Delaware Prison Riot - Thread 1

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foxnews .com/us/2017/02/01/delaware-prisons-on-lockdown-over-hostage-situation-officials-say.html


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oh baby

I am sure Delaware is capable of handling the situation.

this is not a matter for Trump to become involved in your one dimensional simpleton.

How the hell did a bunch of Delawiggers take control of their daycare?



I wonder how much this has to do with all the max security prisons around the world that have been having ridiculous riots complete with ritual sacrifice and cannibalism.


Aw crap. Semi-local. Please advise.

Wait, what? Desire to know more intensifies.

Is Delaware a libshit state where the Governor won't act because he might hurt the feelings of all the niggers and Mexicans locked up for rape, murder and drug dealing?

fox10 live feed
youtube .com/watch?v=c4gtrCKk064




My googlefu is weak today i remember there being more countries than brazil having it happen

3-5 guards held hostage per the fox stream

There was this gem too

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All the ones i posted were from this year. Seems to be a rash of spic warfare in prisons. Coulda sworn I read about one happening in texas recently too as well as 2 in mexico but nothings turning up on google

Pretty much. We refuse to have any sort of spine whatsoever, it's libcuckery- the state. At least this governor isn't a kike.


Press conference starting soon

You retards need to break your cunting links.

Will it be like that one movie? Are they going to hijack a plane next?




There's no way it's going to turn into a massacre like in those spic countries is there?

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I don't really feel like checking which one of the 30 fucking scripts I need to enable to get the stream working so fuck it. I hate the internet now.


>foxnews .com/us/2017/02/01/delaware-prisons-on-lockdown-over-hostage-situation-officials-say.html
First-state user here, Its middle Delaware, middle and south Delaware are right wing as fuck we got this. Only reason we are a blue state is because of the fucking nigger-pit Wilmington.


Don't forget (((Newark))) too.

Do we have a stream or something?

conference starting now


Use mpv.

Ugh don't remind me.

Much obliged

Also Check'd


What is happening?

Democrats trying to invoke Civil War?
This is no coincidence this is happening now.

They try to release all prisoners and bring chaos to everywhere. Fuck Soros already!!!


You aren't helping your case any newfag.

Well they hospitalized one of the guards already…

We have IDs here.

Trump probably won't do anything at all. This is a State issue. Trump knows better than to micro-manage.

Send in SF

On mobile. Didn't check. How fuck how new are you faggots? You realize filenames went into the 147s before switching to hashes. Gas all newfags.

I wish the ho would shut up about the prayer hashtags.

"They were good boys. They dindu nuffin. They were on their way to the prison chapel."

She didn't read the Kek hastag


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With all the baneposting she's seen by now I bet she expects shit like this every happening.

Stop derailing the thread with stupid shit, who gives a fuck who is a newfag.

Did they already hold a press conference?

Yes. It was very very short though.


They didn't say much.

Ah o.k. thanks. I stepped away for a moment and missed it.

/bane/ is at it again.

Maybe it was from the previous timeline?

How the fuck did this happen?

guys we have potential here

Lowest bid.

In the west even in super max prisoners out number guards 3 to 1 at least (when it's not 10 to 1).

Only place I know that have actual super max is motherfucking Russia, places with more guards than inmates, inmates never in contact with anyone else but their one cellmate with 24/7 video surveillance in cells (with a grid separation at night), that are immediately locked up even on the move if there is a need (with holding cells in the corridors), never moved without less than 3 guards and a fucking attack dog, etc… And of course you're in the literal middle of a frozen hell-scape, you need like 6h of dirt roads to get to the first town that itself is only linked with the rest of Russia by an airport/military base…

No riots, no escape, no suicide, no parole. A nice "worse than death" life sentence…

#PrayForKek tweet again

Then what is the DNC?




This reeks of bait.


Fuck yeah that is awesome news. More prisons need to riot.

We Brazil now?

I was in prison and they took away the state control of the food and subbed it out to ARAMARK which is a freemason/Jewish organization with fat ugly coal burners and pajeets running the show on the inside. Drugs pour in through Aramark employees.

That's nothing.

I guess everybody celebrates BHM differently.

I hate this month. The month of love was given away to niggers. At least it's the shortest one.

Lucasville was wild. The prisoners smashed the steel bunks into the cinder block walls to get to the pedophiles and kill them. Also the feds had to tunnel underneath the concrete slab and poke cameras up inside to gauge the situation.

I'm more interested in hearing about what the situation looked like than the technique used to observe it. I'm imagining that level from HLM2 where you break out of prison.

Yeah woo hoo chimpouts affecting white people, kys

if this was in Brazil the guards would have been raped, tortured and quartered already.

thanks a lot cucks

tfw my tweet doesn't get read

My wifes son father

If we can throw Marino into that empty state senate seat though at least the dems won't have senate majority.

Weird question, but are any of the hostages wimmenz? Because, fuck could you imagine?

I fucking hate ARAMARK. I can't believe the garbage they serve to schoolchildren, using retards as labor.

Nope, we have a women's prison in New castle county.

So what happened? They're doing a montage now.

Confirmed none? I was referring more toward female staff.

My bad, there's all of 4 hostages. 3 guards, one counselor. If there's a woman its probably the counselor.

Damn, sounds like we need to start putting Alaska to better use.

They also use aramark to staff marine corps recruit depots. At least in California, if you think it's bad enough being a regular recruit, the fucking thing that serves you Daily Egg Lookalike Slop #3 ends up missing your whole tray and it lands on the floor because the guy's eyes literally point seperate directions.

Rolling for embed related.


Isn't there a local station streaming this? FOX10 is now showing terrorists doing a press conference.

I've actually been hearing of prisons throughout the country having talk going on about wanting to strike over not being paid for work they do in prison and because of the poor food.

One of the punishments in prison when someone acts up is to not allow them normal meals. They get in solitary and their food is all mixed together and baked into a loaf they can eat. So you have violent murderers basically being forced to eat some gross food and then talking of wanting to go on strike because of it.

I wouldn't be surprised if these people rioting now have similar issues and decided it'd be perfectly reasonable to attack the prison guards because they didn't want some icky food.

there's a reason prison is called nigger college.

Rehoboth Beach reporting in. The prison riot was all we were talking about at work today. AFAIK it's under control now, I think.

Also, while on the subject of delaware, SOMEBODY SAVE US. Rehoboth is known for its huge amount of faggots, but what people don't know about is how the entire Delaware Beaches area is being demographically displaced by yuppie pieces of shit colonizing us. I can't tell you how many fucking old retired jews are settling here. It's becoming Miami 2.0 for fucks sake. All these fucking kikes with the stereotypical old jewish lady voices talking about how excited they are to retire down here. FUCK OFF, WE'RE FULL.

Only Wilmington is libshit. Everywhere below the canal is the south, demographically, culturally, and linguistically.

I don't go down their often but from what I've seen what you said is true. The beaches are kind of a meme location so all the old kikes buy up houses there. The locals clearly are upset by this but bite their tongues.

But I'm afraid everything above the canal is basically as bad as Wilmington. I really wanted Bonini to win but because of this fucking county we're stuck with 100% Democrat representatives basically forever.

Only if you're an out-of-stater who doesn't know the deal. DE has great beaches. It's just that things have really gone south over the last decade or so because of all these kikes and other urbanite trash from NYC, Jersey, and DC invading. But there are still places that only locals know about, or even have access to.

What the hell are we supposed to do? Guy owns a large farm and decides to sell it. Suddenly what was once a nice scenic farm near the local school is now literally a dozen different neighborhoods all springing up out of nowhere and invested by out of state trash. All it takes is one farmer choosing to sell the land and this shit happens. And it keeps happening over and over, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Hard to say. I was born and raised in Newark. What really redpilled me was being in the public school system and going from my nice white local neighborhood elementary school to being put on busses and sent into inner-city wilmington schools because of "desegregation." And then vice versa in highschool with all the niggers being shipped into my town.

delaware itt

oh hai guize

I live above the canal myself, I'm making sure I go out and vote for marino on the 25th so carney doesn't have a democrat state senate majority. His county stretches across the canal including Middletown and Newark so he at least has a shot. At least that way we can slow the fuckery that's taking place.

By meme location I meant not that it's good, but that everyone's into it so you're bound to get flooded by libshits.

There's not much that the locals can do, I'm afraid. I see how fast it develops whenever I go down and it's astounding.

It was somewhat similar for me. I grew up in Cecil County MD where it was still 95% white or something like that, and when I started middle school in Newark things were very different. I was not used to the large amount of nigs. I've been here for a while now and I've just about had enough. Nowadays the town is flooded with Pajeets, Mohammeds and Changs that I wonder if I'm actually in London every now and then.

I must have forgotten about that with Trump winning and all since we have a vacant seat. I'll go and vote for him too, but you know how it is here. Libs control the culture and they almost always win. Then again apparently he almost won before so maybe we'll get lucky. Year of fire cock and all.

*not that it's not good
Fuck I swear I proofread shit but mistakes always slip by me

Print out and post real facts.

jesus. are they ALL pedos?

When I see posters with typical libbullshit I clue QR codes on them that link to a site that debunks ((their)) lies. If you're good nobody will realize from first glance.

I figured that with so many blacks and spicspanics in prison that coloreds would feel at home.

Hostage standoff in Delaware prison over, one corrections officer dead

What happened?

Even back then…

Oh no. Those poor spics and nigs.

Prisons themselves are Molochian in nature. They're nothing but concentrated suffering sites. Either someone is criminal enough they should be summarily executed or they need to be relocated into an environment where they can be truly rehabilitated, like a halfway house on a farm where they can work the soil and breathe clean air to learn how to use their own two hands to create a better life.

The prison-industrial complex is jewish in nature, and the over-criminalization of regular human behaviour, the felonization of everyday Americans, and the destruction of people who would be fixable by proximity to the unfixable is a jewish plot at its base.

How many whites are in prison for defending themselves in states with unconstitutional laws?

How many whites are in prison for "felonies" which shouldn't be more than a tax/fine?

Has it ever occurred to you that the prison industrial complex is a jew-run profit machine? "Cash for kids" ring a bell? Gee that has some similarity to the Pizza fetishism that the jews display, dunnit?

hows that kek nigger?


Like the POTUS cares about violent thugs and murderers.

Shit, the only reason prison is hard on them is because they attack one another. The state has to provide a minimum standard of living for these prisoners that's higher than what homeless people experience.


This should honestly be just cause to send in a unit to kill them all and rescue the hostages, the same as our special ops would do when rescuing hostages from terrorists. Not only just cause, but it should be welcomed as a great opportunity to relieve tax burden.

Wouldn't work. Look at Europe. Do you expect this system would work to rehabilitate the brown hordes who are blazing a path of rape across Europe? No. We're not a 99% white nation. Half of our prisons are niggers. A good percentage of others are non-white. You can't rehabilitate them.

It is happening again.

This whole thing got suspiciously little coverage after it was over, don't you think? Officer killed was btw a negro. One of the hostage was a woman. Was she raped, was she injured? Nobody knows. Who where the perpetrators?

I was listening to the negotiation live on the police scanner.

The battery on the thing they were using was running low.

They offered a cell phone to keep talking to the inmate.

Inmate didn't want it.

Then the ENTIRE feed vanished.

There were a few thousand people listening to it.

What are you talking about, user, nothing happened in Delaware last week.