Sessions Hearing Thread

Sessions hearing thread

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Thanks, doc.

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I know RSBN is shitty poz run by a kike but I just saw the stream and didn't see a thread on Holla Forums about the hearing

Again? How are they holding up the confirmation if they don't have the votes to do so?


Some cuckservative won't shut the fuck up.

Sorry m80, here we accept only 100% Holla Forumsacks like Fox News.

Sessions has to be approved by the judiciary committee and then the senate. Democrats on the judiciary committee are refusing to take part in the vote, holding up the confirmation

Luckily, Senator Cotton is putting for actions to have the Sargeant-At-Arms force their useless assess to attend.

AKA d-d-don't vote goys, wait for Hitler




The nomination gets passed to the senate now


54% red Senate.


Actual vote coming soon.


Wheres a link? Is it streaming?

RSBN is unaffiliated with TRS. Prove me wrong.

I pray that God will be merciful to enemies, foreign and domestic, because Attorney General Sessions will not be.

Embed in OP fam.

Just got here. Where we at?

Ohhhhhh, dumb me! Thanks!

Wait, so many people refused to show up that nothing's happening today? Rounds is just talking about the Dems' temper tantrum, but I don't have context past that.

Are you guys seeing that blonde semen demon behind. I mean good god, she's callenging my nofap ffs.

That's my understanding. When is the nuclear option used? Soon I hope.

If people are absent from the vote, the vote should still go on, but with the people who actually show up
this would discourage absenteeism.

Does anyone know what happens to those who do not show up? do they get their salaries revoked?

How long is this dog and pony show gonna go on for?

Nothing of course. Do you really think politicians get held accountable?

So can they absentee indefinitely and nothing happens?

I think eventually the nuclear option is used, but I'm not sure. Maybe it needs to leave committee first before the nuclear option is available? I don't see why they don't just do it now.

What does using the nuclear option consist in?

Instead of needing 60 votes to affirm somebody, you only need 50 (needing 60 to deny them). Basically it's next level legal kikery that, I believe, was first used under Obama.

Interesting. And how is it triggered? What are the necessary conditions?

Ted Cruz has been shilling hard for the nuclear option to be used for the SCOTUS pick. I'm not sure if it would be used for the Attorney General pick or not too.

I think congress just votes on it. Not sure.

Rex Tillerson

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Oh no not Cuck Jewer

Also should be renamed Gorsuch

They seem to be going back to Rex now.

Oh this faggot again.


Sigh. I guess it is time to dox RSBN



Why, exactly?

How long will this faggot keep kvetching before they move on to confirming Rex?

It's just snark from a butthurt kike from TRS that still thinks that whole fiasco was an unjustified witch hunt.


good, the cucks are bending the knee

It's happening

What's the count so far



What's happening?

Two people wanted to change their vote, I think they're doing a recall now

Why take 15 minutes recounting everyone?

According to (((wikipedia and WSJ))) he was confirmed