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i take a shower every day. i only wash my hair once a week though


If it bleeds, we can kill it.webm

boo thread

Which is?

I don't have any, it's Christmas thing ;;

nawh luka this mother fucker gets it, shampooing your hair too much isn't healthy, but it's good to take regular showers, we understand if you have to conserve water though

I live in florida so I have to shower every day

the humidity is so bad here

Make/Get it and drink it anyway!

everyday is bad for the skin

not if you use good soap and have access to moisturizing lotion, not afraid to admit i use it, especially during a michigan winter

What is Wish was actually a fat chick irl

you shouldn't have to waste money on moisturizer, just because you shower too much...

we have too many already

its more because of the weather than the showering, just a little for my hands is okay after a good shower because i have healthy skin

How to?

this is how you feel sometimes

i have good skin too
but i havent ever needed some moisturizer though

The ingredients! Grab em and throw them in a bowl or something.

I think.


Showering daily is a good idea

shampooing daily, not so much

can you not

I shower once every total solar eclipse.

too much soap can dry out your skin tbh

Ikt you fucking chink weeb

Exfoliate nigga

How was your morning?

Did you sleep well last night?

What type of cream do you like in your coffee and how's campaigning going for you?

Since President Obama went to visit the leader of Cuba, would you let the leader of Cuba into the white house once IF you are president?

How would you cover the cost of healthcare to all citizens? Do you understand that this will hurt the working and the creator class?

Do you understand the current political climate in America and how your socialist values are not aligned at all?

Do you understand you are hurting Hillary Chances of winning this election by your far-fetched ideas?

Does Young Metro trusts you, and if he doesn't, how would you regain his trust and ultimately diminish his doubts?

I'v been sucking on the tip of your penis for at least 18 minutes now, would you like me to deep throat you now and let me swallow your golden nectar of cum?

I want to kiss idks dick

You kinda wanna kiss everyone's dick

fuck off

You love it Grim.

yay bernie FTW!

I've been watching How It's Made for the last hour

That's the good shit.
Modern Marvels is better tho


can i be bullied too?

I watched Yuru Yuri.

1 teaspoon maca

1 teaspoon ashwagandha

1 teaspoon ho shou wu

1 teaspoon cordyceps

does anyone know what this shit is


snake oil
some magic dust protein smoothie mix

Do not deny your true feelings Grim.
pls no hate


Don't deny this fist into your throat

Dunno what that is
But now I'm watching food shows and I'm getting hungry. God damn it youtube

Is that something lewd?


I love you too.

why is Holla Forums so broken


great show!

Cute girls doing cute things.


Sleepy ikt.


Aunt's talking about her bfs dad who killed himself

I started snickering just cause I'm drunk and it reminds me of threads when we jokingly tell them to ky

Aunt called me an asshole and asked what happened to the nice Soto from years ago lmao

Sounds girly! Good night.




soto is evil now



holy shit Miyakawa-ke no kufuku is so depressing


I miss the old Soto, having a soul Soto
Straight from the gold Soto, ill with the flow Soto
I hate the new Soto, the always rude Soto
The bad mood Soto, spaz in the threads Soto
I miss the sweet Kanye, not beating trap meat Soto
I’d like to say at that time I’d like to meet Soto
See He invented Soto, there wasn’t any Sotos
And now I look and look around and there’s so many Sotos
I used to love Soto, I used to love Soto,
I even had the trap loli dakimakura, I thought I was Soto
What if Soto made a post about Soto
That would be so Soto!

whoops messed up. but you get it idc.

link original

-tucks you in-

time for you to sleep, you need anything before you go to bed~?



god hes being such a fuckass I cant find it on yt

any free listening links online?
dont wanna dl it

he only has it on Tidal. I listened to it via stream in twitch and like 30k people attended with me and just circlejerk it because it's Kanye.

Hey look I found Wish


penny-pinching S.O.B
fuck him

Who the fuck doesn't shower every day anyways

Shut up Rich Evans

draw some cat ears on it and it'll be 100% accurate

smelly people


And Jay-Z is going to put up lawsuits for people who pirated the record because Tidal is his platform.


/rubs back

see grim this is why you're number 1





especially bye to grim


I shower every other day. Mainly to keep my hair poofy.

Fuck yeah naps

guys remember that time nezi tried to fuck devnull

ok bye 4 real

Happy Christian Zombie day, thread friends.


Thank you. How's it going?



Personally would have chosen "This is the war"

It's meh, I hate these sorts of holidays.
How about you?

Jesus is supposed to have risen from the dead on easter, so I call it christian zombie day, cause he'd be a zombie.


I only asked the first question.

I don't have any more war related songs

Also, hi Menma. Hope you're having a nice Easter.

This music gives me so many nostalgia boners

I don't really have an opinion. If the family wants to gather then i usually attend, but i really don't make it bigger than that.

Also a good one
How's it going SD?

You do not simply practice enough war.

Just chilling, getting a bit tired though since 3 am.
How about you?

zombie apocolypse!

Better than some years though.
Hi Grim.

I meant more how you are doing.

Oh.... Well i'm feeling decent at the moment.

I support the war tho

I guess that could also mean the 'second coming of christ' Armageddon thing. The bible predicts zombie apocalypse! This should be a movie plot, I'd watch it.

That's good.

how would it all end?

Just got up from a decent nap. Kinda surprised my tablet was delivered today since it's a holiday.

I love you for your braaaaaains

What's up cherub?


Yeah i suppose. Just sitting here and post while listening to music.

There's simply never enough of war.

I think I should be going to sleep soon, but don't really feel that tired currently.
Or maybe I am, but I just don't feel like sleeping.

scarey thought... zombies among us already..

Oh nothing much just chilling and stuff like i wrote here

Yeah tablet for drawing. Thing is fucking massive
Getting some sleep wouldn't be a bad idea. I might go to bed in 2-3 hours

*hugs* nom

Almost anything. But i prefer folk metal or anything else where an medieval instrument is involved. I like to listen to 1930's music too.

Oh, going to practice some drawing or?
But didn't you just wake up?



oww... >_< my headache...

Everything dies.

I'm doing the exact same thing.

dammit all

Sounds relaxing. What are you listening to?

I use to be big into folk music. Amon Amart, Heidevolk, Skyforger, Vox Vulgaris and what not

Just a short nap. I've been up since 3 a.m.

Awww Feel better Luka~

Ah, why that early though?

I know Amon Amarth and Heidevolk. Its just been a while since i've listening to them.
I really like Eluveitie and someone called Svartsot.

evil bible stuff!
don't lets second coming happen! no apocolypse pls no zombies!

hopefully this iboprofin helps me

A recent upload from youtube

and a Chopin nocturne. You?

I'll take a look on that when i'm done with mine.
This is from Nier.

hungry :(((((((( le luka face

I wonder what's open on Easter

Are grocery stores even


Oh I know this song.

Many places in my country had closed.

I really like Nier's soundtrack.

I like to hit the gym when I know I'll be the only person there. Also it's before work.

All my irl friends are still super into it. I haven't listen to any in years tho. All about that death metal and korean music

Sounds like you need a bear to cuddle~

Most places are closed here.

Those are nice genre's too. I like to listen to death metal in the morning.

Ah, well then, I guess that seems all justified.
I just couldn't see myself waking up that early ever.

le corn dildo store

I'm assuming you're Bebop

I tried stuff at this one Mediterranean place recently; it had a kind of weird taste that I wasn't sure if I liked but I didn't dislike

I'm kind of craving it again now

Google is no help

That was the whole point in Googling it lol

How're you feeling?

Well that sounds neat. What kind of stuff do they have?


I'm trying to listen to more audio programs tho. Music is nice, but I'd rather learn

Yeah it's rough, but then I take a pre work out and start listening to music and it's all good then

Hai Erio. How was your weekend?

By the way i listened to the song and i like it.
Though i haven't played fire emblem before.

Ah i see.


I miss Sci....

Have you seen any of those folk bands live?

Sounds way too physically tiring.

I have seen Eluveitie when they were touring with Sabaton. That was an awesome experience. It was back in 2012.


hes probably hanging from a rope somewhere


This song is great.

This is what I am worried about. There is some serious stuff wrong with the guy but he is nice deep down. I feel like I was a bad influence on him

8ch broke


he was autistic long before you rubbed off on him

if you did at all i mean



It did?

*before you rubbed him off


Hi hi

It's not bad at all actually and gets better over time

I think I've been to around 30 concerts. Seen Amon Amarth twice :3


Just being bad for me ._.
Takes like 10 tries to post an image



Just relaxing a bit. You?

I envy you. I wish i had the money to go to more concerts.

Glad to hear you can survive with it then.

Ah, I had that happen to me earlier.
It just kind of fixed itself.

same. talking to bf about moving. talking to other friend about piercings. i never change

That was back in high school tho. I stopped going because I was getting into too many fights

I should post a progress picture in a month or so >.>

What do you want pierced?

I have seen all of the good anime.

Have you read the good manga though?

What's the best animu then?

oh i already have like 12 piercings. she was planning on getting her lobes done this week and i was telling her what to expect before going off on a tangent about tongue rings and how easier they are pain and healing wise

I thought moshpits was a fun thing even though you could get a little hurt.

I read all the one piece manga.

One Piece, Naruto and Fairy Tail.

That is the worst manga

No its the biggest one.

12? God damn. Most I've had was 5, but I'm back to 0. How long does it take the tongue to heal?

Oh I love moshing. Nothing wrong with pits ^^
I actually kinda miss them

I always wanted to get into one piece, but it's like 700 episodes. I read a bit of the manga in shonen jump with Naruto.

Like one of those before - after?

after the initial piercing there is a week of swelling and then you're good to go

April 16th. Copenhagen. Full of Hell. What do you say?

They are talking about the end of the show in the manga right now and A LOT of stuff is about to happen.

Naked and afraid is a good show by the way.

its not a show
its my life

Yep yep. It's always good to track progress

Hmmm not bad at all. What about nipples?

Too far lol. Also I think that's when bike week is in AZ and my mechanic already begged me to go

Whose your favorite character in the show? I like the blue hair guy. Looks kinda cool

I like to watch it naked and alone
jk no tv for me

I've been afraid before but I don't think I've ever been naked.

yes. You see the one where the woman caught a fish with her vag?

Ripped sword guy.

oh god those were the most painful ones ive gotten. healing time takes weeks to months

you should try to sometime

No I haven't finished the first season yet.

True that.

Yeah i was kidding too. But i look forward to that concert because its not a band i listen to very often.

Sounds risky.

but oh so rewarding

God that made me want to rewatch Samurai Champloo

I use to want them, but of friend of mine who also had long hair told me I'd always have to wear a shirt so my hair wouldn't get caught in them. nty

Go to sleep~
Any plans for tomorrow?

Lemme know how it is. Not 100% sure if I'll go to the bike week. All my mechanic wants to do is get drunk af with me. Might go for the boobies tho

That does sound awesome. And boobies are always nice.

depends on the type of ring or bar you have


I stopped taking risks when I retired.

That shows pretty good but I don't remember anything that happens except for the end.

The one with like 12 people or whatever was great. That's fairly current htough.

i guess at a certain point there's no point in trying to teach old people things. better to just leave them be


I'll get to that point some day but its gonna take me some time.

I'm probably gonna be put into a home at some point soon.

i hear those places are like big elderly orgies

hey animus hows it hangin?

Fuck yes I love me some boobies. Apparently they just walk around topless. Hopefully it's not too hot in August

Interesting. Even tho I have short hair not, I no longer entertain the idea of piercings

Hmmmm who are you?

Another day in paradise

hey cutie

I don't even wanna know what that smells like.

Nezumi, ban, archives

sloppy wet old people sex



Good evening.

Thats really lovely.

im getting a boner just picturing it

Yes, hello.

Going to do it soon.
Not really, probably just sleeping late as always.

Same as always, how about you?

Archives, jojo?

Thank you for the attention, I'm gonna go lay in bed now.

sounds good then!

buuuutttt I'm watching naked people play in the woods!

Well I'm sure the old people aren't.


Where is your flag?

I'm starting to get tired af. Going to steal some music before I go to bed soon

wow 8ch ate my image

Get lost!

They don't look that afraid.

its only day 2

was thinking about sloppy wet elderly sex. but now im think about sloppy wet dog sex


Yeah pretty much.

Someone ate it. I'll put up a new one again.

Is this your way of saying "Oh, they will be"?


Thats exactly what i'm saying.

One of them will break and then everything will go down hill.

I'm sorry just go on without me.

one step ahead of ya

Going downhill is always so much easier than going up hill.

That sounds fun.
Not coughing that much but my throat still hurts, also got that taste of blood in my mouth all the time, not really sure why.


Out for the night.
Have a good day/night everyone

But its also harder to stop.

Grim I've had an Eris folder for a while btw


Fucking nice

thread diggies

I got a pita bread with hummus, seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes and stuff on it

But anyway they're not open today so I wanna crucify the Nazarene again to make it worth it

Goodnight Shiro.

Back again from shopping?

Good evening Elma.

Imagine having no feet though.

Sleep well.

Hey, what's up,

My first thing is like "oh no, no more skateboarding" I think. Then like, walking I guess lol

Poor Gardevoir.


lewd watching the new waking dead!

good to hear! is that from prototype?

you really should see a doctor again, you might have sores in your throat they could help out

I'm just making a frozen pizza that was in the refrigerator

sounds fun

I haven't seen a doctor.
My family forced me to get an appointment, so probably will see one around Tuesday.

Everything closing is pretty inconvenient

I snapped my arm so it was poking out of the skin skateboarding once when I was about 16. It was an odd experience. I think I became some kind of delirious at the time because I thought it was hilarious whilst feeling nauseous and not really feeling the pain at all.

Nothing much. Just chilling and stuff. You?

Yes it is.

Ah okay. I ate that for dinner too actually.

ShopRite was open today so I went and bought about $200 worth of groceries.
Taunted Luka with them, was a dick move, but I was hoping it might stir him to do something about his situation.

All he did was play stupid and deflect tho.

That guy just smacked a possum out of a tree like it was a pinata or something.


ugly motherfuckers, those things

not playing that, on speakers

show me what $200 worth of groceries look like

Why not?

My phone's dead.

its entertaining to say the least

good! dont miss it or i will like bug you about it forever!

i enjoyed that game a lot for some reason but never played the sequel

show me what $200 worth of handjobs look like

I don't even think they're gonna eat it.

I'm looking at /lewd/ but I don't see a compelling reason to post

Yeah that's what Luka always does lol

One time I kept pressing her about why she chose to eat cold macaroni and be sad about it instead of just heating it up again and she just kept ignoring it and talking about the other thing we were talking about until she finally just replied with gibberish

wow Holla Forums is having major issues tonight

I did start on the sequel but never finished.



It's just James Earl Jones, jeez

Thats totally cool.

....Holla Forums is a fully functioning site!

Probably not.

It's gonna suck when his health deteriorates in an accident or when he gets older. Then his benefits won't save him. Then he'll lose everything.

I don't see how I would, I've never been late to anything.
Exception being my own funeral.
That was lame.

was it not as fun?

made me laugh some so it isnt that lame!

no nigga im watching anime

no they ate it

My food better get here quick or else i'm gonna go nuts.

is wish still here?

also hapy easter everyone


people have ate those for a long time grim


have you learned to erp yet

It was, but i just lost interest for console gaming for a longer period.

you killed it
you could have saved it

find any pottery video and imagine the clay is something else

I posted a magic teddy bear

STOP THREATENING LUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jk I secretly think Chiiii is a good admin

Glad to hear that.

Its they only food they have and they would die without it.

Fuck I would eat a possum right now....

would you eat me?

Adrenaline is intense. I could only imagine what that was like x_x Somehow I've never broken anything.

Reading about Genie, the feral child lol

Well. Then I guess there is no choice.

Have you seen the new wordfilter?
Post the word "B­ump".

I'll bring it back to life.

I saw it :D

The feral child?

I would eat the shit out of them grim.

i'm dying



What food did you order?

people ate rats before too


isnt it on steam now?

>blaming chii for that

oh come on babe, you know what i mean.

Would you?

learn to erp with me, babe

Pizza for obvious reasons

Fucking trap.
I bet you wear metallic short-skirts.

I suck dicks

Have you e-fucked any of them?


I'm not; that was a reference to something Grim gets but you don't because the REPLY WASN'T TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!1 BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS AND STOP BEING A DOG FOR YOUR LE DO IT FOR FREE BOSS SO READILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey! found ya on skype messenger directory i'm recently single and dating sites suck so i figured i'd give this a try ;) so can i ask you something??


It's been a while since I've done that thing though

I've never put on a skirt before though.

the only other way to take that would be calling you a girl

lab rat maybe if it was cooked right, wild rats however sound disgusting with the infinite amounts of diseases

no it was my doing thats why i mentioned it but thats okay ill ignore, oniisama :^)

that comma after ignore wasnt meant to be there lol

You've actually sucked someone's dick irl before?

Maybe you're waiting for the right moment.


I'm afraid they'll prescribe me with the same things I already have, since those didn't seem to work.

I don't know. But why should i buy it when i already have it just for console? Maybe i am gonna play it again sometimes.



dammit. I don't want

rectal coitus
dyke action
solo boring shit
black dudes
gay or women that make me think they're guys
more than two people so I can keep up
horrible camera angles/from far away
800 tons
nearly pitch dark
bitches that should get punched in the face
guys' assholes
fisting or massive objects
only bj's handj's
loud sleaze

Why can't there just be regular sexual intercourse with one man and one woman in the missionary position. Fuck you internet

You still seem to not actually know what I'm talking about

Nah just e-dicks

I'm a lot pickier with guys IRL

But it's easier to get attracted to SOULS than bodies

No Bebop


lol e-gay

Or maybe its because thats gay.

Yeah, and?

He's such a pretty boy.

I'm not gay so thats why I've never done it.



Someone please try to explain to me why tank fizz is good and why everyone who plays it is a cuck.


Think about it, have you ever really seen me do something thats actually gay?

the answer is no


what do you look at more on a girl, her butt or her boobs? honestly???

youre a cuck

You're an expert at masking it.

if you get on-hit items like botrk and stuff it can be ridiculous, 1v1's almost anything


Quite possibly the dumbest shit I've heard. Why not go tank vayne after building bork and pd and using your ult to go invis and just %health damage with bork and W? Both are terrible ideas and I want to slap someone for that.

I'm usually dom now and subby guys turn me on in fun ways because I love sissifying them and stuff

This one who added me actually usually RPs as a girl but I'm having him be his IRL gender and he's all shy about it; so shy and kawaii

Stuffing his e-holes is fun


I'm not gonna lie though grim, I have been gay before.

Fizz has a spammable invulnerability troll pole.

I really don't get how people like you get their rocks off of e-shit. Like. You don't feel any irl longing or shit like that?

Was it with pepper and shit?

both could probably work

If you wanna count online stuff then I guess.

longing lol

you put subway sandwich between thighs

lab rats are clean as long as they arent being used for experiments already, essentially itd be the same as eating a farm animal that is muuuch smaller lol

just make sure to get it through to them about the blood taste cause that alone should get you something different

fair enough! either way great game would totally want that weird shifty power

i probably do but just dont hugely care about it lol


I don't think it really counts online until you've physically masturbated to the thought of it