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The guy I played with built fizz full tank and took a dicking from the enemy yasuo. He had sfc at like 18 minutes and was trying to build hexdrinker. The way this guy played fizz was to just take damage and slow them with his E. He literally went in with his E. How do you expect to be a tank and properly dish out cc without any inherent cc? The only cc he has is if his E lands on the enemy or if he manages to land his ult. Quite literally the dumbest shit anyone can do.

Anything can work if you're not head up ass retarded. Doesn't mean that the idea is good in any way shape or form. Tank fizz, regardless of all it's bull shit statistics and % win rate sucks dick.


Holy fuck you suck at this

I'm scared again.


If I have feelings for the person I guess

I'm generally not into doing stuff with people IRL who I don't know well; I think I'm actually a bit similar to Elma when it comes to that stuff

Well if you're saying you told her to make that complaint she was still the one who chose to actually do it

Don't strip Chiiii of her personhood unless you're lewding her

Why would you ever build zerks on Lucian?

i just ask cause every guy has a preference, so i was curious what yours is :) so are you the shy or freaky type?



I think tank ad fizz used to get played in LCS though

Might try that.

I should go to bed. I'm gonna go lurk for now. See ya later everyone.

I know that feeling.

e-ships never work out in the long run.

did his team win

Pretty sure that was before his W nerf and the triforce changes.

nothing to be afraid of.

no we lost

bye fago


was it a ranked game?


I guess so


I should totes be asleep by now

Go to bed slut.

I'm mostly worried that it's not wide enough to even be able to get 2 and get my day ruined.

i'll put you to sleep


you asked for wetpix

Did I do something wrong?


You should, yes.

just looked up that adc


they got easter special egg nog here. they didn't do it last year and they say they'll stop selling in 2weeks.

i will lewd her later but no its more then that but im not getting into talking about our conversation, just i am the one to blame not chii

hey wish hows it been?

really do cause sometimes doctors try to pretend you are exaggerating, you need to make sure they understand its real

sweet dreams

I maybe have but I just wanted to see them in a totally no homo way.

Yeah totally not gay


fucking marn

i highly doubt that's possible

do you have anything against a middle bar

I played a ranked game today and won it.
Renekton is still pretty good

subway muncher

I can play adc :^)

It doesn't count if it's that gay peeps shit.

It's going okay, got kicked out of my second bed a few minutes ago ;;

Go to bed!


so triggered

No you can't, you're Daniel Bradberry.


Who are you calling slut, shorty?

Ew, creep

What to do? I'm not tired.

second bed? lol why would you have 2?

how am i a nerd

everything on the internet is no homo if you go by the balls touching rule

I actually really want to try subway

Solve 2+2 to prove you're not a bot, Bebop

How was your week?

I seem to just get bored with people either way so I've kind of just quit relationship stuff for now

Saying they never work out ever seems like a pretty shaky claim to make though :3

Maybe if you put a gun to her head

Just realized this works as a reply to multiple parts of that post

I think you'd be more into getting raped than being the rapist though

I want what I want is all ;3

There's SFV to watch though!

Plus I need a gn..

Sleep well Cherub.


I've noticed that a few times at the public side.

you should have nothing to worry about. lets see your tongue

well they still got regular shit too along with it.

i'm p sure it's what you say to someone when ur gon fight. lmao
cute pic tho

not the last time i checked

E.R...Essence Reaver
fuck these acronyms

annoying af

what is it, mid plat?

It's not shaky though. Only idiots take e-ships seriously.

I actually really want to learn how to link

But what happens if I touch your balls and say "no homo" right after?

am I gay now or am still safe?


You! Sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. :3c
Also, saved.

SOLVE 2 + 2!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT YOU CHECKING YOUR ROBOT VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're saying there's no e-relationship that's ever been successful?

do i have to?

Stay up all night and play video games.

Because the second one may or may not be a couch.

Counting the days until I'm done. T~T

A gn? :3



I think Erio and I's e-relationship is really successful^~^

like 1 gold player and the rest plat on my team, so guessing he had a duo
jesus christ it triggers me so

It's a paradox.
An e-relationship can never be successful.
What, you're gonna e-marry and have an e-honeymoon and make e-babies?

The fuck?

self terminate

we dont only have weird eggnog shit

is MF still good?



cause i liked the nerds candy stuff and i like you, it makes sense

>implying itd be rape and that she doesnt want it :^)

its irritating but i understand them cause how many people do you bet com in claiming to be sick with like cancer cause the net told them so

oh well i understand that then, i nap on my couch but usually i dont get kicked out of it my sister just sits on my legs if she wants to sit on the couch at the time lol


oh btw
could you 1v1 lenko?

bby pls don't be so fiesty

$100 dollars let's go
$200 if you win.

Not sure, I don't play her so probably maybe either way.

i'm a little bit distracted there

no homo only works if you have good excuse! if you're a doctor and you need to touch that to do check up, only then no homo would work

wait you can actually post pictures while in the steam browser
holy shit

only problem is i can't see thumbnails even when i select them so i have to hope i don't post something bad/important

wait you can actually post pictures while in the steam browser
holy shit

only problem is i can't see thumbnails even when i select them so i have to hope i don't post something bad/important

im a little bit of a freak, but most nerdy girls are right? lol gonna log into my cam account and send u an invite, promise not to record me or anything?

8ch is such shit

You got it :c

doubt it

Oh fuck it i'll just be gay then.

oh it uploaded as soon as i selected the image though
thats annoying

oh and it doesn't remember the directory you were in and defaults back to the steam folder of the game youre running

alt codes don't work here either

it's a no from me

Sometimes I just want to just beat your smart-ass.

But I like you for being a smart-ass.


Are there any ADC's that have been consistently strong throughout the seasons?
Barring Ezreal
fuck Ezreal

aw youre sweet

Fuck off.

Literally what the fuck is this? I thought my legs were fucking broken.



Ezreal is still super popular, pretty good too. Throughout the seasons? Definitely Lucian and Kalista.

Won't you get a job then anyway, though? Or just gonna be lazy for a while? :3


Oh so you're just saying it can't be successful because if it is then that means it stopped being an e-relationship and became something else?

Stop antagonizing Wish

Fighting? You?

Easy there little fella
I do miss having a slut to boss around though ;;

Hmn I'm on my shitty laptop till tomorrow so I cannot.

stage 2


youtube videos. instead of posting right after wake up, i visit youtube now.

i feel 10 years younger


i didn't realize i was.
this whole steam browser thing is killing my eyes



Thankies ^~^

I think.

e-dating, in particular, since it goes deeper.
E-friendships are perfectly fine.

but attack speed/movement speed slows fuck her in the ass.
I feel powerless when people build randuins/fh..

Link me one.

I only have lewd mental associations with that Pokemon


おやすみ ^^

i wish i could put you face in between my tits!

True, I think I just never thought about it like that.

Think I'll try to sleep. Good night.


Definitely be lazy through the summer.

Super lame.

Gonna totes finish Haruchika tonight. Wish me luck.

She's, imo, the second best adc to play right now. But I am way too aggressive to play her correctly in the early game.

Good night.

I think you might of skipped a few steps though.

Like the anger one or the sadness one.

Oh yeah?

Want me to be a Gardevoir slut for you?

lmao tell me what i actually did wrong

I'll match you for that tomorrow, がんばって :c

this game looks fun, building an old car, and they say you can upgrade it later.

no interface, just anything you see.

yea.. we went from denial to acceptance
either you're very cooperative or i'm very convincing

I keep telling you to not play league with your friends, but you never listen.


i don't care to play them game if it's not with someone
i've said this before but you don't realize it

I lied.

I have Ajin and Dragon Ball Super instead. Plus I think I have a movie date.

Are you coming out of the closet to me?

i am made of sweets so it only makes sense :^)

uh..... shes not exactly heavy what are you thinking my legs are made out of? crackers?

ive seen friends families get screwed by that stuff, so i think of it an unnatural amount when it comes up


Maybe with like Vel'koz or something I don't know

Sleep well Lewds.

Never thought about it why they do it, oh well.

Legit my sister sat on my legs to wake me up just now. I don't drink enough milk ; ;

Ask me; I'll more than likely play with you if I don't have anywhere to go at the time. Jesus christ man.

Not going to lie, kinda jelly of the relationship you have with your imouto. ayyy lmao


Yeah I did imply that

Idk I just assumed you were that user but maybe it was that one guy

Some harassing comment about egg nog

Okay well that just seems like a semantic thing

The ultimate goal tends to be to take it to IRL if the people are serious

Keep your man boobs away from me, Bebop

It is an interesting idea


Grim does not approve.

And strict e-ships will never get there.


Because you're the homo policia.

I will take your money.

Kinda wanna have a three-way with Emma and her sister (if she's 18+)


I think you said that once lol

Idr what it was about; some trap-related thing I think

I wonder if a Gardevoir's holes would feel good

I mean they'd be made of some kind of plant matter instead of normal flesh, right?


YEA he stopped on a highway, he's lucky he is still alive

i have before and you usually say not
i ask for other guy and he just spams me with "git gud"

how was it harassing at all though?

you seem sweet and normal i trust you :) heres my profile hit connect and it'll link my cam to you


Right now then.

Maple syrupy.

She's 6 you pedo.

Reporting you to the cops.

Joke's on you, I don't have any money to take

lets move away from silly doctor stuff! what are you up to this evening?

that sounds really bad and sort of confusing that we experience the same treatment from a sibling like that lmao you need more ice cream in your life it will obviously count as milk.... plus a lot of less good things but who cares about those!

she is not younger actually but she looks it, so i could probably call her that we have always been close like that really

No. It was when buttfox edited my posts in aneki.
It became a spam game after I mentioned it.

I thought she was 26.

she is obviously in to it so its fine

*opens closet door*

Step inside and enter a wonderland like you've never seen before.

Well, it's 6:26 am, and... well, I've got nothing.

Who is the taller one?

Oh wait you leave the closet not enter the closet.

fuck everything is ruined

Gives me an upset tummy.

26 dicks in your ass.

Not that old, though.

Probably a good plan to do that as much as you can now cause adult jobs are annoying and year-round

Actually, didn't you say you wanted to be a teacher? I guess that's not the case, then :3

Well obviously, lol

If it's strict then the people probably aren't serious and don't want it to last forever


This set off a chain of thoughts that led to things involving Wish and maple-syrup-covered body parts

Because Canada

At least it reminded me I missed her post

Why so mad?

Oh, okay.


wish's sister is a:

might be genetic
you never know


..... have you slept yet?

me lol

you are allergic to lactose or whatever?

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah. ok then. I said if she's 18.

She's just trying to get me in trouble as usual because she don't wanna give her anal virginity to me like she agreed to before.

and she's canadian.

ayyy lmao
go hug her and post results

if it actually connects then sure.

then what made you say it? just trying to be defensive when there's no reason to be?

There's a very high probability that I may not have.

MFF. Chill out dude.

You never get family involved.

I post this just as I make that comment about the genetics thing
but thats not the same

There are still things that you need to do over the summer.

You just don't get paid :^)

She just turned 24 actually.

Sensitive or something.

Guess it's not happening, then.

11:31 PM - Tobi: I'm dripping at the thought of all the protein powder he eats

Happy belated to nee-san.


stfu lenko you're a pedo

24 is yum

But that tobi guy is gross

Shut the fuck up grim, you're the one with 14 year olds on your skype and league account.

I'll tell her you say happy belated.



And that means I want to sexually harass them and call them lolis?


Is there a cap or something?


Just meme-ing LOL

The only one being unnecessarily defensive here is you

Just setting stuff up for the next year? Maybe you could get it out of the way early and then enjoy the rest of the summer

Or put it off until the end

Is Holla Forums kill or is my internet just bad? Forums/animus/thread/644671#p644830


lmao, nothing I said matters. the only thing that does matter is that you invited a 14 year old into a discord voice chat room with THESE posters.
so blow me.

Also, fuck int.

I'm 2k Str and Vit.

I have no idea :^)


I want to cuddle a loli

The way people don't get offended by non-serious remarks is by having a sense of humor. I see no one here does.


Lenko what are you doing

i'm just being it because you both made me think i did something bad without realizing it


pedo get out

The former.

You have a serious problem.



There is a line, my friend.
Always keep it in sight. Have a good night.


You can never control your fetishes, after all.

she clung to me for like 3 minutes, she really huggy and all that so it isnt really a surprise

go get some sleep then before you get sicker, sd :^)

cant you take supplements for the vitamin then?



I guess I just love the steroid eyeballs too much

I did nothing of the sort.

I did not tell a 14 year old to and I quote "suck my dick". Thanks though.

I, uh, need an adult.

i wasn't there for it but everyone was saying you did and not even 15mins later she quit the discord channel

Chocolate-mint cookies are hnnnnnnnnnnng

You said something along those lines. The fine details don't matter tho. Check yoself next time.

cause my sister and i hugged? lol

Mhmm, I have vitamin supplement chewables every morning ^^;

Control your boner, bro.

I was being suggestive at the very most. Never did I once tell the child to do anything explicit with me or anyone else.

Nope, read above. Stop being such an SJW and get your shit together.



chewable vitamins only give you 15% of what you need

It's still wrong.
Fuck, man. Grow up.

Looks like that was around the time /lewd/ spam was happening

Lots of dank memes

I'd think you'd know if it's the job you're going for ^^

Well her responding that way was kind of the joke I was doing

Just think of Grim with ketchup on his nipples, you'll be fine.

You KNOW I can't resist ketchup, bro

closing this game means closing this thread and i'd rather not open this place again in my actual broswer so bye

oh so it was just playful fun and it was a coincedence they left?

so like i thought then.

ur dumb say made cupcake


Niceu post number.

Wow, it's almost like they're all manufactured the exact same~

It's not like they teach you that shit in school or anything.

OH? You want to talk wrong? How about the 20 something year old who is befriending DEPRESSED 14 YEAR OLD FEMALES. AND the guy who introduces them to Holla Forums CIRCLEJERKS. Fuck man, you can pretend to be SJW here and there and pretend you give a fuck but your actions clearly say otherwise. Yeah, me picking on a mentally disturbed child is bad but not anywhere near as bad as what you do. How about you check yourself before you wreck yourself?


Could be, probably isn't. I muted the person and stopped talking to them after all the commotion.

What? No.

Time to get some sleep, night.

Oh, maybe I should do that then.


So then why would you make such a generalized statement?


i was thinking.. if i enter the closet then i'll never come out and admit it

then you said you ruined it yourself



Thanks, bitches love post numbers


It's not? Chewables vs pill vitamins. The pill will always give you 100% of what they say it will. Chewables however, will not. How the fuck is that generalized?

I may of messed up but I still feel like I got my point across.


Is there actually somewhere credible that'll tell me that for 100% of chewable vitamins that you only receive 15% of the claimed dosage?

Are you sure there is anything wrong with befriending 14 year olds? Depressed or not. We play league together. There is nothing wrong with friendship.

Again. You're blaming your own behavior on the collective.

It's like people blaming rape victims because they were wearing suggestive clothing. You sound like your anger has taken over you mind.

Stop this.

You are only embarrassing yourself.

Just move on.

i should have guessed youd do that already, you are smarter than i am

oh yeah that could be taken the wrong way but still im sticking with that description

sweet dreams!

Apparently they're bad for me and cause cancer though.

I'll find an actual study and give you detailed information, but right now I need to educate a child.

You. Literally. Cannot. Be. This. Stupid.

No, I didn't mean that. Just, muh dick.

It's impossible. I'm trying as hard as diamond, the hardest metal known to man

Solid edumucating.


You mean Dragonforce, right?

I'm done with this.
I hope this doesn't happen again, online or irl.

what do they have to do with cancer?

im not sure how i feel about that effecting your dick :^)


Through the fire and flames, baby.

Better Cuck Chuck

Or what? Please feel free to try anything.


Don't make idle threats towards me, Grim.

You and I both know that this won't end well for you.

I accidentally wrote fuck instead of cuck the first tim and had to erase it and retype for once

I'm not threatening you, you fucking baboon.

Take a walk.

[fabulous entry]


it depends what the depressed 14 year old looks like tbh

Leave chuck alone.


[better entry where Holla Forums keeps my image]

I gotta Sleep. Just wanted too say hi. Night love.



damn shots fucking fired

chuck is like a dik

Good job Chii, you fucking killed it.

k here we go

also >lenko deflecting from argument


So he cucked you and this is revenge?

thats my job

Might as well delete the board.

brb gunna delete it

Its all about that animus 2 now anyways.


everyone's been so mad lately

They just need to smoke some weed and chiiiiiilll

This is an advertisement

animus 2: civil war

I'm the brave leader we need.

Follow me and you won't be disappointed.

well idk any chucks though I know a few cucks

Whos a cuck?

Ban vs. Chii: Dawn of AIIIIIIIIIIDS

literally no-one in voice


not true

that link made my discord crashed

thanks leader!

Ian vs Soto: Thrist wars

Grim vs State of New York: Pedophilia

But you made it right? See i'm a good leader.


All of this thrist

Maybe some thirst thrown in there too :^)

both of my uncles cucked whoever was with my aunts at least

and well people from here and there

fuck lol

i had to use browser, and my voice chat isnt working on browser


uh hi


Are you gonna cuck people and follow in your uncles foot steps?

Reopen the other discord?

Hurry because i'm not gonna be up for very much longer.

there must be a shortage

this is that black guy isn't it

sea turtles

-nibbles a chocolate egg quietly in the corner- :3

holy fuck it is

family of cuckers

I don't know how to take this though.


Meet the cuckers

-gets up and wanders around with the egg, chocolate smeared on his cheeks-

He's locked up until 2020 lol

what he do. im too lazy to look

lots of it





Yojimbo is the coolest motherfucker

just chilling in bed

talking to hubby about moving. was playin witcher

this guy is creepy af

he did it

Witcher is ultra fun c:
sooo moving?
That could be fun^^

yeah after a few months apart we're moving back into an apartment.

Is this some weird Japanese fetish? Why would they know her blood type? Why would that ever be relevant?

I am so confuse

\things\don't click


Blood type compatibility is a Japanese thing, yea.

it doesnt matter all blood tastes the same

im just going to stop reading before i feel more disgusted

that sounds good i think-
im gonna need to move out soon enough tho

noooo they didn't


holy fuck
where is my garlic garland

it is. gonna have two other roommates to so there will be plenty of money around for coke

ive tasted a lot more blood than you sit down

I know but they were different.
Also, you do forms of cocaine?

I bet Moogs doesn't even sparkle in the sunlight

you are so full of shit

no but im going to fuck around a lot in that area.

The three different ones tasted weird.
And if you are have fun !!


i can only taste the bit of iron in blood.

The best gimmick cards in the game tbh

it doesnt always taste like that though

enlighten me

Idk how to say it

guess i need to try more blood

like it can change according to my own.

king deadede

Go figure

does anyone have the pictures of boo talking to that undeage girl




dude there have to be a lot of them

did i make things awkward in steam

nope !!
At least I don't think so
I'm just spamming someone on discord^^

Why would anyone save that

That's kinda gross

Oh well, that's what the night crew is for

We waste away the hours until the other people come back

SIDENOTE, Manaka used to be almost exclusively a night crew poster. I talked to him a bit when he first showed up

my mother is one of the best posters.

i dont want to see any more of it

im being told of it now. i missed it

its okay i wont link anything at all.

thank you

She posts? What even

Be glad you missed it if it involves underaged girls

Manaka is my mama

can cant we get normal people


Manaka is quite pervasive in this community, I can't quite tell if it's for better or for worse.

- cant


We're on a site that separated from a site was considered extreme for being too extreme

Of course we can't get normal people

idk but my mama is best mama

we dont even get much of the good weird though

I think my suitemates were just in the shower together

*A site that was

Yeah, thinking is difficult

thinking is one of the most difficult things invented

*silently stares at all of you*

and thinks you're all cute

I's pretty normal

hi nezi.

Yeah, we're stupidly insular. Every new person is suspected of being an old person pretending to be new, no one likes to get to know new people

We're isolated by virtue of our location, and we pile on the isolation by our attitude. It's never going to change

Did thinking have to be invented?

*Thinks if ur cute ur cute*


idk i dont wanna think about it


thats only due to a few bad apples. new people or migrants do trickle in. if we weren't so immature that we felt the need to bully them before we knew their character they might be more inclined to stick around

dude at least your name isnt frank
that would suck
i do not like that name
frank is dumb

They do, but you can't deny that being here gets us much less exposure than being on Holla Forums did. And the atmosphere here has never been inviting to new people, hell when I started I wouldn't have stayed at all if it weren't for TP knowing what he was doing and liking my avatar

Ian is British and therefore intelligent

fucking frank though
like who the fuck thought that name would be a good idea
"oi frank get over here cunt"

i am too stubborn to believe this place is inherently toxic

literally anything to do with cj is toxic.

It came from Franklin, which sounds pretty smart tbh

It is. We are all toxic and horrible. Only the most resilient care to stay here, and there aren't many

or desperate

i think both of them sound super dumb to be honest


That too. But most of those tend to be bullied out

I like Franklin because it reminds me of Franklin D. Roosevelt, probably the best president in the history of the USA

Idunno man
frank is just so fucking dumb though
would literally break up with someone over that name

its really sad how this place revels in high school level drama

I drank at my onee-chans and came back home to weed my friend left me that he owed me

Life is good

When I hear Frank I always think of Frank from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia lol

It's what we've always been. The difference comes in the level of investment. Back in the Alice days, people would get super personally invested in it. As Bern took over and beyond, we did it to kind of keep the spirit alive and because some of us still got invested in it.

/history lesson

tl;dr we're adults acting like children and that keeps us running but also is our worst quality