Head pets appreciation thread

head pets appreciation thread

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Put some flavored lube in my ASS!!!!!!!!!!! before tonguing my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bebop

I'm so memetastically high right now le #420lyfe shitpost


you want me to lube up your ass before i take you?


Do you still deny being gay?


approved appreciation

pics aren't going through
kill me

and im not lmao


Why do I have a deep instinctual revulsion and hatred for Hilary Clinton


go eat a raisin bread and get disgusted by its sourness

don't worry, i do too

i feel cuddly






#rare pic of TP




cum here mine bb

This is nice

there will be nothing left of you when you wake up

But why Bebop

I'm pretty sure I felt this way about her before I even knew what utilitarian trash she was



It was worth it though.

i did too though
and idk. if i could explain it then i would
she's just got that look



FUCK YOU Holla Forums

Her face is definitely very punchable

#rare pic of Boo


here it?

babe im tired

Threads are like 75% spam right now



HOLY SHIT HOT WHEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ultimately, le wheelchair man of freedom failed to run a proper website




go to breeeeeeead


Yeah that's right

You better not discriminate against yellow comic images


no ban please ty

still hot

i don't see one. also i have a issue downstairs that you should attend

WOW FUCK Holla Forums

subnautica is such a scary game
i can barely take it

i have nipple rings

FUCK YOU HOT WHEELS!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE THE WEBSITE WORK BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE GOD OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice image :^)

someone is breaking in?

You should get really high

is it broke

i tried to post PD dox but it failed

no. pls
way to make this harder

i wish blood-chan was here so she could see this

Bebop this Damien show is better than I expected so far

great idea

how is sci in front of erio?

Speaking of the Hilary thing

I also always felt like Obongo is kind of fake and hollow

Did you also feel this one

You have to catch up with me

are you saying im like him now? i hope not

Head pets yes


BEBOP!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU INTUITIVELY FEEL ABOUT OBONGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he's a nigger but he doesn't deserve a lot of the shit he gets

yeah he's a terrible president honestly
bad enough he's black


on the way, bae

no not at all, you couldnt vote 5 times :^)

good e

hey menma hows it hangin?

Which cat r u


I was just talking about the vibe; not his actual policies and shit

Cause we were talking about instinctual revulsion to Hilary earlier


How're you


What do you use to smoke btw?

do me like that picture. wait no i feel like i should be saying i'll do you like that.
ah you know what i mean


I once read that he can never even talk to a room full of people without a teleprompter and it made a lot of sense

i'd believe it

I'm alright; I'm eating cereal.

Okay I suppose.

Pretty high

Also, you just linked your own post twice :3

love the replies lol

u want pray game?

in ranked with dom and his friend
made me think of someone and my heart feels funny now

*sigh* Guess I really am out of it right now...

dw it's cute


i just jump between a bong and joints, depending on how lazy i am

something will get done

was the bottom one to me?

nice trap pic btw

hopefully me all over u

I make a lot of mistakes while highposting too

I've actually never tried a joint


you didn't know?

do you want to join?

i HAD NO IDEA. Deleted.



tfw nothing to get high


Is that so...

I'm not even that high, remedying that.

I am in shock.


I'm super high and Spoilers is trying to catch up with me

Did you just wake up?

this is abuse

i dont have this feel

tfw no high


That's a shame.

No, I've been up since 19:00.|
Nocturnal me.


how many times did you shoot to her?

I don't think they intentionally fed it weed

We're pretty much on the same schedule right now, then

I ended up becoming nocturnal just in time for the short Easter break

ur thinking rabbit aboos thoughts

16 times


thats how old they look too

The best time

oh no it has a penis im suddenly disgusted

Yeah, seems that way.
I feel strange.

Penises are nice though.

If you don't like penises you're super gay.


hard to believe that there are heterosexual males out there

hard to believe that a male would like the OPPOSITE gender


In what way?

i wonder how many more traps you have on your hard drive

Uneasy, like I'm not really here.

Sounds like a feeling that might go well with weed, for getting really spaced out~

this hypothetical or whatever has gotten confusing

really? why not?

then im doing great, thanks for asking

honestly I don't even know

probably mistaken quite a few

then again I'd have at least 50gb worth of images to look through

so I'll just wipe everything that isn't an ava folder

Yeah, that's the plan. Hopefully I come back.

better to accept you'd stick your dick in a dude if he was girly enough



yeah no

it'd be better for you to live in your fantasy world

what fantasy world

he just longs for your dick, lenko



you're still a virgin lmao

Give pet

Idk, I've never had a need/desire to and the people I've smoked with didn't use them

You'll fall asleep for a while at most ^^


I'm not Tsuchi or Soto

I wouldn't stick my dick into anything that walks or talks

but what fantasy world though


fair enough, bae

typical hiding anonpost

so you're into disabled people??

The one where you think your faggot furry ways are acceptable.

Are you baked out of your mind yet


i would fuck shimakaze given the chance

Let's be honest here; if Jennifer Anniston was disabled and in a wheel chair asking you to fuck, you would right?

SHIMAKAZE HAS A PENIS!!!!!!!! DELETE THAT IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nah i dont think so
maybe if she had prosthetic legs

its more faggot ways. my lifestyle has nothing to do with what would be considered furry. but anyway thats not a fantasy world bruh. thats reality

that dawg

yeah i'd still tap that ass real good

i wonder why they chose that song

pretty sure shimakaze is a girl
never watched the boat girls show though

also no

you just can't face reality, hence why you run off to your fantasy world where your homosexual ways and furry tendencies are

you're honestly what's wrong with America

shimakaze is a girl and an obvious favorite+cutie so traps love to dress up as her

gonna need a senzu bean for that one


Oh I like this.


moogs whole life is living in a fantasy if you havent noticed yet

its like you didnt hear me or care to think so you went like 'no you'

you get so angsty when your sexuality is being questioned.

gross looking cum

honestly not surprised at how quickly you can pull up yaoi fan art, erio

but then again


close enough probably

get really comfy with me, sugar cakes

I've been getting into that kind of stuff more

Your opinions are rejected

I cannot hear text.

I am perfectly ca- ABSOLUTELY LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you're just as bad you homo. repent for your sins and ask jesus for some sick gains and then maybe you'll be able to keep a gf.

tbh i bet u love that pic




I keep telling you, I'm straight, damnit!


Step it up

I think I used to much more than I do now

I've had it for a long time


but really though you should consider taking after grim when it comes to homosexuals teasing you

hey homie

how goes


Tell me ALL about how he reacts to that. In full detail of course.

Muh cock.

What's up with you? Go to bed.

I'm starting to like it less.
Good opener but they keep doing things that confuse me from a composition standpoint; I can't relax.

soooon. i wanna stay up for a lil and do dirty things and talk to you.

ah so that was just a phase

i didnt like those movies

jesus bebop what the shit


pretends to hate it. pretend as in you says a few words in caps about how he hates it but you can tell due to the tone that he doesnt really care or feel threatened

was talking to michael about moving and whatnot. soon enough

oh lost 2 with dom and he got off for the night lmao

dirty things
dirty things

OH, i know!
playing with the sandbox! that's really dirty and if i were a parents i'd be worried

he says*


it has to do with replacing a part on my jeep in complete darkness

cant believe i let my sideburns get that bad

Good. I hope it all goes well, love.

why dont you wait for the sun to accompany you

Post more cummy boys.

you just took off your name to go reply to random people to get your drama fix

what do u expect when people stop replying

Things like Luka being allergic to water and Lenko being afraid of traps seem like dank memes to not interfere with

I'm listening to it right now and I know what you mean but at the same time I'm able to relax in a kind of different way by just embracing it in a way? Idk I'm pretty baked

What movies

yeah place we're moving is a little smaller so we might be renting a house instead of from an apartment complex like we did last time

Grim and I are fundamentally two different people. I'm red, he is blue. Kind of like a yin and yang thing but not really. I don't feel threatened just disgusted. Again I'm breaking that rule I set for myself and am allowing myself to respond in such a manner. So as they say, "Damn you Pavlov".

You're hitting on manaka, what the shit?

are we going to make out or what?

I can't believe you can't keep a girlfriend. You're a funny guy.

im the one who always breaks up tho :/
just get bored

eh because i might forget all day again

i've had my name off for a day now and there was no real reason for me to not put it in when i started posting but idc
people know who i am

i am? wat

bebop if it's important, you dont just forget this stuff!

You're insecure and don't want to be dumped so you do it first. Or something something pseudo psychology.

are you


I have that problem too

i say threatened because you like lashed out at me which was like weird as fuck. like i suggest you may be a little less than straight and now im like living in a fantasy world and im what wrong with america. its seems a little crazy man ill be honest.

sometimes i do! ;-;

i was saying things i am going to do but not in order or at the same time.

sorry its really hard to pick out imageless user posts through out everything

step up movies

nah i dont think so
i just find parts that i dont really like about them and i dont wanna put up with it anymore
ive done that with every poster ive dated here lmao

Yeah I could see getting into it, but for now changed to

last part was a meme, the america thing.
but my opinion as it stands is incredibly offensive to all homosexuals. should just kill them all tbh fam.

so now you're gay?


Oops wrong image

would my name really help at all though?
ugh i should just use an avatar

nigga what

gay af

yeah thats a little batshit im not going to sugar coat it

How about you try going to a social gathering with your friends. Who knows, maybe you'll meet an actual girl you can clique with.

please don't do these at the same time

but you're a grill

do you want to hear my full, unfiltered opinion?

That song's pretty good but I think it makes me feel slightly less high

I guess there's something sobering about it?

itd be rude to say no at this point.


I would a prinz

How many posters did you date?

im a man on the inside dont gender lock me!!!!!1!!!

That was a kawaii post

not necessarily


lmao, you sure as hell act like it

i do though
youre being rude lenko but it's all just baseless accusations i cant understand their connotation

im way too high to remember them all but off of the top of my head ive dated nezi, ghostie for 5 days, ninaran, and ehhh some others for sure


this is like regarding gay people right?

eh, acting girly aint my style

what parta that did you laugh @

Really? Dayum.
How long ago was that? He hasn't posted in ages.

fucking hell 8ch tonight is such shit
hotwheels is a SKID

you want to and also do fuck guys, that is the problem.

my opinion? yes. it not necessarily being rude for you to not want to hear my opinion thus far, no.

seriouslyyyy brian crain?
my favourite is where he duet with violin, dream of dreams youtube.com/watch?v=1cuWsuONhjo

sanic is 2fest

even just random pictures would expand your post a little more

well you said you dont like them. i think we've had this conversation before. but yeah shoot


a year or two maybe
was nice
especially since he had such a nice body

only had sex with 1 trap irl

did you just read it wrong or too tired

if i remember then

holy shit
do you know the actual doccumentary on this guy?

The e-dating those guys here

ur deflecting with silly excuses about movies and hedgehogs

he looks like a running penguin

fair enough


Homosexuals, male and female alike, are a problem. Two genders were created, one to compliment the other and vice versa. Two likes do not attract, opposites do however. What homosexuals call "love" or "natural" is just a simple urge of lust. Quick long term solution? Death. Kill them all.

One too many. Fix your shit and get a girl.

do you remember what we were talking about?


what state are you in

That quick solution can and should be extended towards Jews and Hillary Clinton.



I'm sober if that's what you're referring to.


i was thinking he meant actual state and was gonna joke about texas or something

no like what state



or really any southern state that isn't florida

what are you implying im deflecting oniisama? :^)

is there going to be a quiz about it? if not then yes

christ i wonder if she will tell his friends how fast he came and went



wait... please i just want the thing to be done

I need a webm folder



i could send you mine but there's random names and some porn in there

you dont have 1?
you have the best webms in the thread


I forgot what these were



but how is it a problem exactly? even if it were a simple urge of lust (which it isnt) what is the issue there? i mean the way you're talking to boo about getting a girlfriend you make it seem like a fashion accessory more than an actual loving romance you wish for him to have


but i am not in the us of as

oh i am already stepped up and then i put a ladder on it and got up on that

we can work things out, bae. i'm sure of it.


its more like I have a fuckton of webm's but to folder for them

This is also good

how? did you find portal technology?

that cat is a bitch which is funny cause its a cat not a dog

wats this one

no but i've been on hundreds of planes
blue or black, hun?


They're not fashion accessories, and fuck they would kill you for saying that. Getting a girlfriend, building a relationship with her, and being a part of whatever happens after that changes you. The problem being, is that what you and all the other people alike do is unnatural. Woman was created for Man so that Man would not be lonely. Also, to discuss this further would require me to get biblical and for fucks sake it's not worth the trouble to explain things to someone who is unwilling to change.
You asked for an opinion and there it was. This is just a tangent that barely stayed on the same concept but one that will slowly but surely devolve into pseudo-intellectual arguments about what's actually true and what isn't. That one user was right; doing this kind of shit is a problem. This will be the last response on the topic. I'd be fine with talking about anything else.


bai bai

No, HaiHai
You're staying.

pce mnka

i dont understand


Price of oil is going back up. Oil stocks are going back up. Gas prices in my state are also going up and is probably also the case for other states.

How much do you guys pay for gas/gallon?

Bebop why do you keep having gay conversations if you're not gay?

Would you meme-ingly take a dick in the ass?

do you see me ever talking about wanting that?

i don't :^)
gas is gonna go up here too but because of tax not actual oil price


also i was serious about being on hundreds of planes. most i've been on in 24 hours was 5
longest flight was like 13hours

id say the same thing is possible from a member of the same gender though i am biased seeing how that has happened to me from someone of the same gender. but yeah i dont believe in some of the rules the bible puts forth

id say someone who does treat women or anyone really like toys or fashion accessories without really caring about them would be more reprehensible or childish even than a loving gay couple.

but yeah i am open to talk about something else if you have some suggestions

I want a persistent subject field but without using a script


That exactly? Not in the past year

blue or black


legit haven't paid for gas since i was 16


the dress! no but uh i have these two pajama pants here and idk which to wear. hell i just might not at all

Were you seriously not gay at all before coming here

Agree to disagree, and leaving it at that is for the best. I was kind of hoping you had something to go on. If not this will just end awkwardly.
I do love how much my opinion bothers erio, no matter how he denies it

DICK. How?

Is "I haven't lied since 2013" just a meme

what do you wear on lazy days

drive people around and have them pay for me :^)
lmfao the best part is i've never asked for it

no. i'm serious about that.

boxers and a tshirt

let me in on that action

same. though i have to wear pjs because its so cold. if i were warmer id prolly wear my sarong more

Would you let Smiles strap-on fuck you as punishment for your sins

The hell is a sarong?

lmao tbh i am hype to move to portland so i can be an uber driver
gonna carry like 3 pistols on me when i do it tho lmao
ofc classes for it first though

she has more than enough for me to punish her. lenko can confirm im jesus irl.
gonna kill that off real soon though

>leaving your sister behind with that ahole

tfw camp out in mountains when hunting and fall asleep with shorts on and no shirt while laying on rocks/dirt

Would you let her strap-on fuck your ass so hard that it became known as another wound of jebus

A gallon is about 3.7 liters and we pay approx $1.5 a liter.



never been an outdoors guy


God forbid you forget to wipe.

lmao pls

what the hell

do you by chance know what anime that's from?

i killed my first buck with a pistol at 10 :^)

odd that the thumbnail doesnt work right here

theres a dress involved?

was could maybe am i?

i take shower every time

hunting is wrong and you are a psychopath

It's been worse. But yeah they fuck us good here.
You wouldn't believe the prices of the cars themseves either.

nah it was a joke about the dress thingy from last year
pls. which?

no it's not.
this really wouldn't be news to me.

gonna move on to stray cats?

She needs a REAL man. :^)

After EVERY SINGLE POOP? My god.. that's terrible.

I need to take over the world and regulate everything.

i only go like once a day if at all


You really do need to get a cock shoved in your mouth sometimes so it's fitting 4 u


oh yeah dude you know it! i'll be a real Michael Myers!!

she was with one at one time but he ended up breaking her heart.
he was a real bro and they were a thing for like 4years.

it's funny because i say i'm not a christian but i kinda act like one a lot and believe in a lot of their rules
though like so many i break them sometimes

it would certainly help him make friends if a cock was shoved in his mouth so he couldnt talk


super comfy tho

i prance around my house wearing that and going commando

i cant wait. you gotta get a mask

It's funny how you said you're jebus IRL and then said you wouldn't be surprised if you're a psychopath

Sometimes yeah


i could cut your face off and wear it as one .///.

you're saying he was or wasn't one?
look at how many people he manipulated thousands of years after his death

oh the black and gold and blue and white? black and gold

my mouth? but i eat from there..... and breath

good thinking
itd make it easier for you to get girls to hunt after

nah but for real if you wanna say i am one i really won't fight it. my psychology teacher was afraid of me after talking to me in private to like 2hours.

yeah hahaha
ah okay i'll wear black then took you long enough, i hadn't been wearing anything since i asked
also to what erio said, mine would look real nice in there and i'd def repay you with head pats and what not

now now, i'm not a monster.

yer a booty hunter

I won't argue with this assertion

Fuck that guy

Breathe through your nose, except obviously when cock is cutting off your air because that's one of my fetishes


he probably just thought you had disgusting autism

or you were smelly

it doesnt take a lot of depth to cut off your air

youll have to be gentle before you throat fuck him



also totally agreed with the suffocation thing

lmao get out of here
she loved me up until that point

my japanese teacher knew too and i almost fucked her but she kept pulling the "but i'm married" bullshit and i was like ah whatever i'm not gonna ruin a fucking marriage

you havent even bought me dinner, nerd

that is one horrendously lewd fetish but then again you also wanted me to use the incest sister avatar so not unexpected

you get dessert first because you're special

Incest sister lewd


I'll hold it deep in until he extends his tongue and licks my balls well enough to earn breath

I'm getting a bit turned on

Not really the main reason for having you use the incest sister

More something that came out of Bebop's gay mind after I suggested it and then I thought "oh, yeah, that is another reason I guess"