Mad Cuck Mattis Does It Again

Apparently, aiding Americans for the betterment of the their country isn't reward enough. They need white wimminz, welfare and to shit up our country too. Btw, it turns out that respectable, totally honest, former Iraqi war translator who claimed his mother died because of Trump's ban lied. His mother died more than a week ago. But remember, lying is ok as long as it one day leads to cutting American throats here at home, not just overseas.

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Fitting. It's only a 90 day ban. No reason to get his panties in a bunch. Giving ammunition to liberals wasn't the right approach. This cuck is trying to turn the administration soft. First he's against torturing dune coons, now this.

He's making Trump look like a fool.

Before this I was very skeptical about Mattis, especailly the way he was "promoted" on the internet. Was Trump forced to take this retard in?

Trust Trump. If he chose him, there is a reason. After this year and an half I genuinely think Trump simply can't be wrong

Here I thought he was a good pick. I don't always buy into (((Brother Nathanael's))) blackpills, but Mattis might try and push WWIII as well.

How fucking dare you Jew Crew, you've gone too far this time. You also don't understand geopolitics and bargaining power.


Letting all of them in is cucked as fuck. That being said there were different levels of interpreter tier 1 - tier 4. With tier 4 being basically only American citizens. Only class 4 I ever met was some white guy that I think was an author or some shit that was brought down to my COP to spy on one of our tier 2 interpreters because we believed he was a spy himself. And we were right, guy caught him talking about how far the hooches were from the perimeter.

But the tier 3 guys.. they were basically highly vetted iraqi nationals. At the risk of sounding like a cuck I will say that they were trust worthy fellows. We had 2 of them 'Caesar' and 'Boxer' They were both good guys, 'Caesar' especially. Hell he was given a side arm and kicked in doors with us.

But, iirc, the "Tier 3" guys were in fact extended the right to immigrate to America after a tour of duty of a specific length. So Im guessing this whole shit is about the tier 1 and tier 2 terps who are not to be considered trustworthy at all………………..

Not defending this, but when did he fuck up before?

Elaborate for the retards with no time to think critically, user.

This is a standard fucking procedure. You treat the people that have shown you loyalty by risking their lives for you with respect because it ensures that you'll have locals working with you in the future. Are you fucking oblivious to basic psyops procedures, OP, or are you just a faggot in general?

full cuckchan

>betray the locals that worked with you, goy, it's the only way ;^)

Cool. Bring them here and let them fuck your wife because they did what google translate does.

You mean neo-kike globalist operating procedure.



Kill yourself JEW CREW

>Trump Admins shuts out interpreters, aides, and "other allies" military operatives and spies for the retarded
It's pretty basic shit tbh. Shills are latching on to whatever they can at this point and screaming about white people and white women. In a perfect world we wouldn't need these people, but we fucking do.
Sidenote to any newfags here's a shilling language lesson. They obviously don't know many words or phrases that are relevant on an intelligent political level. Look how they bandy about
without offering an argument. The only genuine dissenting opinion is (checked), and he makes a very valid point. Do we know what tiers are and aren't being accepted? I would also think any 1-2's are going to be heavily vetted if they were.

We don't owe them anything. They did it for their country.

Someone explain to me why we don't just toss them $20,000 each and leave them in their country where they belong? You can live like a king with $20,000 in a shithole like Iraq.

Because we left Iraq unstable, and they'd be killed within the month.

You could use that same argument for all those rapefugees, you worthless kike. In fact, that is the argument Marxists use for rapefugees. Kill yourself.

You're right, millions of people flooding across an open border unvetted is the exact same as taking in less than 100 mudslimes who have shown a propensity to helpins us and hteir country. Are you seriously saying they won't go back when Iraq is stable? That's why they tried to help the U.S. in the first place and it's what many of them are planning to do, considering their families and entire lives are there. It's not ideal, but you're a hyperbolic faggot

The rapefugees didn't provide any services to our country.

its what prince arthas did tbh

This is retarded these fuckers blow soldiers to bits in Afghanistan, and are dodgy in Iraq too, what a fucking cuck caving to this shit.


And if they were any use they would be fucking in America already. They can wait three months or fuck off and ackbar.

Tell David Cock to send CTR back in, Twitter is obviously more Jew Crew's speed.

We worked with fucking SOLDIERS WE TRAINED AND SENT TO WORK FOR US and they murdered us, fuck off you pussy, who gives a shit if they have to wait, they shouldn't be allowed in the country in the first place.

Is this some ebin new shilling? Props for using the big boy words, but you got to be more discreet if you want to disrupt us, CTR Crew.

In a perfect world from our POV, sure, but we wouldn't need to build relations with them in the first place if we didn't bomb the shit out of them for no good reason. Not like I care about a bunch of sand niggers or anything, but it was a bullshit war and everyone knows it. If you said we were going in to steal oil at least it would be honest and we didn't even do that.

It also doesn't help that interpreters are shady as fuck. Maybe the one that work with the SF are better vetted, but we actually had two in my deployment both get fired and kicked off the base. One for stealing gear from the TOC for our encrypted radios and the other for actually working with the insurgents. Then it gets slippery. Are they good guys for working with an imperial force in an unjust war? Or are they traitors to their own people rightfully shooting at Americans?

Promising interpreters citizenship is just retarded. They should be allying with the invading army to better their own country, not flee from it.

Back in the day you invaded a country for resources, fucked their women, forced locals to interpret for you and when you were good and tired you left and told them they were now apart of your empire and if resist it's a matter of how many you had to kill until they submitted. The old ways were better.

Amen, hopefully when it all collapses we become an empire again.

How the shit he said a little while back about how the US is committed to Kosovo, we still need to stay there, and Kosovo needs its own militia and military authority to handle affairs in its own borders [e.g. kill Serbs]?

Trump is 100% right, Mattis is a fucking faggot for going against him when he's getting attacked by everyone. Nobody gives a fuck about Iraqi taking money for work.

Can tell by this guy's face something's not right with him. Strikes me as more of a politican than general.

0.05 shekels have been deposited in your jew crew accounts

I don't think his request is all that unreasonable, either. The reaction is more head scratching than anything else. Mattis is a guy who believes in serving your country and doing what's best for America.

Even if they are subhuman gibmedats, there are mudslimes who are willing to forsake Islam and risk running afoul the apostasy laws for the sake of coming to America and getting away from their degenerate brethren and religion.

The people Mattis is saying to let in are people who fought on our side and who have done a service to the cause of destroying Islam. If anything it's a move that will encourage more of the fuckers to work for us in the greater effort to glass their God-forsaken countries.

you kikes need to look in a fucking mirror

At least send shills that know who they're shilling about please.

If you make exemptions for those serving USA doesn't it basically
outs them in Iraq? >Secretary of Defense James Mattis to exempt Iraqis who served as “interpreters, aides and other allies who risked their lives alongside U.S. personnel in Iraq” from the recent national security executive order.

Weren't they paid for their service?

If they got guys killed then yeah they're faggots and
in the first place is retarded.

Remember when liberals acted like this guy was fucking Göring or some shit? Just another cuckservative though it seems.

Is reddit down again?


Cool meme

Oh shit we've got a live one. How does David Brock treat Jew Crew? Has he called you faggots nerd virgins yet?


David Brock never called CTR nerd virgins. That was Paul Begala. Brock is a faggot nerd virgin himself. You would know that if you weren't a newfag, Ahmed. And no, you still can't come to America.

I'm glad you know so much about CTR JEw Crew, it's good to know your history.


Unlike you shills. Some of us were actually here back then.

Ok fgt. filtered.

Stay triggered, cuck.

well I did hear that r/alt_right got banned on reddit. So yes essentially reddit is down

Go be a jew somewhere else.

Honestly I don't like it one bit but the amount of sand niggers helping us is nigh zero. If Mattia keeps us out of a war with Russia then I can forgive this transgression

That explains it

Jesus Christ Mattis, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Yeah, no, fuck that noise.

So everyone knows. Mattis is a snake. It was a stupid move for Trump to appoint it and now he is being stabbed in the back for it. Mattis will stab him in the back again too. Trump better hope he's never in a position of vulnerability with Mattis around. Mattiis knows exactly what he's doing by public ally questioning the orders of his superior to the media.


The height of the war was around 10 years ago and the end of it was almost 6 years ago. These muzzies have waited this long they could have waited another 90 days. This user is right. He is either trying to make Trump look like a fool or pushing them to go softer, or maybe both.

Does babby need to be spoonfed? Or are you just that much of a newfag? Also,

do not appear in any of the posts you responded too. If you're going to shill, could you at least try to earn that shekel? Some jungle goys would kill for one y'know.

I thought this was Soros at first.

fuck off shill

The people he would be talking about would be Iraqi local translators,etc. I know them. They usually get greenlit and come to live in the US. They're viewed to be traitors in their country and face discrimination for assisting the United States.

the family they bring is garbage and are still loyal to islam. very dumb to exempt them

Get a fucking citizenship application, you dark fuck.

Hate to say it but hes right. Its part of their counterterrorism strategy, and this would be a severe propaganda victory for ISIS. The general is acting strictly from a strategic mindset.

Are you talking with yourself? how lame!~

You are being retarded OP, if the military doesn't help the foreign aides then no one would want to do those kind of jobs, making the military's work harder or impossible.

Moreover, some of these aides may be targeted by the enemy and would end up butchered.

Hold your fucking horses and rethink your live.

Checked for

With all sincerity: kys faggot

For example, read pic related and understand the logic behind terrorist activity in general. It was from the Turner Diaries, obviously by William Luther Pierce. The goal of them is go make themselves seem oppressed to generate more support. Killing your enemy does mean they win, but banning the members of their racial group, even though they have arguably as a group demonstrated loyalty and risked their lives.. it only ends up playing into the hands of the terrorist recruiters. Im not saying they should be permitted entry in the first place, its not like translating for the US army gets you a free pass.. but to ban them outright, as a group, from even being considered as anyone else would.. thats not smart. You can deny the majority of them anyways. Translators are considered traitors and high value targets in a war, it is a risky thing to do, to translate for the US army against the terrorists.

Jesus. I meant DOESNT.

We just shot and 8 year old girl in the neck in Yemen, anybody who say's this is going to cause terrorism, compared to the destruction Obama has waged in the last year alone, or the Navy Seals killing every man woman and child in the attack, is someone who is PRing because they don't want to come out in public for it because they fear the media hysteria.


It's almost as if you want our counter terrorism strategy to fail. right kike?

Nice cherrypick bud, the next line said you can deny them entry the normal way and simply say you dont have a right to enter.

What the fuck? Why would our counter terrorist people in Iraq be coming to the US right now if they were working. Green cards would be given and they are exempt now.

It's total bollocks and PR garbage.

no you nigger. i simply added more information clarifying my opinion. im not a mod who can reddit edit his own post.
mattis needs to honor trump's order. he specifically said we need the travel ban until we can figure out what is going on.

and of course it's blowing up in social media as its the only way to undermine trump as "divisive".

Is it saying they need special passes and the group as a whole is being flown in without consideration? What Im advocating is that they be denied based on them not having a valid reason to get in, in the first place.. but not that they be included in a blanket ban, because the terrorists will use that to recruit. Im not saying they will be recruiting the translators either, it just works as a propaganda message saying the US hates even those who help them. It makes people more bitter.

All it says is to exempt them from the ban order, it doesnt say "give them all free passes".

This could easily be good cop/bad cop tactics. Trump goes hard, Mattis convinces him to "back off", end result is maybe a few dozen people get in that wouldn't have if the ban had stood in its original form. Gives you a positive narrative while not compromising anything important.

Also beyond recruiting its an intelligence blunder, as someone else said, it discourages further cooperation with the US to include them along with everyone else - in the ban itself. Again though, they dont need to bet let in anyways, interpreting doesnt get you a free pass.

Nice cherrypick bud, you immediately cop out and are a cuckold.
kys fam


Not an argument. You hobbyist children with no understanding for higher strategy are going to hold us back. WLP would agree with what I said.

Terrorists can not use something as lame as a 3 month waiting list to get into America for people that want to come to America. It's retarded, it makes no sense. They are getting bombed to fuck in Yemen and Syria and now they say, 3 MONTH WAITING ON TRAVEL?

What are they going to do, be more terroristy than after drones, carpet bombings and assasinations? ANYONE who say's this is a recruitmnent for ISIS is only saying it in response to the question 'Do you want to ban muslims, by the way we are on a witch hunt, if you say yes you are ruined.

Actually, that was an argument, you copped out immediately from the claim you used to previously defend yourself.
And you're still a cuckold.
I don't give a fuck what Pierce would say, you faggot, because if he'd support importing traitorous muds for strategy in a conflict we shouldnt even be engaging in, then hes a cuck like you..

We still have to kill them. Were not leaving ISIS alone, we plan to wipe them out. They also have plenty of shitheads in our countries already.


Its didnt counter my argument, its called explaining the logic involved. Youre a complete idiot.

Cukold… Or Jew.

I also never said import them. I said deny them on other grounds besides the blanket ban, for several reasons, which you refuse to acknowledge and are choosing to instead focus on cherrypicking things out of context, and really probably are just a D&C shill.

So how does it recruit for people who are already on full tilt? The threat level is the exact same.

You have no argument, you disingenuous cuckold.

You tried to use Pierce to argue that you need to offer mudfolk access to your lands.
I called it out.
You claimed cherrpicking because of the part I chose to focus on, tried to counter via cherrypicking another portion.
I expanded context, addressed the overall argument's cuckoldry, and you deflected with a meme derived from a lolberg Jew.

And you're still deflecting, cuckold.

faggot…or kike

Strawman. Jew.

Banning the members of their racial group - even despite [cucky bullshit that equates to traitorous intent to their brethren] - only aids teh terrorists!
> Im not saying they should be permitted entry in the first place, its not like translating for the US army gets you a free pass.. but to ban them outright, as a group, from even being considered as anyone else would.. thats not smart.
You don't in FREE for translating… But let's not take it off the table goy…
Ah, don't worry goy, I'm sure there's some litigious means we can circumvent this, don't worry about it…
Why end with this?
What is this supposed to imply?
Its an emotional button-push, is what it is.

You copped the whole time.
Everytime you said they shouldn't be let in, or given a free pass, you immediately came back and said the equivalent of "But yeah, we shouldn't ban them", and then ended with a comment implying you think some are deserving of coming to our lands.


Wew lad.


Sorry, the response to your post was that it both helps recruit by playing into the message that the US wants to kill you, all of you, even the ones who help you.. that they dont even notice that you risked your life to help them, that they will leave you in the warzone for the terrorists to kill you, just like anyone else. It discourages further people from helping the US, they would need significantly higher pay or reward, if they know they will be at risk afterwards… it makes regular people in the middle sway a tiny bit further against the US, and white people in general.. and it slightly radicalizes the western muslim population a bit further, when the jewish media blows it up.

Do they need to be permitted entry? Ive said several times, no..and the OP doesnt actually say Mattis is calling for them to be given entry. It says he wants them to be excluded from the blanket ban, which really doesnt mean anything at all if they arent allowed in, in the first place. Taking an argument out of context and throwing a fit is unbecoming of a Holla Forumsack, not to say you personally are doing that.

See what, he cherrypicked it yet again, and even the things he addressed he did poorly.

500 Iraqis apply for US visas for entry. How many do you think get it, especially under Trump? Not many. Thats a big propaganda victory, to claim they werent included in the ban.

So you ARE arguing that they need to be let into our lands?
Or you're arguing in favor of lying them to get them to betray their own, then in turn betraying them and leaving them to die?

That conflicts with

If you're opposing a ban on their entry, you are indirectly calling for them to be given entry, or at least, for it remain possible for them to obtain entry.

More conflict with

You reek of Jew.

To claim they werent included in the ban, and then to deny pretty much all of them anyways. The couple who get in are low risk.

That's the whole fucking point, thus, it is clear, you ARE arguing that they should be given access to our lands… But only a few goy… Trust us…

Youre a total dunce, or a D&C shill. Ill address one point before filtering you.

That conflicts with

No it doesnt, because the second quote came after "that plays into the message that…" which means its what the terrorists tell other muslims. Which is why thats called cherrypicking, because thats not my fucking opinion you stupid fucking 16 year old hobbyist retard. Go cuckpost on cuckchan.

Do they need to be permitted entry? Ive said several times, no.

You're done faggot, you've already admitted repeatedly that you DO intend to allow some of them in, that's your intent, that's your desire, that's what you're accepting.

I'm not, because I'm not a cuckold, and don't want traitorous mudfolk in my lands. The benefits, meager that they are, do not outweigh costs - nor do I approve of your disingenuous employment of these mudfolk, lying to them with offers of a possibility of escape, while intending to let a few (too many itself) actual access.

So, you want to stop Muslims telling other Muslims that Americans don't care about them by falsely offering them a chance at escape to the US (itself utter cuckery) if they betray their brethren who oppose our interests, all the while intending to leave MOST of them to die, while a few get to actually come here?
Again, you reek of Jew.

Learn cost vs benefit and study the world you unruly kike shill.

Learn to stop being such a cuckold and study evolution you disingenuous heeb.

I read Pierce, I read about Goebbels who I have an interest in, I read about Guerilla warfare, I read about terrorism, about counter terrorism, about military history, about Irish history and the IRA, about a lot of other things.. but all those above subjects have educated me to come to my opinions I have posted. Im not talking out of my ass, and Mattis probably knows exactly what hes doing.

I'm ok with this tbh, They should, by no means, get a free ride. But If we can confirm they aren't rapey, stabby, or explosive I don't see the issue.

Wew lad.
Panicky Jew in full damage control.

Nice quads.


Jesus Christ, cuckchan filth and shills are rife in this fucking thread.

(although I would deny as many of them as possible on the basis of them not being white, simply because were dealing with white genocide here and its not about if they are violent in the first place)


Told you I was filtering you, shill. I see your reply numbers lol

just wew
75% of the US military is white you treacherous shill. End your miserable life

this triggered

Shitskins just enclave themselves anyway. If left to their own devices, they will mostly live and breed with their own.

The solution to stopping race mixing is to stop shilling for racemixing. Browns will stop racemixing on their own.

Wew indeed faggot.

Government statistics, look into how the US government defines 'White'.
Hmm… I don't see a Hispanic category, do you? Oh, wait, there it is down below… White: 10% Hispanic.
So, at best, the military is about 67% Non-Hispanic 'White'.
That's a huge number of non-Whites, not even accounting for all the 'Whites'.
And how many are fags/trannies to boot?


The solution to stopping race mixing is minimizing proximity.
You can't pursue miscegenation with someone who is 1,200 miles away - physical proximity is the core requirement to engage in miscegenation.
I'm oppositional to any policy that increases the physical proximity between races in the US, and any policy that brings in - or has the potential to bring in - mudfolk increases physical proximity.

it's a shill thread you idiots

Brother Nathanael is redpilled as fuck.

saged and reported
off to page 25 with you!


I'll Holocaust you kikes into next century. Watch your fucking mouths.

Desire is next down the line (it would be even more vital than proximity if rape wasn't a thing) and that simply isn't there most of the time.

I anticipate getting banned for this, but a little racemixing isn't a terrible thing. Breeding of dislike parents can be a benefit to the next generation if kept under relative control.
Imagine you're breeding dogs and your main goal is propagating 1 specific breed of dog (not necessarily for monetary gain,but for the good of that breed of dog). Sure, keeping the bloodline pure is generally a safe route, but let's say you find a dog of another breed with a trait you want expressed in your dogs. Would you disregard the prospect of letting a few of your dogs breed with that dog, even if the trait appears beneficial for some reason or another? I personally wouldn't. I would let a handful breed and observe its effect a few generations down the line. If the results are positive, I might even start encouraging such interbreeding.

Obviously, I'd want a stable population of my primary breed. But selective interbreeding is how newer, better breeds are formed.

You're posting in a bait thread.

Mattis and Petraeus fixed the Middle East when they were given free reign. It was politicians who thought they knew better - just like you retards - that fucked everything over and caused things to spiral back out of control.

This shit is the equivalent of telling a farmer to never fallow his land because he's letting the land go to waste. If you don't actually know what you're talking about you shouldn't talk at all. Stupid people being given a voice is what causes societies to die.

yes goy, bring in Abdul and let him fuck your wife. bounus points if you watch

Brother Nathanael is my favourite jew.

1. people aren't dogs
2. dog breeds aren't natural and have been created purposefully
3. you're pretending like all "white people" are one culture and genetic background
4. what beneficial trait? Lower IQ?
5. breeds are not races
6. "better breeds are formed" citation needed, how are the shitty toy dogs that exist today better in any way than historic hunting, birding, and herding

tl;dr you sound like a kike and have no grasp of human biodiversity, race, culture, genetics, or dog breeds, genetics, and pedigree

I am shill

No, I am shill

You collosal faggot! I am shill!

Go back to cuckchan, I am shill and you know

hey retard those guys usually love the US more than half the nogs in this fucking country. Let patriots in,keep rapefugees out.

Fuck off back to r/TheDonald, I am shill, no one

But we are animals
They are a result of selectively bred wolves, different types of wolves are natural.
I may have inadvertently implied that, but it is not necessary for my argument to stand.
Whatever trait that individual shitskin has. There are a small minority of niggers that have a higher IQ than the average white. If he breeds with low IQ whites the traits could theoretically even out.
They basically are.
Golden Retriever, Pitt bull, Pointer, etc.
If you want a hunting, birding or herding dog you breed for traits that are beneficial to that end. This may entail mixing existing breeds in exactly the way the breeds we have now were formed.