Yandere waifu thread

Yandere waifu thread

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boo thread ~

Your link is awful
why u do that

hanging with friends and posting?

How does that work?

My firefox crashed

Just woke up and fapped

Unf feelsgoodman

Roommates and gaming with irl friends

Ay nigga what are you doing today

Gonna go to my grandmas and see my siblings hunt easter eggs and shit

I have a house. 2 bed, ground floor, super spacious.


hell yah dude
Go home and be a family man

From the chronic to the green ass weed with no seeds
To the boogie that'll make a motherfuckers lungs bleed
Smoke down in the car cant breathe everybody wanna smoke with me
To the dawgs with the pre-rolled blunts in the air I suck dicksing this like we don't care
Dirty piss violated again I'm in the system and I just cant win

it's where I've lived for the last year, my flatmate is moving out and signing it over

Just woke up

hey luka
you should g i v e a b u m p



That bear is amazing

Hey Luka get a job

Where is he going?

you too nigga

i just drank some yogurt just now.

your irl one is better :)



i like yogurt

Hey I have had a job and everything
Calm down bruh

And his fat dick

The wailing of the damned.

Drinking it is nasty.
I had frenchtoast

Soto's had a job forever, right?

Oh yeah?
Is it the same place as before?

Nah. He quit recently because new management were shitters.

Mhm ^^
Some serious softness. Apparently it weights 7lbs or 3.1kg

Oh damn.

it's not nasty to me
since it's pretty much like a YOP

i wanna snuggle it!

He should have proved his experience to corporate and replaced them.

Liquid yogurt is icky.

not to me.
its smooth

Powermad in 4 days.

Nah, lmao

I need to stop going out and drinking man
Victor is my nigga tho, since HS and even manny stopped by and joined us

He would make a good leader. He has the people skills. He doesn't give enough fucks to abuse the power, either.

Smooth and fermented ick

Grim told me.
Sorry man.

He doesn't give enough fucks to not abuse power.

Yeah, build up a little cushion of money.

that's yogurt for ya
ferment and full of healthy probiotics bacerias for my body healthy maintenence.

Banana yogurt best yogurt.

It's nonamerican.

i am nonamerican.


no bully...

Shit happens man
Oh well

yeah, I need to do that



I got some banana yogurt for ya


Yea man.
Whatcha gonna do?


*bullies gently*

Kinda wanna know more about your new job but I feel like you'll just brush me off again

But for his livelihood?

bbl groceries

New job? Nigga Im still unemployed



Luka is this you irl?





kewl webm

God I wish that were me

You wanna be a big bald guy? but why ?

no ew that is yucky
I am happy being a short skinny full head of hair post teen ty

Stop posting pictures of me ?

Sup slut

What why? thats still not even a girl.

Sorry but sometimes I just gotta.


that lady looks pretty :)

: ( !

You gonna act like fucking garbage like you always do?
It's Sunday btw

Look at the size of her tits


her long pretty hair is better

: ) !

I don't need to be a girl~~



You don't even play Skullgirls
She's my main

Can't please master

gimme skull girls

You have failed me for the last time.


i remember walace was super hyped for the new Kanye album that turned out to be a 3 at best
Feel very sad for wallas

Now I gotta choke you to death.

I'll buy a subway sandwich and record myself throwing it on the floor and stepping on it and post it on here everytime you post


You are going to end up buying a lot of subway sandwiches.



harder daddy




yes pls

post eyes


i want subway

lol get fucked

im not lewd

pick me up

LOL i still have to go to wokr today

Moderation tram useless.


don't go

stay here


Life is so exciting

doki doki suru wa!!~

I would
And I think I will

What a world we live in friends

But he's an illegal


you are going to get fired

can i have one pls ;~;


I'll pay you for nudes.

Apply to some, try part time and seasonal too

Lots of commercial places are getting into their busy season now

especially with me

what is your job anyways

How's your easter going doll


hah Bard meme

It's at Lowe's, seasonal thing

Not the best but I could do a lot worse


i did. but nothing on the town job board that fits me. i checked on friday.

You're gonna need to go outside of your comfort zone a bit if you can't find something that "fits you"

Saikou na, mainichi

Poi? Poi

pretty well, the break has been great

how about yours?

tbh when that champion came out it made me think of you

feel special

you mean the hardware store and not the grocer right?

literally walk into every fast food joint in town and ask for an application

you will get hired to ONE

You don't something that fits, just something that pays and looks good on the CV/resumé

Took you long enough nigger



I do, yes

A-are you proud of me senpai?

Poi !

i did.
it wouldn't work out, if i stepped that far out, i wouldn't last a day. i know my own limits. because im me.


is it because the jaw is too masculine?

that's cool

my friend was a cashier at lowe's for awhile and he liked it

met some interesting characters and has some funny stories too, being the south and a hardware store

waste of time.

Then you won't find anything, sorry

Yeah, it's like a nicer version of Home Depot. Looking forward to it tbh, I've been going to hardware stores for ages because my stepdad was constantly doing projects around the house and making me help with them

please explain to me how that is a waste of time at all

well now it is just intermittent

plus they smell nice

what will you be doing?

i wouldn't make a day in one of 'those' places.

im stuck.


I'm drunk as fuck lol
kinda mh the past 2 days the people i invited to drink with me bailed out and my best friend was gonna hit me up but he had easter stuff with family so I mena thats like
Kind of a bummer but
I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT undersstand that shit
I mean we'll prolly just hang out tonight ot romowwor or whatever but like I was kinda looking forward to that so I mean it's kind of blegh

just stood up not long ago to go play guitar

Feel like singing today

Gotta work at 4 though so FUCK that shit lmao



I think like cashier/sales floor stuff

You're gonna have to push yourself if you want to get unstuck


"good things come to those who wait."

...why not? it's literally not hard and it is a j-o-b at that

plus, you haven't even tried, how do you know you wouldnt last a day?

at noon lol?

well that doesn't sound too bad

make vocaroos

not bad

Luka cries that they want to change their life, but hasn't the balls to try.
I'm all for being supporting and helping. But if he isn't willing to help himself. How are we going to help.
Long story short. Luka is a neet troll welfare Cuck.
not realising I was Luka all along

Fuck dude I would I really would
but get this bs

my computer has 2 usb slots

I use logitech wireless mouse requiring the usb slot 1 for its wireless adaptber

then i lost the battery for it

so I need the seonc usb slot o plug it in by usb
if either of those arnet plugged in
it wont work

unless it has a battery
then it doesnt need the usb

right so
my trackpad shit otu recently

so now I dont have mouse control if I dont have my usb slots plugged up
you feel me

So I canrt plug in my fucking blue yeti pro or my fucking usb interfacee to record anything

So if you're stuck, you just wait? That's kind of a shitty strategy honestly

Yeah, I think I'll like it. We'll see, I start on Thursday



Luka post yfw a months worth of real groceries


just grab a usb hub they're p cheap especially online

post workpix

they hired someone better anyways and let me go because i wasn't good enough.
they would tell me they have plenty of other people that could fill my position.

change is constant.
but an opportunity will present itself eventually.
just like how you finally got your job at lowes.
you had to wait till you could apply there when they were hiring right?
so that means i gotta wait until someones hiring here too!

i dunno wat those are.


You don't know what groceries are?

all i see is a bunch of yellow bags... :\

then improve yourself

become competitive

if you really want a job you will need to actually work for it

also, i dont know if there is a Goodwill near you, but they have a really helpful service called Job Connection

also, search for temp agencies
they may put you in some awful shit like working outside in the heat all day but if that is all you can find it's what you've got, you just have to make the best of it

What are groceries stored in luka

damn bro it's even worse cause I had like 3 of these at one time and idfk where they went

I got robbed of like 1k back right, and I got this back fund I use as venture capital, I spend it, it repleneshes itself I get profit you feel me
and like
I'm 900 set back on that now so I ggotta get that in

right and doing that shit set me back on my own personal money so like
I put in my pay to get it back where it was
and this one niggga owed me like
120 bucks letft
he was gonna get in like a 60 dollar payment or what the fuck ever and he's trying to worm out of paying that this week
Right so This nigga s gonna get it all in in 2 weeks on friday
so I was counting on that to be my personal spending money you know

but this dude fell through so Now I have no money for 2 weeks unless I get on the slang grind myself and that shit's way below me
I don't like to be in the game

tfw tldr bard is as poor as luka atm

I got that job because I was looking for jobs EVERY DAY and applied to fucking hundreds of places, even ones that I didn't like or didn't think I'd do well in. It takes time and effort, and pushing yourself to do shit you don't want to do or don't think you can do

one day luka is going to get rich from inventing a yuri app and you're all going to look pretty foolish

People have tried what you are attempting to do for years

Leave it

To be honest, I think in reality we need to stop badgering Luka. Isn't like shitposting and bullying will help him.
We should be better and be supportive and understanding likethe adults we are.

I have nothing better to do tbh

He won't push himself, sooo...

Either way it won't help
Life will catch up to luka sooner or later

Talk to me instead

I agree
people are way too hard on luka

however there's a thin line on easing up the bullying and straight up enabling

That usually gets more than one reply. I guess there's not a lot of onii-chans online tonight.

Who dis semen demon


i can't just 'become competative'
don't have that place in canada
i havent seen a temp agency before.

bags, but i don't see actual groceries. so i don't know what you even bought.

well i don't have '100's of places' here.
so my searching is going to look a bit more spaced than yours... correct?
its all a matter of time.



That just means you have an easier time. With less places to apply to, you can devote more time to following up

OH, now I see. I wanna fugg her, her friend and Kirino.

Kind of seems, in retrospect, a shitty thing to do. Something tsuchi would do.
You wouldn't do meth like tsuchi.
So why bully Luka.
Sure, be constructive.
But spam posting "get a job" won't change them.
You may aswell yell at a brickwall.
That would sooner change than someone unwilling to change. Some one in the mire with a victim complex.

Greek yogurt

Do you see me spamming "get a job"?

God bless the Queen.

I'm on 7 percent battery

How are you today

I'd like to be Kyousuke.

Also those two lolis.

In a roundabout manner I do.

dam son that is some shit

you're right, you cant

you have to W O R K

practice skills, learn new ones

research things

haven't seen a temp agency? nor have I. use google, they exist.

Not bad, my nephew is here and family is coming over for Easter dinner


huh? follow up?
what's that...

that's a pretty fancy selection.
bread and veggies and meat seems like the only affordable ones i'd get...
but honestly those three would only last a week or two at most :\

Don't get me wrong
I don't think we should just be like
haha good job luka
you go girl

But I mean
It's been going on as long as I've been posting

Like for years and years and years

I remember when ppl were bullying me for like
idk maybe like
less tha n a year
and shit man that shit sucked

i mean don't get me wrong

luka needs to better themselves and be not be a drian on socciety ya
but there's a limit to how much people can take

and would imagine for a poor person living on the very verge of poverty that would be alot less

like fuck man
6 years is enough

Just bought a months worth of groceries
Gonna clean my fridge then load em up
Gonna book my flight to LA super soon
Sushi for lunch

Yeah but I bought a bunch of each. So it'll go pretty far.

Go in to the places you applied and talk to whoever is in charge of hiring

Niiiiiice. I used to shop like that back in college, now we do it weekly


Weekly? Big family or small fridge?

Yeah bro
Do you know who I'm rooming with yet?

It's an average fridge, that's just how we do things iunno

I have no idea, I don't even know who I'm gonna be rooming with lol. I assume Kon because Kon

if only someone would hire me already... so that i could 'work'

they are too far away, i can't afford to fly out on some jet to a far away city... just for some temp agency.

the bread will mold before you even get to the second bread loaf.
it won't go far because food deteriorates when you don't eat it.

so when buying food only buy when you need it, since then it will be fresh, and not go to waste.

i have.
they told me over and over that they are not hiring.

it's just that black and white.




I was thinking of this slut
I just want to wipe that expression off of her face

I was in that place for 4 months, being between jobs. And people here are merciless. I was getting grief because I was on job seekers when I needed it to keep my family above water. But once you have claimed something you are entitled to and something you've paid into for a decade and claim you are suddenly an antichrist around here. Didn't matter that my father nearly died and that he was in hospital/to sick to work for 3 of the 4 months I was between work.
Words hurt.
Just think it's easy for people to switch off and forget Luka is real.

I watched season one of that show and they weren't even into eachother



Season 2 is the end season

Yes exactly!

not what i meant

i mean work on improving yourself

and alright, fair enough. I don't know where you live so i cannot really be specific in trying to help you

sorry if i am coming off as belittling, i'm not trying to. i just come from a very different life and area and trying to understand your situation is difficult for me

I'm human too.

Sounds annoying
Max I go is 2x a month

You should make sure, kon probably and everything arranged 6months in advance

My roommate is a sekrit

Nigga what?
Do you have a fridge?

Goodbye friends

As if she doesn't know that she will be the one begging for cock later.


That other doujin where they visit him in his temporary apartment is better.

If that's true then just keep on trying at your pace I guess

It's not, really. We just shop on the weekends

I dunno man, I can't afford my own hotel so...

That's pretty human of yourself scoots
Thank you for agreeing here and I apologize for your circumstances

That sounds like some straight bs but life goes on my bro

Tbh the best bit of advice i got recently was from this here trap
who went and got gangbaned by a few dudes

Is that Locon

I think I may have read that one

i am becoming soto


when i have a job, then i will be able to afford 'bettering myself'
because that's how society works, you need money to get better.
i'll 'improve' when i can afford it.

but it only lasts a week in the fridge.
so instead of breads i get something that last longer.
like: eggs & frozen freezer hashbrowns, also perogies that i can fry up in the pan.

See you later Grim.

i have my small town pace, you have you big city pace.
two very different people, you and i. and two very similar goals.

I don't know which of them I've read.
I had a thing for story based doujins when I first started out but I stopped caring since most of the tags I enjoy are mostly the same

100,000 people is a big city?




brb stuff

You should let me add you on steams

Huh, we're not considered "big" here

LA's population is 10 million and San Diego's is like 1.3 million

haha me too
is a good one



no, that is literally not true

you are spending time posting on Holla Forums instead of learning new things

you obviously can afford internet so why use it to time waste instead of learning things

like for example go research technology and you are more desirable at some tech job

go research cars and you can work at some oil change joint (not that you even really need to know anything to change oil)

et cetera


i'm in a 5,000 people. for perspective

Oh good the cp is gone


Oh gee, this dead horse could do with a flogging.

shit i missed it


yeah sorry i was asleep

im reasearch everyday i live, by looking online on my internet.

eh, whatevs. forget about it. i'll survive somehow, and get where i want to be eventually.



If you say so.

all i can say is, don't get complacent. it will kill you.

i like mugen

they are a good person, and they do good.

i appreciate all they do.

I rarely enjoy the gay stuff, but it does happen. I can't call myself entirely heterosexual. Only cross dressing or traps works though, I need the feminine aspect to fool myself.
Also that one is okayish. Not good enough to save
Are pretty gud

Post your Steam ID then.

^^ queenie is awesome


That fucking doujin lmao

I'm at my grandmas shitposting and drinking

Talk about a sunday


Inshallalah abaood

thank you
wait who is they


[recites the lords prayer in a futile attempt to swoon you]

im christian af let's go

I stop reading once the drugs starts getting involved. Doesn't really do anything for me.

i don't feel like i have any achievements to be smug about.

so don't worry, im not complacent.


goodbye my loves


hail hail


are you cute?

I thought you were jewish

bye bard



My lil brother is like the fuck are you doing?

It's Matt Murdock. He's a qt Catholic.


kiss kiss



skynet can't handle teenagers! :D

Glorious. All hail the saviour.


too chad

raqqa next!


*snuggle snuggle*


there was supposed to be an image there but Holla Forums hates me

Happy easter, you shit cakes.

who are u

thx fam


this is me


And when IS is nothing more than abad memory we will have peace

we can't trust technology


What? Who the fuck are you?

No problem. Shitter.

America and decadent west have "morals". Glory does not need a rulebook.

you are right

let us burn it to the ground

that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

the west wants to kill the real heroes!
they will stand

I don't wanna burn my computer..

well then you must trust an untrustworthy device!

You cannot kill the immortals. The west got fat and lazy.

she's pretty~
wat that anime about?

who r u

aaaaaah i don wanna

we are the new generation, true revolutionaries!

Luke is adorable, don't let him fool you

who is Luke?

red pill or blue pill

Only blood and sacrifice can right the wrongs of seasons passed. Only blood and bravery can salvage order of things. Pain and steeled determination will cleanse.

eeee the orb is just really hard to see

Look at this fuckin nerd

High-school kids go phantom-hunting

that music is fucking awful

birds are dabes

pills are weird don't take those


what orb

is she a big character?
i want moar of her.


The relic shield orb

No she appears for less than an episode so far >

Musaigen Phantom World is as confusing as Subtle when he says he cybers Desu but isn't "gay"

Strength through joy.



alot of the music I listen to is really awful to alot of peoples

oh.. i assumed it was the minion attack ord that stopped echo from backing?

but yeah on that skin the relic sheild stack is hard to see.

aww... :(
not cap-ble?


i guess

it sounded objectively bad in that clip

not as bad as i thought

Probably not, I'll see when the last episode comes out ^^


you gotta be safe


u rite

i'm thinking about flying witch

yfw Harry and Ron were WWF fans

Enigma? She looks pretty cool, that could work

Attitude era

That's neville you stupid yank

But... that's Neville.


huh? who's that?

i was talking about an anime...

Yes it is



fukkin told


You just got schooled, sit the fuck down. District scum.

howgarts SCHOOLED of witchcraft and pwnery

sorting hat tells you to SIT THE FUCK DOWN


Oh nvm I thought you meant a character in Phantom World, sorry :x
What's the anime called?

Boku no pico


I've been sitting down, tard


10points from griimindore
For being a weak ass pleb


Ican sortof see why people whould thinkthat


that's neville

At least you understand.

asdfg I did not post that

i just told you its name >_<

tell me about the characters in your anime tho!

*pets orange haired girl*

That's hermoine.



Harry Potter and the half dumb poster

she's nice :)

Grim sure must feel stupid now.



niggas bored as fuck

you must feel stupid all the time

No, actually I feel superior.

Oh, excuse me I'm slow today
I didn't even know that was one coming out..

I think you would like Reina-chan most, she's sophisticated and soft-spoken ^^

I am...


That malama EX and Darkrai EX is such a delicious combo holy shit. The only thing that will hinder me is that stupid Pyroar or Hawlucha card.



street fighter is awesome

And this abomination is supposed to be allowed near children

I think that was the one you were looking for more of.

is that reina?
she seem okay...

so like is this one from that show too? ._.

I'v been playing Pokken maining as Weavile and she's a good meele hitter.

I can't do much with Mewtwo and Mega Mewtwo plus getting rid of Hoopa and the spirit link for Mewtwo would free me up some space. I could double up some Giovanni's scheme's or maybe another Olympia.

oh the jpop idol that i was interested in last year?

I'm so excited.

Yeah, she's like.. kuudere

please tell me no one has a tinychat up

im a kuudere! :O
and her hair color looks wonderful~

people avataring with the same person reeeeeeeeeEEEEE

How do you know what dere you are

Do you not?
I know myself enough to tell.

if you're any sot of dere the quick cure is a shot of bleach


I don't know ikt.

I reflect a lot on myself.

what kind of dere is the shy, introspective sort? real talk is there even a dere for that

There's a lot of dere's. There's like 8. I saw a list once, don't know them by head.
Lemme see if I can find.

Good lord.

I can't find things.

Will you be my yandere waifu


A fair and objective test!

okay because now i'm legit interested

Murder and other crimes are bad.



But violence is neat!


Ikt is pcdere

he whirrs when he's in heat

Pain is neat, but not violent pain.

Inflicting pain?

What the fuck is a dandere

Receiving pain.

Shy / quiet


Aw, *soft pet*




How's stuff


Nice sunglasses, nerd!

My eyeballs hurt...

Watched too many animus?


my eyes are sore from the brightness

Good night degenerates

I left my aviators at home!
You're the bigger nerd since you watch bad shows

Also you gonna end up drinking tonight?
Join me white girl

My aunt came to visit and she's like another Wish I swear

Stayed up too late at least.

I think I have a movie date.

Maybe after 2am or so.

A dude pretending to be a girl?

Enjoy easter weekend in moderation.


Why isn't eggnog socially acceptable during Easter?

It has egg in the name ffs.


don't tell me

it probably has a lot to do with the origin of the drink

too much makeup? :^)


every 2-3 days is healthy

It isn't? I never had it.