FARAGE verbally abuses EU commie

FARAGE verbally abuses EU commie


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Let us invite President Trump to come here to this European parliament. Im sure as democrats you'll all agree that what we need to do is to have an open dialogue with the newly elected most powerful man in the world ==and if you throw that rejection back in my face than you prove yourselves to be the anti democratic zealots that I always thought you were==

Who's that faggot in the background with the sign?

You answered your own question.


Fuck I love Nigel.


Always nice to get some fresh Nigel hurling abuse at these faggots.

The European Union is a vampire that reacts to sovereignty as though it were sunlight. It's a shame they have so many brainwashed slaves following their self-destructive policies. Much of Europe is practically irreversibly dead thanks to the EU.

Britcucks everyone.


8/pol/ drown yourself>>9099077

What the fuck did you expect from a mainstream Anglo politician? Still, he's compared to Hitler in the UK. They are that cucked.

Also those 4 lines of greentext represent most of the European nationalist Right-Wing parties.

Are Nige

Labour MEP from London

Why is it so fucking hard to break links? Just leave off the http(s)://www


But in your case you didn't embed or webm, so you're basically newfag trash, and you need to fucking hang for this thread.

thank you user

Also Farage makes me like him more every time I watch him speak. What a man.

since (((trump/kushner))) election this board has completely turned into a blatant CO.
here todays catalog, its just ridiculous

I completely believe that if it weren't for Are Nige, we wouldn't have been able to leave the EUSSR.
Even though UKIP didn't get into government, Nige forced the Tories to hold the referendum by being a political threat. Also his common sense arguments and charisma throughout the campaign won the day.



trump is not a jew but kushner is. and trump is most jew tied president out of all candidates.
being a non jew he even outjews sanders.

banning iran, iraq, syria, lybia etc
not banning saudi arabia, quatar, pakistan, afganistan, emirates

jews arent western, they are semites
you are a semite slime ball

Obongo drew up that list
Why did you quote >western civilisation when it had nothing to do with what you said next?

He's either a broken bot or a shill who forgot where he left his copy/paste.

God damn I love this man. HE is so on point.

what is that limp wristed faggot thats holding a paper sign saying "he's lying to you" and why are they not removing his disrespectful ass within an instant of that room

tyroone get out of here, obummer is not longer president

Iran was butthurt about the muslim ban and vowed retaliation, I say fuck them from here on… and I was supporting them before.

i can remember you were supporting israel

Are you retarded? Ive made one post. You stand in the way of whites stopping white genocide, you no longer get my support. Israel had nothing to do with that, and they can get banned too, and tbh, so should you. Fucking dumbshits and hobbyists sullying the movement.

Glass crater is preferable

This pol dance party reminds me of the end scene of Labrynth.

I'm fine with gore but this image is demoralizing.

you never had any morals to begin with

likely you are not even american
(probably a mexian dual citizen immigrant)

i dont support your (((movement))) either

eat a brick and die you trumptard twat

Nigger, my great great great grandpappy was spared the noose by General Washington himself. Your dumb ass doesn't know the difference between morale and morals.

D&C shill, the movement refers to white nationalism and anti-white genocide.

your great great whatever great grandfather lost america completely in 1913 to the FEDERAL RESERVE INTERNATIONAL BANKER KIKES

the picture shows are something alive unlike AMERICA THAT IS A ZOMBIE BITING POO FOR ISRAEL.
your grandfather would laugh at you and probably hit you in the face for what you twats did to america.

If you do that, people will get tricked into using non-secure HTTP on sites that don't have cert pinning. This is the best way to break links:
Breaks the link, easy to select without having to edit anything out, and ensures they use HTTPS.


I always found that Little Schlomo didn't have enough of a hook in his nose


no this movement is about using the image of white people to start a war with iran and china and russia

Damn you definitely earned your shekels today.


I bet they hate him so much

Daily reminder that nobody respects nige
Daily reminder that May doesn't consider him fit to clean toilets
Daily reminder that he is ambassador to a sheep's anus





Goddamn I love his smile. He should be Britain's PM. The country would fly

We know lad, we are trying.
t. britbong

I started seeing this "break links" shit a few months ago, maybe it was around before but I never noticed it.
A link on a page has nothing to do with your security until you click on it.
I don't want to write code to jump to a site.
Do your secret squirrel shit on your own.
Goddamn paranoid faggots.

Huh? Breaking links is so we dont give faggots views and also so that sites that are our ideological enemies cant see that a lot of traffic is coming from h8chan.

What is "preventing accidental clicks."
What is "preventing refferals"
What is "preventing viewcounts"
What is "archiving"

I fail to understand the difference between a link on a page or me typing the whole thing in my self. It takes you to the same place.

I know about why we make webms, so as not to give hits for shekeltube or other sites.

Stop fucking with the links. If you click one by accident then slow your scroll.



I just fucking told you


You're a special type of faggot.

What is that, middle school? fucks sake, who is that man at seat 44(?) Should be put on a guillotine by the people of his nation.

They still get views if you open them.

Now stop being retarded.

Fucking media kikes should all hang
String em all up

if that dont redpill plebs from iceland to johannesburg