White House: "As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice."

Gen. Michael Flynn issued a stern warning to Iran on Wednesday after the Islamic republic tested a ballistic missile.
President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor told reporters during a White House press briefing that the administration 'condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East that puts American lives at risk.'

'As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice,' he said.

It wasn't clear what that notice means, or what consequences Iran can expect if it continues to test missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

But Flynn said that 'Iran is now feeling emboldened,' and criticized the Obama administration for failing 'to respond adequately to Tehran's malign actions, including weapons transfers, support for terrorism and other violations of international norms.'

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Ww3 here we go


This shit with Iran is probably my only real issue with the actions of the Trump administration so far. Iran is Israel's enemy, not ours.


To be fair Iran is chimping out quite a bit lately and I have no goddamn idea why.

Hopefully Iran won't get in the way of improved Russian-American relations.

Oh boy, here we go. Trump's done just about everything else right up to this point, but if he fails this test, he'll just be yet another #IsraelFirst neocon as far as I'm concerned.


I don't blame Iran for having an issue with the US, I'm sure they can see how deep the kike influence goes here. My hope is that Trump continues to root that shit out and Iran chills out.

If the US goes to war with Iran or invades under whatever pretext (nukes! WMDs! chemical warfare!) then it's gonna be hard to trust Trump after that. I know he doesn't have full control of the entire government or any shit like that, but he's got enough influence to put a damper on that shit.

So doesn't rocket science require rocket scientists the same way nuclear physics requires nuclear physicists?

Honestly I think that Trump is just going to play extreme hardball with Iran but not actually invade.


tippity toppity kekaroo

This got memory holed quick

Iran is the only islamic country that stays to itself and just wants to be left alone.
The thing is that the kikes really hate Iran because they absolutely can't infiltrate it by any means, they would benefit greatly from having it be balkanized.

Same here, user

>if you don't waste taxpayer money on bombing these shitskins, you're an antisemite shitskin lover
Fuck off, kike.

Nah fuck these new Iranians. We need Persia back.

Kill yourself

Kill yourself kike lover

One of the few things I don't agree with Trump on. Thankfully Russia is there to make sure dumb shit doesn't happen.

Hello JIDF, we missed you.

I don't cut the Iranians any slack. fuck 'em I'd like to see every US platform fire several cruise missiles at them and let them pick up the pieces afterwards.

it's an extremely delicate balance to say the least

Then you should've voted for Hillary, you dumb ass.

(triple 8s checked)
Exactly this.



What support for terrorism ?
helping Hezbollah against kike minions in Syria is considered "supporting terrorism" ?
If Trump is considering a war with Iran he's just confirming my suspicions that he's atually a neocon serving the interests of Israel. I really hope to be wrong though.

Persia was always Iran you idiot, Persia is a greek name.

Good Goyim


We must preserve (((democracy))) in a part of the world that has none, even if it means sending tens of thousands of white Americans to their deaths! Freedom isn't free!

What the actual fuck?








Both Flynn and Mattis believe that we need to destroy Iran
the presence of Kushner and Miller don't help either

we wuz sassanids n sheeit

How's the weather in Tel-Aviv, Chaim? yada yada. Fuck off kike.

Get back to cuck/pol/, nigger. Fucking newfags. Just two years ago everyone here had at least basic knowledge of history and geography.

No wars.

Very simple. Very popular.

Don't even think about doing it.

People this stupid shouldn't be allowed to post.

Sometimes the Iran dicksucking on here is a bit too much, but generally, Iran isn't our enemy, we should just leave them the fuck alone. But you'll still have people defending Iran getting butthurt over the whole "muslim ban" thing just because in their mind it's 88D chess that helps us. Sure Iran is the best muslim country as far as I'm concerned but they're still a muslim country with an islamist agenda. Does this mean we should invade them? Fuck no, but don't put someone else's interests over your own. That's what the whole "America First" thing was about, but that all goes out the window the moment the nation of Aryan gets mentioned.

Iran the way it used to be, doesn't exist any more. Even the relatively moderate nation that existed before the 70s wasn't bad. We fucked that up of course, but it doesn't mean you have to be an apologetic cuck about it. Let's just leave Iran alone for a while, there isn't much to be gained from aggression.

Is (((Miller))) really a Zionist? I thought he was a self-hating Jew.

Kushner, on the other hand, needs to be removed from his position immediately. Him being in almost every single one of these pictures in the Oval Office, right next to the fucking VP and Chief of Staff, makes me nervous as hell. I know he doesn't really have any power, but having a rabid Zionist that close to the President is worrying, to say the least. Even if he got demoted to White House janitor, he'd still be too close for comfort.

No they didn't.

Yeah, kill yourself.

Kushner has been scaring the fuck out of me lately, he's basically a nobody other than he's married to Ivanka, yet he gets all of these high positions at different stages of Trump's campaign/presidency. It seems to me that his advice is watered down with all of the stuff from Bannon and Miller, but if Kushner isn't doing much then why is he up there? Maybe it's just a token position to make Ivanka happy. Allegedly he and Jared don't get along that well, so I hope he pisses him off one of these days and gets fired.

Lot of 8s in this thread.

I was relieved when I heard Kikener's advice to oust Kellyanne went unheeded. Seems he's around to keep the muh antisemitism at bay.

Holy shit I didn't even hear about that, she didn't even do anything wrong from what I remember. I do remember that he apparently wanted Jewt Gingrich for VP because he was mad that Christie sent his merchant father to jail, but Manafort wanted Pence so Trump listened to him. It really does seem like a token position at times.

Anyone know about Mnuchin? Does he have a shady past, or is he at least half decent?

hes fucking jewish you retard

Yes no shit that's why I brought him up, but other than that what has he done? Is he a Kushner type, or Miller/Cohn type that's at least useful?

(((Mnuchin))) has worked for both Goldman Sachs AND Soros in the past. I don't think you could make a worse choice for Secretary of the Treasury if you tried.

Trump had fucking better not let us get involved in yet another Jew war. He's got to know that Jew wars are not going to help him win reelection right? WE are the ones who got him where he is, not the Christian-Zionists.


Mnuchin is absolutely not to be trusted. My hope remains that Trump picked him for SoT just so he can say "see i hired jews" but then wait for him to be a filthy kike and fire him and replace him with something better.

I mean Trump has proven that he is atleast worth extending that hope to instead of just being concerned about possible mistakes. He hasnt made a mistake yet.

You'd hope so, but wars always destroy someone's presidency, especially Republican presidents, yet they just keep doing it.

This is a massive test that he must not fail.

Thought so. All I can say is I hope Trump knows what the fuck he's doing, and keeps a tight leash on him and fires him if he steps out of line.

It's pretty much always a safe bet to not trust a jew but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt for just a moment. Never again.
He'll probably be out if he fucks up, right now there's basically a few token jews in the cabinet, Mccuckell's asian wife, and governess poo-in-loo, and other than that it's all white. Better than Obama's cabinet.

Yeah? And Iran has both. It's a pretty well educated country and they've done a good job reverse engineering all the shit they got from us or Russia.

What else can you expect from literal Aryans?

I actually hope they do, if the burgers will go through with the plan from Bush that General Cuck Clark talked about, finishing off with Iran, will give the seventh civil war with yet another wave of rapefugees for Europe.

fuck off crew

Kushner is fucking his favorite daughter, he's not going anywhere. Trump gave his daughter to the Jews. The hope, however, is that Kushner has gone rogue. His fathers conviction by Chris Christie is important here but i'm not quite sure how.


My guess is that it is partly in order to destroy archeological artifacts that can show that Bible based history is wrong, since Saudi and the jihadists they fund, do this with American acceptance.

The Saudis are finished destroying everything in Saudi, and they have been good at bombing old Mosques in Yemen, and that is war the USA is involved in as well.

The final solution draws near.

why is it that people think trump will reverse the train of global imperial destruction wrought out by the american empire all across the world
Now that hes won I can at least try to ask this question without getting called a shill or whatever
Ive been on Holla Forums for long enough to know that no head of the american gov since jfk is really in charge of the gov, so why is it that you guys, of all people, would think he will respect the sovereignty of other nations when he explicitly allied himself with israel and will more than likely go to war for them as have all previous presidents?

We're in charge now

You should be embarrassed to post that graph.

Can he reverse it? I doubt it, but he could help put an end to it. What's referred to so disingenuously as the "American Empire" is a lie. It's about as American as Hollywood.

Trump has been very friendly with Israel and Netanyahu, in his words. What remains to be seen is how friendly he is with the jews through his actions as president.

You want to really go into a rage?

"Speaking at the Aspen Institute in June 2014, former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren said Israel should hope Sunni extremists prevail in Iraq.“If we have to choose the lesser of evils, it’s the Sunnis over the Shi’a,” said Oren. “From Israel’s perspective, if there’s gotta be an evil that’s gonna prevail, let the Sunni evil prevail."


What does this mean? the only legit conventional threat threat to Israeli hegemony in the Middle East are the Shias. Hezbollah has already defeated a Jew field army once in 2006. for for all these years, Israel has literally been arming and aiding ISIS (and getting the US to do the same) since they face no real threat from the Sunnis (led by the Saudis), only from the Shia in an Iran, Hezbollah, Assad axis of resistance to Jewry.

Read the entire article, trust me.

It goes even deeper. The Jews have literally turned the Sunnis loose since 9/11 on the US and Europe to strengthen them against the Shia. Sunni militaries have traditionally been pushovers. Their only victories have been in Afghanistan fighting in insurgency warfare on terrain they know.

The Shia, on the other hand, as mostly Persians can actually fight conventionally or maritime or in any other formation. Which is not a threat to the US but is to the Jews.

the last US citizens killed by the Shia were in Lebanon in the early 1980s.

Also Ben Carson, but I kinda like the guy and he's the type of Negro who scores over 130 IQ, an exception and a truly admirable guy. Mnuchin should go though, I agree. But I'm also giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Kushner looks White except for that sociopath face he has; the fact that he appears in every picture creeps me out, he might be doing something psychological to (((prepare))) the Americans for some (((event))).

I don't like saying the word, but someone should take care of him, I don't know if he has done something good.

Try Theodore Roosevelt.

Ever since the Federal Reserve's founding, the position of PotUS has effectively been for negotiation against the rest of the government, and the world. Even JFK had his limits, and it's only been worse, since then. Him being nailed in the cranium for wanting eyes of Israel's nuclear research should tell you enough about leadership.

I just fear that he betrays you american nationalists and fucks us second and third world nationalists
Even if he does pull your country out and go full isolationist, it would leaves us open to other imperial forces like china or russia who would prolly pay us less to fuck us just as hard
Sucks being a tiny country

If the burger empire isnt american the america doesnt really exist 200 years of history and almost 100 of them have been the plastic empire

Well, he might. There's no way to tell ahead of time. What's for sure though is that he'll do a better job than any of the other candidates we had to choose from. And while I'd kinda like him to go full isolationist, I don't think he will. His priority seems to be more reducing American military efforts in shit that doesn't directly involve us. Doesn't mean we won't still protect allies (as long as they hold up their end of the deal as well) or allow enemies to set up shop in our backyard. Best of luck for your country, user.

The American government hasn't been "of the people, by the people, for the people" in a long time. It's been ruled by outside forces for some time that have little to no loyalty to the American people, and are instead beholden to either money or special interests. I hope Trump turns it around. He's doing a good job so far, one of the few presidents in recent history that actually keep the promises they made during the campaign.


Let's hope he keeps it up, and doesn't go soft or get shot.

I remember edgy 12 year olds posting that on Holla Forums 8+ years ago, but I never thought I'd see it here.

Jesus Christ has the collective iq here dropped and dropped rapidly. Suggestion: READ more, POST less.

Yeah nah fuck off, faggot. This is entry level shit. If you don't know it fucking lurk

Checked and keked


This is his first foreign policy test.

the big fear now is what Trump does if the Jews attack Iran on their own. Every Red Team held on this situation under Obongo showed the US being dragged in within 48 hours.

Everyone on the ballot was a puppet

I still love FLynn he is just a general who wants the world to bend the knee.


Holla Forums celebration party to follow shortly. Stay updated.

Dammit Trump.

Stop playing the jews game. Ally with Iran.
Crush the Saudis. Crush the Sunni

If you listen to the guy talk he's assburger as fuck. Definitely more of a military guy and not really a politics guy. If he fucks up it would be due to him getting misguided or distracted and not really that he's a traitor shill. He just needs a firm hand to guide him. I'd worry more about Mattis but even he seems to not let his disagreements with Trump interfere with his job.

Alls he needs is the redpill on the kike and he would be Holla Forums's hero

I know I'm a fag for bringing up Game of Thrones, but was that shit where you would raise the children of those you defeated like Ned Stark did Tyrion an actual thing? Maybe he keeps Kushner close so (((others))) have less access to him.

It's you that are stupid, and Saudi have been Americas allies all the time the Archeological artifacts have been destroyed.


The reason that they do this, is so nobody can come and prove that the stories about Muhammad are mostly fiction.

pretty much

You're thinking of Theon who lived with the Starks, and eventually got his dick cut off by Ramsay. That's an interesting thought, as long as Kushner is somewhat near him he can't cause as much trouble as he could on his own.

no fuckhead, read the book "Inside The Kingdom" or any number of others on the Saudis and Wahabbism. They do it since the hardline Wahabbists (who are in league with the al-saud family) see any form of worship at shrines to Mohammed or his houses, etc.. as Pagan. They've been doing it since the Al-Sauds came to power.
It has fuck-all to do with archaeology. What university, exactly, do you imagine they'd ever allow in there to ever excavate? It's their interpretation of their satanic religion.
I'll repeat- READ MORE, POST LESS. You can start wi "Inside The Kingdom"by Robert Lacey.

you're so stupid you don't know how fucking stupid you are. Which wonderful university in the Arab world do you imagine would ever be allowed to excavate inside Saudi Arabia? Why bother bulldozing it?
Why do you think the Taliban dynamited the statues of Buddha in 2001? It's their religion, why they hold up the single finger and outlaw any images and go on murder sprees when someone draws their prophet.
you don't understand the firs thing about the nation or the fucking religion, and you're here preaching to me. Hot fucking shit. Too retarded to realize how retarded you are.
for 3rd time POST LESS, READ MORE.

Why do the jews wanted to get Iran so badly?


Ben Carson is a very rare breed, his IQ is probably well over 130. The fact that he rose from nothing and got to where he is today proves that, especially his medical career.
nogs still have to be given reparation in the form of a free, one-way trip to Africa

Once we send them there, we'll help people like Carson stage a coup to remove the majority

They are a huge block to Israeli and US dominance in the region. They are Shia which is the sect that is anti US and US allies in Iraqi, Syria, Iran, and Palestine are shia. While Burger friends the saudies and pretty much the rest of the musliums world are sunnie. When Iran Russia and China are all together on friendly terms they can close off access to the whole of central asia which is a key location to building the new silk road and make American control of international waterways irrelevant. And lastly in the event of a world war they would be the primary supplier of oil to China. The United states is trying to destroy the new China, Russia, Iran alliance because it is effectively destroying the Burger empire.

I'm not going to give you the benefit of doubt. Have a gift.

no, they aren't Shia. They are Sunni but will take shekels and other sources from whoever will give it since the gulf states have thrown them to the kosher.
Please don't speak didactically if you don't understand the issues.

when will iran nuke israel?

you don't understand the Iranian issue and what's at stake, and it's not what you think. It has to do with Hezbollah and the chance of an Iran-Hezbollah-russia backed Assad alliance which is a threat to the Jews since they've already been defeated once by Hezbollah in 2006.
I can't sit here and teach you the entire issue but if you care, the book "confront and conceal" by David Sanger is a good look at how the Jews in Israel and the possibility of Jew strike on Iran (without US consent) gives them a Sword of Damocles which would result in Saudi refineries and US destroyers being hit by Iran and then mining of the Strait of Hormuz which would bring the US into any conflict very quickly.
I don't see how Trump of anyone can avoid this, since the Jews will strike and then just sit back, possibly taking some hits to Haifa and tl-aviv but they will draw the Us into it and it will be a major conflict.
Iran is well past their peak oil, in the event of war with China, Iran is completely contained in cold war terminology by Us bases. but if they mine the straits, then given the amount of oil needed for another middle east war against Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria it would be a case of everyone being fucked.
Chinese-Iran relations are shit, and most analyses of Chin'a military show them more as a paper tiger than anything else, and a war with China is a very distant prospect.
the problem is fucking Israel and the ability to mine the Strait.


Yes it was an actual thing. It's called taking hostages. Read a history book faggot. The strategy has two reasons. A) The royal family you took hostages from knows you can kill that person at anytime. B) They are raised and educated in your household so they learn your ways and therefore in the future will be loyal and act like your people.

Lurk Moar Read Moar Break YOUR LINKS
THis here . Your reason is at best ancillary.

I'm capping this so I don't have to type it out to newfags anymore.

President of Council on Foreign Relations on Morning Jew right now, talking about Iran as "an imperial power that needs to be contained." Richard Haas is a complete poodle of the Jews. The entire nation. Imagine another war in the mideast with the Shias for Israel?

Oh look, shills stopped bumping and moved to another one this thread when they got told.

Trying to find an Iranian here to see how the China visit went today according to their press. The wire services suck and antiwar.com hasn't picked it up yet last I checked.

Sounds like standard tough talk. It will be effective only because of US's past stance on Iran and the idea that keeps being pushed that Trump wants to nuke them, though he probably would have done it already if he really wanted to.

But user, this is what no one can explain to me. And I'm an American, and White. Other than free passage through the Strait of Hormuz, what threat does Iran pose to US national interests? The "hostages" they were holding were CIA, even if the press won't tell you that directly.
The only people who Iran is a threat to is Israel. We already spent 4 trillion fighting the Sunni for Israel. Now we should do the same for the Jews against the Shia? Already 18 trillion in debt. Prior to 9/11 it was 2 trillion I think?
So sick of the fucking media acting as if the Us and Israel have the same interests or that Israel is an "ally." The fuckers blackmailed Clinton his entire term in office after his phone sex with his Jewish bimbo. How? They were bugging the White House line.
That isn't gossip, documented fact.

I doubt Trump gives two fucks about keeping Ivanka happy. If Kushner's there, it's as a rep for zio interests.

Iran has a giant mural making fun of US. And then there was the hostage crisis. Regardless of whether or not Iran is in the right or US in the wrong, that is what people will see. They will see a muzzie country that on the surface, does not appear to like US. Even if someone does not care about Israel, they will see that and think Iran are bad news and a possible threat. It amazes me that people seem to forget that optics and appearance and overall impression count for a lot in places beyond this board and to be honest, Iran is terrible at that. This is why the jew keeps pulling one over on them in that regards.

It also doesn't help they seem to have a defense force that loses it's shit whenever anyone says anything negative about Iran but that's another discussion for another day. That said most people probably don't care for Iran but aren't crazy about going to war with it. They'd be content if they never heard about the whole middle east region again.

No rothschild central bank
Anti-American, so they're a threat to the petrodollar
They're a key hinge in opening Central Asia in order to compete with Russia and China That's what Afghanistan was actually about too

I wouldn't say Iran is bad at it. Just that they'll never really match Hollywood. They've tried different conferences and other methods to counter the propaganda, but being muslims, they'll never achieve good optics in the West.


Oh well. If trump attacks iran it's not like he didnt tell you he would during the election. I find it quite amazing how people just ignored that part of his statements during the election.


Probably never? Israel has more nukes than them.

I say if trump invades iran we remove the fucking graphic on the right there.

I think Trump is just negotiating a better deal. Sit tight and see.

Oil. This shit started in the 60's when Iran had its first democratic election, and their new guy wanted to nationalize oil. The kikes in British Petroleum didn't like this, because it meant they couldn't send their companies into the country and destabilize/control its economy like the rest of the middle east. They cut a deal with the US kikes in the CIA to call Iran a bunch of commies, go in and astroturf a bunch of protests against the newly elected president and kick him out, and put a false figurehead as the shah or whatever the fuck their royal family is called. Naturally Iran was pretty bitter and has been trying to get back on its feet and be independent, but of course Israel can't let them do that or the other countries they're manipulating could get the same idea.

Nice summary, user.

Anytime. I always thought it was strange how jews were defending muzzies until I looked into it, and realized that most of the middle east was beginning to secularize and become more capitalist as they made bank off their oil in the 60's, right afterwards was the startup of all the radical islam BS. It's clear that islam is being pushed specifically to fuck with the economy so the jews can control all of the oil in the middle east, and thereby control most of the world's energy resources aka: rule the world.

This. Though most Iranians are just ordinary shitty kebabs due to invasion, they have a sizable Aryan minority. And they constrain Israel.

Read the grand chest board by Zbigniew Brzezinski and stop being a condesending cunt.
I hear that every year and every year the US continues to lose ground to an expanding china.
The US is a paper tiger

Because of this thread.
Fuck Iran.

I hoped that the US would stop doing pic related, and not bully iran anymore. Fucking fug.

Oh no, you're telling me Iran could actually send missiles straight into Israel?

How terrible

I have a feeling this has been the plan all along.

America makes a deal with Russia, they get to hold onto Syria and keep Assad there. In exchange Russia lets America go fuck up Iran on behalf of the chosen people. Putin is pretty based, but on foreign policy there are tons of Israeli Jewish interests working in Russia.

"Shia" being the tolerable, civilized ones and "Sunni" being the subhuman terrorist Muslims. Now Israel goes backing a bunch of Sunni terrorists so subhuman trash Islam can conquer the Middle East and they get to mop up lots of additional land for greater Israel in the ensuing chaos. Iran being the main Shia nation stands in the way of this because Shia are civilized humans you can't easily turn into terrorists and implode their country from within.

Never lose sight of the end boss. The end boss is Israel / the Jewish people. Sunni Muslims are a distraction unleashed by the end boss. Don't let the distraction fool you. Close your borders and shoot Sunni Muslims on sight, for all I care. But remember that only Sunni Muslims are terrorists and that they are such puppeted by Israel and Saudi Arabia. Not by Iran. Iran is innocent in this context. And no, they don't have nukes. Israel keeps saying they have nukes because Israel keeps wanting to get rid of Iran. A war against Iran would just be another war for Israel.


You're right it makes much more sense to let Iran invoke Israel's samson option and cause them to nuke US, Europe and every god damn where else instead of trying to get them to stop and deal with Israel in another way down the road.
14/88 gas the kikes amirite?
You should only care about the well being of America and Europe when it comes to any conflict. Stop worrying about what kebab gets bullied. They shouldn't even exist.

That is literally the stupidest explanation I have ever heard. Your grasp of geopolitics and foreign policy is actually helmet level retardation.

Actually yes

These trippples are a holy sign.

Even if it causes Israel to retaliate and nuke the western world?
Yeah that's real smart.
We should just let kebabs start WW3 because they can't just obey orders and not fucking develop nukes.
No, clearly the mere act of putting them "on notice" is out of bounds.
Mattis isn't even calling for war.
But it's all out of bounds because you're MIDF.

oh boy

Now that's what I call

Thread theme, btw.

Say we let Iran continue testing and eventually they launch on Israel.
This causes Israel to play their "samson option" which means they nuke the west.
How is that a win for anybody?

Wow, it's fucking nothing.

So you're more pro-Iran/Middle East than you are pro-American/pro-west.

Good to know.

tho going through this again, it seems like most of the actions of the us in the ME were anti commie.


Nah, I'm just more Pro-Nationalism than pro-ZOG/Israel/Neocohens.
Sorry, Shmuel.

If you think arming and funding Islamist terrorists is "anti-commie".

lolno, but its just weird, the way I remember some of the lore around iran, was that it was secular at some point and that the US fucked it up too much?


Yeah, let's just keep licking Israel's boots because some rabbi wrote an article that Israel is gonna nuke all of Europe if we don't!
Wouldn't that be horrible, fellow goyim?

Yeah, that would be the case if they werent given American warheads. They got em.

Just stop Goldberg

pick one
Mattis isn't calling for war.


>Stop being so a-antisemitic and concentrate on those KEBABS instead!


You seem to be real bleeding heart over the shitskins. Why are you even on Holla Forums?
You've already said that Israel activating the brock sampson option is preferrable to America daring to even tell Iran to stop trying to build nukes so just…what the fuck, man?

That's why Obongo wanted to go to war in Syria right?

What's to stop Iran from aiming them at the United States? They don't like us. or is that fine too?
You and several others in this thread have only told me one thing. You don't give a fuck about the west.


Relax, you're all going to take a shower.

Precisely to get away from neocohen ziocucks as yourself tossing their "muh greater israel" and "israel stronk" pipedream around.

Trips confirm glass all nonwhites

You ever think they wouldn't have a reason to if the US wasn't sanctioning them, "putting them on notice" and just gave over 38 billion dollars to their greatest enemy.

You're getting desperate, Hebe.

Obongo wanted to turn Assad into the next Saddam/Ghaddafi.
This isn't the same thing. You have no reason to be smug.

That's what you're getting out of it. I have said no such thing. You're purposely quoting me for saying things I'm not and quite frankly it's how kikes argue.

I'm just using your logic Chaim.

Muhammed pls

The projection is strong

Who are you quoting?

You just said we deserve to be nuked for bullshit reasons.
You think it would be fine if America got fucking nuked by a kebab country.
That's retarded.

That they aren't even there.
And if you're so afraid of Iran nuking the US, why don't you support putting Israel on notice instead?
Some hidden sympathies there, kike?

pick 2 out of 3, because these were always our choices. I'd venture to say Iran was a sure thing from the getgo with any candidate, but this election really boiled down to WW3 vs China or Russia. To be fucking honest, and I'm a cynic, so understand that… war with China and Iran is much better for our chance of survival. But only on the shortterm. Longterm, it just means we're one LONG step closer to total world government. In that sense, we'll lose our humanity. We lose our humanity either way, save for a miracle. Who knows…

Israel of course.

lol Americans are so dumb

Maybe Trump comes to his senses and goes America First like he promised us.

Yup, it's a kike.

I hope so, I just have my doubts over whether there exists blackmail on him which can be used against him.

I doubt he would have come this far in that case.

Samson option?

Despite the fact that they ain't building shit you faggot.

Well, it is true that Hillary could have gotten us into war with Iran and Russia, and thus, is a better option than Trump for the jews… so I'm inclined to believe that. I just wonder whether they always keep one piece of blackmail kept aside just in case. They'd be silly not to, and they haven't really fucked up all that much in the past few centuries.

at the same time, China is in a huge bubble, so war would be perfect for their economy. and we all know jews handle Chinese affairs. We also know Putin is cozy with the jews.

I think people would go mad if Trump took us into war… but didn't Woodrow Wilson run on the campaign that he'd "keep our sons out of the war" before eventually dragging us into WW1? He was blackmailed hardcore, and was such a cuck, he let them use it against him and our country.

Woodrow Wilson was heavily influenced by the Rabbi (((Stephen Wise))) who said, "Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism"–the Balfour Declaration got the U. S. into WWI in exchange for a Jewish Zionist state being created in Palestine.

So how will Trump deal with Iran, a pissed off China in the South China Sea, and his new friend Putin, who happens to support Iran?

Also, did he say he was putting America First?

just saw on Fox News, Trump said this morning "no options are off the table"

Did you know that the name Iran shares a common thing with the name Ireland? Both spawn from the ancient word aryan.

Only one man can save us at this point.

Fucking Persian cunts. Give up Islam already and you'll be fine. It was forced upon you by savage semitic pedophiles anyway. Go back to praying to Zoroaster or something.

They are Arabs; Muhammad and Islam made sure to fuck them out of existence.

I don't think Iran or China give a shit. Nobody in those countries wants Judeo-Buddhism or Judeo-Islam. It destroyed the white race. These countries are not going down without a fight. The grey-haired generals who think they can defeat them at this point with their baboon army need to get a clue.

If Israel ever launched their sampson option, do you think they would strike any of the liberal shithole cities near water?
No, they would bomb out the heartland.
They would hit everything worth keeping.
How can you hate America so much?


Actually Iran is in control of the iraqi government, the iraqi government is a puppet to iran. iran sends many soldiers to fight and supports terrorist.

they also support turkroaches.
I have nothing against the people of iran, but its leaders are islamofascist and have ruined iran for the last 1000 years.

Land of Aryans is actually Indic-Vedic people


How can you be so dumb.

Did i say Isis?

Turkey created ISIS, it is known.


I still don't know how you can be so dumb.

I don't know how you can be so dumb, it is well known that iran controls the iraqi government.

Everyone in the fucking middle east knows this.


Turkey was caught many times treating isis terrorist in turkish hospitals, the turkish border patrol has also turned a blind eye whenever isis members crossed its borders.


yep, iran is trying to use iraq as a proxy. its so obvious. fucking shills are strong in this thread.


"Iranian grand strategic objectives converged with the U.S. in the near term over the shared objective to defeat the Salafi-Jihadi threat. In the long term, however, Iran aims to expel the U.S. from the Middle East.
The U.S. and Iran both supported PM Abadi’s premiership in 2014 over Maliki in the interest of re-stabilizing Iraq and defeating ISIS. They both prevented Maliki from ousting PM Abadi in the midst of political turmoil in April 2016.
The U.S. provided anti-ISIS support, including critical airpower, on the condition that Maliki would not bid for a third term in 2014 elections. The U.S. supported PM Abadi as a candidate receptive to U.S. interests. Iran supported him because he was a weak candidate it can control.
The longevity of PM Abadi’s premiership, therefore, is linked to the necessity of U.S. military support to defeat ISIS, which Iran’s military capacity was and still is unable to duplicate, and Iran’s confidence that it controls the premiership."

Iran is consolidating its proxies to challenge the U.S.’s continued presence in Iraq

"Sadrist Trend leader Muqtada al-Sadr reconciled with major Iranian proxy militia leaders, including Badr Organization leader Hadi al-Amiri, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) leader Qais al-Khazali, and Popular Mobilization Deputy Chairman Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in Najaf on October 18, 2016. Sadr’s interests in Iraq have long been distinct from, and often at odds with, Iranian interests and he, his militia, and political party rarely operate in coordination with pro-Iranian groups. (Do not enter: jawabna.com) Bringing Sadr back under Iran’s fold consolidates the major Shi’a groups in Iraq and creates a unified proxy through which Iran can act.
The passing of the Popular Mobilization Act on November 26, 2016 further institutionalized Iranian proxy militias in the Iraqi state, but they continue to operate under Iran’s command and control.
Popular Mobilization participation in anti-ISIS operations will cement Iranian presence in northern Iraq and the Popular Mobilization as a legitimate security force."

Supporting isn't creating, going to need something better than that. Assange himself said that the CIA created ISIS as evidenced by their leaked cables of intending to organized rebel opposition against Assad.

Who besides Israelis?

Why would Iran both simultaneously support Turkey who supports ISIS and control the Iraqi government who was practically removed after ISIS was doing drivebys and killing Iraqi military leaders in their sleep in 2014?

Iran controls Iraq by proxy simply because the US's shiite puppet government it installed has become a failed state. The Iraqi military is nonexistent when the US isn't "leading" them because all their military leadership disappeared with Saddam.

to stop the kurds from forming their own state, which is a possibility. iran has 4 to 5 million kurds in their state, that are mostly sunni. so yeah they wouldnt want to embolden that minority in their country to demand their own rights or state. so they would fund both sides. because while doing that at the same time they create refugees to flood turkey and the west with.

the more chaos is in the region the more iran benifits. remember its a revolutionary government. their whole government and ideology is based on spreading their revolution to the surrounding countries. they will do everything to keep the region from focusing on them.

You're just as dumb as that other user if you seriously spent time theorizing this. ISIS is a complete US/Saudi Arabian/Israeli operation to remove Assad.

learn how to read.

i said iran is supporting turkey and iraq to stop the kurds from forming a state. because if the kurds do form a state

just look at a map. and iran is right there too. if the kurds win a state iran could lose some territory as well.


just look at this. this isnt new. there have been plans for this for awhile.

JIDF detected. You are so easy to spot.

I assumed you agreed with this user that Iran is simultaneously supporting Iraqi and ISIS. If Iran's support for Turkey is about removing Kurds like you're saying that doesn't make any sense either since the AKP claimed that Iran is supporting and organizing PKK in 2016.

archive.is/cTZhT – unfortunately in durka durka

Explain to me why this isn't trash.

because its happening. the kurds have seized most of the territory of northern iraq and syria. do you look at maps at all?

The kurds were actually on their way to have a referendum to create a country right as ISIS came out of nowhere they had to halt their plans.

Iran and turkey would lose a lot of land, of course they would do anything in their power to stop them.

it might be something like this at first.

Are you retarded or just a newfag? Kurds have always had that territory and didn't invade or seize anything. Syrian and Iraqi governments simply stopped functioning which led to them being painted differently on the map.

That's why the usa pumped up ISIS. Because their puppet Iraqi government had gone to Iran.

But Iran is great and Persians are the rightful rulers of the entire middle east. Kikes and mudshits will just have to face these facts. This is the one problem I have had with Trump so far. He is bluepilled on Iran.

kek, your arab masters telling you this?

No, this is leftshit nonsense. Nobody gives a shit about Kurds. They are literally subhuman and worthless. The reason isis was armed by the USA was to take down the Iraqi and Syrian governments.

How retarded are you?

persians have been cucked by the arabs for the last 1000 years.

they are slaves to islam and kiss the ass of saudi-arabia

Remember to report all Persian shills.

you don't realize how how powerful the kurds are and what strategic importance their territory and region is. go to sleep child.

So, to answer my question, you are very retarded. All of your posts in this topic have been laughably wrong and dumb. And you already gave yourself away as a kike by using the term "islamofascist" and linking neocon faggots.

No it was to remove Assad. Either revive the Zoroaster or rest in piss in your Islamic theocracy shithole.

Lol, they aren't powerful dumbass

It was both.

Flatout wrong since when ISIS was being organized, Iran was not in control of the Iraqi government. Also Fatimah was a whore.

literally autistic. just look at the kurdish population of syria. then iran. then iraq. then turkey.

they have a sizeable population and they already control land and oil. and have the backing of the U.S. they may be a pawn but they are an effective one

Iran is Aryan
Iran is Muslim

Pick one persiafaggots

Pretty easy to understand.

It was when ISIS was suddenly and massively armed a few years ago.

I am not Muslim. I just acknowledge that Persians are the master race of the region and are the rightful rulers there. Unless you would rather have kikes or Arabs running things.

lol, does it really matter how they came to control territory? the fact is they do.

Kurds aren't even good pawns since US SOF has been doing all of the hard work for them.

You may as well say that the Kurds strategically exist.

Iran tried very hard to destabilize Iraq and caused millions of deaths you daft fuck.

Everyone here who thinks Iran are some good guys because they're "Aryans" is a fucking retard

Except the Shiite militias they organized are the only reason why ISIS wasn't able to behead any more millions user.

Agreed, doesn't mean they are worthy of a US invasion which seems to be what's being meme'd.

think about that statement for a little longer

Are you a fucking idiot? Look how much land the Kurds were able to seize BECAUSE of ISIS and the Syrian rebels. Not only this, those lands were almost entirely depopulated of their native Assyrians and Arabs by extremists and now Kurds control those lands. Fuck, Holla Forumsacks once were aware and now you're all so fucking stupid. Kurdish checkpoints sit mere kilometres away from ISIS lines. Just the other day I posted a video on Holla Forums of a captured ISIS soldier claiming Barazani let his squad into Iraq through a Kurdish checkpoint. Possibly BS but the point remains

Remember to report all Persian shills.

This. Is. Pathetic SHILLARY.

Story of the white race tbh
(but not anymore)

They strategically exist, but not for Americans. Setting up a hypothetical sovereign Kurdistan would be an Afghanistan 2.0 and end in complete failure.

lol, put that thinkin cap back on.

The Shia militias cleansed Christians from the south what the fuck are you on about? They're literally just as violent as the rest

what do you mean? the only people in the middle east who were fighting isis were the kurds. you saw how humiliated the arabs got when they lost and ran. the kurds went up against isis while the world was tucking its tail behind its back thinking they were going to be invaded next.

Tell me what Ralph Peters thinks about them.

That's extremely false. Kurds fled Mosul and surrounding region and allowed how many Yezidis, Assyrians and Arabs to be captured? How many times were Kurds and ISIS sitting mere kilometres away from each other, sometimes even literal yelling distance? Kurds fight valiantly with Western air support.

Only in Iraq which isn't saying anything. ISIS was only halted by US airstrikes during their initial push into Iraq.

assyrians and arabs are semitic, semitic people originate from Northern Africa.
Arabs did not originate there, they were migrated north through arabization first by islamic invasion and 2nd when saddam was arabizing the middle east.

you do know there is a population of syrian and turkish kurds who are fighting as well.
bombings alone do not stop a military force.

Arabs are foreign but Assyrians are the indigenous peoples of Northern Iraq. Kurds are foreigners who are seizing clay that isn't there with Israeli support.

All semites originate from north africa.

did israel invent a time machine and go to the 2200 BC and "claim land which did not belong to them" and give it to the kurds?

Already said that it's American SOF who keep that northern area together. American handlers are present in almost all their videos.

Confirmed "Kurds are Medians and native to Northern Iraq" propagandist. If Assyrians are not the indigenous population of that region, then who is? Protip: linguistics =/= genetics. Not to mention there's clear cultural evolution in that region for thousands of years. Assyrians score homogeneously in DNA testing, regardless of foreign admixture

what the shit are you talking about, americans are not on foot there. they rely on kurds and arabs to keep control. many american join kurds.

Flynn's comments are worrying but Iran is a Russian ally and Flynn likes Russia. Also, Pat Buchanan wrote a nice article about this:


Mudslimes invade the nascent Visigoth kingdom picking up the pieces of the Roman empire in the west and then start attacking the Greek Roman Empire in the east, disrupting the flow of European knowledge for 800 years. After they were kicked out of Europe the renaissance happens.

Not only on foot, but wearing their uniforms.


American special forces are on foot in the region. Not to mention it is Americans who are also overseeing the training of the Nineveh Plains Protection Units (Assyrian militia) by the Peshmerga


research these people.

They were in the region many thousands of years before assyrians. these people mixed and united into one culture and people called Kurdish.

Assyrians conquering land does not mean they originate from there.

aiding Kurdish fighters

they are not on foot there, these men were there to aid the kurds as advisors and train them, they may fight with them too. this does not mean that america has boots on ground in the region.

Lmfao what the fuck do the Phrygians, Luwians, Hourites, Kassites and Sumerians have to do with the Kurds? Hittites, Mitanni and Hurrians are Anatolian. You literally took every single non-Semitic people and decided Kurds descend from those. News flash, Kurdish language has more in common with Parthian than it does Median. As a matter of fact, all of those peoples minus the Sumerians are also migrants to Mesopotamia. Sumerians didn't even inhabit the North, which is where the Assyrians live. Stop trying to rewrite history

Oh and by the way, just some extra proof that you're a stupid fucking Kurdish idiot, the word HOURITE is FRENCH for HURRIAN, meaning you just copy-pasted a bullshit list from your bullshit propaganda.

they are ancestors to the kurds.

people of North mesopotamia united culture and people and created a kurdish identity in 612BC.

the southern mesopotamia was the babylonians and the assyrians. the assyrians were Xenophobic so they didn't mix with the babylonians until their empire fell.

I didn't put them together, this is history. Your revisionist bullshit history of a sumerian middle east is horseshit.

it is well known that the kurds area mix people from north mesopotamia.

hourite is a way to call hurrian people you dumb shit

same when calling someone iraqi instead of iraq

How much cognitive dissonance to do have to consider US troops literally on the frontlines of a conflict are not active participants in it. Where is the advising part in this video.

Assyrian middle east-

Again, you don't know the difference between a few soldiers advising vs boots on ground

Post proof of a Kurdish identity in 612BC (which is conveniently when Nineveh fell)

Post proof of a unity of those populations unifying

Post proof that Assyrians were xenophobic and didn't mix

Post proof that Hurrians are also called Hourrites today (and if they are, why did you list them twice?)

Mind you, I said Sumerians in the south and other peoples in the North to point out that even in that time there was other peoples, the peoples that the Sumerians willingly mixed with (which were the Akkadians, the predecessors of the Assyrians). The fact that you haven't even mentioned the Akkadian name is proof you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. All of your "facts" are quite literally revisionist and you won't find them in any credible source. I ask you once more, show sources.

If you can't show sources you are either:
A) a Kurd
B) a Kike
C) an uneducated White autist who is trying hard to support Kurds cos "muh Aryans" over evil Semites


My claim wasn't an Iraq tier invasion if that's what you're implying since you're the one who brought up the ambiguous boots on the ground meme, but that American SOF are the major factor as to why the YPG didn't become Islamic feudal serfs.

hes a peice of shit but his vision of the middle east is starting to take shape.

They want to sacrifice israel at this point. Their Samson Option allows them to start all over again with muh holocaust 2.0.


You do the research but you'll find they are similar and become the kurds.

Kurdish Muslims abandoning Islam for Zoroastrianism in Disgust at ISIL/ Daesh?

the Americans were not supporting kurds, they were supporting the Iraqi government. which ended up embarrassing itself and the americans. the americans unofficially support kurds now.

Just because many Kurds consider themselves Medians, doesn't mean they are

Azeris are an Iranian people just like the Kurds, so it is no wonder that they share DNA. What was the point in sharing this?

Urkesh and the Hurrians have little to no relation to the Kurds. I don't even know why you posted that link, since nothing in it suggests that Hurrians developed into the Kurds

The Mitanni speak a language with Indo-Iranian and Indo-Aryan elements. As a matter of fact, beyond the Mitanni ruling class, the majority of the common folk were Hurrians, which, by the way, were Anatolians and spoke a language unrelated to Semitic languages, or IndoAryan and Indo-Iranian languages. The ethnic origin of the Mitanni is entirely unknown.

The Kassites, however, originate from somewhere in/around the Zagros Mountains, but their language is a language isolate unrelated to Indo-Iranian. There is no proof whatsoever that these people are related to the Kurds, the same way that Sumerians weren't related to the Assyrians.

Kurd abandoning Islam means little. Not only is not not widespread, but it is proof that Kurds are trying exceptionally hard to rewrite both their history and their future, sparking a Zoroastrian movement to separate themselves from their neighbours and assume a more unique identity.

Your arguments are weak and I will destroy them one by one

the point is the people who were originally there united cultures and people and became the modern kurds. They have been in their original homelands for thousands of years before the assyrians came north and conquered them.

How is my argument weak, zagros mountains is a kurdish mountain where kurds have been for thousands of years. it is associated with kurdish people. did you even read those links.

The Mitanni dynasty ruled over the northern Euphrates-Tigris region between c. 1475 BCE and c. 1275 BCE. While the Mitanni kings were Indo-Iranians, they used the language of the local people which was at that time a non Indo-Iranian language, Hurrian (and so the land is sometimes referred to in ancient records as the Land of the Hurrians). The historian Leick writes, "The population of Mitanni was predominantly Hurrian, but the ruling elites were Indo-European warriors who called themselves Mariannu and who worshipped deities with Vedic names such as Indar, Uruwana, and the collective Devas. This elite was to intermarry with the local population, as the names of their children testify" (120). The capital of Mitanni was Wassukanni, located on the headwaters of the River Habur, a tributary of the Euphrates.

The name Washukanni is similar to the Kurdish word 'bashkani', 'bash' meaning good and 'kanî' meaning well or source, and so is translated as 'source of good' but also as 'source of wealth'. Some scholars have claimed that the ancient city of Sikan was built on the site of Washukanni, and that its ruins may be located under the mound of Tell el Fakhariya near Gozan in Syria.

Yes I understand your logic but it's false. These people were separated by hundreds, even thousands of years. Not only that, but their cultures and existences disappeared indefinitely. You do realise that Assyrians and Babylonians are Akkadian people, right? Akkadians predate the Mitanni and Kassites by hundreds, if not a thousands years. Akkadian is the oldest known Semitic language, and it appears in Mesopotamia

Just because they are separated by years does not mean they suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. they incorporated into other empire sor cultures.

Assyrians are Semitic people, semites originate from Africa.

list of semitic people

I don't think you're understanding. Kurds are an Iranian people and their language takes the most influence by far from Parthian, which is far east of the Zagros Mountains. Kurds are a conglomeration of countless different tribes. Kurds do not have any specific ancestors because they have so many ancestors. The first known references to the Kurds appears thousands of years after the fall of Assyria

Correct, assuming that those people created any further records, which they didn't. Those peoples disappeared into history and were never named again. They were entirely genocided and assimilated into their conquering populations.

You are just repeating yourself. The Kurdish language DOES NOT originate from Mesopotamia, so by that logic, they are also not native. By your logic, neither Assyrians or Kurds are native to Mesopotamia, only the Sumerians.

There is literally no proof that these people united cultures because they are separated by hundreds/thousands of years with no contact with each other, and they originated from different places, had different cultures and spoke different languages. There is no relation between these people socially and physically

Don't bother, kurds will always be delusional and in denial. These commonly accepted facts appear as radical revisionism to the average kurd because this delegitimizes their land claims.

That's the thing man. They are a people, they have land, they have a huge population and they aren't going anywhere. They are already legitimate, there's no need to falsify history. This need of theirs comes from the fact that their neighbours, and the land they settle is owned by Assyrians. I don't know if it's guilt or jealousy, but I believe that they feel the need to have an ancient history so that they can compete with the undeniable history of the Mesopotamians.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akkadian The Akkadian, SEMITIC language of the Assyrians and Babylonians far predates any language from elsewhere. This is proof in itself that Iranians migrated

Sumerians were older.

Debatable. They speak a language isolate, meaning no relation to any other known language. That being said, they were in the southern part of Iraq, and wrote about peoples living in the north. It would be reckless to claim that these peoples were the predecessors of the Assyrians without definitive proof, but it is the most logical at this time. The Akkadian language is part of the Semitic family, which originates in North Africa, but Akkadian h as features exclusive to itself. It is very possible that Akkadian and the language of these northern Mesopotamians merged. Don't forget that the Akkadians and the Sumerians experienced a period of cultural exchange. This relationship was strong enough that the Sumerians adopted the Akkadian language, and the Akkadians adopted the Sumerian religion. This is without military conquest (although they did conquer each other multiple times)

Lurkmoar you fucking newfag.
You worthless pile of kike. Learn to have a conversation, this isn't your uni.

This isn't Holla Forums you stupid faggot, how about you challenge my points instead of spouting your worthless drivel. This is my uni, and you're getting schooled

That's an interesting point, I believe they're trying to simply assimilate the Assyrian culture into their own so they can have a 'greater legacy' to look forward to.

Apparently Akkadians entered southern Mesopotamia at around 3500 BC, Sumerians migrated there between 5500 - 4000 BC.

However, this isn't relative at all. We know these past cultures evolved/went extinct until there were the Assyrians who solidified their claims as the native indigenous people through countless cultural achievements who permanently have their name recorded as the natives in the books of history. The Kurds can claim the land as theirs through occupation but they can't rewrite history even if ISIS destroys the archaeological evidence.

Iran owes us for that Islamist government that they themselves detest. Look at old picture of the place. If he wants to go to war with them, then honestly fuck him. There is no reason for it. I think it might just be tough posturing? Trying to not look like such a bitch as Obama. Would Putin allow this? I think we'd have to have a false flag first. I also think there is a chance that Trump might be kind of ignorant to this whole thing…maybe he doesn't like Iran because he has constantly seen how bad they are on tv like us.

(tbh I did appreciate how much of a dick Obama was to that cunt netanyahu.) Fight your own wars you yid.

As far as we know, Assyrians are indigenous, Akkadians absorbed them, and the Assyrian city of Assur became prominent when the Akkadian empire collapsed. Reminder that the city of Akkad was in Central Iraq, hundreds of kilometres away from Nineveh and Assur

No report all Kike ass kissers. Fight your own wars with your own blood you fucking demons.

They're ok but definitely not the best. Look up Oman and you will see a country that even pol would be proud of. They're an absolutist monarchy that came about when their current leader ousted his own father with the encouragement of a Brit. they practice Ibadi Islam, probably the most tolerant peaceful branch. I've read that they are very religious too without being psychos. Meaning they are friendly, treat foreigners well, and that their country is nearly crime free because punishments are so damned harsh. They were the first Muslim nation to recognize the US back in the 1700s. Since their King took over in the 1970s they have pursued a program called Omanization, meaning they phased out all the foreign groups aiding them after awhile to replace everyone with natives. They have also steadily rose their GDP from then until now. I was on some travel blogs and from some of the Omani comments you can tell that they are also fiercly proud and protective of their culture and country. Inspiring place really, besides the fact that their King needs to choose a new heir soon or bad shit may happen. There are actually rumors he is homo because he's never been married or anything. But he does have a big radio hobby so he's probably just a neet or something. Seems like a really cool place honestly.

I think we all know who the indigenous people were.


You're all fucking delusional, how is it that they never once contacted each other when they live literally right next to each other.

You morons will bend reality to support your bullshit theories all the time.

You've got proof shoved in your face and still will not accept it.

It's not debateable you fucking Idiot. they were the first civilization in the middle east. the first city of ur was created 3800 BC that is way older than any semitic site in the middle east.

Yeah yeah, it's time to take your pills, Bijar.

first you should call your cousin merchant to take you home. its getting late.

How about I do you a favor and cuck your lineage?

Did you just wake up from a dream or something? go back to sleep little cuck.

nice meme, I make make shit memes too.

Who's really dead kiddo.

Yeah well, fuck you buddy.


THANK you, everybody keeps saying wwiii, wtf were the last 15 years

another good thing about a separate kurdistan would be it would be a country based on shared ethnicity rather than a sectarian religon. having 2 countries like that in the middle east would hopefully increase the chances that between hypothetical kurdistan and turkey if it would still exist, is that between them and egypt(if they dont get hijacked by the muslum brotherhood) and they could have a shot at stabalizing the region. though kurdistan and turkey probably wouldnt work together, they would just have the military footprint to keep the tribes in line.

I will explain once more. These people did not live "literally right next to each other." They were separated my hundreds of kilometres, and hundreds of years, if not thousands. These people had no contact. All of these peoples MIGRATED to Mesopotamia, most from different regions. Saying "Zagros Mountains" doesn't mean "Kurd" There is a reason that these peoples are mostly only heard of in Akkadian cuneiform texts, which brings me to my next point - WHY have Akkadians/Assyrians/Babylonians written about all of these foreign, non-Semitic people for THOUSANDS of years, documenting every single one of these people since the second and third millennium BC? Every single one of the people you mentioned were documented as migrants, every single one of them came AFTER the Semites who had already established themselves, yet you call the Semites foreigners? If this were not true, then the people you mentioned would have wrote about the Semites as if they migrated there, but this is not the case. It's not a hard concept.

Yes, but there area of Assur/Nineveh has been settled for thousands of years. My point was that Ur and Assur are separated by hundreds of kilometres. The people in that land were not Sumerian.

Any of guys find it funny that Turkey has to deal with Kurds now because they killed all the Armenians?


Kill yourself you disgusting Kurdish nigger subhuman.
We Assyrians are the actual natives of northern Mesopotamia.
It's very rich to have an Iranic monkey accusing MY people of being invaders when we're one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

I hope ISIS and Turkey exterminated your ugly unibrowed inbred kin you monkey piece of filth.

What magically gives you the right to lands of people that did not even speak the same language? Assyrians at least have the same language since 3000BC.

To be fair we speak Aramaic now. The original Assyrian was an East Semitic language, from the same family as Akkadian.
Aramaic is more related to Hebrew and Arabic, Northwest Semitic languages.

Doesn't matter though because the language shift is documented historically. And we know our identity.

Whereas Kurdish gypsies came out of northwestern Iran and ingested the whole of the northern fertile crescent with their presence. When literally no neighbour likes you, you must start wondering what is wrong with you.
When it comes to Kurd, it would be better to ask what could be right with them, because nothing is.
Literally ever neighbour they have hates them. Fucking monkeys.

Why do you imagine they have that sort thing? Look up the number of Iranian scientists assassinated and various shit blown up. I'm not persian or muslim. Some of the ones without Arab blood are fuckable but it's still genetic suicide since blue eyes are recessive.
They do that to organize their own people and mobilize them against the Jews, which is necessary. When Iran Quds goes to fight inIraq or Yemen or Syria, they know they are actually fighting the ZOG.
Persians also don't control world media so they can't hide that sort of thing as Jews do with their orthodox in MSM. If you are in the West, unless you are completely self-sufficent, war with Iran would be insane and very dangerous.
ZOG send spies into Iran, you think there aren't Quds force in the ZOG ready to extract a pound of flesh?

Please lurk 2 years before posting. Your understanding of jews is babby tier.

Fuck this guy.

To be fair this is complete bullshit because they only launched a missile from Iran that landed in Iran. They're also the ones cleaning up Ami interference in Syria together with Russia.

Meaning you're making empty shill posts for Israel again.

To the gas chamber now.

As if that fucking matters.

The US is again fighting wars for the kikes. Fucking. Again. Are you guys going for cuck of the century award or something?!

Maybe the lemmings don't know, but you think Iran doesn't know? right away, the neocons will start "you are mudslime!" I don't give a fuck about muslims, though if you put a gun to my head I'd take Shia over Sunni as Shia fight the Jews.
This thread is now at something like 300 replies, and no one can answer this: what AMERICAN (not Israeli) interest is there in Iran other than the Strait of Hormuz? Yes, the Saudis have about a ~10% Shia population and a civil war would be bad for oil supply, but there aren't an existential threat. When the hose of saud is hanged, it will be by the Wahabbis they aligned themselves with to take control of the land.

Why else do you think you guys are bullying some far away people in a far away desert?


Haha this fucking kike.

Even funnier is that the Turks used the Kurds as mutts to do the grimier work for the Turks. Kurds and Turks are the different turds but same smell, at least Turks can read though.

Kremlin breaks with Trump on Iran

Either they outright destroy everyone and make them bend knee and outright force people to think differently or they learn how to manipulate either people's perception of them or manipulate the kikes. They are doing none of this all the while making themselves look like they hate America and giving the impression they are the aggressor in shit. Countries do have to worry about PR and Iran is terrible at it.

It's the other way around.


Are the one that keeps posting direct links to politico? You need to go back.

There is an offchance that Trump is allowing anti-iranian posturing since he never takes away his negotiating options without getting something for it. If this is the reason why he's doing it then it would also explain why he hasn't fully removed sanction on russia, because Trump uses every advantage he has, and being able to walk away is the biggest advantage you can have in negotiations.

So Trump isn't going soft on iran because that would give them too much leverage, instead he acts tough and talks down to peace, instead of starting off with a peace offer and talking down to something unfavourable.

'Course this is assuming he's blinded by schlomo and isn't going to start a pointless desert war for israel.



This meme needs to die.


We speak Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, which is an Eastern Aramaic dialect heavily influenced by Akkadian, the pre-Aramaic language of the Assyrians

Kurds have been killing Assyrians and Armenians with the help of the other Muslims in the area for hundreds of years. I have proof going back to the late 1700s (English travellers, Armenians and others wrote about it in their books.)

Turks deserve all the trouble they're getting from the Kurds. The Turkish education system just changed its curriculum to include a history lesson which states that Assyrians are traitors and the genocide was justified. Apparently standing up for yourself after hundreds of years of genocide is being a traitor. Fuck the Ottomans

na user, they are in a holy war against islam. they want to stop the spread of cancer.

Reminder that the last time Iran actually invaded somebody illegally was in 480BC at Thermopylae.

They funded several militias and separatists groups in Iraq you fucking kike. Muh "Iraq started the war" meme is old and Iran's aggression and sabotage cost millions of lives, sending waves of teenagers to the frontlines to be used as literal human shields and to step on mines while the adults moved in behind them to advance on Iraqi forces.