BREAKING: Bill to trigger UK's EU exit passes first hurdle: Lawmakers back it by 498-114.


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Largest Mandate in British History

All the journos that said that brit MP will cuck out of it BTFO


Are they going to have the political will to actually repair the demographic damage that has already begun? Also, Sutler did nothing wrong.

No, because it’s illegal for anyone to say anything about it. Leaving the EU is a necessary first step in electing British nationalists (not necessarily anything to do with BNP) who can REPEAL the laws against saying these things. Then the next round of MPs can vote to start deportations.

Remember that Europe is far more cucked than the US or… I was going to say Canada/Australia, but honestly, they’re just as fare gone, aren’t they? The United Kingdom has NEVER HAD FREEDOM OF SPEECH, so any change is going to be harder.

I sincerely believe Trump will help out in Europe once all of his nominees are approved.

His ambassador to the EU (why the fuck do we have an ambassador to something that isn’t a country) has openly said that he wants to destroy the EU like he destroyed the USSR, so that’s good news.

oh fuck we might honestly leave the EU. now all we need to do is get farage appointed as king

Your line of succession is something like 50,000 people long, so just kill everyone in line before Farage and you should be golden.


pounds like a plan
english civil war 2.0 here we come

Ahhhhhhh, that sweet winning feeling.

There are no breaks on this train.

Right now the Yuro representatives of the EUSSR are trying to ban Trump's ambassador

They still think they're in charge

archive. is/H24qQ



You're one step closer to freedumbs, brits.

Checking these dubs for Limey freedom!

Globalism isn't real. Shut up, you stupid goy- I mean, conspiracy theorist.

I like that image, pretty fitting.

Good start. I just worry about the future votes and also Sharia May/Cuckservative party being in charge. Better than Labour I guess but not much.

Cute Sekibanki, dude

!!!! BREAKING NEWS !!!!:
Things proceeding as expected