Incest sister thread

Incest sister thread

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that would ruin dinner

you would probably be too tired/sore to want it right after

I'll hold it deep in until he extends his tongue and licks my balls well enough to earn breath

I'm getting a bit turned on

Not really the main reason for having you use the incest sister
More something that came out of Bebop's gay mind after I suggested it and then I thought "oh, yeah, that is another reason I guess"



exactly so the dinner always comes first

now im tempted to go to one of the ones i had waiting.... that totally wasnt just you helping me pick

wait..... is that spoilered stuff supposed to be about me?



i have been for an hour now at least

wait did i say something about wanting to fuck kirino?


yes. now you know we both want to suffocate you. news?


actually really wanna cum down your throat right now
typing this somehow made my dick even harder than it already was


When I told him I want him to post the incest sister because his avatar effects his personality, he was wondering what I meant exactly by that, and you were like "it means he wants to fuck" or something


complimentary reward afterwards

oh. haha i remember that.
well dude i mean i'd fuck kirino and them posting kirino helps with the idea of fucking them and probably does for you too


Would you fuck Kirino if you were Kyousuke?

and to think it's all because of little ol' you
really wish someone was here to relieve me right now. why aren't you here???

i'd fuck kirino. no need to go around it.

she does pretty much.... literally ask for it

cause america smells funny :^)

YuruYuri watch



it's a smell and taste of mine you'll grow to love

since youre watching does that mean you are doing good?


I think Kuroneko is actually my fave OreImo gril

Gonna smoke another bowl

Keep up, fuccboi

You know what must be done

the taste of cake is probably better no offense

im already into another one sugar cakes, i got more today anyway so lots to run through if i wanted to

Probs no.
Would ikt?


Why not :D

i would all of them.

you'll just have to find out

I'm pushing the limits today

Well I guess it's actually night on my scedule; I'll pass out in a few hours


Detect a flood of my cum in your ass, Hot Wheels

Cute not for Lewd.
Only watched first season of Oreimo tho

good now give me some supah sugar, baby

john cena would make that scene the most hilarious doujin

as long as its with me, oniisama :^)

Hay Desu
it's been so long since we talked~

Sssh, lame.



Maybe this has to do with a subconscious desire to incest that poca hot ass

So you're calling me this weeb word now? I accept it

idk what exactly you're doing but you're working wonders on me right now. i need your assistance asap.
get down here on the double.

god no.

It's been less than 2 days ! Also good morning


What part

Why not? Anyone else would incest her if they were you

Not plowing your imouto begging for it.


I saw the fucking cutest boy at church holy fuck


You seem to be focusing on the afterthought reason

Interesting how you focus on that

Yeah but


yeah cause i asked for your help not random choices to appease others imaginations

Did I miss something.
Also, lemme guess: You have no sisters.



really want to leave my mark in/on you right now. unf

the thing is they're not me.

yes. you already know i want you down on your knees

He didn't say that until after I told you to use it

Why would I care to appease him?

Be there next time then!

Vrolijk Pasen


Vrolijk Pasen!

You should masturbate

Wth im no creep

pasen dienst enz

what if i told you i have been on and off this entire time
this entire month i keep dragging it out at least for 30mins

Am I allowed to

Does she become that thirsty larter in anime?

No pics is understandable.
No creep is debatable.

Going to Easter church baked could be a good idea or a bad idea

That's not that long

Step it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You haven't earned more orders yet

The entire anime revolves around that shit bruh


youve said so, i know :^)

you said it so how would i know it wasnt for that reason, oniisama?

fine! cause it gives more time for cuddling the tokai

Because I said you using it for lewd reasons was an afterthought

Meaning it wasn't something I had in mind when I told you to use it

Stop being a DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please :c

Pfuh! How am I a creep?!!

Great idea

Hehe true

thumbnails aren't loading so i'm just choosing at random

blood-chan would love to see this pre tbh. i used to tell them about it and they'd get all flustered

well what are you waiting for?since you actually can't, you should give me good fap material

You must pay your penance

Your weakness can only be forgiven through suffering

These scene in the Omen where Damien freaks out from coming close to a church comes to mind

I only faintly remember.
I'm pretty sure it was mostly brother that was the semi-thirsty one.
It's been years.

You're a bully and a creep.

He's not.


ill give you orders instead of oniisama cause he is a jerk

Just start cybering already

-kisses the burn mark-


I'm begging you...

What kind of orders ?

Oh lunch time bbl

Hehe thats a funny one


Lovely rly


i've told you why i haven't in so long and idk where to start anymore


It's the only way out



Getting in trouble for things should make you want to do them more

What kind of edgy person are you?

Just be a good kitty and you'll get pets

Didn't he fly to America because he missed her or some shit?


I've done everything but 1 thing !

oh my goshhh

be a good oniisama and that might be easier

Actually what you're refusing to do now is the punishment for not doing that first thing

Stop being worthless of fuck off



doesn't have to be just kirino :^) she is ready though

i did but my mom actually found out to and i had my computer taken away for the length of my ban, 1yearoh i had it taken away again when i was 13 too because i was right about to get back into it
just don't know how now and fear of being bad/being too detailed

the lewdest

That burn didn't come until after a few posts of you arguing with me in a way a good kitty shouldn't

Don't be afraid of being too detailed

If anyone complains about too much detail you should delete them because they're just too retarded to be able to respond to it

But nooo

Please don't be like this !

I'm not lewd ;_;

everyone i've gone to do it with in recent years has seen it as too much, even when i hold back. maybe because they're shitters and aren't worthy.

oh wait hah you basically said just that

for a month

you dont burn kitties or little sisters!

okay the cuddliest orders?

What the fuck

It should never be two days I think
we shouldnt talk for less than one day

new aots


dude what the fuck like it was alright because i was using it but now it's just gone and said fuck you i'm gonna get everywhere and now you can legit only use one hand to post

k i l l m e



Maybe I've just taken you as far as you'll go and there's no further value to be extracted

What kind of shitty places were you using? Detail is usually seen as a good thing

You just put the cat in the basement for a while

Or put the little sister in the basement

But I'm not physically with you so I have to burn you instead

attack of the show

anime of the season

That's what google said, yeah.
I figured it was something like "Anime of the Season", makes the most sense.
More so than the anime itself. Jeez fuck.


probably just complete random people that i had found or found me. hell they were probs new to the idea or aren't too educated.

i used to watch it all the time on G4 and it's what first came to mind lmao
eh yeah thats probably it

I want to kiss you

w-well you made me exceed my limits

is it any gud

i'd say the same for sara underwood but she was in playboy
dude why aren't i fucking her again?

Looks so random.

hell no lol


Slaughter them

so you can be a body pillow for me, i dont want to get one myself so its perfect!

or you could just be nicer, meanie

I should order a Kirino body pillow.

thank you jesus christ for financing my alcohol addiction

i removed them for good reason anyway. shit rp and shit at games.

get one of those that has holes in it :^)

I am a girl btw

Be a good kitty and I will

you should

hey marsy

I should get somebody to cosplay Kirino.

I should fuck my brother, like kirino

among other things

what do you mean "for a month" though?
a lot of blood is in my dick rn and not my brain so i cannot understand everything i guess

you should cosplay as one of the main girl chars from oreimo for me

i wonder if anyone has ever broken a board with their dick before
i bet i could right now no lie

i'd fuckin try it too right now lmfao

yes but thats a given

Nyanrino best oreimo

Is it that obvious ?

Well if you start cybering my theory is that you'll make substantially less posts like the ones you're making now

By not acting up like you did

Just gladly post Kirino

And throw in some meows every now and then

I am not a gril.


i meant you could link/send other things

lol yeah probably. do i start with christfafs?

get me drunk and i'll start saying a hole is a hole then hold you down as if you were one

well you are probably more than cute enough, why wouldnt it be?

alright ill start trying right meow, oniisama

i guess

cute to watch but just.. what??

who knows, i might return the favor one day or just reward you


You want to find some christfafs to try to e-seduce?

Good kitty -pets your hair-

tbh i kinda just wanna go visit the city and meet some cuties who aint never had none before. :^)
i get off big time to that

Yeah but I don't wanna be the imouto.

like an entire weekend in one room :^)

thank you oniisama


i don't understand the emotion this is tryna convey babe

That I am always far too horny in the mornings and should not be posting

you are right bae, using the entire house is probably more fun thanks for reminding me to use my thoughts!


maybe we can share one then

jesus, you're great. love the look in her eyes and the thirst she is showing

sometimes i feel like harassing you like this in pms but i something tells me nooooo

post more often. it's healthy :)

Good plan!

its too late you already agreed!

Make me wear a collar then

The whole thread is lewd now


lookin to go at it at the same time or tag each other in like pro wrestlers?

im feeling too lewd. i think i need to go to bed.
oh i think i'll get a lot worse/better at this if/when i do drugs

of course where else would the leash attach to?

Same time, ofc.


that gif was supposed to be @ spoils and i was supposed to say something like "do this2me" then i was gonna leave thread so i can finish fapping in bed then pass out

The thread is already really lewd, why can't we be?
Keep posting

sweet dreams

w-would you tug on it and gently choke me with it while esienofgrtihdrbfgdni STOP THIS

I cantttttttt i'll say and do stuffs ;w;

who said anything about being gentle that much?

y-you're right I don't deserve anything gentle

So glad it isn't always this lewd, else I'd quit forever.


The fire rises



t-thank you


I mean of course, if you liked choking that sounds like it'd be fun to try with you. i'd prefer to be vigorously making out while I jerk you off though

god i love that image

You are such a slut holy shit
Are you cheating on Subtle?

Best expression picture I had


Oh my gosh stop this !

I'm not cheating :c
And I feel bad if I tell people to stop or I think they'd get mad at me and hate me


I'd be kinda mad if I was Subtle right now, just saying.
Not that I know what he feels like though.

I bet you don't actually want me to
I bet you want me to keep going ~

I try my best to not be bad :c


Everyone here is a slut, whore and smut hound. There are no exceptions or pure ones.
Everyone is a degenerate disgrace

one more of the girl for you friend

Much appreciated!


This is my kind of thread!


I am actually not a girl.

I had a really spooky dream right I was at a store and they had candy and I decided to buy the candy so I picked up the candy and stuffs and then I left the store but I did not remember that I had to pay for it so as I started eating I remember ohno I did not pay did I so I had to run back to the store and apologize and there were grumpy looking security guards though I think they were just buying candy too but eitherway the storeguy was nice about it but I forgot to bring my wallet when I was there so I had to go run for my wallet too and just eeeeee

Tits before I go



I don't habeeb it.

Thank you onii-chan.


compliments and criticisms in the butt

i am going to bed but i just wanted to say again i love your dreams, they are so amazingly vivid and weird sounding but also spooky in this case

laters animus

Sleep well.

aaaaa thankou I guess



Have a good dream!

aw man dis nigga all over the place

young pap is the fucking shit man
it's too bad the opps got his ass ;~;

He ain't still at it behind bars?

opps as in rival gang members
he dead now

Hey everyone

That's fuckin sad



How it going?

Lieutenant Audi L. Murphy was a 5'2'' American soldier in WW2. His first kill in combat was shooting two retreating Italian officers on horseback. When his best friend peeked out of a foxhole to accept a German prisoner at Anzio and was shot by a sniper, Murphy shot the soldier, the sniper, killed a 3 man machine gun crew harassing his unit and went on a rampage like Rambo killing 5 more with his captured German MG. During the Ardennes offense, he came under attack by 200 Germans supported by 4 tanks. Mind you, his company had been reduced to only 21 men and a couple tank destroyers, which were quickly destroyed. He ordered his 20 men to retreat to the tree line while he jumped on top of a burning tank destroyer with his M1 Carbine and a radio. He used his radio to call in accurate mortar fire on the Germans while he used the TD's .50 Caliber machine gun. He was shot in the hip and continued to fire his carbine when the MG ran dry. He even killed a small team that was able to stealthily move within 25 meters of his position. When he used all his carbine ammo he called in a mortar strike on his position and he limped away

I edged for like 3 hours now my legs are all tingly and stuffs

I wish I had candy how are you


Hello my little bearclaw. Come over my apartment I bought cake mix an have candy my parents sent me for easter


I'll edge you for 3 hours
with a razor

pls I don't want to get hard again it hurts


I was going to go for a run this morning, but eh.

don't worry I'm here




i feel like I was mislinked
but hell yeahh I'll go with it

I feel you not feeling like a physical kinda day
it's easter so fuck it

I stand humbled before you


and tmr is monday so fuck it then too

I want kanra to tie me up.

Stand? On your knees while in the presence of the king.

I would say to be careful with that attitude
but you've probably got a high enough metabolism that it ain't no thang

Good good. Kinda hungry and tired.


Archivs is the most royal and deserving King of them all

I would hum A Whole New World to taunt you.

I demand gifts.


[arabic shouting]
[sounds of a machete being sharpened]

the bitch doesnt like me for some reason

Now you're just being creepy kanra and the half erection I have isn't worth entertaining. I'm leaving to play Skyrim.

You're so cute



How's your latest unwanted community meme project coming along?

kanra is leon? lmao what a homo

he's the homo and you aren't

I end up questioning my motivations.

Video games seem more rewarding.

A project like that takes sustained motivation.

Of course this doesn't make sense, this is a fucking random meme generator. You all are looking for your next meme fix and the ironic meme pages aren't cutting it anymore. Your meme tolerance is too high, you are looking for something that will satiate your literal addiction to memes. Human memes no longer can fill your void, only robotic memetics can, and it's rather sad. Keep looking for meaning, THERE IS NONE! Keep lying to yourself and keep checking SPB 5000 every morning while you inch closer and closer to death. For when that day comes, peaces from your sick addiction will cease. Or maybe not.

How've you been doing Bard?


that ass is mine

Well it's not like either thing really accomplishes anything outside of their little worlds but at least video games are probably more fun

tsk tsk tsk

It's not like I don't want to do something cool.

Just hard to see how it'd do anything.

Or maybe I just don't think about it.

Even a dozen hours towards something might accomplish something, instead of mere posting.

Always feels good to be so cute



Well your last idea seemed like it would just be an edit-reverting poop smearing disaster


Whatever I'm going to do next is probably egocentric.

*probably going to be
because im important to me

is there a list of sex offenders in indonesia? if so, how long have you been on it?

That might be best



you've been weird lately

maybe there's one if you search for it, i never bothered to take a look.

How so? I've been feeling weird lately


you deserve at least a caning for all the nasty offenses on children

Or I might end up playing TF2.

That game is like crack. Dominating scrubs on public Valve servers.

Is there any point to anything that's not here?


I artistically main snoper on timfortress 2

Well I suppose I'll kill myself then.

You had not downloaded it yet?


not sure if that's a serious question.

of course there is.

the old pointer clicker, as I fondly call it.

I'm also a Sniper. I'm actually a Spy.

i'll let you find it yourself for the time being..

i really dont know what are you talking about.


Sorry I'm meming
maybe that was kind of subtle

I must know.

I delete things when I don't use them because my SSD is small.

360° hofteskudd

by saying you're memeing you're meming.

these are crazy times we live in.

Add a HDD!

Or get an external one, games work fine on USB 3 too.

anyway nom



What is bejeweled 3

am I a man
or a meme

A very entertaining and rewarding game. How was friday ?

i'm too high for this shit

fingerless emogloves

is yoshi one of desu's pieces of dungeon furniture?

Especially when they run all the way up the arm


fingerless 1800s London pickpocketing gloves

It was pretty fun but I lost my wallet somewhere

bard likes dick

That's no good hopefully there wasn't a lot of money in it

it's not what in your pants
it's what's in your heart

Holy shit.

Google is unblocked in China as of 22 minutes ago.

im gonna make a pot of russian coffee and get stupid

There was only 10 euros or something so its not a big deal



Nice. Are you drinking again tonight or is sunday a no no for you


We both have good hearts
Give me pics of whats in your pants

I hate easter

Opinions on 21 Pilots.
Personally I can't stand or even listen to a 21 Pilots song. It turns me off when people say they're the best and better than other music artist. What else grinds my gears about 21 Pilots is how many of their fans only listen to either stressed out or Pain in my heart and say "it has a special meaning".


here's what's in my pants right now



this sucks, i lost mine once, and after few days trying to get the important cards back, i came to realize, it's not the money that i regret losing the most, it's the time and effort consumed to get everything back.

i had quite amount money in that walet, i could easily let that go


Is this a real picture of you?
Jesus christ message me on fucking steam let's get this started yeah?


aw how cute

nNaaAAaaH I dont FUCK SLUTS!!!!!!



Right? ^^
Soft af too

i am NOT a slut


I remember when I was a slut

I was never and am never
I just like the way my friend looks and wants to see his private areas

we are right where we belong

Feels good not being a cock slut

Don't make me post logs.

my grandma is sucha fucking meme lmao

you have none


and I'm over here like

I only care about 1 person lol
Everyone knows that already

And who do you dedicate your heart and soul to ?




just the space between the stars?

I feel alot beter right now

and then Blood-chan

ah my a right case of Romeo and Jezebel

it's a
Whole Grain sunday

One last chance.

no ballls

Hmmm if you say so

Took you this long to make fake logs? You type slow

zero you shittbird

That's not Zero
zero is long gone

Today is such a wonderufl day
The wather is a bit chilly
and I suppose it's a litle overcast

but the feeling of togetherness is here

How are you spending it my friends

I am going to go see my best friend in an hour and drink and smoke til work then I'Mm gonna do the same until tomorrow
Ce le br at io n

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

New thread

I woke up at 3 am to go to the gym, now hanging out with some friends and waiting for my tablet to get delivered

a naked video tour?