Trump appoints Jerry Falwel Jr. to bring universities in line


The butthurt is delicious. A fundamentalist evangelical has been empowered to fix higher education. The leftists are already wailing and moaning about creationism.

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So Trump is going to lesser the requirements for accreditation? I see pros and cons here. It'll break the monopoly (((large institutions))) have over the education system, but at the same time it could flood the US with shitty pajeet tier scam tech schools.

Like Trump University


Our education system is fucking trash tier in this country–saddles students with indoctrination and no useful skills and charges them $100k+ for the trouble. They then "enter the workforce" hating America from mom's basement.

The college scam needs to die. 12 years should be more than enough time to get a student ready for the workforce. But public education is dogshit too.

The whole rotten beast needs a stake driven through it. Goddamn I love this man.

That is what I really like about Trump. He just doesn't give a fuck. Pence suggests Falwell and Trump knows it will create a revolution among the Leftist Marxist professors and administrators, but he says "fuck it" and signs the order.

I hope this means an end to general graduation requirements.
Anyone going to school for a STEM degree knows the pain invoved in being forced into an African Kangs class, and an "english" class where the teacher just spews liberal opinions at everyone.
I shouldn't have to take classes that are compleete unrelated to my major. Its a blatent attenpt to poz STEM even further.


So this is how the purging of academia begins. Expect Jews to quadruple down on their indoctrination

Agreed, it would save me time and money (not really work because the classes are such a blowoff) to not have to waste on shitty requirements that have nothing to do with my major.


isnt the Daily Mail satire???

Falwell is an Israel-worshiping Evangelicuck.

foreigners shouldn't be allowed in American schools, period.


Post YFW Trump stumps evolution.

So how are they gonna swing this? He's saying he wants to deregulate education and get the government out of it. Liberals will obviously oppose it, since it's Trump. So essentially, liberals want Trump to have more direct control of education?

Sure, but he publicly said that if anyone tries anything on campus that students should pull out their CC firearms and fill them full of lead, and he said it in reply to something a muslim did.

The schools need more money for their programs.

they legitimately think every school in the country gets its money from the government so expect a "TRUMP WANTS TO SHUT DOWN ALL SCHOOLS" angle.


You're the flip who writes christchan, aren't you?

Billy Graham was always better.

I don't care for Evangelicals heretical love of Israel, but in practical terms this is going to turn into Falwell vs. The Frankfurt School. It is still a win in my book.

I'm sorry, but who do you think you voted for? Do you think Trump's VP and support of Christianity is just for pandering? Him just talking about things like repealing the Johnson Amendment already makes him the strongest pro-Christian President by far in at least 60 years. Trump wants to re-Christianize all of the U.S.A. That includes education. Get ready, because your precious evolution comes under heavy fire when Trump un-kikes education.

Flips aren't proddies

I don't like Falwell but I still like this decision because it's going to seriously asspain those marxist kikes.

criminally underrated post


So many shills, so upset that the Marxist indoctrination centers are closing down. Eat shit kikes.

How does it feel being an NPC?

Are you saying you believe Trump is actually a xtian?

How does it feel knowing your Communist hopes and dreams will be irreparably crushed before the end of President Trump's first term?

It's called politics, retard. Evengelicals voted 80 percent for him, so Trump does things to make them happy. All politicians do it.


So he is actually going to make education great again?

It's nice finally getting your IRL Christ-chan, isn't it user?

cover your eyes, it is sinful to gaze upon such images

Got nothing left to say, so you attack intelligence levels instead. How Leftist of you.

That graph should go back to about 1960 to show how stable it was until about 1980.

I do not even partake in the "pagan vs christian vs fedora tippers" and I see it as the most biggest causes of D&C on this board, but fucking hell when I see ideological and factual discrepancies ("all created equal" vs our obvious position on it) I do not hesitate to point it out.

How realistic are the chances of an inquisition?

Reminder that Trump is still the President and you're stuck thinking "trolling" a board for childless and single anime masturbators will somehow change anything. You're not going to like the next eight years. =^)

Reported for intl.

i hate all of you

Why are you retarded niggers taking the bait and engaging in Christian vs pagan vs atheist D&C. Have you not already seen this countless times? Stick to discussing the details of the OP

Literally shaking.

Still, I support this for the lulz potential. I don't think Trump gives a fuck about either college or church, so it's funny to watch two of the most brainwashed retard book clubs in the world beat each other up.

Remove yourselves from the premises.

s-sorry ;~;

Jerry Falwell Sr. was based. He was a supporter of George Wallace and fought against desegregation. He founded Liberty specifically for white students so that they didn't have to go to school with minorities.

I hate you too lad.

If you meme it they will come.
If you meme it (((they))) will burn.

Jerry is the guy that encouraged his students to gun down muzzie terrorists. Based pick if you ask me tbh.

Daily reminder that Christcucks are the original race traitors responsible for the Semitic subversion of European ethnostates. Any who choose to follow the path of that Semitic religion are declaring themselves slaves to the Semitic agenda and enemies of our peoples.

Except that Federally guaranteed student loans can no longer be used to pay tuition at for-profit schools. See: ITT Tech going tits up.

It feels good to know that they know that they are losing

So, even previous (even if more than 60 years ago) Christian and pro-Christian Presidents didn't push for this anti-evolution bs?
Why are there still people believing creationism? I'm a christian and don't believe it (though I don't live in the US, where it seems theres a lot more push for creationism than anywhere else, even among Christians), how new is this sort of thing to american Christians? And why is this even a thing to american Christians? No one takes the bible literally, not even priests and pastors. There's interpretation for everything, yet creationism is one of the few things that result from literal text.

Explain how a venis flytrap evolved a mouth, trigger hairs, teeth, and a digestive system to digest ants/ flys.. when a fucking plant doesn't know ants/ flys exist..

Explain to me how a wing evolved… the muscles/ bone structure/ feathers… etc took MILLIONS of years to evolve before the wing could even be of use to the animal.

One can believe in the MACRO (creationism) and the MICRO (evolution) at the same time faggot, because the creator made all animals but made them with the ability to evolve yet not jump from one lifeform to another.

Time to start believing in the Vril instead.

Jesus Christ, it should be a euthanizable offence to be this stupid.

stopped reading there

Oh that is wonderful. I'd hire a random user from 4chan before anyone from ITT Tech.

There might be some kind of subconscious intelligence driving things but I don't know why the fuck it would be Yahweh or Jesus.

I think it's probably along the lines of Schopenhauer's Will to Life.


Six million years of evolution in MS Paint

This was true even in 04-08 when I was an undergrad. No Kangz classes but every libarts professor except the classical art professor spewed libtard bullshit.

Oh god, a fundie. As much as I love libtard butthurt, I really wanted someone who would unpozz while ruthlessly promoting cold hard dispassionate science like the scientific fact that gender and sex is not something can fucking argue against you leftist creationists. But I guess it takes a creationist to beat leftist creationists. Maybe it'll just take a really strong dose like this guy to help unpozz the system.

What universe do you think we're in now? Better brush up on your movie quotes, E anons should assimilate to our new A universe. I think we're all in agreement that this is the best timeline, so give it some respect. It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood, after all.



As a scientist I'll tell you that arguments really don't work against the left. They've denied 50 years a data and 3000 years of anecdotal evidence regarding race and sex. Every single data point contradicts their narrative but to them that just means the "problem" is worse. The solution is murder not reconciliation. Remember the goal of the left isn't success or to create a model reflective of the world it is to destroy the white race.

You've given me a good feel.

This guy get it.

haha benis :DDDDDDDDDDDD

If a person isn't intelligent enough to judge the quality of an institution then they shouldn't be in higher education to begin with. There are going to be so many opportunities to self teach in the future with the internet too that learning how to learn will be to the 21st century as being able to read was to the 20th

As a tradesmen I can confirm, lefties do not understand rationality and are entirely unable to process facts or logic that runs counter to their beliefs. I hope they're murdered with an extremely improbable EMF weapon that gives them spontaneous tumours produced by their IR TV remotes.

Wrong, Christians are the reason for the existence of European Ethnic States. Dumbass.

kvetching is afoot

Sorry to break it to you, but Atheists are an evolutionary Cul-de-sac.

Despite your wrong and cherry-picked picture

Atheist women number less than 25% of atheists, and of these, less than 4% have children…. And when/if they do, they only have 1.12 children….

This is below replacement rate.

Atheists are basically parasites, they cannot replenish their own numbers independent of religious offspring so they need to 'convert' the offspring of religious families…

Thank you for that information, user. I've been needing something like this!

When will CREW learn this kind of D&C doesn't work anymore?

You think atheist have it bad on that front? And you are a Holla Forumsack?

You will join us, it's just a matter of time, soon to be friend. :^)

Tell him about our lord and savior. Tell him about BASED JEW JESUS!

mo money fo dem programz?

Yeah I'm not thrilled about this guy.

American Christians are kikes with a cross. You know that smug sense of moral superiority that leftists have because they think they have all the answers? That's the same problem American Christians have. They're both jew infected as well.

Huh, I guess I've been transferred from Holla Forums to CREW. So when does the signal boosting of announcing reports begin?

I lucked the fuck out and had one of the best high schools in my state, in fact it's why my parents moved to the location that they did. I took AP courses in all of the basic college subjects such as English, Calculus, and U.S. History (no Physics though because our school had the wrong version of the subject, apparently). Then I jumped into my core major courses right away when I arrived at university. I realized later on after hearing about other courses that I dodged a slew of awful instructors.

Study hard and take college credit in high school if you can, because ironically the high school teachers very frequently give more of a fuck than the college professors who teach the same shit. Of course, if you're young enough to still save yourself from making this mistake, you probably shouldn't be on this board anyway

That's simply not true and sounds more like projection on your part.

While I'm posting, evolution is clearly the jewiest scam ever perpetrated. At least say you're agnostic on creation. Accepting the theory of evolution is accepting that we all used to be niggers, before that we were proper monkeys and prior to that we were fish.

Nigger-monkey-fish indeed.

Evolution means change over time. It says nothing about how life started.
C'mon on.

Is this a ruse? Even for the global-warming-denying fags on here, denying evolution happened because you hate black people is a new level of retardation.

bigger welfare queens than the army

Reported for believing in global warming.

Christianity has no more of a place in an educational institution than leftism. Especially a religion that thinks a man in the sky created everything.

I don't understand why religion and science can't coexist. Evolution is legit but that doesn't change that Christianity is the foundation of traditional family values. In any case I'd rather Christianity be promoted in education than Marxism and the promotion of tradition rather than the destruction of it. As it stands today college is a debt trap and pit of degeneracy. It's nothing more than 4 years of brainwashing.


Aren't there a lot of well-known scientists who were devote Christians?

Goons getting triggered by Christianity, sounds about right.

Explain how god made a polar bear know what apples is

Did someone mention CREW?

Keep trying D&C fedora shills. You won't divide Holla Forums in its most glorious moment in which we will finally purge the world of the leftist and globalist swines. Meanwhile your own anti-religious ideology is a natural part of marxism and leftism, and your vehement desire to promote it here only shows how desperately you want to make sure that Holla Forums strays from its path and cannibalizes itself rather than see all of its faction unite towards a common cause.

With the way Emperor Trump has been taking things, we might actually live to see another one in our lifetime.

This tbh.

Evolution is the basis for asserting the inequality of niggers and the rest of humanity. Creationists, on the other hand, love go on about


You do realize one can both believe in BOTH?


Retard, go wash your hands with the blood of pigeons.

Explain why God made Ebola, or parasitic worms that burrow into your eye, or the bacteria that cause cholera and the bubonic plague. Why did he make Echinococcus multilocularis - a worm whose eggs you can breathe in and which spreads, over the course of years, to your internal organs and heart, leaving you to die in agony, with no cure or treatment?

Most unforgivable: why the fuck did he make Jews?

I could forgive all of the above. I'd even accept it if you said "as punishment", making God into some almighty bioterrorist that visits an unending stream of horrors on hapless creatures whose love he demands… but I can never forgive him for creating Semites. Never, never, never!

They serve a purpose in the ecosystem, do they not?

See above.

See above.

Hard sell to suggest God is good.
Doesn't mean such a being/force doesn't exist.

Billions of years worth of minor alterations as the result of random mutation and variable selective factors.

Billions, arguably.
In theory, when it comes to birds - they weren't the first animals with wings, mind you - their feathers likely evolved in the context of saurian physiology to provide warmth or to take advantage of some other selective benefit.
Once feathers were established, it only took a specific physiological 'build' to create a ecological niche which generated a selective pressure, and once that 'build' emerged (likely in the form of a small, low-weight semi-bipedal saurian bearing the aforementioned feathers) feathers acted to provide lift and that selective pressure was actualized, bringing about birds.
This process alone - not to mention the processes that took to get to that point - took thousands, if not millions of years.

I'm with you there.
Evolution is basically jumping from one lifeform to another, over an extensive period of time - modern birds are likely derived from the aforementioned semi-bipedal saurians, which themselves derived from non-feathered saurians, which themselves derived from… Etc etc.

Creationism I can totally buy… But, likely in more a Lovecraftian bent than any sort of Christian perspective.
For example, I don't think a deity 'created the animals', so to speak, so much as, perhaps, created - perhaps not even purposefully - the original lifeforms which, over hundreds of millions of years, evolved into much more complex forms.

the godless heathens will need an iv drip of gaterade to replenish all the salt loss
civil,mex 2.0,kebab, now HOLY WAR

They do not. I chose these examples because, unlike wolves and vultures, they serve no purpose to anyone but themselves, and their existence, by their nature, requires inflicting evil.

Ebola (and other viruses) do not benefit the ecosystem or any other animal. They only exist to reproduce, and they do this at a cost to their hosts. The same goes for Echinococcus multilocularis - it just uses foxes to reproduce itself, but it doesn't even cull their population. Humans are a dead-end host for it, so in our case, no purpose is served whatsoever. They simply inflict pointless suffering.

If such creatures were designed, they were designed specifically with an evil intent. They are nothing more than bioweapons, designed to fuck over animals, serving no benefit to the ecosystem.

See above.
What purpose would the fucking Jew serve? I'm thrilled for that answer.

And this is how I know you're actually a moron.

Oh you sad sorry fuck.

Nobody said evolution was moral - you might argue God is, but I've already told you my view on that one.

If you believe in evolution, then you believe those creates DO serve a purpose - or rather, fill an ecologic niche - else, by evolutionary standards, they would not exist.

Wow, yeah, for someone pushing evolutionary theory, your grasp of said theory, and ecology in general, is… iffy m80.
Benefiting other animals? Irrelevant.
Benefiting the environment? I'll get to that.

And therein, my lad, lies the value they serve to the environment - they are a selective pressure.
If I need explain this further, you're too far gone for me to bother with.

Hmm, funny, that's not what the wikiJew says:
Any factor acting upon the environment is an evolutionary selective pressure - and I have to assume heavy infestation with tapeworms/cyst formation acts to hobble or hinder the infected specimen.
Thus, culling - not via direct lethality, mind you - does exist, or at least, a selective pressure toward that end exists.

Does it harm us?
Does it have ANY effect upon us, whatsoever?
If so, then it serves a purpose, an ecologic niche - if it didn't, it wouldn't exist, evolutionarily speaking, of course.

Hah, how young are you, nigger?
Existence is suffering, is a constant struggle, simply to survive.
Anything that makes that struggle harder? BOOM, selective pressure.
Purpose fulfilled, if indeed 'filling an ecologic niche as the result of evolutionary processes bringing about such conditions as to make such viable' can be called a 'purpose'.

I accept your admission of defeat.

And please elaborate on why God created the Jews.

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were going to make an argument.
But I don't see any argument here.

Funny that. ;^)

Kill yourself, retard.

Kill yourself.

[*triggering intensifies*]

Oh, my bad.

[*triggering intensifies*]

I don't think God 'created the Jews'.

God might have created life, and several hundred million years later, you get Jews.
Evolution, baby.

The originally high quality unis have become pajeet-tier. Accreditation is worthless, it's just a symbol separating kosher scams from non-kosher.
Also this is bredy gud:

Great arguments there.

And, if you noticed, I didn't argue for evolution, I argued against creationism. I listed examples that, if they were designed, they were

To say that they fill an ecological niche is to say nothing. That simply means "it has a means of surviving". Ebola clearly fills a niche of infecting mammals and causing massive hemorrhaging, whereby it infects other mammals. This is reasonable in an evolutionary framework (which you defend, for some reason), but what would it say about a designer if he had designed such a thing?

My claim is specifically: if all life was hand-crafted by a designer, the designer is evil, because he made plenty of evil creatures. Yes, these creatures are capable of survival, but only by inflicting evil.

I'm still waiting on what we did to deserve Jews on this Earth, by the way.

He refuses to acknowledge that somethings are objectively bad, he isn't being honest. There is no reason to argue with him.

I should have stayed a fucking NEET.

Pol needs to build a conservative tech skrewel.


No, you didn't.
YOU argued against Creationism in the most simplistic sense, on behalf of a benevolent God.
You basically argued against Abrahamic Creationist dogma - not Creationism as a concept.

Nature isn't good or evil, nor is evolution - it simply follows the path of least resistance.

Noooo, it is to say they fill a role in the ecology. That is to say, they have a purpose, as much as anything has a purpose. If you want to suggest other beings have some different purpose, you're treading into the realm of religion, starting to sound like an Abrahamic Creationist.

Nooooo, see above.

That, like nature, such a creator is perhaps uncarring, or not even aware, of the consequences of its actions?
I never suggested a deity was benevolent, merely that it might - and probabilistically speaking, does - exist.

Ehhhhh… Could that, calling God evil, that's like calling a child or a dog evil.
Again, dude, you're treading into religious-tier territory here.
Animals are not good, nor evil, their evolutionary-selected ecological roles - and the mechanisms via which they proceed - are not moral in an sense, lack the capacity for morality and thus for application thereof to themselves.
A dog can't be evil, a 6 month old human can't be evil, and neither can Ebola.

You keep coming back to this notion.

Again, its not a matter of what is deserved.

Are you familiar at all with the concept of Azathoth?
Its been awhile since I read Lovecraft's works, but IIRC, Azathoth is basically God, except that its in a state of constant slumber, and all of existence - and everything therein - is the product of its 'dreams'.
Its the progenitor of all life in the Universe, in the mythos, and yet, it is totally unaware that any of it even exists - and what's more, there's nothing to suggest that, were it aware, it would give a single solitary shit.

If you want to argue against Abrahamic Creationist dogma in the context of a benevolent God creating all extant and extinct lifeforms in their fully-established forms for the purpose of some benevolent end purpose… Okay, I'm with you on not really being able to buy that.
But Creationism comes in many flavors, and many of them do not require a benevolent deity.

Nope, I abolish that notion right off the bat.
A pathogen is not 'objectively bad' because you feel it causes suffering and doesn't fulfill a purpose you can easily conceptualize, or one that you don't feel is justified in the context of a created organism made on behalf of a benevolent God.

… But, hell, it could be!
As I think on it, if you're a truly benevolent God, and you want to create organisms that live and think and are more than just puppets, if they can even be such a thing, then giving them hardship might not be as evil as you think.
Its all connected, everything, at the lowest levels imaginable.

Ebola serves a very useful ecologic niche, as a result of evolutionary pressures selecting its traits such that it should espouse the traits required to fill that niche.
Its not 'evil', though it does cause suffering - the suffering is simply a bi-product of its existence, part of the cycle of which it is a part. And, arguably, it serves a valuable role, evolutionarily/ecologically speaking.

Well, I'm glad that I convinced you of the validity of evolution, even though I didn't mean to.

There's literally nothing for us to argue about anymore.

I was always arguing in favor of evolution lad, and frankly, I wasn't seeking to 'argue', so much as discuss.

You wanted to go the argument route, and when you ran out of ammunition, you started flailing like a panicked nigger in a kiddie pool.
I just threw you a volley… And it seems all is silent on this front.
Shame, could have been a fun talk.

Tl;dr. You are both retarded.

Well, whatever helps you sleep. I was just attacking Christian creationism, nothing else. If you're not defending that, then I guess I just misunderstood you and there's not point in arguing about it.

Your animu image convinced me.
I will select myself out of existence, for the sake of future generations.

Ah, good lad.
That's what I was trying to get out of you.
Christian - that is, Abrahamic - Creationism is… Weird.
I could and have argued in it's favor, and I think I made a decent case even in my tangential arguments here… But, if your intent was merely to attack the construct of Abrahamic Creationism, for whatever purposes, and you wish to leave it at that, I'll respect your wishes in this regard.

I would end thusly: If a God exists, it would have to be the paramount of ego to think that you would, could, be able to reason out its motives in such a way as to justify all of its actions whilst retaining a mortal consideration of benevolence.
Children often think their parents are vicious creatures for forcing them to go to bed before they want to, but that's merely because the child cannot understand the more complex workings of the forces in play.
Yes, yes, I know, it all comes back down to 'God works in mysterious ways'… But, were I to try to envision the motives of an immortal omniscient deity - that alone being highly egotistical on my behalf - I would have to imagine that it could easily come off looking pretty malicious, vicious even, even despite acting in a manner that is (in the overall context, something we mortals could not hope to effectively conceptualize or consider) benevolent.

Just sayin.



Is 'God' willing to prevent jews, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh kikery?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him 'God'?

Fuck off Holla Forums shills. Next you'll be shilling your faggot Stirner again.

Man needs a common enemy to unite against. That's always been the perfect form of unifying different people and they're perfect for the role of enemy country to unite against.

All men are created equal, but niggers have proven to not be remotely close to the rest of men in terms of behavior and culture.

I'm sorry that you need the Director to do everything for you. The world is a wonderful stage of chaos and order for us to flourish and multiply in and act out as we please and if the next scene in the play involves the assblasting of Israel, then I say the Director is doing a damn good job so far. Any other existence would be dull and static without enemies and drama to ignite the fires of passion and the will to move forward that we now have in this expanding setting.

Well, you see, millions of years ago…

The big problem with giving people freedom, allowing them to think for themselves, is that they will invariably rebel.

Fall of the Devil, mating with mankind creating the Nephilim, it's possible the Jews came from that unholy union rather than from Adam and Eve. Not sure how they survived the Flood but pretty sure Noah and his family wasn't the only survivor.

Honestly, I think evolution has been kiked at least as much as modern Christianity, we should move onto a better religion than Evolution and Christianity, such as Kek.

Passion is a sin though.

Mate what the fuck are you on?

fuck off with your libshit garbage

forgot to mention you actually took msm bullshit as fact
>>>Holla Forums