I made a post

I made a post.

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how about you join the right thread

daddy's here to give you cummies


jeez how bout some original OPs smh

But doing it to women is okay?
Is it about the gender or the kind of genitalia?
What about girls with a feminine penis?

OP should kiss themselves.

i care.

This time i did not post in the previous thread

Well there's your problem.

i was about to say "fuck off slut" to you but then i realized you were the swede who wasn't mordin

We're all kawaii anime girls here.

A Mississippian went to the library to check out a book on suicide. The librarian said, "Fuck you! I know you won't bring it back!

There are no libraries in Mississippi.

That's not too terribly far away, I guess.

Why is sweden decline?

Hah! But they cant even read! Hah more more more!

She doesn't look very anime, though.


whatever happened to danami however you spell his name? did loco cut him off from cummies time and make him rage quit life?

Pretty much.

Why do Mississippians do it doggy style?
So they can both watch NASCAR.

That's Supergirl. See, I'm a kawaii anime girl posting Supergirl.

I haven't seen so many dicks and assholes since the last Republican debate. Heyoooo.

he started talking about jerking off to shota furry porn all day
i assume he killed himself not long after

I meant user.
Kay, the girl I post, isn't even anime!
How are you, my fellow kawaii anime girl?

that's sad fam

How fantastic! I love how local state "rivalries" and differing regional cultures bubble up in America. I don't know why it should make me so giddy, knowing that is essentially what happens everywhere. But USA seems more interesting. Must be because of the Territory-State evolution in which theyour nation was formed. I don't know. But woo, Mississipians are stoopid xD

whoa google is all purple rained out ;;


Oh, you know. When I'm not accidentally flashing my panties in front of the entire store and calling the girl I tripped over baka, I'm signing contracts for magical powers and being brutally raped by tentacles. The usual, the usual.

Mississippie is widely considered the ultimate redneck cesspool in the States, but now I feel kinda guilty 'cause I've never been there and perhaps there are lots of intelligent, cultured folks just as embarrassed by their state stereotypes as I am of Texas'.

Oh well. Where does a Mississippian take his mom on Mothers Day? (In their bed, in the kitchen, on the couch...)

The dream.

Auf wiedersehen guys.

HAH!!!! That is so bad. Mississippi sounds like the hickest place in the states. Honk Honk.
Hey, gotta split for the evening. Too tired.
You enjoy your tentacle rape... I know how our roleplay does it for you ;3
Nighty breena-bo-beena xxx

Tentacles are hella overrated tho


Ahh, classic. Be careful what you sing up for, though!

Especially if they're senpai's tentacles. *sigh*

Aw, ok. Good night, Scooter!

It ain't easy bein' kawaii.


Senpai has never noticed me before.

You've got to make him notice.

If you say so, you're doing a damn fine job though.

I wonder who Sabrina's senpai is.

How do I do that!?



Rate my dead fern

Yuno was such a shitty character.


I was going to say "uguu", but I think I've made my point.

Who's Class President around here?

Save the school from monsters or kill his family.

I've only seen the first episode.


Actually, that's a boat!

Your socks are linty af

What the heck?!

I'm too weak for either of those!

i'd periodically do you on a table!

As a matter of fact, dno


Check this out, I'm certain it'll excite you more than senpai's tentacle.

would do/10

Doesn't look dead.

...You mean "uguu~", right?

I blame Emma.


kantai #1

I don't remember making it much further than them basically being "oh god im so crazy pls someone acknowledge im special and crazy".

Why's that?

But Hibiki exists.........

That's not even a fern.

it's not a problem?

I like the setup.


Clearly it is, if you're so sad.

Her shit tastes rubbed off on me.

Do not start this again.

Oh. Then, um...dress like a maid at the school carnival and serve him tea?

Maybe it's getting too much sunlight there. Move it and give it some TLC!


You've out-kawaii'd me.

Didn't that character set the standard for that though? Or am I mistaken? (I'm probably mistaken.)


I'm... I'm sorry...

Ahh, sucks.


They're just socks you prick
Leave them alone

Which reminds me I need to do laundry
Hey Wish do you actually separate your clothes and segregate them like wash the whites and the darks separately?
Or are you a huge slob like Sabs and let's it all pile up?

Lmao you got me good with that one

Nigga that shit is gonna pull a Prince in a few more days

Learn to spell you dumb shota

Winner winner chicken dinner

Its actually Sage
Jesu Tsuchi your white ass would know what a fern looks like

I like you

I moved it by the window so it could see all the plants outside in our front yard and get cucked knowing it will die stuck in a mason jar and never go outside

everything else make me sad
not that


Because you care too much, yeah.

not how it work



Well fine, be that way.

Dude. Someone is flirting with me. Maximum lewd. We're talking "if you want to, you can use my mouth as fuckhole"
This is new. Help.


Luka get a job

I did

And so can you

Hi Nin-kun, rate my fortune?


How can my shit taste rub off on you if we prefer different boats?

Does it have to be the carnival?

I separate my whites and darks, yes.

Holy fuck Neru would be furious

You didn't miss much. Mirai Nikki is complete garbage.

I fuck you.





That's awful, Mr. Soto.

Well, you could also try getting hired on at his favorite cafe.

Someone told me to check out C³. Are you familiar with it? Is this a trap?

No, sorry. I don't watch anime. I just know MK because I used Yuno as an avatar when I stalked Amy.

I didn't mean mean to out-kawaii you, I didn't even think it possible!

Hi. If my french is decent enough, id say pretty good fortune, I think

How is Yam anyway?

You stored up lots of kawaii points with that penguin plushie story. Like Andy Dick after spinal surgery, it'll be a while before anyone tops that.

I thought I was the only one


H-He goes to maid cafes?? How lewd...

It's pretty meh but Fear in Cube is pretty kawaii and wears shimapan.

"You will discover something wonderful about yourself."

W-What do I have left to discover?


i bought a plane ticket

Rate my ball of fur

Well I can't make decisions for you but I can help guide you through it, hell I can even help you outlewd the lewder
That's always fun

I really hope it isn't that one poster, I'm not gonna say any names but it starts with a B :^)

Like do you hang dry bras or just dry them in the dryer?
I always wondered how that shit works
Then again you probably dont need to use a bra
You washboard

Lmao hell yeah
Gotta upload a video of me making 20 cups of cappu and just throwing them on the floor then link it to him
Shit would be so cash

C3 is shit
Dont watch it
Its literally about a cube that turns into a loli
So bad


It's not a poster. I mean someone I actually know.

Going to see him soon?

Presumably better.

Not sure if you know or care, but we officially dated for a few months last year. I haven't been much in contact since we broke up.

its a one way ticket

Tell Milo to chill out

Allo posters and postettes

He has a dark side. It comes with the territory.

That makes me wonder why someone even recommended it to me. I've been had!

Bad joke. Scoot got me riled up earlier.

I thought that may have been the case, but it wasn't any of my beeswax.

I usually just set my bras and pantsu on top of the dryer to dry them.

Putting them in the dryer ruins the band. You can do it if you don't care about needing to replace them sooner I guess.

Ehhhhhhh? I dunno if I can be with someone so naughty...

That'd be a waste of good coffee
I'm headed to bed though dawg, enjoy your night

Ain't Milo. It's... someone I'm gonna be living with.

Hmkay. I thought it'd be storytime.
Did your Steam died?

Oh, I was right then.
Theres lotsa stuff

It wasn't violent or anything. I still wanted to be his friend. He just doesn't seem to be around much.


no way

preuve requise, souhait-chan

Nice. When is it?


Ta gueuele

You lied, user!


That is around the corner. Excited?

What if he only goes because his grandfather owns it and he sometimes helps there?

I just haven't been on in a while. Surreh. You been doing ok, Cookie?

I know the feeling. I worry, but I don't want to be annoying.


at least it was tiny and quiet. No one would ever be able to notice if they walked by.

Ueeeh! Dirty old man!

If he didn't notice me acting weird then he's not worth it!


Honestly, he seems better than ever. He's apparently working on game deving a lot. He's posted YouTube videos he's made. Doesn't seem to be anywhere near as depressed as he was he would have been getting two years ago. Like he's outgrown here.

Or just moved to another internet community. Who knows.

So you just leave them there where people can just pass by and see them? Whoa that's pretty lewd

Invite me over sometime when its laundry day

Its a pretty bad series almost as bad as Star Wars


Aight man take it easy
See you when I get off work
You usually seem to be up every time I get home

lmao no but serious shit might as well say yes dude, its not often when people offer to use their mouth as a fuckhole

Well except for Desu and Erio and all them

been a long time coming

like getting paperwork done and certificates and whatnot. happy to have gotten to this point. still more work to do but im relieved to be leaving.

No probs, I just thought I saw you say you couldn't get on, but I suppose that was just for then.
Weird stuff is happening, but it's positive weird stuff... I think?
It's really weird.

...More lies.
Why do you do the things you do?

Fortune. Use her mouth as a fuckhole.

If you want to.

You must be a hentai because there was nothing ecchi about my answer.

That's the spirit. Defy the trope!

Excellent. It's fun seeing him once in a while, but if stuff here was triggering depression than it's good to know he's moved on.

Did the plushies come to life?

The future holds a new world, my friend.

お姫様, ご手当をピックアップしています。あなたがここに来るとき、パパはあなたのために特別な何かを持っています。

Sab's fault.

Nice try, but as a lifelong Star Wars fan, I know it's awful. Only true fans take the punishment and disappointment. We also ignore the expanded universe 'cause that's Trek nerd level shit.

(I may have been paraphrasing my brother there.)

Calm down

was honey cute?

im ready to abandon this old one and most things associated with it.

it's odd. i knew i would for months. but it's still surreal to see it come to fruition

Sometimes when you talk about western nerd shit like that it makes me want to fuck the shit out of you

Its pretty cute tbh

Does that make me gay now?

I know it's rare, and passing it up sounds like a waste...
But he's a he...
But he's on HRT...
But has only been doing that for like 8 weeks...
But it's catching on at some ludicrious rate...
But he's my friend...

I don't. But it's not... something I don't want?
But it should be?

That'd be less weird...

Just say no bromo afterwards

Problem solved lmao


I miss him.

/vent vent vent vent vent

You want to fuck a guy? Gross.

Nice to see you coming around though. Stick it in his mouth.

No, But I'm not gonna claim that the offer isn't at least tempting.

what way?

Is it because she wears the girls' clothes?

Should I wear girls' clothes? I'm probably prettier than her. Maybe I could push you to go all the way.


That's almost as gross as your mole

Srs shit
He seems like a power bottom and you're a sub so it would work out pretty well
Then again that would make you quote on quote gay lol

Choose wisely

It's in our laundry room so it's not like it gets any real attention.

D-Do you want to do docking with me?

Yeah! I'm no stereotypical anime girl!

Stopped reading after


You can trump me by fucking your sister

you know that's where your loli anime sharing is headed right


Sure, we can trade loads.


No, because I've never had the offer before after 22 years... but the stockings help.

He is, in his own words, a sub. He did that BDSM test, you know?
95% vanilla,
84% Sub.
I ain't, yo.

Okay Fortune quick idea

Suck her cock.


I have always hated that surreal feeling myself.

oh that's hers

I thought it was yours

Let her suck your cock


Be yourself, it's clearly working for you.

ok. sorry to bother you. later.

i suppose i will eventually become ecstatic


Yeah, well... that's the offer.


Fill my storage facility with your load, senpai.

Take care.


Just make sure she cleans her butt before you rail her there. Bedsheets need to be hung outside and that's always embarrassing.

that is a boring person

or that test wasn't taken truthfully

Now that's pretty gross ngl
She's just been watching anime since she doesn't have anything better to do
She's a stay at home mom so I was like why not be a weeaboo faggot? Its pretty fun

What color/design are your favorite pantsu?

Mine are black and green ones, they're like kinda striped/lines

That means you can pretty much make him do anything you want
Also I dont see you being much of a Dom

Cum down his throat for the funsies and see if he can handle it without gagging/spitting it out

Fair. But it's kinda dated, according to them.
It's gotten 'better', but I do not have the new results.

They don't do anal.
Nor does he want to come himself, pre-op.

I didn't say I was a dom. I'm boring

Jesus christ


I got like, 60% vanilla, 40% dominant, and everything else was below 5%.

better how

you are a subpar daddy

I'm bothered by this to no end.

I have this blue pair that have like, a frilly flower pattern on them.

They're p legit.

Ehh? What?


Less boring.

That's some silly bullshit. Once they realise having their ass pounded is an actual thing that can happen, they'll be jumping for that fortune meatsicle.

Suggest she finger herself a little. And remind her to lube up.

Also, don't call her a he. That's just mean. Especially when she's so nice as to offer herself as your cumsock.

Dont make me hit you.

your cummies are clumpy


im sorry daddy

As long as he refers to himself as he, so do I. I'll switch over when they do. Or in his words, "I'll transition around the time I move out"
He'll take the new name, and start living with me. We're looking for a place to live, and me mentioning how that was kinda cute, started this.

Nothing, it was just a pleasant post to read.

I wanna poke clockworks tummy doushio !?


brian k vaughn and pulitzer prize winning author michael chabon working on ROM The Spaceknight

more at 11

Adopt a child. It's the next step.

Cummies is a disgusting word. It's always going to carry all these fucked up implications.

Don't call me daddy.

He... just mentioned getting a pet.
Fort is confuse.

hi daddy.

Send him dickpics.

I can send you mine to send to him if yours is small.

Hit me? That's abuse!

Pleasant? How so? ^^

why does daddy no love me anymore

Woah. This must be serious. It's a girl, isn't it? Is she cute? :3

How's the art world, btw?

You go girl.

Yes. Yes it does.

It was ecchi but not really.


I spent a week in the /aco/ draw threads. Made a tumblr and uploaded it there. Made a commission sheet. Got comissioned to make a comic. That I should have worked on today but didn't.

It's disgusting. I don't know why I do it.

There was nothing ecchi about it!

It's funnier when you say it, since everyone knows you are a little girl.

Because you were never any good at baseball like he wanted you to be.

Harriet Tubman is a nigger

he never got to see me play baseball. he was already gone.

do not

Then you wouldn't mind always saying it when I say hello?

... what..
I'm a boy. no it's not funny.

Oh, this realtalk?

How many of you have tattoos or want to get one within the year?

I've been thinking about a sleeve in a couple of years, but hairy arms are in the way



I'd rather spend the money on alcohol.


But that's temporary..

It's in your blood.

I think you're just scared since youre a virgin and doing something sexual with a boygirl makes you feel really uncomfortable or whatever

Its all up to you, if youre honry as shit then fuck it, if not but you still dont want to be rude or want to leave the possibility of doing shit open then just sweet talk him and make him work for your dick

Isn't lace uncomfortable?
Like some chick I messed around with had em and they looked nice but felt like weird
Im like nigga this aint even cotton...or is it?

The fact that I was wondering what material her pantsu were after taking them off shows how interested I was in her

Introduce me to your brother
I'll get him to wear gril clothing and fuck the shit out of him then send you pics for the giggles lmao

lmao this nigga

I dont have any piercings or tattoos
They're gross imo

Yes, yes it is. And its also deserved

Most permanent things aren't that great. I'd rather risk having something I know is good for a short time than having something I might not want in the long term.

I don't think mine is small, but I've never measured.
I'm just don't like dicks, so sending him mine would be a risk.
Also NO.

Ehh, check the post you replied to, first reply.
Basically, I'm gonna live together with someone because we're two friends who need to find a new place, me because I'm getting kicked out for not being a student, and him for not gonna be a him for much longer, something his dad will soon be aware of... but will not approve.
So we were looking at a place to live, and somewhere during the conversation they mentioned being a total sub, and that if I ever wanted a hole to fuck, their mouth was available.
And that confuses the ever-so-pure pure Fort.
But he is cute.

What did I just say?


Oops wrong name

Eh, I'll just keep it on for now

Truth. But more so because he's not just a friend, but one I'll be living with, and have no romantical or sexual feelings for.
He knows me, I could say no and it's be okay, with a "well, the offer stands~"



So you were raised by your mother or?

Ehh? Saying what?

It's not the same texture on the inside, baka.

Haaaaaaaah? Why?!

Just gently decline.

How else will he complain about it on Holla Forums to us?

I did, kinda laughed it off, but took the "the offer still stands" to heart as a sort of consolation.

various members of my extended family.

Dang. How hard will it be to find a new place? Any idea? It's scary having to suddenly move. (Been there, done that.)

Some unsolicited advice: Be careful about getting intimate with someone you'll be living with. Could backfire.

He's an ex-Marine, so good luck with that! (And he'd look terrible in a dress.)

I get the feeling you don't know what /aco/ is.

I'll do this commission, but may actually just cut off there. It's getting to the point where I don't know how to improve anymore so I'm just flopping around. No artists friends. No ateliers or anything. Art school is just cucks. All the figure drawings sessions here are tutorless. No one has any clue what they're doing and it gets to a point where I can't find what I need on the internet.

/vent again

I believe this is a form of the humblebrag. He is going to live with a trap that wants to suck his dick, but he's not SURE he wants his dick sucked.

ur wrong






Not listening

Alchemist beat me to the punchline.

You can be straight up and be like yeah we could mess around but don't expect any relationship or emotional commitment to you, if we fuck around its just for fun, it doesn't mean anything so he doesnt have any right to get mad if you bring someone over and mess around with them

Like set ground rules, he's submissive either way so its not like he'll decline

Yeah you might hurt his feels a bit or whatever but oh well

How the hell should I know? I don't wear them

Are bras expensive over there in Mooseville? I went with my sis to Victoria secret one time when we were at the mall and I was like holy shit these things are expensive as shit dude
My sister says guys have it easy since they dont wear bras, get periods, have babies, etc

I just laughed and said get fucked lmao

How many siblings do you have btw?
I have too many aka 5 (and a niece)

like me
so that it wont suck.

i want people to not bully me.


I went to the 8ch board and it just looked like two threads of pony porn.

I wish I could help in some way. I know how much your art means to you and hate to see you unhappy. This is your passion and I admire you for pursuing it.

Just the one. We didn't really grow up together, so we're kind of rebuilding our relationship. We're so different personality-wise, so it's neat when we can bond over some of the nerdy things we like.

Are all your siblings sisters?


Suggest not taking things people say to heart.

But while I say this it seems you may have heard this and other similar advice in the past. So any further suggestions might be disregarded or ignored.

It's still likely that they would get mad regardless though. Wouldn't it be better that they just not get involved?

When did you move out on your own/with your lover, by the way?

well at least it's not that I guess

Have you ever actually seen something I've drawn?

What's so funny?

"Fill my storage facility with your load, senpai."

No, not a clue, but we found a perfect place. We hope we can get it, but we might not.
I've never gotten intimate with anyone, I'm still not planning to, really.
Although I find playful teasing and jokingly flirting great, I kinda wish he wouldn't have said anything.
I'm also realllly not the type for casual sex.

Yea, I know. I'm pretty sure "casual sex" is what the offer entails. But do you really think I'm the type for that?


soon after i turned 18. ive spent a while away from him. moving back in in 9 days


i have a heart too you know?
im not heartless monster, like all those mean people.

Become likable. So that I can.

I guess that works. Best to maintain that status quo, though.

Why were you apart?

The jokes that you are telling me.


Seems you're using your heart when your brain needs to be used.

I feel the same way about any piercings besides the lip or the ear, it's just excessive

a couple of really good tatts are awesome though

Yeah, sometimes I have second thoughts about the one I want. They are supposed to be meaningful, and just being a hardcore fan of something and having it tattooed isn't REALLY meaningful.

im a nice person.

It's much more effective if you set it up like: He is going to live with a trap that wants to suck his dick, but it's annoying for him because he gets offers so frequently.

You never listen to me!

Yeah, bras are something dumb like $50 each.
Pantsu aren't as bad but it's still $10 a pair if you want a decent pair.

I go to Aerie and you get 7 pairs for $30 instead of $10 each which is pretty legit.

That's just weird and out of context to start a conversation!

I think so. You've posted things here before, right?

I sincerely wish you good luck snagging the place.

And whatever you choose to do, just be sure it's something you're comfortable with and set some boundaries. You're a smart guy. You know that.


there is not one likable trait about luka's character

i'm no cold calculating machine.

That's why you should spend money on something you know you want.

73 Questions With Taylor Swift was a majour disappointment and seemed scripted

I'm pretty sure I'm a hardcore Metroid fan, though... :L


That's evident, as you're upset by unimportant things.

money troubles. it's hard for a dropout to get a job in michigan

it was.
her agent person had to approve it before hand, and that lawn chair guy was pre placed waiting to say his line.

so lame lmbo

magazine shoot pseudo interview.

I know he's not gonna make the offer again, as long as I don't say I'm interested, but he did ask me how I'd feel about them walking around the house in stockings and revealing stuff.

Thanks Sabs~
I know. I'll probably never act on it because... once you've done that, you'll always have done it.
And I don't think that I want.
I sometimes envy the people who live their lives saying "fuck it, let's just go", you know?


Name one time

That's cool, since you two are all grown up and can enjoy a few beers and talk about each other and stuff

Nah, I have a little brother, 2 younger sisters, and an older one
You wanna know something weird too? Everyone but me has a "unique" aka weird name and Im the only with a normal one
tbh I wanted a weird one too ;~; I stand out now lmao
It goes like this from oldest to youngest

Pls see

Are you telling me you've never made a girl cry or rage over not talking to her after fucking her the next day?

Is casual sex really that bad?
Everyone wants a relationship and Im like why would you ever want to do that to yourself anyways?

I just had this talk with Mordin the other day too lmao

Luka dindu nuffin

Yes, but you've also never used your brain in your entire life.

I'm no writer of fiction, and THAT is most certainly fiction.

You insist as much. But really you're just clingy and airheaded. That's not nice, it's just another kind of cruelty. You treat people like things, you shake them down for money, for pity, you demand friendship, and occasionally you even beg to be loved. You're not nice, you're just weak, and you take advantage of people as bad as most.

i wanna be popular too!
and liked...

I've been talking with Odra btw
she seems chill like you

Even subtle hates you

she aint got shit on aniston. now that is pure beauty and class



Because chivalry??????

What's wrong with you?


*hugs nice guy*

i'm not strong, don't pick on me.

who is the walltext autist

Stop trying so hard, then.


Nothing serious. Seems a bit empty you telling me to pursue my passion if you don't know that I'm legitimately pursuing it, right?


This is just what I had at the top of my scans folder. It's me trying to work out what I struggle with, rendering with shadow and light. I know it's not great, and I get the feeling your brother is better than I am and was probably better than I am when he was my age, but I just want to dispel the idea that I'm some shitty deviantart delusional because it's painful to think that I'm thought of that way.

Or maybe I am. Who knows.

Right here, pal!

tbh it probably already exists in anime form.


jennifer aniston?

luka is being roasted too hard

live suicide cam soon


who's the autist watching women's televeision?


are you drunk

its pretty fucked to have that happen

Paul McCartney will die this year.

working on it


what do i try?

Eisen will give me a hug this year.

oh shit lol nice

yeah like how is she still a dime at 47?


You misunderstood then, not my fault

you bum

how are you feeling btw
no more red chunks, right?



she was on the hit popular tv show Friends.

idk if it's television or magazines

why do you consume that inane shit though

There's nothing wrong with it, I suppose. But honestly, I can't imagine doing it.
I can't imagine me in a relationship, sexual or not.
I can't imagine me having sex, relationship or not.
Best of both worlds.

did you ever watch that show? you're kinda a phoebe tbh

bored and youtube


What's there to misunderstand about you not listening?!

Aww yis

play mobas ;D

hey 40

I'm not picking on you. I'm confronting you with the truth, which you're still running from, and will probably run from all your life, because if you were to actually fucking THINK ABOUT IT, you'd have to change, and that fucking terrifies you. You have no self-respect, if you did you'd change, but you'd rather have this shell of a life.

You earned it.

it's easier watching inane youtube tripe

Someone smash this fucker with a mallet pls

eeeeee I had a pet plant butt it died and I totally forgot to put my mushies in the fridge so they went all hard and no bwakfeast yet either Ihave to make now I think there is urf later today

Yeah i saw a bunch of it... i think?
i'm pheobe? :| i'm not sure how to take that.

True but you half-socialize on mobas

Yo man.
How's you?
I'm gonna sleep in a bit, so I can't write it all again AND talk about it, so read the second reply in this post ->

who is eggnevia bot


Well she is my sister
She watches anime and like enjoys partying and cheating on her bf

Shes pretty much me but with a vagina and a bit chubbier, oh and like 4 yrs older

Humans aren't naturally monogamous

We practice it but that doesn't mean we are good at it

I'm horrible at commitment especially in relationships so I decide not to be in a relationship and just enjoy being single and having one night stands
There isn't anything wrong with that

Well I guess hurting some girls feelings is wrong but it's their fault for letting themselves get fucked, I sorta warn them before hand but they just brush it off and the next day Im like "Nigga you didn't read the fine print" and I leave

I know
Subtle is one of the nicest creatures I've ever bullied
It makes me bully him harder for some reason tho

You should try it dude
Sex is pretty great

Sounds like you're having a bad day.

Huge baka.

she was the quirky one who played guitar

it's sad when you use mobas as an example of socializing


i have life. product of my environment.
but i'll keep my morals and not become a bad one.

I've gotten so far, I want my first time to be special.
You laughed, didn't you?

She was the homeopath that looked like sid from ice age

I had a great day, Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Hmm. You don't mind much about your sexuality, right?
I would have it a go once and see what happens. Don't let your roomate get too attached to you, it'll spell trouble.

Say something nice about murder

I did? How did I do that? x:

I know you are but what am I?

Kitten. One of them. Luke.

You seem a bit flip-floppy on this issue.

This is where we disagree, and why I could never do that to someone.

Luke aka Monsterkitten

He doesn't live near me so I don't have to look at his ugly face ever.

did you like pheobe?

He isn't here often.

That's nice.

Impossible, there are no words in the English language that could lhat could do Murder justice, so using them descriptively is inherently unkind.

What do you mean?

oh shit that's the dude that that south american owlfucker dated

By being a pretty cool guy

Like you'd do gay shit just to try it, right?

Or something among the lines of if it looks feminine, that's good enough?

It's amazing how I can actually see some words go in one ear and out the other while the rest are flying over your head.

eh she was probably not close to one of my faves

I won't ever have to worry about him accidentally hooking up with any of my family members because they have standards

That's always nice

It's a legit way to make friends

should worry about him hooking up with you though


you got your reaction. happy?

Oh fuck that's right I forgot I didn't have standards

Probably why I used to like you, eh?


I'm a g-girl...


I'm not fat!

Pretty savage.

I'm legit
it's strengthened the bond I have with a bunch of people

I know. Ohmygosh I know. People tell me I ought to be that way, but responsibilities, you know? (That and, when it comes to physical relations, disease. Blech!)

That's an awesome name! I hate having a plain-Jane name too.
Can I call you Tony?

But what does that even mean? You're going to school, you interviewed for a company, you're doing commissions...I mean, that seems like a legit pursuit to me. I don't mean to sound insincere. It's incredible to me that you're able to make things and that you love doing it, even when it's incredibly difficult. I'd love to have something like that in my heart, so I really do admire you. And my brother's a freak, so don't compare yourself to him. lol If it makes you feel better, he's super religious and always trying to get me to start going back to church.


Respect me!
respect my self respect. don't get mad at me for using my self respect.. :\


i forgot what the other two acted like. :|

it's probably ruined more e-friendships for you than helped tbh imo

Honestly, it's been a little more net positive rofl

But justified.

I don't believe anyone here is a girl.

what other two

Just because who I am on the inside isn't who I am on the outside does NOT!!!!!!!! mean you get to say I'm not a girl

Shut the fuck up.

Did you my pet plant?

Its slowly dying and I set it by the window so it could see all our plants in our front yard so it could get cucked knowing it will never go outside and die in a fucking mason jar with water

Even after all the drugs and drinking I've done Im glad Im not as stupid as you are
Were you dropped when you were a baby?

Prepare to be disappointed
Not trying to be mean but its kind of the truth
You're just gonna hype it up until it finally comes to it and when it happens its not gonna live up to your expectation
Yeah sex is great but its not as amazing as some virgins think it is

I'm not really a nice person
You should know this by now lol

Yeah my aunts name is also Odra
I never plan to have kids but I'd name my daughter Odra

Also, absolutely not

What're you gonna do about it nerd

I'm whatever the person I'm cybering wants me to be tbh :^)


Manaka asked me to tell you that he loves you.

It's good to be versatile and shit

That's too bad.

i have self respect. don't tell me what to do. respect my words.

don't you have any self respect? talk better.

racoon was his name. the south american owlfucker who dated monsterkitten. couldn't think of dudes name

Nothing because I live in that one state everyone's boycotting

The irony is palpable.

monica lewinsky and uh...racheal?

I'd name my daughter Lyra and my son TONY.


I love him too and I need to return his email so thanks for the relay!

The nerd with the comics?

no it's not. be more respectable!

lol have fun with no Bruce Springsteen and shit

No problem.


goddammit luka

This is my first night drinking in like 4 nights so ye, wanna dota tn

Unless they want me to be dom.

Cuz fuk that.

It's... even though I want that that kind of life, I would not live that kind of life, because I'm not that kind of person.
It'd mess me up more than living like this.
Fort going to bed. Goodnight Sabs. See ya soon, 'kay?

Of course it's not. If I thought it was, I wouldn't be a virgin in the first place.
I don't have sexual desires, is all. I could live my whole life and not have sex, and never regret it.
But a guy gets curious.
Fort going bed though, gotta go to the doctor in the early-early morning. ***Before nine!*

Go bed.


nope im leaguing ^^

Tfw I'll never hear Born in the USA live ;~;

Pls what?!

I can only assume you mean "respectful" considering you've been begging me to respect you the same way you beg for everything else.

Being dom is overrated.

he posted a racoon i think. thus racoon

At least I won't see you hate about it.

Or, y'know, that REALLY GOOD solo Ringo song

whichever one that may be

You make it sound better than it is.

I just. Dunno. I don't want to be a painter but it hurts when I see paintings that are better than what I can make. I'm making the effort, but I see so many other people making the effort and going nowhere.

It's just an anxiety I guess. Or I'm scrapping around for validation. I have no one who's masterful at this to tell me that I'm on the right track. So maybe I just spin my wheels forever.


wait... who is monica lewinsky?

At some point, I couldn't get sleep earlier.

Sleep well Fort.

Right, the comic raccoon

the reason hillary will be president

He's le trolling

Monica Lewinsky

Stop feeding it.

i command you to respect.

murder's pretty based tbh

makes flan creeped out and doesn't afraid of anything

bad friend




oh.... Monica is a cast member of Friends?

Yeah dude.

I know what'chu mean, bruh.

I know that one, it goes like... uh... it has a tune I think

Try to find a teacher or something, it helps a lot. Gave me a lot of motivation when I started drumming because my teacher could tell me I picked it up really quickly


In 2014, she returned to public view as a social activist, discussing the scandal's effects and speaking out against cyberbullying.

I'll summon the ghost of rembrandt.

ya got me

Reminder that this is a real fucking album.



Whelp, off to finish another hour or so of work

It doesn't have to be a master, just someone more experienced that you can respect

Good night, sweetheart. I'll probably bug you next time I see ya around. Sweet dreams!

Maybe I do. I guess since I've never had a passion for anything, I don't know how much it can hurt. Is there any sort of artistic community in your area? Anyone who could lend some guidance or constructive criticism?

bye love

this is the first time 8chans gone fast in like a month

ye we get each other bruv


yay Holla Forums is fixed!

probably purged the entire fucking db

Who doesn't cheat nowadays?
I'm not gonna tell my sister what not to do, she's a grown ass woman
If she wants to do her own thing and have fun I won't judge her or scold her, I'll actually help her out
That's what siblings are all about, sticking together and helping each other out
I help her hide stuff from her bf, nigga I got her back

Im nice with you guys and thats all that matters

Lyra is a nice name

Also pls don't
I'll drive over to TX and beat you up

Aight take it easy fam



Sorry, Loco dear. I guess if it was as easy as finding some local artists to help you'd have done so already.

I hope my trying to encourage you isn't coming off as annoying.


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Daww ;3

Are you saying that Tsuchi isn't saying I live on this board anymore?!? Disappointing

Its Forty!!!1 Of course you have nice things to say. Whats up with you?

I just want you though