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We need to make a hug Pepe game. He's a good boy.

some good salt



Complete snapshot of webpage

Na. Take it a step further.
Punch Antifa game. Maybe with secret levels of Hillary and Bernie.
That'll generate some salt.



who even visits such a website?

Get one Holla Forumstard to download the game and take some reaction images.

Are they trying to piss of Kek? Kek will destroy them all.

If any gamedev Anons has access to the values in the game, maybe he can change them so Pepe allways wins. Then start redistributing the new version.


Because she's a girl and is quirky!

This shit made me laugh so fucking hard

order is backwards…

sorry fucked up thought it went 2-4 and not 4-2

I'm not even sure whether this is /ourguy/ shitposting or what.

Lame and derivative.

If I had more free time and wasn't always wagecucked, I'd definitely make a version of the game where you deplete pepe's healthbar and he goes full fuckin' star platinum on your ass.




You goys should tell PETA about this.


@vegeta1488 was an actual shitposting account

shoahed now


that game couldn't have been a meme for no reason

you're doing it wrong

Wait, are they implying Serbians are nazis?


Behead those who insult Pepe

I think this may be an elaborate troll

Remember a leftist has no capabilities to create meme.
The left have no meme only a false god of political correctness.

It said Serbian Wario, user. Wario and Waluigi aren't actually related.

They have no idea how much The God Emperor fucked their minds do they?

but I'm at work right now making games that will pay my bills instead

Brian Fagioli

I love how leftists can't into meme magic and are forced to try and co-opt our memes.

They even imitate the God emperor's speech.

All they're doing is acknowledging that our magic is stronger than they can ever hope to achieve. It's like primitive natives trying to carve a stick into the shape of a gun, desparately wishing for some of our power.

What the fuck did we do to this universe

Their own inability to type the word 'nigger' is making us seem like a harmless and quite funny joke.


They don't know enough about races to even pretend to be racist.

Report this shit for religious intolerance. How long would a "punch Mohammed" game last?

direct link: woppet.com/67969201427/pep/

Because the left absolutely loves those :^)

in the process of ripping, if anyone wants all the sprites: woppet.com/67969201427/pep/canyoubeatpepe/pepe3_texture_0.png

Guys get fucking on this. Sign a petition to arrest George Soros. The petition is on the official White House website and it needs 100k before feb 20th so get over there and sign it, someone make a thread about this to get to spread the word to other sites.



Does Nintendo know yet?
Maybe they should.


Yeah, i wonder how nintendo would react to this considering how they handled all the previous fan titles.

something to be said for liberals thinking they only way they can silence some types of dissent is with violence.

but seriously, is this another case of a liberal meme turning against them or a closet shitposter subtly slipping in an intro to the redpill?




Aside from autism and paranoia, I don't really understand this.
What real difference does it make if a site knows where the traffic from the ten Holla Forumsacks who will actually click any given link is coming from if kids are just going to talk about the board and spread their ebin maymays all over social media and jewtube comments sections? Hell, some faggots have their own Holla Forums themed jewtube channels.
So it's not like the things that are relevant to our interests are any big secret to anyone who wants to pay the slightest bit of attention. They wouldn't even have to visit the board to find out.

inb4 it's cuckchan
It's this board too.

Do you take us for bernouts?

Are we the orkz of this timeline? Memeing ourselfs into the heavens or are we the imperium being led by the god emperor into the stars

Someone should swap the pepe texture with something more…punchable.

A bit bloody intolerant, I think.

Orkz are born with knowledge about weaponry to make their necessary dakka. Orkz' gestalt psychic field allows them to get away with shit like running a vehicle on an impossibly low amount of gas and make red shit go faster, but it doesn't allow them to do shit like picking up a rock, pretending it's a grenade and make it explode. Even in WH40k lore it's pretty much meme magic in the way a lot of times it has plausible deniabilty, for example maybe they got the amount of gas wrong, or the red vehicle got stronger fuel by accident.


Fuck this this pathetic.
We have "Angry Goy", they have "Punch Pepe".

all of my keks


Edited the text, and Pepe is now immune to feeble antifa fists.

Any suggestions?

wojack wrists

I want to play as Pepe

Peta should be notified.

I wonder how Matt Furie, the owner of the copyright and trademark for Boys Club and Pepe the Frog, feels about "cafe.com" brazenly bootlegging and illegally profiting off of his intellectual property Pepe the Frog, not to mention slandering Matt Furie by implying he himself is a Nazi.
Matt Furie should hire Cernobitch to seek retribution in the court for this heinous crime

IIRC one of the books explicitly states that ork machines recovered by imperials simply don't work more often than not. It's only by the power of the ork gestalt that their weapons and roks are able to function. An ork cannot simply throw a rock as a grenade because he, and his fellow orks, know it's a rock. However, an ork weirdboy/mechboy could use that rock to make a grenade (by painting it, adding spikes, and a pin) and the resulting "grenade" would then function appropriately.

make the "you" healthbar longer, while also making pepe's attacks deal 1/3 of the entire health bar.

And anytime that pepe hits the lib, use a voice clip from some leftist.

**the gameover should have the audio of the lib screaming "nooooo" to the 45th presidential inauguration"

fuck I forgot to close the censor

Change it to (you)

As comical as this is, notice the message.

If leftists didn't have a history of violence, it wouldn't be an issue, but they do.

After pepe deals damage, the liberal should be mocked. For example with a smug anime grill or "it looks like you are being blown the fuck out".

You do have weird boyz, though. They're the guys channeling the WAAAGH! into obviously supernatural effects (such as a giant fist showing up from the sky and punching the fuck out of your enemies, or throwing lightning around). Though they tend to burn out (read: explode) a lot on their own.

Okay guise, how should this be altered? Let's start with the text. And who should Pepe be beating up?

wasnt there a case where imperial guard captured a ork truck that had done their forces some serios damage only to find it had no engine?
The red sunz thought that truck was more powerfull, so it was.

We need proper right-wing games. Make them cool and fun and desireable as fuck… so kids will even learn how to root their tablets and phones just to have that awesome banned game that the other kids can't download from the play store / apple store. (because anything worth having won't be allowed in the official store)

Good game, puts us in a good light. Pepe is fit, funny and ready to fight.

Don't know why, but you reminded me of this

THIS. Frog abuse game.

Even an hapa assburger could come up with worse "zingers".

This one was made during the election. Not antifa, but you can shoot SJWs


is there a way we can create a "mirror" for the link, but our Pepe punchout game is slightly altered to be unbeatable? it would be pretty funny if they kept playing and losing thinking the game is winnable.


I want to alter the text, sound, and graphics then upload it somewhere but nobody's making any suggestions. Fucking faggots.

Kikebook/reddit/twitter ?
Idk what forums or if any sjw/lefties go to

That sounds like us 2 years ago.

Needs more poo-poo pee-pee.

I can upload it anywhere nigga, I meant suggestions on how to alter it. Guess I'll make it Trump beating the shit out of Hillary unless somebody comes up with anything better.

This is a fucking thing? Jesus christ on a pogo stick this is sad. They can't even come up with original shit and when they rip off other peoples shit COMPLETLEY COCK UP MAKING IT AUTHENTIC. They're so fucking scared of being called racist for making a damn frog spout racism they can't even meme properly! Weak fucking sauce.

You could smear shit on the screen and it'd be an improvement honestly.

All you'd have to do is "fix" all their shit tier quotes make pepe going fucking fist of the north star at zero health and then proceed to teabag them to some trolly music while the phrase "Thanks for playing now let's make america GREAT AGAIN EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT IT"

Make'em want to beat it harder and then let Pepe fuck'em over in the end. Juuuuuust like Trump did!

Pepe beating the merchant.

The first pic is a great reaction image.
Look at that glorious smug face combined with the text.

you could just have him say actual facts about race like saying white women are way more likely to get STDs from niggers or be victims of domestic violence than being with white men, and then show the link to that data, put in Fun Nigger Facts, jews did slave trades, or hell if you dont want any real facts and want straight humor you can state that the player is a jew and if you lose the fight, you are going to be shoad and turned into a lampshade then put into an oven turned up to 1488 degrees.. Put some WWII German battle flags in the game somewhere to trigger them even harder.

The mere existence of this game only proves that #reclaimpepe was a massive failure and that no amount of mass-produced Cuck Fury scribbles and ADL shilling put a single dent in the meme blitzkrieg machine we got going.

Point this out to cucks who still think there's hope for Pepe, demoralize them a bit more.

Nah, not a third. You need to draw it out. Make them think they have a chance. Waste their time

When the fuck was pepe supposed to be nice or anything ever along those lines? Nothing from the chans any of them has been about being nice.

This is the most offensive place in cyberspace, and like fuck am I wanting to change that.

Very nice.

thank you

I'll do Trump vs Hillary then Pepe vs Merchant unless anybody comes up with something better lel

The WAAAGH! does some weird shit. There was a warboss who the other orks considered so rad that he could regenerate from any wound inflicted on him. The same guy eventually reached Holy Terra, and sent forth diplomats to demand the Imperium to surrender to him.

sage because this is fa/tg/uy discussion.

They don't understand the symbolism. Even when he is covered in shit and has all his limbs cut, he still has that smug smile. It's like he meant it or he already won a larger victory so the current situation is just a minor inconvenience. OF course these mental midgets would make apunch out game, all their problems they "solve" with violence. It's that last place you go when you have no argument.


Add 3% chance per game start that you encounter a rare pepe gold super sayrian who hokuto no Ken's the player

this. have pepes health be insanely high or just both Pepe and the players attacks hardly do any damage at all, speed up pepe to make him juke and punch fast as fuck. it would be super frustraring playing a game on turbo like that and it can go on for hours. lol

if its not too much of a hassle, could a programmer user mess with its code and basically make him invincible, and then we hijack the google search results and spam the original file as a virus to different browsers and anti virus programs?

Make the same game so lefty cucks play it but change the text to some kike/nigga repills so theyll play it an read some redpills then freak out/kill themselves… and ofcourse post screen shots thus getting more redpills out there

Luigi Uprising when?

The campaign was more creator-focused, as in Matt Furie said Pepe was never meant to be about hate and shit like that. Not that this changes anything.

is wojak in the game?

Link? I just had surgery so i cant sleep but id like to read more


Or, if you want something less serious,

Get well user.

That's just orks being orks though. if enough of them believe it works then it just fucking WORKS. It's kinda like telling a kid that if he throws a rock hard enough it'll explode but with orks if you get enough of them to think it's true then it's fucking TRUE.

So given how things have gone yeah, you could say something orky happened this election.

He shouldn't have put him out to the great wide interwebs then because it was either this or become a porn star in god awful flash animations and he knew it.

Like this guy?


*nods respectfully towards you*

i would expect he isnt. To retarded lefties he is "feel guy" and wouldnt understand why he would be in the same place as a racist Nazi frog. If the ADL doesnt report that Wojack is assosiated with all this, they probably dont care. fucking retards..

Alter the game so its impossible to win as wojak.
Make pepe duck like a greased weasel when you punch, meanwhile he can knock you out in one punch - as would happen to a leftist IRL.
When wojak is on the floor looking up, show a smiling pepe, make him blink.
Wojak fades to black for a second and when he wakes up you see a green hairy ass.
Cut to fading brown & fart noises, and lastly a pic of crying angry wojak, covered in poo.

Put a swastika tattoo on Pepe.

I can't work out how to change the healthbars without breaking the box and making it look bad, maybe someone else can. The code is obfuscated so it's hard to work with.

I added the "noo" audio, and also Shadilay instrumental in place of the background music

Also made Pepe hit harder.

punchpepe.esy.es/ (you may need to clear your cache first)

There's an image referenced in the code as "the_big_secret", maybe it's an easter egg.

This is so good.

But we need to add wojak. Add white arms.

nvm, this seems to mess up the other audio when Pepe is supposed to laugh

There was also that story about a guardsman who was caught behind Ork lines, picked up a stick that looked like a gun, pointed it at some Orks that were closing in on him and went "DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!" and they all dropped dead.

mostly etiquete i guess, maybe also practical reasons but lets be real there is a lot of autism around here and we like things a certain way

your game really cheered me up, had a hearty kek. Thank you

It doesn't matter how hard how fast or how much they punch him, they will never be able to wipe that smug look off his face…


How much can you freely modify? I had a few ideas floating around in my head for how to make the game significantly better/different, but it would require some honest coding effort.

The general idea I had was that once you get Pepe's health down to 0, he steps back, laughs, does the 'well memed my friend' pose but says 'well fought' instead, some whole bit about him saying it's time to get serious, and then he gets faster and more aggressive and new mechanics show up. Hatefact mechanics.

Sometimes, when you try to punch him, a hatefact would pop up and you have to pick true or false. Picking the politically correct answer doesn't drain your health and lets you dodge pepe's attack, but the game tells you 'wrong' and provides a citation you can click on that opens in a new tab. Picking the factually correct answer drains your health but the game tells you 'correct!'

this would eventually tie into multiple endings and blah blah blah but i dunno if this can be done just by modifying the code that's already there or if someone is gonna have to actually make a new thing entirely

They want to make a straw man of a twitter troll but they don't want to give people ideas and let them know what makes them asshurt, so they make up nonsensical rhetoric no one would ever use that is transparent it only highlights what will fuck with them the most.

This is fucking amazing.

Make the citations come up after you lose, and play always loses

I like this post.

No, no, see, it needs to come up quickly in the middle of a high-stress situation where the player doesn't have time to process what's happening or put in their usual mental blocks they use to prevent their viewpoint from being changed.

It's pretty much the same persuasive methods the daily show and undertale use.

This is also the reason you lose health when you get it right (a punishment when you do the right thing) and don't take damage when you give the leftist, factually incorrect answer (no punishment for doing the wrong thing.) Combining that method of persuasion with the cognitive dissonance of punishment for being right fucks with heads real hard.

Shadily music is amazing touch

can you change ttext?

This, so much this.

They're still butt-blasted by grorious Nippon firing the literal whore that was in PR for Nintendo.

You just fucking KNOW that the people who put this shit together are going "ohohoho this'll show those alt-righters!"

I love that idea but it's basically impossible without remaking it from scratch. All I can really do is change some values or change the music / images.

I like Pepe having a swastika,

Sounds like it's going to have to be remade from scratch then! It's still a simple and basic enough game that it couldn't take more than a few days to make.

I'm willing and able to do it myself but if you want to collaborate on it you can contact me via email at jones AT nigge.rs

That sounds like a really bad fuckup of the lore of 40k, since only Orks can imagine random shit as being functional. It would be like humans trying to use the prawn weapons out of District 9, it just wouldn't work.

The Orks thought he had a gun, so he had a gun. Didn't matter what he imagined about it.

Remember the orks areas powerful in phsyching as the eldar, a group of 15 orkz could probably do that. As far as I know

What the fuck kind of order it this?

Couldn't they have at least created the illusion of challenge? My first time playing this I took one hit before winning. People will forget about this game 10 minutes after playing it because there is no feeling of challenge, triumph, or even effort.
People will play this once, twice, maybe three times than never think about it again. Whoever made this game sucks shit at propaganda.

As much as I wouldn't advise giving advice to the enemy, a clone of "Stop Slapping Tenshi" would have been MILES more effective at getting their point across than this shitty non game.

I see your point. Never touched Undertale. Is it that cringe and do they put propaganda pop-ups like that?

and for the sake of completeness, this is Stop Slapping Tenshi:

Imagine just replacing Tenshi with Pepe (with a few other minor aesthetic tweaks that aren't really worth mentioning). That would be MUCH more amusing to a leftist, don't you agree?

I couldn't hit Pepe

I couldn't hit Pepe!

Guess we'll just meme him harder.

Or just make our own straight up Pepe punch out with all the different styles of Pepe.
Super Pepe Out?

Art guy here. I wanna get in on this if you're serious
oven_man @ mail.com

Can you change the text? If so, change it to something less faggy. Replace Italians with Jews, etc. etc.

It's simple, make the fighting last a long time, make it seem that the lefty has chance of beating Pepe but when he's about to lose he pulls out either a special move and insta depletes your health bar or just uses a health pack and is back to full hp until you lose (or a mixture of both or many different ways that Pepe wins)


Might as well add facts about Jewry then.

some user needs to make a clone of this game but make it with the poisoned pepes. so when pepe wins it shows a bunch of pepe style gore, i.e., pepe tearing limbs off, mutilating bodies, and fucking the corpse.

then post the poisoned clone and link it to normies and get it ranked higher than the original in search so when normies search for it they get the poisoned version.


They're given the opportunity to write a character that's the literal embodiment of the "internet hate machine" they've been railing on for years….

and the worst they can do is some PG shitposting about Italians.

Everything they do just makes us stronger. We physically cannot lose anymore.

you can't be funny/meme if you're not allowed to hurt anyone's feefees

They really do fear the frog

why do they persecute us so? We are but humble meme farmers

Start by making rounds like in old punchout, then Turn this ugly nigger into moonman.

Just to be clear hear, the left only have civilized debates and discussions when they circlejerk.

At least Björn lightened up and shows some personality, I'll give him that.

Add in some Mortal Kombat "Finish 'Em" scenes

The memes have reached the mass of a black hole. Once you enter the event horizon, there is no going back. Space itself is warped in such a way that every direction always points inward.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how fast you go, no matter where you turn, every step takes you closer to the singularity. Every move you make takes you one step closer to feeding the black hole and making it even more massive.

All of the Orks need to think he has a gun. It's like ants trying to move a can of soda, impossible with one, but not with hundreds. Sage for off topic


Fixed the pepe

Someone fix his shit tier lats.

No Pepe I know has lats that shitty.


shitposting and memes cant be this powerful


I'm sure this link is owned by a doxing antifag.


fucking beat me to it. nicely done though.

Looking better but now his pecs are fucked up.

yeah, it fucking killed me



Guys I played this and now I'm not racist and I wish Hillary won.

First day?

Okay, I'm too low energy to make more than one edit. Get it before it gets shoah'd which will probably be immediately lel



top fucking kek
very high energy. Good shit.


Those are some ugly tiddys.

Her real tiddies would sear your eyes out

potential boxers:
Glass Jew
Limey Timey
Pajeet PooinLoo
King Cuck
Black Bull


What is this song and why is it so addictive?

Get well user.

Praise kek.

Whoever the auteur is, he understands our bantz. Too bad the game is kind of meh.

Polite sage and reddit spacing.

Par for the course for leftist snowflakes.

Here's the game somebody really needs to develop …

Someone should mod the game so they Pepe always wins and then hack the website and replace it with that version

You can pretty much make that game if you take woppet.com/67969201427/pep/canyoubeatpepe/pepe3_texture_0.png and replace the Pepe graphics with a kike, Mr. Mann.


It must be excruciating mentally to be as familiar with us as whoever made the game clearly is, to know that lots of other normies will find our memes funny and/or persuasive if they're presented honestly, and to still reject it all out of hand. Hence the "REEEEEEEEEE PUNCH THE NAZI FUCK YOU" response, I guess.