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This guy should be the next admin btw

trump 2016

this test sucks




Still quite enough.

All about that max comfy, plus it would get a bit chilly in winter without them.
It still actually does, maybe I need to get more blankets.

Sleep well Scoots.


probably won't have another sequel

aaaaahhh now with tc gone I can finally geeet out of f all these clothes!


I feel funny, likei have been drugged
In secret. By someone else, dizzy..
Probobly nothing too crazy tho


Don't tell me when its enough woman.

you drugged yourself nigga

anyway time to hump my shinobu daki


*throwws sock*

love e cray cray




But it feels like i am an influence to drugs i didn't drug

I mean it's quite normal to like cute things and weapons of mass destruction.
Okay, that sounds really fucked up.

Sleep well Ikt.

why do they always end the animes I like

Don't you dare spider face at me, bitch.



*throw apanties*

My duvet is so shit compared to that


What do you do to your hair to keep it soft looking? I'm trying to find good shampoo/conditioner that's sulfate free. But my friend recently started putting coconut oil in his hair every other night before going to sleep and it looks a bit softer.

I actually kind of want a duvet, had one of those in a small hotel when I was at Austria.
Those things are so damn soft.

last two cours of x2 was sort of a drag. I have not cared about anything going on except for shizuo and varonas interactions in so long.


ketsu was pretty fucking awesome, give it a go.

I've watched up until episode 34


garnier lvoving blends, lots of inside stayinh
that stuff



I've never not had a duvet in my life.. how do you live

Don't stop now!

They're all sulfate free right?

in this game there is no love ;-;

iunnnok what that is

It's just one of those small things, like owning a sauna.
I could ask how do you live without one, since we've always had one.

change game?

a salt or ester of sulfuric acid
stuff that's bad for your hair and scalp

Youhave a fuckign sauna?!

I'm not gonna do it.

Of course, only poor neighbourhoods in finland have community saunas

so guys I found a total weeb qt3.14 on tinder
she has green hair


Everyone here owns one, we even have a smoke sauna at our cabin.

someone order me a pizza thanks

My friends mom woke me up and left me a plate of food when she saw I was snoring

She woke me up though when she closed the door

What a nice lady

yo SD

do you have a sister or female cousin that lives near you?

going to marry them so I can live in your home and smoke in the sauna all day.

i swear every finnn I ever talk to has a sauna, mafgical

iunnoo, i enever had trouble with it

do what



Omg.. I would go in it every day

Is sauna all that magical?

That's because everyone has one.

what, you don't want me as your brother in law?
I am offended.

just usee like the blend once aandd see if not just do other stuff

rad ass hell

Is Nokia in the business to make steam sauna proof tablets?
If no, why not?

toki with the hair tips

That's probably not best for your health, and always got to have something to drink in there.
Might go unconscious from that dehydration, noticed it a few times.

I wouldn't mind, just wondering why you hold sauna in such a high regard.

Pretty casual.

I don't think so, they probably should.

Nokia is outta the game.

Tokai post pic doing the nico nico nii

Because they're nice and I don't own my own house to have one installed.

im n bed wtf

Unconscious from dehydration? Doesn't matter, went to a sauna

A really nice lady would have done a Nazi salute

A nice lady would have done us a favour and poisoned his food.

if that milf was really nice she would have woken you up with head

carry me waaywa


*picks you up*

now where do I put you?

Sort of like this?

place to sleeep

Its barely 6pm

Elsy (the drunk lady who did the salute) is probably gonna be there tonight drinking with my grandma

Wow rude

She's old and ugly

Well then.


Happened a few times, no biggie.
Some people drink beer in sauna or afterwards.
Dehydration causes it to soak in faster, profit.


its the 3 in the morningg, euro daylight saving just got in

*puts you in bed*
inb4 rape scenario

sounds like your type of woman



Awe shucks, you're mice.

If I come to finland please drink with me in a sauna ok?


nahh tired
nother shot tho..

That song was amusing, reminded me that God of Thunder by Kiss exists.

Eh, I don't see a reason why not to.


Subtle is a very masculine heterosexual, your implications are insulting

what kind of shot? :3




Shukudai dayo

Drink your anise milk you fucken slut and sleep

I like em young tho

Sounds gay af
Im in


T-Thanks Colbs I appreciate it

Daily reminder that this exists

white rum


Just remembered that I claimed the title saunamajuri back at military.
Good times.

I enjoy amusing songs, myself.

nice bedhead faggot, who's bathroom is that? lmao


straight up rum?

Any time, my fellow masculine heterosexual friend

mixing is forfags


Oh boy, I forgot to remove the nametags from my things.

Did you make it yourself?

oh that is hardcore, also not for me

That girl's back would be all kinds of fucked irl


Lords, no. I'm not that clever.

ni ni

its nice e for the head

Well then, still kudos for that singing.

Sleep well Tokes.

I miss hidamari sketch.

Kinda dead for a saturday

I had you mistaken for a latte person !

It wasn't that good. Just shit, really. It's what I do.

I killed everyone else

Nothin personnel

I made you a Squid.

No need to be that harsh on yourself, it was good.

Your squid overlord has entered the discord.

Ouch, careful with those edges
Are you drinkan?

Meh, I've both liked and hated my singing, usually at the same time.


I live life on the razor's edge

Nah, not yet anyhow. It's a bit too early


No, I just never really liked my voice. It has taken years for me to be ok with it.

You aren't really talking though.

I do not know what the difference is :p

What are you saying? Is my role mute?

Weird, you should be happy with a voice as manly as that.

You aren't in the voice channel is what I'm saying.


I just made a comment that you're usually a prick in most games LOL

I'd invite you, Lenko

Just realized it's fuckoff late due to turning time an hour ahead

sup lenks

I got a fair bit tonight. Just had like a liter of water so I hope I'll be good when waking up tomorrow.

The difference is the amount and treatment of the milk. I could go on but it's a rather dull explanation.



That is only when I sing though. Only when I want it that deep.

Daylight savings.

It's probably all the same when you get it from Dunk's tbh

Is Moogs here?

Moogs is always here. He is quite the sneaky one.

Wait, they touched them darn clocks again?

Still a talent at it.

I thought just we had that
But is it all of Europe?


Good idea mang. I drank a ton last night but I also drank water so I'm all good today


SD, it's time


mfw my cousins friends spaghetti'd infront of me and my brother

That's the term. Thanks~

It really just comes down to how much you enjoy the taste of espresso ^^

Everything would crash if just one country would do that, silly.

I should generally drink more water as it is, not just to avoid serious lumberjacks

Perhaps you could find that the upside to this is that at least you're useful to people. There are plenty of people who feel like they're useless.

I suppose so. I also have a talent for some accents.


Monday's the day, Moogs. I'm getting that scared/excited/anxious feel already!

Ooh. Yeah, I like to stir it up so it all gets caramelly :3

nothing to be scared of

to hit the bed

I was reading about it and it says it hurts less than accidental tongue-bites so I think I should be fine^^

good evening animus! hows it hanging?

I know that feel, only with the Russian accent though.
Always fun to get people riled up in online games due to it.


yeah totally its like the least painful piercing ive gotten

dont maybe me, you zombie!

just go!


I had a friend that always loved my oddball accents. Makes the days go by quicker at work. Used to anyway.

We just got syrups at my place. Vanilla, hazelnut and caramel. They're pretty tasty, even though I feel terriblygirly when I do take some, but haters gon hate.

FUCK, that looks good
How much did that cost you?


No I'm not. You literally take all my criticism as direct attacks on you. You're just that insecure.

thanks elmers

nm l00dz just chillin again

It was cute
That's all I'm gonna say

So like how fast does it swell up? Ideally I'd like to get both done at the same time and I'm kinda just picturing the first one going in, it puffing up like instantly and then they won't be able to do the second one.

But that would be rude to the people I'm talking currently.

We always used to narrate whatever random people did outside the military zone when we had gate guard duty.
It made the shifts go by so much faster.

It's so fun being a basic bitch though!

im sure they'll be able to do the second. though you'll walk out of there swollen and lispy regardless


Ah making fun of people is always a great time waster. Used to do it all day. Still do. Fucking customers, man.

well the whole order was 30 dollars delivered including tip but i also got my brother a pizza

had i just ordered this one it would have been around 17 dollars total

got a coupon


Excellent. *le face palm*

This better be worth it, Moogy :3c

Customer service is the worst, but it makes up for it in amusement at people's stupidity.

only if you put those things to use~

when youre not feeling well, you are excused from any kind of situation


Should be asleep but alcohol still pumping in me so I'll probs be up for abit longer.

Basic a best. Snowflakes pls go

That's probs what you'd give here too
And I who thought junkfood was cheap there

pizza has this crazy premium for some reason

fast food is p cheap

Only a short one. But I was invited to a lunch tomorrow, so me, my brother and my da will ride there tomorrow. Will be enjoyable.

Has your day day been good so far, love?

I'm not even in customer service. I'm a vendor. I just have to deal with them all the time.

I usually put manners over my own well being, but that's just me.

I played chen today :o



h-hopefully x///x

I used to be a special snowflake like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

congrats ^^

luke give slice



That's still part customer service, since you deal with customers and help them if they ask for anything.
And that's when they throw out the stupid questions.

Confirmed girl

take the good with the bad, love it. what are you drinking? I have a couple of not your father's rootbeer.

It looks to be worth the $17 though
Bonus points for the peppers

Based black zookeeper. Wasn't too bad, was it?

I am the specialest of all the flakes tho, don't get cocky


Fuck I don't help them. I just continue what I am saying and say "I don't work for the store. You'd be better off finding an employee."

I did really well but me and a friend played captians mode on an alt to kinda grief but I still went 16-10-14 but farm on a chen is useless after 30-35 min anyway

gonna go lay down for a bit



Well then, probably better that way.
I've had enough of customer service for my life.

I fucking hate stupid people. And the world is far too filled with them.

Believe me, cocky is the last thing I wanna be lol

Got shit to do tomorrow so it's my own ass I'm screwing l0l
Oh well, guess I will try to adjust soon

He farms so quickly early tho, really scary ganks too if you get a troll or hellbear for lv 2
Same goes for Enchantress which I prefer. She's also my top 3 waifu along with Spectre and Luna.



Everyone does, thankfully I didn't have any of the worse days when I had to deal with them, there's a line where my manners end.

I usually stay civil. But I certainly get testy.

that sounds delightful! its been good though ive got a headache, ive already took medicine for it so i should be better soon

sometimes I wish I could art

Yea I got a quick GG boots about 20 min in and necro 3 and aghs by 40 but we couldn't win :c
I got some good ganks with the centaurs and troll traps at least ^^
m-maybe we could play sometime


Internet tests never lie.

cum and saliva physics are an art

Super effective

Always stayed civil, but some people are just, well, something you don't want to ever see again.


Dunno if I could fap to my own art. It would be weird

Necro before Aghs? Gotta get that Thunderhorn and Granite Golem auras and active dawg
Ye perhaps

They don't!

Wing physics too

fuck you for making me do this luka

yes sir

yeah not too bad, will last a few days

banana peppers are best

Confirmed girl/10/girl.

charizard dick is effective against everything

I hope so. You don't deserve any kind of pain or misery.

I know the feeling completely.

Holy shit, you're a furry.

What the fuck is this

test ~

Necro fucked over their sven with mana burn and that combied with the extra damage helped more than aghs I think at that point, but it didn't matter too muiuch I got a big bounty from killing their qop and got aghs about 10 min after getting necro anyway. I Could invite subtle too !


i'm more of a flank man


I don't understand what that means with the double slash business...

have you ever fapped to Pokemon, Gil?

its nothing that bad just a little soreness, ill be fine and daandy

i will burn your mana lewdcakes


check snapchat




I envy you. I don't quite think I have ever been both fine AND dandy.

that includes Misty/May/Dawn.

Leftover pizza is still pretty gud

No gay erp while playing

I'm still confoos.


That's a big no.
I won't say that I've never rubbed one out as a teen to r34 but never Pokemon shit.

It would technically just be girl.

With you deal, with subtle no promises. What's your steam ?


ur weird

with extra damage

really? i would hope you do get to be!

George, someone wants to talk to you in discord

do you accept




whats the best pokemon move for this too? pound :^)

Fine. I believe you.

My math was bad.

I was wrong. Whoops.


I have been fine, and I have been dandy. But I have never been fine AND dandy. That is just a level of happy I have never been. Maybe someday.


I really hate people in general and it is getting to be an issue. Anyone else rather be alone?

Now you're just being mean.

What? How?
I messed up my math pretty badly. It'd just be 1/10.

if i could i would happily share mine


Oh I would never take away from your joy, my brightness.


That's because you're not listening to Mr Blue Sky, by ELO.

I'm better than a one!



:( pls no moar



i can always get more somehow

and you said you weren't a slut

fucking liar

Have this instead.


damn u pale

saki is not even ecchi, it's a SPORTS manga adaptation! Not slutty.

oh, h-hi~

;~; what happen?!

the fuck did you do?

im paler than that

saki is based af.

My shoulders are like scarred from sunburns from my whiteness.

Carpet burn.

Ask a high selfposting loser anything

suckin' dat d, huh?

Chii sit on my face

do you suck dicks?

it's not a competition.


I do not, you mad bro?


who's your waifu?

Nah. Long story short: woke up with a side effect of something and inability to move any muscle in my body or even have any higher thought and crawled to the kitchen to not die. There's one on my arm, too. Few days ago.

Sorry my skin isn't piss colored like yours.


it's called jaundice. the drug use killed my liver.

oh it is


I honestly was expecting you to more make fun of my "freakishly long toes" for some reason. That's what everyone else comments on.


what is


you bullies.

Hearts !!!

at least you are nice~


paleness implies delicateness.

I have no pedal perspective. I'm a 9.

How was the con?


You're not getting bullied, you're in the nobully zone



So am I a bully?

Gil seems pretty delicate huh

I'm a 10.5 to an 11.5 depending on the shoe company.
I usually drive barefoot.


tsuchi stop being like me


Who even are you?


~ boo thread ~

not as much as me

sure... whatever.

For some reason, the thumbnail made me think you had a weedeater.


yea... but you don't mind being a bitch. Gil hasn't embraced it. but do you take care of your skin? even straight people should take care of their skin.

yeah you're safe

oh lawdy

i take vitamins for my skin and hair and use lotion

Nope just a crowbar


it's important to put the lotion on its skin.

it's just tedious.

When they play without you.

I never got to go because i needed my moms signature apparently





gomen, gomen, but that's effing adorable >////

so is everything else



Is that freeman? Gross. Cut your nails faggot.


I uhh
Yeah maybe a little bit x.x


British Petroleum?
Also, I'm not an injun.
Or short.
Or after underage dudes.

nope. video games and distractions work. they distract pretty good. ugh.

When do you turn 18?

but yeah I'll do that

lol i mostly am but looking at me you would never be able to tell there's a drop in me.

it's probably your room
your life
your thinning hair
that cringeworthy accessory on your head

clean your fucking room dude

where is this grill from

my dreams

How tall are you?
Just about Ghostie.

That's more of a priority than my nails, and it is a disaster area

She looks questionably underage.


so do most short girls

god im not sure if theres anything likable about you freeman

satomi post vocaroos so i can pleasure myself to them

Most short girls still look relative to their age.
That girl just looks 16.

It's Kanra.
You've been jerking off to Kanra.





5'9. pls
stop believing the false story behind that lol

and how many have jerked off to Bloodchan?

I hope she keeps tally.

The feeling my good shitposter is mutual

August 11th !!