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Good info.

Letting in anyone who immigrated from east of Germany, west of France or south of Switzerland was a mistake.

The red skins didn't just sprout from the fucking earth, they came here from elsewhere too, you fucking Kike.

WHY ARE THEY ALL SO BRAINWASHED???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

what a fag

Literally who?

They are in big money trouble. They lost $20 millions in 2016. Expect them to be oob soon.

hurr durr we are nation of immigrant hurr durrrrrrrrrrrr

??? I can't even begin to grasp the chucklefuck logic these sad cretins are trying to pull here

Can I still listen to obscure NSBM bands on there?

Fuck. I liked bandcamp. Plenty of underground black metal bands and other bands put their music up there.

well fuck it, i'm going to spam my feed and reviews with pro-trump stuff.

Well shit, there are a lot of Nationalist artists that use bandcamp, including RWDS entertainment, and The Greyfield Stray IIRC. Any alternatives to bandcamp?

Find a new platform.


They banned Cybernazi.

Kill everyone.

t. millionaire CEO

Bandcamp has been shit since god knows when, during the election they were pinning "Songs Against Trump" and "Anal Trump" to the top of the best-selling list for Metal despite only five people buying some Anal Cunt anti-trump tribute band and thousands of people buying what was next to it. They also deleted tons of great meme bands like Rodent Blowjob Holocaust, and our artists like Cybernazi. The featured page is always filled with disgusting half-niggers and coastal slime, I guess they finally decided to hide any pretense of bias.

We are literally on the verge of a civil war because liberals want so desperately to be invaded, conquered and ruled over by Islam.

Heres the thing. My forefathers may have been migrants but they did it because they were sick and fucking tired of how things were and wanted a better life. They moved on from their old nations and became a nation of their own. When you immigrate here it's about starting a new life, a better one. NOT WAVING ANOTHER NATIONS FLAG AND PUTTING IT ABOVE THIS ONE. So I'll bother giving a shit about your "plight" when you're actually american and not here to just shit up my damn home.

Plus the "LE MIGRANT PARENTS" argument is a crock of shit. My family has lived here generations now, I was born in america, I'll probably die in america too. Point is. I'm fucking american and having to put up with some fuckwit who can't even speak proper english say I'm the fucking foreigner is both laughable and infuriating. America is long past the day of being a nation of migrants. We were europe's undesirable rejects and we went and founded our own nation. We sure as hell ain't got anywhere else to go and the vast sweeping majority of us will gladly put our nationality as guess what? AMERICAN.

If you want to BE american? Fine okay let's do it, you can have this legally plenty of folks do. More importantly though, do what my folks did and let go of the "old world" culture you're so hell bent on clubbing me over the head with. Put the flag that isn't covered in stars and stripes away and take up the one you so desperately want to claim you support. Put yourself into the workforce. Put yourself into society and embrace it. Make yourself an AMERICAN. But you will not. Because it's long since stopped being about that. It's been about exploiting generosity and kindness you honestly never deserved, you hang up another country's flag because as far as you care it's the better one even as you gleefully take handouts from mine.

Until then? Get out and stay the fuck out already. You do nothing for us, you take everything from us, you think it's okay to hurt us for fun. You are not my fellow american you are literally an invader in the age of non-wars. Again, you are not a immigrant, you are an invader.

Don't be so surprised we're finally fighting back.

Annnnnd thats it from drunk as a skunk theatre in my off time. I'd like to thank spellchecker for covering up most of my failures in todays ppost. remmeber to pirate the SHIT out of music now folks hit'em in the wallet.

DRM-free music service

gnu mediagoblin :^)


Pierce did a broadcast on how the ACLU makes up stories to bilk people for masses of donation money to fund themselves. They create controversy and make themselves look like the victim, or like they did some great deed.. and then the money pours in. I cant remember what one it was, anyone have it?

Bandcamp was always shit.

Also, apparently in 2008 one of the ACLU leaders was busted with child porn. I smell pizza.

Can't find anything on it, but found this:

of course goyim, fake news is good for you, trust us! don't listen to the RAYCIST trump!

Same thing I thought. I'll bet a shekel that it's (((Russian))) and/or (((Lithuanian))).

Into the trash it goes


why thank you bandcamp, what a swell idea

wew, thanks OP. I was about to burn some cash. I really like Against the Wind

I don't see a train of logic behind this reasoning so i will assume that these people are MKultra'd as fuck and this is just the programming kicking in.


it would be a shame if they were to suffer a data loss incident like GItLab did the other day. A crying shame.

lol they're fucking worthless anyhow, their shitty fucking website could be replicated by 2-3 Holla Forumslacks in a week or less

Listening to modern (((music))).

Why? Atleast listen to classical music, unless you're just a LARPer.

Literally kill yourself if you've ever bought anything from them.

(((Russian Immigrant)))

You know, at this rate we could institute a full on muslim ban and all these virtue signalling cucks wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Theyre all already "protesting".

Why do people who have no idea what the founders wrote or believed or fought and died for continue to say shit like

Bandcamp makes it really easy to pirate music for anyone who doesn't know. here's a shitty guide I threw together



yes don't you know the founders risked everything in a violent revolution so islamic refugees could immigrate here?

Switch your bandcamps to free with no option to pay until this ends if you're true fashy goy hipsters like me.

delete this

Lads if you have a bandcamp account, do what I've just done.

bandcamp dot com /ooshtbhfam

Yeah I know, I listen to faggy music

Funny because Seth Putnam was pretty much a nazi.

It's pretty good imo user

I'm still sore about this. I was so hyped for his next album too.

Easily scriptable. They have a FAQ page about this saying that any advertising they get is just more shekels. So if you do it and want higher quality versions of the tracks buy the album from the artist directly instead of from bandcuck. Therefore I'm not going to give you faggots a script but show you just how pathetically easy it is if you want to do it yourself.

just navigate to the album page and take the links out

trackinfo: [{"alt_link":null,"has_info":false,"title":"Intro.Discourse","video_source_id":null,"is_draft":false,"lyrics":null,"track_num":1,"encoding_error":null,"is_downloadable":false,"video_id":null,"video_mobile_url":null,"streaming":1,"album_preorder":false,"encoding_pending":null,"has_free_download":null,"video_poster_url":null,"duration":42.6662,"unreleased_track":false,"private":null,"encodings_id":3675438664,"play_count":null,"free_album_download":false,"video_caption":null,"title_link":"/track/intro-discourse","license_type":1,"id":2500966079,"is_capped":null,"sizeof_lyrics":0,"track_id":2500966079,"video_featured":null,"has_lyrics":false,"file":{"mp3-128":"//"},"video_source_type":null},{"alt_link":null,"has_info":false,"title":"Plagues","video_source_id":null,"is_draft":false,"lyrics":null,"track_num":2,"encoding_error":null,"is_downloadable":false,"video_id":null,"video_mobile_url":null,"streaming":1,"album_preorder":false,"encoding_pending":null,"has_free_download":null,"video_poster_url":null,"duration":198.695,"unreleased_track":false,"private":null,"encodings_id":3904567314,"play_count":null,"free_album_download":false,"video_caption":null,"title_link":"/track/plagues","license_type":1,"id":3288655471,"is_capped":null,"sizeof_lyrics":1566,"track_id":3288655471,"video_featured":null,"has_lyrics":true,"file":{"mp3-128":"//"},"video_source_type":null},{"alt_link":null,"has_info":false,"title":"Until The Light Takes Us","video_source_id":null,"is_draft":false,"lyrics":null,"track_num":3,"encoding_error":null,"is_downloadable":false,"video_id":null,"video_mobile_url":null,"streaming":1,"album_preorder":false,"encoding_pending":null,"has_free_download":null,"video_poster_url":null,"duration":184.733,"unreleased_track":false,"private":null,"encodings_id":1137859101,"play_count":null,"free_album_download":false,"video_caption":null,"title_link":"/track/until-the-light-takes-us","license_type":1,"id":2370349735,"is_capped":null,"sizeof_lyrics":1948,"track_id":2370349735,"video_featured":null,"has_lyrics":true,"file":{"mp3-128":"//"},"video_source_type":null},{"alt_link":null,"has_info":false,"title":"Lady Madini","video_source_id":null,"is_draft":false,"lyrics":null,"track_num":4,"encoding_error":null,"is_downloadable":false,"video_id":null,"video_mobile_url":null,"streaming":1,"album_preorder":false,"encoding_pending":null,"has_free_download":null,"video_poster_url":null,"duration":49.0964,"unreleased_track":false,"private":null,"encodings_id":265820819,"play_count":null,"free_album_download":false,"video_caption":null,"title_link":"/track/lady-madini","license_type":1,"id":335126813,"is_capped":null,"sizeof_lyrics":335,"track_id":335126813,"video_featured":null,"has_lyrics":true,"file":{"mp3-128":"//"},"video_source_type":null},...etc

You should end up with a list of files


just navigate to each one then download the mp3

You can just use youtube-dl and download them all in one go.

I notice how they start pushing a lot pro-lefty shit music and nigger tranny dyke shit. Not even kidding. They clearly are commies.
Not planning to buy anything from them again.


In the album pages, it is possible to rip the whole album in a batch without having to open individual songs, pic related. If I knew how to regex, I'd make a script to extract all the links in an album page source.

At the very least it would be nice if these companies just sold a product and not an image or political message anymore.

I'll be moving everything to NoiseTrade. If anyone has any specific recommendations for alternatives to Bandcamp that'd be great.

Piracy and downloading shit for free is fine anons but we can do better. Put on a good ad blocker to deny them advertising shekels, go to the site, and use all the bandwidth you can. We should be leeching shit from them 24/7 until this cuck realizes he's going to lose a ton of money. That or we just go into the servers and delete fucking everything, but the latter option will get him sympathy points with other cucks.

I have unlimited 200mbps down, it ain't much but I'm going to hammer bandcamp all day with at least half my bandwidth and I'm going to let it run at full speed while I'm sleeping for at least the next week. If you know how to do it you should too.

Apparently they kicked off common filth

protip: casperjs

just run a regex for
{"mp3-128 : "(capture group)"},

Why do they have the Syrian terrorist flag?

It is pretty fucking bold for a music sharing platform to take a political stance on the complicated intricacies of civil-war in Syria. I wonder (((who))) is making them feel obliged to make these statements. Why can't they just focus on their own shit?

Source: Wiki Free Syrian Army

Wiki quoted from NBC article

Best album on bandcamp