I don't give a hoot

I don't give a hoot.

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1st for x

Give a hoot.
Don't pollute.

Still short.

and how many have jerked off to Bloodchan?
I hope she keeps tally.

freeman is still a virgin thread


wow i cant believe i haven't actually done this before

It's kind of disgusting to think.
He pretends to be an underage girl and there's honestly people who both are desperate enough to think he is and actually do it.
It's just disturbing.


eh it's not as bad as the person said they told you

Blood-chan called me creepy for trying to jerk off to her.

Wait. What?


human nature =/= creepiness tbh fam

have another from that previous girl lenko


made people cum for you? it's pretty great.

well, i'm not sure if she's underaged,

but she's a good girl.

no i've done that plenty
i mean actually jerk off to blood-chan
haven't once

thanks fam for these based images


Yeah, just like Luka is a girl.

didn't you tell me someone told you i was like 5'2 or some shit
maybe it was someone else

Tell that to Blood-chan.

I suck dicks

I suck dicks

kinda scared about this

I suck dicks

jesus christ chii

dont wanna go near him tbh
he's creepy

what's the filter guys?


Blood-chan's a g-girl, though.

Type I'm retarded

boo type "b/u,m.p"
but just the word

you getting it oft?
next time she's online.
just let her know when you start.

Yes. winter was particularly cold this year.

oh its b.ump?

they did that for luka i bet

oh you're here wish
i was thinking about you for a few days thinking you had left us

Oh, yeah.
The one that met up with you.
They definitely said you were "really short".

I suck dicks


nothing with one of those gross blood fetishes can be a girl tbh


ive had colder

How many?


I have a blood fetish

my driinking buddies bailed again

Does anyone even care when Luka gets bullied or is he just like the acceptable punching bag?

I have a pee fetish and I'm a g-girl.

Get a job hoser

blood fetishes are gross x_x

I think it's fucking pitiful for people to be as hard on Luka as they are
It's understandable if he says some stupid shit to rip on it for like a few minutes

But endlessly mocking his poverty as bad as everyone here does is only BARELY justiffaible because he doesn't make an effort to fix it

luka asked some guy for food money and he used it on league skins
idk if he really doesnt deserve the bullying

neither are girls

that's fine
it's not really my style but it's not completely weird/degenerate
i heard you were cute anyway so

What the heck?

I'm a drain on society ah yah but I havea job
Just got off about an hour or so ago

Dude, it's been five years.
He's literally never even applied for a job in that time.
He deserves everything he gets.

how about now?

according to lexi/another confidential source

Is that fucking Bard I hear?

I bet it doesn't even pay more than minimum wage.

Oh, yeah.

Lexi wants to be e-lesbians with me. yuri :heart:

now i miss the cold




I'm not even depressed anymore, brah.

same tbh

Freeman, we shoulda kicked it man

I had weed

We could've marathoned Cinderella Girls while blazed

oh look at me guys I'm freeman and I can hear text

because >she started talking to you again

Give me all of them.

nah man. underage and all that.


I miss that name tbh.

I mean, Smiles x Wish is a way better ship than Lexi x Wish though.

I've been blazed most of today

not sure how... when's the last time you had a full body massage?

I miss when you were bitchy all the time, and towards other people that are not me.

Isn't smiles a lesbian so you really cant???
or do you have a vagina and not a dick
no idea about these things

yuh i bet

that bitch pritty turned sweet freefree into a dirty pothead

Wish is like a cat
when you give her attention she doesn't want it, but when you ignore her...she starts meowing for it

Oh you too? lmao

uh never

yeah it seems like wish went from a shitposter to a cuteposter over night
when the hell did it happen?



u dont stand a chance tbh grim

kick the cat

lol leave it in the wilderness



see above

damage already done.


Yo've been posting on my wall you dork lmao

I'm still a cunt I'm pretty sure.

I think Smiles is either Tsuchi's e-slave or afraid of love right now.

I guess it varies day to day.

My cat meows even when you give it attention.

To be fair it was a pretty creepy thing to say :3


Teach it a fucking lesson

never had the chance

forget it.




how do you give yourself that chance?
or other such fun things?

Im gonna put my dick into Wish eventually


it usually comes to me

I suck dicks

same for revy, and erin, and luka, and moogs, and ghostie, right?

hey what is good gangster digging the miku tails

what are you up to tonight old timer

BUT TO ME. What have I ever done to you?

I've been fucked up man
Like we went to see a movie and Manny threw up in the theaters
It was lulz

Teach it to act more like a dog

eww she bleeds from there and shit

let's not talk about tsuchi or smiles babe
let's talk about us


*unzips balls*

nice thumbnail saving boo

erin and revy yes

frequent or infrequent?


I'd kinda be down for a tc

*unzips steroids*

I was depressed before elma joined up with the community

I'm downloading something so □ □ stream lags.

What is this wifi signal ;;

Idk you're kind of a bitch, dude.

You're a cat, shut up.

oh thank god

you hit on me too boo

you hit on kyle as well

now you're just being a dirty hipster about it.

that i was thinking of you?
i bet you think that would be sweet or something if i was a guy you liked?

I was expecting you to say asshole. hmmph

hitting on you =/= wanting to put my dick near your downs syndrome face


there are a lot of canadians here today, where did menma go? we need more!

in fact you gave ghostie a weird speech about how you love her and shit like a week ago on steam

recently infrequent. there have been opportunities ive half assed i guess

get closer to the access point

No I'm still being a dirty hipster about it
idk what this now stuff is


Oh god

she's smoking pot

I mean, probably.

But the guy I like has my phone number so he can just text me whenever~

We weren't talking about things you like to stick your dick in, though.

But my bed is comfy.

I'll get daddy to buy a router for the upstairs or something~

that's some old style thinking though babe
i think it's pretty irrelevant tho if i think you're a sweetheart


him joining just made it worse honestly

You're like 22.

not a bad thing to be spending time on but probably means she wont show up now lol

yeah i was laughing at it too.

dont worry though i didnt want your withered cock near my down syndrome face.

boo you are as bad as sci pls go forever


We were talking about why you're a bitch to me. Apparently I'm a bitch so you're compelled to be bitchy around me because you're a bitch?

lol idk man I'm just guessing



hope your next time is more fun and fulfilling.

*confident thumbs up*

Tell your dad that you are going to bang 2 guys at the same time in Chicago so you need some plane tickets and a hotel room for 3 nights.

oh i thought you knew for sure

Mugen get into the discord chat.

i dont know who you are though lol

I'd rather not pull a squash.

Fine, I'll buy one myself, fuck.

Though I'd have no idea how to set it up and what one to buy.



I was being a cunt, not a bitch.


Fist me daddy and give me your cummies.

I think.

I was in Ohare for legit 7 hours and neither of you would come visit me.

what are we talking about

why tho

that's the one who drove Bern off forever

his parents must be the biggest cucks

Hey Boo

hes kinda annoying though
can we trade them?

Same diff. Anyone would reach the same conclusion. Why are you so much of a cunt to me doe?

you were avoiding everyone when you were there.

sex and stuff.

what are you talking about

mmm yeah true
it's more of in a friendly way anyway, my way of saying i missed you i guess

he sure acts like him a bunch lately, i keep thinking he is sci before i see his name

Because I want to tell you that you're beautiful.


zehguess my dude how're you fucking doing?

I think squash is the only one socially isolated enough to ever actually go for beastiality babe

we can just use my human disguise which i think you'll fine very pleasing

It's easy, but daddy can set it up for you, I guess.
Just buy the top rated one on amazon.

Funny enough Squash is probably the most social of anyone in this community from what I hear

message received. im trying to masturbate

same thing i guess.

Damn bruh, you turnt up too?

you look like a severe car crash survivor honestly

Doing good my man, how it's been.

what sort of adult says "daddy" unless he was molested by them??

sweeet more illya I can't wait

I think there is another anime that's already out with her I haven't seen..

oh bardy don't get all sentimental and mopey on me


im doing pretty good dude
kinda bored
smoking and looking for sumthing u play u kno
my spring break just started

Uh what?

Your webm is done.


Wish do this to me irl so you can make me cry like that girl, serious shit.

gnite everybody


I'm not a she, that's for sure. Wish's anal virginity is mine and her brown eye will meet it's fate with a real meaty penis, not plastic and fake.

this image is pretty sad honestly
poor girl

actually it is more cause you try to insult me just over finding it creepy that you called a little girl your bitch

who are you

Mine is just about to end, where are you attending?

who is this cum drum?

don't care at all about anything you just said


I hated Bern


who is this semen demon


too gay

see last post of

not interested at all in talking with u lol

Uhh big bear high school lol
im a senior
gonna go to colorado state though probably
then berkeley after 2 years

I dunno, why do you get so salty over it?

It was at like, 2am - 9am.

I was dying there, man.

Sorry I guess.

Been a bit busy.

I would rather fuck a pinecone.

I know how to plug things in but I don't really know how to connect two together.

Fuck, I wish.

The one where she goes SSJ3?

Wanna kiss?

What the heck?


insider information or insider?

Oh you're younger than me.


there are gayer things.

what was i thinking


ye mang im young af for the threads
been posting here for one of the longest times though

You and cocks are adorably gay.

The poster Insider.
Kanra. Leon.


thats definitely not a good starting point for our relationship then

He's just some annoying 16 year old with a dirty Jew fro who is addicted to cybering... Him and sci were like meem butt buddies or something I dunno they're basically the same

That was, like, almost 3 years ago o.o

Oh shit, get a load of this fucking cool guy
Go get some then dude
Quit being such a boring white gilr



Where does the Time go

you'll just have to come back next week then.

fuck you Soto
You are a shitposter of the highest degree and you don't know half of what happened

You just go ahead and draw your little pictures, go hang out with your little friends and quit bringing up hard times in my life

You ever get addicted to spice? You ever been beat? You ever get robbed at gunpoint for a case of fucking blueberries?
fuck off­

Well that's just fun, not supposed to be kawaii, why you don't see it in the animu.

I laughed.

All of the people saying "it fits" on images where they don't even slightly fit are just living, breathing examples of confirmation bias. If I were teaching a psychology class I would show my students this page and tell them "Look. Look how confirmation bias makes these people jump to the conclusion that a flaming toilet has anything to do with being introverted.

I am and then I'm not. Beats me though.

so insider = kanra
stop it with these vague hints


nah it's all good. started to think you went back to the weekend posting kinda too

my cock is tortured every time a cutie such as yourself posts on my board

im just going to pretend they are the same person lol theres no point to putting more thought into it, hows it hangin sugar cakes?

That's not vague.
Literally everyone knows Kanra is both Insider and Leon.

holy cow who are you? lol
you have such a huge need for drama its kinda ridiculous

Aww, I have not talked to Cocks in far too long. How is his school going?

Oh well, I'm over it at least.

I think I have to be responsible later tonight or something.

Maybe tomorrow, I don't think I have anything to do Monday.

I have plans already, sorry :x

I don't think I've been a cunt to you either though, so meh.

Yeah, pretty much I guess.


It's easy, but daddy can set it up for you, I guess.
Just buy the top rated one on amazon.


That's because YOU'RE A RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hes a busy man. works for multiple websites as well as school.

every night I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about that


You can still be responsible and drunk at the same time
It's just a bit harder

down the drain

also we oldfaf now

sleepy, laying in bed phone posting

what's the least amount of sleep you need for work/school/whatever hm?

Your reoccurring dreams about traps?

is it because u never had any social contact in real life that you act like an anime imageboard is your high school

or it could be just the lack of female contact in general that made you so antagonistic

Thanks for telling me twice~


I'm weak, though.

That's great, I hope the best for him.

Certainly not
I've only been here about 2 weeks
almost 3 now

Holla Forums is shit.
lenko is sexually verbally harassing my underaged friend
I am not having fun

no my reoccurring dreams about you and your trap fetish.

Oh, just nothing.

No you're not

should talk to him

the least amount ive ran on was like a week of 3 or 4 hours of sleep but to be in a great state i need more like 6


I keep using the same image.....

Does he ever post on here?




Yeah, he's a pedo.


Arm wrestle me.




Whoa, man. Whoa.


this is my fetish

Holy bushes, Batman.

I am batman

new guy has to post their dick

sweeet I don't feel so bad about staying up a little later heh

fucking lol

I still want to use it ya know


oh yeah sure
I'll post a dick

game time

Why do you have a goddamn soul patch?
Are you Shaggy?

Yeah, if only you would have replied faster I could have reserved Monday for you.

You what?

You talk a lot of shit, bud.


okay gotta be going now

I might talk alot of shit online
but Im a weak unsocial lightweight beta nerd irl

I miss when Mugen and snuffles went at it.

fite me

you should never feel bad about that, bae :^)

Did she just finally stop cucking her husband and leave this place?


lenko e-bullied a 14 year old

I got soul
But I' not a soldier

ah hey now
I'm self conscious
you're gonna make me get all self consciiouser
the Dick

is anyone surprised?

I heard she got a better job but then that's it.



She's been a happy camper

Lenko bullied me when I was a 14 year old

Fair enough.

Yeah shes on league and such again

lenko bullied my boypussy when i was 14


not at all



that's hot


Time for shitty Indie music

wheres the dick pics



It's all them sexy children's fault.

Lenko's gay blood



"You know how I found out Lenko was gay?"

Tristan and Lenko 2016

Who even is Tristain? Is that Treecko under a new name again?



It's Guero lol


-Lenko, 2016

Shh. Just go with it, Tristan.


Better question: Why does Grim have 14 year old friends?

Hell yeah

she's p fun and he actually tries to keep pedos away from her. i do to when we play.


Right, right.

any1 know where to find salt in subnautica


From Lexi

Met her on league and she added me on skype and shit

Right, right.

tbh shouldn't have let lenko talk to her
she doesn't need to here that shit.
that fucking nigger we talked to that one time was too much

Don't do that lol

Oh you guys are playing leeg huh?
Tell that slut to send me nudes again lmao
You drinking bruh

Yeah, we play league together nearly daily, she waits for me to get on and shit

was ingame when it all happened and it happened pretty fast
I could have kicked him but I didn't expect him to go so far

Not right now


boy I deal with kids for my job, I know how to handle them

he's legit worse than me and i actually get called one

why is it there are a few people here that have at least one shady relationship with someone underage? im starting to worry about it

It's the internet

Also we're all card carrying NAMBLA members

it's pretty weird to skype with 14 year olds tbh

That sounds so wrong lmao
Sounds like a cool job tho

Its Saturday nigger

I have never done that

Parents lol

ya dude when they turn on cam i get weirded out tbh

yeah dude kids arent human so you cant be friends with them until they turn 18

thatll get you laid imo
gg curry

remember the soto ky pic I sent you
I wrangle em

they are obnoxious
but once you tell them to stop and they stop
it's normal

also like 3 people who post here are underage nigga

are you implying it's okay to fuck 14yr olds past 18?




worrying intensifies

i said a few not all lol

theres even worse things but yeah that one is creepy too

The only people underage that actively post are Boo and Ghostie.


It's all gonna be fine. *pets*

boo is 18 now

Must get stressful bro

lol thats the spirit

only sometimes
like when someone is SUPER shy or literally autistic

I had one kid latch onto my leg and not let go for a good 2hours straight.


im not sure but the pets are good enough for now

You fucking horrible influence

I know how to push your buttons


push the button to kill me

Now all that's left is to get you into loli

its really not a well hidden button tbh

I'm going to let you suffer

That'll never happen

Damn it Spoilers I was trying to look cool


What is that bitch even doing?

Is this considered rape?





you could always guess at the other ones :^)

how do you not know?

Now I don't even want to anymore, you ruined it

She was fapping I think

Why would you go under a bridge to masturbate?
This whole thing is dumb.


its way more likely she was shitting under the bridge

dont complain next time then cause you had your chance to spot them before someone else did

Fun fact: public defecation and urinating makes you a sex offender.

I would never complain about anything in my life


what a bunch of bullshit

In Florida of course because they have to it enforce it enough times. Everywhere else it's not.


it is in michigan i can confirm

How does this shit turn anyone on?

Depends on how backwards the state is.
If anyone witnesses it, it's the same as "exposing yourself" to them, especially if it's a minor.



Fucking lol

Fuck you're asking me?

not peeing on the side of the road again


how wouldn't it?

Are you implying something here, sir?

It's just dumb.
The "plot" is terrible.
The dialogue is terrible.
The art is terrible.



Bernie Sanders won Alaska and Washington.

This doujin is fucking lulz tho


Soto give me your good soujins

fucking retard.

Ban me nigger

when are those kids gonna get fucked

yes :^)