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He's going to make America great again.

Probably Antartica to get briefed on the secret Aryan civilization that governs the world behind closed doors :^)

Probably getting some practice throws in.

As long as he's got his security people looking out for him, who gives a shit if he flies off to redacted once in a while?

Dubs confirm

Gonna kill ni66ers

He's gone to finish what Heinrich Himmler started in Tibet. Uncovering the Occult history of the Aryan Race.


Going on a CIA blacksite tour.

AP Politics ‏@AP_Politics 2m2 minutes ago

BREAKING: President Trump makes unannounced trip to honor the return of fallen U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Yemen raid.

whoops, wrong pic



He will go to the inner Earth and meet the Aldebaran civilization.

This ain't a big deal. Trump's made himself a reputation for just ignoring the media constantly to do what he wants. He knows they're out to make his entire presidency hard as possible so he gives zero fucks about them.

That's a really sweet gesture.

Why is the US military in Yemen in the first place?


Why isn't he pulling them back now that the nigger is gone?

They took out an Al-qaeda base and recovered intel.


Kind of funny how the left is flipping their shit over an immigration ban for 9 countries, but not the fact that Muslims were killed in their own territory under Obama's presidency.

Training Saudis to kill Houthis rebels, because they're too fucking stupid even with the best hardware.

He's done it again; the MSM will have a harder time in the future being able to use the old "The President has left the lugenpresse out of the loop!" tactic. To watch Trump play them is a thing of beauty.

Holy shit did ISIS write this article?


That was an iconic moment of the campaign, so memorable

36 communist affiliates have gone missing this afternoon

But that was Congress, Obama dindu nuffun.

The writer: (of that edit)



He's goin' to get some lunch.

I don't think so Tim

They're just propaganda eating shit buckets who feast on the diversity for cheap labor propaganda. They fight tooth and nail for corporations to bring in cheap ass H1-B visa workers under the false flag of diversity. That's what the entire refugee thing is about.

I'm sure it's a matter of time, but Trump is aware of what happened when we abruptly left some places in the middle east and how ISIS filled in the void. From what I understand, the plan is to defeat ISIS and then leave. Leaving while ISIS is still around will only cause ISIS to take what we had in those countries.

Basically, if we leave Yemen now, it because Al Qaeda.


An isis goon?

fucking antifa

lolita island

can't stump the Trump

The writer clearly doesn't know shit about what determines a military success or not.

*it becomes Al Qaeda

And wikipedia staff kicks and screams when they're not an accepted source in academia…

Is that where he's been going: giving them free helicopter rides?


Also kek that article is filled with terminology errors, and no doubt some lies.
Like I said, lots of issues and that article is no doubt fucked beyond belief.

1.4*10⁸⁸ dimensional winning

And why is the US trianing Saudis in the first place? I hope Trump signs another of executive order or whatever to stop this bullshit.

Cheap oil, also they're incompetent.

Trump just got the King of Saudi arabia to build a green zone for refugees in the middle east, ending the refugee crisis without so much as a single news story applauding him. He didnt put SA on the ban list, and then this raid was made right after.

Art of the deal, son. That man died to stop the refugee crisis, Saudi Arabia has expansionist/puppeting goals of Yemen, and its a proxy war with Iran. They are fighting Iran, thats why they are there.


Cleaned it up a little bit more. Fewer weasel words.

The undocumented unannounced trips is when they normally go to meet The Bilderberg Group right?

Other countries have cheap oil as well and are incompetent, yet the US isn't training them.

Has this been actually confirmed?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but ISIS is the same type of muslim as the Saudis, and the Saudis started them. The Saudis are causing our refugee crisis, along with Israel, and Obama was fine with it you can imagine.

The Saudis have goals in yemen, those goals happen to overlap with Trumps. Yemen is a proxy war with Iran, despite Iran fighting on the right side of that war, with the people, against the foreign power. Regardless, Iran has shown itself to me as shit recently with some remarks I cant recall exactly in detail, but I know pissed me off as someone who was posting those "Iran wants war" memes with all the US bases around them.

So getting off track, Trump got the Saudi King to end the refugee flow by agreeing to build a green zone, in return Trump didnt ban SA from entering the US like he did the other countries, he also obviously called for this raid to be organized, a very dangerous raid against some 14 enemies who were probably highly away, entrenched and ready.. it helps Saudi Arabia, it hurts Iran, it ends the crisis, ISIS will be happy about it, but regardless, it needed to be done. Things can be done in the future to undermine Saudi Arabia, but this had to be done. They had the position of power, with the flow of refugees still on. Trump baited out their main bargaining chip right in the first couple weeks, now they have 8 more years of him pressuring them, or not, time will tell.

Other countries aren't next to Israel.

Post yfw he's making America his own Outer Heaven


The fuck is a propaganda victory?

We had a thread on it a few days ago, Im pretty sure… but looking back, I cant find the image I saved it under. Should be saved as like "Trump-Solves-Rapefugee-Crisis" but its not turning up…

www.independent .co.uk/news/world/middle-east/donald-trump-saudi-arabia-king-salman-abdulaziz-al-saud-agree-safe-zones-syria-yemen-a7553341.html

Oh, there it is. Independent, confirmed.

So is Al-Qaeda, which was the target of the raid.

Trump for Big Boss.

When the press stabs you in the back.

AQAP is not the same thing as ISIS, and ISIS are the big dogs now. AQ probably poses a threat to ISIS, as the #2 who want back their old spot.

Thank you.

Terrible idea.

Yer it was a load of shit. US military basically wiped out the VC since they all attacked at once but the media portrayed them as stronger than ever.

highly aware*

(checked and heiled)
Totally missed your post bro, thanks as well.

He announced it in the campaign and its the exact perfect idea. Its what was traditionally done in any war, and they refused to do on purpose in this one. You build a tent city for rapefugees in their own country, there, no white genocide.

What is? Those countries were destabilized well before Trump took office. The rapefugees will be coming. It's better to leave them in their own countries instead of inviting them to the West.

And this is why the Press need to be strongly regulated. That den of vipers and traitors needs to be cleaned out.

He also gets to claim A that he has a heart, and cares about taking care of them B he solved the crisis and C both sides should shower him with praise, considering everyone wins. He solved the problem, what a genius, except not really because the leaders we had before were just intentionally fucking us over.

I hope he took hillary with him


Trump pretty much has to do it this way. If he had announced what he was doing liberal protesters would have shown up to shit everything up Westboro Baptist Church style.

hope you used a vpn user.
your ip is bare for anyone to see.


You've done goofed kiddo. I've backtraced and have reported you to the IN zog cyber police.


Just as planned.

Boynie, actually.

Short of actually genociding the mudshits, building "safe zones" to quarantine them in the middle east is by far the best second option. If we're lucky Trump will be able to negotiate with Israel to finally open her borders and take in poor, oppressed refugees into the holy land.

meeting with kek at new swabia

To honor a brave soldier's death in a helicopter accident over some kike shitposting AP.

They're day of destruction is coming sooner than you think



Why is this being bumped right now? Shills trying to slide?

a helicopter just flew over my house
im in Tennessee
I wonder if it was the same heli