Night shift

night shift

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sounds nice dude.
i found out i dont like weed for the second time

frank so dumb


ooook my head is feeling all asleep now

I posted on /lewd/

Danny Devito is a god tho


dude why



I'll /lewd/ your post~

Dude, weed fucks me up like a little white girl now
I had stopped smoking and my friend got me to smoke with him last time and it fucked my shit up bruh
I'm pretty lit rn

Sup slut

he is but that name just
so dumb

I literally can't even. The anticipation is killing me lol

Heyu. How's it been?


Idk Cherub suggested it

And I like cute subby boys

Why so suggestive tonight? :3

i know how it goes dear. savor it

i honestly have to say i solidly do not enjoy it.
Also probably because i had an edible before going on a fucking plane but idk

none of them are cute
like literally

that is a great image, did you make it bard?


im cute and subby

:3c N-no reason!

Thanks, Moogy

ah no way I just imgured it
thank you though that's kind
happy easter spoilers how are you today

be sure to tell me how it goes

Hanging out, about to play some vidyagames. You?

I talked to Baka

He was kind of kawaii

Maybe you need to dildo yourself

he is also 16

Did I say I'd lewd him?


Getting ready to pass out to my day off. Finally

I'm not feeling that lewd haha

Like that would fucking stop you you pedo

it was implied.

It's been good
Got drunk with my aunt and hadn't seen her in quite a while
She scolded me for fucking a 16 year old and I was like at least I don't cheat on a married nigga for 5 years
Shit was lulz

Shoulda done the edible earlier or at least on Sat

Nice! Sounds like a good time

I start Thursday so we'll see

When's the last time you even used it? You shouldn't let it go to waste; someone bought it for you

Not at all

He's fun to pet and hug

I had 10 mg on saturday
5 mg this morning

oh ok

I don't wanna fuck him anymore.

Did you have a falling out with /lewd/?

i had a falling out with a poster from /lewd/ apparently
plus it just stinks there

oh wow that girl looked like a toddler

I do


Ye gurl

happy easter to you too! im doing good how about you?

I thought you were enjoying the fuccbois

yeah but
ive found a new breed of cuteness.

i feel fuckin sick as hell my dude

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Hey slut lets go get some fried rice sometime

What breed?

im not black no thanks

dont wanna get into it.
but it has something to do with a tumblr meme sexuality thing

fuck i kinda want fried rice now



Guess I'm taking you to McDonalds then



he's not that far away
I'M GONNA FUCK HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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dont have anything to help cure it some?

i got the sickness on me

DO IT!!!!!!

even worse

thought you were in the midwest

I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicksI suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks


gotta do stufff

what stuff


Tfw huge clit

Idk its super weird man

hello there awesome person

how are you?

sorry for late reply, stuff happened


I am actually in fact iowa

same stuff as always

its allll good
Im doing super good after the con.
Still feel a little bit sick from events this morning though.

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do that stuff then!


So how are all you doing this morning?

Another holy day ruined by capitalism.

Beer Money!

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im not salty >.>

had fun? ^-^

what happened this morning?

i wish i wasnt in a broken home



I wonder what great meme the meme oracle will convey in the board subtitle now that "Easterzinga" is over

I dunno

Seems like there are probably a lot of different things you could be talking about with "tumblr meme gender"


I had multiple edibles and was hungover from the convention
But yeah, most of all of the events were fun ish.

no meme sexuality
not gender or stuff along that
well kinda yeah and kinda no
dude i make no sense

i'm doing it
but I should have done it earlier
I told people it was going to be done earlier when I knew damn well that it was not going to get done


youre in big trouble mister

batzinga vs superzinga the dawn of bazinga

chii its time to pick another tagline

apologize I sympathize
o ij


Lord Cooper approves thine work.

i knew it
I should just give up and go hide now

Are y'all niggas ready for some garden?

no zinga taglines pls

is that sincere

ill hide with you






what is the next shitty holiday

I should learn how to make hummus

What posters on /lewd/ did you think were cute before your tastes abruptly changed? IIRC Scarlet was actually a decent trap in her pics

She just needs to be bent over a table and put in her place



Truth be told scarlet is genuinely cool. Enjoyed spending time with her at the hotel n shit. She bought us edibles and helped us not make a fuck of a mess. Pretty good person


Remember when. Grim/Grimmy was a thing

shut the fuck up scootypuff


CALL EMPIRE TODAY. They will do your carpets and hardwood flooring good. Heck they can do even ceramic flooring for that bathroom you've been dreaming about, George.

holy fuck my ears i did not learn my lesson

WE DON'T CARE ABOUT HOLIDAYS CHIIII!!!!!!!!!! JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I just saw her flip out that one time and I heard she's cruel and stuff in general

she is a childish bitch and i want you get get punched the fuck out

BAN THIS EMPIRE TODAY SPOKESPERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really chilly

I just ifnished toothbursh is bedtim for me now nana hopefully nio scary shopping dreams


loli rape might be too strong rn
lets try autism moba porn

I don't mean to be awkward or weird or whatever and I don't really mean oto type up a bit paragraph or anythign
and It probably doesn't mean anything especially from me but thebiggest thing for a human is theirr social life and that begins at home

When someone is surroudned by that I imagine that it probably is terrible
especially at a younger age but eveen at an older age
And no matter my own personal biases or whateer thats just not right man people deserve basic social necessities

It makes me feeel heavy in my chest and stomache and sicker and I apolgoize but idk if thats right

lord cooper approves of all zingas that are done in his name, a based deity awaiting us in the ball pit of the after life

Time for grim yo Fucking calm his thirst

I enjoyed spending time with her in general, idunno.
She doesn't have empathy / sympathy but she is an intelligent person.


don't talk to me please.

Chii won't do anything with us Soto, she's too NEET

Her parents won't let her do anything ever

We pray for hacky sack with the great lord

I'm sure you guys will live.

get the blankys

you're a kind person bard.


Why is she so fucked up

Call 1 800 EAT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY


why knot

idk honestly, she just is?

Of course we will, when was that ever in question?

i'll fall asleep and I'll let everyone down

lmao even the guy who still gets grounded is talking shit

damn son

very true

work slave

Pretty sure she's just using it as an excuse?

Would you a katawa shoujo irl?

I'd like to go to one of these Yankee cons. But then there's Colbs. Nah brah.


I would a Lilly.

I'm the most respectable of these guys lololol

Colbs is great
until he gets drunk and tries to handrape you

would you not

Any blind girl really

it just makes it into a whole new experience


this is the worst

honestly yeah

when white people get naked and go into the swamps/woods, it's a Disney/Discovery channel adventure.

When native Americans are doing it, it's "get off our god given land. Manifest destiny, get away from our new discovered property you savages. This is white folks land now. Go Washington Redskins"



Most likely
Well then again we've hung out irl
I kinda do feel like I did scare her off when I was drunk at 2hucon

LOL nigga don't even front

A blind? Well that would be cool

I fucking will pinche guero

how can you not like colbert
he's so neutral
fuck i have him on fb


Yeah. Blindfold myself too, would just heighten the experience tenfold

Hey now
I'm a shitpostero n fb

I'd fuck an amputee
Like one of my irl friends is dating a chick who is missing a leg and has those prosthetic legs and when I first saw it I was constantly telling myself DONT LOOK AT IT but I'm pretty sure I was kinda staring
They look pretty cool tho

lol nakadashi means creampie


I am da memer

i wish you would delete that folder ian

damn what the hell happened there?


Remember the memer


Oh you

When hypocrisy is a meme :3c

Living meem


Ah those videos kind of remind me of this game

READ A FUCKING BOOK, RUBEN!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE THE DICTIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those actors seem to at least be trying lol



probably i mean if they are your type they are your type regardless of missing limbs or burns or lose of a sense

When the queen of England dies, her empire has fallen like how the Spanish was taken by the moors. Hopefully this geopolitical reign doesn't last 8 centuries. Isn't that right, scoots?

Most people are my type tbh

Okay that's awful but why are you doing this to me

i spent an hour and a half making this and it cant even be uploaded

i hate this website

also good night


good night.



wait that was out of order



was he seriously beaten up for being a neo nazi?

idc *kisses mugen's right index finger*



night night kitten

pretty sure im dying

go to a hospital then

that costs money though

I won't let you die

we all dying


Ian you need to stop acting so gay

I think he wants to give a handjob to a lion

dude what

a bear*

He gives off that strong closeted furrey vibe

Would go to poundtown on Ghostie, mo lie

he does holy SHIT


W o w

I'm ethan bradberry


there's no medicine for regret


didnt you like hate me yesterday or some shit?
dude what happeened

not a bad choice to take on that long, moonlit train ride to poundtown scoots

what about masturbation. or gay weed

Am I late for the drama?

i regret masturbating every single time I do

I miss my wife
she's dead

you're jerking off to stories of little boys getting plowed

Please. Beer. Grudges. I'm all about the memes and drama.

Want a ticket?

Serious bsns

alrighty then

to go with isla or you?

A memes to an end. Sorry if it seemed serious. Number 1 rule is "scoots never serious".

rule 2 is "don't talk about cyber logs"

who's that?

cyber logs dude what?
when did i do that

Why not both

a good 80% of the time

im in

fallout meme

It's not related to yourself. Other memers really.

maybe thats why you regret it


Choo Choo


i was super confused f or a second


ascootaloo is bae t b h

no that's not why
I always regret it because I do it instead of doing other things and then I waste a bunch of time

like with posting

I don't play fallout

-gentle embrace-

i love you guys



Dogs are sooooo cute

thank god you're here lol wat the fuck is up bro

but at least posting comes with talking to people
that's somewhat more productive

Browsing dank tumblr shit and getting really high


nod out soon

i dont see how

Throw in a Monster

youll always be special to me

Spoiler post dick

i get some validation out of it at least
i don't feel disgusted by it later

This thing is amazing

I'm gonna make ice cream waffles

only if you find nemo for me first, i lost that fish before the movie now i want him back and all the money he made acting in it


Who got a tiny penis



Where errybody at










morning bae, hows it goin?

I grab a pot of steaming coffee and pour it down tokai's throat.

is there a setting to let people post flashes here? i really wanna upload some of em here

Koyomimonogatari E12 fucked my shit up what is this nonchronological order what the fuck happens between is that shit gonna get animated


KINDA hyper, watching news and stuff

fuck that's good



I grab a fistful of Nescafe and punch my fist down your throat.



this is how many i got on this hdd that i know of


is that good at least? :^)

does that wotk

chii give me some sugah

when i click on it, it just links me to where it SHOULD be uploaded but doesn't work
here let me try





how will i make sweets then?! how rude

you tried :\


I was wrong
guess Erin was right

ok nvm

so what are ye gonna do?


this was named One so I assumed Metallica
I was wrong

bonus putin

just chill out and wait out the storm, nothing interesting

what is this puush thing

woah there's a storm??

yeah i nearly dropped my hot chocolate cause the first crack of thunder vibrated the entire area and was loud af


still haven't slept


need love

get comfy and be safe!

*sleep gas*

im gonna just post links here to some i like randomly uh this one gets loud chii irl pic related filename??? chii irl Illya

idk it was named One for some reason
here have this one

you get more lewd with me by the day

i am obviously way too stupid to find safety tokai! pls keep me safe

kinda want that folder

the kirino folder? its mostly uis but i saved a few extras

wanna cuddle under the bed until the storm blows over?

holy shit im dying

i probably couldn't pull it off like you can. i just want to be cute i guess

are we flirting


i like it better on you

slightly flustering! how are you doing?


Has anybody watched Girls und Panzer

Why is it so laggy? The pan shots are unbearable.

don't forget the blankets! reminder me irl yes i love these fan videos

that's up to you

sleepy. cuddly and lonely. the more i stay up the more down i get

what do you want

[email protected][email protected][email protected]$Q#$2353465

i would never forget them, bae! itll be both safe and warm also very cuddly so thats always great

maybe you should gt some sleep soon?

i dont know


welp i think you're cute. im not like attracted to you but im not really attracted to anyone here either. if thats okay

oh my it's storming outside my house as well now..


Wow, a storm. Allah will protext you. Why worry.



It's monday!!

b-but I only prayed 4 times on 1-3-2013..
will I still be saved??

Nature demands it!
we can only submit

I can assure you that Zealios are the way to your feelios

I think I might have issues.

Share, share!

its true we must perform the deeds nature demands us to! like all night and some :^)

Pray now. Make sure you are safe.

Just generally being anti-social and angry for no reason. Also I can't go 30 minutes at work without feeling like "I need to hide or I'll throw up."

Be angry at things so you let it out! the ending though ;)
for chii if ur still here not the same as the previous

that's fine

it's only natural after all!

I will insha'allah

never, you presumptuous turd burgler

It's Wednesday where I am

I do, but there is only so much imagining caving skulls with hammers can do.

I need to ask you something on Steam. I'm going to add you on Steam. pls accept

Do it!

I wonder how long till you mental illness all over me again and I delete you once more


i'll listen to this when im doing opening these

Has amy's rabies calmed down

I'd apologise, but I don't recall the specifics of what I did.

then.. where are you?

I just opened the one at the top of that post to see what they are and I don't know if it makes me want to open the rest

Why did Amy regress though?
He was doing fine when he posted regularly

Was it loco?

neither do I, that's just how unremarkable it is at this point.

Also good morning cool people
You know who you are


thx, morning hun

I new country I just invented on the land I'm on

It's disputed territory now, like how China thinks it owns Taiwan

How're you bby?

im just posting them for no reason. i hope nobody is actually watching them all.

I don't remember why I stopped posting, only that I was upset.

Something tells me that my personality flaws just aren't conductive to long lasting friendships.


That's not ok


ohh cool, what's it called?

kinda hyper off coffee and watching videos!
gonna go to grandma later for easter dinner stuff
lovely day really

Everyone should sing Tony Story's "You've got a friend in me" to cheer Amy up

naturally lewd

Autocorrect no

i read that as tony starks youve got a friend in me, this needs to be a thing!

Je zult altijd een koele kikker zijn!


I cringed so hard my retina detached.

This seems like a bad idea to me.

Fucking /a/ did the Eva opening via vocaroo

God help us mortal souls ;-;

tfw no reply twice again
why live

i might just go to bed. ugh



It's called Catbutt

I accidentally I suck dicksed the reply button early

That's good~ What did you do on actual Easter day?


Special reply for bebo

What are you getting all buttfucked over exactly?

4 grim

make it STOP


for safety purposes of course

awh dankje

I don't think I wanna live in Catbutt..

ehh went with dad to church and watched black hawk down afterwards, pretty neat but I missed getting drunk ;-;


had plans and they didnt happen
got a terrible headache

is it because they know ur a gril?

I already went over that I haven't done that in a while

Maybe I should again just for variety's sake

Don't say gay things to me though

You didn't sleep?

Happened to me too
I feel your pain

I was going to get specific about what general


I'm on phone


it's been like a month gbdfgkihbdfignsdfbsdfksjdbgifdbgdfgbdifghbfbifhbd

if they do then thats prob why. too many people there are desperate af


g-good morning

I think of all the emotions I know, sadness is the least comfortable physically.


I mwas watching memes, how is everyone?

Fuck yeah
advanced Mobile posting is a go

Why didn't you get drunk, then? :3

Maybe you can later today

Okay you may sleep


I think that one quick phase was longer than a month ago

BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please stop being like this !

Sad, but otherwise well.
And you?

Absolutely brilliant.

Yes i did not sleep.

eh well when i say a month ago i mean in February. i know it wasn't this month, i know it was this year and don't think it was January
worst headache i swear

get me out of here

As soon as you stop being WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me neither but I woke up at like 5PM

I'M NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just stop talking to them or somethin. say ur goin to bed :^)
the one confirmed girl who posted in dayz threads in 2013 had the same problem. she was fucking 10/10 at the game tho and made me stop being a retard irl

wait are you posting with a name or trip on /vg/?

a likely story

Actually, the worst one might be anxiety/panic. Those are really, physically, unpleasant.

daddy has no alcolol :c

yuh maybe, maybe I'll buy some wine
haven't decided yet

no im user
fuck tripfagging, but im known by my character name

new thread

look at me with 3 willies

Well, sads happen, sorry. No memes to watch?

I'm doing my best !

ah okay good. using trip on /vg/ is stupid as fuck unless you're actually saying where it's needed