

What do we do here? Post funny pictures and talk about nonsense. Why's it gotta turn into an Italian opera?

They're manageable. Could use some help from a friend like Alice though.

Dang it. I had something to say to you yesterday, but you weren't around when I was and I've forgotten. :(

He's literally been yelling that the sky is falling for over three years, ever since he started.
Yes, he's wrong. Anyone with a goddamn messiah complex over an online "community" is just retarded and just desperately looking for something to substantiate themselves.

i-i smoke 3 a day


I used to be a pack a day now im only at like 5 or so cigarettes a day

I need a trap slave


I think you should go get an alice. It would be for the best



What? Were you gonna confess your love to me finally? lmao
Getting back into the whole work schedule is a pain but my dumbass wanted a DUI so this is what I get I suppose

How's your day coming along Sabs?

how about we've always average 2-5 threads a day since i came here and there has been no change




he's no trap

guys I heard moogs doesn't brush his teeth what a NERD

see there you go that is a proper way to argue something

if only he would say that


ebin xd

That's so expensive dude

I cut it down to like 3 or 4 cigarettes a day

So proud of myself :333

i-i'm trying to quit so when we kiss you won't have to taste it

Wanna know something? I've never bought anything weed-related myself. I've always smoked with people who already had it and just contributed snacks and/or transportation. Still, I could easily find a cute pipe at a place I know of here in town.

I had edibles a couple of weeks ago. They were nice, but took too long to kick in.

You know I love you, dummy. And did you really get a DUI? :(

My day's going fine, if not a little slowly for my tastes.

the search is over

i do though several of my teeth are chipped so i feel it is a lost cause



Every Dutch posters is a failtrap.
Just meet up with literally any of them.

Alright, let's put this stupid shit to bed

3 sides to this

A. Grim should be admin

B. Grim should NOT be admin

C. It doesn't really matter who is admin as long as they can click the ban and delete button on spam and cp

Reasoning for the three:

A. Cares for the community deeply since he has started, wants the best for it, etc ; when he was mod for a week he did a good job eliminating spam and cp from the board

B. All of A is just a front because he is power-hungry, he is always a part of the admin drama because he just wants to vie for power, all he wants to do is sit on the throne of shitposting

C. It doesn't matter. The community is one super-organism. Sort of like an ant or bee colony. When there is a serious issue, people bring it up, choose the best thing to do, and do it. See the exodus from Holla Forums and aneki for example. The admin/mods don't have any real power. They are only here to clean up any mess, and possibly add to the drama with unnecessary bans/post edits/filters. We can take care of ourselves, and all this meta-discussion is here just to stir the pot.

The truth is that C is the way things work around here

debate me



Let me be admin so I can ban the trannies and luka

Never had edibles. I was on at my weed guy earlier to get some more. It'll last me weeeeeeeks.
Get a cute little pipe... and then form a Cartel International with Scoot.
Become #1 distributors of illegal narcotics.
Buy an island.
Have a solid gold statue of Carl Sagan erected

if the trannies leave good posters like boo will too

don't speak that jap speak to me you butt


I hugged the statue in my mind.

It's a price we might just have to pay

I'm too pissed to be here.
Enjoy the admin rabble

Later, Forty's bf/gf.

Just google that one ^^

cry more you stupid bitch

cyu soon

no u

Tell me what it means

did a tranny murder your family

You already know I love ya too
Also yes
I guess I got too confident constantly drinking and driving and eventually ended up getting caught
I blew a 0.14%
Court date is next week

You should totally scold me Sabs
I'm getting out hand

I honestly blame work
Shit is so stressful and smoking a cigarette on your break is honestly the best feeling

lol so you guys kiss
Do you say no homo afterwards?

C is the way I like it

Good. Good. It is why we do what we do.
Plans for the rest of the day madam?

Kind of hope you get stabbed in jail.

I just do not like them

Sickening / to feel disgusted / nauseating / uncomfortable.



What does that have to do with me, hon?

I really admire your daring and zest for life, and I think most DUIs are bullshit, but Soto dear...NO! BAD!

BTW, do you have to consent to a breathalizer in California? You can refuse here. It makes you look suspicious as hell, but a good lawyer can get your sentence reduced if there's no definitive blood-alcohol measurement.

Nothing exciting, to be honest. It's supposed to rain later though, so I'll probably open my windows and fall asleep listening to it.

Don't you ever miss the satisfaction of snapping it closed at the end of a conversation though? That's the one thing I miss.

i think a lot of them look alike. like velma from scooby doo. like a baby-faced prepubescent. i dont really dislike them tho. they're also self-centered. and that's my experience with transexuals. though i try not to conflate people

I mostly had vertical sliders that were so easy to text in class with.
I could type via muscle memory and my hand in my pocket so it just worked out perfectly.

Wow, how tyhe other half live... The sound of rain here isn't enjoyable... well... I lie... Unless it is a thunderstorm.

Every single one I knew/know have zero personality other than bitching to me about their problems and how they hate that they're a guy and it annoys me and they all are depressed and do nothing to fix it

It's cute. She's cute. Where's the wrong in that?

I don't think I can

What if I make you

The webm?

Maybe she should stop being POOR and get a real phone.

like i can sympathize with like not liking your body and general depressive stuff though i do not understand the eagerness to vent frustrations and insecurities.

It would be embarrassing

She's raised by only her mother, don't be a hater

God, I hate kids..

Yeah Chii is an inbred retard. I wonder who gave her admin powers. I want to move from this place....

I have tiny hands too...
How are yyou?

Dont all americans own flip phones? I mean, american tv shows all have flip phones...

I kinda miss my slide-out keyboard too...

Yeah, I guess rain's a pretty mundane thing over there. It's magical here (when it's not causing floods.)

What're you going to do with your time off?

Ooooooooh, I thought...nevermind.
Poor birdie!

*tiny high-five*
I'm ok. Just a little sleepy. You?

She should get a job then.

Every American show since 2007 has featured the iPhone.

I just don't like anyone with the need to use other people to complain to with no regard for anything else

You like it when I embarrass you though don't you

Good news Scoots
I'm not going to jail after all

I'm working now and can do work release to avoid it

Aren't you happy for me senpai?

Cigarettes aren't even that bad

Getting scolded by you makes me feel alive

Also yes you can agree to not consent to a breathalyzer test but you still get taken in and also end up getting fucked even more

Like the DUI classes are normally 3 months if its anything below 0.15 but if you dont consent to a breathalyzer then its automatically 9 months
Its so stupid
The cop was super cool though then again I didn't resist or anything since I already knew I was fucked so I was pretty straightforward and didn't resist arrest or anything.

These were all just numeric sliders, not full qwerty.
So you just have to remember how many key presses and what key for each letter.

God knows, I have been invited to a friends house to party on down huehuehue
sans that
just chill and recharge my scoot batteriesd.
Do you get floods in your area? I know USA has crazy weather... If it isnt on fire, its flooding or its too dry... or its to twister...
Wanna play twister? ;3


Depends. Will you stop doing that stupid fucking thing?

I think Desu ignores me all the time cause I'm always making fun of his eyebrows and I legit hurt his feelings lmao

I didn't know garbage could actually have feelings

That's what my dad did for all of his.
If you refuse, you'll end up having to pay like $20-30k in "charitable donations to anti-DD" shit but it won't appear on your record.

The best is when people assume they're the only special snowflake with problems and when you say you can sympathize with them because you've been through similar things they get mad at you for "Just not getting it"

Maybe you're just jealous and use nori paper to make your eyebrows huge.

Watching anime? Damn I dunno man
You already know I love my seasonal anime
Giving it up seems pretty hard bruh

always fun when it becomes a pissing contest

Do you have a piss jar

I'm not into that exhibition stuff ^^

It's not a desirable habit

I am on about drink driving. Obviously. Baka.

i should but as things are now i just wait till i cant hold it anymore and run to the bathroom

Why were you texting so much in class? Juggling multiple girls? Shame on you.

We get floods if there's suddenly a huge deluge of water poured on our state like last week. It wasn't bad here, but Houston was a mess. We got it bad last year.

And I only play twister not naked, but in huge college football mascot costumesaked.

Well, spanking is extra.

So you'll be alright? No trips to pound town?

Get a catheter and stoma so you never have to leave.

I'll kiss your tummy you butt, we can do the other things you're into then

Wanna do a science experiment for me ?

i dont like sounding

what would that be

I was like the inversion to that.
Instead of being a guy after the lower classmen, most of the ones were two years older than me so they were at university already.

Hot fucking damn! you are so racey .///.
I can get behind that board game.
Urgh, No landslides, I hope.
That Frontier living.

Leave your piss jar in a warm dark area and tell me what it looks like in 3 months

Is it any wonder?

I don't actually like the smell of cigarettes tbh

Oh I'm good off that for a while
5k is a decent amount of money

What do I have to do to get a spanking?
I'll do it this fucking second

Also naww just work release
Its gonna suck doing work and work release at the same time but I'll power through

Yep, i shit on it.

im like moving this week i cant leave a piss jar in a warm room for 3 months right meow

Once you move I expect warm piss in a pepsi bottle

do i mail it to you

I keep forgetting how bad I want to fuck shinobu

Someone post Desus mugshot

That'd probably be illegal.
"Bio-hazardous" materials in the mail.

Mail it by train so I can see how heat and condensation effects piss

I'm babysitting toddlers... I want to beat them up so badly...

what will you do with it

Contractually inclined to keep it a secret

my butt do parps


Science isn't always pretty

You look like a skinny version of that feminist chick

try not to get an infection

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The real experiment is what infection you'd get from ingesting it

lol but I can't stand modern feminists


Ohmygod I'm so sorry. Kids are terrible. Maybe you can convince them to kill each other in some gladiatorial battle in the garage or something.

Ugh. Kids. Little germ factories...

Sorry, but that's adorable.

Naw, no landslides so far, although I did read about a huge sinkhole opening up way north of us. lol

You have to hit someone while DUI'ing. An orphan or a nurse.

Are you going to have to wear a jumpsuit and pick up cans?!