why arent you?

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FBI pls go

I'm going into Corrections.

my IQ is too high

Police have to do what their Jewish keepers want.
Police have to protect and serve liberal retards and their pet spics and blacks.
Police won't be apart of the rwds.

Already signed up, and ready to bust some nigger skulls

I was considering it. I don't live in a highly nigger infested area, so it shouldn't be too bad.

what are some redpilled careers then?

i dont know what world i stumbled into but im not FBI lol, if i said i was would that make you feel better so you could doubt me

there was some thread on how FBI investigated police department for white supremacists. This thread could be one to put under investigation possible police officers like




im not a white supremecist, does this board not tolerate redpilled right-moderates?

I don't know what "Urban Space" you belong to, big nose. However, everything you said is objectively false unless you're from an "Urban Space".

It's not about the board. Read:


Everyone has their part to play.
Not everyone is suitable for law enforcement.

Although, the fact that this was released now, after Onigger is gone, could just be a way to D&C FBI and the Police and make Trump less effective in using FBI & police dept


It's a good reliable job and after 10 years you are eligible for a pension albeit a small one. Plus you have the ability to work double and triple shifts, so you can essentially work 2 days a week and have the rest off.
90% of the COs are white while 90% of the inmates are black



what are your solutions? violence, anarchy and hate? how civilized. i thought you guys preached Western Civilization, im just trying to understand your views

It is a good choice. Especially for a non officer working intake or entering inmate info or court info when the courts send over the records daily. I am glad to be out but i did have some fun working corrections. Once i got in to the office/admin side it was even sweeter.

First day on Hurt Box detail, eh?
We have such things to show you

The only solution is Omnicide. The Death of All Life. Holla Forums will give you many answers, but none you would ever want.

There is No Future but Nuclear Fire.

Ashes and Echoes

You also have to have pathological tendencies and have been bullied in middle school so most of this board would fit right in.

then lurk more.

police are dogs and just need to be trained better.

Lurk for at least 2 years, FBI. And use some proper English; this is not Facebook or Reddit.

because i don't want to deal with niggers all day

you're never going to get your ideas taken seriously by more normies with that mindset, im fairly dosed in the redpill

or did you just want a old-boys circle jerk of misery and hate? like fuck i thought you guys wanted to talk about Roman and Greek civilization but all I hear is pass the bikes, like you will NEVER see anyone give you a second's thought with that rhetoric

Sounds like something an evil Lich would say.


The goal of this board is not to attract normalfags

Watering down ideas so that they're palatable for normalfags is your job, Reddit.

the real redpills is most of you guys are just assholes though
im against criminality and corruption, in all forms.
do you guys literally have no muslim or black friends? the stereotyping is insane, you guys are hyper polarized, for a so-called enlightened philosophy. truth and wisdom is usually found in the center of the two poles, if you will allow your ego to discover that.

One of my best friends is a muslim living in Lebanon, and I had a black girl as a classmate. Your point?


just based on the extremism in some users posts, not all black people are niggers and not all muslims are terrorists. (((they))) are deeply propagandiized from inception and played their part see : youtu.be/XNWF9CeoZdE

Nice bait, but in the off chance that it isn't.
Why should we play fair?

give me a good argument to handicap ourselves when the end result is the losing sides ideology, culture, and race being exterminated off the face of the earth (or country)


I guess you could try preaching the values and accomplishments of said culture instead of focusing your energies on bashing every other one

Found the Clinton supporter

Nah, he's just an evil lich.

To elaborate: Anons here realise that you can find many smart and good-natured people among the other races (fuck, half this board isn't even white). The issue is that an average member of that race isn't. When you have ten nigs in your country, you can start evaluating them individually. When you have 10 million, it'll be the average nigger that represents that community. Worse yet, even one of the good nigs is likely to produce an average nig (or a mulatto if racemixing) after breeding, further raising the negatives. The "not all are" argument falls flat on its face in this area, as what really matters is "most are". Even the best nig you ever met poses the danger of breeding terrible nigs, which is why, despite the person himself definitely being a positive addition to the country, you want him gone. And that is assuming that the person integrates seamlessly into the society's fabric and doesn't try to alter the local culture to suit him better. Most anons on this board do not seek to exterminate all other races, they merely want them to fuck off to their historical countries, and leave white countries for whites. It's about cultural and racial segregation for the good of all, not about cultural and racial imperialism.

Yes, just walk up to your enemy and give them a stern talking too while they rape our women, kill our citizen in terrorist attacks, forcing sharia law, and poison communities with drug trafficking

nice bait cuck.


Let me ask you something. Look around at all the countries in the world and who built those civilizations. Which ones do you or would you want to live in? Thats actually rhetorical as the obvious answer is the h'white countries. Everyone wants to move to the white countries, why is that?

thank you for articulating, i understand the issues and desires but the way it is expressed is typically counterproductive for so-called Trump lovers, you know how sensitive the left is and its the Art of the Deal

who in their right fucking mind wants to deal with the garbage of society 24/7/365
if human garbage was to be taken to the dumb and disposed of properly sign me up but warehousing garbage has failed.

commit sudoku

hopefully your self-respect as well

FBI, the thread turns into The_Donald 2: PR boogaloo

Lurk moar

fug, I must join OP now

seems to be working quite well outsider.
oh and we seem to have discovered/merged with a ancient egyptian frog god. Enjoy your stay.

Pleb enforcer for the ZOG, mandatory holohoax museum re-education, sounds like a plan bro.

Don't forget to get shot by niggers while you're at it.

1) I smoke weed
2) I prefer programming
3) I live in one of "those" major cities that have had a niglet shot within the last year or so

Oh God, not this guy again. Shouldn't you be in school right now?

Assholes and Elbows

i have a drug offense on my record. worse than weed, I had someone else Rx pills on me. it ruined my life basically.

All police forces needed to be disband. Only elected sheriff's should exist who deputize from a selection of local militia.

I would say small town cops are even worse than city cops. Nepotism is so rife it isn't even funny. Police families where I live are run like dynasties, and all of the cops actually are lazy and retarded. City and small town cops are both trash but for different reasons. At least city cops have a handful of decent people.

Well mostly because I don't want to be put in jail by some lying crackhead niggers and their BLM-fueled rape allegations.

The kikes are trying to eliminate white people. In fact, the kikes are trying to limit all diversity and make turn all non-kikes into a hybridized mongrel race with room temperature IQ just smart enough to be slaves but not smart enough for self-determination. If you'd hung out on this board longer than a week, the truth would have become undeniable to you as it has in time to us. We are in an existential war to preserve our racial soul - did you think your soul was atomized and independent? An individual soul can only exist with a community of souls held together with common values and common identity, identity whose origin is race and heritage. Lurk for 2 years until you stop being a faggot. I'd sage but I'm on mobile.

Because i'd have to take the dragon dildo out of my ass and lay off the Cup O Noodles.

This is the oldfag circlejerk. The redpilling happens on the more moderate sites. If they're ready, then they find their way here. We aren't actively recruiting

It's a meme, the police force have an intelligence test. You might think: I should do my very best on this test and get a very high score!. Then if you do that and the test shows you to be an outlier (meaning too smart) you get denied. Dutch army also has this for all their positions. I was denied as officer because I scored too high on their test. You supposedly weren't able to answer all questions in time (test under pressure), but I answered all of them correctly within time limit. When I talked to people there most seemed to only answered a little more than half.

If you have a very high IQ, you can make those tests say whatever you want them to. Remember: the test was made by persons an order of magnitude less intelligent than you.

ya blew it

lurk moar op


My brother loves dealing putting inmates down, he's with CRT so I think you can guess why.

you need to lurk more you slide thread-bumping faggot.

you didn't answer his question