Altright subreddit banned

A major redpilling outpost in enemy territory has just been destroyed.

reddit com/r/altright is kill after weeks of rapid growth. The enemy at againsthatesubreddits and associated venues has been targeting it for a long time and spamming the admins with ban requests.

How to proceed? Having a presence there was quite powerful.

Other urls found in this thread:

Posting on a containment subreddit is pointless. Take the battle to /politics/ and /worldnews/.

Come on.


Oh boy get ready for 30+ goddamn threads about this over the next hour.

Surge of reddit fags incoming.

one of these thing is not like the other ♫


Drop a truth bomb there and get banned instantly.

Triple nigger. Alt-kike is fags.

your new home >>>/cuckchan/

Same thing happened with r/niggers years ago.
There was some rapid growth, then it just got banned out of nowhere.

r/CoonTown and r/European as well, those were decent places for namefagging.

Well, you need to post smart. You can't go all 14/88. Best way is to play stupid and phrase the truth bomb as question.

We're not altright and thedonald plebbit is still there, isn't it?

If you wanted to redpill you wouldn't fucking call yourself altkike.

I don't disagree with you but I bet someone will call you a Jew now.

Between this, TRS getting jimpacted, and the Dickster getting punched twice, it's safe to say the Aut-Kike is dead.

Then I know that they are shills. People who claim that you only should post on 8 Holla Forums want to contain you here. I see Holla Forums as my base and my armory. Here you get the weapons and the ammo but the battle is on reddit, twitter, kikebook, disqus etc. Posting here is preaching to the choir.

What did you expect from plebbit?

Good. I bet the altkike on reddit was even more gay and jewish than a it is here.

This still exists, spread the word and maybe we can successfully migrate:

from reddit metrics

hopefully they'll post on cuckchan or…

Is there anything we can do to get the sub unbanned? I got the address of Steve Huffman, his phone number, social security number, and his nude pictures.

Someone needs to set up a containment board for these fuckers on

/r/alternativeright exists and everyone should go there and subscribe

They just banned /r/alternativeright too. THIS IS WAR



16,466 Fashy Goys (subscribers)
534 Currently Commiting Thoughcrime (active users)

I get banned everywhere I go on Reddit. INSANTLY.

The r/AltRight was a base that normies could visit to find out about red pilled subjects and get perspective on what the movement is

They banned us because no platforming works. r/AltRight has tens of thousands of views per month and the other political subs would talk about them endlessly

This isn't necessarily a bad thing.
They will move too voat and/or 4cuck. Eventually possibly moving here. pic related.