You know what to do

Refugee ban is sitting at 75% lib. Get in there, and vote you fucks.

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It's like you want us to lose

truly the anus of the south

Gee, color me surprised.

Texas has been one of the hardest hit with the spic invasion and one of the few vocal and action anti spic invasion, repeatedly passing laws at the state level to shit can the spic invaders only for the jew fed to shut Texas down.

I voted Holla Forums approved in each category.

I smell bullshit…

I don't think so. I know Brock's got some new pocket change he's working with. I think that's most definitely part of it.

its like all the same states keep voting in this poll like they have bots set up on servers from those same states everytime.
Yes, totally legit votes and not some butthurt commie group boting votes or rigging like they do elections, no they would never. Completely legit goys.

Shocking results.

But imagine if someone had refused to obey Obama's unlawful orders.

Holy shit they're stating it as a fucking fact.
The audacity of those niggers



Let's put those dumb CREW niggers in their place (the back of the oven).

Fuck fox they are part of the problem. The polls are shit because the left still falls for the "faux news" bullshit obongo kept spouting about.

Was thinking the same thing

Might have something to do with it. But..

Fox is showing their noses. I think its high time we give fox the internet hate machine treatment and redpill a bunch of plebs on how they are the same as fucking cnn.


Remember the time when the media was the "Fourth Estate"? The institution that monitors and exposes the other three. And the one that kept also an eye on the business world.
Yeah, me neither.




Now would be a good time to test out counter-measures if you've got them on hand.

This type of situation is worse than what CTR was capable of.The jew CREW are getting out of hand and really laying it on thick all over the place. They are using all their shekels to turn the public's view of Trump against him, or at least give the people enough doubt to start questioning their support of him. The people are all Trump has, as the republicans in government right now are only begrudgingly going along with Trump due to his approval by the masses. Once they sense that weakening, they will turn on him in a heart beat. Regardless if you like/watch fox or not, the normie republicans are going to see this and think that the nation's views are becoming a minority as the media is trying so hard to falsely portray, instead of the majority support for Trump that is reality. Remember, normie republicans look up to fox as their only "real" news channel left. We might want to start helping in beating back CREW more in other places and not just here before it becomes a dominant presence in too many places. Prevention and not infestation is easier to deal with.

Checked for highly, HIGHLY arguable - every normie Republican I know has become distrustful of Fox since the election.
Megan Kelly's antics - and Fox's allowance of it - really soured them to a lot of viewers.

When they see some shit like the clearly-manipulated graphics this 'poll' offers, I wager they're more-likely to dismiss at this point than they are to actually believe 75% of Fox view.

When we shit on online polls, its for fun - nobody on our side takes it as a legitimate expression of support, but rather, as an amusement; whilst our enemies take it as a demoralizing blow.
Problem - for our opposition - is, we don't operate on the same mental foundations they do, and so they think they can simply apply the same tactics we employ… But they're going to find it doesn't have the same effect, because we understand the game.

If anything, instead of acting to demoralize, actions like this serve to further illustrate to the average normie Red Stater that the media is false, against them, and that the enemy is disingenuous.

IOW: The tactics we employ to troll the shit out of these folks will not be nearly as effective against us, for we do not operate on equitable psychological/moral foundations.
Its like they're trying to shoot down a helicopter with a depth charge.

Nobody is going to eat that shit up after election. Nice try though.

Texas has 3 major leftist urban centers:
Dallas, Houston and Austin.

yeah not fishy at all, voted


Goddamn those polls are either rigged or cucked

complete bullshit results. they co-opted the Tea party the same way. They will never ever stop and a bullet in the head is the only cure. It's why Hitler gassed the fuck out of them.

So much this. The fact Trump is in the whitehouse proves polls are propaganda

Specifically what and how Hitler dealt with the media has been a particular interest of mine recently. I need to find more time to do some more research.

these faggots know SHIT about doing POLLS and the broader academic field of social sciences, social psychology, research methodology and ethic methods of research.

This. Texas was the last stand for Conservatives so kikes created articles and spread news of how Texas was such a great place to live. Not only illegals invaded but Calicucks and other carpetbaggers. They drove the cost of living, increased crime and are actively changing the stats of it.

The kikes want it blue for electoral votes to solidify Communist rule in America, legally. If The Don wants to see another four years, he needs to purge Texas.

I don't know what script allows the map to work

I wish it showed numbers voting for each state, I bet 455 mass ave is getting in on this