So, americans call us Europeans cucked yet they lve in a country thats 47% non-white and pays billions to Israel every year.

Have a nice black history month US-Americans!

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kill yourself OP


Butthurt because you know its true. Oh man

talk to you in a year schlomo, when we're 80% white, pay 0 dollars to Israel a year (making you bankrupt), and are also Making Europe Great Again (indirectly). faggot

who r u?

Alright, which one of us made you so asshurt?

Yeah, I'm upset that I'm not paying tax dollars to teach refugees how to fuck my white women, wtf I hate america now
rt. com/news/342284-germany-migrants-flirt-classes/

We know. We're just protective of the fatherland, y'know? You get shit to further motivate you to take it all back. To do have pride. To resist. No one wants to see Europe turned into what our country has become.

to have pride*

Too bad thats hosted by volunteer libcucks and not financed by a single cent of tax money.

Another day, another shitty D&C thread.

"“How do we speak to German women?” is the question sex therapist Christian Zech has to commonly deal with at the classes with migrants. Zech works with the Pro-Familia center, specializing in sexuality, partnership and family planning. It is funded by donations as well as government subsidies."
How about you read the article next time you massive faggot

Gonna have to try harder kikeberg.

We elected Trump you dumb nigger, what else do you want from us right now?

choose one

What country are you from?

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How new or plain stupid are you?

"The federal association, which is subdivided into national associations, has about 4,000 members. He has more than 180 consultancy posts in Germany with about 1600 employees. Offered is medical, psychological, psychosocial and family legal advice among others to sexuality , partnership , separation and divorce , birth control and prevention methods , an unfulfilled desire for children , pregnancy and birth ."
Keep on trying schlomo

Nice d&c thread, Moshe, 2 shekels for you!
Also, keep bumping, Goyim, give us those sweet tears.

Killing time before class lad

Fuck off kike, you're not european. Just because you emerged from the ghettos of Europe doesn't give you the right to speak for us.
Burgers are our friends.

If you deported all of the illegals, i.e. 30 million spics, the country would become 10% whiter overnight. Probably more so if you get rid of the anchor babies as well.

Good luck with your Muslim rape gangs, though.

very poor attempt at d&c

1/10 for making me reply

textbook d&c thread, luckily these only work on cuckchan