Can we get a thread for the best/worst meltdowns in the last week or so?

Kind of a highlight reel-thread.

Video related, it's illegal spic that goes off on TV about how his illegal ass "create jobs"

Feel free to post requests for OC, or images that you missed out on.
Creation of OC is fine too.

The meltdown is real, and it is glorious.

rememeber to tip off ICE about OP video spic

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HWNDU is also welcome… because it is awesome to kek at.

Tucker fucking annihilated this wetback spic last night.



Just did

He does, he hired 14 homo prostitutes therefore he did in fact create 14 jobs.

This stupid island monkey couldn't even make an argument. I hope trump deports his ass

His "business" is a non-profit. He's another faggoty charity at best.

Jose Antonio Vargas
902 Eastern Pkwy Louisville, KY 40217 USA

https:// www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form
https:// www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5rdymb/need_an_extra_set_of_eyes_here/ I'm so sorry, I don't plebbit I swear

Vargas isn't a burrito, he's Filipino.

It probably doesn't mean much to most of you, but it's the difference between him going back to a comfortable life in Cartelistan verses a warm welcome from the madman of Manila and Hotwheels' death squad of Pinoy jail bait assassins.

Who is this sperg?



He's not going to enjoy the Philippines with Hotwheels when we send him back.

reported for cuckchan template thread.

Flips are the niggers of Asia.

Just a bit of info /r/ing, what happened to this kike whore?

kike sperging

I don't normally contest the will of Kek, but no dubsman, Flips are the latinos of Asia. Sand Niggers are the niggers of Asia.

I think president RWDS proved differently, though they are SEA.

any man who would call Obongo a son of a bitch on national TV is fine in my book.

Professor Twilight and 50 Shades was fired from Mizzou and hired at Gonzaga University. Learn to Google faggot.

Amazing how these leftists who rail against America and it's injustices to "undocumented immigrants" and non-whites, would never tolerate such behavior in their own countries. If you behaved like they do, in Mexico or the Philippines or China, they would go full right wing death squads. Reminds me of another (((group of hypocrites))).

opposite dubs state:

Kek is undecided, flips must prove themselves worthy, or face the same damnation as niggers of all variations.

S-s-orry, user, I could remember her name
thanks, btw

Post meltdowns you fucking faggots, it's a meltdown thread.

Why are illegals so stupid?

Can someone explain how an illegal beaner like this faggot can run a business? Wouldn't there be tax issues every ten seconds?

It's probably not a business but a 'business'.

They've been told for the last 8 years that the only crime they're committing is not voting Democratic.

But that's EXACTLY what I'm

He employs gay prostitutes every day

Those type of glasses are forever tainted. Problem glasses are one hell of a warning signal. Even every nu-male faggot at these "protest" has these fucking glasses.

why don't we try that again, and this time use a larger version or two?


The Jewtube thumbnail for this was priceless.

This meltdown deserves its own thread. I'm surprised no one has posted it yet.

before social media nobody having their picture taken ever had this expression


Holy shit that's some salt.

Was the UK always this cucked?

its just unbelievable how retarded most people are. Jesus fuck I could be sitting in those positions and places and do a better job than these people, what the fuck is wrong with the world. How can the propaganda be so goddamn effective.

Now we can have a weekly liberal salt thread

this is why I have zero faith in the human race, doesn't matter what kind of technology is invented people will always be thick as pig shit


Did anyone else notice how fast those protest signs were printed earlier this week (I think it was)?
How quick do the sign-manufacturers in America work, and how many new jobs has trump created by proxy of this?

this, to be honest, my dear anonymous companions whom I view as closely related to me.

oh yeah…

Soros probably has warehouses full of the fucking things boxed up and ready to go. These same stupid motherfuckers have been out in the streets, airports, cities, university campuses, wherever doing the same shit. They just need someone to deliver a box of signs that have been ready and waiting for each and every move Donald makes.

IFuckingLoveScience faggots need to leave.

His business is in California. There are programs in the state to help these kinds of fags start businesses.

debate me any time creationistard

Not only did he visit the ape-king, he gave him a red cap with his autograph on it.

That tie is awful, he should tie a double windsor, like so

Was that before or after he died in the other universe?

I don't think I would be able to debate this androgynous faggot, I'd be laughing too hard the whole time to form coherent sentences.

what a surprise


career politicians are the most brainwashed.

always virtue signalling, obsessed with looking good at the next election, always spouting the current popular opinion, as reported by (((the media))) and (((top advisers)))


It honestly was one of the best moments of the transition season. It cemented Tucker Carlson into legend status.

Has anyone noticed Tucker looks like a rather familiar big cia guy?

Where are the local atheists? Can we begin purging these people from science please?

made a video attempt earlier.

I suck at this shit, but at least I tried

Which was a mistake. Legitimizing this commie terrorist who ravaged SA was a big fat mistake

during, if you know what I meme

breddy guud

SA was already lost.
now he can use it as "look at all the foreign leaders I have talked to over the years"
(not that he needs to now, but you know)

here is shit attempt number 2, btw

Nigel did a piece on this, btw.

This shower of shit is the labour party, the supposed working class people's party.
Nothing but commies, feminazi's & sjw's. They are dying on there arse like all libtard movement's.

Except this tard who is SNP. The scots got there own version of labour mong.

or a combination of these factors. Ideological conflicts are likely to occur and extremist
groups may use violence to achieve political objectives. There may be a resurgence of
anti-capitalist ideologies, such as Marxism. Diaspora communities are likely to increase in
size and influence and many will bring economic benefits to their host states. However,
those that fail to integrate are likely to remain reservoirs for resentment. Some of these
groups are likely to become involved in ideologically driven conflicts, and may act as
proxies for other states. Similarly, host states may be drawn into regions and conflicts
that reflect the interests of their diaspora communities.


yeah, because that has been so lacking in our society.

where is this from, user?


I think reading that gave me cancer.

but, I gotta know… are you sure you are in the right thread?


what have I done to deserve this, user?

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.


wow… 3durp6meme

still wrong thread, faggot.
your report is from 2010

good one.

I just scraped this from my kikebook feed…