No link, just a "scoop" from Jerome Corsi heard right now on Mr. Waterfiltermerchant's radio show.
Supposedly as a reward for moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

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If king nigger got a peace prize then surely Trump can get one



Keep it up schlomo, your tears are what keeps us going.

I hope it happens just to see the libshit salt and more chances to call them hypocrite retards when I bring up Odrongo and his nobel (((prize)))

This would be hilarious, imagine the bantz that will be had when the libs say he isn't qualified for it.


One sentence article on infofilters if that makes you happy:

I'm just putting the info I heard out.

Trump should get two.

don't care about that stupid prize.

but he could certainly do more for peace than obama, though it really doesn't say much.

I might laugh myself to death, but kys for taking water filter man and his cohorts seriously


Trump should turn it down. Accepting a gift, favor, or prestigious title is a psychological manipulation technique that could either subconsciously encourage him to return the favor to Israel at a later time, or bind his behavior to whatever traits the (((public))) believe such an award recipient should have. Either way, there is nothing to gain from prize, and there is a lot to lose.

They want to infuriate the commies.

I agree with this, also he may very well turn it down. Everyone here knows he doesn't think of Obama as deserving of it, especially after landing the presidency and finding how deep the terror goes.

I don't like that idea. Trump would be sharing the "award" with the likes of Obama, Kissinger, and the European Union. And now all future US presidents get one it would seem, if a warmongering Democrat gets one, and a nationalistic Republican too. Let Obama and the others keep theirs and let it be an award with no recognition or value, do not sully the Emperor so!

Can you imagine the butthurt if he actually won? I think it would actually exceed all the butthurt of the last three months combined. It would rip space-time apart.

exactly, leaders of countries shouldn't be allowed to receive awards from anyone but their own country



Agreed, Trump ought to reject the prize, even the nomination.

Though the committee may be cucked enough not to award with the prize, he shouldn't rick it and just reject the nomination. Personally, I don't think he's anything to legitimately deserve it.

I've been seeing too much of this shit in recent days, and I guess it's either due to newfags or shills. To reiterate, the policy of Holla Forums is
If you don't have any legit proof, don't make a post claiming it's true. I see no reason this isn't just as bullshit as everything else the media has claimed recently.


He should take it for the sole reason it will cause the left to melt down.