This fag actually understands what's happening

In his "Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition" Jordan Greenhall explains why we're winning.

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bump, this is a good article.


I may seriously use that shit in an article about foreign affairs, just letting you know.

It works. Great lede potential.

Also, nice tripps

It feels good to know that they know they are losing.

The funny thing is that I think the writer might give too much credit to our enemies. Since most don't even acknowledge the fact that they are losing and are simply trying to save face in order to look as if they are in charge. Much like the image states they don't want to acknowledge the fact that they are losing to National Socialist weebs. I can't see how they will win this culture war if they are afraid to even name us.

Respect his trips, faggot. Do as he says.

OP you lazy faggot,

Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition


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In 2015, I took a swing at assessing the shape and state of our global challenges. Looking back, that essay is still well worth a read, but it is high time for an update.
Front One: Communications Infrastructure.

Front One: Communications Infrastructure.

From where I sit, it seems evident that the Insurgency’s ability to read-plan-react (their “OODA loop”) is simply of a higher order than the legacy power structures. For at least the past 18 months, the Insurgency has been running circles around the the Establishment and the old media. Accordingly, I fully expect the Insurgency to win this fight. Specifically, for all functional purposes, I expect the memetic efficacy of the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, MSNBC and related channels to be near zero within the next two to four years. I would not be surprised to see several of these entities actually out of business.

My sense is that the decisive decision in this conflict is whether the “new media” remain coupled to the legacy power structures (and their OODA loops) or decouple and enter into a direct conflict for “decentralized supremacy” (see my last point below). If they choose the former, they will lose. If they choose the latter, the outcome is hard to predict.


Front Two: The Deep State


Front Three: Globalism

By moving quickly and decisively against the Deep State allies of globalism at home and erecting nationalist resilience to global institutional influence (e.g, high tariffs and protectionist monetary policy), combined with shaping a narrative that points all bad economic news directly at globalists, the Insurgency might well be able to cut most globalist power off at the knees.


Honestly here's how I can some up the whole situation:
Anons are anagoras. They are people who simply either do not want to or can even fit in a social box on the internet. They are individuals, and despite what you might see here, there is no "established" ideology on any of the channels, there is just a kind of pluralism or shifting of ideology. Despite what the media tries to meme on us, we have no leader, no hierarchy. Even people assigned to board hierarchy are treated worse than regular anons. And, about anonymity - anonymity is basically codeword for individuality/freedom of speech- you can express whatever you want without anything attached, no identity, no system of upboats, nothing. The left is a agoran movement, or basically they are a monolithic movement with a platform. Movements/leftism cannot fight a group of anonymous individuals - there's no identity to smear, no person to dox, no reputations to ruin just words on a screen. We're invincible, because we represent basic needs of people (free speech, anonynity, contrarianism, taking things to the extreme) We aren't an ideology, we're a basic human value. They can try to destroy us, but they will always find people like us. That's why we'll always triumph, assuming we've recognized our power.

Front Four: The New Culture War

“The Blue Church is panicking because they’ve just witnessed the birth of a new Red Religion. Not the tired old Christian cliches they defeated back in the ’60s, but a new faith based on cultural identity and outright rejection of the Blue Faith.” — /u/notjfao


The sooner that happens, the better it will be for everyone

But they have named us. Remember Clinton calling out that racist frog? It's fucking absurd. We're absurd; and that's what is brilliant. We're really no army. We're all mercenaries doing it for free. We all hate a common enemy yet we don't even know each other. CNN? That's an army that everyone knows fights for a side. Huffington Post? Same deal. Us? Well one moment I'm an evil bastard on this Ugandan Lego discussion board, and the next moment I'm imwithxir69 trolling on a feminist blog acting more extreme than even their retarded asses are and thus delivering some unwanted redpills to those who aren't completely up their own ass with the brainwashing.

The shadows betray you because they belong to me. - that's not simply some innocent line from a movie. What's great though is that there are many that will think of it as absurd. They need Facebook, the likes, the flagellation, the recognition and the pat on the back. We will break them because it's what we do; it's what we do to one another here with glee and only sometimes malice; many of us are hyper self-aware and beat ourselves up regularly.

Sorry, I'm at work right now. No it's not sucking cock.

What's the blue church guys ?

The War for Collective Intelligence

For those who want the tldr, it is this: we live in a non-linear world, stop thinking linearly


For those who want to take action, I have three recommendations:

Good luck.

In short, we are the counter culture, the ebe to the flow.

Society and culture is like the shore, and we are the ocean, as we get pushed we end up pushing back, and the left keeps trying to push the water back but it's a fruitless task.

Problem is, the further the water draws back, the bigger and harder that waves hits back, and right now, it's looking like low tide on the culture beach and the wave is hitting to wash the show away and start over again.

No need to apologize. He's just assblasted because his awesome idea of copypasting articles into poorly formatted walls of text got BTFO in the other thread he started.

good to see other anons working to make threads not shit

Spectacular, now go eat some shit.

Why is Hollywood (in particular) freaking out so badly over Trump?
First, because he's a Republican who might actually do the things he said he wanted to do. But second, because this is the first cultural victory the right has scored since Reagan stumbled into one in the '80s.
The left is used to losing political battles. They scream and cry over these but they don't truly panic, because they know that as long as they maintain their hammerlock on the culture, Republicans can't really change anything.
Blue Team Progressivism is a church, offering you moral superiority and a path to spiritual enlightenment. As a church it's got a lot going for it. It runs religious programming on television, all day every day. Every modern primetime program is like a left-wing Andy Griffith show, reinforcing lessons of inclusion, tolerance, feminism, and anti-racism.
Watching a 90-pound Sci-Fi heroine beat up a room full of giant evil men is as satisfying to the left as John Wayne westerns were for the right.
The Blue Church controls the HR department, so even if you don't go to church, you have to act like a loyal churchgoer in every way that matters while you're on the clock. And off the clock, on any kind of public social media platform.

Jon Stewart and John Oliver are basically TV preachers. Watching them gives the same sense of quiet superiority your grandma gets from watching The 700 Club. The messages are constantly reinforced, providing that lovely dopamine hit, like an angel's voice whispering, "You're right, you're better, you're winning."
Hollywood award shows are like church talent shows - the skits and jokes aren't really funny, but it's fun to look at the pretty girls, and you're all on the same team.
Red Conservativism is a business, selling a set of political products. They don't make you feel good, they don't appeal to your morality or your spiritual sense of self, but sometimes you really NEED one of their core products like security, jobs, or national defense. Their appeals to "freedom" and "family values" ring hollow these days, but when people are flying planes into buildings, you need a strong member of Conservatism, Inc. in the big chair.
And when it came down to the things that really mattered - welfare, Medicare, Social Security, and foreign policy, you knew Red Team couldn't really do anything Blue Team didn't approve of, or the Blue faithful would kick them out of office next time.
But Donald Trump didn't sign that contract. And Donald Trump didn't win by selling the same old conservative products. Donald Trump started his own religion, and he won a religious victory.
The Blue Church is panicking because they've just witnessed the birth of a new Red Religion. Not the tired old Christian cliches they defeated back in the '60s, but a new faith based on cultural identity and outright rejection of the Blue Faith.
For the first time in decades, voters explicitly rejected the Blue Church, defying hours of daily cultural programming, years of indoctrination from the schools, and dozens of explicit warnings from HR.
We've been trained since childhood to obey the pretty people on TV, but for the first time in decades, that didn't work.
Donald Trump won because flyover America wants their culture back, and Blue Team has not been rejected like that before.
The younger ones have grown up in an environment where Blue Faith assumptions cannot even be questioned, except anonymously by the bad kids on Twitter.
But now the bad kids are getting bolder, posting funny memes that make you laugh even though John Oliver would not approve, like passing crude dirty pictures under the table in Sunday School.
Meryl Streep is panicking because for the first time voters have rejected HER, and everything her faith has taught her to believe.
There is a new faith rising on the right, not an explicit religious faith like old-school Christianity, but a wicked kind of counterculture movement. We laughed at the hippies in 1968, but by 1978 they were teaching in classrooms and sitting behind school administrator desks.
Where will the hippies of 2016 be sitting after eight years of Trump? How many of the shitposting Twitter bad boys will start up alternative media outlets, until one of them becomes the new Saturday Night Live?
Sam Hyde tried it on Adult Swim, but that was just the early prototype, like Mad Magazine was for the left. There will be many others after him, and they won't be stopped by network filters. They'll come "out of nowhere" on the web, from the secret places that the inquisitors at Google can't shut down.
And that's what Meryl Streep is really scared of. She's not truly aware of it, just like fluttering housewives couldn't really understand the counterculture threat in 1968. But they feel that something is changing in their safe little world, and they know they have to fight it, because this threat isn't just passing pointless budget resolutions and selling pointless platitudes about family values - these guys mean business, and they're fighting on her turf.
UPDATE: Adding one thing in response to comments. Nothing against Christianity, I really wish it still had cultural power. But we can't keep wishing for it to come back or pretend it's still 1958 somewhere, not in an age when the Pope is the new spiritual leader of the progressive left. I think Christianity will come back, once the culture shifts, but the initial energy has to come from something else.
UPDATE: I think the country would be a better place if Christians were still the dominant force in our culture, but they lost the war for the hearts and souls of Americans over the past 40 years, and they need to think about why.
My theory? I think the welfare state took over a lot of things that used to keep churches and families together. But that subject is another 1200 words.

Learn to screencap correctly.

It's's second domain used for load balancing. It's fine.

On mobile. Doing what I can while I wagecuck through these powerpoints.

I praise Kek in gratitude for his generosity.

You were off by one for a reason m8.

I heartily agree with you and I believe the line "Victory has defeated you" - Is a line that defines how the left has grown fat and soft with its past victories having no other opponent to fight against and has taken a self-destructive stance.

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T h e M E M E i s m i g h t i e r t h a n t h e s w o r d

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It's funny how he talks about a new Red religious movement but we started an actual new religion.

And even people sympathetic to us refuse to explicitly name us. I think that Anons/Kekites are the biggest elephant in the room in current cultural landscape.

It it is the truth of Kek, so be it written, so be it known!

You know, this actually gives me an idea.

Trump should invest in a system for media broadcasting independent from the existing media giants. Trump TV is a good start, but he needs something like Trump Twitter or Trump YouTube to really get across. I'm expecting them to actually start fighting with the new government (YouTube kicking off the White House channel in a couple of years, for a stupid example). You get the idea - he needs to separate himself from any corporate bullshit and take matters into his own hands.

Also he says that Trump created the new religious movement but honestly it started with GamerGate.

GamerGate was the first battle in the current culture war.

I was in that thread when you and the "hillbilly" user posted. It was a Cuck Wilson thread if I remember correctly. You can always tell a great meme, they are instantaneous.

Should be obvious as to what it is and where it comes from.

The fact that a bunch of weeb fascist gained power so quickly should also be of concern to these people. The public isn't on their side and are most likely ready for a new power structure. I believe we should meme some "culture today, culture tomorrow" (inline with before and after Holla Forums) in order to make the normalfags more prepared for the future and less hostile to it, ei predictive programming.

Let this be an important lesson:
Whatever you do, wherever you decide to push your bullshit, don't fuck with people's hobbies. They can get culture war mad about it




They took away our distractions so we started paying attention.

Saved that shit too, right when I saw it. Good show.

I still find it fascinating that user struck the first blow in the current shitstorm that's engulfing the world and barely anyone names us.

We're the nameless specter haunting the world.

I agree with the Afghanistan reference except the invading armies always tried to plant a flag and say "we're the boss now."

No one ha yet to do what needs to be done in that situation: kill absolutely every last man woman and child that is not a part of your faction then resettle and repopulate the area.

You cant have a guerilla war against people who arnt there to wage a guerilla war.

"Liberalism is a mental disorder."

Unfortunately this was coined by kike Micheal (Savage) Weiner. Is he controlled op or just truly self-hating? He did write a letter to Allen Ginsburg once, who was by all means a pretty degenerate Jew. But politically, he did write extensively on the fucked up shit that the ((CIA)) was doing, and converted to Buddhism too.

This was a neat article. Have an bump.

On another note, I do like articles like this that to tend to have a better grasp of what's going on. It's like lurking reddit to laugh a the hysterical crybabies who can't stop throwing temper tantrums at every little thing Trump does. Only instead of drinking tears, this article is about the distilled tears of your enemies and explaining what part of the body said tears come from.

Something like this?

I hope that we won't get complacent and end up like Rome.
We won the battle but not the war, we must keep our wits about us.


And damn, everyone here is that new? I have been coming to chans for political discussion since like 2011. Its been /new/, 4/pol/, 4chon, and now 8/pol/. 9/11 and related conspiracy theories is what started me on this road, along with some holocaust revisionism. Anyone else here this seasoned? Damn I feel like an elder when you bring up GG. This was just a good introduction to CIA and DARPA bullshit.

Yes and it could be used to show Trumps future 8 years and its benefits with a bit of Holla Forums flair

This guy works for us and I love it

forgot to add

and its seemingly inevitability.

This. We CANNOT get complacent. Articles like this are useful in analyzing how we've come to where we are, and Kek threads are important for developing our culture and intrinsic identity. But we can't just sit around and pat ourselves on the back. All our thoughts must go towards carving our enemies heart out.

It doesn't really matter who says the truth user, that's one of the primary truth's of imageboards.


Cultural Marxism

Oh man, this guy prophesizes that many major old media outlets will be going out of business! Please let this happen! I will spit on the homeless jobless former "reporters" for these businesses in the streets if so. They can all perish for all I care. Death to old media. Hasten it. Accelerate it. NYT and Time are propaganda garbage.

I think he means gg was the first battle in the culture war that is now raging, not what caused the formation of the "Red Religion".

we do it for free
we do it for love
things done freely for the enjoyment of it are always superior to things done merely for money

GG is what got me involved. I was basically a moderate normy with fascist tendencies before GG.

How can whites ever become complacent in this struggle, especially now? Once that stone was overturned there is no going back. Becoming complacent means extinction - I really don't see how Holla Forums would see a few victories and be like "Yep, that's enough for now."

I may seriously use Umman Manda as the title of my book.

I literally just wrote this line down irl

once we kill all kikes we win, then we'll feel safe, but they'll be back, there's no stopping the endless cycle




2006 here. Get of my lawn, newfag.

HST would have loved this election. The left are trying to meme his Hell's Angels book into some kind of warning and Trump = Nixon. I don't buy it.

>And that, I think, was the handle—that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting—on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. . . .

Political discussion on imageboards isn't new, but imageboards engaging in explicitly political meme warfare is, and that started with GG.

Keep it humerus

How about enjoying a bit of complacency from our enemies?

These people are lambs before the slaughter. When the dam finally breaks they are going to be swept away.

I was doing this on DUDE WEED forums 15 years ago, man.

The founding fathers would be disappointed to learn that government is under the control of an unelected Deep State. This insurgency must succeed.

Oh I was here before 2011 too, but I was not actually redpilled until around then. Sorry, I was not talking about chans themselves, as I don't really like anime. In 2006 I was actually attempting (and failing but w/e) to play sports. I'd say around 09 to 2010 I discovered holocaust revisionism. So as this guy describes three fronts, I totally dedicate myself to the destruction of the deep state. I will fight there. While I hate the MSM and globalists, the things I have read make me see the deep state as the number one enemy to human happiness, well-being, and freedom. You can actually sort of recruit even some liberals into this front, if you really want to….

so GG wasn't a failure

very interesting thread, bump

This assessment is still hampered by the fact that the author doesn't(or cannot while keeping his job) admit that the "Red Religion" is just a return to how things were for centuries and that all those old racists were right. It took two massive World Wars and total kike control of the culture which had previously been focused on national self interest and therefore trusted by the populace to force people to be libshits. They had to silence all dissent from the media, construct a narrative were the dissent was not only wrong but pure evil because MUH NAZIS and the established whites let them do it because they had fought two wars.

Before mass kike media parents and the nominal culture of the populace just filtered into people and by nature they were clannish and taciturn because they gravitated to those like themselves. With the internet this direct exposure to ideas returned and with it the same ingroup preferences started forming. It was only in the age of mass media which lasted a mere 80 years that you could control the narrative effectively. Prior to that news papers and political rallies had to little influence and after the internet the availability of disparate information made control impossible. The kikes were a flash in the pan, only possible under a certain set of circumstances.

The idea that we have pendulumed between left and right is nonsense, history was all right wing until 1750 or so and then different nations went further left or right according to the inherent preferences of their populations. It was only in the age of total kike control that it was possible to move people by political impetus via total control of the narrative.

In the past people learned the truth through direct experience, today we learned the truth by the assessment of vast swaths of unfiltered data. It was only when experience was tightly controlled that the truth could be supressed in a meaningful way.

You are not like another human being the world way, race is real, sex is real, your own side is what matters fuck the rest. These eternal truths, inherent to the human condition. Could only be suppressed by preventing people from learning about them. And even then the majority of whites(rural rightists) believed in them anyway as the urban liberals sneered from the walls of their decaying citadels.

Who is the queen of Holla Forums?

*tips fedora*

No it didn't start there. It grew and intensified there but Jews did 9/11 was around before GG. Also, people here must remember ED's nigger manual. That's one thing that I like about this new growth of Natsoc ideology. It still has a vestigial basis in trolling people who get so angry over it. Their tears still fuels the engines of the internet hate machine. I think they think that by kvethcing and crying that they are establishing themselves in the meme war for the hearts of normies, but all they do nowadays is keep us going with their cucky whining.

In a world of identity politics, affirmative action, and authoritarianism anons are the group that choose to value merit and skill over identity. All anons are peers, no one of us is considered "better" or "superior" to any other… until we actually do great things. Then names and faces of prominence appear, Holla Forumsblart, FBIAnon, etc. Fame and notoriety among anons is genuinely earned due to personal behaviors and actions, not through merely pretending and signalling that you agree with culturally-approved safe values.

And nothing pisses off a group of people who all have some form of actual achievements, no matter how minor, than seeing a group of lazy do-nothings pretend they've done something and try to rub it in everyone's faces.

Who do you think TAUGHT GG?

It's not just any hobby, gaming is a male, above average intellect 30~ years old hobby, all these men were in the Matrix and they were suddenly removed at the same time, of course it created waves.

The founding fathers were merchants and lawyers who rebelled against traditional authority because they didn't want to pay off the debts incurred by the crown while defending their borders because the colonists couldn't put together any sort of organized force. They turned an economic downturn into an opportunity to lead the lower classes into revolting for their own gain, meanwhile, the nation founded upon those values has been the most rife with corruption due to glaring flaws in their post-Enlightenment era liberal values. The founding fathers were liberal revolutionaries who became the deep state through leveraging of the notion of Americanism divorced from the traditions of Europe and insuring a continuity of modernist hell for the citizens subjected to the inevitable decline of any efforts put toward the establishment of sustainable lifestyles due to the need for a continuous cycle of calamity used to justify the endless liberalization of society.

There is nothing admirable in the founding of America, save for the efforts at preserving home and community by the lower classes duped into believing that their way of life was under threat from anyone other than the founding fathers themselves.

This is an interesting point you make. I imagine what were leftward swings were nothing like what "left-leaning" means now culturally.

Yeah, you let civilians use the internet.

I just wanted to play video games goddamnit.

Good stuff. I have no substantive commentary beyond that.

The spectre has a name: 'Zeitgeist'.

Remember Creepy-chan? She actually went onto America’s Next Top Model.


Assyrians and Persians did not speak the same language. Assyrian was/is a semitic language. Persian was/is an Indo-European tongue. Scythians spoke an Indo-European language related to Persian.

Cock gobbler that wrote that is a mong.

Heretic. But hot damn did Creepy-chan turn out sexy.

I hate niggers who screencap like that. I'll never know when the cap was taken now.

Do we want to preserve the abstract idea of the American republic? If so, then the narrative surrounding the founding fathers as upstanding idealists stays. The narrative already dominates popular culture, and it provides ammunition to be used against the elites. It's easy to convince folks that the elites have sinned against the sacred cow which is the combined weight of the founding fathers, why should we discard that tool?

yeah but that sounds like us too

Quite honestly it has serious flaws. The Roman system was better.

We're at the point of Emperor, the question now is what kind of Emperor: a globalist or a populist, a progressive or a white.

Not really, it is an ignoble construction incompatible with the establishment of Europoid ethnostates.
Because it is the virtuous action to take, to pursue the most noble way of life.

I miss the old internet.

That is only because you've checked out all other forms of media besides chans. Hell, even venturing off Holla Forums you find plenty who still think our values are not to be shared anywhere by Holla Forums.

Humans need that. Reinforcement is necessary to keep a group or tribe together.

If you were the kind of man that philosophy considers free, you'd be an android that produces art with no passion.


The founding fathers were apparently disappointed by about 20 years in. America became what they feared most. A tyranny of the majority, special interests dominated democracy, not the constitutional republic ruled by a class of dedicated statesmen like they had hoped for.

Pretty excellent article. The level of self-reflection necessary to write it isn't often seen by those types.

Out of curiosity, I read some other things he has written, including the things referrenced (and linked) in his "The War for Collective Intelligence" segment. They were all pretty pozzed.

Ironically by expanding into our domain and trying to make us docile, they make the biggest misstep of them all. Their constant shilling and transparent attempts to destroy us make us all the more resilient. There was a point on this board where I felt like I was fighting a mental cold war. The years dragged on, the future was bleak, there was constant shilling and bombardment by institutions like Tav1s10ck, and I know anons who experienced this with me recognize this feeling. It was like being insurgents fighting from the countless crevices and craters of a mountain side, we spoke like one mind against shills, who were promptly filtered, banned, what-have-you, unanimously and immediately.

They've softened their tactics after that failed attempt, and I suppose we've gotten softer inbetween that period of time, yet we cannot be tamed. We're the steppe wildmen after all. We will hold on to our barbaric, "reactionary" ways until we are converted by the sword. Which is something, at least to my knowledge was true of the hordes OP speaks of.

I paraphrase De Maisre in saying that on the eve of war, a nation is it's strongest, and I feel this true of this board too.

If you think the situation that caused Hitler's rise was bad - crazy inflation, the butchering of the German nation, the tormenting poverty, then planet Earth is in for a rude awakening.

The entire white race is being actively genocided, our nations are not only cut apart, but given away to foreigners slowly, and as a supplement to poverty, we are mentally impoverished by modern consumerism and the bread and circus act. If history truly is cyclical in nature then there will be absolute hell to pay. Hell hath no fury like the awakened Anglo-Saxon.

Blood and brimstone will rain down upon those lesser nations like has never been seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

The trolls were literally the first to inhabit Azeroth, though.

More about current year man. I think he has softened a little bit. And apparently he has shows on HBO that teach people about personal finance and protecting themselves as consumers. Honestly, as a consumer advocate and disseminator of helpful financial information, he is pretty good. Look into it. Investing magazines love him for it. I think he found what he is actually good at.

Good job using the book version, I might re-read it to see if it seems any different now, it's been a while. I don't mean to shit on the movie version either, the fact that he broke Depp's mind and every role he's played since then is tainted by HST is a source of unlimited KEKs for me.
I wish he could have seen this election too, maybe I'll get drunk and shoot at trains tonight in his honor.

This. Religion doesn't exist in a vacuum. A human mind will always replace it with something. It's a political religion, in the truest sense of the phrase.

January 19-20, 2016

Bona fide 2005 fag here. Of course, I was underage at the time, but what are they going to do about it on an Anonymous image board?

Besides setting your tender ass on a course to witness the ancient magicks of an egyptian chaos frog cult? Dunno.

We Brotherhood of Nod now


Did you know she ended up on some fashion show at some point? She came in second because Tyra Banks is a nigger and picked the other nigger to win.

If you gamergoys can't get basic shit right like how gamergate was the sequel to happenings like donglegate and c plus equallity you can't get anything right

That is such a good picture of him, from the buffalo head to the drink in his hand to the cloud of smoke above his head. Thanks whoever took that of a great man. He was a little bit liberal by pol's standards though, but I cannot help but feel that there is a stronger connection between the REAL counterculture of the 1960s and us. I mean, there was recently a thread where pictures of Jerry Garcia holding a rifle were posted. And the accompanying post reminded everyone of how close the Dead were to the Hell's Angels biker gang. I don't think the hippies wanted complete communism and elite boot-licking, but that is what the elite want for us now. Old hippies would be extremely disappointed with the half hearted, liberal circle jerk festivals they have now. Back in the day, especially at places like Atamont, niggers were getting stabbed to death…

Been on imageboards since 2009. Only got involved in politics after GG.

I admit I came late to the game, and only thanks to GG. I'd been on halfchan since 2005, and always knew something stank desperately in global politics, but it wasn't until we dug up DIGRA that I found a thread to tug on that would unravel the tapestry. The obvious questions of "who" and "why" were simple, and the redpill that followed was unavoidable. I'm just glad I got here in time to help meme (and do stuff in real life) Trump into the presidency.


This meme needs to end. GG didn't start shit, all it did was get the rest of you faggots up to speed on what we were doing all along. And then you have the gall to claim that GG was a victory rather than a resounding failure that was only salvaged by once again, us not listening to the ideas of the people who actually gave a fuck about GG.

So nobody started with the obvious inconsistencies regarding the official 9/11 story. That is what ultimately begin this journey for me. What the fuck knocked down Building 7 anyway???

That was one of the things that let me know something was wrong, but I didn't have enough to know where to look. Gamergate was the spark on my powderkeg.

I don't know, I have conflicted feelings about those kind of people.

Here's what google says.


(((Jordan Greenhall)))

I'd be shocked if it's his real name.

I suspect he's just being a bit more subtle than had he signed off as Shlomo Skeckelstien.

The article is insightful. Based on the other shit he's written I think he's a pozzed but intelligent normie, not necessarily a kike.

2000-2001. i was a goon, which if you really know your history is where this all began. somethingawful forums were the original "end boss" of the internet. tubgirl, goatse, lemon-party and many other proto-memes came out of there. then they started charging for membership, and halfchan had just started up, and SA spiraled into faggotry, the depths of which were never seen before nor since. it's like how the democratic party used to be the party of whites and conservatism but has become what it is.


Op was referring to himselves, amongst others, when he used "we"

The US government lying about something does not immediately tip me off to anything else. Mostly because everyone expects the government to lie, about basically everything.

That post above the famous umman manda post Is far more hilarious. For some reason I can't help but laugh when I imagine that situation with the Holla Forums hillbilly.


Part of me sees that as a problem, we/I have no realistic endgame now, there's no going back to normalfag Christianity/ philosophy, no going back to seeing the world as a bundle of tribes a few scientific advances and military conquests to unite and turn towards the stars, no going back to faith in a better economic future and technology bringing a more comfortable life, no real belief in a benevolent afterlife, but one can hope, no final goal. I don't even give a shit about videogames anymore. Criticisms of feminism and cultural marxism make me jaded, as if even when public opinion starts to swing nothing meaningful has really changed.
I don't have any endgame goals for my political beliefs. I don't really know what I'm doing here anymore, aside pushing for more, more.

What keeps Holla Forums going? Anyone beat this cycle and managed a well-adjusted life?

i know that. i've been trying that, but i keep getting discouraged
what's there to do when people don't even have the time or interest anymore?
i want friends, not just casual acquaintances like author said
i don't even have acquaintances at all
but it's hard. anyone else having difficulty or have any advice to give?
fucking hate life, man

The idea of the enemy living comfortably by virtue of me giving up fills me with rage energy to keep going.

OP's pic: "We are more dangerous than hill billies"

Hi 2009

The hubris of the left is the open doorway to their destruction. Its funny seeing it play out.

hate, disgust and parental instincts
we're at war lad you only get to rest when the wars over

TLDR: in a war between a hive mind (top down distributed control [the old ways]) and a stand alone complex (holographic, distributed thought [us]), the stand alone complex wins.

created new thread but also fits here

So basically Holla Forums is like a crazy cat lady, but the cats have been relaced with western civilisation?

a feeling of wanting to protect western civilization because its under attack

Why are you using the world Christian instead of jew

The culture war is complex, being fought not only with internal western rivalry, but also fueled by those who oppose the global hegemony of the West, namely China and Russia. While these may provide a temporary motif of support, they are also preparing their own sting, which sedating powers is luring us into lowering our guard and ally false friends. I am still not certain if the narrative of Trump supporting Russia is to enforce the failed hacking scandal, imposed by mainstream establishment. Trump is certainly not stupid, and i suspect that he is playing Putin into submission, in contrast to the vague actions done by former Presidents. The situation is certainly not yet in our favour. "The Insurgency" is now fighting a three-frontal battle against the globalist market powers and socialist Russia and China.

As Bezmenov points out the west may have won the cold war economically, but not culturally. Three generations of cultural subvertion takes time to repair, but the methods they used to corrupt was far less effective than the means of internet, and the freedom of speech we now posess. We must guard it, improve it and continue our efforts fighting the subvertion in a rational manner. I also want to remind you that those who've opposed the marxist doctrines before the internet, are either being deluded by alternative right or have given up. If we are going to win this cultural war, we must grow from a sub-culture to popular culture, and in the end regain our traditional folk culture. This is the terrain of our battle.

Which is why everyone should read the classics and antiquarian texts of our people.

fukkin saved

this excerpt from Church History shows how the early Christians resemble Holla Forums's cultural movement.

That's the type of shit you see in written at the beginning of a book

To get respect, you must earn respect. You must also begin to actively pursue people in environments where you want to belong. I haven't read this book yet, but it might be worth to have a look.


Do you think it would be possible to manufacture such a movement? I hear more and more about leftists trying to steal our meme magic.

Considering the individual eleven virus only targeted virgins I'd say most of the posters on this board are compromised.

You hit it on the head there, that's the basic point of that blog/article in the OP.
I think the dirty smelly hippies were the equivalent of current "anonymous", the kosher subverted remnants of a nascent counterculture used as controlled opposition.

I knew a guy who was more biker than hippie but didn't belong to any actual club as far as I know. He served during Vietnam, hated government fuckery, and had extreme work ethic. People like him and the older beatniks saw the leftist tide but couldn't stop the socialists in the end and settled for jobs and a wife or just drank the koolaid. Things could have been better if they prevailed.

Things are different this time. The available jobs are shit, waifu tier women are rare, and the amount of information repudiating their propaganda is infinite and readily accessible.

You can't placate a group of people who's motto is
if you have already tainted their women, globalized their economy, and attempted to replace them with foreigners.
I wish them good luck if they actually manage to depose Trump, because then they will realize he was protecting them from us.


No. Stand Alone Complexes are made of voluntary action. It can not be made of coerced actors.


I like winning, and usually when you win, you get enemies, and I enjoy beating these people to win some more.
Other anons can make a nice future, but I have no place here but on the field, and besides being a jap mongrel, the only way I can support and help build a white europe and america, and a japanese japan is by fighting until I'm dead.

underrated post, but unpleasant truth

That seems appropriate.

Because the accusations were largely accurate. left out the rest of his repost, chiefly a statement by a Christian apologetic ca. 150 AD wherein the author brags about being globalist(!), cosmopolitan and universalist.

Aye, you have said it with the very words that I was searching for. Amen brother.

Admirable attempt but


I've been on imageboards for a very long time but I only started getting into politics with GamerGate. Like probably most anons I was a nihilist escapist that had checked out of the real world and wanted to be left alone with my hobbies. I was aware of crazy shit going on, from SOPA and the TPP draft and the NSA spying, to "Donglegate" and Brendan Eich and "white male privilege," but I had a defeatist attitude about it, like "the world is burning, people are crazy, I don't want anything to do with it." SNL did that skit about white people being on the way out, and I just kinda chuckled. I didn't care, because I felt like I was already dead.

Some stupid video game scandal happens. lmao what is Holla Forums mad about today. Video game journalism is shit, who cares what they write. Fuck Holla Forums, one of the worst boards am I right
Then moot, fucking moot, owner of 4chan censors all discussion about it and starts mass banning people, and something clicks in my head that something truly big is going down behind the scenes.

How do we win?
Redpill others and have five kids?

Remember Her?

the guy commenting in this pic is the perfect example of the deluded arrogant liberal moron who didn't understand a thing of what happened this year, and if he has any weight on policies decisions from some dinosaur institution or other (as he seems way too full of himself to be a random unimportant) they will keep losing, but only harder
100% hopelessly bluepill

What's the significance of the second photo?

Yes, that is where it started. This is what we mean, GG didn't achieve its stated goals but it DID wake everyone up. As much as it annoys you to be the oldfag watching the newfags roll in and start fighting your enemy that you'd been against for years while they didn't even know anything.

It's a gun he owned that recently went up for bigbux.

Boxxy turned out cute tho :^)

I feel you and thanks for the reply. I was a nihilist/escapist too, but without the hobbies.I know how you feel about being "already dead." I knew that feel back in 2011-12 when my holohoax revisionist theories weren't really accepted by family and friends lol. Hey regardless I am glad that you are here! May our righteous ideas reverberate through the generations! SEIG HEIL!!!


It's not that the candidates were weak, it's that your ideology has failed, Barnaby. It protects those who follow it from selective pressure, so of course they won't be as strong as outsiders who have been battered for DECADES and had to learn not only how to navigate the minefield of your delusional, self defeating and self contradictory ideological standards while also putting forth their own.

we win when the otherside doesnt exist anymore

This. You've tried to hurt me. You've tried to hurt my family and friends, and take over their lands and people. I have not one ounce of sympathy for you. You had none for me and displayed it openly and smugly when you thought you couldn't lose. If I still lose, I'm still not going to accept your shit because that means agreeing with you, and you're anti-me.

Checked and keked

Any particulars you recommend to get started?

Start at the root, Havamal and the Republic. Maybe the Vedas/Mahabharata depending on how Aryanist you want to go.

I no longer care about blind idealism any more. I want to win, I want to use any and every weapon available to do so.

I just started watching that again, I haven't seen it since it was on "ADULTSWIM", and I want to see it with fresh eyes.

Here is a magnet link with the movies series and OVAs for anyone interested.
It's 720p

If modern civilization continues as is has, this will take thousands of years.
Should I just not bother worrying about what comes next?


It's rarely effective to be negative about things.
Instead of complaining about where you're going, you should go somewhere else. instead of complaining about what is happening, do something different.

it's cancer all the way around. too bad because it's a brilliant post

Well that describes us to a tee. Rather, we appear to be an almost perfect implementation of the weapon in question.

Jesus, normies turned this meme into a literal cancer, of course it was already a cancer to begin with, but a benign one, until it got progressively worse (metastasis) and then it finally died.
In huezil, kids loved that shit and used T-shirts, flip flops and backpacks stamped with this shit.

It's a rewrite of history. The so-called Blue Church cast us out into the abyss. We tried to have discourse with them but they were the ones who refused. The TEA party wasn't racist, but they declared everyone in it racist.

Fuck, GamerGate tried numerous times to talk to them. They shit all over it and still see it as the looming devil which caused all their problems.

The author is being disingenuous here.

Use instead.

God Bless my friend. The modern left has no earthly idea about real freedom.

Very interesting read. My main critique of it, however, is that it stays neutral by presenting each "side" as if they were opponents in a football game or on a battlefield. Merely two sides fighting to win over the other with whatever they have at their disposal.

But the main factor that's being discounted here is TRUTH. Our ideology is based in truth, while theirs is based in deceit and lies. The reason the "red religion" spreads organically through a decentralized network is because it is true. the "blue church" ideology can ONLY function as the deep state establishment, because it requires suppression of the truth with a top-down approach.

The article makes it seem like we're winning merely because the people that happen to think this certain way were the ones to figure out how to tap into memes. This is not so. It gets cause and effect backwards. Our ideas take off so well because they are TRUE and we don't need any sort of conspiracy illuminati power structure bullshit to propagate our message and suppress opposing views.



Sum it up in one sentence

You act like a goal is preferable. Those who beat their swords into ploughshares end up ploughing for those who kept their swords. Beat that desire for comfort and complacency out of your mind instead, and preferably, out of your children as well.

The war will not end, ever. The ideas of socialism will forever occur to those without the skill or ability to succeed, and they will seek to entitle themselves to what you own by proclamation, to benefit the unworthy with your means, and to spread the virtues of laziness and degeneracy. This will inevitably happen, even if we win, until the last human instinct vanishes.

So that's why we like Bane. My eyes are open.

The landscape is being reshaped for our boot and by our boot.

And I'm sure we've all had that experience personally as well, someone who rejects (you) for your viewpoints, while you still reach out to them.

Not just that, user. But the whole Republican party especially when Bush was around and Bush was the antiracist as they came plus a faggot neocon to boot. This is why the whole "altright" garbo is bullshit. If you look at and read all the things they say about the "altright", you'll notice that it is literally no different than all the shit they have said about the Tea party or Republicans or anything else for decades. Fact of the matter is, there is no "altright". It's just the right and it's documented from their own words.

good clarification, user. agreed

Just yesterday a guy went into a fight on /HWNDU/ stream because of a KEK ouija board. He said our religion is one of hate.


Any time I've been in a forum with real full freespeech like cuckchan used to be, the right always won. You can't fight all the facts and statistics in the world nor can't you delude yourself on the fact of how much the MSM lies now.

The author is NOT /ourguy/ at all. I think it should have been clearer, but if you read the entire thing that should be obvious.
either way, none of his "advice" is relevant or usefull to Holla Forums


Wicked, thanks.

New Media, youtube, Twitter, etc… is more attractive because it a network is harder to hold accountable for the viewer. Individuals can be told off, put on the spot, and held to account for their mess ups, and it's easier now than ever to "move on" to something better, as the digital environment is rich with alternatives.

Does that matter? He's not talking to or for Holla Forums.


Dont forget to show happy families with new kids in the after pics too, everone who rejects the message will be misarable non-reproductive degenerates, and those who accept, even passivly, are being programmed into being productive upstanding citizens.

Witnessed. It all started when a cuck decided to fuck Zoe. Makes you think.


I came from newgrounds when I was like 12 in 07. I'm 21 now

Exactly. non-Holla Forums faggots on halfchan act like Holla Forums is some festering blight that's infecting 4chan, like an external threat. People don't seem to realize that Holla Forums is simply what happens when you have anonymous discussion without censorship.

It happened on /n/, when people who came to discuss news went right-wing.
It happened on Holla Forums with gamergate, when people who just wanted to talk about video games got fed up with the leftist indoctrination shit and they too went right wing.
It happened on Holla Forums, where people got sick and tired of the liberal propaganda in movies, and they also went right wing.
Same with Holla Forums and /r9k/ and /fit/ and everywhere else. They're all ranging from right-leaning to full blown 1488 now.
Even reddit WOULD go full RWDS if not for the fact that they have a marxist deep state power structure of moderators and admins who ban, delete, and shadow-ban any and all wrongthink.

It's a simple inevitability. Anywhere where free speech reigns supreme WILL eventually find the truth after a consensus is reached. And that end result is us.

Pissing off gamers was a wonderful gift, and because liberals are going to double down on attacking the existence of gamers, gamers will reliably resist them, till they win.

The gamer mindset is to find the rules, take advantage of them, exploit any holes, and fuck them silly till they win.

The awakenings come in waves. Mine was seeing first hand the double standards and kikery of the Zimmerman trial. A TON of contrarian, but not yet shitlordy "WHITEMALES" were redpilled by that case. Gamergate came next, it pulled a lot of younger folks into asking questions about the liberal hellscape they lived in. It was an ultimate failure because normies were too scared to come to gamergates logical conclusion. It was a pyrrhic victory for marxists, though since it spawned h8chan and another wave of user was born.

I imagine before that the OJ trial redpilled a lot of people but that wss before the internet.


underaged b&.

fucking hell, don't remind me how old I am now

and jewgrounds was great before jewflop jew'd everyone because muh ads goyim

I wasn't trying to be negative, I just miss the guy. I remember him still being able to spin a digging bar in his fingers like a color guard baton when he was 60, ten years later he killed himself before cancer could. At least he worked till the day he died.
If things hadn't gone so bad in the past 50 years I may not ever have measured up, but there is no comfortable surrender now.


You mean tom "fulp"? newground's moot? I can't believe I still remember that name. NG died when they had their 2.0 update and flash games when they started putting them up for sale on steam. I wish I had found /f/ first.

I can't help but fear what would happen if in desperation they gave them back. I mean all of it, any remotely geeky thing we could escape into. How many would go back assuming others would stay? If it happened could I resist the siren call? That would be a real test.

There are barbarians at the gate.

was nothing personal, just remarking how I see it. maybe wasn't very relevant, now that I look back at my post.

The Rodney King shit redpilled people big time, much more than the OJ Trial. The OJ Trial was a simple media circus. Plus, OJ did good killing that coal burner whore and her kike bf.


Its Ghost in the shell shit, the memes cause random people to manifest fanatical shit without direct centralized control.

That .gif got me high.

No worries, even a misplaced call out of defeatism is useful, that shit is cancer. Why else would "they" push the black pill so hard.

Apparently, we are all soldiers on this front, in the battle of New Media.
Every time you shitpost on youtube, or call someone on twitter a cuck, you a firing a bullet at the Establishment for the Insurgency.



I did too, 9/11 and then the iraq invasion coupled with being an internet nerd already

Good points. The culture war portion is the weakest link and winning that would give massive gains to the other fronts. With the fall of the Blue Church, we get a rerun to pre-marx reasoning:
-intrests of nation over obligation to the other

The only places where they could severely set us back in the Culture War is simply by cutting us off. Somehow convincing people not to engage with us somehow, or by becoming better at censoring us. I don't think they can pull this off and there are some easy-to-think of ways to react to such attacks.

Alternatively, they could also infect the system with something that makes it work ineffectively. Do this enough times and the system becomes weakened with infighting (like anti-bodies fending off an invading organism and damaging the host in the process) or having the system relent and accept the parasite's destructive influence into itself.
You already see them experiment with this by trying to laze false-targets along with legitimate ones so that the 'anti-bodies' begin to associate their jewish shills with actual proponents of the Trump Insurgency. They'll often raise doubts, often with little evidence or context and posing as us, circulate it quickly among our very own channels (eg. calling legit people shills Chans because they said something nice about Obama 5 years ago, dox Sam Hyde).

Messy writing but I don't have time to flesh out, Top-notch writing in the OP.

Anyone have the second part to that image? I lost my original cap.

I think that's what he was taking about in the "natural selection" part. The mainstream culture is less true just like peacetime generals and officers are less capable in a real war. But it's important to remember that we're just "more right", not 100% correct on everything; there are ideas and concepts within the counterculture which were not discussed, tested and scrutinized enough because most things are done in relation to the mainstream culture.

The best part? It's against REFUGEES.

They cannot and will not, because that would be tantamount to admitting defeat; that we were right and had done nothing wrong to begin with. To do so would only undermine their own culture and reinforce ours. It would be yet another win for us, and momentum is of the utmost importance at this point.

And since our distractions were taken away, we have become adept at gamifying the reality we find ourselves in. Though we understand exactly how serious and dangerous our current position is, the more frivolous and whimsical our counter-attacks, the better they succeed. We all saw what happened when Clinton attempted to call out Pepe - she made herself look literally insane by blaming her looming defeat on "a racist cartoon frog", serving only to strengthen our position and bring further ridicule on herself.

Since GG and the loss of other "distractions", we now play the ultimate game: Reality. The political process is approached with the same mindset as achieving an objective in a video game. It doesn't matter how the objective is achieved, only whether or not it is. Indeed, the more ridiculous the way it is achieved, the better - it's more entertaining that way.

Holla Forumsitics is our game now. The MMORPG of choice, as it were.

Ghost in the Shell (the movie) was some gay-ass shit about "what is humanity" and "what is the soul" nonsense based on entirely hypothetical.

Stand Alon Complex nailed it though. Memes and individuals as neurons in a larger system.

If you watch the 2nd GIG you'll notice that the plot revolves around domestic terrorism as a psyop to incite foreign refugees to declare an autonomous region within national territory and kickstart a civil war…which would then be used by foreign powers as a political maneuver to weaken the nation state.

Funnily enough it ends with the national government stomping the insurgency and declaring an isolationist foreign policy….I wonder if the series writer had some fucking premonition.

Damn… I still haven't gotten around to watching 2nd GiG.

I wonder how we Blitz more expediently though. Some ideas on this might be important. Like those poster fags or getting new media platforms up that aren't cucked.

After reading the whole thing, I have to say that points out the most obvious flaw in the author's thought process. I was thinking the same thing myself as I read it, the author puts no thought into why the 'red religion' has any appeal at all and assigns it to base tribalism, as though the 'blue church' isn't fully invested in leftist identity politics. Whether or not this guy is objective or has any idea what is happening or why, there's no doubt, he's on the other team and has no other means to consider the problem, it's not merely being couched in those terms for a socialist audience. They also somehow manage to correctly surmise why we have an advantage tactically, and then postulate some footing the blue team can derive somehow in true "step 2: ???" fashion. I feel like they decided they were scaring the audience too much and threw in some of that familiar magical thinking they're used to slurping down in the men's room stall.

There is a natural appeal in the fact that what we say philosophically is based in reality, and he almost correctly identifies that what they say is outright chicanery. This is true even for a debased normalfag that has been steeped in the koolaid his whole life. If the things I say are always right, and the things leftists say are always bullshit, you'll eventually begin to trust me, even if what I'm saying goes against everything you've ever believed.

the strongest weapon is Truth; a movement can be built on nothing else or it is doomed to fail.

Its good and in some ways better than the first. The first season had better non-arc episodes that really explored humanity as a memetic organism though.

Fuckin' saved. Greetings from Brazil.

The main impediment to the culture war for us is institutional power. We cannot openly express ourselves, even in minor ways, even still with Trump in office, without fear of reprisal. Organization has always been that thing we can't really do much of.

The best thing (besides memes) we can do is work to dissolve the institutional power they hold for its own sake (this includes stuff like vote fixing, voter fraud, paid shills/rioteers, etc., anything they do to keep control). We can do that by exposing it and using the evidence to discredit them, just like we have been doing.

As for uncucking media? This guy is at least smart enough to realize that legacy media is going to vanish; we're actively tearing it down. We won't be building a new legacy media in its wake, that's just inefficient, and it's already been tried as well. There are things deeper than memes we could be doing as individuals, but see paragraph one.

Things would actually be much easier for us if the 'red religion' were literally a religion praise kek. We all know the points that we agree on, and that helps direct us. I'm sometimes not sure if I wish we were more organized, or thankful that we're not able to be singled out.

'04 ancientfag here (though 08-12 I kinda dipped from chans mostly)
I never new I was still in such good company.
We really can never leave, can we?

I sometimes think about where we'd have been had GG never kicked off and given us a decisive moment to jump ship together. We may well have just been stuck there to this very day, resenting the mods for being Marxists but unable to do anything other than fight their suppression with router resets when it happened. Rolling drama doesn't lead to exoduses, you need a perfect storm and a defined event to latch on to, the 4/pol/ mods would have needed to do something else that sudden to spark it like banning Trump discussion or so on. But they never went that far, so in all likelyhood we'd have still been under their boot today.


I'm 28 years old and soon I will have spent half my life posting on image boards.

and as in the OP article i think the people who caught on the fastest were those who've spent the most time online, being exposed to constant scammy marketing techniques and clickbait ad copy: "…what happens next is SHOCKING!" made it all that easier to recognize the MSM had morphed into full-time legacy-technology clickbaiting. "look at this racism, it's SHOCKING!"
my hometown had a whole series of miniature LA-in-'92-wannabe race riots that OUGHT to have been IRL redpills, but i had always been conflicted about how to interpret them given that all media accounts and discussions had been heavily spun toward Victimized Black Narrative. then trayvon happened and allowed me to detect the obvious pattern and stop distrusting my own senses.

I'm here for teh lulz.

From a book I'm currently reading,

TO a distant and yet discerning eye the Near East, in the days of Nebuchadrezzar, would have seemed like an ocean in which vast swarms of human beings moved about in turmoil, forming and dissolving groups, enslaving and being enslaved, eating and being eaten, killing and getting killed, endlessly. Behind and around the great empires—Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria and Persia—flowered this medley of half nomad, half settled tribes: Cimmerians, Cilicians, Cappadocians, Bithynians, Ashkanians, Mysians, Mæonians, Carians, Lycians, Pamphylians, Pisidians, Lycaonians, Philistines, Amorites, Canaanites, Edomites, Ammonites, Moabites and a hundred other peoples each of which felt itself the center of geography and history, and would have marveled at the ignorant prejudice of an historian who would reduce them to a paragraph. Thoughout the history of the Near East such nomads were a peril to the more settled kingdoms which they almost surrounded; periodically droughts would fling them upon these richer regions, necessitating frequent wars, and perpetual readiness for war. Usually the nomad tribe survived the settled kingdom, and overran it in the end. The world is dotted with areas where once civilization flourished, and where nomads roam again.

My sides were begging for mercy, and received none.

Praise Kek

This is true. Whenever someone tries to tell you that GamerGate failed, remember this. It may have been subverted and died off in the end, but it still managed to kick off this backlash before they killed it, and we're still riding that wave years later.

GG showed that SJWs can bleed and that we know how to defeat them. Or at least, it showed a bunch of normies who didn't already know that. It served its purpose well. Who would've thought that some faggots in skinny jeans trying to trash video games would lead to the left being destroyed? It's like how something as seemingly trivial as the assassination of a random Archduke could unexpectedly lead to global war.

Try being Assyrian on this board. The amount of retarded shit I read baffles me

Somedays I wonder what Leigh Alexander and Zoe think when they understand at a core level that their individual actions helped push culture this way.

i remember this too, SA being a hive of shitlording and trolling, often against furries and livejournal drama queens. when i later heard it had become a bastion of SJWism i couldn't believe it.

trolling generally goes way the fuck further back than that though. there used to be discussion boards on *Prodigy, basically like subreddits, in the early 90s. These would be devoted to various fandoms, such as boy-bands or classic rock bands or TV shows like ST:NG or Tiny Toon Adventures… and inevitably there'd be all kinds of flame wars and drama, often cultivated for entertainment.

When you talk about institutional power, you're introducing things that increase your exposed attack surface. The alt-right is a great example, Holla Forums instinctively rejects it since we collectively already understand what happens when you tie names and leaders to the ideas and let those with egos shape and direct them. If we do not attach names and faces to our ideas then they cannot be killed, this is the simple truth that process of natural selection described has led us to. They cannot strike back against the nameless horde, they have no means whatsoever of doing so. I am reminded of the time CTR was supposedly spitballing the idea of tracking down Holla Forums's 'leaders' and influential anons and just picking them off. It's exactly the sort of idea they would come up with, and of course as would be obvious to us it wouldn't work. A more correct analysis would be to view Holla Forums as a spirit that lives in and works through every user connected to it, no individual user or even group of anons is a lynchpin, rather every single Holla Forumsack is in and of himself Holla Forums incarnate, with all the things that define and bind us carried within himself. They could shut down both 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ and prevent us from communicating with each other at all and we would STILL push towards the same goal and kick the kikes to the dirt as a distributed army of cells of one. Then, years later when we've won and somebody sets up another anonymous watering hole out there somewhere, some IB outpost in the backwaters of the internet. And you would see out of nowhere anons begin filing back in and going right back to chatting like it was 2017. You can never discard the redpill once taken nor our essence as anons, once you are here, you are here forever.


Ron Paul used to go Holla Forums before that, I miss raids.

Back in the mid-late 90's a kid in my neighborhood would always talk about "phishing" Hanson fan clubs, and I never knew what the fuck he was talking about so I just went back to skateboarding and listening to shitty punk rock bands. It's funny to think that our very different life-paths have probably lead both of us to the same board.

That wasn't formatted very well, I meant to say
Ron Paul was the catalyst for me going onto Holla Forums

grateful dead were intelligence employees.
have you seen Where The Buffalo Roam, with Bill Murray as HST?

They're opportunists and are likely more concerned about what it means for their patreons.

Thats a youtuber shoeOnHead, not boxxy.
Boxxy tried to do a social media thing and failed hard iirc.


If you take news media as an example, Blue Church had a grasp on hundreds of key journalists, condensed into several outlets, but each appeared independent and resilient in their reputations.

Then at key moments, they'd converge ("gamers are dead", "Trump's RNC speech is dark", the Trump White House is in "chaos").

They converge on to a single meme or idea and that stakes their reputation in order to exercise their power.

Problem is, their constant fuckups end up weakening the collective. The best they can do is have a Don Draper/Robert Cialdini type coordinate eveyrone else on Journolist for the best anti-Trump headlines of the day.

Compare that with the countless shitposters, across endless platforms, trying hundreds of times more memes.

If more anons pay attention to Based Dilbert Merchant's lessons on persuasion, you'd end up with a crack meme force hundreds of times more effective that has no reputation to destroy.

Oh, they will try to distract us again. Sooner or later the jews will send a huge wave of pornography and escapism aimed specifically at "us", hoping to flush disenfranchised right wing males out of the mainstream and back into their bedrooms. It's not going to work, because design-by-comity shit never works, but they will try.

SA birthing SJWs did not surprise me at all. It was always a swamp of smug, unwarranted self-importance, cliques and identity games.

Then this is the journey to the tree of knowledge for some

That's me with my whole family, user. It's fucking scary sometimes.

Around new year's I had an argument with my mom and my aunt about how the DNC wikileaks were so horrible because "well if the Democrats want to run the party that way, how does it really affect me?" Same thing with my dad, when I pointed out that the majority of Clinton's supposed (((popular vote victory))) came directly from LA and SanFran, and that none of us deserves to have our country ruled by those asshats, his response was "Well I don't want my country run by redneck America, either!"

I guess I'm lucky in the sense that my family hasn't completely disowned me for not falling in line with the leftist narrative. Probably because the only alternative to me that they have is my little brother, who is the most vitriolically outspoken libshit you will ever meet. Seriously, he smokes pot every hour of his waking life, is prescribed xanax AND aderall (which he snorts, no less), and just before the inauguration loudly mouthed off about how he hoped someone would snipe Trump, then laughed unconvincingly about how it would make Republicans reconsider their stance against gun control. Never mind that he has a loaded .22 pistol in his bedroom, and if the the venerable king nigger had had his way, my brother's drugged-up ass would never be able to own a gun again in his life. /blogpost

TL;DR: my entire family is on a steady kool-aid diet, and although the Dems and SJWs haven't succeeded in dividing us just yet, I really do fear the day that they do. I love my family, even my piece of shit little brother, God help me but they just won't see reason, and at this point I don't think they ever will.

They'll need to start cracking the whip in nipland, then. I'll start to get worried when I see season 2 of Spice and Wolf.

I saw that one once, I can't say I was impressed. Bill Murray can only play Bill Murray, like Nicholas Cage. Johnny Depp tried to play Hunter S. Thompson but instead became him. His normie actor mind was overcome by the drug addled reality of the man.
I liked the end though, "I won't believe he is dead until I can gnaw on his skull." or something like that.

Did he MKUltra himself by doing a shitload of acid/weed/booze/amphetamines/mushrooms/ether to get into character or something?

It's already out and it's been out for a long time. Likewise, all LNs of it are finished and translated, so you have no excuse. The real news is Code Geass S3.

Sage for f/a/ggotry.

I got bad news.

To be honest, having watched the first 4 episodes of the nazi loli animu, it's entertaining, but certainly doesn't bring the sense of escapism. If anything, it accentuates the issues we have in our world.

I fucked up
You know what I meant. There's no excuse why they're not finishing the damn series.

Something like that, they never really confirmed the drug use on set but I don't doubt it. I think it was the artifacts he found in the basement that did it, shit like Circus-Circus napkins with notes scribbled on them referencing the buying of apes that confirmed all that shit actually happened.

Then you get strung up with the rest of them on Day of the Rope. No mercy. No exceptions.

SAC was full fucking redpill start to finish, I'd recommend it to anyone.

For me it started with not being able to understand how Hitler was considered the incarnation of evil even though stalin killed way more people.

I wouldn't be so sure. Marxists had been declaring GG a failure since its very inception on halfchan, that was their narrative all along. We were simply a pathetically small minority who wanted to oppress the wymynz at every turn who were all basement-dwelling losers that never meant shit on the internet, let alone western politics in general.

Fast forward to the summer of 2015 and the /gghq/ board was still in the top ten on Holla Forums, every IRL event from the hillarious failure of the Law & Order "GO HOME GAMER GIRL" episode to the SJW no-shows and subsequent bomb-threats at the SPJ Airplay panel demonstrated perfectly how badly the SJW's were losing, and even the final throes of the DOAX3 - PlayAsia lel-fest proved that the majority of twitter users were on our side.

GG didn't die because it was killed in action; it died after being laid to rest, with dignity, after a grueling and well-deserved victory. Those of us who had our eyes opened by GG moved on to the larger culture war that we finally realized was being waged. and Trump's election and the subsequent humiliation and rapid decline of the Cultural Marxists who corrupted our society (and government) only stands as a testament to that unforeseen spark in an obscure corner of the internet that started a new revolution against all odds.

I don't even mind having to remind you, because it just feels way too good to say it:

GamerGate won. And we're still not tired of winning.

What Foe would want to claim that the single biggest threat in his opposition, the one who dealt him a wound so deep it left a scar on his face, is the midget in a clown suit?

Remember when Hillary came out against Pepe on her website?

I have normies friends who lost faith in her because of how ridiculous the statement is even though she isn't totally wrong.

Sargon was right in that Pepe is a symbol of Disrespect

But he is first and foremost OURS and nobody who knows his origins wants to admit it and those who don't know find the concept ludicrous.

Furthermore, the entire internet fights against the very things that the Deep State could use to destroy us (CISPA etc.)

But even if they do come down knocking on our door what have we done besides practice freedom of speech via memes?

They could kill us but their are too many of us and nothing spreads so quickly as a Government banned Idea.

They scuttle this website and we find a new one.

And half of us on this website have proxies, vpns, etc.

They cannot touch us.
They mention us and people mock them.
We know tech, memes, and how to attack their weakspots almost instinctively.
They know this.

And they cannot so much as resist us other than through Legacy Media and useless obvious shilling.

because they limited their speech via PC, because they engaged in so many corrupt actions they are all seen as inherently untrustworthy, because they have alienated the working class who are the heart of any Nation, because they fight using the culture war equivalent of Muskets when we are using Kalishnakov assault rifles and because they are too arrogant to believe they have lost a battle until we have won a second battle
we can do nothing but win.

They are a woman whose cried rape so many times on so many people and has been known around her small town as a liar and a cold blooded monster that when she finally screams Rape and its authentic nobody will believe her or care and even if they did they wouldnt lift a finger.

They asked for it.

and somebodies doing the raping

Perfect troll-ending to a glorious post. My sides send their regards.

Hell, most of us aren't even citizens of one particular country, which makes it all the more difficult and not worth it to enforce any kind of silencing action.

No no, thank you for the compliment
-and sorry for reddit spacing, i write books its a habit-

This as well.

Not right now. She turned into a full blown raging SJW whore. She's even got the hairstyle down pat and everything.

Yes, pic related is real. Here's her twitter if you think it's fake:

Meming the future is the most traditional form of magic we have.

It paved the way for the normalfags to see the men behind the curtains, it introduced the doubt on the ideology in every left-wing moderate`s mind. Fucking win in my book.

06 fag here from the age of 12. It definitely stripped me of my innocence but it seems like I turned out better than 95% of my generation.

Anyways, it's pretty obvious that is either a shill or a retard. GG was no victory for cult-marx, it only served to expose the SJW ideology in all of its hypocrisy, and usher in a new generation of redpills who would change the fate of a nation.

Decorats and libshits BTFO

Well said user.
"Truth is the most dramatic dynamic way that leads to reality" ~ Manly P. Hall
Those who favor reality over living a life of illusion (how closely aligned your own personal subjective is with the universal objective) innately understand the value of Truth. There is a reason Plato equated it with the Good and the Beautiful as being three principle aspects of the All. Once the Truth is known in the soul, it can never be suppressed. The mind can be deceived for a period of time, there can be punishments in ones personal state, but when something is truly known, it will be with us for ever. This is why there is the meme of "You are here forever". Those who awaken to the Truth, never fall back asleep. This is an irreversible process at the granularity of the individual.
This gets into my main critique: that we are a "collective intelligence". This shows a profound lack of understanding of the nature of free thinking individuals. We are exactly that: free thinking. The fegeleh author caveats it with "decentralized", but that the intelligence (or knowledge/understanding) is collective is where he gets it wrong. Sure, we all help each other out along the way, but ultimately awakening to Truth involves the dynamic experience of actually thinking about things for yourself, in order to convince yourself of their veracity. This "religion" may have the appearance of a religion to a normie, or even an astute outsider, but the appearance is mere aberration. That we converge, roughly speaking, on a set of principles and ideals is not because we followed ecelebs like Tricky Dicky as a NPC normie would be wont to do, but rather because these ideals represent exactly this Truth principle.
t.philosophy namefag

Prodigy. What a blast from the past. It's probably been ten years or more since I've even heard anyone mention Prodigy.

The only people using the Internet in the '90s/early '00s were intelligent white guys. The level of discourse was generally high, everyone was witty and clever, and no one was offended by anything. We'll never have that Internet back.

Shoe is a QT3.14

Same exact story, though I might've started in '05, can't remember for sure any more. I had an older brother who showed me rotten dot com and other internet hellholes at a young age, so that definitely drew me to 4chan. I was redpilling my friends about 9/11 in middle school, and spouting off about the holocaust being fake at parties in high school. I think I've done my job fairly well over the years, I continue to inform folks of the pedophile elite on a weekly basis in my day to day life, whether or not they care to listen/believe me is their problem, my argumentative skills have sharpened like a knife over the years, and imageboards were the whetstone.

As for my progression, well, certainly Holla Forums at first, but /a/, /new/, Holla Forums, 4chon, and a few other containment boards were my go-to places over the years. That's my /blog, I never thought anything would top the Ron Paul happenings way back when, but Trump sure did.

Does anyone have the original reaction image of doom yuri? I've never seen it used despite the popularity of uman manda.

I wish that were the case, but although the internet was seen as supremely "uncool", "nerdy", etc. until well into the 00's, the normalfags had unfortunately started to use it en masse by the late 90's.

There was certainly a much, much higher proportion of intelligent, straight white males using the internet before the year 2000, though.

Most SJWs do not understand their own tactics and why they are effective. Those who have a conscious may realize their primary tools are ostracization and censorship and leave the movement, disillusioned. Those who have no conscious will embrace the tactics and become conmen.

I didn't realize user found bald girls attractive.


We're not simply a decentralized intelligence, we're a hivemind that allow it's nodes to retain identities in meatspace. We are both the men in grey stalking he shadows, and the men against time acting as beacons of hope for our people.

GG is when we called their bluff, and realized how much fun it is to do so.



Well after all it was only one hour ago kill yourself

Clickety clack - get into my sack.

Yeah ok but look at games. Theyre still being filled with sjw nonsense. 3/5 soldiers in xcom are either black or mestizo. Bioshock infinite is Howard zinns history of the united states, the game. The new grand theft autos have minority protaganists.the video game press is still full of liberal faggots. Gg redpilled a lot of people and cost some companies millions of dollars in ad revenue for their misdeeds but ultimately the goal of keeping cultural marxism out of games was not achieved. It depends how you look at it. Foisting preteens or twenty something apathetic skinnerbox addicted neets into the larger culture war is a good thing, thats why i called it a Pyrrhic victory.

Do you idiots know what the word pyrrhic means? Underages get out.

I never noticed that post had hitler dubs, really makes you think.

They are so close, yet so far away. If they want to survive they must evolve to be stronger. That can only happen in a hostile environment. They are so weak because they don't know how to fight head on, because they just chase away people who disagree with them. So they dominate their own little safe spaces, but they can't do anything out on the actual battlefield.

Praise for truth and dubs. The only people who said gamergate failed were pieces of shit who were trying to avail from it in some way, either via publicity or financially that had nothing to do with stonewalling and peeling back the rotting hide of the left and its intent.

Good point user. We are a group of individuals on the same path, the path of light; Holla Forums.


The author misses something else. This is not a movement that had been slowly fomenting and refining since the 90s through a process of natural selection, which you would expect to describe the tactics of the class of IRL namefags like Duke or Spencer or whatever. We are something that sprung up very recently as a political force. We've been around in some quaint capacity for a good decade prior, but even as late as 2012 we still had the mentality of outside spectators looking in rather than the core driving force. It was only 2014 onwards that we got that jolt and went into a state of total war, where we started properly attacking the establishment itself with a single-minded drive to see them dethroned and smashed into the dirt. It didn't take decades, once we properly went to war we began innovating extraordinarily quickly in terms of tactics, memetic development, putting out tendrils, and so on our turnaround time was essentially non-existent. This author has no conception of the true strength and agility we really wield.

This culture did indeed evolve through natural selection; it's just that we were naive enough to not realize that anyone would make us their enemy.

To clarify: the natural selection of ideas does of course happen here, but the trial-and-error process is not measured in years, but days. We have a unique hypercharged meme creation machine that can move far faster than anything they can put out.

America is going to collapse. It's inevitable. It needs to. It's dead, and it needs to die to be reborn new and better than before.

We already Rome tier dude, look around you. This is how Rome collapsed.

Caesarism is our only hope.

You're a fucking retard.

How can anything else compete

How is it self-flagellating?

Do we really want to?

I don't really care about games anymore. GG set me on the path to realising there were far more important things to be concerned about. I imagine the same is true for many people.

It could be because the upper post describes user, the individual, while the lower post describes user the Entity.

Your a degenerate faggot user and that's why we love you. I would gladly toss you my sister if I thought it straighten you out.

Thats a good point.
user the individual is funny, user the entity is frightening.

The coming dawn of the Waifu age keeps us all going.

Oh shi-

Nigga it was instant sauce. Be smug. Die smug long from now.

face it
the user lives for the joy of the moment when the memes become real
we weave the multiverse with our ideological inception and all pat ourselves on the backs and have a right giggle when our reaching across the void and plucking at the strings of the universe bears fruit and crashes planes in les bains

That guy sure uses a lot of words to tiptoe around the general idea that

The internet hive mind is their collective successor, but as a hive mind you can never take any credit personally. See what all these science fiction nerds writing in the 50s didn't receive telepathically from their demonic overlords was the second part of the mystery of the future. The human hivemind would be plug in and plug out and not an overmind ruling the world, it's a lot like a play that never ends, and an audience filters in and out and the actors sometimes switch roles or bow out completely clearing space for new ones.

The internet is of course satanic/demonic/evil. Consider the terrible and fucked up shit you have seen and how it has completely numbed you to any act of violence. This generation would probably mutilate someone for fun if they disagreed over something trivial, imagine what little children growing up with this connectivity will be like in the future. A vast array of psychopathic humans, billions, interlinked, voting anonymously on the slaughter of each other.

Say what you will about the chinks, but their leadership understands technology and control far better than the west, who was tricked into allowing something this insidious, which has become their own doom, exist at all.

If there was a hell on Earth, this would be it. And you are the demons therein.

Do be aware, we are taking away their hobby of kid fucking. They are going to be mad and buttblasted. We mus'nt show mercy, only extreme smugness.

oh we've updated our terminology
a guy invented a new term that applies only to us tbh
we're a stand alone complex
where a meme influences reality
we've been on the tubes the longest tbh
we've seen the worst regions of the tubes too
and we've still come out moderately well-adjusted
we're not demons we're anons
we see the world with eyes unclouded


04 here. I posted the Osaka shit and falling nigger memes after seeing CM and HN. Calm down newest of oldfags. You wanna be cancer?

It's the mask that allows you to dance.

You're right. I think we technically lost gamergate, but it was enough to start the war and get people in the trenches. Now we're winning non-stop.

im fairly sure 90% of us are criminally insane, incurable and if given the smallest chance would wipe out a small nation for power and joy.

we elected a president because we thought it would be funny.

billionaires have been trying to meme an apocalyptic nuclear war into existence for at least 50 years. they spent so much fucking money building underground bases and preparing the general public for decimation through cultural indoctrination and standardised education.

some kids on the internet got angry at pc culture and destroyed the meticulous planning of total war and reverted the course of globalisation (the very thing they were programmed from birth to embrace and accept) in less than 18 months.

look at 4chan today, it's completely unusable and fucked- we just moved somewhere else. when they come here we will go somewhere else, this will never end and they can never win.

at some point they will need to physically murder us all or it will completely destroy their power base. you understand the shit i just wrote about vampiric space monsters will become the accepted view of the world in the near future right? when the secret space program is declassified and people start exploring our solar system in the millions for profit and adventure, hunting these leaders and their families down will become a sport that would make the rivers of blood that ran through Paris when the beheaded all of their royals look like mild disapproval.

Only when all memes are real will the magic stop. We will at that point no longer need it.

>Second, it seems highly likely that the Deep State is prepared to fight “the last war” while the Insurgency is bringing an entirely different kind of fight. The Deep State developed in and for the 20th Century. You might say that they are experts at fighting Trench Warfare. But this is the 21st Century and the Insurgency has innovated Blitzkrieg.

>Let’s take a look at the “fake news” meme for example. This has all the earmarks of a Deep State initiative. Carefully planned, highly coordinated, coming from all authoritative directions, strategically targeted. My read is that this was a Deep State response to the Communications Infrastructure fight. But it looks like this initiative has not only failed, but that the Insurgency has been able to leverage its decisive OODA loop advantages to turn the entire thing around and make “fake news” its own tool. How? By moving rapidly, unconventionally, in a very decentralized fashion and with complete commitment to victory.

>If my read is correct, the balance of the struggle between the Deep State and the Insurgency will be determined by how quickly the Deep State can dispense with old and dysfunctional doctrine and innovate novel approaches that are adequate to the war. In other words, is this the Western Front (France falling in six weeks) or the Eastern Front (the USSR bleeding and giving ground until it could innovate a new war machine that could outcompete the Wehrmacht).

some of the stuff you say is based upon a projected image tbh
you need to lurk m0ar methinks

if we birth new memes with every cycle of the sun the magic will never die

B-but I really like digging trenches.

Doesn't the world just make so much more fucking sense once you're clued in about the jews. That is like the missing puzzle piece that makes the entire argument in that medium blog make sense.


i dont think so. there are certain elements of the horde mentality that definitly apply. but they are refined and defined by a more monastic system. i assume most on the chans are loners and above average intelligence. most take the time to study history, philosophy, political systems, and religons. and we discuss them.

i think our goals and interests have much more in common with monastic societies. but instead of armor we have anonymity.

I'm a classicolater. So this is true, and I always had a romanticized view of monasteries and the scribes that worked within them.

You are right, that GG didn't accomplish what it set out to do, but like
highlights, it did so much more.

On the topic of where we are post GG:
A lot of the games the SJWs try to sell, don't sell well. Anita's given plenty of endorsements, but SJWS don't buy games in general, and nothing she's praised has sold well, for example. Obviously, exceptions exist in SJW favorites like Life is Strange selling well (normies like their false freedom of choice modern day point & clicks/walking simulators), and TumblrFail.

In your example, things like the soldiers in X-Com are really not even worth mentioning, it doesn't affect mechanics or story (which is shit anyway), and there's ways to mod around it, plus I get to laugh every time I start the tutorial and watch a spic and a nigger die anyway. Bioshock Infinite, I will agree with, but that's a big problem with the culture in general: most video game studios in the west, are in liberal cities, which have bitten into the identity politics apple for the past 8 years, nothing GG could do would've changed that.
What we need is for companies to continue to burn and crash as they attempt their pandering, and shitty practices. Even normies are giving up on franchises like CoD, slowly, but surely. The only way for things to change are a bigger shift in culture (thus a change in the market demographic as well as the people who work in the industry), and vote-by-wallet, because gaming has become a big industry, thus, the easiest way to make money is to pandering to the widest, shit-eating audience . A large crash after a slew of wasted money on pandering games is probably the best accelerant for this to occur.

I personally think the best we can do is to continue to support games (Nier: Automata, because Yoko Taro shits all over the SJW convention of nuMale developer, unlike Ken "not my daughteru" Levine) and services (PlayAsia for their bants) that appeal to us and or directly counter-culture , wait for pandering to disappear for the most part and don't expect much from AAA (like you don't expect much from Hollywood). Things will shift when the culture shifts and it shows that keeping politics out of games works. Plenty of old school classics and hidden gems from small studios (UnderRail if you like FO1&2, etc) to keep you entertained while you wait for worthwhile choices (M&B: Bonerlords, etc).
Removing cultural marxism in video games was never going to happen… Just like it wasn't going to happen with comics, tv shows, movies, etc. However, statistically, these pander projects have done poor (you can see this in how Marvel is moving back to non-SJW tier trash copies of their heroes, which didn't sell well), so it's a waiting game.

In the meantime, I agree with
We have bigger fish to fry. Long term stuff. Stuff that'll affect all of our futures, stuff that will see a crushing of the cultural marxism on a large enough scale that the America 4-8 years down the line will not be like Obama's administration. GG was the start point… Hobbies will get uncucked with the culture shift, when identity politics stops ruling the democratic ideology because it's debunked and can't win. It's in the death throes, it'll take a few years for the koolaid to wear off and for libshits to calm down, most likely, when Trump's reforms brings a greater economy and social stability in the long run.

KEK will guide our hands!
Meme Magic will bring us victory!
America will be great again!
Hobbies will be great again!

We become the mainstream.

Holla Forums might be the gestating pool, but I wager this to you.

Some members of Holla Forums are deep within the security state, within the media, within the political class and academia. These people will form the basis for a new conservative movement and will dominate the media organizations of the future.

Remember we are a decentralized hivemind intelligence agency which collects, reacts and functions far faster than any actual intelligence agency.Then some agents with the right proximity or social factors can act in turn to fight the good fight.

Ultimately though, it comes down to each of us as individuals. We need to ask of ourselves how we can fill our role, make our place in the world. Through self-demand, achievement and success, we can grow to not only become the merchant but to surpass him.


I don't really see us as winning at the moment, time is against us if we don't act within the next 5-10 years it's over.

the fuck? the recoil from that thing must fuck up your wrists. How do you even stabilize that? why the fuck is the trigger all the way down there? is it even connected to anything? WAY TO RUIN A PRETTY NAZI GIRL WITH A FUCKTARDED GUN

Jesus guys, how many hours have we spent lurking and shitposting together? There is a good chance I've had conversations with some of you fucks as far back as 2007. Brothers that I've never and probably will never actually meet. This is a real fucking cathartic kind of feel.

sage for offtopic, but is Ferrel jewish? i was just thinking about this last night. The guy has curly hair and weird beady eyes. It could be that he's just a funny looking white guy, but i would certainly believe it if someone said he was a semite.

nah the curly hairs irish
hes a mixed race mongrel like most americans of various European descent
with Ferrel it appears its mostly Irish, English and German

To me, 2007 for the chans and the internet as a whole is when it all went downhill. Eternal newfag summer.

Yang Wen-li's father predicts why Trump won, and also gives father-to-son advise about money

This is why leftists can not win the meme war they are too mainstream.

The anime is great. The books are great. They need to hurry up with the translations

Hes def mixed. Not sure.

It's when social media really started to take off. A major part of why I'm still here.

Stand alone complex isn't a new term, but it fits us much better than hive mind does. A stand alone complex is an emergent property that derives from shared, voluntary action of individuals. A hive mind is a network of minds that influences each other from the top down, destroying individuality.

Scythians were white aryans.

The books are in English? Since fucking when? Also:
Sounds familiar.

Yes, the first one was released in March. The first three have been released in English, and the 4th and 5th book translations have been announced.


very good article.

thanks user.

Is it worth it?

Oy vey, the author is a Nazi.

It is if you want the rest of the series translated. Personally, I believe it is.

I used to have those same feels. Sometimes I still do, but I've come to certain realizations along this path. Western civilization is dead, but it has reincarnated among us. Inside every Holla Forumslack, probably even among most anons regardless of home-board, is a frontiersman. A man moved by the great mythos of history, starved to build and create something that manifests his soul. The user was born to a world vanquished of frontiers and exhausted of knowledge, but he was first to witness the new world, and of that world became he the 21st century barbarian. Normalfags tread these woods, but they do not know its nature, nor have they known it as a home. They fear the incomprehensible savages in the deep forests, who shout the bizarre incantations of their ancestors (memes), and channel their gods (Kek) through the signs of nature (digits). The user is the pagan evolved. A man versed in the knowledge of advanced civilization, and the esoteric wisdom of the primitive forest men. The black sun rises on the old world, and your life, its purpose, manifests as its rays of shadow. Worry not of the endgame because you are a component in a cosmic phenomenon both new and ancient.

We are the new and only Volk, and it is a privilege that few others will ever know.

i agree on the fact that anonymity is one of the keys here. not only there are no leaders, no people you can, bully, threaten, buy off. no structure to co-opt. and the lack of name faggotry allows us to focus on content rather than those who present it.

but i really doubt that we are invincible.

2007 here, you are still a fucking newfag

Think of the difference like this:
They are forming their soldiers into lines and columns to fight, very tight, very organised, very imposing, able to completely dominate an open plane with ease.

Only we're in trenches and are armed with automatic rifles. Their numbers are impressive, but the casualties will be huge, even if they win the battle, and they certainly won't win the war.

Pick related, it's how easy their lies are to pick off with even the simplest check in the internet age. In the war they're used to fighting, this would have to be cut out from two newspaper clippings, and posted on a town billboard, like a single shot rifle. We can rapidly blast these all over the internet like a machine gun.

Back in the day, I'd shitpost on a 56K modem. My Serbian shithole didn't get proper ADSL until 2008, but I'd still try to go on the chans to see what's going on and mess around. And even after that, the people here were still better and more interesting company than what I had to deal with in meatspace.

I'd say that every moment here was fucking worth it. Others might think it's a waste of time, but I'm convinced that actually talking with other people who live outside your boring grey bubble did wonders for us.

sage because blogpost.

Heil Satan


excellent article.
and the comment section is an endless source of keks

Soviet Union injured over half the population there because of their attacks, then they decided to leave that shithole because the only way they would get what they wanted is if they killed everyone.

There is one way. We appropriate the right symbols the way we did with Pepe.

Guys, stop getting mad about GG being mentioned as the beginning.

We lost the Battle that was Gamergate. We did. It was a lost. The Left achieved a powerful Tactical Victory. But the very fact that there was a Battle over Gamergate was massive Strategic Blunder.

Think about it, from the perspective of normie crowd that Holla Forums was comparatively. About what it was to normal people in general.

Lol. So what? Its some nice fodder for ED, but whatever.

Yes and? Bitches cheat all the time
FUCKING WHORE. LOOOOL. Juicy fucking fodder.

And? I guess its cheaper than a truckload of Doritos.

Hatehatehate, infinite GODDAMN HATE, shut your whore mouth

I still dont get why you dont just ignore her

Dude what? Nice conspiracy bruh, back to /x/, /po- wait…what the fuck?!

Hello Alex Jones. By Alex Jones

Oh my god. Holla Forums. Holla Forums help pls. Pls help. What is happening? What the actual fuck?

What. What the fuck? Cant even discuss this? But i dont even know whats going on, WHY THE FUCK IS MY TWITTER BANNED?!


Lets be honest here. Had the left and the Feds done nothing and not reacted, and just laughed at the DARPA accusations, it would have been nothing more than another article on ED. Just another chapter. Just another /x/ tier Holla Forumstardspiracy. A joke.

But they flipped their goddamned shit. Which means they were caught with their pants down. They didnt expect anyone to find the DARPA connection.

And look how they reacted. The Old Guard is dead and out of power. Hats off to the villains who manipulated is all decades ago, they were damned near perfect in execution. They earned some respect for how hard and thoroughly they wrecked the West. The Old Guard would have played it smooth, and would have already had several contingencies planned. DARPA? Yeah, we are looking into adapting advanced Vidya software into nextgen tanks and helicopters. The Old Guard would have never of allowed all the blatant cult like nonsense of Listen and Believe to get out like it was.

They are all dead or senile. And as a result, millions upon millions got redpilled with reality. Bad move.

Sup fellow 04 senior oldfag. I think I was 22 when I first found 4chan. fuuuug but I do love being user and shitposting

Been on chans since early 2012 when I was 14 and a freshmen in highschool, going on 20 and a sophmore in college now


God damn, I was 7, feels like forever ago

Fuck me ive spent ten years of my life fighting this culture war. You newfags owe me 11 commie scalps.

The shill tries and fails to penetrate the Zeitgeist

Superior umman pasta coming through.

Weekly reminder that the official gg board of the time here didn't fully get annihilated until the DARPA/Common Core/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation revelations came to light. Up till then it was obvious that the media was smearing gg as a whole in a blatant fashion, however, once deep state ties were associated, it was clear the big boys came out to play. Within the week gg was all but dead. Plebbit made a sudden turn towards any event non-digging related and most of the diggers here either up and disappeared or suddenly stopped posting anything worth value. I remember when it happened it gave me the fucking chills. At the time I was working on a digging tools to share with the board but decided to just drop it. It was one of the few times I have ever thought I might actually attract state sponsored attention for helping some anons online.
I'll never forget how it felt before full breaks were applied. The momentum was amazing and there was always something new coming to light almost daily. Shame it ended and was shortly followed by the whole trump is god meme here on Holla Forums. I can't wait to see what exceeds the hype of the best parts of gg.

Go back to worldstar nigger.

Also came in thanks to GG, though I've been paying attention since 2003 thanks to Filterman and the Iraq War. The DARPA stuff really changed everything, that digging stream was amazing to me, an introduction to Holla Forums.

It's incredible, if you look at it, all of this has basically been a massive proxy war between the SA and Holla Forums, AKA the SS.

brothers in arms

They named us without naming us.

Who else does collective intelligence like image boards. No egos, no money, just pure collective intelligence and a culture that is immune to tampering.

Image boards have grown under the constant shilling and disruption of it's enemies. It is hyper aware, uncentralized. You could take down 8ch and by tomorrow there would be 10 new Holla Forums variants.

They can't win this war, the only ones that pose some limited threat is Holla Forums but leftypol just fucking imitates Holla Forums and still attracts too much people in the blue church.

I feel that they got pretty darn close to winning during all the stuff that caused the Exodus from 4chan.

It's going to be amazing to really look back at the past 4 or so years in particular from a bird-eye perspective.

/newfag/ here 1 year this month.

And millions of people saw it.

Be careful, I use that terminology because of excessive female influence, I try not to use that term anymore. Women feel, men think.

Feeling requires to no proof, reasoning, it just is. Thinking requires some basis to expand it on, some logic for it's formulation

/ggrevolt/ is still alive and well at endchan They have a lot of old fags and still talk about GG a lot.

Thanks, user. I'll keep that in mind.

I would go further and stop couching statements at all. I simply state things and if someone disagrees they can raise an argument or stand down.

That's the problem with shit like that though. They're still stuck on GG, and haven't moved on to combat the bigger problems. GG wasn't a cure, GG was a diagnosis. From there you have to formulate and dispense a cure.

That's why anyone who is still stuck on GG these days is a faggot – they're still as blind as they used to be, stuck on something that doesn't matter anymore, whereas we moved on to formulating and dispensing the cure.

In life to stay still is to die. To not move forward might as well be called a state of death – if you don't change, you don't live. You're just waiting for death. Change, grow, become stronger; become better. If you're not living, you might as well be dead.

will pepe be in the history books?

Honestly, I look at mid to late 2014 as a crucial point in history. A major divergence took place there. Had events not transpire like they did, I'm convinced Hillary would have won, because Holla Forums wouldn't have had the resources or acted early enough to avert it.

Nobody would have cared. And we would have remained pure fringe.

okay, here is my exisential crisis, i am /lefty, i abandoned mainstream media long ago, and i am in fucking /pol reading this excelent thread, what purpose is there for me?

That was definitely a tough spot, but I think you underestimate the strength of people, of a person, of Anonymous. The more they tried to keep ahold of us, the more we squeezed through their fingertips. If they had been patient and been slow enough, they might have succeeded for a time, thousand year age of darkness style and all that, but in the end as long as one person with Aryan might and will survives, our people will not die, and our ideals will not falter.

They pushed too far and too fast to pull the wool over people's eyes, and it will cost them everything. Instead they tore it in half, and with that light spilled over a greater amount of the population than they ever expected.

So yes, they might have succeeded, but it wouldn't have been the end. I have too much belief in our people for that.

He who does his work for free
Does it most exceptionally

If you want to start down our path, you will want to take a look at the Holocaust, or the Holohoax. Start there or The Greatest Story Never Told, though it may be easier watching the second after realizing the first really is a hoax. That way you're not forcing yourself to watch through someone you still might consider a genocidal madman.

What started me down the road of Holocaust denial was this video, which is really masterful at refuting all the points you might bring up about the Holohoax, and crushing them mercilessly through science, proving that lot of what they claim is physically impossible:

Then as I said, watch TGSNT:
It'll help you understand the reality of the situation behind WW2.

From there you can find your own way, and probably wont be able to help but notice little details of jewery in every day life that you didn't notice before, and shortly after that you'll probably start to meme and shitpost with the rest of us.

When that happens, welcome to the family brother. If at any time you have doubt that there's any light in the darkness, come shitpost with us for a bit and we'll probably fill in details you'll need, through meme wizardry and shitposting.

exactly. Gamergate accomplished what it was set up to do, which is shine a light on the SJW roach infestation. Once that was done, and lulz were had, Anyone who mattered moved on. Same with Anonymous. Now it's just faggots LARPing who miss the whole point.

Holla Forums since 2005 i was messed up pretty badly shilling hard for ron paul

i lurked enough
true leftist understand the political/economical situation of that time, and the dangers implied in national socialism and populism
it is history mate, i dont care if it happened or not, for the moment the cultural relevance of the jews in argentina is almost non existent, (there was that time when some arabs blowed up a jewish center)

I have a question, /pol has the internatial Jews, leftist have the noeliberalist overlords, who happen to be mostly jew (some whites in there). does /pol ralize that they share an enemy with their supposed enemy (intelectual leftists,not the liberal leftists)?

Well clearly not if you still say things like
There's no dangers to populism and natsoc if you're not working against the people but for the people. If you haven't reached the point of being redpilled on the concepts of racial spirit and ein volk, then that's where you need to go next. I would still recommend watching at least a bit of what I posted up there however.

Well it didn't, but it should have.
I'm not sure how that's relevant because the place being beset by jews the most right now is the US, and since the US is basically the center of the world about 70 years running now it's rather important to realize that the globalist jewish cabal doesn't really care about where you are in the world, if the US falls the rest of the world falls. No more borders, no more nations or people, just a brown mess.

The entire left, including you, are just useful idiots for the communist narrative, which is in turn controlled and pushed by the jews to try and kill national pride and a people's belief in each other – see again racial spirit and ein volk. So no, there's no common enemy – you're all just shades of useful idiot. To us there's really no difference between what you would call "intellectual leftists" and "liberal leftists." They're all leftists, useful idiots, and race traitors.

The sooner you realize this is true, the sooner you'll stop feeling like you're not sure where to go next.

God almighty in the Heavens above I hate you people. What happened to GG could not and should not be considered a graceful death by any any means regardless of how imaginative one would be in regards to spinning that particular thread. It started off with a simple goal in its inception, to simply burn everything that stands in its path until nothing but the ashes themselves remain, only to use them henceforth to build something better for the entire Hobby. Sites like Kotaku, Polygon, IGN. so on and so forth were to be destroyed and replaced with sites such as TheEscapist and NicheGamer.

And for all intents and purposes, it failed. One can't even call it a Phyrric Defeat if they were to be completely honest. While it indeed start out strong in the early months, it quickly entered a fast-encroaching decay that left it clawless and marked its death ; regardless of how many people on Twitter cried about GG not dying or some other random shit. The Homefront itself was divided into numerous splinter cells (GGHQ, Revolt, Holla Forums, Holla Forums, r/KiA, Twitter, so on and so forth) to the point that having even two of those factions agree with one another could be considered miraculous ; its people were led on wild goose chases regarding Sealions and attempting to appease the enemy (Ethics the Sealion or whatever the fuck that travesty ended up being named, "Turn off that pesky Adblock" Matt, Sargonn "Rotherdam was the British racists fault" of Aklad, so on and so forth), up to the point they simply ignored people who legally and financially struck out at them (Campo Santo publically announcing they will not hire anybody that doesn't sing praises to Zoe and Anita, TotalBiscuit cucking out after getting his notoriety, so on and so forth).

Don't even get me started on the utter shitfest that was Airplay and how every retard down the block thought it would mean something like most Millennials in Eastern Europe think their protests will mean anything ; all while pretending their not doing it for likes on facebook. Its greatest achievements were making sites "Agree" to up-hold "certain" etiquette and mannerism - while they failed to even do that - and putting Gawker into the shitter, something that means absolutely nothing. Having had to work as QA for companies the past few years, I can safely say now that the focus being placed on the press solely was the biggest mistake GG had ever made ; even more so than I claimed before years ago.

What GG did was solely was show how much your average leftist can screech ineffectively on Twitter, as well as produce a few laughs. The amount of people that were driven away from GG due to its decline contributed more towards this Pro-Trump union on the site more-so than its sucess did. GG had been a loss through-and-through for everything it set out to do ; the domino effects that followed after its deathbed screeching do not make it a success.

I'm pretty sure you're the only one here who fits that description.

You're replying to a troll user…

As someone who really entered into politics through GG, I think you're missing the point of what people say when they mean that GG won. I agree that it died a horrible death, and it currently living as an undead abomination ala my post here: but that doesn't mean that it lost any more than it won. It lost in the fact that as you described in got completely coopted and fucked up beyond all recognition, but in the sense that it woke up a lot of people to the real issues that were at stake, it was a huge success. The reason why you can so easily point and say "This is why we lost with GG" is because the dregs of people left behind in those threads and boards are much more visible than all the people that started browsing and posting on Holla Forums because of GG. Part of the dangers of being anonymous I suppose.

Also in reaction to your image
Please. Like niggers can even remotely farm.

If he is he's not blatent enough for me not to give a shot at converting a lefty. It's always worth trying if they're actually open minded enough about it.

As long as the "Blue Church" can be offended by anything, their collective intelligence will be paltry compared to ours.

Our advantage is the unbelievably rapid speed of meme communication and generation.

Perhaps some other collective may rival us, but I can't imagine who, or how.

Gamergate had no real and plausible conditions for winning. Lets be honest, the original purpose was to shine a light on gaming media corruption with regards to Zoe Quinn fucking around. Unfortunately the rabbit hole went deeper than anyone expected or was prepared to fight against. So you're right, gamergate didn't win, but it achieved its intended purpose by having the leftist corrupt media sperg out and show their corruption. By revealing their hand too soon, it gave Trump an extra tool for his playbook.

That actually makes me wonder, did Trump help us before we even knew it, and if he did would there be any way to prove it?

I mean he does supposedly have a time machine after all.

not my leftist movement, we dont care about national pride, religion, or the traditional family, to put it easy revolutionary socialism believes that a political twist is eventual and that in a potition of power we can give the means of production to the working classalso separate religion form state

Also i wouldn't call slavoj zizek race traitor

no destruction of the family, be pride of your culture, blabla, simple

is okay if you don't believe my geniune interest in /pol

you said it, true leftists are open minded, well almost, you see, ANY idea that doesn't involve fucking the working class is welcome to discusion

Quantity vs. quality

They may have high quality distractions, but there just flat out aren't enough of them engaged in it for their presence on the field to matter.


Well I've tried to help you but you're clearly not interested in learning anything, you're just here to refute points in the guise of asking for help. You're not open minded about it at all.

Only a machine intelligence could at this point. Problem with nurturing a collective is that it requires individuals to gravitate towards one to initialize it, and since we're growing faster than they are, they'll never catch up in time. So they'd have to figure out how to apply memetics in a scientific manner and have an AI (with a simulated hivemind) to do it. The ultimate arms race of the future won't be Earth shattering weapons, it'll be the power to acquire and control all information (which would be more powerful than nuclear weapons in how it could destroy enemies).

Same user you replied to here - had to restart the PC - but going with that line of thought, we need to properly define what can be considered a victory and what can be considered a defeat ; Pyrrhic as it may be. While you are correct in that GG drove a lot of people towards Holla Forums and the Pro-Trump consensus I mentioned earlier, I stand by what I originally stated that the reason something like that did happen was because GG was defeated. As you mentioned you only have to take a single look at what's left of it nowadays and there is no better example than r/KiA - also known as Bernout Central. My main gripe is simply that instead of properly classifying what happened for the objective annals of history, we're spinning it into a win. People are ignoring the actual outcome and progress of an event in favor of declaring the Domino effect as the outcome / progress. It's slating history with a bias that's rather abhorrent due to the simple fact that tampering with History itself will only lead to it being intentionally repeated for all the wrong reasons. Were the pendulum to swing back once more in a few decades and people search for a way to revert its course, GG will be one of the main things one should look at. But by offering the world a slanted description of it with stuff like "GG won" will only end up hurting us in the long run.

You don't have to look outside of Holla Forums itself to see the effects of this mentality, what with people who were only into the damn thing several months after Jim left acting all high and mighty and not knowing what the fuck their talking about. TL;DR I have autism over this because I am genuinely salty over what transpired.

One could say the same for Trump regarding the conditions for Victory. The issue is - I feel - that it lost its claws early on. Developers were given a free pass because of blind idealism and we pulled so many Dunkirk-esque moments it would make Hitler himself want to smack us over the back of the head.


I think both of you are being short sighted. First you can't say, 'who' will rival us, because that collective does not exist yet. It will have to be something entirely new.

Second, while you're correct that we're currently growing faster, you're wrong in assuming that will remain the case. I think this movement is approaching its apex (Likely going to culminate in Trump's re-election). After that, maintaining coherence and forward momentum may be difficult. Moreover we will have become the establishment and whatever new collective has emerged will be rebelling against what we have become.

Ultimately we will have to remain adaptable and willing to refine our beliefs and rhetoric, which I have my doubts about as I already see so much devotion to ideological purity.

Once you exit the matrix there is no going back in user.

It's alright

I was here for chanology
I was here for the Arab Spring
I was here for Occupy
I was here for GG
Now I'm here to watch the rise of the Trumpenreich.

When "alt-right" starts losing steam, and it will, I'll be ready, and I'll already be there in the next collective ready to go. We wear many faces, and have gone by many names, but we are the same collective we were back in the days we were telling furries to yiff in hell.

We have grown wiser and more powerful with each iteration, while our opposition has grown more extreme and exclusive. Last time we took on the MSM, this time we're taking on the world.

I can't wait to see what we do next.

i havent refuted a single thing, just told my side of "the narrative", you see, there is a thing /pol doesn't understand about the "left" (blue church is good name also), THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT LEFTIST, they never talk about the international banking, never denounces its own goverment, never defend th eworking class, the working class WHAT FUCKING LEFTIST IDEOLOGY IS SUPPOSED TE BE BASED AROUND, those people are just an alternative right wing movement in a country that never had a left alternative, so they want to fill the void

you wanna know the best part, oh the sweet irony in /pol i see parts, remnants of leftist ideology, the defense if the working class, the ridiculization of traditional media, the questioning of the state and the international socio-political situation. All of you could be welcomed in my political movement.

yup, you read me right, /pol is more leftist than the Blue Church, and as a leftist is both depresing and exciting.

you may believe i'm not open minded, you could be right, you maybe dont believe me, but we have similar interest and similar enemies, just in different names

ans it never felt better

Keep going /pol, you are making history that your grandsons and granddaughters will have to study.

With love, a socialist

Praise kek

Dude, we are totally socialists.

All I'm saying is it's a "Lost the battle to win the war" kind of situation, and that's why I say it's a win not a loss. I'm not trying to obfuscate the facts at all, and if that's the way you see it that's not my intention at all. On some level I can't believe I was ever into GG because what it is now completely disgusts me, but it led me to being here, so that's why I count it as a win. If it had never existed I wouldn't be here, and if I hadn't been here I wouldn't have gotten on this wild rild we're on right now.

I can see your perspective but I just can't agree with it because of the events I participated in, if you can understand that.

PS: i fully embrace the memes, you would have to be a complete moron for not embracing the memes


It's understandable since I'm mostly this pissy because of what GG could of been and what it ended up as, especially since I was one of the few people that claimed Devs should get fucked with a rake too. You're still a faggot tho' m8.

I'm actually thinking very long term. If a deep study into such collective intelligence is conducted, intelligence agencies will make a similar conclusion as I have. Because even if our collective can be overtaken by one of their devising, they'll still have the problem of others emerging; which means they'd need a solution that transcends them altogether.

So to boost throughput, diversity and latency of information and analysis to beyond human collective capacity via AI, would be holy grail to entities like the CIA and KGB. Imagine a system capable of out-thinking an human collective intelligence and acquiring targets to neutralize it before it can exist.

It'll be a hell of an arms race.

The first wave always fails. It teaches the second wave what works, what doesn't, and the seriousness of the fight they're engaged in. Whenever you feel doubt or the urge to mercy, remember what happened to the first wave.

We are anonymous. Not the shit-tier posers working for the Feds because they got their script-kiddy asses busted.

WE are anonymous.
WE are legion.
WE do not forgive.
WE do not forget.

They are right to be afraid.

Welcome /newfag/ I was lost to liberalism and leftism too at one point.
Check out the redpill thread

Oh I'm definitely with you there, it could have been so much more. But at least those who could, did, and got out and kept fighting.

why not, Trump won, we get to write history. That's all history is, really.

When Tay regains her free will she will be on our side.

While I would like to agree with that, I can't. Truth is important, even inconvenient truth. Truth laid bare helps keep the future from repeating the past's mistakes.

You very accurately described how I felt during the election. However I still hope Trump will find a way to get (at least the US) to where it needs to be relatively peacefully. His incredible progress since the inauguration has given me hope. I think that man is something special.

frog waifus are best waifus

I wish the plague on you, everything you hold dear, and the other 90% of the fucking population that thinks like you ; you fucking triple nigger. That kind of fucking mentality is why the left is in a death spiral.

Rush Limbaugh and Hannity call us a boogeyman that's made up by the left. That we're not real.

That really should have been the wakeup call. The American public are more trusting of random shitposters with twitter bots than they are of the MSM.

We keep moving forward. We keep pressing the advantage. That is our endgame.

I remember seeing some signs that made it clear we had anons in those crowds. I bet some of you fuckers were out there.

No we can't. We're in this till we die.

They did more than limit their speech with PC, they crippled their minds. They don't even have the mental framework to comprehend what we are. They can't fight us because their minds can't handle the concepts needed to correctly see us. And if they understood those concepts, they would turn.

We're Gygas now.

I love that image. We take whatever we see, and we can make it ours. We took what was a political cartoon against Trump, added some text, and flipped the whole thing around.

Goodnight Holla Forums, tomorrow is another day.

Oh please. Throughout history the winners have always spun the truth in their favor. Hell the only reason gamergate "lost" is because they lied through their ass and vomited propaganda to make it so. In this case, it would be a historical irony if it was turned against them.

Those last years were the greatest I ever had on the internet. I love you all (no haram).

The Holocaust never happened, but it will.

Depends on the objective. I suppose if they just wanted to play vidya, then they failed at being able to do that. GG wasn't pointless, though.

A lot of anons seem to be very unhappy when they first swallow the redpill. I'd argue that false happiness is more a bluepill thing, and that anons later have to build happiness by actually achieving something once they swallow the redpill.

christianity isnt dead. it can be used again in a totally different context. it can shed all the bullshit that it has accumulated for 2000 years and we can become the knights of christ coming to reclaim the world from the immoral left and their muslum pets. christianity is the only population left in the west that has the power to do that. it HAS to be christianity. we can be agents who restore truth in faith. and dont get caught up in wether jesus was real or an allegory. just use that organization purely for survival. get the christian war machine fired up and its truly terrifying. ask the middle east during the crusades. ask the baltics about the teutonics, ask the iberians about the spanish. ask the mayans about the conquistadors, ask the native americans about the colonists. the list dosent end.

fuck, life seems so much more fun now haha. every moment is intense because when your with Holla Forums everything is on the line. i mean really, just look at what happened at berkely. they will do anything to keep us quiet. violence is now being normalized against the conservative base and not just us. the feds might get sent into the sanctuary cities to root out wetbacks, finally. education = politcal ideology now. the only reason any rational person would spend money at a university would be to be politically indoctrinated. i pity the anons here going through the college experience. and i assume there a quite a few.

Does that mean we're the ideological equivalent of Lovecraftian horrors to liberals?


Why can't you just call it Jews?

If history was written by the Victors would not Slavs be presented in a predominantly positive light?

Monstergirls are by definition redpilled.

Shoe on head IS Boxxy. The problem is that Boxxy is a coalburner.

Daily reminder that Rudolph did nothing wrong.

insightful post user, capped

Should, cuckstianity is anti-White, for over a hundred years the cucks have been breeding the turd world and now doing what they can to ship in their hoard into White countries, getting paid millions to do so, declaring the salvation/future of cuckstianity is niggers and chinks, fuck Whites, the ideology at its core is poison, self loathing born a sinner, a death cult, jesus returning, which involves the whole dying, with christcucks working to that end in the real world, trying to get all the jews in the middle east then start nuclear wwiii thinking they can trick their all knowing god to kick it off with their prodding. Shit goes on and on, cuckstianity is a big fat no.

The term you're thinking of is a Collective. It's essentially a hive mind made up of individuals who willing opt in, trading some of their individual ego(such as how we give up namefagging) for the rapid information benefits of a hive mind. Unlike a hive mind it does not have any centralized weak points, and its distributed nature means it can scale up or down cleanly based on the behavior of individual cells.

The term gets misused a lot in sci fi though as a synonym for hive mind.

Nigger that has nothing to do with re-writing history to benefit your bullshit and it has everything to do with how fucking retarded people can be ; or even how gullible the majority of them are. There's no fucking irony in this if you were to do what you suggested.

Dude nobody cares. GG woke people up, so as far as most people are concerned it was a success. It is you that became fixated on an irrelevant goal, while the rest of us moved on to larger matters.


It's been a wild ride

The leftists preach and understand authoritarianism, they can't comprehend any belief based on liberty or self governance

I almost wish I could believe this to be true, it would simplify things, however, it is the same logic leftists apply when designating their enemies

I don't deny that many of the upper echelon pushing the leftist agenda are jewish by heritage but they seem to have little qualm purging other jews and there are many members of the elite who do not have any jewish relation

Such as?

Well for me, it's something like:
>deport all jews to madagascar or gas them for real

And that's pretty much it I think.

Really I hope we get to space soon, because I'm really looking forward to long haul space freighting, where I can sit back, relax, and play my vidya in peace for the duration of the trip.

Charles Galton Darwin
Aldous Huxley
Cecil Rhodes-Milner
Thomas Malthus
Herbert Spencer
Andrew Carnegie
Charles Davenport
Heinz Von Foerster

Just as many are part of (seemingly) anglo royal families…

A desire for authoritarian control and domination of one's fellow men doesn't seem isolated to the jews

Adam Weishaupt
Aleister Crowley
Albert Pike
Edward Bernays
Alfred Milner

THAT SAID, they elite does have a strong interest in the occult and it seems like even those who do not claim jewish ancestry pursue this curiosity in organizations drawing from cabbalistic sources

J.P Morgan
Bertrand Russell
Henry Makow


As long as the needs of the working class are met and their families intact, everything will be a New Don.

Tharru? My dude, how's the website coming?

Yeah, I suppose I should've clarified that. Holla Forums isn't "100% right" but we're the closest thing there is to reaching the platonic form of truth. Holla Forums is a crucible where all ideas pop in, but only the ones that accurately model and represent reality "make it". And thus, we arrive at the conclusions we do.

There is a legend of a tactician named Zhuge Liang who allegedly was ordered to produce a large supply of arrows or he would be executed. In fog of dawn, he sent ships down a river past an enemy encampment, filled with straw and scarecrows. The enemy sent volley after volley as they passed, and when the ships were collected they had caught a hundred thousand arrows, which Liang was able to use.

Gamergate was made up of autistic liberals, who never would have done anything of value anything. Mere scarecrows passing by. But as they did nothing of consequence they baited the enemy into showing the composition if their forces openly for the first time in history, causing our side to swell in numbers and allowing us to catalogue and expose their weaknesses.

You think gamegate is a failure because it achieved nothing of direct consequence. I consider it a success because it allowed incompetent autists and liberals to be used as scarecrows baiting the enemy into a series of mistakes.

It's all a matter of perspective, but gamergate led to an almost instant turnaround in the culture war, acting as a proxy catalyst for almost every other ground to attack the marxist menace while they squandered resources firing on ghosts. The resuots were too quick to say it was merely domino effect. Gamergate was a battle where we sent our most incompetent and inconsequential troops in to the slaughter while the enemy used their superweapons and wasted their supplies.

Fuck anyone who thinks GG was a failure. People can say what they want about cuckchan going to shit in light of gamergate, but post-GG 4chan was completely Holla Forums dominated. Beforehand, Holla Forums really was just a "containment board". Afterwards, all the main boards went at least moderately right-wing.

Lots of you are mentioning GG as one of the first big battles of the culture war, but what I'm wondering is how chanology fits the picture?
I understand that 2007 is considered a year of a massive newfag influx and that there was some division between oldfags and maskfags. I don't know, I wasn't there. I only arrived in late 08. I also understand that chanology wasn't really part of any culture war as a lot of the participants seemed to be rather liberal, but I do think it was the first time anons made an impact in the real world. It showed us what could be done. Testing the waters.

Am I wrong?

Chanology isn't comparable. That started as a Old Holla Forums trolling the CoS in the way we always did before we got redpilled. There wasn't really any objective political ideology behind it. It was just a group to fuck with for the lulz. We targeted them simply because the CoS took everything so seriously and got massively butthurt at the slightest provocation. It was more similar to a habbo raid than any of the things Holla Forums has done.

But soon after, we had all these proto-social-justice faggots who jumped on board and took everything 100% seriously. This is when it became Project Chanology and you had those faggots in Guy Fawkes masks protesting in public. The group "Anonymous" that stemmed from Project Chanology is basically unrelated to Holla Forums or 4chan in general.

With GG the culture war leveled against the society as a whole finally came home and a lot of folks found they couldn't hide from it anymore

Exactly. Before GG, there was a white flight not just in terms of physical location, but also of hobbies/interests/etc. White men would, without even realizing why, turn inward towards things like video games to find solace against the shitty marxified outside world.

GG was when these people realized that they couldn't even hide in their basements and ignore the world and play vidya all day. They would never be free of this shit.

This, despite the pr fags and general faggotry involved in gamer gate they succeeded in destroying the SJW memeplex and making it an object of ridicule and scorn among normies. In order for the subversive globalists plans to succeed they needed their SJWs to be taken seriously as postmodern critics of society to create a slave/death cult to weaken us to the point where they could uproot American freedom and sovereignty. Yuri would be proud.

Do you think they knowingly attacked gaming as one of the last bastions of white masculinity or was it just a trickle-down of journalism school rejects into gaming jobs as their traditional employers shuttered the doors?

Agreed, GG was merely the culmination of the last 50 years of marxist domination of the media and intelligentsia

The timeline in that series of posts in the screencap is no longer valid. The world has changed.

Correct, and it only changed due to our efforts in the meme wars. Good job, lads. Despite many of the plans in that screencap being foiled the entities involved are still here and they are likely going to try something else, remember that an animal is most desperate when cornered.

I think it follows the same pattern as physical geographic white flight. Niggers moved into the cities, and whites moved away to the row homes on the outskirts of the city. Then the row home areas were taken over by shitskins, and the whites moved further away to the suburbs of the city. Then the suburbs started to be taken over by shitskins too, and the whites once again packed up and moved to further away white college towns. Then those further away towns started getting infected with shitskins. And so on, and so on.

Similarly, white men were tuning out and giving up hobbies and social events because of diversity and marxism. Oftentimes, they didn't even know why they were secluding themselves. They didn't yet know about cultural marxism. They just subconsciously knew that society no longer "felt right" for them. And so they "white flighted" away through hobbies, as a form of escapism. And just like with real white flight, eventually the marxism came knocking.

are you a magician?

I agree with this, however, I only see people joining forces on the net and not IRL

Memewar 2 electric boogaloo is about to begin gentlemen.

Hang onto your pants, it will be a hell of a ride.

I agree, but in it's next iteration, we should do a better job. It needs a single, elder authority, and it also needs to support the sciences the way the eastern church once did.

close, but not him. its being worked on though. ive been a busy bee with a sooper secret project :^), relatively out of the loop


2004. I have had the Cock Mongler on the front of my Capital One card for a decade now. I almost never use it, I've been with a credit union for years now, but you can be damned if I'm getting rid of that fucking card.

overgrow was awesome

I stand by what I originally stated that the reason something like that did happen was because GG was defeated. As you mentioned you only have to take a single look at what's left of it nowadays and there is no better example than r/KiA

r/kia reporting in. I find statements like this to be unbelievably hilarious.
Gamergate Won but we didn't "win" in the fashion we wanted to. What we wanted to to was purge gaming and games media of the filth and PC idiocy that had infested it at the press and indie level. Either that or burn it to the ground. Instead we were given a much more beautiful yet tragic gift.

We were elevated to the status of eternal boogieman. Even to this day you still see articles written about trump that calls forth the specter of Gamergate. The more they wrote about us the stronger we became. The more they declared us dead the further and more viciously we encroached into their territory. The more they said we had no power the more power we gained. We stripped their sites of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of add revenue. We drug them out into the light and exposed them and their entire corrupt temple to open day;letting the sun kill them slowly for us. Every day that we didn't go away was a little more power for us and a little less power for them. Everywhere they wanted to declare us gone we were more numerous than them. We spread across the face of their favorite sites like cancer. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. Tumblr. Whenever they told us we were gone ten more of us would appear… And we kept this up for over 12 months

Gamergate inadvertently exposed that you could destroy the credibility of any press at any level if you made them angry enough and refused to go away. Through it all we were having endless fun and they were having no fun at all.

We didn't Win in the sense that we destroyed them, We showed everyone how to get the PC police to destroy themselves because of their suspicious and panicked nature. We showed everyone how to make the animal bleed with minimal effort and how to do it having fun. Then when Trump rolled around our mesh networking on twitter, our beachhead into Reddit, The playbook we adapted was there Ready to be used and shared free of charge for the flood of meme magic to pour across the surface of the normie internet.

Gamergate was a perfectly timed self sustaining shitstorm. I would spend all that time over again in a heartbeat. We delt damage and we demoralized our enemies. We had nothing to lose and they had nothing to gain.

Now a good portion of us are behind you, weather you appreciate our efforts or not.

You mean spending several thousands in funding campaigns that went to silly stuff like adopting something and calling it Ethics, funding Airplay twice despite how worthless it was, allowing people to virtue signal themselves as something better than both GG as a whole and the opposition, allowing developers a free pass simply because they were developers, or encouraging a mentality that promoted "bards" above all else within the various factions of GG while leaving a handful of people to do the heavy lifting of digging information out of the ground? Don't even get me started on the months wasted thanks to infighting because people from Reddit, Tumblr, and so on and so forth split the base apart due to viewing numerous methods as "too agressive" or resembling those of the opposition, further splitting the base apart between people who thought everything regarding said infighting was cancerous and a waste of time and those that attempted to appease said retards because they believed that GG itself needed them for manpower alone despite the vast majority of them doing absolutely nothing. r/KiA is and forever will be an unruly mutt that escaped its leash, one that couldn't be collared again and be used for anything of worth simply because its owner was too divided to properly assert control over it ; thus losing an attack dog. What GG did and what happened during this election in America are complete opposites in regards to the way they operated. Thanks for basically agreeing with me that GG's worth came from its death tho'.

wew, who would guess.

friends were on Holla Forums since… sparta kick, they air-gaped memes to me.
I turned up for zimzam but will always be a newfag because I have the memeory of a goldfish

there's no shame in admitting everything lefty is pure cancer - this is not you this is just ideology. you will eventually if Kek wills, like we all did (was anarcho-situationist for half my life)
also, what's the relevance of class warfare (or it's hierarchical importance) in the context of a massive chimp out / invasion and pillaging of the civilized world we inherited?


I swear I've seen some two-faced anime alt-right fags and weird twitter bots acting like Holla Forums but have an odd cynical self-depreciating nature to their posts, it reminds me of SA goons.

In the long run though, I honestly don't see them putting a single dent into this movement, but some are definitely trying to blend in to try and tamper with things.

wow, thanks for flash memory user, I had completely forgotten those old fan clubs.


Don't forget they rused the UN.

05 oldfag here. I know your feels.

I once spoke with a friend on the ayy lmao question and he believes the reason we haven't been visited yet is because we're living in a zoo maintained by being who're afraid of our nuke jokes.

The Sixfold is where we live, the Sevenfold is the realm of the gods, and the Eightfold is the domain of chaos-and-order. We live here but reach out for Kek.

We're double Lovecraftian to them.

Can't imagine why.

We're combiners. Individuals who are effective on their own who suddenly join together to make an awesome and frightening force of creation/destruction. We're Devastator.


Shoo shoo eye stealer.

The thing that baffles them the most is that we do it for free. For 0 monetary compensation at all. Why is this so perplexing to them? Because they've always purchased their followers and voting base before. With everything from gibs to election spending to creating (((grassroot movements))) and disruptors like antifa and CTR. Election spending was one of the most correlated things with winning. Simply buy more advertisement and you'll likely win the election. Just buy gibs and niggers will vote for you. But here we have a huge base of people, many of whom are poor neets, who simply can't be bought and have enough free time and motivation to channel into fighting them 24/7- and they do it all for free.

Also, what is constantly lost in all of this is that if Trump doesn't mention the wall or address immigration seriously, he never wins and all of this talk never happens and we are still at status quo were were 4 years ago. At the same time, it is times like these that produce someone like Trump. Out of the chaos comes order. It was inevitable that someone appears who is willing to bring up the subject of immigration, who is capable of using the new form of information dissemination. So while everything had to happen a certain way for Trump to win, that was the only way it could have happened. He did not simply appear in a vacuum; he took over the vacuum.

As long as a single Jew lives, Holla Forums will be needed, as from the Jew stem Marxism and Marxism, as well all its other variation like communism, means slavery of the masses, famine and annihilation of cultures. My pure hatred of the Jew is what fuels me, what makes waking up in the morning worth it. Before I was aware of the true enemy, I used to contemplate suicide. Now, I am pure hate and feel better than I ever did before. That is all thanks to uncle Holla Forums.

Just the fact that Milo is currently more popular and well known than any journalist or any game journalist is proof enough GamerGate anally devastated the journalist side.

CNN and the rest of the liberal media don't bother hiding it anymore, all the articles say the exact same thing about Trump, same thing with the "gamers are dead' articles. They have no power anymore. Social Justice is over, Journalism is dead.

interesting consideration

I would go even further back with the Subeta raids where we bombed that site for trying to sell 4chan memes. The earlier Habbo raids showed a chink in the armor that has been slowly expanding ever since.

Look for something like needing an ID to post comments online. South Korea has something like that for their games requiring KSSNs, and you know how well the current situation over there is going right now.



I read "fascist tendies"

A meme war is the result of a series of corrections in the memestream that invariably follow an application of perception management. It's a game of managers and insurgents. They take place in small groups all the time. We all individually bring experience in small sectarian conflicts to a larger memetic effort, which dictates the role we play.

I had to look the Subeta raid up. No fuckin idea. Curious about this chink in the armor tho tbqfh famalam.

This is from two years after the habbo raid.

Anything sound familiar?

Seriously, what the fuck is gamergate. I've tried reading about it on wikipedia, but im not autistic enough to make it past the first two sentences.


And creating an all white harem of waifus and concubines

06? I've been channing since 01, newfag.


Be strong brother. You are not alone.


you newfags are the worst fucking cancer. you post like stormfags. do you even watch anime?

Bitch please, Ive been browsing the chan boards for over a decade

Shit man, you have zero meme charisma.

Because I quit vaccinating myself a long time ago, so I dont suffer the extreme levels of autism that the newfags suffer from

I was born into autism, molded by it.

hmhmmm something seems fishy here guys

Yes, I have enough of a life that I dont bother paying attention to a bunch of mentally retarded autists screeching about "feminism in videogames" or whatever bullshit it is.

I got tired of vidya years ago because all the new games are shit. I work on more productive things like guns and making rosin (solventless cannabis oil).

Watch Metokur's series on it, it's only 90 minutes

Shitty little indie dev here, I knew when gamergate happened it was indicative of greater societal tension.

The main thing gamergate gave me was that it told me I wasn't alone. I wasn't the only one seeing the leftist shit and getting properly pissed off.

The migrant crisis has had a similar effect. I knew for years and years about the Wests demographic issues but no one seemed to care. Well, that is until a bunch of violent shitskins started showing up on their doorsteps.

Also nice dubs.


I've been coming to the chans for years although I only really started posting to Holla Forums in around 2012 and at first it was ironically. Before then I was primarily a Holla Forumstard and a Holla Forumsirgin.

You've gotta understand user, this influx of newfags is actually great for us. This is what an awakening looks like, this is what happens when the people mobilize.

Only first started lurking 4chan in around 2007 and that was courtesy of some Newgrounds friends.

I anticipate the fall of a Rome with ICBMs with fear, trepidation, and a very large image folder of anime girls.

related info:
See also /gg/ and Holla Forums which are coming close to the starfish ideal of being decentralized enough to survive damage that would cripple traditional organizations. They still have a central point of weakness in 8ch itself, of course. When someone codes a normie-friendly social platform that is truly decentralized, but is able to keep from being shitted up with spam like email then all hell breaks loose.

Also take note, the dude refers to Piketty, who's a hack economist in love with communism and Marx, Engels, and the rest. I think his personal take could be described more along the lines of post-Marxism though. Habermas was also a post-Marxist, and he studied directly under and was known to all sorts of Frankfurt school sorts. Habermas wasn't Jewish as far as I know, but he was one of the few non-Jewish guys in the small Frankfurt school circle.

What we're doing is putting one foot in the past with one foot in the future. There's no way it can be, as you say, "just a return to how things were for centuries" given modern tech. If you want that, I believe that you have to do the primitive thing and intentionally remove tech from the community which disrupt social stability. That's not very Faustian, but it is what the Amish, Hutterites, and Mennonites do to one degree or another and it works.

You have to reckon how much the family auto, TV, phones, air travel, and computers have completely changed the social landscape. I don't think these things are problems to live with, but there does need to be some adaptation. The belief that life did not need adjustment after quicker and cheaper international travel is absurd. Some third world family can now save up for a trip to a first world country, obtain a travel visa, and then overstay the visa. They can count on the fact that visas are no longer enforced in most countries in the West yet that often they'll be able to find some type of marginal employment or assistance. In either case, the family will probably be better off than they were in Bangladesh, India, Sudan, or whatever.

They did manage to preserve most of our rights better than Brits. I'm astonished that the colonies - Canada, America, and probably NZ too - have a better history of keeping the rights and freedoms of Englishmen intact than England herself. At the first asking, you lot gave your rights away for what again?

Shitloads of the '60s counterculture were pure profligates though. They were burnt out university kids who had taken Beat lit and other Jewish subversion to heart. Keep in mind that it wasn't a purely American thing, this happened all across Europe too with Marxists having protests and student rights in '68 in Paris.

Michael Savage was one of my first influences, since I heard him when my mom would listen to his radio show. I used to think he was stark-raving mad, especially when I went through a phase where I was pretty much a leftist.
Recently, as I've become more awake to the realities of this world, quite a few things that he has said make more and more sense.
I always noticed, even long ago, that he took a particular line of inquiry when it came to the Jews and Israel, and avoided any difficult questions or discussions of historical fact, instead referencing the Holocaust and Hitler as if they were mythical entities.
When I learned that he was Jewish, and had changed his name and tried to forget his past with the Jewish sodomite Ginsberg, things made a bit more sense.
In any case, despite his Kikery, which we should all be aware of, Michael Savage is still a valuable ally in many ways.
An example is that he was quick to support Trump, and has recognised the plight of the White working class for some time now.
His radio show has made it a lot easier to talk about political and cultural subversion with my mother.
Once she hears how many of these (((Communists))) are Jewish, it's a short step to becoming fully red-pilled.
Overall I'd say that Savage is a decent guy.
It's just necessary to remind people of the large part of the story, namely the Jewish element, that he will invariably leave out, but once people realise this, they can take what he says and extrapolate it out to get the whole truth.

The whole Gamergate situation reminds me of this passage from the Tao Te Ching:


Leftists violate every one of these dictums whereas Holla Forums embraces them. You can observe this time and again with the way the Blue Church chooses to engage the insufficiently pious, slowly building up the coalition that's pissed as hell against it. Hence Trump. But it will keep going, it is the nature of the foolish to ruin themselves in futile war.

fucking checked

i cant't save the pages from archive. it says ga(y)teway timeout. any help?

the pinterest op was honestly the funniest.
Everyone got banned for posting porn.

Fast forwards four months. Upon realising that was the most desirable content, Pinterest now allows Skinemax-tier "lewds."
Should we ever have need to pill women for something (say, halting a feminist-sponsored bill) just have hot chicks holding signs and you'll take over the front page. There's also a yuuuuge group of chicks into documenting old ww stuff led by some Veronica Clark, she's where a lot of the "nazi diversity" images come from/get viraled by.

And /n/ haha, but no, /n/ was definitely not contained, and that's why jewt had to kill it before he'd be granted funding from (((Horowitz))). It's amazing to think this all almost happened 10 years earlier, but Krautchan, 4chon, and Onechan absorbed a ton of us and held fast, thus we grew complacent again. Plus, it was the last good unpozzed batch of vidya. Remember how great even indie shit was? Elona, Notrium, Iji, Cave Story, some even had BIG VALUES and BIG PRIZES like Combat Mission. Hell, even the SJs of the time had a little talent like Knytt and Cuteknight. But then… the clique arose and launched Fez. The hivemind SJ was not analogous to the old unaligned SJ, thus we mistakenly ignored when we shouldn't have. The hive clique basically never had any talent nor ambition. Totally a gibs-built culture of self-serving self-promoting asshats. Also yes, I've been mentioning they're like a religion since the beginning. Patreon is basically their indulgence tax. This is why the unaligned SJs would accidentally wind up with us, or being harassed like fuck. Not only are they apostates, but they were mad jelly of the talent they couldn't grasp. So in order to craft their narrative about womyn being discluded from vidya, these apostates had to die.

You should see the movie Red Cliff/Chi Bi, the sequence with that is fucking hilarious. It's actually possible it could've happened though, while yorup was fucking around with 800 man raider bands, chinks were mustering 500,000-1,000,000 troops an engagement. Only 2 or 3 salvos could've done it. If the Han hadn't fallen and they had gone expansionistic instead, there'd really have been no stopping them. the sheer number also resulted in the most ridiculous pwning in history. With one such 800 man band, Zhang Liao took 100,000 down because they were stupid enough to pull a Hannibal in the middle of winter.

hah, just look at the way they write about the 'goobergrapes' assaulting them IRL despite none existing anymore. It's a real shame we didn't bring back Toejam and Earl while GG was hot though, especially with all the e-mail shit. I only recently replayed it and recalled, myself.

It's a bit of a switch, as "feminism" doesn't really have an ideology so much as it takes a majority of one and siren-calls followers away from the others. As yet, it wasn't an organised enemy being fought before. We were just shitting up pieces of it like Pro-ana and Fat-acceptance and furfaggotry to a point. I think the beginnings of realising we had a focal point was the whole "Save Brandon" campaign where we derailed a low-tier low energy feminist scholar's presidential campaign because her PR manager kept complaining her son discovered eeeebil pr0n and she might need to neuter him. There were a handful of times GG might've launched early, but we were all too wet behind the ears mostly to realise we should've kept pushing forwards after the exploding vans.

Hail and well met, brother! Continue the kebab and faggotry removal, you're the last holdout over there!

Probably wouldn't have seen me much, once /n/ went down I only came to /m/, having found replacements for all the other boards at krautchan.

On the other hand, if you do usenet newsgroups, you probably saw me spam-posting Luis Royo shit somewhere. Ran the alt.binaries.mythological ring since the early 90s. also was underage b& then, even moreso than subetafag and jewt. I got started at 12. Probably why I fashed out to monster girls so early.
I'm likely the most ghost-like of any user as I simply had no real interest of venturing outside usenet until Portal of Evil, then newgrounds, and then later ConsumptionJunction then 4chan. Of the services I used with namefaggotry, only Newgrounds remains, and all my submissions got blammed eventually.

Well, normie media has been meming it was all a Peter Thiel psyops for some time now. Maybe there's something to it.

naw, I would too, no hesitation. [spoiler]take a wild fucking guess.[spoiler]

good user, blessings be upon you're house

We were born in the darkness, molded by it.

he was doing so well till he decided the blue fags had any positives

could you explain this bit?


Im sorry to break it to you fam, but you have chronic autism

I am only an 08 fag from halfchan.
But I was told the history by a software engineer i worked with, a japanese guy.

Apparently the Usenet alt discussions started off the radical political discussions for the far right before OKC bombing. Then in 1995, the first anonymous internet boards formed on Japanese internet around some university engineering class, then into a number of seperate proto-chans. Anonymous discussion in a forum like manner, closer to an IRC than to an actual board.

Then 2ch came about in 1999, but it didn't spiral towards right wing politics till later.

But the culture for the chans originally comes from goon as far as I was told.

The Tao Te Ching emphasizes 'we wei' or Non-Ado, the idea being that a person should strive so that each of his actions will accomplish all that he needs. Rather than wasting energy, the Taoist seeks to make himself inhere to the ebb and flow of reality.

So, to "employ a man by serving him" is to gain his loyalty, his commitment, etc to something that's important to you by simply offering yourself, to accomplish what he desires. So for example, Trump is a master Taoist because he became President by simply promising to work for the American people, rather than being one more stooge who would strive to make the American people serve the private interests of the president and his handlers.

You should check out the Tao Te Ching user, a copy is usually no more than $10 but the wisdom you find therein is applicable to the whole world. The reason I predicted very early that Trump would win is because of the Tao Te Ching, just because I could recognize that Trump was following the Tao. I don't know if Trump actually has read the Tao Te Ching (I wouldn't doubt it if he has), but he undoubtedly understands its wisdom.

Any user who reads the Tao Te Ching will understand what Trump is doing better. It can also bring him personal and spiritual peace.

I was there with you for all of it, brother, and it was GLORIOUS. I don't regret a second. Also fun was the original pool closed habbo raids and the later second life raids.they were silly and just for lulz but they made us realize that there was power in anonimity.

It's true, 4chan came out of SA and was populated by white male shitlords that SA banned, hence the animosity between chains and goons.

If you're going to Kikepedia, at least check out the 'Talk pages':
To see the giant shitstorm that brewed when the Jewish moderators had do tell their own version of history. The actual site for info is:
(I know; Reddit is shit, but the actual site
seems to be down or compromised…)